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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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it's going to linger in florida. for another perspective just how massive this hurricane is, take a look behind me. you're looking at a photo of the storm from space. this picture was tweeted out by astronaut jim morgan. it's a hurricane 3 right now and gaining strengthen as it turns toward the atlantic. >> we're seeing possibly sunday night into monday. and with this northerly turn of the storm, really much of the state is going to be impacted by it. so it's going to be hard for people to evacuate, you know, after the fact. so if you have any friends or family there, they definitely have to listen to those orders. what you'll be able to see here is we are currently looking at again 125-mile per hour winds with this storm system as it's still expected to barrel right towards florida for that monday, maybe into tuesday possibly
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up to 140 miles per hour. we'll get a closer look at the storm track. and overall, yes, it slowed down a littlehe bit o timing but monday 11:00 a.m. it's right over the bahamas making landfall somewhere between melbourne and palm beach and new change today. it's moving off to the north hitting central and northern florida possibly as a category 1 or 2. also that extremely dangerous storm surge. i want to pull the curtain back a little bit and show you something we look at behind the scenes. we call this the spaghetti model plot because they look like spaghetti on the screen here. you can see the consensus. more of a southerly landfall in florida and then taking that northerly turn. we'll have more look at this and your bay area forecast coming up. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of hurricane dorian. that includes updates tonight on nightly news and stay with us
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all labor day weekend. gone in less than 60 seconds, it's a common crime and it's happened again on the peninsula. thousands of dollars wurgorth o apple products swiped from the apple store. it was all caught on camera on an iphone. robert? >> reporter: that's right. i'm not sure if that's appropriate or ironic but it is very compelling video of a grand theft shot by a very courageous young woman. and it could help police who are once again conducting an investigation here. it is the third time it's been hit this month. there are still wood panels covering the front of the burlinggame apple store where a group smashed there way in last night just before closing. this woman who asked not to be shown began the crime her phone after seeing employees rush out and hearing that the suspects had guns.
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>> they seemed to be in a real hurry. they were just shoving thaur pockets full of iphones and holding their ipads and the mac books and everything. they didn't seem to me like they were very aggressive. >> reporter: police say there were seven men described as black males around 16 to 21 years old and did not offer any other details except the get away which the witness also captured. >> they did have two cars, they had two drivers. so they just -- they parked right in the middle of the street, they got out, took the stuff, got back in the car and they sped away. >> reporter: now, police say that one vehicle may have been a gray volts wagon sedan, the other a volkswagen suv. we did talk to the manager of this store who declined to comment. a carefully planned sting in san jose lands a group of thieves behind bars. on thursday san jose police arrested six men they believe are responsible for up to 20
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deaths in the area. the burglars targeted bake shops, as well as construction sites and a school district office. police raided homes, during their sting they uncovered an ar-15 rifle, stolen i.d. cards and drugs. police arrested three felons with illegal guns. a man wearing quite the disguise. this is him wig and all on monday. police say he showed the bank teller a note demanding money. after he got the cash he drove away in a blue car with a license plate that police say was stolen. police say he may have also been wearing a fake nose along with that wig. san francisco set a goal of no traffic deaths by 2024. it's called vision zero. but the numbers suggest the city is going the wrong way. pedestrian advocates say 15 people have died on city streets so far this year. that's nearing the total of the number of pedestrian deaths for all of last year. the number of citations issued
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one o signs advocates blame for the rising number of pedestrian deaths. >> this is incredibly frustrating. we're doing everything possible in our city. it needs to be doing everything possible to keep people safe. >> sfpd says their issuing as many citations as they can but admit staffing in their traffic unit is down by half. just yesterday mayor london breed proposed a new package of projects aimed at reducing crashes and improving pedestrian safety. it's the uninvited guest that seems to show up at picnics, barbecues, pool parties. we're talking about yellow jackets. in contra costa county the pests have reached epic levels this summer. in fact, the problem is so bad vector control crews are now issuing a warning about it. live in lafayette with a look at the problem and that warning, scott?
