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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 17, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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> new this morning the manhattan district attorney sent a grand jury subpoena to president trump's accounting firm demand being his tax returns for the past eight years. >> the white house is leaning towards blaming iran for the drone strike on the world's largest oil fields in saudi arabia now the question is will the u.s. retaliate against iran? >> i spent a year in iraq and the closest i can explain, it was total devastation. >> one firefighter has died. several other people are injured as the gas explosion leveled the building in a blast so powerful it was felt for miles around this morning what investigators believe caused it.
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>> a new cast member of snl fired after a backlash over racist and homophobic comments he made. >> and for only the second time in 11 year we have a million dollar ninja we'll meet the newest american ninja warrior. let's get started as "early today" begins right now. >> good tuesday morning. i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. president trump is heading into hostile territory in the race for 2020 he is scheduled a whirlwind tour across california to load up his reelection war c at several sold-out fund-raisers. it comes a day after he made his pitch to latino voters in new mexico >> the hispanic americans, they understand they don't want criminals coming across the border they don't want people taking their jobs they wan have that security and they want the wall >> as mr. trump visits the west
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coast today, there is trouble brewing back east. the manhattan district attorney has issued a subpoena for the president's tax returns. nbc's tracie potts joins us from d.c. tracie, good morning >> reporter: hi there, frances good morning while congress here in washington has been trying to get their hands on the president's tax returns, turns out new york may end up getting them first the manhattan d.a. working with the grand jury there investigating the trump organization, the president's business for possible involvement in hush money payments to women who claimed to have affairs mr. trump part that of investigation, people familiar with it tell nbc they have subpoenaed the president's accounting firm to get what will turn out to be not only eight years worth of tax returns, but many of the underlying documents involved in those tax returns, like bank statements that company says that they do not talk about their client's business, but that they will fully comply with the law. president trump asked about it,
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told reporters he doesn't know anything about it. his attorney says they are evaluating the situation and we understand also that the publisher of the "national enquirer" has been subpoenaeas part of this investigation that publisher believed to have been involved in those negotiations with the women that the president denies having affairs with >> all right, tracie potts for us tracie, thank you. >> almost 50,000 unionized workers at general motors will remain on strike after walking off the job at dozens of gm locations across the country and it looks like the strike won't be over any time soon. ann thompson is in detroit with the latest on the talks. >> reporter: defiant at the gates of gm. >> we are the union. >> reporter: more than 48,000 united autoworkers on the picket lines at plants across the country. >> this is for the future for all of us. >> reporter: among the issues, the idling four plants in the u.s. including the assembly
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plant slated to be shutdown in january. >> we're just asking for decent wages, job security. we are temporary workers that need to be permanent >> reporter: last year gm hauled in almost $12 billion in profits, a decade after it filed for bankruptcy the automaker made what it describes as a strong offer, a four-year contract with wage or lump sum increases $7 billion in investments, 5400 jobs and solutions for those idle plants in michigan and ohio as usual, striking gm worker dave michaels, a single dad, picked up his teenage son from school what do you hope he learns from watching you on strike? >> standing up for what you believe in >> reporter: but it comes with a cost a $250 a week, strike pay is a fraction of what he earns. how long can you stay out? >> not very long >> reporter: gm says the two sides are talking and its goal is to reach an agreement that builds a stronger future for employees and its business but there are no indications of
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when that agreement will be reached. ann thompson, nbc news, detroit. >> the attack on saudi oil fields is becoming less of a who done it and more of a what to do about it evidence analyzed by u.s. intelligence points towards iran as the culprit and with so much of the world's oil supply hanging in the balance, white house options to retaliate may be limited our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: as the worlds's largest oil fields smolder from a drone attack in saudi arabia, shutting down 6% of the world's oil supply, the extensive damage seen in satellite images, president trump leaning towards blaming iran >> we'll have some pretty good -- we'll have some very strong stud you i done, but it's certainly looking that way at this moment. we'll legality you know. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence indicates the attacks originated from iran. three sources familiar with the intelligence tell nbc news but the british say the picture is not entirely clear and iran
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is denying responsibility. iran-backed rebels in yemen fighting saudi forces claim they did it, but the saudis say initial investigations have indicated the weapons used in the attack were iranian, and not launched from yemen. will the u.s. retaliate against iran >> do i want war i don't want war with anybody. we have the strongest military in the world i don't want war with anybody, but we're prepared more than anybody. >> reporter: the national security council met with the president. there are military options >> you certainly could strike revolutionary guard core sites, you could hit bases, you could hit various sites that the military is already aware of >> reporter: other options, a u.s. cyberattack against iran or targeting iranian ships. 9 attack likely kills any chance president trump would hold an historic first meeting with rouhani at the u.n. next week. today democrats in congress tell nbc news they are not disputing the intelligence, pointing to iran, which the u.s. may
