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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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for us. they say that specifically bags, a camera, camera equipment, laptop computer, jewelry and miscellaneous electrical equipment. sources though tell us the total value is about $500,000, much of that which is said to be expensive watches. that break-in happened between 9:00 and 11:00 last night after the police were studying the car break-in while a-rod was allowed to stay in the restaurant. as far as how ubiquitous this problem is of car break-ins we know it peaked back in 2017 with about 31 to you car break-ins, it has since dipped down 18% from that point but still 70 car break-ins every single day here in san francisc clearly a problem. last night a-rod became one of the most famous victims. live from the ballpark, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> that is a lot of goods. thank you, sam. we did send out a push alert about the story an hour ago. to get news alerts and breaking
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news, sign up for our free nbc bay area app. some terrifying moments for passengers aboard a vta bus in san jose. an suv slammed into the bus this afternoon, causing both vehicles to catch fire and power lines to crash on top of the bus. nbc bay area's damian trujillo spoke with the bus driver and joins us from the crash site at the location of king and cunningham with more. damian? >> reporter: it happened right in front of fire station 16 here on king road in san jose. in fact, the light pole is still perched on top of the vta bus right now as we speak. now crews arrived almost immediately because they are across the street. as the bus driver worked to get his passengers off the bus and away from a growing fire ball. the smoke was visible for miles as crews tried to put out flames coming from a burning suv while figuring out how to dodge the live wires resting on the vta bus. the bus driver tells us an suv
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swerved in front of him. >> looked like he was coming around the corner and he hit the bus. doing like 60, 50. >> reporter: the bus driver was still shaken up when we caught up with him. witnesses say that sent the bus careening into a power pole and john ashley went into rescue mode. >> well i was thinking about the safety of my passengers. i got everybody out when i saw the fire and i was try to protect the passengers at all time. >> reporter: nine passengers were on board. mostly seniors. they were checked out at fire station 16 before another bus picked them up. >> i was sitting in my truck and you hear a loud bang. >> reporter: john martinez witnessed the accident and couldn't immediately get out of his truck. >> the wires landed on top of the truck i was sitting in. and once -- didn't know what to do or whether you get out of the car and live voltage are coming out and transformers are
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blowing. >> reporter: he helped the passengers get out and into the safety of the fire station. as for the suv that burst into a fire ball, we're waiting to see if the driver will be cited. crews remain on the scene because power remains out here. miraculously nobody was seriously injured. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. on the peninsula now, a woman from san bruno said she was kidnapped and raped over the weekend by a lyft driver. she left with a girlfriend and picked up by a lyft driver names tony kolokolo and facing charges that could put him in prison for life. prosecutors say he dropped off one woman at her home in south san francisco but the other woman was passed out in the backseat of his car. he is accused of driving her to his home in tracy where she woke up in his bed half naked the next morning. >> this is our fourth case in 18
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months involving carriers, this uber or lyft or whatever where women, all women victims have been sexually assaulted by the driver. >> it is an issue. lyft issued a statement saying the company has strict criminal background checks on all drivers before hiring and updates that information daily. 46-year-old suspect has no prior criminal record. at 6:00, mark matthews joins us with the look at the alarming number of similar attacks in san mateo county in the past 18 months. a big warning for shoppers in walnut creek. car burglaries are on the rise. police have had over a hundred cases last month alone. nearly double the amount from a year earlier. jodi hernandez is live in walnut creek where they are seeing trends and highlighting spots. what area should we be extra vigilant. >> reporter: well one of those spots is the olympic place
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parking garage right behind us. this is one of the places police say have been targeted. they say the number of car burglaries they've been seeing is more than they've had in a decade. >> breaking windows, prying them open. stealing parts. >> reporter: wayne boden described the kinds of things have been happening in the walnut creek apartment complex parking lot he maintained over the last few months. he said car break-ins have become routine in the neighborhood. >> in a higher clash neighborhood that people can afford more of those luxury electronics so basically this is a better area to hit. >> reporter: walnut creek police say the number of car burglaries in the city has jumped dramatically. drivers reported 106 cases just last month. police say the bad guys are targeting downtown parking garages and apartment complex
