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tv   Today  NBC  August 27, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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hangs on the wall. >> we're jumping on facebook live right now. follow me lore rahgarcianbc. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. have a good morning. on alert tropical storm dorian roars into the caribbean overnight. a hurricane watch now posted for puerto rico. the southeast set to be impacted what does the storm have in store for millions of americans this holiday weekend al is here with the answers. landmark verdict johnson & johnson ordered to pay more than a half billion dollars after an oklahoma judge holds them responsible for the state's massive opioid crisis. ahead, how the bombshell ruling could shape the future of cases against drug companies coast to coast. overnight, chaos in dayton
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[ sirens ] a suspect steals a police cruiser, setting off a dangerous chase that ends in a deadly crash at least two children killed, ten other people injured we'll have the very latest those stories, plus, white house return president trump arrives home overnight from the g7 summit to new questions on iran, north korea, and his trade war with china. day in court actress lori loughlin and her husband set to face a judge in the college admissions scandal we're there live. and taylor made. ♪ you need to calm down >> taylor swift shines at the vmas during a show packed with powerhouse performances. the must-see moments on stage and on the red carpet today, tuesday, august 27th, 2019
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza welcome to today thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm peter alexander alongside kristen welker savannah and craig have the day off. the white house not on staff today, but we thought we'd take a road trip. how about last night, though taylor swift. >> how about last night. >> she was and there was this great moment in addition to her performance when john travolta seemed to get a little bit confused, started to hand out her award to the wrong person. i don't think anything could have overshadowed her night, though twitter did go wild. >> he could have accidentally given it to rupaul, he didn't do that, so it worked out okay at the end of the day. our top story is tropical storm dorian and what could lie ahead for the caribbean, the southern u.s. and the labor day weekend. al is back this morning. al, welcome back
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you have the very latest good morning. >> good morning, guys, and thank you for getting your first national weather from us here's the latest from the national hurricane center. dorian's 30 miles southeast of st. lucia. it's moving west, northwest at 13 miles per hour. we have tropical storm watches, tropical storm warnings and parts of the dominican republic under a hurricane watch. here's what we see as far as the path of the storm. by wednesday afternoon it's just to the south of puerto rico. continues its trek cross hispaniola, makes its way into the bahamas by friday and saturday and by sunday morning it's off the southeast coast of florida. if the path brings it across the dominican republic and haiti, that could make it interact with those mountains there and we could start to see some weakening. if it stays out over the ocean, maintains its strength, then we could see this start to strengthen and maybe become a hurricane. right now it's forecast to stay a tropical storm, but we have to watch it the highest winds from southern and western puerto rico.
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you can see those tropical force winds hit east of miami and as far as precipitation is concerned, we're looking at very wet weather, six inches or more over the puerto rican high terrain, mudslides, rapid rises on the rivers. heavy rain making its way into the southeast, so it looks like florida and the southeast at best is going to see a very wet, windy weekend going into labor day. guys >> all right, al, thank you very much we'll get the rest of your forecast just ahead. just indeed, but now to that landmark ruling tied to the nation's opioid epidemic a judge in oklahoma has found johnson & johnson responsible for fueling that state's drug crisis nbc's senior national correspondent kate snow has covered the opioid ep temidemic extensively. >> with more than 2,000 lawsuits currently pending against opioid drug makers and distributors this was a case that was watched very closely because now it could shape future rulings >> thank you, please have a seat.
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>> reporter: this morning a landmark judgment, an oklahoma judge ruling johnson & johnson is responsible for helping fuel the opioid epidemic. >> defendants caused an opioid crisis that is evidenced by increased rates of addiction, overdose deaths and neonatal zom in oklahoma. >> reporter: it's less than the 17 billion prosecutors had asked for, but for grieving father craig bachs who testified at the trial, it's still a victory he hopes sends a strong message. >> they knew the addictive qualities of the opioids and were banking on that unfortunately for profit. >> he was blind sided when his son austin died of an overdose prosecutors argued that j and j aggressively marketed opioids to doctors while down playing the risks. >> we have proven that johnson & johnson built its billion
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dollars brand out of greed and on the backs of pain and suffering of innocent people >> reporter: johnson & johnson argued it manufactured a tiny percentage of prescription opioids and called the ruling flawed the company says it will appeal. >> the decision is fundamentally unfair in that it finds johnson & johnson responsible for the entirety of the opioid abuse crisis. >> reporter: oklahoma initially sued three drug companies, but johnson & johnson was the only one to go to trial purdue pharma which makes oxycontin and teva settled out of the court and denied any wrongdoing for parents like tanya ratcliffe who has fostered and adopted children from people with substance abuse issues this ruling is a huge win. >> healing begins and hopefully, you know, addiction can be conquered and will be conquered. >> so kate, as you have shown, the opioid epidemic is something that has impacted families all across the country. >> huge.
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>> a lot of people want to know, how does this impact the lawsuits that are still pending? >> right as i said, there's like 2,000 of them there's speculation that now this may prompt some pharmaceutical companies to settle ahead of those suits and not go to trial. all the many cities and towns and jurisdictions have actually lumped their suits together into one giant case that's moving forward in october in cleveland, ohio meantime, 48 states also have actions against pharmaceutical makers >> wow. >> so it's complicated legally how it's all going to proceed. we don't know, and will there be settlements. >> to be clear, 570 million plus dollars, that's a lot of money is it likely that ever gets paid out and to whom? >> yes, i think it will. the judge basically said i'm not going to give 17 billion that would have been for like 20 years of treatment and prevention instead a year's worth of treatment and prevention is what that money is supposed to go toward >> we'll continue to track it. kate, thank you for that. now to that chaotic scene in
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dayton, ohio, overnight, reports of at least two children killed, ten other people injured after a suspect stole a police cruiser and crashed near a library nbc's ron mott has more on this. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hi peter. good morning to you. police are investigating a frightening trail of circumstances in this case that started with a stabbing. the suspect then allegedly stole a police car, eventually leading to a deadly multicar crash all this just weeks after dayton was rocked by a mass shooting. authorities there now dealing with yet another tragedy police say the incident began when a suspect stabbed a woman inside a home. soon after, police in riverside, about four miles northeast of dayton, received a 911 call of a car accident involving a single vehicle that crashed into a tree. >> the driver of that vehicle had exited the vehicle and was somewhere on foot. >> reporter: police say that man, the same suspect involved in the stabbing, then entered a police car that riearrived on te scene of the crash and stole it. >> about that time, the officer began looking for that
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individual, and at some point, the suspect entered a riverside police cruiser and fled the scene from that location >> reporter: before driving into downtown dayton at a high rate of speed. >> he just ran into me car's out of service he stole the car. >> reporter: shortly after the suspect causing a multiple vehicle crash. >> we've got two vehicles, we've got pretty substantial injuries, so multiple medics, dispatchers, if you can. >> this is a tragic incident that occurred in a very short time frame there were at least seven children removed from the scene >> reporter: this incident comes just weeks after a mass shooting that left nine dead in dayton, while hundreds of residents still trying to recover from a devastating tornado back on memorial day, the city throwing a block party over the weekend by comedian dave chappelle celebrating the city that has already seen so much tragedy homicide and crash reconstruction teams are on the scene there. the suspect was also transported
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to the hospital. he is said to be talking with investigators. >> people in dayton already going through so much right now. president trump returned to the white house overnight after wrapping up what he described as a successful g7 summit with fellow world leaders we have reports on that and some interesting new poll numbers in the race for the white house, and we start now with nbc's geoff bennett at the white house. good morning, geoff. >> reporter: good morning. president trump returns home from the g7 summit on an optimistic note saying he's open to possible nuclear talks with iran and signaling a breakthrough in the trade war with china the president is trying to put a positive spin on a number of stalled foreign policy issues that have isolated him from other world leaders. president trump returning to the white house monday night after attending the gathering of world leaders at the g7 summit in the south of france. mr. trump wrapping up his trip with a joint news conference alongside the summit's host french president emmanuel macr
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the president in a mood to make a deal signaling that trade talks with china are back on. >> we were called, and we're going to start very shortly to negotiate. we'll see what happens, buttic we're going to make a deal. >> reporter: a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson now saying he's not aware of any phone calls with the president, but it's yet another shift in tone for mr. trump now praising china's president as a great leader just days after slamming him as an enemy. >> sorry it's the way i negotiate. >> reporter: the president also sounding hopeful about the prospect of a new nuclear deal with iran saying he'd be open to a meeting with iran's president. >> if the circumstances were correct or right, i would certainly agree to that. i have very good feelings about it i think that we're going to do something. it may not be immediate. >> reporter: and the president continuing to make nice with russia, raising the issue of readmitting russia to the fwrgr
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of seven in the summit. >> inside the room is better than having them outside the room. >> reporter: while falsely attacking his predecessor. >> he was outsmarted by putin. he was outsmarted. president putin outsmarted president obama. >> reporter: t >> reporter: the group's other members have balked at welcoming back russia when it was kicked out after it invaded crimea. president trump turned salesman in chief when pressed by hallie jackson over whether he'll hold it at his private resort in doral, florida. >> doral happens to be within miami, it's a city it's a wonderful place it's a very, very successful area of florida. >> so geoff, in that press conference, the president also talked about climate change, a big issue for those other world leaders after skipping a meeting on the subject what more can you tell us about that >> reporter: that's right, the president in that press conference insisted he was a environmentalist even as he talked up his administration's
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support for fossil fuels, he minimized the threat of climate change and telling reporters he didn't want to waste money investing in what he called dreams >> continues to be a hot button topic. thank you for that report. now to the race for the white house and a new poll that suggests the battle between democrats could be tightening. this morning joe biden's campaign is taking issue with those numbers. n nbc's andrea mitchell has that story. good morning. >> good morning, peter, indeed they are pushing back, and a new poll now out overnight, an even newer poll gives them reason to think joe biden may still be out front. another new national poll has joe biden losing his front runner status for the first time in a virtual three-way tie with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren the question today, is it an outlier or the fwing beginning a trend?