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declassify to persuade america's allies and the president says he may send secretary of state pompeo apparently to coordinate a response frances? >> all right, andrea mitchell for us andrea, thanks >> the attack in saudi arabia was immediately felt across the globe. oil prices went up 14% the biggest spike since 2009 now for american drivers, this could mean paying more at the pump analysts predict gas prices could jump 10 to 25 cents a gallon over the next few weeks right now the national average is $2.5 a gallon on the bright side we're paying on average 35 cents less per gallon than we did a year ago. the trump administration may try to ease the pain at the pump president trump has said he would tap the strategic petroleum oil reserve if necessary to stabilize gas prices u.s. reserve is the largest back up pool of oil >> the community of farmington, maine, gathered for a candle light vigil overnight to honor those impacted by a building explosion that killed a fire captain and seriously injured at
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least six other firefighters, including the captain's brother. a maintenance worker at the facility was also hurt investigators are searching for answers after the deadly blast which was so strong, people in a neighboring town could feel it here's nbc's ron allen >> reporter: a scene of utter devastation, leaving a small american town looking more like a war zone the destruction caused by an early morning explosion from a suspected gas leak >> i haven't heard anything that loud around here ever. >> reporter: the deadly blast in farmington ripped through the offices of a nonprofit called leap that serves people with disabilities it had just reopened its office two months ago after extensive renovations. >> i immediately thought everybody was gone that's all i could say >> reporter: residents miles away say they felt and heard the explosions and found falling debris before and after images revealing the extent of the destruction. >> i spent a year in iraq. it's about the closest i could explain it it was total devastation >> reporter: fortunately
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investigators say a manager evacuated the building when he smelled gas. but a firefighter captain michael bell age 68, apparently investigating the leak, was killed a solemn procession for his remains. bell's brother fire chief terry bell was among the six injured >> all of us are one big family. we all know each other, especially in a small town and it affects us tremendously >> reporter: maine's governor ordered flags flown at half-staff as investigators try to figure out what caused this massive explosion. and here in the small close-knit town a vigil, the community coming together to support the victims and their families and thankful more lives weren't lost frances? >> ron allen ron, thank you >> breaking news out of alabama where authorities say a tuscaloosa police officer has died after being shot in the line of duty the officer has been identified as 40-year-old dorn el, a 13 year veteran of the department he was shot while exchanging gunfire with the suspect inside of a home. that suspect who was wanted on a
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felony failure to appear warrant was also wounded in the shooting and is now in custody. no word on his condition the officer's body was escorted by police to montgomery, alabama where an autopsy is planned. he leaves behind two daughters and a fiancee. >> and there was another police shooting -- involved shooting in the nation's capital a d.c. officer was shot by a suspect in southeast officials say multiple officers were responding to shots fired in an apartment. as they approached the building, a man started firing at them officers returned fire, fatally shooting the suspect the officer hit was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries authorities said they later found another man suffering from gunshot wounds inside the apartment. >> we are learning what caused the death of ric ocasek. ocasek died from heart disease and emphysema. in a statement his wife of 28 years, supermodel paul ina said
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he had been recuperating from surgery at home. ocasek was 57 years old. >> let's turn now to nbc meteorologist janessa webb to see what she's watching ahead. a little disturbance >> a little circulation we're watching here that's sitting in the gulf we're not going to see this organize very quickly. there is a very low chance for a potential storm here but we are going to see accumulation look at this, up to 5 to 7 inches in parts of houston locally up to 8 inches so watching flooding for the next few in the mid 90s. take a look at temperatures coming up. >> sounds good, janessa. thank you. speaking of when it rains it pours, that's the case for jets on monday night football they were already down their
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starting quarterback sam donald. back up quarterback trevor siemian got knocked out of the game that forced their practice player front and center. look at that catch leading the browns to an easy 23-3 victory but the jets, they aren't the only team with quarterback problems after hurting his elbow on sunday, steelers ben roethlisberger will undergo season ending surgery. >> the nation's highest civilian honor and not live from new york the controversial jokes that cost a new snl cast member his job. and beat japan's top moisturizers. south korea's most innovative. and even the $400 french cream. olay regenerist faced 131 premium products in 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay. face anything.
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>> leading the news, a dramatic reversal of fortunate for a comic who had just been hired by saturday night live. now fired over racist and homophobic remarks here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> it's saturday night live. >> reporter: comedian shane garrett is out of a job. saturday night live rescinded after days of backlash over racist and homophobic slurs he used during a podcast. >> chinatown is [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the video surfaced after it was announced gillis would join the snl cast along with the show's first comedian of asian descent lauren michaels releasing this statement. writing in part, we hired shane on the strength of his talent as a comedian and his impressive audition for snl we were not aware of his prior remarks that have surfaced over the past few days. the language he used is offensive, hurtful, and unacceptable
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31-year-old gillis who made a name for himself in stand-up from new york to l.a. responding, i'm a comedian who is funny enough to get snl that can't be taken away i understand it would be too much of a distraction. i respect the decision they made i'm honestly grateful for the opportunity. the coveted job on snl which appears on nbc network had launched comedian's careers for decades. one comedian watched the chance slip through his fingers stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york >> just ahead, looking for a party in the usa we have the list of the nation's most fun cities next plus, a true american ninja atatior, the jaw-dropping fe th yielded the first million dollar winner in four years. atc. atc. like somehow you wind up getting less. but now that i book at, and i get all these great perks. i got to select my room from the floor plan... very nice... i know, i'm good at picking stuff. free wi-fi... laptop by the pool is a bold choice... and the price match guarantee. how do you know all of this?