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parking lots. >> they are going up and smashing the windows and in a matter of seconds and able to take personal belongings from inside of the car. >> reporter: police have posted warnings on social media. they say drivers need to be extra alert and take steps to keep from becoming a target. >> we're trying to get the word out that if you do have something in your car, make sure you take it with you or have it locked into a trunk out of plain view. >> reporter: shoppers say the increase in break-ins is scary and they're heeding the warning. >> we just try not to leave anything in the car. nothing of value, not even a gym bag. i already know from living in the city, people will break in for a gym bag of dirty shows thinking there is money in it. >> reporter: now in addition to this parking garage, the plaza is just a block down the street has also been hit hard as have apartment complex parking lots on the 1400 block of creek side drive here in walnut creek. police are doing all they can including stepping up patrols and doing undercover operations,
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so far they don't know who is behind the spike in crime. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new at 5:00, a clothing store up in flames in an oakland strip mall. take a look. in the fruitvale area. around 11:00 a.m. firefighters put out the flames in less than an hour. everyone in the store was able it get out safely. tense moments at the los altos police department. an officer was exposed to fents -- fentanyl. officers were processing dangerous evidence which included fentanyl when an officer became ill. crews rushed her to the hospital but she'll be okay. new rules from the trump administration, harder for legal immigrants who use food stamps
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or those with medicaid and housing vouchers and household income are factors to get legal status. >> we expect people of any income to be able to stand on their oeb two feet. so if people are not able to be self-sufficient, then this negative fact or is going to bear heavily against them. >> immigration advocates call it another attempt by the trump administration to scare away migrants. the changes take effect in mid-october. san francisco mayor london breed does not agree with the new immigration policy. she released this statement a short while ago. people will go hungry and risk becoming homeless. children won't have access to basic medical services, even though immigrant families already pay billion dollars in taxes. this is not only bad policy, it is immoral. we'll do everything in our pow or to fight it. a massive protest shut down a busy airport. thousands of people in hong kong gathered against police brutality after a bloody weekend that saw some of the worst
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clashes between police and protesters in recent weeks. the airport in hong kong had to cancel all flights. after weeks of protest over a proposed extradition to allow extraditions to mainland china where the courts are controlled by the community party. two days after the suicide of aseussed sexual predator jeffrey epstein, the investigation is intensifying after he reportedly hung himself. inside of his prison sell early saturday morning. he was alone in this cell after being taken off suicide watch. following a psychiatric evaluation late last month. nbc news has learned his cell was not checked every 30 minutes as required. also staff cuts have left the facility short-staffed. >> now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. >> a spoke for the fbi confirmed they are conducting a search of his home and private island in
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the u.s. virgin islands. is it a hung jury? illno verdict in the ghost ship trial. derick almena and mark harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and prosecutors say they created dangerous conditions inside of the warehouse in oakland. 36 people died when the fire broke out during a party in 2016. almena's attorney said if the jury tells the judge they cannot reach a unanimous decision, the judge will likely instruct the jury to keep on deliberating. the jury returns for a seventh day of deliberations tomorrow morning. up next, south bay mayor is getting tired of slow-moving gun laws and the move he's making that could hit gun owners in their wallet. and also the clean-up at golden gate park. record numbers from the annual outside lands music festival and we'll tell you about it next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it is starting to warm up. i know you felt it outside. san martin up to 100 and
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campbell 96 and san francisco a warm 76. we'll show you when 104 degree heat is possible coming up in about seven minutes.
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power is back on and traffic is running smoothly after three grass fires snarled the mning commute in the east bay. fire start add long 680 between calaveras and andrade stalling traffic for hours.