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>> reporter: today potential trouble for the man who has made electability -- the poll showing bernie sanders and elizabeth warren tied and joe biden a point behind the results show growth for both sanders and warren and a significant drop for the former vice president, todown 13 points since june in the same poll. most striking in this poll, biden is only two points ahead of sanders with conservative to moderate voters and tied with andrew yang at only 6% with young voters only last week biden started advertising his lead in the polls. >> we have to beat donald trump, and all the polls agree joe p d biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. >> reporter: and pointing to them on the trail. a risky strategy since polls go up and can come down today the biden team is pushing back hard, arguing the size of those sampled in the monmouth poll is small, only 300 people, and the margin of error big, 5.7% also a majority of national polls has biden beating
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president trump by the largest margin in head to head matchups. perhaps most telling, this poll was taken more than a week ago just after a flurry of news stories about several biden gaffes including this one. >> we have this notion that somehow if you're poor you cannot do it poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids, wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids in recent days, biden was quick to point out it is still early. >> this is just starting, this is a marathon. >> reporter: the poll is welcome news for elizabeth warren who spoke to a record crowd over the weekend in washington state. >> hello, seattle! >> reporter: and bernie sanders in pennsylvania monday >> i see my job as president of the united states to stand with the working class of this country. >> the weekly morning consult
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poll out joefr nigovernight has ahead with 33% with sanders at 20% and warren at is 15 biden is unveiling a new ad, with his personal story his family's suffering with the loss of their son to brain cancer. >> still a long way to go, andrea thank you very much. there is a lot more to get to, including the latest on the jeffrey epstein scandal. today multiple women are expected to appear in federal court to tell their stories. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with more on that. >> good morning. nice to see you guys the federal judge in this case made the unorthodox decision not to drop criminal proceedings against jeffrey epstein even though he took his own life. this morning that judge is opening the courtroom doors for victims to tell their stories. some we have likely not heard from before. >> reporter: this morning an unprecedented hearing in lower manhattan. jeffrey epstein took his own life and won't face a trial, but h his accusers are still getting their day in court the federal judge issuing an
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open invitation to any victims and their lawyers wishing to make statements writing, the public may still have informational interest in the process. some have already come forward publicly in a new interview with the "new york times," annie farmer says epstein lured her to his new mexico ranch when she was 16 one morning she says she woke up and he was next to her in bed. >> he is kind of like spooning me, you know, he's touching -- he touches me, but i think i was freaked out, and i was trying to think of like an excuse to get myself out of that situation as quickly as possible. >> jennifer orose told savannah epstein raped her when she was 15. >> yeah, no, he raped me, forcefully raped me. knew exactly what he was doing and i don't think cared. >> reporter: many of the accusers who have come forward tell similar stories of being recruited as teenagers to provide massages for epstein or work in his homes.
7:18 am
that work quickly turned sexual. the recent criminal charges were a chance for the dozens of accusers to finally hold epstein accountable after he was given a controversial plea agreement in 2008, avoiding serious federal charges. while epstein's death has denied his accusers justice in a criminal courtroom, civil lawsuits attempting to collect dan da d damages are still on the table, and the question remains whether any members of his inner circle could face charges if they knew about his crimes or helped recruit his alleged victims. attorney brad edwards who has represented many of epstein's accusers for more than a decade, says that this morning's hearing has great significance telling nbc news, while it does not provide complete closure, it slolidifies the facts that victims are an integral part of the process. each victim was given a choice,
7:19 am
which is how it should always be. >> u although we don't have an exact idea of how many accusers will come forward, multiple. this is reminiscent of the hearing for larry nassar, where we saw dozens of women come in to tell their stories. >> busy and emotional day. >> for sure. >> steph, thank you. let's turn to the biggest names in tennis back in action with the u.s. open getting underway yesterday here in new york the marquee match of the night, two former champions, serena williams and maria sharapova facing off at archer ash stadium. these two have had their battles in the past. in one was all serena. novak djokovic won his first round match, he overcame a slow start to beat india's summit nagel in four sets. and coco gauff plays today ooich nev
7:20 am
i've never been to the open. i'm thinking of buying some tickets. >> it's something you've got to do >> it's a beautiful night. >> let's take a look and see what the rest of the country is looking like today we've got strong storms firing up from texas into the lower mississippi river valley, heavy rain making its way through the ohio river valley as well. record highs in the pacific northwest. heat warnings through the southwest. we're going to look at those more in detail in the next half hour in the meantime, we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. or how about one with virus protection built in? which.... would be helpful.... right... about... now.... yeah, if you want all that, switch to chromebook. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san jose as the sun comes up. we have cool conditions to start out today. it's going to be another hot one
7:21 am
and higher humidity, too. we're in the upper 90s in the inland east bay, up to 101 in the north bay and ukiah. our inland temperatures once again in the 90s with some higher humidity, but into the week it will start to feel a little bit better. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you for that. >> >> that's your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you for that. coming up, lori loughlin and her husband set to face a judge today amid new developments in the massive college cheating scandal. we're there live with the very latest. plus, we're going to take you inside a wild night. the mtv music video awards is always fun carson breaks down the winners, the
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just ahead, too many students, not enough beds. the dorm room dilem just ahead, too many
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(baby laughing) ♪ pampers is here to help every parent love the changes a baby brings. ♪ good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. r lawmakers are one step closer to allowing medical marijuana in california public schools. it will allow students to receive marijuana in non-smoking form from their parents. right now students who need it must go off campus for the medication. those who oppose the idea say laws in their current form are not strong enough when it comes to children. governor brown last year vetoed a similar measure. right now let's look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking it all. >> we start out with a beautiful sunrise. a live look over san francisco,
7:27 am
the fog rolling over the city and a cool start to the day. 71 degrees in san jose, 92, it will be hot once again and a little bit more humid, that's going to make it feel hotter, reaching into the low 90s today. upper 80s tomorrow, the humidity continues but drier air on thursday into friday. those will be the most comfortable days of the week before we reach back into the low 90s this weekend. san francisco going to continue to see the fog rolling by and highs in the low 70s. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> san jose focused around 87 and once again three crashes happened there this morning, still may be affecting one lane. we have a slow drive across the dumbarton bridge as well. folks trying to avoid the san mateo bridge with the crash clearing, there is a live look at traffic, flowing smoother.
