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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 12, 2019 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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over the presumed suicide of jeffrey epstein as the medepict. captured the couple awakened in the middle of the night by noise outside spotted through their the escaped murderer accused of murder the hit singer bitten by a rattlesnake on the road to recovery incredible images out of china where a five has wreaked havoc on hard-hit areas. an emotional serena williams pulled out of her tennis match dropping out with a title on the line and gymnast simone biles wows the crowd with two new record-setting routines as she cruises to her sixth u.s. all-around title "early today" starts right now.
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>> good monday morning i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. authorities canceled all departure flights after thousands of pro-democracy crowded the terminal hundreds of fliers were left stranded at one of the world's busiest airports matt joining us from cohong kon. why are the protesters targeting the airport? >> this is the fourth day of occupying this airport so, this is sort of a continuation, but they never had the previous numbers and that's because they're reacting to the fresh scenes by the violence by the police not here by in central hong kong and they show police firing tear gas inside one of the mass transit railway stations at close range against the protesters and really
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beating them up. there was also an image that was circulating widely on social media of a woman who was shot by some sort of police projectile on her right eye and now people are saying there is a possibility that she might lose sight permanently in her eye that is what insighted these protesters to go to the airport this morning in huge numbers and that's why you see them with eye patches on part of the protest. why did they choose the airport? majorly d lly disruptive. that is a problem for the protesters they are using their mass numbers to block transportation here in hong kong and block the tunnel behind me this is really bringing the city to a standstill. it's peaceful. very little risk and police will attack them inside the airport and it's air conditioned, which is a big bonus here. phillip. >> that always helps in the
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summertime updating on usn th> the death ox g it hasthe erry epstein autopsy but needs more information before determining the cause of death however, two days after epstein was found unresponsive, they say suicide remains the presumed cause of death nbc kathy park has more. >> reporter: more questions than answers about the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein one of the most high-profile inmates being held in a federal jail nbc news has learned as part of the investigation into this incident, they want to know if guards conducted routine checks on inmates, including epstein as required >> one major issue is whether the rules were followed in the housing unit and whether guards were checking on him every 30 minutes. >> repteeient a psychiatric
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evaluation and they cleared him fromllowg him to return to his cell. >> while on suicide watch, epstein monitor eed every secon and bed clothes taken away once he was taken off suicide watch, he had clothing and a bed sheet and there was ample opportunity, our sources say, for him to take his own life in that cell. >> senior law enforcement officials tell nbc news no sign of foul play meanwhile the u.s. attorney in manhattan will keep digging into the alleged sex trafficking operation. >> we know that original indictment did include a conspiracy count and people who worked for him and associates of his. so, any of those folks who prosecutors have evidence against could becomeg ca here. i think it's important for all of us to avoid rushing to judgment to let the legal proceedings move forward
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>> thanks to kathy park for that report the question still lingering in the wake of epstein death and rash of conspiracy theories online and president trump is facing backlash after tweeting out one of those unsubstantiated claims involving the clintons. kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: wielding the world's most powerful mega phone. president trump retweeted a baseless conspiracy theory to nearly 63 million twitter followers. an accusation that the clintons are somehow linked to jeffrey epstein's death. democratic candidate said, enough >> this is another example of our president using this position of public trust to attack his political enemies with unfounded conspiracy theories >> what he's doing is dangerous. >> reporter: president trump said last month their friendship ended years ago. >> well, it get along with
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him. >> reporter: president clinton had known epstein, too, but his spokesman said they provoked ts ridiculous and, of course, not true response from a clinton aide and donald trump>> why did the t that president suggestion? >> i think the president wants everything to be investigated. >> reporter: birtherism about barack obama, linking ted cruz's father to the jfk assassination, notably epstein death conspiracies are covered by russian-owned media and all over the web. >> just because the accounts that initially pushed this are domestic accounts does not mean russia or other foreign actors aren't involved. >> reporter: clearly aware the president's conspiracy retweets have caused some controversy themselves, the president has moved on to other topics in his social media typically, officials say the
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tweets speak for themselves. we asked repeatedly what is the president's intention here and we received no response. the president and his family will be remaining in new jersey over the next week, taking some vacation time. the president will also do some work with some day trips to pennsylvania and new hampshire phillip. >> thank you horror and heart ache in pennsylvania after a deadly day care fire claims the lives of five children. they ranges from 8 months to 7 years old. neighbors say they could hear the people inside screaming for help they detector inside the three-story building dan shenamen has the latest. >> reporter: early sunday morning when the house was overwhelmed with flames. neighbors a block away said they could hear screams. >> i tried to go inside and i made it through the open living
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room and couldn't go any further. i hope the kids made it. >> reporter: inside firefighters found four children dead and a fifth was taken to a hospital and succumbed to injuries. ages ranged from 8 months to 7 years old. the father of three of those children a firefighter in a nearby township. >> unthinkable like i said, really beyond comprehension. >> reporter: one adult was airlifted from the scene >> fife firefighters are tought when something like this happens, a little different. >> reporter: the house was registered as a day care center. was inspected within the last year >> i have three of my own. >> reporter: investigators must now determine the cause of the fire while erie must now deal with heartbreak. dan schenamen, nbc news. an escaped convict is back in custody this morning after a five-day manhunt they found and captured curtis ray watson hours after he was
