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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 19, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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right now at 11:00, back behind bars. in san francisco public outrage over a homeless man caught on video attacking a woman who was released by a judge. but today the same man is surrendering to police for other crimes. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. nbc bay area's pete suratos joining useco th those details. pete? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. 25-year-old austin vincent surrendering to police this morning but it is in kks -- in connection to another incident. this is video of him walking into the courtroom behind me a couple of hours ago into the hall of justice. now he walked into a courtroom before surrendering to police but i want to point out it was
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not an official court appearance. use accused of attacking a woman outside of san francisco condo on beale street and two nt of battery but he was eventually released by a judge. >> want to show the viewers the surveillance that we've shown the past week that folks have criticized the judge's decision when you take into account what you see here in the that video. >> reporter: now the judge did decide to have vincent wear a gps monitoring device as a result after seeing that video. and that of course leads us to this morning's events with vincent surrendering to police on $100,000 arrest warrant. this, however, is kegt -- connected to an aggravated assault case back in february. the victim noticed his booking photo on the news and contacted police and told them that she was encountered by vincent by a knife waiting for a ride share
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and he threatened to kill them. they were able to get away but police never located the suspect but they began surveillance on vincent began the ankle monitoring and thad more incidents with more victims coming forward. now here san francisco police talking to us today about the public safety risk of vincent and keeping him off the streets. >> we're able to obtain this video that the public aware that this incident occurred and we were able to make mr. vincent into custody. public safety isis community. safe. and when we're able to take an individual like this into custody whether or not he has mental health issues or other issues that may have been part of this, we want the community to be safe and in this instance we think that the response has afforded them that opportunity. >> reporter: take you back out here live to hall of justice in san francisco where vincent is
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booked at the san francis court here tomorrow as 1:30 p.m. live in san francisco,t th midday. the prosecution will not seek the death penalty for theng an 18-year-old woman at a b.a.r.t. station. bob redell is live outside of superior court where he just spoke to the family of nia wilson. >> reporter: the father is not surprised the district attorney is not seeking the death penalty against john lee cowl. you recall he is charged with the stabbing death of 18-year-old nia wilson at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station in late july of 2018. wilson's father anticipated this decision since gavin newsom did order a moratorium on the death penalty and the father said he would be satisfied if he is convicted and sent to life in prison without the possibility of rar pole.
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you recall the defense tried and failed to argue he was not competent to stand trial but no ruling about his state at the tif murder. that mental illness changes over time was the defense argument. this morning the prosecution used that argument to push for an earlier date for the trial. they wanted a date in december, the defense wanted a date in february. the judge ruled that the trial will start january 6th. >> it is pretty frustrating to see what they're trying to do, to delay this. if he's been found competent to stand trial let's move forward and get it over with so we could have closure. the evidence is here, let's move forward. >> i think about my baby sister all of the time. of course we have people who uplift our spirits and people who encourage us and pray for us and so on and so forth. but when reality hits, i think about my sister ander: e familys
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the evidence is strong against cowell and the old sister was injured latiffa and was there and saw what happened and could testify in court to cowell's alleged guilt. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. well jurors are once again al.iberating in the dead ghost this marks three weeks since jurors first received the case. the deciding fate of derick almena and max harris both charged with involuntary manslaughter and if convicted they could be sentenced to 40 years in prison. nbc bay area has a spot in the courtroom and when a verdict is reached we'll bring it to you live. an overnight shooting in san jose. new video from the scene just after midnight in a neighborhood near winchester and hamilton
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north of campbell. the surviving man was grazed by a bullet and treated at the san jose. san jose police so far no arrests or details on a possible motive. this mas homicide of the year. we take a look outside in san francisco where you could see it looks like a little overcast there this morning. but cooler temperatures than we experienced last week. >> oh, yeah. no triple-digits this weekend. thankfully and i hope everybody gets a chance to continue to enjoy the below seasonable temperatures because it will get hot again. so enjoy this cooldown while it lasts. and take a look at the skies over san jose. 66 degrees. wind speeds are calm. and we still have clouds lingering by. keep in mind we'll keep a lot of the cloud cover in san francisco. really all day long. along with an onshore breeze. that onshorely b kicking up int about 7 degrees cooler in livermore now and that ocean breeze at about 10 miles per hour.