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we have a disabled vehicle also cleared and the bay bridge is cleared. >> we'll have more local news for you in 30 minutes.
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♪ ♪ you need to just stop ♪ you need to just stop ♪ can you just not ♪ step on this gown we are back at 7:30 with that colorful opening to the mtv video music awards, courtesy of who else, taylor swift the superstar was the night's big winner, not surprisingly carson will join us in a bit with all the highlights. she always puts on a show. >> puts on a big show. lots of highlights and, of course, the outfits. it is not just the music but the
7:31 am
amazing outfits. we'll get to that. first, let's get a check of today's headlines. puerto rico is now under a hurricane watch as tropical storm dorian inches closer that storm should pass just south of the island sometime tomorrow, packing winds of 70 miles per hour expecting 2 to 6 inches of rain in parts dorian appears to be heading for the atlantic coast al is tracking the storm, and he'll be back in a few minutes with the latest. >> 19 states sued the trump administration on monday to block a proposed rollback of child immigrant protections. the new rule seeks to scrap a 1997 agreement that puts a 20-day limit on how long children can bedetention a judge has to okay it to end the agreement. a legal battle is expected from the case's original lawyers. now to heart stopping video from jooverseas that shows a bridge collapse while people were crossing it
7:32 am
it happened monday in turkey watch as the bridge gives way, just terrifying, taking pedestrians and an suv with it officials say several days of torrential rains are to blame. two people suffered minor injuries in that collapse. and there's a new twist this morning in that massive college admissions scandal we've been following for months now. actress lori loughlin and her husband are set to appear in a boston courtroom for a hearing related to the charges against them nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is there good morning >> reporter: good morning. this is the first time in months that lori loughlin and her husband have been in federal court. back in april they both pleaded not guilty to several felony counts today's hearing is set up to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. it is a clear signal this case is headed towards trial. >> lori, lori, pay for my tuition! >> reporter: when actress lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband returned to court today they're expected to acknowledge and waive any potential conflicts of interest
7:33 am
in their case. moving towards trial with a shared legal team, the parents are presenting a united front as both face years of prison time if convicted while loughlin has not spoken publicly since her indictment, the actress has been photographed near her los angeles home, charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, the hollywood couple is accused of paying half a million dollars to get their two children into usc through a side door >> i can't believe you just did that that's savage. >> reporter: after months of laying low on social media, daughter and influencer olivia jade recently posted birthday wishes to her mom on instagram, along with this photo directed at media outlets who have been covering the cheating scandal. >> are you sorry for what you did, sir >> reporter: with 34 parents charged, nearly half have pleaded fwlplea pleaded guilty
7:34 am
the only defendant sentenced is john vandmor who got one day in jail time served probation and a fine after pleading guilty to taking bribes and allowing privileged students into stanford as unqualified athletic recruits. >> i have taken responsibility for my actions. >> reporter: parents who have entered guilty pleas including felicity huffman are scheduled to be sentenced over the next two months >> what do you mean i can't let go >> reporter: the oscar nominee who appears in the new netflix film "otherhood" pleaded guilty in may for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tearfully apologized in court, but as huffman's real life drama may be entering its final act, another hollywood star appears ready for a fight. in pleading not guilty, loughlin and her husband turned down a plea deal that would have recommended reduced prison time. that is clearly something they are trying to avoid. as for huffman, prosecutors recommend she spend four to ten months behind bars
7:35 am
she too is looking to avoid nigh time in prison guys, back to you. >> miguel, thank you for that. nbc news legal analyst danny cevallos is here with more on what we can expect today let's just put today into perspective. prosecutors have basically called this court hearing because they say there may be a conflict of interest in this case with the legal representation, but doesn't lori loughlin get to pick her own attorneys? what's the issue here? >> exactly that's the sixth amendment to the constitution that she can choose her own attorneys and even joint representation where two co-defendants use the same law firm is not precheweluded. it may seem disingenuous that the prosecution even cares about a conflict with these two defendants they're not really interested in their wellbeing. what they're really concerned about, the government, is that later on if these two are convicted, they may come back to an appeals court and say hey, wait a minute, we had no idea there was this conflict that our firm would have adverse interests against us
7:36 am
court please vacate our conviction and set us free >> so to be clear they're in the pretrial phase right now we heard from miguel about what the prosecution's looking for. what if convicted, what is it likely they could face in a case like this? >> multiple years, and you notice early on in this case, they were given the option essentially to plead guilty and some defendants did that, and they received very light sentences. soon after lori loughlin and her husband elected to go to trial, the government amended and added new charges against them, which is prosecution 101 for the government they give you an opportunity to plead guilty early and possibly cooperate. if you don't, they're going to back up the dump truck and hit you with everything. >> is there still enough time for a plea deal if they change their minds? >> the government's always interested in a plea deal. the real question is whether or not it's a deal that will be appetizing to these defendants the government will always let a defendant plead to the indictment a defendant doesn't want to do that
7:37 am
they want to get a deal the way trump might describe it. they want to get a deal, something better than what they're charged with, and that's what some of the defendants did early on in this case by pleading early. >> a lot of people watching this case danny is a va lose thank you. besides dorian we've got tropical depression six off the southeast coast. it's 295 miles southeast of cape hatter hatteras mostly it's going to cause a rip current risk along the southeastern atlantic coast. as we look out west, 32 million people are under heat advisories from the pacific northwest down into texas we could see records in portland, phoenix and albuquerque, and we're going to be looking at warm weather, temperatures on wednesday almost 20 degrees above average for portland, 14 in medford, and in the latter part of the week, temperatures good morning.
7:38 am
we're starting out with sunshine right now for san jose and some low 60s as we get this thing started. even though it feels nice now, we are going to have temperatures quickly heating up reaching the low 90s and when you factor in the higher humidity, it's going to be uncomfortable this afternoon, reaching into the upper 90s in the inland east bay, even up to 101 degrees in the valleys in the north bay. and as we go into tomorrow, it's still humid with upper 80s and then still some lower humidity by the end of the week. lat and that's your latest weather. the huge >> that's your latest weather. peter? >> al, thank you very much. coming up right here, the huge incoming classes that have caught some colleges by surprise how they're finding space for all those extra students plus, the dramatic rise in tick borne illnesses in america. we'll talk to a doctor about what is driving it and what your family should look for after spending time outdoors. jfk's granddaughter,
7:39 am
tatiana, joins us on his legacy and the passion projects that drives her. first, the big moments and fashions on the red carpet from the mtv music awards carson has all the highlights, you don't want to miss it. right after this get to kohl's... and take 25% off select adidas for the family! plus - everyone gets kohl's cash! take 25% off adidas apparel... save on adidas shoes... and adidas backpacks are just $41.25. plus - free amazon returns now at all kohl's stores! kohl's. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills.
