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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this may be hard to stomach, champion eater joey chestnut does it again. the record number of wings the south bay native chowed down in just 30 minutes. you don't want to miss that. much more ahead as "today in the bay" continues now.
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>> he looks quite leisurely. >> oh, these are just wings. >> not the bread and the hotdogs. >> thanks for starting your morning with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll get to the morning commute in a bit. let's talk about the forecast, kari. >> it's been so nice. as you head out the door this morning, get ready for another beautiful day. cool temperatures to start in brentwood, upper 70s by early afternoon, eventually reaching the upper 80s in antioch today. san francisco up to 65 and 81 in santa rosa. vianey has a look at the morning commute starting to back up. >> it's starting to build definitely. 5:00 now and this is usually when we start noticing the building commute coming up from the tri-valley and i also want to show you the dublin camera. you can see a lot of tail lights and headlights out there, so starting to pick up as well as your south bay drive times, northbound 101 from highway 85
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looking at is 12 minutes. i'll have another update shortly. we begin in detroit, during last night's presidential debate candidates tackled the mass shooting in gilroy. here is the question and how some of those candidates responded. >> there are three large scale shootings this past weekend in america, at a park in brooklyn, on the streets of philadelphia and one that left three dead and 12 injured at a food festival in gilroy, california. mayor buttigieg, other than offering words of comfort, what are you specifically going to do to stop this epidemic of gun violence? >> this endimmic of gun violence has hit my community many times. >> this is nonsensical, despite our best efforts we can't seem to make any progress. >> this isn't just about a system or it's not just about words. there this is about the nra. >> ten more candidates are up tonight including former vice president joe biden and california u.s. senator kamala harris. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live from washington
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with a recap plus what we can expect. tracie? >> hi, good morning. you'll remember harris and biden mixed it up before, but biden campaign says this time he won't be so nice if she comes after him. we saw last night on the stage ten more candidates with clear distinctions between the progressives and the moderates in that group. >> can i complete that, please? >> your time is up. >> reporter: bernie sanders came out swinging, defending his signature health plan, medicare for all. >> you don't know that, bernie. we'll come to you in a second. >> i do know. i wrote the damned bill. >> reporter: middle of the row democrats argue against getting rid of all private insurance. >> it will turn off independent voters and get trump reelected. >> reporter: opponents challenged progressive ideals like the green new deal. >> that is a disaster you might as well fedex the election to donald trump. >> reporter: free college. >> they literally would pay for wealthy kids, for wall street kids to go to college.
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>> reporter: and wiping out student loan debt. >> i almost wonder why you're democrats. you think there's something wrong about using the instruments of government to help people. >> reporter: pete buttigieg backing a ban on assault we bones. >> high school is hard now without worrying whether or not you're going to get shot. >> reporter: candidates split on free health care for immigrants. >> you are playing into donald trump's hand. >> reporter: and reducing penalties for illegally crossing the border. >> if you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the doorbell. >> we reserve the right to criminally prosecute them. >> reporter: they agree on two things, calling out racism. >> we need to call out white supremacy for what it is, domestic terrorism. >> reporter: and beating donald trump. now one thing that we did not hear at all during this debate, impeachment. marcus, a lot of talk about that in washington but not that stage. >> we'll see what happens tonight on that stage as well.