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again this will pick up later tonight. and our temperatures this 2:0will start to peak out in the upper 70s by 2:00 to 3:00 and we'll have the 80s and i'll look at the rest of the bay area coming up. happening now, you can no longer purchase paper tickets at the b.a.r.t. embarcadero statio cards. now this is mart of the b.a.r.t. pilot program eliminating paper tickets at four stations. b.a.r.t. said the clipper card saves money and helps reduce paper waste. here is what riders at the embarcadero station are saying about that this morning. >> it is a good idea. for the environment. it will save time as well. especially with the payments so i think it is good. >> easy. >> there will be outreach staff at embarcadero all week to help with the transi. school staff is a hot topic at development for teachers and santa ay. university is asking the city of san jose to rezone a three-acre property from light industrial
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to residential in order to build 290 units of housing and 26,000 square feet of commercial space including a business incubator. the below market housing would be available to faculty and staff from santa clara university and bellerman college prep and jesuit high school. the property is on campbell across from the baseball diamond. tonight's public meeting is at 6:00 at the student center at santa clara university. in the north bay, teachers in the forestville union are back in school following the strike that ended last week when the teachersssoction said it includes 5% raise over the first two years. [ bell ] have it. the opening bell of the new yore where things have been looking different for investors. we'll keep you updated on what to expect throughout the stock
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market coming up. in the meantime, president trump attempting to downplay growing concerns of the u.s. economy heading for a recession. the economy isn't the only issue as he returns to washington following a short vacation.the projecting positivity after a week on wall street that was anything but. >> i don't see a recession. >> reporter: he's downplaying a key indicator that often signals an economic downturn with the stock market on shaky ground in parts because of the trade war with china. >> the tariffs have caused nothing in nothing very little. >> reporter: but a new round is posed until december as he looked for the china's unfair trade practices. >> if i wanted to make a bad deal and settle on china, the market would go up but it wouldn't be the right thing to do. i'm not ready to make a deal. >> reporter: top white house advisers point to the low
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unemployment rate and retail sales. >> we're doing pretty darn well in my judgment. let's not be afraid of optimism. >> i think there is an optimistic economy out there. >> reporter: the president is hoping the economy will help him win come election days but some democrats hoping to replace him argue it is americans getting hurst by his policies. >> he is completely out of touch with the impact it is going to have on the prices we pay for our goods as a result of a trade war in which both sides will lose. >> reporter: and when it comes to 2020, joe biden now facing his own challenges. our latest poll shows the front-runner with the dramatic drop in the last year and a half, last january before joe biden entered the race, he had a 54% popularity rating and now down 20 points34 the political fray to entering it. fighting off attacks from opponents in his own party and
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going on attack against president trump. >> indeed, we have a present with a toxic tongue who is publicly and unapologetically to embrace the political strategy of hate, racism and division. >> that was hallie jackson reporting. coming up, major changes for law enforcement here in california. the bill that affects when police can use their weapons. and welcome news for millions of americans with peanut allergies and parents. pe a
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(smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. get your yes for less at the new stores in west livermore and in union city. a case that gained national attention on police tactics is back in the headlines. just in, new police officer involved in the death of eric garner is being fired. you might recall back in 2014 garner was selling loose cigarettes outside of a staten island convenience store when confronted by police. officer daniel pantaleo held garner in a chokehold.