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pg&e said a dump trug snagged a power line and they believe that sparked a fire. the fires were about 100 yards apart each one under a power line. the bay area biggest city is about to become the center on the debate of gun control. the mayor wants san jose to become the first city in america to require gun owners to buy insurance for every firearm they own. so what exactly does that mean? nbc bay area's scott budman joins us in -- in san jose city hall with the details. >> reporter: the mayor said his plan is all about protecting the community. it is a rather complex proposal that experts tell us is legal. two of the victims of the gilroy shooting were from san jose and san jose mayor sam lack ardo wants to do something to protect his community from future gun violence. >> with the guns that are already out there, how could we make people safer. >> reporter: the mayor's way,
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make people ensure guns. proposal would mandate that san jose gun owners buy liability insurance for their firearms. it would cover accidental discharge of the gun and any damage done by someone if the gun was stolen. it would not cover the gun owner's personal conduct. >> this is not simply about stopping gun violence tomorrow, but it is about ensuring public no longer pays for the cost of gun violence. >> reporter: it is a plan certain to face heavy opposition from gun rights groups but experts say it is legal as long as it doesn't attempt to stop people from owning firearms. >> as long as one can exercise that right and in a reasonable way, then some insurance cost or tax would not necessarily be unconstitutional. >> reporter: the mayor alsont s explore an additional tax on ammunition and gun purchases. >> if it was buying guns, i feel safer in school. >> reporter: i reached out to
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the national rifle association and they declined an on-camera interview but did tell me they see the mayor's plan as a tax on law-abiding gun owners which will not cover criminal acts. needless to say, they oppose the plan. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. after three days of music and fun, a major clean-up is under way at golden gate park. this is the aftermath of the outside lands music festival in san francisco over the weekend. take down the stage and clean up after 200,000 people flocked to the park. a lot of work. it will take about a week to take everything down. one of the biggest numbers from the festival was phone usage. at&t said attendees used the data equivalent of 44 million selfies. >> wow! after year delay, costco could come to pleasant ton. construction could begin this fall on stone ridge drive near the 580/680 interchange. people against the project said
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there wasn't a proper environmental renew and a new review has been produced. the city has seven days to sign off on the review to have the costco built. nbc bay bridge and telemundo are working to clear the shelters, our annual campaign to help find pets forever homes tonight we profile a dog who liked to eat just a little too much. but this is all good news. jeff and joann wanted a companion for their dog einstein and they looked at puppy in the alameda animal shelter when they came across eddie. he was a dog that, well, he loved a good meal. he weighed 22 pounds and the couple knew it would be a challenge. >> we said, you know what, we should really take him in because we needo when they brought eddie home, he could barely move and certainly couldn't get up the stairs. they put him on a strict diet to lose weight. you know what his favorite snack
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is now? carrots. good job, eddie. he loves his ten-minute walks three times a day. he has slimmed down and having a great time and we thank the family for helping out eddie and eddie is helping them out and put a smile on their face. >> that is a good idea. three times a day, a 10-minute walk. >> and they have to walk as well so everyone is fit. >> good exercise. and by the way, this is one of our favorite events, this saturday, 90 local shelters are taking part in the clear the shelters campaign. most of them will offer waives or reduced adoption fees, go to for more information. >> i love that photo. that is a great photo. dogs, cats, the whole deal. rabbits. >> mice. >> some birds. >> oh, birds. >> you'll bearf with jessica ag hanging out trying to get some of those animals adopted. they usually name some of them after our on-air personality so fun to see which ones are named after your favorite personality.
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into your microclimate forecast. and we start off with the heat for all animals at home, next three days is one of those times where there is not enough water around for your dogs and your cats. you have to keep on filling that up. we wanted to take a look at the top three things that we'll be watching. the number one thing is the inland valley 90 toss low 100s, so that could put us in weather alert mode as we hit tomorrow night into wednesday and thursday. spare the air alert on tuesday with poor air quality and fire danger elevated. so where is all of this heat coming from? i want to show you. it is this strong ridge of high pressure that is helping to pump in that heat, right toward the bay area and this could get us closer to some of the hottest weather so far this year on june 11th with 105 in concord. so we could get into the low 100s, with the heat building we'll start off mild. and a lot of you are heading back to school tomorrow to probably not going to need a jacket so much here.