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spotted on a doorbell camera raiding a family's outdoor refrigerator watson serving a 15-year sentence for aggravated kidnapping went missing from his work detail last wednesday watson disappeared after prison administrator deborah johnson was discovered dead in her home. the family that helped police find watson will receive a $2,500 reward. simone biles spent the weekend soaring into the record books. tying a record that would set in 1952 biles earned the win by nailing skills no woman has ever done. she sticks the landing there, making her the first woman to ever successfully complete a triple double in competition it consists of doing a double ba backflip with three twists that came one night after she broke new ground on the balance
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beam she stunned fans with a double, double dismount doing a double twist and double flip. if she can compete these performances in a national competition, they will be named after her. as dayton and el paso search for a way to move forward, politicians and entertainers are trying to help them find somece dayton he also held a press conference calling for stricter gun control. meanwhile, new york senator chuck schumer is proposing a new bill that would require the fbi to sign off on any body armor sales to civilian. anyone can buy a bulletproof vest with a click of a mouse. lady gaga's family is helping families get back to school by funding 162 classroom
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projects the singer partnered up with to help provide some educational tools for 14 classrooms in dayton, 125 in el paso and 23 in gilroy. a powerful typhoon has wreaked havoc along the eastern coast of china as flooding and rain tips to cause buildings to collapse more than 3,000 homes have fallen and many others damaged an estimated 900,000 acres of crops destroyed. the death toll has risen to 44 with more people still missing authorities say more than 6,000 people who were trapped have been rescued let's see what to watch out for this week. janessa webb, good morning. >> continue to brew across the pacific. this just became a tropical storm henriette. southern tip of baja and this is barely a storm and as it tracks to the east and north, we will
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see it die out to an area of low pressure it does diminish to 30 mile toas northern california. probably some dry conditions across the pacific northwest, but another storm system coming out of the gulf. i'll show you that. >> coming up. the stars got together for the nickelodeon teen choice awards they honored this year's iconic stars from film, music and comedy and all voted on by the viewers. in the film category robert downey jr. won for choice action movie for "avengers end game"
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almost turned deadly. >> reporter: mike posner being wheeled into a colorado hospital after an encounter with a rattlesnake. known for hits like "cooler than me" and "i took a pill" had just walked from kansas into colorado when, according to his twitter, he came across the snake i had just crushed 16 miles, i was going for eight more when i got bit by a baby rattlesnake. he wrote that venom is no joke posner was 1,600 miles across a walk the entire continent. >> kansas over there and colorado over here. >> reporter: as a tribute to his recently deceased father and the singer thanked hospital staff on instagram and posted this video of himself struggling to walk. >> irk withiworking through the >> reporter: fans urged him to stay positive. a musician on a mission now rkhao get back on his
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fresh we're dealing with here. >> long story. years ago, bullet through hi "hobbs & shaw. rounding out the top three, "lion king." china revaluing its currency what does it mean for your investments.
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let's ask juliana. >> the key level to watch here is what got markets riled last week that beijing and now in the latest fixing beijing decided to set the reference rate for their currency beyond this psychologically important seven level. the important thing, though, while this was weaker than the level they set on friday, stronger thas filters through to wall street, as well, when trading begins in the u.shs which have been falling. the average price of gasoline has dropped 6 cents during the last two weeks to $2.74. that's 18 cents lower than where it was a year ago. according to lundburg survey lower crude oil and they believe the prices will continue to fall back to you guys >> again, those last-minute summer road trips.
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dry out. but that heat will continue to build, unfortunately, for the south. >> that time of year >> yeah, it is >> thank you, janessa. top stories are up next, including serena williams and including serena williams and her heartbreak at the rogers cup i do have a masters in early childhood development. you don't mind if i record this, do you? uhh, no! first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry so you might want to lose the nose ring. by their second kid, parents are more likely to choose luvs. it absorbs 20x its weight and the new triple leakguards lock away wetness for outstanding leakage protection. live, learn, and get luvs. and it's a disc. the future of laundry is here - the persil proclean disc. one disc cleans more tough stains better than any of these detergents. and it delivers our next generation of deep clean. welcome to the future. new persil proclean discs.
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in today's quick hits. wendy's spicy chicken nuggets are back by popular demand after being discontinued in 017. the chain announce they will hit menus in all restaurants today teaming up with jet puff marshmallows to sell bags of just marshmallows. they will be available nationwide by september.
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pop group bts is taking a break. the management announced they will take an extended period of rest and relaxation. they are taking the time to recharge and enjoy their stories, a leather clad russian presidentsh putin's biker trip a pro-kremlin biker group. it came amid protests in moscow. the foreign ministry has called his visit a blatant violation and crimia back in 2014. plaintiffs in a suit claim the my ford touch would freeze or crash along with a slew of other problems ford is paying out $17 million and that will go to ford and lincoln owners who purchased or leased vehicles between 2010
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and august 9, 2013 drivers in seven states listed on the screen can file a claim and get up to $400. the rogers cup final match came to an emotional end for serena williams. she called for a medical time-out and moments later it was announced that she was withdrawing from the match she was experiencing back spasms her opponent was coming over to comfort her. >> that is 19-year-old bianca. the first canadian to take home the title in 15 years, but she says that wasn't the way she wanted to win it. if you were old enough to remember this classic '70s ad. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, the kool-aid man crashing through a wall. that is how police in estes
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park, colorado, descit the be the kool-aid man. divers from around the world competed in the world cup in crimea 14 brave athletes showing their skills off a 90-foot platform. the winner gary hunt won three previous years and won 7
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just incredible. simone biles is the first gymnast to land a triple twisting double summer st in a floor routine on h way to a record 6th u.s. all around title. >> details and why the new york medical examiner is holding back
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the results of the autopsy on jeffrey epstein and what's next in the case. >> the tragic fire takes the lives of five young children at an overnight day care while their parents work the night shift. >> in the week following the tragic shootings in multiple cities, singer john legend joined the mayor of dayton in calling for stricter gun laws.


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