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thank you, tracie. as those democratic candidates continue to go head to head in their quest for the white house, senator kamala harris is leading among likely democratic primary voters here in our state. according to a recent poll from the public policy institute of california, she has 19% of likely voters. she's just ahead of senator elizabeth warren, who has 15%. senator bernie sanders, former vice president joe biden and mayor pete buttigieg round out the top five. 25% of those surveyed say they're undecided. there is a 4% margin of error. now to our coverage of the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting. this morning the community is still trying to make sense of what happened as the investigation moves forward. here's what we've learned over the past 24 hours. seven shooting victims remain in the hospital. gilroy's police chief says the possibility of a second suspect in the case is not likely. he also says the second shot gunwas found in the gunman's car, parked near festival grounds. a bag full of ammo was also
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found in a creek not far from where the gunman cut through the fence. investigators do not believe he specifically targeted minorities. the three police officers who killed the gunman are on standard administrative leave. stay with "today in the bay" for the very latest on our page. we have a special section devoted to the invesgation as well as personal survival stories. that's all at first responders around the emgency response drills today, just days after that mass shooting. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in antioch this morning. bob, i understand, are these in response to what happened at the garlic festival or were they already scheduled? >> reporter: they are coincidental, laura. they have pre-planned but they're still relevant and will be taking on added importance later this morning. fire, police and the fbi will be participating in an emergency response drill here at antioch middle school, and across the bay also later this morning fire and police first responders there will be participating in an active shooter drill at mills
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high school. we have learned there are a couple of major events here in the bay area that will be boosting security in direct response to the shooting in gilroy. in the south bay, the santa clara county sheriff's office will now be taking over security for the 75th annual santa clara county fair, which runs thursday through sunday. that means there will be a lot more deputies on site, as opposed to private security guards, which we've seen in years past, as well as federal agents. >> the idea is to do whatever they need to do to make sure that every family is safe inside that facility during the fair. >> we will be checking bags and backpacks and ensuring that when people come in that there's a sense of security from the entrance of the gate and all during the festivities. >> reporter: up in the city outside lands as the concert in
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golden gate bridge, they will also be boosting security when it opens a week from friday. sources tell nbc bay area the fbi agents and counterterrorism forces will be on site throughout the three days to keep the expected 200,000 people there safe. reporting live here in antioch, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, let's hope everyone does stay safe. thank you, bob. 5:08 right now. developing right now, north korea's latest message to the u.s. and the rest of the world, the country launching several short-range missiles off its eastern coast. these images reportedly from the korean central news agency have not been verified by nbc. the move comes after north korea fired two short-range missiles into the sea less than a week ago. experts believe the launches are aimed at putting pressure on the u.s. to make concessions in nuclear weapons talks. a follow-up now and a new bill aimed at protecting sex workers has just been signed into law by governor gavin newsom. it allows witnesses and victims of sex crimes to safely report
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incidents to authorities without fear of prosecution. san francisco state senator scott weiner authorized it. the new law says possession of condoms may not be used as probable cause to arrest someone on sex work charges. and committed couples in california will now be able to reap the benefits of marriage couples without actually getting hitched. that's because governor gavin newsom signed another bill domestic partnership law, it allows straight couples to register as domestic partners just as same-sex couples have done ever since the year 2000. the original law was meant to give same-sex couples the legal protection marriage allows. san francisco state senator scott weiner also authorized this bill arguing some straight couples may find domestic partnership a better alternative. 5: for you right now. wizards, witches and even muggles, too. you'll want to listen up here, because there is a celebration for you happening today, danville also celebrating harry potter's birthday again.
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>> did you know this? in the book, the movie they celebrate his birthday july 31st and this is the second year danville has hosted its kind of potter party. no matter if your gid is a griffindor, ravenclaw, huflpuff or smitherine, they can play quidditch or take a potions class. it takes place at the danville community center. we put all the details on our website i'll try to tweet out a link to that as well. we went to universal this summer with t kids and they just love that harry potter world. >> it is pretty cool. i was there earlier this year. >> have you had the butter beer? >> i did not. >> it will rot your teeth. it's so sweet. >> i'm sure the forecast for that birthday celebration is going to be pretty good today, kari. >> it's going to be great today. they really have a good day, even in danville across the bay area, we're going to have some mild weather and the fog near the coast lingers in san