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7:44 am
the memories, the vmas known for creating iconic moments involving music's biggest stars. they are indeed outrageous, trendy, fun, and certainly ground breaking and last night was no exception ♪ you need to calm down >> last night taylor swift kicked off the vmas with a bang. making a bold performanstatemene performance of her hit, "you need to come down" and calling out the trump administrations for not acknowledging her equality act petition for lgbtq rights. >> it now has half a million signatures, which is five times the amount that it would need to warrant a response from the white house. the diversity theme continued. ♪ >> honoring latin artists with multiple performances in spanish, including best latin video winner rosalea ♪ >> reporter: one of the year's breakout stars lizzo delivering
7:45 am
an empowering performance. while chart topper "old town road" combineed countd country for the first time ever, and the always entertaining cardi b winning best hip-hop u video for "money." the highlight of the night, rap icon missy elliott bringing down the house with an unforgettable performance that had the entire arena on their feet. elliott receiving the prestigious video vanguard award. >> i never thought i would be standing up here receiving this award, so it means so much to me >> reporter: as always, the vmas also had many firsts including real life couple shawn mendes and camila cabello performing their duo senorita for the first time live winning for best collaboration miley cyrus in her first appearance since her split
7:46 am
from husband liam hemsworth, performed "slide away" a song rumored to be about their relationship ♪ the jonas brothers also returned to the vmas for the first time since 2008 honoring new jersey by commuting, performing in legendary asbury park and winning their first vma for "sucker". >> thank you, we love you. >> the party finished with a tribute to new jersey's rap groups, including acts like red man, queen latifah and naughty by nature but perhaps the most viral moment of the night belongs to john travolta. >> i shouldn't do this. >> the actor who once famously flubbedbed a name during the s oscars tried to hand taylor swift's award to a look like that appeared in her video. >> there's that. >> you want to mention also
7:47 am
ariana grande was a big winner, and so was billie eilish. both of them were on tour, they couldn't make the show justin timberlake was quoted as saying the most overdue award ever goes to missy elliott i wont say how old she is she was born in 1971 still doing it at the highest of level, and her performance last night just brought the house down and reminded all these youngsters about how to do it, and so that award was long overdue. that was good to see. >> everyone still knows that song by heart, which i love. >> all of them >> i love the latin music awards, nice to see them getting some love on a big time show, outside an award show geared just for latin artists. there's a new idea for a pool float. >> will be sold in stores soon. >> coming up, would you want your college student to live in a hotel? the dilemma facing a lot of schools after an unexpected surge in enrollment, but first these messages
7:48 am
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granddaughter, tatiana just ahead, jfk's granddaughter, tatiana schlossberg. we'll talk to her about what she's doing to carry on the family legacy. also, "snl's" all-star lineup for the new season, including the long-awaited return of eddie murphy first, your local news and weather. the effects of botox® cosmetic may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection-site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins test
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right now at 7:56, and we are starting out with sunshine across the bay area. also nice cool temperatures. you can see the fog rolling across the bay. a nice start to this morning, but it will be another hot day for the inland areas and we'll also have slightly more humidity. we'll reach up to 97 degrees in concord. 100 in clearlake and san francisco 71 degrees, and some low 90s in san jose. still a wide range in temperatures with our inland areas reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. the humidity drops on thursday and friday and by the weekend we're still looking at some low 90s while san francisco pretty steady with our temperatures here, looking at some low 70s with breezy winds and at times some fog rolling by and also the nice weather continuing into the start of next week. let's get an update now from mike. >> kari, we suddenly have a
7:57 am
crash that's become a traffic alert for the san mateo bridge west 92 at the high-rise, one lane blocked by yet another crash, two motorcycles are involved, as well as one possibly two other vehicles, over on the foster city side as you come down the decline in toward the peninsula. westbound 92 jamming up from the toll plaza, the dumbarton bridge also slow so be aware. on the peninsula southbound 280 at woodside there's a crash. two lanes blocked there, that's a problem as you come down the peninsula. the rest of the bay is standard. back to you. >> thanks, mike. san jose is launching a new program to boost affordable housing. it will offer homeowners forgivable loans and waive fees if they lease so-called granny units. nbc bay area this morning getting a sneak peek at the new chase center in san francisco. the first major event takes place september 6th. you can go to our home page right now for a look for
7:58 am
yourself at the state-of-the-art features that includes a taste of the old oracle arena. more news in an hour. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
7:59 am
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xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, watching and waiting. tropical storm dorian it's 8. coming up, watching and waiting. tropical storm dorian gaining strength and heading straight toward the caribbean puerto rico now under a hurricane watch. just how bad could it be for the southeast? al's tracking it all plus, dorm room dilemma. as millions of students head to college, we'll take a look at the creative way universities are housing the overcrowded incoming class. >> i think at the end of the day, it feels just like a regular residence hall experience >> we'll hear from students living that suite life
8:01 am
and live from new york, he's back, eddie murphy set to return to the "saturday night live" stage as host for the first ti in 35 years. we'll have the latest on the comedian's homecoming. today, tuesday, august 27th, 2019 ♪ sticks and stones never broke my bones ♪ >> from bend, oregon, today is my sister's birthday. >> >> from the mini apple. >> to the big apple. >> hi to my dad and brother. >> hi to friends and family. >> in wisconsin. ♪ uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh ♪ you need to calm down >> moving cross country. >> had to stop by "today." >> here from seaport, virginia hi, nana. >> soaking up the last days of summer. >> on the "today" show >> welcome back to "today. good crowd outside on a gorgeous, late-summer day here thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm peter alexander alongside my friend from the white house, kristen welker
8:02 am
a little road trip for the white house team. >> up from d.c., moving it up to new york, not bad at all we're in for savannah, hoda, and craig. on september 3rd, the "today" family will be reunited when hoda returns from maternity leave. i know she's very excited about that, and everyone is excited to have her back. we've missed hoda. >> getting the band back together congratulations to craig's son, del, first day of kindergarten >> yes. we're wishing you good luck. news at 8:00, puerto rico and other caribbean islands are bracing for trouble as tropical storm dorian grows more powerful the storm could impact the southern u.s. this labor day weekend. al is keeping a close eye on this al, what's it look like? >> peter, kristen, we are talking about the latest from the national hurricane center. the 8:00 update. 15 miles west/northwest of saint lucia. 50 miles per hour winds moving northwest at 15. hurricane watches for puerto rico and parts of the dominican republic
8:03 am
it comes to the south of puerto rico sometime wednesday afternoon and then continues across hispaniola, towards the bahamas friday afternoon, and by sunday morning it's off the florida coast. now, if it comes across the dominican republic and haiti, those mountains there could break it up, weaken it if it stays out in the ocean, it maintains its strength or could strengthen a little bit. highest winds for southern and western puerto rico, moderate tropical force winds extend all the way to miami, we'll be watching that. as far as precipitation is concerned, upwards of six inches or more over the puerto rican mountains. we're looking at that rain extending into the southeast and into florida, so at best florida's looking at and the southeast looking at a windy, wet labor day weekend. guys. they're bracing for that, all right, al, thank you a judge in oklahoma has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $572 million in damages for its role in fueling the opioid crisis in that state the case was the first of thousands of opioid suits against drug companies to go to
8:04 am
trial. lawyers for oklahoma argued that johnson & johnson carried out a marketing campaign that minimized the risk of opioid addiction. the state sued to help it pay for addiction treatment and prevention are programs. johns johnson & johnson plans to appeal. weeks after a mass shooting there that killed nine people, police in dayton, ohio, faced another deadly drama last night. [ sirens ] officials say the suspect in a dayton stabbing stole a police cruiser in a nearby town, then struck another cruiser before heading back to dayton that's where police say he hit several cars, killing at least two people and injuring ten others some of them were children the suspect was captured near the dayton library, just a block away from the site of this month's shooting scene. after a failed attempt this weekend, a russian space capsule carrying a humanoid robot docked this morning with the international space station. this mission used a new rocket
8:05 am
that's expected to replace the workhorse rocket next year the robot is the size of an adult. it will spend two weeks testing its skills the capsule also delivered medical supplies and food rations for the crew how about that a robot the size of an adult. there's your news. this morning, we deserve a boost. >> let's do it >> ready to be boosted, as it were go with it trash collector promised a long-time customer, mercy, that he'd bring her a birthday cake if she reached the age of 100. the good news arrived. byrd carried the cake with candles up the path and surprised mercy at her front door ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> strong baritone. >> the pair struck up a friendship when ben would stop and chat for a few minutes before running off to complete his ride happy birthday, mercy. >> indeed. what a great friendship and what a great thing to do, frankly for
8:06 am
anyone who turns 100. >> got a good voice on that guy, too, good pipes. the surge in enrollment creating an interesting challenge on college campuses. we will hear from students coping with unconventional housing solutions with dorm rooms in short supply. first we'll talk all things kennedy, the environment and more with jfk's granddaughter, tatiana schlossberg. that is right after this frustrated that everyday activities cause wrinkles and there's nothing you can do about it? now there's a solution! downy wrinkleguard is a fabric conditioner that helps protect you from wrinkles all day. just pour the dye free liquid into the rinse dispenser. after a day of wear, pants washed with downy wrinkleguard and detergent are virtually wrinkle free. it even comes unscented. if you don't love downy wrinkleguard, we'll give you your money back.