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>> reporter: experts tell us it's likely a change in the weather that's led to more yellow jackets flying around, and those who track them have been kept extra busy. suiting up and tracking down yellow jacket nests. it's what contra costa county vector control employees do 21% more often now than at this time last year. they're seeing a lot more yellow jackets than usual. >> our entmologist tells us he believes because we didn't have a particularly cold winter that the hibernating queens probably survived. >> reporter: survived, built underground nests and birthed more yellow jackets. >> that's where we get exposed, our local school club and at home and stuff, in our backyard. >> reporter: and they're dangerous. >> they may be working nat yard and they're digging with the shovel and all of a sudden they hit a nest and then yellow jackets come out of the ground and they can bite and sting repeatedly. >> reporter: which is why a local downtown restaurant set
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traps earlier this year. residents say they've been doing it too. >> my parents every year they put out yellow jacket traps in the trees around our yard pretty early on in the year. >> reporter: if you see a yellow jacket nest in your yard vector control says back away, draw a map so that they can find it and then contact them. live in lafayette, scott budman, nbc bay area news. well, steer clear of san jose. the cattle invasion is now over in the upscale silver creek neighborhood. on monday you might recall we broke the story about those rogue cows creating big problems. daytime, nighttime they were all over the place grazing on lawns, breaking sprinklers and of course leaving cow chips behind. after our report animal services got involved. last night three rangers rounded up all the cows and took them back to their home. it is official the world famous surf contest maverick is shutting down.
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but this morning the world sea surf league confirmed the event is canceled. the competition used to take place at mavericks. the reason for the shutdown, the league says it's too expensive to put on and it can't find a sponsor. will president trump back down? this sunday is the next round of the tariffs on chinese imports. we'll see higher prices on every day items. the 15% tariffs will affect more than $100 billion worth of chinese imports ranging from clothing to diapers to contact lenses. 150 business associations are urging president trump to delay the tariffs saying they act as a tax on u.s. manufacturers and farmers. the ceo of the toymaker basic fund blam fun blames president trump. >> the administration is creating a problem with no solution except rising prices and taking profits away from companies. >> beginning sunday 98% of the goods coming from china will be subject to tariffs.
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up next, twitter's ceo hacked on twitter. what the hacker posted and how twitter is responding tonight. and a sign of the times. we'll show you the $15 million home that just sold on the peninsula only to be torn down. a little bit warmer today at 87 degrees. and another look at hurricane dorian coming up in about 10 minutes. coming up tonight a mystery of a va hospital where federal
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authorities are investigating at least ten suspicious deaths. 15-year-old tennis sensation coco gauff preparing for a showdown.
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this just into our newsroom a major turn in the kate steinly case. today an appealess court overturned the gun conviction. you may remember in 2015 steinly was shot to death. two years later a jury acquitted him of murder but did find him guilty of being a felon in possession of a gun. he was an undocumented immigrant a long criminal history who had repeatedly avoided deportation with so-called sanctuary laws. tonight it is unclear what happens next. at the moment he remains in jail in the east bay. we'll bring you updates as we get them into our newsroom. it's a beauty. a multi-million dollar mansion in hillsborough, someone bought it for $15 m but the new owner can't wait to tear it down. what's the problem?