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francisco but it helps cool off the valleys and the east bay. the outlook through 9:00 we're seeing a lot of mid-60s here in the south bay as well as the east bay, and then as we approach noon, it's going to be great if you're planning to have lunch outside. it will be 79 degrees in san jose, 80 in danville, and in napa 72 degrees. we're going to see some of those spots reaching the upper 80s and coming back down around sunset with some upper 60s in fremont at 8:00. we're at 70 degrees in cupertino. so we do have a nice night ahead, cooling down once again, and we'll do it all over again tomorrow. i'll show you those temperatures coming up, and vianey, you've been tracking the roads and any major issues? >> no major issues. that's always good. it's 5:11 right now. down through the south bay, we're in the clear in through the peninsula as well as up through san francisco, whether you're going to be driving along the east bay. now i want to give you a look at the tri-valley drive times bus that is where we're starting to notice the drive times are picking up westbound 580 from
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grant line road to 680 looking at 23 minutes and this is the one that's constantly changing as the last ten minutes westbound 84 from vallecitos road to 680 looking at 12 minutes. i'll have another update coming up shortly. >> thanks, vianey. 5:12, coming up levi's plaza in san francisco sold. we'll tell you who the new owners are and the other iconic landmark they already own in the city by the bay. surprisingly enough, president trump says there are a few tweets that he regrets sending. we'll talk about it in business and tech. and the south bay joey chestnut outdoes himself. up next, the number of chicken wings the champion eater scarfed down in another stomach-churning competition. you're watching "today in the bay." we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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right now at 5:12, as you get ready to step out the door, it's a cool start, upper 50s, and a live look outside in the south bay. let's head to santa teresa, 56 degrees this morning, and it will be another nice day as we head into the mid-70s by noon. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about what's happening this weekend, in less than five minutes. >> let's give you a quick look at your south bay drive times. right now northbound 101 from highway 85 to highway 87 looking at 12 minutes. northbound 87 from highway 85 to highway 101 about nine minutes and northbound 17 from highway 85 to highway 101 about seven minutes. i'll have a look at how the rest of the bay area is doing, coming up.
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and good morning. very happy wednesday. this is the last day of july. there is an important faa testimony today in washington. the faa's head of safety right now was also the guy at the time in charge of supervising the boeing max 8s. apple opened its books to investors and analysts on wednesday afternoon, and what it said was pretty historic by apple standards. for the third quarter in a row, sales of iphones fell. other things like the apple watch gained. in fact, i-paipads and watches services account for a majority of apple's income. the problem with the iphone is they're really good. everybody's happy with them. you don't need to upgrade to the next one if the one you got works just fine. apple's next set of phones probably won't be 5g, so there may be little reason to upgrade to those either. the other thing you want to pay attention to is interest rates. the federal open markets committee will make that
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announcement around 11:00 a.m. our time. if it lowers rates, and we think it will, it will be the first time in a decade. president trump blames slow economic growth on high interest rates but they're not that high, and the data shows it's the trade war, and the tariffs that are having the biggest anchor on growth. trade talks are back on. this video just in from shanghai. president trump has been sending out really aggressive tweets threatening the talks. trump's got china back on its heels, he said. in an interview with c-span last night, president trump talked about his twitter game, acknowledging he regrets certain retweets. he says you know you retweet something that sounds good, but it sturturns out, he says, to b from a bad player, not the best player in the world, he said. that causes a problem. but he said his own tweets get a lot of attention. >> what it really is, is as soon as i do t you put it on, everybody puts it on, it's breaking news. every time i put out a tweet, even if it's good morning everybody, we have breaking
5:18 am
news, the president has just said good morning. >> that certainly is a debate we have in the newsroom, what rises to the level of news, and there are definitely things he's going to threaten iran, if he's going to do a racist attack on congresswomen, that's news, and yes, we will be distracted from what we were going to say by these new tweets and going to continue to do it. >> of course, continue to follow him. thanks so much. new details on an historic piece of san francisco real estate now officially off the market. according to "the chronicle" levi's plaza was sold to a developer out of atlanta. its listing price $820 million. now it's not known at this point if that's how much the developer paid for it, but if so, this would make it one of the largest deals in the city history. the same buyer also owns another city landmark, ghiardelli square. joey chestnut got down 400
5:19 am
wings at the mall of georgia. 413 to be exact. the san jose myive is famous for devouring dozens of hotdogs on coney island every fourth of july. yesterday's event was an all you can eat marathon. it lasted 12 hours, that's why it gave him the time to contemplate and digest, so do the math, about 34 wings an hour. >> i had a rough spill about two hours in, my body wasn't used to eating for that long but i just had to muscle through it and tell my body, hey, this is what you're doing today. >> okay. >> chestnut holds 46 eating world records, including 55 glazed doughnuts in eight minutes and 103 crystal hamburgers in eight minutes also. >> those are little bitty hamburgers. >> but it's still a lot. >> it is. >> i could eat two maybe. >> they're the little ones. >> yeah, the little ones.