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8:10 am
we're back this morning on oday's talker. an interesting dilemma on we're back on today's talker an interesting dilemma on college campuses. >> some schools are rushing to find space for far more stundent than they expect one of them, virginia tech where they're trying to accommodate 1,000 more students than they'd anticipa anticipated. nbc's tom costello is in virginia with the story. where are they going to put all these students, tom? >> reporter: it's a big challenge. a lot of schools are seeing declining enrollment, but not virginia tech. not some other big-name schools. they have spent the last few months scrambling to find enough beds for everybody >> reporter: the first week of classes at virginia tech, hoda's alma mater they're quick to remind me, and they are packed in like sardines or like hokies. the largest incoming class ever. >> as soon as i knew that i got in. >> yeah, as soon as i saw the acceptance letter come on in,
8:11 am
i'm like august 21st, here i come. >> reporter: daniel and will among the 7,700 new students the university expected just 6,600 to show up forcing it to find places for a thousand more students and fast. >> well, a thousand students is a lot of new students, but what we're committed to at virginia tech is to make sure that we provide the exact same experience that students here are accustomed to having. >> reporter: that's meant squeezing three students into what's typically a double, converting common areas into dorm space, and here's where it gets creative, turning a nearby hotel into a temporary dorm complete with ra's and tutoring sessions. >> it's been pretty good i've been getting in my stips. >> freshman tisha says living the suite life actually has its perks. >> it's been really nice having air-conditioning and we have a bathroom just the three of us share. i have a little more space and a little more privacy. it doesn't feel like a curse, it feels more like a blessing. >> reporter: virginia tech isn't alone.
8:12 am
nationwide 17.5 million college students are enrolled for the fall semester. to cope with the largest freshman class ever, indiana university is leasing off campus apartments the university of kentucky converting study spaces to living areas, florida atlantic university converting a fairfield inn and courtyard marriott to house its students, and arizona state partnering with a local apartment complex back at virginia tech. >> it's been really crowded. the dining halls are definitely super crowded >> reporter: more people may feel more comfortable. >> i enjoy it. i like seeing new faces every day. >> reporter: the class of 2023 is settling in. >> i've been sort of waiting for this moment. soy parents. >> reporter: so virginia tech is actually offered a financial incentive to delay their enrollment by a semester o'r a year, but ultimately the campus wants to have a 30,000 undergraduate campus they're trying to grow
8:13 am
they're building new dorms they say all theultimately thiss into their plan but short-term they're scrambling. >> i'm impressed that everyone has such a good attitude about it the students are like, hey, we're here at college. >> what are you guys doing tonight? hilton garden inn, everybody at my place. >> free breakfast, baby. >> the parents not as excited. we've got carson here a little pop start time. >> demi lovato, the pop star continuing her comeback after a 2018 that was marked with difficulties including that nea fatal overdose many fans are hoping we're going to get new music it looks like she's returning to acting she booked a role in the next will ferrell movie she's going to be joining the cast of "will and grace" playing the role of jenny, a tough guarded woman who comes into will's life in an unexpected way. it airs in 2020. viola davis, the oscar and emmy winner is heading to the white house.
8:14 am
she's going to be playing michelle obama in a new show time series called "first ladies." it's going to go inside the east wing of the white house and reveal how major world events were impacted by past first ladies the first season will focus on michelle obama, eleanor roosevelt and betty ford. "saturday night live" is gearing up for its new season, we've got the host and musical guest lineup for the first part of season 45 it's a good one. woody harrelson will be hosting with musical guest billie eil h eilish october 5th, flee bag starring creator phoebe waller bridge along with taylor swift for musical guest. that's going to be a big one also october 12th sees stranger things star david harbor hosting with ka mila ka baio, and kristen stewart, and on december 21st, eddie murphy making his return to "saturday night live" to host his first time in 35 years. you might be wondering why has it taken him so long he has largely avoided the show
8:15 am
since the '80s later revealing he didn't like some of the jokes made at his expense, famously this one by david spade. >> look, children, it's a falling star make a wish. [ laughter ] >> yeah, yes, that's right. >> who knows, maybe we could see murphy and spade bury the hatchet. a lot of eyes are going to be on eddie murphy. >> if only there was anything to talk about these days for snl. how many saturday nights -- >> please come on the air. >> the line is going to be around the block for that one. >> that's going to be a big one. they've got great lineups. finally we need to bring in some props for this one. bring in the flaming hot cheetos. thank you very much. you might be wondering why do we have this nutritious breakfast snack this morning it's because eva longoria is going to be directing a movie that tells the true story of richard montanez, the man who invented these flaming hot cheetos. it's her first time directing a feature film
8:16 am
why are you making a movie, how are you making a movie about flaming hot cheetos? montanez was a janitor at frito ole when he came up with this idea he went to the ceo, pitched the idea, and he went on to be an executive at pepsi co. a true success story and now it's going to be a movie. >> look at these cheetos. >> go ahead. >> i'm going to do it. >> ooh a little after bite. yeah. >> that was the last time we ever saw her [ laughter ] >> wow all right, carson, i'll recover for this, and you've got the daly click >> it's from a wedding, and it shows us what we think is perhaps the moment a relationship ended catches the bouquet. >> ooh [ applause ] >> yeah. the girlfriend, her partner catches the bouquet. no, maybe not.
8:17 am
he doesn't seem too thrilled he's a little hesitant there we do have it after doing a little nbc news research. >> you got some explaining to do. >> they are still together didn't actually end the relationship. >> can i borrow that phone real quick? >> he's just checking to see if he has enough for that ring. >> she didn't just catch it, did she? >> my mouth is still on fire, by the way. >> cool it off with nice orange juice. >> so are the temperatures we've got heat talking, sfe especially heat warnings in california into the pacific northwest, strong storms firing up as this cold front pushes through bringing cooler air to the midwest. heavy showers and thunderstorms i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in san francisco. you can see the sunshine there as our temperatures head into the low 70s. we'll see a high of 92 degrees in san jose. and 98 degrees in antioch. napa today reaching 92 but will also feel a little more humid with a few more clouds passing by.
8:18 am
expect more of the same tomorrow. still warm in the valleys. drier air returns on thursday and friday. those will be the nicest days of the week. don't forget. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. "today" show don't forget, if you're heading out the door, take us with you "today" show sirius xm channel 108. guys. all right, al, thank you now to the kennedy family and their long history of public service. >> in a moment, we're going to talk to jfk's granddaughter, tatiana schlossberg, she has authored a new book that explores the role we all play in climate change first, a closer look at tatiana na's story. >> her name may not be known by many, but her family's legacy is a part of u.s. history the granddaughter of president john f. kennedy and daughter of former u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy schlossberg. tatiana grew up primarily out of the public eye along with her older sister rose and younger brother jack
8:19 am
last month the family marked the 20th anniversary of her uncle john f. kennedy jr.'s death. now 29, tatiana is making her own mark following in the foot steps of her cousin bobby kennedy jr., a long-time environmental activist and attorney she's the author of a brand new book, "inconspicuous consumption" a call to action in the fight against climate change the journalist has been covering the environment since graduating from yale university and then oxford, most recently as a science writer at the "new york times. as for her personal life, tatiana is set to celebrate her second anniversary with college sweetheart george moran next month. the couple wed in martha's vineyard in 2017, a kennedy family affair in the backyard of her grandmother, jackie kennedy's beloved summer home. tatiana schlossberg is with us now, again, her new book is called "inconspicuous consumption" good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> thanks for being here. >> your grandfather, of course, president john f. kennedy had a lifetime of service.