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garner could be heard on a video shot by a bystander i can't breathe before he fell unconscious into gavin newsom is signing a new bill use of force law. it will allow police to use deadly force only when it is necessary to defend against an imminent threat of death or serious injury. now the bill comes in the wake of several high-profile fatal shootings by police including ki stefan clarke in sacramento last year. right now take a look at this. this is downtown san jose. and take a look at roads. that is the focus point of the next story. some of the bmp in the bay bridge a-- in the bay area are in line for a makeover. they will lay out the plan to repave all 2400 miles of road in the next nine years. the report last year ranked san jose roads second worst in the nation with 64% in poor condition. a different report said 400 miles of san jose streets were in of repair. started repaving
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year using money from recently-approved ballot measures. and new at 11:00, big news now for a nearly 6 million children suffering from dangerous food allergies. a number of children with food allergies, that is been skyrocketing. peanut allergies in particular have tripled in number but now doctory horizon. new treatment being developed that could be a cure one day. kristin dahlgren reports. >> reporter: across the country it is happening again and again. an alarming number of kids going to the e.r. with dangerous reactions to food. one study finding anna fall axis is up 200% in children ages five through 15. 11-year-old violet miso is one of them. >> i would get really nauseous and have an itchy throat and my face would swell up and then i had hives all over my arms. so that was scary. >> reporter: violet has a severe allergy to peanuts.
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ng with friends at lunch and even going to get an ice cream cone. simply being in the same room of dust from a peanut could spark a deadly reaction. >> how hard is that? >> it is really hard. especially when they are little. >> any little piece of peanut dust co kill her? >> yes. especially when they are so helpless and little and when they are not with you. >> reporter: but now doctors say a cure for patients like violet could be around the corner. there are at least 17 new therapies being studied right now. some just months away from fda approval. dr. kari nato isecto of the allergy and asthma research at stanford university and one of the world's top researchers in the field. >> do you envision a future without food allergies? >> there is going to be some groups that might need to have therapy every day for the rest of their life but might be some people that could stop therapy and do fine. >> cured? >> i think that is where we are. exactly. >> reporter: with the most
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promising treatment is a pill containing a measured dose of pharmaceutical grade peanut powder, starting out with a minuscule amount and then is increased over time until patients can tolerate eating full peanuts. a clinical trial found itparent. andhese o peanut is administered through the skin. >> over time your body tarts to say, well, wait a minute, this is something i shouldn't be seeing as a danger signal. >> reporter: also in the works, a potential vaccine still in the early stages of research, the hope is it would treat patients without having to introduce them to the foods they're allergic to. violet was part of a pill called immune and started out with a dose of one-80th of a peanut and increased it every week. her parents had to keep a close eye on her every night when she took the dose just in case she had a reaction. >> it was well worth it but i'm not going to lie. it was stressful.
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needs rter: now b to seat two peanut m&m's every night and now she could be in the same room and doesn't worry about cross contamination so she could eat her favorite sweets. and activities she's neverdparts and acting an singing in the school play. >> has this changed your life? >> yes. it has. because i would have never been able to do these amazing experiences and just have all of these new memories now that i would never had before. >> that was kristin dahlgren reporting. so clinical trials for the peanut pill and patch were paid for by drug manufacturers. these treatments sound very simple. but it is a grueling process. and it takes a very long time. violet's mother said that she was constantly fearful that her daughter could suffer a deadly reaction. luckily she never had any issues. home this is morning. >> oh, yeah, our clear the shelters event was another massiveyou see laura there witt
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other friendly faces at nbc that is lamarcus with 3me. and so nbc bay area and telemundo were helping clear the shelters across the bay area on saturday and more than a thousand pets were adopted in our area alone not including our nbc and telemundo stations across the country. for more information on participating shelters go to our website at and our website also has a complete coverage of our big event. >> we do a lot of events but marcus and i said it is one of our favorites. it is fun. >> it is. the people and the pets and the weather was nice. >> it was perfect. it worked in our favor because i wait w actually a little nippy in the morning. >> that is how we're starting today. if you go outside, you're going to notice it is cloudy in san francisco. even down here in the south bay and it is breezy thanks to that sea breeze. we even got some drizzle