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all right. >> but who is counting? >> i'm not. >> let's get coffee and get this day started if >> how many cups? >> probably a lot. we'd be able to set a record here on "today in the bay," waking up early in the morning. as you get up, we are also going to have some cool temperatures, getting out the door, there is already a lot of people on the way to work, and we at least have the clear skies, and we can leave the air conditioning off today and many of our microclimates if you're about to step out to the dublin b.a.r.t. station look at that temperature. it is 54 degrees. but that's just about average, and as we go throughout the day, we're going to see some upper 70s by the late morning into early afternoon, with our high temperature in los gatos headed up to 82. also a high of 82 in gilroy today, and a breezy wind picking up for the east bay, with walnut creek topping out at 83 degrees. hayward up to 75, and san mateo expect a high of 72 degrees. in the ingelside district we'll
5:21 am
see a high of 63 degrees and 82 today in novato. overall a nice day and a great one to enjoy the a's game out there at the coliseum. its first pitch will be at 66 degrees, dropping down to the lower 60s, so bring a jacket. here is what's going on. we've had some fairly nice weather over the past couple of days, but as we go into the weekend, this storm system moves into the pacific northwest, and it keeps it cool here, but then by friday into saturday, we start to see high pressure building across the desert southwest, and that's going to cause those inland areas to warm up just slightly, while we keep that coastal fog and that keeps the coastal areas cool. so our inland areas will be in the low to mid 80s through the end of the week, and then some low 90s. we're going to get a slight boost in temperatures. we'll see mostly sunny skies. no major changes here in san francisco. we'll just see some upper 60s for the weekend. vianey has been tracking the roads and it's always starting to slow down in the tri-valley at this time. >> it's pretty normal and that
5:22 am
means slower drive times. a quick look at the entire bay area using our speed sensor map, green means we're doing pretty well so let's look at some of the live cams. you get a better idea, down to the south bay and san jose, look at all the headlights. at least it's moving along. chp now reporting any accidents in the south bay or the tri-valley, this is what kari was talking about in terms of a building commute. expect for this to get heavier right around 5:30 so this is your window to head out the door. because look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights came on very early today, so head out now, folks. back to you. >> thanks so much. coming up here, the new person in charge of one of the largest cities in contra costa county. >> and dramatic new video this morning, take a look as a toddler desperately holds on to a six-story balcony in china. now people on the ground came together to save that little boy.
5:23 am
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welcome back.
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it's 5:24. henry gardner has been reported to temporary take over the richmond center taking over until a permanent replacement is found. he served the same rule in oakland. carlos martinez was fired after less than a year on the job accused of unfair labor practices. a special meeting will be held in two weeks to find a permanent replacement pablo pereira. in cupertino a dump truck lost control yesterday and ended up in steven's creek reservoir. according to the chp the driver's brakes went out. that truck went into the water. the driver swam out of the window and a nearby paddleboarder helped pull him out. good news this morning, he is okay. new york city crews are trying to disassemble a broken crane that bent in half in the east village. it was carrying a heavy steel beam to be placed on top of a residential building.