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70 in the south bay with sunny skies and 71 for the tri-valley. here through the north bay, 68. and a little bit of ice and fog in san francisco and 64. and notice the east bay from 65 -- to 72. and in concord, antioch, brentwood in the low 70s tomorrow. so let's get you ready to go and you'll see on my microclimate forecast through the south bay, it warms up. we're going up to 93 in los gatos and 92 in san jose and 96 in gilroy. the hottest weather and most dangerous heat is here through contra costa and alameda county and the inland valley. 100 in danville, 100 in concord and 100 in antioch. throw a couple of extra bottles of water in the kid's backpack. 90 in palo alto. 86 san mateo. 69 in half moon bay. san francisco is a split picture. we do have an ocean breeze so that means closest to the coast, 60 frs the marina to the outer sun set but heading to the
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mission, the heat will win out right now with 83 expected in the mission. 80 for the embarcadero.bay, 99 lake and 98 in ukiah and closer to the ocean and bay comfortable in mill valley at 89. my extended forecast shows san francisco going up into the mid-80s wednesday and thursday and this weekend we're cooling back down into the 60s. with some morning fog, afternoon sunshine. inland valleys, this is where it gets uncomfortable. you just got to watch out. 100 tomorrow. 104 on wednesday. 103 on thursday. then we drop off in time for the weekend with 80s returning. so for clear the shelters on saturday, it looks more comfortable. talk about this heat, ways to stay cool, that is coming 6:00. >> think you put up 104 there by mistake. >> that is not -- >> okay, thank you. coming up next at 5:00, is vaping leaving children to pot. what new research is saying about whether vape pens are a
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gateway to marijuana.
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what began more than a decade ago with a single listing in san francisco has exploded into more than 6 million rentals worldwide. we're talking about airbnb. but with the global success comes another problem. bigad shaban joins us with the details. >> reporter: some try to use the popular home-sharing site tor al time hotel and getting away with it by taking advantage of a loophole to skirt the laws. >> there should be more resources toward regulating and monitoring it. if there is that much fraud then
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there has to be more oversight. >> reporter: airbnb said it is complying with current laws so what needs to change to reduce the number of illegal rentals in a town where affordable housing is already at a premium. we'll tell what you the mayor's office plans to do about it. that story tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, bigad. new study is suggesting a link between e-cigs and marijuana use. researchers studied a hundred thousand young people between 12 and 24 and those who vaped were three and a half times more likely to become marijuana users. researchers are doing a little bit more research to determine the exact link. okay, get out your calendars. we have a date and we have an opponent. we'll tell you who the warriors will be facing in their first regular season game at the new chase center next. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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the evening commute easier for the trans-bay bus riders. all a.c. transit buses are using theli salesforce transit center in san francisco. the buses running today and the center was shut down last september when beams and cracks were found in two beams. last month muni and golden gate transit resumed bus service on the lower level and now the
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whole terminal is open and there is a bus lane direct to the bay bridge. tonight at 6:00, bidding wars on the decline. the new evidence that the bay bridge's red hot housing market may -- may finally be cool enough. what buyers and sellers need to know can't at 6:00. at 5:00, the big dates for the warriors. the first pre-season game at the new chase center october 5th against the lakers. but here is the golden ticket as we look at aerial shots of the new billion dollars arena, the first regular season game, october 24th against kawhi leonard and the l.a. clippers. another marquee game, the houston rockets on christmas day. so i will start saving upur mo. games. >> can't wait to see the game but the food there too. i have to say. >> it is going to be something. >> i know. cool atmosphere. >> you get the tickets, i'll by the food.
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>> i'm take care of parking. >> no you are -- >> i get a free ride. >> lester holt is next with "nightly news." >> bye. fbi raiding jeffrey epstein's private island agents on boats swarming the grounds as the mystery over epstein's death deepens. the attorney general says there were serious irregularities at the jail where he was found dead new details about his final moments, left alone in his cell for hours, and questions swirling why he was taken off suicide watch and how will his accusers get justice new charges against the friend of the dayton gunman. the crisis striking thousands in one american city, dangerous levels of lead found in the drinking water, parents fearing for their childrens' safety >> i'm concerned that his brain might not be able to think past a certain point.


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