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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 24, 2019 2:07am-2:35am PDT

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the new warning from the cdc, the number of lung disease cases growing across the nation. hollywood heights, millions of dollars worth of jewelry and artwork and electronics stolen from the homes of celebrities. we know dogs can make you happier. can they make you healthier too? >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening, president trump late today raising tariffs on chinese products, retaliation hours after china fired its own new salvo in the trade war the cap today in which the president ordered companies to ok and went after his hand picked federal reserve chairman suggesting he was an enemy the president's words and actions not unnoticed on wall street where the markets took a deep dive dropping more than 600 points peter alexander has the story.
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>> reporter: tonight president trump threatening to hike tariffs on some chinese products in response to beijing slapping new tariffs on $75 million in american goods the president unloading a series of furious tweets including this extraordinary directive: our great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china, including bringing your companies home. president trump, who doesn't have the authority to do that, revealing his anger amid recent warning signs a recession could be on the horizon. while some u.s. companies have started looking for other places like vietnam to produce their products, many businesses want to move could be time consuming and costly. threatening to put them out of business the president also lashing out at his chair jerome powell tweeting my only question is who is our bigger enemy, jay powell or china's chairman xi the central bank was limited in what it could do to buffer president's trade policies mr. trump's repeatedly ignored
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the long time decision that the president respect the fed's independence >> jay powell made a big mistake. >> reporter: the latest clash hours before president trump heads to the g-7 summit with allies waiting, already anxious about a slowing global economy peter alexander, nbc news, the white house. >> reporter: this is tom costello, caught in the cross hairs of america's feud with china. peerless precision near boston, a defense and aerospace contractor the trade war has sent the cost of steel and aluminum soaring, cutting company products in half >> if i have to raise prices, there's a really good chance i'm going to lose that job the next time around and possibly the customer >> reporter: wall street today went into a nose dive with apple and auto makers hit hard after china said it will retaliate against u.s. tariffs with tariffs of its own on american-made products, targeting cars, farm products,
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oil, and clothings making them more expensive in china. writing it is unrealistic for american retailers to move out of the second largest economy as 95% of the consumers live outside our borders. >> the trade war is not working. it's doing significant damage to it risks running the economy into a ditch >> reporter: tonight u.s. business is holding its breath >> there's no ending to this as far as i'm aware which is even worse. everyone's on the edge of their seat right now waiting to see what's going to happen next. >> and tom joins me now. tom, put this in perspective are there any estimates on how much this trade war might cost american families? >> j.p. morgan says it could cost the average household a thousand dollars a year with the tariffs taking effect in september, then again in ce
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there is more breaking news tonight, this on the health of ruth bader ginsburg, the supreme court justice receiving new treatment for cancer less than a year after undergoing surgery for lung cancer. we get the latest from nbc's pete williams. >> reporter: the supreme court says ruth bader ginsburg just finished three weeks of radiation treatment for a tumor on her pancreas. the court says it was detected in early july and she began the treatment august 5th as an outpatient at memorial sloan in new york the court statements says she tolerated the treatment well, the tumor was treated definitively, and there's no evidence of disease elsewhere in her body medical experts say the goal was to completely eliminate the tumor. >> she'll likely have multiple scans and blood tests after the completion of apsee how the thet >> reporter: she had surgemory found three cancerous while she was getting this latest treatment, sh cast backstage at a bray
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"saturday night live" who sometimes plays the justice. ginsburg said she'll stay on the court as long as she's able. >> you have to take it year by year i know i'm okay. i was okay this last term. i expect to be okay next term. and after that, we'll just have to see >> and pete joining us now pete, what do we know about justice ginsburg's condition how's she doing? >> she's 86 now. she cancelled her summer trip to santa fe she has a dozen events on her calendar next month and hasn't cancelled any of them. >> pete williams, thank you. there are new details breaking in the fiery plane crash that nascar legend dale earnhardt and his family survived last week federal investigators zeroing in tonight on the possible cause. we get details from gabe investigators say a mechanical malfunction contributeto the fiery plcr