5:26 am
a police of the crane fell off, shattering an apartment window. luckily no one was injured. new video for you, how scary is this, take a look. that is a toddler, this is in southwest china, somehow ended up on the wrong side of the sixth floor apartment balcony. he literally hung on for dear life. people on the ground meanwhile sprang into action forming a circle and holding out a blanket. when that toddler finally fell they made sure he fell into the blanket. authorities say that he is fine. we still don't know how that toddler ended up in such a predicament. but at last, is he okay so that is good news. from dinosaurs to lions, this one's got a billion-dollar roar. disney cashing in with its live action version of "the lion king." the film just crossed the billion-dollar mark worldwide. this is disney's fourth movie to do that this year, joining the "the avengers end game" "captain
5:27 am
mar marvel" and "aladdin." >> i haven't been. >> good because the triplets haven't been there. uncle marcus. coming up the top stories we're following on this wednesday morning. >> including brand new college admissions scandal just coming in to light. >> they're absolutely cheating. this technique in particular is new and absolutely deserves everybody's sort of shock and scorn. you. >> next, what some parents are accused of doing to get their children into high-profile colleges. and a live look at the woo, backup there at the bay bridge. vianey in for mike with a look at the commute. kari will keep us up to date with the temperatures across the bay area today. 5:27 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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and good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look out at downtown san jose. beautiful way to wake up. i'm up. are you? >> a little bit. >> come on, let's get with it. >> the jury is still out on that one. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i am awake. i'm laura garcia. thanks for joining us. let's check the forecast right now. should be a nice day, kari. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. we're getting ready for more sunshine and comfortable weather and for the last day of july we're in some spots going to be a little bit cooler than normal. that's a live look outside in walnut creek. it will be a clear start with some upper 50s and then headed into the upper 70s by noon today, eventually reaching the 80s. so we will talk more about some slightly warmer weather in the weekend forecast, that's in about six minutes. right now vianey has a look at the morning commute and so far, seems to be typical for wednesday. >> pretty typical, but as i was getting ready to make my way over to give you this report a
5:31 am
crash southbound 880. i'll look at the chp reports and see if it's anything major or serious that could cause some delays but i want to show you areas that are already starting to slow down. the bay bridge metering lights are on and westbound 80 toward the bay bridge looking at about 13 minutes. in addition to that the tri-valley drive times also slowing down. westbound 580 grant line road to 680 looking at 23 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. tonight mourner also gather for a vigil honoring the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting the same day as some of those people who fled the chaos could finally get their cars and other belongings back. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from gilroy this morning. so many people have been waiting to get some of their things back, kris. >> reporter: yes, the first step in trying to get back to normal for those folks who can, in fact, get back to normal. right now christmas hill park behind me in gilroy is still an active crime scene, and the investigation continues there as
5:32 am
does the mourning for the youngest victims of this tragedy. separate memorials in san jose yesterday, the youngest victims remembered by family and friends. stephen romero just 6 years old was remembered as an outgoing boy with a bright smile. 13-year-old keyla salazar's aunt read her mother's statement >> keyla was a beautiful children that really cared for other people and she cared about animals and she was our motivation. >> reporter: tonight at 7:00, there is a public vigil at the south valley community church sanctuary, a larger memorial is planned for 6:00 tomorrow right in downtown gilroy. everyone is invited to attend. today people can also start to get their vehicles back from certain parking lots, but only under law enforcement escort, so don't just show up. owners have to go first to del bueno elementary school with a valid driver's license, proof of
5:33 am
registration and insurance as well. the festival grounds themselves are still an active crime scene so anything that was left behind here by any festival-goer is still considered part of the evidence, and part of the crime scene. that will not be released just yet, only vehicles in certain lots. in gilroy, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. investigators are now looking into the possibility victims in the garlic tragedy may have actually been struck by officers' responding gunfire. >> district joern jeff rossen launched the investigation and while the decision is raising some eyebrows, rossen says it's necessary in order to get all the answers. >> it's certainly something that we have been looking at in terms of what bullets killed the individuals other than the shooter. >> rosen adds regardless of what kind of conclusions are reached, the fault of all deaths at the festival will fall on the now dead gunman. the gilroy police chief is
5:34 am
already saying there's nothing so far leading them to believe that the gunfire hit anyone but the gunman. if you need help or are having trouble making sense of the tragedy, two meetings are going on at 6:00 p.m. in gilroy, one is at community solutions, 9015 murray avenue. the other is at rebekah children's services, that's 290 ioof avenue. the meetings are open to all ages and will be held in english and spanish. and stay with "today in the bay" for the latest, including more at the top of the hour. also on our website, we have a special selection devoted to the investigation and personal survival stories. that's at 5:34 for you right now. a developing story in solano county. many are finding hard to process investigators want to know why one woman ended up giving birth to twins right next to a dumpster and then walking away. >> so sad. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from fairfield with more on the tragic details of this one.