8:20 am
your family's been involved as public servants and members of this chuommunity in making a difference for so long did you feel a responsibility to have a cause, and is the environment that cause for you >> well, i -- i'm a journalist so i -- like you guys, and you know, i'm very proud of my family's political legacy, but i'm also very proud to come from a family of writers because my grandfather was an amazing speech writer but also wrote books, and my grandmother was an editor, and both of my parents are writers as well. i feel very proud to be, you know, serving in tt way, and i'm very proud to be a member of the press. >> we're happy to have you. >> yeah. we know that the environment has been a big focus for your family, your cousin bobby kennedy jr. for example has been very focused on it to what extent did that influence your interest as a journalist and to work on this project? >> i think climate change is, you know, the biggest story in the world, and it's a story about everything it's about, you know, science and nature, but it's also about politics and health and business and so you know, to me looking
8:21 am
at this as a journalist, it felt like a really important story to tell, and if i could, you know, help communicate about it that might inspire other people to get involved and work on the issue. >> this can be a heavy topic for a lot of people. you pack a lot of information into this book it's also pretty relatable the way you write it here. we're going to help people understand some of the lessons they can take away from this some of them relate to the things you do your day-to-day to life, like the purchase of flowers. it's not that you shldn't give flowers to others but you should know where they come from. why is that so important >> roses or a lot of flowers in america come to us from columbia, and we import about 4 billion flowers a year from columbia, and you know, it uses -- most of them are flown here on an airplane. it uses a tremendous amount of fuel to get them here and results in the emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, and so you know, when i wrote about that, i wanted to use that as an example of how much global trade is
8:22 am
happening on airplanes, and you know, it's very easy for all of us to go to the corner store or walmart and buy roses for valentine's day, but we don't necessarily think about, you know, what it took to bring them to us and how all of these different global systems and consumption and pollution are involved in just our everyday actions. >> you're not saying don't buy roses. >> no. >> you're just saying be thoughtful about it, where they come from. >> yeah. >> and you also talk about beef. you say you eat a lot less red meat we reached out to the national cattlemen's beef association for comment. they make the case that, look, u.s. raised beef should be considered separate because of sustainable steps they say the industry has taken to lower green house gas emissions. how do you respond to that, and what is the key message here as it relates to beef >> so i think, you know, there's the emissions that are associated with raising livestock, but what i wrote about in my book is that there's a lot that goes into producing beef and other livestock that we may not think about. you know, in the u.s. about
8:23 am
two-thirds of crop calories are spent not feeding people they're spent feeding animals. that uses a lot of energy to produce the fertilizer and harvest the trocrops and proces them into feed we have to think about these systems as bigger than just, you know, the beef, and so fertilizer can cause -- what i wrote about in the book was how it erelates to rural drinking water pollution or the dead zone in the gulf of mexico. i think we have to think more, you know, it's not just about greenhouse gas emissions it's sort of all of these environmental impacts and how they all fit together. >> how have you changed some of your habits? what do you do differently that other people should try to replica replicate? >> first of all, this is not a problem that can be solved by individual behavior. it can be by things like voting and holding companies actable and talking about climate change with our friends and family. for me personally i do eat less red meat, but i love ice cream, so i'm very conflicted, but if i
8:24 am
have to fly, i offset it i try not to order things online just because of -- or if i do, then i don't do two-day shipping all of these things have tradeoffs. it's so hard to figure out what is the right thing to do. >> has your family made changes too? as you say your family is a very service-minded family, and have they read your book, and said you know what? we need to make some changes too. >> yes, they have all read my book, and they love it, but -- >> thanks mom. >> but i think, you know, they are -- i think what the book is really trying to do is talk about how this is really a collective issue, and it's not, you know, yes, there are things that all of us can do, but it's not about feeling individually guilty, it's about feeling collectively responsible, and i think they have really responded to that call to action about voting and about being engaged with the issue, and that's the most powerful -- >> there's so many americans thinking about your family, obviously your cousin saoirse who passed away this summer. just want to get a sense of how you and your family are doing.
8:25 am
>> thank you, that's so nice it was very sad, and she was a wonderful person, and you know, i think for -- especially for her -- for her close family, veryvery difficult and very sad for all of us so thank you. >> and you guys were so close and your brother jack is here supporting you >> yes. >> and of course when he was here, we had a chance to interview him a little while ago. we asked him about his future, what he saw. >> we're putting you on the spot. >> same question to you. >> what a surprise. >> any interest in dipping your toe into politics? you obviously talk about a lot of issues in this book. >> yeah, you know, i think it's important for everyone to serve in the way that you know, suits their strengths and i'm a writer, and so, you know, hopefully i can get people interested in this issue and engaged in that way. i will stick to journalism. >> no future plans. >> no. >> all right tatiana, fantastic, thank you so much for being here. >> always glad to have another member of the journalism community. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> it's called "inconspicuous consumption" if you'd like to
8:26 am
see it or buy it, head to what you need to know about the tick-borne illnesses that are on the rise before heading out for the holiday weekend, but good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. lawmakers are one step closer to allowing medical marijuana in california public schools. the state assembly approved it yesterday. it would give schools the option to allow students to receive marijuana in nonsmoking form from their parents. right now students who need it must go off campus for medication. some oppose the idea arguing the state's medical marijuana laws in their current form are not strong enough when it comes to children. last year governor brown vetoed a similar measure. it now moves on to the state senate. let's see if the traffic is moving. checking in with mike inouey. >> eastbound 92 toward hayward.
8:27 am
westbound just started moving a few moments ago. someone pulled over on the shoulder. overall the traffic alert continues over there. foster city, the decline is where we had reports of at least one motorcycle down. a couple were involved in this crash. so very tight along the bridge. two lanes are blocked for emergency crews and to make sure no one does anymore damage or any injuries. we're looking at minor injuries, first report, but i'm tracking for more. this is a big impact on the commute across the san mateo bridge and now the dumbarton bridge sees a lot more traffic. south 280 jammed up from the earlier crash at woodside road. i believe the crash has cleared the lanes but continues with a very slow drive through that portion of the peninsula. that's it. >> all right. back with an update in a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause it is 8:30 now on this tuesday morning, the 27th of ♪ it is 8:30 now on this tuesday morning, the 27th of august, 2019 we have a fantastic crowd on the plaza, and we'll have another one on friday, and that's because of her, the grammy winner rocked out at the vmas last night debuting a brand new
8:31 am
song, and she will be right here for a live concert on our plaza at the end of the week what a fantastic crowd we have today, though. >> also a good crowd labor day, why don't we is going to be here >> fantastic >> put that on your calendar. >> it's on. >> next friday also on, sheryl crow takes over our plaza, and you can help with the set list the question is what would you rather hear, every day is a winding road or "all i wanna do". >> tough choice. >> how about a crowd moment. >> let's do it. >> we are looking for tiffany and her mom donna. hey, guys, how are you >> where are you from? >> la grange, georgia. >> okay, and your son hayes has a wish, if he could? >> yes. >> he's in fourth grade? >> yes, sir. >> and what's his wish >> his wish is to be peter alexander one day. he wants to take his job over. >> oh, my golly. >> i was going to say hayes, we better talk about it. >> so nice to meet you guys.