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and two pilots survived. according to the preliminary report, the right mainlanding gear collapsed in the outboard section contacted the runway shortly after the third touchdown. >> the airplane bounced at least twice before coming down hard on the right main landing gear. >> after the plane came to a stop on the edge of the highway, the ntsb credits the flight crew with evacuating the passengers >> they crashed through the fence and everything >> reporter: in this dramatic video you can see a man get out of the plane first he's handed a small child. other adults and a dog follow. on twitter earnhardt jr. wrote in part we are truly blessed that all on board escaped, later adding he plans to racag gabe gutierrez, nbc news also developing tonight another sight authorities are violenceo chances ing here's nbc's ron allenscol near
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miami, authorities were taking extra precaution after a student was arrested thursday for posting this on a social media site used by gamers. i want to shoot up a school. this is a genuine feeling. i want people to suffer. >> thankfully someone saw this, recognized that it was, you know, disturbing, had an idea of who this individual was and contacted law enforcement. >> court documents say the student told police he did not have any intent in following through. he said he wanted people to feel the pain he felt but the student faces serious felony charges since august 1st, the nation's police have reported 14 incidents of students threatening to carry out mass shootings at schools, each one resulting in an arrest a 16-year-old girl was arrested for sending a text to her group chat threatening this catholic school police say she told them she sent it from her sister's phone upset that it was constantly going off. she now faces felony charges
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police say they have no tolerance from threats even from those who say they didn't mean it like the 15-year-old in fresno who posted pictures of guns with a message don't come to school tomorrow >> unfortunately she has potentially ruined her future as a result of this incident in making this threat >> reporter: now with a nation on edge, any threat to a school could lead to years in prison. ron allen, nbc news. next tonight that alarming headline about ecigarettes health officials are reporting what may be the first death linked to vaping and the cdc warning tonight that cases of lung disease are rising among people who vape. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the latest >> reporter: tonight the possible connection between a mystery illness and vaping taking a deadly turn >> unfortunately yesterday we received a report of a death in an adult in someone who was
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hospitalized with severe respiratory illness. >> reporter: the cdc is on the ground in illinois as the number of people hospitalized has doubled in the past week 193 cases are now being investigated in 22 states, mostly in teens and young adults the symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, and fatigue, doctors on alert asking patients if they've been vaping. >> not sure if it's a compound, a contaminate, nicotine, thc, nobody really knows. >> reporter: according to the cdc many patients but not all have acknowledged recent use of products with thc, the active ingredient in marijuana which vaping advocates say is the real problem. shawn bills is in a medically induced coma in utah his wife has turned over his vaping paraphernalia to the department to find a link in an increasingly dire search to find answers and prevent more deaths. let's turn to the story getting a lot of attention overseas, fires raging in the amazon, outrage spreading around the globe as leaders and activists are demanding immediate action to save the jungle responsible for much of the world's oxygen
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nbc's kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: tonight with the amazon burning, the political heat on president bolsonaro getting hotter at home and around the world protests in canada, france, germany, england -- >> i'm pretty sad. >> reporter: -- that demand bolsonaro stop those setting the fires. >> if the amazon reaches a level of destruction there will be no in >> that's your fear. >> yes completely >> reporter: the amazon often called earth's lungs because the dense jungle is responsible for 20to clear the ri s aide groups stirring up bolsonaro blaming the fires on controversy.
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tonight a fire storm of rhetoric, what's lost will be lost forever kerry sanders, nbc news, miami late today two american special forces soldiers killed in afghanistan made their final journey home master sergeant lewis figueroa of chick pea, massachusetts and jose gonzalez of california were returned in a dignified transfer at dover air force base in delaware both were killed in combat on wednesday.or john mccain this weekend marks one year since mccain's death his widow, cindy mccain, sat down with our andrea mitchell for a candid conversation about his legacy and how he might have felt about washington today. >> how are you doing >> i'm doing okay. my job this year has been to make sure my kids are okay they're all at various stages of
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this process, but doing very well and, you know, i'm not without my weak moments. i miss him terribly. he also wouldn't want me to sit around and mope. certainly there are days i would like to have a good cry but i just pick up and keep going. >> reporter: john mccain lost his battle with brain cancer a year ago surrounded by family on their ranch listening to frank sinatra's "my way. mccain who liked nothing better than a good fight but still invited both men who defeated him to the white house to speak at his funeral >> what a better way to get a final laugh than make george and i say nice things about him to a national audience. >> reporter: barely a year earlier mccain's vote to save obamacare infuriated president trump who has been criticizing him ever since, the white house even ordering the ships named for his family to be hidden from a trip to japan. >> john warned me don't listen to any of it, and i don't.