5:35 am
pete? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're in this area behind the strip mall in fairfield, where that mother gave birth to those twins. of course, we're learning unfortunately that one of those newborns was pronounced dead on the scene. here is information we know so far that we're getting from fairfield police. according to fairfield police, they say they got a call yesterday afternoon of a woman behind the business here on the 300 block of pittman road in fairfield giving birth on the sidewalk. when police arrived they could only locate the two newborns but not the mother. an officer started life-saving efforts for one of the newborns eventually taken to the hospital and now in stable condition. the other infant as i mentioned was pronounced dead on the scene. the mother was eventually located nearby, detained and taken to the hospital for treatment. some people in the area say she appeared homeless and may have been dealing with mental issues. we did speak with a business owner in fairfield in the strip mall, who says he previously
5:36 am
heard about her from his employees. >> they had seen her the last few weeks, she come in to use the restroom. she was sitting out here and they noticed she was pregnant. >> reporter: california does have a law that allows you to surrender your infant to a hospital, fire station or other safe locations, no questions asked, guys. fairfield police will allow the mom to get medical care before determining any criminal charges. we're live in fairfield, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> it's just really sad all around. thank you so much, pete. 5:36 right now. new this morning, a bombshell college scheme is exposed, parents taking extreme measures to avoid tuition costs. according to the investigative journalism organization pro publica, parents are transferring guardianship of their college-bound children to a friend or family member. as experts explain, this allows the student to declare themselves financially independent, making them
5:37 am
eligible for need-based scholarships and grants. >> this technique in particular is new and absolutely deserves everybody's sort of shock and scorn. >> pro publica says it's discovered more than 40 such guardship transfer cases in the chicago area alone. advocates of this legal maneuver argue that, unlike college admissions scandals, these students were fairly accepted and looking for a way to pay for tuition. you may recall in the other admissions scandal, several high-profile parents were charged for allegedly paying bribes to help their kids get into high rochb to profile universities. among those charged in the case, actress felecity huffman and lori loughlin. a new yale university study faults san francisco's juul for not informing users about chemicals in its products. toxic chemicals not listed on its labels could cause lung cancer. the research says when heated those ingredients can combust and create a dangerous
5:38 am
by-product. juul issued a response to the study saying in part "the study failed to take into account real world conditions, including realistic human exposure" to its products. 5:37 right now. lots of bay area tennis fans probably saying the latest bay area appearance by venus williams didn't last long enough. >> unfortunately it was one and done for williams at mubadala silicon valley open. she did win the first set of her first round match against bethany maddox sands. williams couldn't keep up after that. she lost in three sets. an upset to a lot of people that went out there to see her. >> i know. next time. vianey, what are we looking at with the traffic this morning? >> i told you i was going to look at a crash that popped up on my speed sensors in the last report. i did and chp is reporting a crash, this one right at the interchange southbound 238 right along 880, the left-hand shoulder is blocked. you can see it's starting to cause some delays. we've got the red and the yellow colors which means slowing out
5:39 am
on the roads. so let's take a look at how the rest of the bay area is doing. southbound 680 from 58 to to vargas road 12 minutes. east bay not doing too bad, we'll notice the building commute though, definitely in the south bay, check out san jose along 101, both sides looking pretty busy and of course a very busy bay bridge toll plaza. lights have been on since 5:20. >> maybe trying to get a jump on their weekend. >> wednesday, time to start making some weekend plans and we have a lot going on around the bay area, and so we're also going to have some slightly warmer weather. that's a look at saturday's forecast for the inland valleys. up to about 90 degrees, the bay reaching 83, and the coastal areas staying cool with upper 60s. for sunday we'll do it all over again with a wide range in temperatures. the coast in the upper 60s, and the valleys reaching into the 90s, and if you are wanting some milder weather, head over to fremont. this weekend we have the big festival of the arts.