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overnight as well. right now current temperatures in the south bay 66 degrees. 64 degrees in the peninsula. tri-valley as well in the 60s. and then in the low 60s for san francisco. so we're going to keep that cloud cover really hugging the coastline through the afternoon. it is going to be a lot slower to clear and i want to show you the 24-hour temperature change because some spots are running cooler this morning compared to where you were yesterday. a little more than 7 degrees cooler. down to the south bay, 6 degrees cooler. and there is the ocean breeze. hbout0 miles per hour right now. and it could kick up gusts at times for the afternoon. so let's talk about the day time highs. in the 80s in gilroy. 83 for morgan hill and 82 in san jose. through the east bay, oakland comfortable 70s, 72 degrees. and then our typical warmer spots including concord and antioch, low 80s. kind of a low seasonable temply fur tho
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areas. wedwood city 77 and san francisco upper 60s. remember, it could get gusty at times. san francisco could be chilly because it is so cloudy out there. 76 degrees in novato. 82 degrees in santa rosa. and let's talk about the incoming changes going right now. this shift that is going to happen. we have a pacific northwest storm up ahead and then to the southern plains now we have this ridge of high pressure that is going to trek on west a trough and that is what is going to help keep the temperatures below the triple-digit mark. but the high pressure will warm us up into the upper 80s and 90s. even in san francisco we're talking about a warm-up into the 70s. by wednesday look at that, so you have one more day of 60s and then things heat up through the start of the workweek. in through the inland areas, at about 85 degrees tomorrow. so the temperatures will go up two to three notches but then we'll go up by about 10, 15 degrees by the time we get to wednesday and thursday.
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we're talking 95 and, yes, that is a 97 so we could go toward that triple-digit heat yet again. yikes. >> i don't lightning it when you talk like that. >> thank you. the rolling stones prove they could still rock with the best of them. the show went break into the night. the reason they didn't break curfew at levi stadium. hong kong is working to kin to normal. hind the central government district and hundreds ever thousands of anti-government demonstrations took place yesterday. hong kong police said the demonstrations are generally peaceful however some protesters managed to shoot objects with slingshots at several government buildings. we'll have more news for you right after the break. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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satisfaction -- rolling stones fans who had a late night at levi's. ♪ >> the stones did not spend the entire night together with the capacity crowd but blew past the 10:00 p.m. curfew. the management and city prearranged to have the curfew extend until 11:00 p.m., so, yes, the stones did have time on their side. and remember, this is rescheduled from may when rocker
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mick jagger underwent a successful heart procedure. he still has the energy. >> stones come to town, you make exceptions. later idding. tonignly ns," lester holt is going to be in in tehran since late friday and i came with the idea of getting a read in the temperature of the tensions between the u.s. and this country. i've spent a lot of the time talking to senior government officials as well as ordinary iranians visiting with them in their homes and in cafes and places of business talking about their fears and getting a read on how people think about the risk of war between our two countries. we'll have my reporting when we see you tonight on nbc "nightly news." >> once again a special addition of nbc "nightly news" with lester holt taking a rare look in the country and talking with top 5:30. well last look at the forecast for us.
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looking good. >> it is cloudy right now, though. you'll probably be like where is the sun? it is not going to come out along the coast or san francisco. sorry to say. a good mix of sun and clouds and then the temperatures warm upe inland and then 90s back again. >> no triple-digits. that is what i like. >> not yet. >> thanks for filling in. we'll see you tomorrow morning. for your heart...
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to improve short-term memory. right now on "california live," summer almost gone but malou has the secret to keep your glow going. >> it is an instagram filter in a bottle. look at this. >> then the dog whisperer is here with tips to help your pup live their best lives. and dr. pimple popper -- >> starting to see that acne, a little black heads and you really want to keep things simple. plus one star's courageous fight to stop trafficking of young women and girls. >> the most important donation that our girls need is love. and that is something that anybody can give
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