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>> reporter: despite being tortured as a pow in vietnam, mccain decades later helping bill clinton normalize relations with hanoi >> that is one of the incredibly honorable things he ever did, to come from a country that had tortured him and beaten him and see beyond that and understand the two countries it was time to yield. >> reporter: he fought to get money out of politics and in immigration reform >> what do you think john mccain would think about separating children and indefinitely detaining families and denying asylum to refugees >> he would be very angry about that >> reporter: and the gridlock in washington >> he would be frustrated. and very angry about it. we not only have to work together, we have to be civil to each other we have to be decent >> reporter: sidney mccain calling for people to do just that, perform acts of civility this weekend and post on social media. >> it's not only going to be the anniversary of his passing, but it's going to be his birthday
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next week. >> yeah. he would have been 83. we're going to have some fun because that's what he would have wanted. >> you've got a new grandbaby coming >> any second. any second i'm secretly hoping the baby is born on his birthday >> reporter: remembering a family man, a political maverick, and american patriot. billionaire conservative activist david koch died today he was 79 years old. david along with his brother charles used koch industries hoping to build a massive network of donors. he is survived by his wife and three children there's much more ahead tonight including stealing from the stars, the real estate agent of heists at hollywood homes. and the american investment banker accused of killing a hotel worker in paradise, the eyewitness speaking out for the first time could your best friend be the key to a healthier life? stay with us
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next tonight a hollywood
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realtors bail was set at $2 million after he accused of plotting to rob celebrities from everything from high end art to hand bags. miguel almaguer reports on the hollywood heist. >> reporter: the victims lived in some of the wealthiest communities in the country, amge >> reporter: at his arraignment today, los angeles prosecutors say beverly hills realtor jason identified his targets during open houses, conspiring with benjamin ackerman to rob homes of jewelry, electronics, and clothes worth millions both men face 50 counts including burglary, money laundering and identity theft. they've pleaded not guilty
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>> is this prosecution driven by facts or publicity not only is mr. ackerman presumed to be innocent, he is actually innocent. >> tonight the realtor and his alleged accomplice accused of stealing from the rich and famous, a hollywood plot making true reality tv. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. up next, what happened in the deadly struggle involving an american tourist in paradise the witness speaking out.
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now to the high profile case of a connecticut father facingi speaking out to nbc's morgan chesky >> reporter: it's the video capturing kenny mitchel is happier timeshs,akn clark. >> you're hearing one side of the story, not the other >> reporter: clark mitchell's coworker saying he was the first to run to his room clark says he walked into the room and saw mitchell pinned to the ground struggling to breathe.
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>> mr. hapgood's left forearm was across kenny's neck/chin area this way and mr. happenwood held kenny's right hand across his body like this >> reporter: auth >> someday i will be able to tell the real story in a legal setting. the sooner the day comes the better >> reporter: if he is convics s know the punishment. he's due back in court here september 9th. when we come back why puppy love may be what the doctor ordered.
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finally tonight they are loving and loyal and now a new study reveals that having a dog also makes us healthier.hy >> reporter: for eons faces like these have been pulling on our heart strings in all the right ways tonight a new study is linking owning a dog to better heart
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health, not a surprise at the madison square dog park in manhattan. >> he always keeps me active >> reporter: the mayo clinic study taking a look m i would and their dogs, it's not just watching netflix every night >> reporter: for so many owners about the boost that comes from taking them out for a walk it's that bond of love and affection that keeps us from getting lonely >> the day to day grind can get stressful and dogs are unconditional love >> reporter: making our hearts happy and even healthy one pup at a time. good dog gadi schwartz, nbc news new york >> i didn't get a lot done today, but i feel healthy. how about that that's "nightly news" for this friday i'm lester holt. from all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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