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>> reporter: well, raj, there is no problem really. we'll explain that in a from wh you can't really see anywhere near the whole property here which is beautiful, but you do see some bright orange flalgs there that seem to be part of the construction plans for the new new house that the owners want to build here. for most people 2186 park side avenue in hillsborough is already a dream home. >> personally i mean i'd keep it. >> reporter: real estate website red fin reports that the two story house is 6,400 square feet with five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. custom built only six years ago with a pool, a pool house, a boccie ball court, croquet lawn, basket ball and tennis court, a gym, spa, two coy ponds and a guesthouse. but the person who owns this
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property wants to tear it down. >> you've got people coming in tearing down mansions, that's not right. >> i mean, if that's what they want to do, let them go for it it. >> reporter: the luxurious park side mansion was sold in january for a whopping $15 million. >> i just don't understand that kind of waste in a time when there's so many homeless people in the area. >> reporter: the town of hillsborough's architecture and design and review board tells us just months after buying the mansion the owner submitted plans to demolish the whole thing, to instead build a new two story modern farmhouse style residence and detached garage with a total proposed floor area of approximately 12,986 square feet. that's more than double the home's size now. >> it seems like too much money at play if you ask me. >> reporter: at least one neighbor is not happy about the demolition plans telling the town's review board in a letter that we all have a short time on this earth. living adjacent to a complete teardown and rebuild once somel
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for. living next to it twice is an unreasonable expectation. we tried several times to get in touch with the mansion's owners but never heard back. hillsborough's review board says it could take several more months for the owners of this property to get the final approval they need to move forward with building the new mansion if everything goes smoothly for them. reporting live in hillsborough, nbc bay area news. >> nothing wrong with that mansion. thank you. well, more people are leaving the bay area amid the high housing crisis so where's everyone going? alameda county saw the most defections so to speak with 13,000 more people leaving than coming in. census data released this week shows those who leave alameda county are most likely to go to contra costa county. santa clara county lost the second highest number of residents, more than 8,000. they also moved to contra costa county and other local counties.
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in recent years if you're not relocating in the bay area where's everyone going? texas and oregon. also people are resettling in nevada, washington and arizona. jack dorsey the ceo of twitter targeted by hackers today. his 4 million followers received tweets with racial slurs and other vulgarities. the company tweeting quote jack's account was compromised, we are working on it and investigating. the company deleted the tweets. a couple of youtube stars also recently saw their accounts hacked. claims of violating a children's privacy law are costing youtube. its parent company google could face fines of $200 mon. the t settle several privacy charges against youtube. the company is accused of illegallyolilen. the investigation began when consumer groups claimed youtube violated the children's online privacy protection act. big news for uber and lyft
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drivers. california ride share drivers are one step closer to being classified as workers instead of contract employees. that's the big difference. a new bill is on its way to a vote on the california senate floor after a key committee passed it today. you might recall earlier this week that caravan of drivers protesting in san francisco. they then continued to sacramento to show support for the bill that would give them a guaranteed minimum wage and overtime. but raid shares are against the bill not surprisingly like uber and lyft. if it passes they say they plan to spend $90 million on a ballot initiative to overturn it. more ests atpito today. anti-vaccine protesters disrupted an assembly hearing with these loud chants. they're saying you have not represented california for all. the activists are against a new law proposed by state senator
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richard pann. init passed it would restrict exemptions for vaccines that are required for schools. heads up, no part trains running between -- this entire weekend. b.a.r.t. will be offering bus bridges. and b.a.r.t. is doing something it's never done before. it's putting up visual signs like this one that tells riders if their train is canceled. b.a.r.t. says it's part of a plan to keep riders informed about what's going on with the system. i noticed traffic was heavy at noon today. because people were getting out of town. >> i know. i was in san francisco earlier this morning and there was no traffic and then -- >> everyone's out. >> everyone's got somewhere to go and the weather forecast this weekend not going to be a problem rightere the bay area. so whatever you have planned i think you're going to be able to do it and doa l ie lookeut do h
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haze off towards the distance. just really magnificent today. temperatures did warm up. 89 degrees currently in concord. notice by 10:00 and also 11:00, numbers will drop with an ocean sea breeze returning with 60s once we hit 11:00 p.m. now, the change of scene, we'll bump temperatures up a couple of degrees. we have this milder system lifting off to the north. and the only reason why that's happening is high pressure. it wants to make itself known, so it's just nudging itself right in the perfect spot to bring us some warmer air, but we'll still have some fog expected for the morning as well. not too hot tomorrow morning. we'll stay a little bit on the cool side here. south bay 66 and the tri-valley, 69. 64 for the east bay, 59 in san francisco and the north bay at 62. as we push through the afternoon it does heat up in the south bay, but i'm not seeing anything
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at 100. i have you at 88 in san jose, mo 93. warmest right here to antioch, pittsburgh to liver mid to upper 90 peninsula 83 also in red wood city. mild weather in san francisco. head to the mission or the embarcadero and the sup set at 67. extended forecast in san francisco low 70s right through the labor day weekend. we stay with that trend into next week. inland valleys not too hot but, yes, warmer over the next three days. in the low 90s and back off into the 80s as we move into next week's forecast. if you have plans to travel to florida of course those plans could be changing due to hurricane dorian. i want to get you the latest on this and we'll show you the size of the storm. it is massive. at the current moment it stretches some 338 miles.