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now, tell me this, kamau kamau kamau kamala harris. we've seen them get down and dirty on the debate stage. what about president trump, do you think you can deliver the goods against the commander in cheese sauce >> well, jimmy, if i do debate president trump, i'm sure it will be a competitive face off where either one of us could end up on top. >> really? >> no, i'd wipe the floor with him. >> all right slow down the news now to former white house press secretary has made his dance floor debut. sean spicer did the salsa with
4:20 am
spice girls. i know the judges said that he was off beat most of the time. and after that cringy moment -- >> what did they say >> exactly right a last-minute replacement after christy brinkley fell five days before the premiere and broke her arm. she had the perfect stand-in her daughter sailor brinkley cook took the stage instead. james van derby took home the top four of the night for his tango. >> i don't watch that show to be honest, but i might just to watch these clips. are you kidding me >> come on i can't. >> the only thing better is sarah sanders doing that >> that's what they want people just like you >> they're getting paid to do that >> has to be a lot sparing wearing an outfit like that >> looking for an exciting place in the united states to travel to search no further. wallet hub released their list of the most fun cities in america, scoring cities based on
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entertainment and recreation, night life and parties as well as costs according to the list, las vegas is number one when it comes to fun. followed by orlando, new york city, miami and chicago. any surprises? archipela >> not at all. makes total sense. >> new orleans >> except for that >> austin. >> all right still ahead, who said clowns are scary? we'll tell you why a new zealand man brought one to his firing when he was ttgeing axed from his job. you're watching "early today." whoops. sorry. unlike ordinary diapers pampers is the first and only diaper that distributes wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels. they stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night wishing you love, sleep and play pampers
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all right. that didn't last long. according to local media reports, k-pop superstar group bts is back. the korean boy band said in august they'd be taking an extended break a source said the group has reportedly returned to work and scheduled to perform in saudi arabia next month. >> i wonder if we'll ever know what was behind that, the real reason, not the p.r. spin. >> money is behind coming back >> here's janessa webb again >> you're watching the warmth. it continues to build here near record-breaking temperatures for atlanta. 95 for a daytime high. summer wanting to hold on. we're not going to continue to talk about pumpkin spice >> no, not ready beach days we'll still talk about that. >> when we return, we'll tell you which american ninja warrior just became a new millionaire. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors.
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in today's top stories, voters in israel are going to the polls for a do-over presidential election. benjamin netanyahu is hoping to win reelection and become the country's longest-serving prime minister it would be his 5th term in office in april netanyahu secured a narrow win, but failed to build the majority coalition in parliament and the new election was called. today's vote could be just as close. netanyahu's challenger is former israeli military chief of staff benny dense, and the two are neck and neck in the polls >> students in new york are getting a free bee from class this friday, but only if they participate in youth climate change protests. public schools across the city have given the green light
4:27 am
allowing the excused absence but the absence for activism will still need parental consent. some 800 demonstrations are set to take place across the country. no word on whether school districts in other states will follow suit. >> talk about setting an example here for your players, university of virginia men's basketball coach tony bennett making an unselfish move by turning down a raise coming off a national championship winning season, bennett is putting the school before himself as he signs a one-year extension to his contract bennett believes the money should go toward paying his staff more and improvements for his program as well as other virginia sports teams. >> never hear about that great example for everybody. netflix may be losing "friends" and "the office" soon. but they won streaming rights to another classic sitcom >> i can't wear this coffee shirt on tv. i mean, look at it it looks ridiculous. >> oh, boy the shir can you spare a square "seinfeld" is coming to
4:28 am
netflix. amid the platform announcement, all 180 episodes of the iconic series will be available in 2021 the streaming deal with sony pictures is set for five years i think the first episode i want to see is the finale of the entire -- >> have you seen it ennis the day it came out? >> nope, i want to reminder. >> a lot of people are upset about the ending >> i want to remember why i'm so upset. >> we've heard stories about emotional support dogs, cats, even peacocks. but a guy in new zealand is stepping it up a notch josh thompson hired an emotional support clown. >> come on >> he heard he was going to get fired from his job thought he could bring a support person to his termination meeting so he hired a clown. during the meeting joe the clown made balloons, crying, employers were letting him go. genius >> can you imagine what hr had to say when you said, you know what, i need my support clown. >> got fired anyway. >> after a four-year drought, american ninja warrior has a new
4:29 am
winner the second consist ant in history to complete the final obstacle course. he scaled a rope, a feat others failed to accomplish he and his girlfrid arene
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good morning to you on this tuesday, september 17th for you right now. a live look outside at san francisco from the mountains. a beautiful shot there at the bay area. good morning to you. thank you for join iing us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to the forecast. >> a little cooler this morning and it's dry. it's nice to see some all clear skies across the bay area. that's a live look outside. we are going to have a lot of sunshine. and a cool start. then lead iing into a mild day. our highs reaching 77


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