5:40 am
i'll be out there with the nbc bay area treat truck giving out free ice cream, from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. so if you're out there at that time, it's going to be very nice. warm temperatures reaching up to about 80 degrees in the middle of the day, and then there's also the great san francisco chili cookoff happening this saturday, andhis will also have some cool weather, great for chili, as we'll probably see that fog lingering throughout the day. if you're headed to monterey this weekend expect some upper 60s and a few clouds. at times the fog staying near the coast, for paso robles downright hot, up to 102 degrees this saturday there. we'll look at all of our microclimates here for today, that's coming up in three minutes. >> all right, i don't like those temperatures. >> i'll work on that for you. 5:40. coming up and all new, how some b.a.r.t. riders were able to stop a knife attack in the east bay. >> president trump says not only is he not racest, he is the least racist person in the world. plus the baseball brawl in
5:41 am
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5:44 am
we'll look at the rest of our microclimates and the rest of the week's forecast in less than five minutes. and check out your peninsula drive times. southbound 101 from van ness avenue to sfo looking at 12 minutes. southbound 101 from highway 92 to bowers avenue about 19 minutes. i'm keeping a close eye on the roads. i've got you covered. more details shortly. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. 5:44 right now. dramatic effort by passengers on a b.a.r.t. train to help another passenger in danger. it unfolded before midnight last night at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. barth police say a man pulled a knife on another passenger on an antioch bound train. other passengers stepped in. one person pepper sprayed the attacker, enough to stop him. police later arrested the suspect. in contra costa county, a new mental health facility is reportedly getting the green light to move forward. the "east bay times" says the contra costa supervisors approved a plan to replace an
5:45 am
elderly care facility on tice valley boulevard in unincorporated walnut creek. opponents are trying to block the plan, arguing the new mental health facility would threaten safety and lower property values. if president trump wants to be on california's primary ballot in march he'll have to show us his taxes. the new law is expected to be challenged in court not just by the trump campaign but also by state and national republican groups. the law does not bar candidates from being on the ballot in november's general election. president trump is declaring victory meantime in a different court controversy. >> scott mcgrew, the democrats had sued him and the russians for hacking their emails. >> conspiracy, the mueller report said never existed in the first place, though there's no doubt the russians hacked and the trump campaign benefited, but the judge threw out the lawsuit filed by the democratic
5:46 am
national committee ruling democrats cannot sue russia for harm should be handled by state governments not lawsuits and the right to disseminate the emails was protected by the first amendment. president trump tweeted the ruling was a vindication and the witch hunt ends. that's not what the judge said but the fact that the mueller report did not find sufficient evidence of a conspiracy or collusion, as president trump would put it, was certainly a factor. other things to watch today, the fed and interest rates. president trump's been pressuring the fed to lower rates. health and human services may release a plan to allow americans to buy prescriptions from canada, that would lower the price you have to pay. and on wednesday, the president sat down for an interview with c-span, where he defended recent tweets and said he was not a racist. >> the word is so overused, it's such a disgrace and i'm the least racist person there is in the world as far as i'm concerned, and they use it almost when they run out of things to criticize you, they say he's a racist. he's a racist.
5:47 am
>> the national arive released never before heard audio of california governor ronald reagan in a phone call with president nixon, governor reagan makes extraordinarily racist comments about people from africa. the call took place in 1971. you can find it if you want to but we're not going to play it. its a disheartening to listen to for americans in general and conservatives as reagan has been held up as an example of compassionate conservatism. we're following everything that's happening in washington. you can follow me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. at the coliseums a's pull a win against the brewers 3-2. a's currently holding second place in the wild card spot. also yesterday proceeds from all garlic fries sales went to the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. as for the giants, they couldn't hang on against the phillies. bottom of the fifth, rhys hoskins crushes a two-run homer. giants scored two late runs but wasn't enough.