8:32 am
>> nice to meet you too. bring hayes up here some saturday we'd love to visit with him. >> he would love it. that'd be awesome. >> and his fourth grade class, mrs. jones is watching right now? >> mrs. jones and mr. freeman. >> anything you want to say to them >> thank you so much for everything that you've taught him. >> and hayes, i want you to grow up to be like peter. >> hey, grandma. >> i like this this is a good family. >> hey, hey. >> just take off now and just go home. >> we just made some thanksgiving plans, i'll be down >> that's going to be your saying from now on, hey, hey. >> how did that feel >> pretty good. >> we all aspire to be peter, i mean, he set the bar high. >> better watch your back, maybe take a step forward. might have it in for you. >> i think you made his day. >> we have a lot for you here just ahead we're also going to have the latest info on tick dangers. unfortunately those are on the rise our friend dr. john torres, he's going to tell us how we can stay safe. it sounds like a dream come
8:33 am
true, how would you like to write your very first novel and have it win the biggest cash prize in the literary world. you're not going to forget one woman's remarkable story we're about to share. >> looking forward to that. it's time to get cooking with fresh dishes that celebrate the best of summer flavors looks good. >> looking forward to hanging out with ed. i know i'm going to be there. coming up on the third hour of "today," the one and only jerry springer in the building to tell us all about his brand new show. first, al, you got another check of the weather, it's gorgeous out here. >> beautiful day let's check out what the rest of the country is looking at for today. we're looking at a taste of fall, cooler and less humid as this cold front pushes through the midwest with temperatures anywhere from almost 20 degrees below average. tomorrow from milwaukee to kansas city, nashville, little rock and tulsa, all below average temperatures and it continues to move east. beautiful weather in boston good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in san jose starting out with temperatures in the mid 60s and sunshine and
8:34 am
it's going to be another hot day. also feeling a little bit more humid with the high of 92. we'll see highs in the upper 90s for livermore and antioch. and santa rosa today expect a high of 87 and 101 today in ukiah. our inland temperatures still in the 90s today. still humid tomorrow with some upper 80s. then drier air and highs in the upper 80s by the end of the work week. >> that's your latest weather. hey, peter! >> hey, >> and that's your latest weat and that's your latest weather. hey, peter. >> hey, hayes. al, thank you very much. just ahead, dr. torres, he's got a warning about dangerous tick-borne illnesses that are on
8:35 am
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save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. we are back with a warning before you head out for your and we are back now with a warning before you head out for your labor day weekend
8:37 am
adventures >> tick-borne illnesses, we've been talking about it this morning, they are on the rise, and right now really is the height of tick season. nbc medical correspondent dr. john torres is here with what all families need to know dr. torres, good to see you. >> yeah, and good morning, and you know, tick-borne illnesses have more than doubled over the l last decade. one reason we're now seeing new types of ticks in the u.s., and that's causing new diseases. >> reporter: the great outdoors, full of fresh air, beautiful scenery, and dangerous ticks tick-borne diseases rose by nearly 20% in 2017 lyme disease is the most common with an estimated 300,000 cases in the u.s. every year in just the past two decades, researchers have discovered seven new tick-borne diseases, plus a serious allergic reaction to red meat that can be triggered bid a tick bite. a hudson valley man died of the virus that can cause swelling in the brain. fortunately, it's rare, but
8:38 am
unlike most other dangerous ticks, the ones that spread huwasan don't go into hibernation when winter comes. and because of climate change, ticks are now found in virtually every part of the country. the ticks that carry rocky mountain spotted fever, one of the most dangerous tick-borne illnesses were stofdiscovered ih rockies, but today most cases are clustered in these five southeastern states. one of the big challenges in diagnosing tick-borne diseases, you don't always feel the tick, so you won't always know you've been bitten. >> so walk us through this a little bit a lot of parents are paying close attention right now. you don't always find the tick diagnosing these things can be tough at times what are you looking for what are the symptoms? how do you go about sort of keeping aware? >> and the symptoms always start out the same fl flu-like illness fevers, headaches, muscle aches, body pains, that type of thing depending on which bacteria or virus you get, it could progress to something much more dangerous and much more powerful. >> if you do find a tick, i
8:39 am
guess the question is what do you do in addition to trying not to pass out, which i probably would do. >> the first thing you want to do is you want to get rid of that tick. you do it simply with tweezers you don't want to use your fingers. you squeeze it and the bacteria or virus goes into your body you want to get fine tipped tweezers, put it as close to the skin as you can, grab the tick at the head and pull it out. if some of the parts stay behind, this is the gross part you want to go ahead and leave those in there the skin will eventually take care of that clean the skin off, soap or water, alcohol the tick itself put it in alcohol, wrap it with tape, and the cdc says even flush it town the toilet you might want to take a picture before hand so you can try and identify it later. >> how long does it take for the disease to transmit? >> lyme disease can take 36 to 48 hours powasun disease can take 15 minutesment it dends on what disease you see. rocky mountain spotted fever,
8:40 am
four to 72 hours you want to make sure you get the tick off as soon as possible. >> how are you going to prevent this what's the best thing to do? insecticides what >> make sure you cover yourself. you want to go ahead and spray yourself with deet or eucalyptus oil. these things can help get rid of the ticks themselves make checking routine, whether you've been out golfing, hiking, mountain biking, gardening, any of those things, check yourself, your kids and your pets when you come back inside wear long sleeves and long pants. tuck your pants inside your socks and make sure you spray everything there's one area people always forget to spray. can any of you guys guess what area that is >> your ankles. >> the shoes, especially the nymphs they like to get on the shoes. spray your clothes, spray your shoes as well. >> that pro meth rin, you can't spray it on your skin. >> not on your skin, on your clothes. >> in new york, i he more stories of lyme disease. i know it's been up, it's tripled since the '90s
8:41 am
what's like the main culprit for the rise >> just we're seeing new ticks, the climate change there's more warm weather. the ticks are moving further north. they're moving into areas they weren't in before and a lot of moisture as well as al can tell you, the temperature of the weather is changing, that's meaning not just more ticks but more kinds of ticks. >> add tweezers to your golf bag. >> check your pets constantly. >> good info. >> just ahead, we'll meet the young mom, teacher, and first time author who juston w uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance.