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look at the stcenter of this storm. the eye of the hurricane a key indicator of the strength of the storm. you can see how cocentric it is. right now there's no sign of this weakening. the updated path just offshore 11:00 a.m. monday, moving in as a very dangerous category 4 some time on monday maybe into tuesday. and then it takes this northerly turn across the state and that's the big problem. all of the ostate state is goin impacted. and if you don't listen to those evacuations, it's going to be very dangerous. >> it's going to be a tense few days just leading up to landfall here in florida. >> it really is. >> up next here at 5:00, protecting bears from cars in yosemite. the park is trying out a new tactic beginning this weekend. we'll tell you about it.
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hey, guys what's up, the host of our instagram and facebook show called synced in. in today's episode i sit down with a senior eger to talk about a story he broke earlier this week. that 68 buildings on the campus of uc berkeley are in a risk in an earthquake. are we talking here seriously about them collapsing if an earthquake happens? >> there's a concern. the experts believe that these buildings may not withstand an earthquake, and that's why they're putting out the warning now because the fact of the matter is now that they know this, they can start to do something about it. which means one of two things. ret row fit the building, put new surroundingsrom falling down. >> that's a lot of buildings. what else did you learn from
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him? >> he went into detail what parents and students -- obviously they're a bit scared after this news -- what they can do out there to stay protected. >> it's going to take public money. >> a lot of money he said, up to a billion dollars. you guys can see this particular interview on our channel, on our instagram or watch it on our facebook profile. yosemite is gearing up for a busy labor day weekend and that means putting up signs to protect wildlife. the park is introducing what it calls wildlife protection zones where animals near roadways where they often get hit by cars. so far this year drivers have hit 11 bears in the park. visitors will get a look at the new signs this weekend. up next the rt net's longest running webc the 11th hour saveig keep it running. we'll tell you about it. here's one you guys will like.
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tonight at 6:00, she's relied on medical care in the east bay for years. now she's being told to leave the country. we'll tell you why. that story and more coming up o. the internet's oldest webcam will stay up and running. the fog cam overlooks hall away avenue near san francisco state. recently the creators announced the webcam would be shutting down at the end of this month, but the university says it will
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take over the webcam. two students actually created it back in 1994. >> wow, that's like historic this webcam. >> and it's a pretty good shot. >> that's old school. before we go as we head into this three day weekend jeff raniere is here with some barbecue updates. >> yes, numbers do warm up. labor day, 91, drop down to the some 80s as we hit tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. how about that fog cam and you're going to get some action on that tomorrow morning with some fog. by the afternoon the average is 74. 72 sunday, and 72 on monday. i think all in all a pretty good labor day coming our way. >> and remember a couple of years ago one of our prudeoduce used to barbecue. >> that's your with nightly news.
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breaking news tonight, dorian now a major category 3 hurricane, the extremely dangerous monster storm gaining strength, the new track as we come on the air. florida bracing for a potential direct hit, dorian threatening to become an even more powerful cat 4. millions under states of emergency. officials warning residents to get ready, tourists scrambling to get out big havoc for holiday travel when and where will it hit al roker standing by breaking right now, the cause of death for a star pitcher revealed, the tragedy stunning major league baseball tonight the link to a growing nationwide crisis. the isis terror arrest, wha the 19-year-old suspect, the popular tourist attraction he allegedly plotted to target in a


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