5:48 am
phillies won 4-2. game two of the series today in philadelphia. and check this out, pitchers are meant to throw baseballs, not haymakers, but it happened last night in cincinnati. look here. reds pitcher amir garrett took off from the mound and went straight for the opposing dugout. the huge brawl as you see piling up there even before last night both sides had been talking about bad blood brewing. one of the reds tossed from the game we're talking about yasiel puig. we been traded to cleveland moments before he was ejected. >> wow, that's a fight. >> wow. >> they stormed each other there. >> not sportsmanship. >> they didn't say what the beef was, just brewing beef. >> you never know. could have been over a tweet. taking a look at this right here, just a beautiful shot to start the day. >> it's a nice start to the day. it's going to be a nice
5:49 am
afternoon. let's go to oakland with a live look outside with some mostly cloudy skies and that's going to help keep it cool, if you're about to head out the door, maybe headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, it's going to be about 59 degrees, and then we'll start to see our skies clearing at 9:00, and throughout the rest of the day, it's going to be a beautiful one. as we reach up to 72 degrees there, san jose will only top out at 79. that's still a little bit cooler than normal. santa rosa reaching 81 degrees. it will still be very warm in ukiah, reaching 90 today, while san francisco stays in the mid-60s and tree pollen, that's the main allergen right now. we still have a moderate amount floating through the air. happening in the pacific we have two tropical systems right now, flossie is a category 1 but check out erick it's a category 4 hurricane. this stays well south of hawaii but may still churn up some
5:50 am
waves over the next few days. we'll have to watch flossie. this one may have a more direct path headed toward the hawaiian islands, as we go into early next week. ily' have more updates on that. as we check out our weather here for the inland areas, it will be in the low to mid 80s. we still keep the seasonable temperatures. by saturday up to 90 degrees in the valleys and 91, slightly hotter on sunday, and then going into next week it will gradually come back down to normal. while san francisco staying in the 60s here, each and every morning we'll start out with some fog. vianey, tracking the roads this morning, and so far, it's been pretty good. >> pretty good, considering it's 5:50. we inch closer to the 6:00 a.m. hour, and a couple of slow spots through the south bay but this is all part of the regular morning commute. no big accidents still to tell you about. tri-valley right now drive times westbound 580 from grant line today to 680 looking at about 24 minutes. keep in mind that's probably one of our slower hot spots. right around the 6:00 a.m. hour,
5:51 am
westbound 84 from vallecitos road to 680, looking at about 14 minutes. let's look right now at the san mateo bridge, i'm seeing a lot more tail lights and headlights out there. things are certainly starting to slow down, as well as the dublin camera. this one is starting to get busy. we have tail lights, headlights we have tail lights, headlights going on jardiance asks:
5:52 am
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tour managers canceled the concert at 6:30. police say there was an unverified threat to the artist. fans were confused and disappointed. >> the security just stopped us and was like nope, they're not letting anyone else in. >> i think this was a waste of time getting dressed coming out. >> i get here, there's no concert, auto i'll like what the heck. >> cardi b. posted an apology own video online. proving she rehearsed at the venue this afternoon. she wrote "my safety and your safety first." the show is rescheduled for september. report a$ap has i had plea this morning. >> it stems from a street brawl in june. prosecutors say rocky beat and kicked a man and hit him with a bottle. prison. in north carolina a
5:58 am
controversial billboard takes aim as four congresswoman targets by the president. this calls thedsz women the fou horsemen of the apocalypse. the gun owner says it's a stand against socialism. people who live there are divided. >> you can look at that billboard and tell it's just not right. >> i think the billboard it's the women that our country has allowed to come in to infiltrate this country. >> it was at a trump rally at north carolina earlier this month a crowd chanted "send her back." members of the chinese american community feel they're being targeted for violent assaults and robbery and aren't getting answers from police. since january there have been six to eight violent high profile incidents. profile incidents. nancy !í4ñxeñú=mr#tung
5:59 am
sales slump but it may not hurt apple shares. analysis on the company's earnings report. plus -- >> the democratic candidate for president of the united states. >> progressives and pushback a fiery night on stage at the democratic debate. the full recap and who you'll hear from tonight.
6:00 am
"today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get a look at that commute in a bit from vianey. first we want to talk about that weather and kari, this is another day that i think we can all smile about? >> it's going to be another great day and actually slightly cooler than normal weather in parts of our microclimates especially in the south bay. as you get out the door this morning, that's a live look outside over san jose. let's head over to campbell. our temperatures will be up to about 58 degrees to start out, and then 80 degrees at 1:00. normal is 82, so we're going to be just a little bit below that throughout the day, with some breezy winds. we'll talk about the weekend coming up and vianey starting to see more slowing on the roads. >> it is 6:00 a.m. you got to get ready for the traffic buildup but at least no big slow spots, no big crashes. we've had a pretty smooth start and let's hope it stays that way. i want to show you a live look in the south bay in san jose. building traffic


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