8:42 am
i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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we're back at8:43 with a young woman's remarka we are back now at 8:43 with one young woman's remarkable journey from the remote mountains of idaho to the top of the literary world. >> kristen dahlgren is here with the story of a first time author
8:44 am
who pulled off a huge win when few even knew her name. >> we're talking about the international dublin literary award. it's the biggest prize in the literary world, and as you can imagine, it's pretty competitive. as they say, it only takes one, one librarian recommended a little known book called "idaho", and that changed everything for emily ruskovich. >> it makes me feel in awe sometimes to think of my book being in the living rooms of people all around the world. >> reporter: there's something almost ethereal about the way 33-year-old author emily ruskovich connects with the world around her her debut novel "idaho" is a tender tale of love and forgiveness and the friendship of strangers. >> ultimately what the novel is about is kindness and what kind nsz ness is capable of surviving and what we're capable of surviving because of it. >> it's set here in northern idaho not far from where she and her siblings were raised. >> when i was a little kid, my parents decided to buy this acreage on this mountain in the
8:45 am
middle of nowhere. there was no electricity, no running water, and so we would just use our imaginations and play all day ronald reagan >> reporter: the daughter of a high school english teacher and a homemaker, ruskovich says her earliest memories of story telling were born from play and her desire to be a real life ann of green gables. >> almost every detail in the novel is from my real life, except for the horror, and the smallest moments where like little girls are taking baths in emptied out garbage cans that have been filled with water and left in the sun to warm up. >> reporter: it took her five years to write "idaho" and while the road to publishing was met with revisions and rejections she never lost focus focus on her goal. >> i thought this is what i want most in my life, so i'm going to keep doing it. >> reporter: determination that paid off when ruskovich received a call that she'd just won the largest monetary prize given to a single author, more than $100,000
8:46 am
>> it was unbelievable. >> reporter: even more remarkable, how her book made the list, public libraries from all over the world submitted their favorite picks her novel made the list with the support of just one librarian, far, far away in the city of bruge, belgium zb i feel overwhelmed with the enormity of my gratitude. >> this one stranger, this one very kind woman put my novel up for a nomination. >> reporter: we captured the moment they actually spoke for the first time. >> it's really strange to see your face after all that's happened, and i owe so much to you. >> i really enjoyed the novel, so no problem. >> the monetary aspect of it is going to help so much, but most importantly it's given me more readers. >> reporter: today with the financial support of the award, ruskovich an assistant professor of creative writing at boise state university can spend more time on her own writing, and she and her husband have moved into
8:47 am
a new home with their young daughter june. >> one of the most important things to me as a writer is my childho childhood, and to keep my childhood self preserved and to keep her honest, i do try to remain true to the person that took baths in garbage cans on that mountain all those years ago. >> emily is already working on her second novel, and while she wouldn't get into too much detail, she says it's a story about sisters. one that's very different than one readers experience in "idaho". >> such a great story. >> and they grow big rabbits out there. >> hard to imagine a time when they had no electricity, no running water, certainly in short supply in the age of iphones, but amazing. >> $100,000, no small potatoes that's good stuff. >> oh. >> i see what you did there. >> that was for you. >> hey. >> sitting on that all morning >> thanks, kristen. >> thank you for that. >> impressive. >> appreciate it. coming up, the the taste of tenn
8:48 am
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all right. on this morning, we have "today" food, the best of summer. u.s. open is officially u all right, on this morning, we've got "today" food, it's the best of summer u.s. open is officially underway here in new york tennis is just part of the attraction they're also serving some awesome food from some of the top chefs in the business, chef ed brown here is the site wide food consultant for the opens. he runs aces, one of two fine dining restaurants there big night last night, serena williams, sierra pharapova how was aces last night? >> we had our biggest first night ever, it was tremendous. >> that is awesome what are we going to be making today? >> i'm making two dishes from aces one is these little clams with chorizo. i'm just slicing the chorizo nice and thin. >> some basics you got, olive
8:51 am
oil, some chorizo, which is easily attainable, garlic. >> chili pepper, we're using wine, clam juice you can use water actually. >> cut the chorizo, put it in there, a little bit of sliced garlic i've got some olive oil in there that's just going to get sweated out. >> okay. a little chile pepper. >> how hot is that chorizo without putting those peppers in there? >> it's not too spicy, a little bit of kick. >> i'll be the judge of that >> i was going to say. >> peter, how is it? >> the warm one's good. >> the sausage is excellent. >> the chorizo makes it. >> i've got that sweating. we're going to add some wine. >> that's really good. >> why would you use pepperoni if you have chorizo? >> i know. >>st that the real deal, the tried chorizo where you get a lot of intense flavor. we've got that going, that comes up you want to make sure all the clams are closed. >> people are intimidated with clams. what are the secrets
8:52 am
>> make sure they're closed. make sure you wash them really well if one was open, you just tap it, if it's alive, it will close. >> that's okay to do if it closes up it's good? >> if it doesn't, discard it always to be safe. >> put it in there, heat up high. >> how long is that going to cook for >> it will cook for about four minutes. >> they pop open. >> really open >> just like these, they're going to tell you they're ready. you just take tongs or your fingers like i do. put them in a bowl got some of the sauce. after i cook the clams, i take the sauce, i put it back in the pan and i reduce it town down t a little more intense flavor. >> is this a big seller at acings >> it is a big seller. it's one of our best appetizers. >> the dip also, that's a good part of it. >> that's the best part of it. >> sometimes i like to put the bread under the clams. you eat the clams and get to the bread and the juice.
8:53 am
>> like having a bread bowl. the clams, and the bread, nothing in between you. >> that is packed with flavor. >> who doesn't like devilled eggs these are really simple, but they're always delicious it's a classic american favorite, although a lot of people eat these in france as well could uffala mayonnaise. we call them devilled eggs cream cheese, mayonnaise, mustard a little paprika those are the basics you see all the time we've got different garnishes like caviar and bacon. those are add-ones option. >> very u.s. open of you, ed very fancy >> let's talk about cooking perfect hard boiled eggs. >> let's talk about it. >> what kind of egg are you using? >> using a hen egg. >> oh, a hen egg that's been my problem for years, the hen eggs. >> cold water, bring it to a boil >> got it. >> boil for two minutes, turn off the fire put a cover on it, 11 minutes. >> no kidding. >> just leave it alone.
8:54 am
>> two minute cook 11 minute bath. >> drain off the hot water, put some cool water until you can handle them. at that point the egg is still a little warm. at that point the little crack and roll, that shell is going to fall right off. >> wow >> and you're going to get a beautifully cooked egg that has a nice little center without a green ring you got your hard boiled eggs. we're going to trim off the ends a little bit >> oh, that's fancy, too what's wrong with the little nub on an egg? >> i'm going to show you when we cut them in half, i want them to be cups. we got the cups. we take our yolks out. >> this is why you got the gig out there. >> this is why i got the gig out there. in a bowl i've got cream cheese and may yo. >> these are still good. you can eat these guys. >> i saved them for you. >> you'd think everybody could eat a good devilled egg. sometimes you eat a dellvilled g and you're like that's really good what's the key >> a lot of seasoning, a little bit of mustard
8:55 am
i put all the ingredients in >> the classic all american is using like yellow mustard. so mash these up good. >> how is the egg, guys? >> it's great and the seasoning isn't too strong it's just perfect. it's not overpowering. >> i put them into a piping bag. you can use a spoon. you just pipe them in like that. >> try one of these, guys. >> a little caviar, a little bacon on the top look at that. >> can you make these ahead of time, ed >> absolutely. put them in the fridge, they set up a little bit. when you first make them fresh, they're soft. >> this is dijan >> thanks. you can find all these recipes at appreciate it. good luck at the u.s. open. >> guys. >> we've got to talk again, sorry i was going to keep eating. >> you have a mouth full of food. >> just like at the white house. >> that's like our day job we've got more great stories to check out at >> coming up next, country super star vince gill performing live in the artist's lounge, and we've got jerry springer, all
8:56 am
that and more coming up, but first your local news and weather. >> have a good day. >> thanks, ed. a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia. nbc bay area is getting a first look inside the chase center san francisco's new home for the warriors. it is considered state-of-the-art, high tech, and full of bay area flair including unique local art on the walls and bay area dining options. if you plan to go upscale it has
8:57 am
plush suites and private lounges and also a piece of hardwood court from the old oracle arena hanging on the wall. the first major event is september 6th when metallica plays with the san francisco symphony. happening now, inside the arena, and we'll have a live report for the midday news. l is link to more on our home page. fbi leaders plan to announce a major law enforcement action being prompted by the doj's corporate fraud strike force. the announcement will be made at silicon valley about 10:30 this morning. we'll have the details on the midday newscast and post updates to our twitter feed. san jose launching a new program to boost affordable housing. it will waive fees if willing to meet qualifications.
8:58 am
facing a looming deadline. >> help for bay area victims. >> join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today." first day back from vacation. >> welcome back, al. >> everybody else went on vacation, but i'm blessed to have you two. >> we're holding down the fort. >> good to behere. >> craig telling del for his first day of kindergarten, which is so sweet. >> told us he was going to cry. >> i don't doubt it. i bet he did. dylan and sheinelle are taking vacation this week. >> deserved time off. speaking of, you have a goatee. you looked relaxed. >> i feel good. >> tell us about your trip. >> well, we went to croatia. i've always wanted to go. i'd heard about


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