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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 29, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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baking soda, two teaspoons of this. we're adding some carrots. two cups. it's about two big handfuls. it has all that beta carotene, all that fiber. i've got two cake pans. see that? i just take a little bit of the coconut oil, grease them. and then we take this batter, look at that. ooh. by the way, how old are you? you are? you don't look a day over four. that's crazy. we're gonna cook this for approximately 20 minutes at 350 degrees. i already have one that's baked in the oven and cooling down so we don't have to wait for this. and then what we have to make next is the frosting, right? and it's just equal parts greek yogurt and peanut butter. and then we just mix it together. what's great about yogurt for dogs is that it's got probiotics and protein. and when you mix this together, it actually creates a really beautiful frosting, doesn't it?
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that looks pretty good. finn, take a look. our cakes are finished. ah, they look so good. they're nice and cooled. you don't want to serve a hot cake to a dog. you can see the pieces of carrot inside. now, to frost it, i'm gonna put a little bit on this layer. okay. run it along the sides. you can decorate the top with dog biscuits. all right, finn, you need your hat. and now... let's see if finn likes his cake. aww. there you go. [laughs] happy birthday, finn. how awesome is finn? i love that dog. now, cat people, don't worry. we haven't forgotten you.
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this craft project will create lots of kitty playtime. if you're an animal lover like me, it's always nice to do a little d.i.y. to keep them entertained and happy. what we're gonna make today is a d.i.y. cat wand and i think you'll love it. what you need is a wand, and you just want to find some branches. go ahead and cut some strips of yarn. i have about 20 pieces here. and the next thing you want to do is maybe add a little charm to it i just drew out the fish shape that i liked. when you put it on your felt, you have a template. i'm just gonna take a pencil and do a light sketch and just cut away. ♪ now, to make the eye for the fish, take a little hole punch. it's actually the point where it's gonna attach to your cat wand. and now we get to put it together. this is leather cording, and i'm just gonna tie a knot. and then just right on top i'm gonna make one more little knot.
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i'm gonna do the same thing on the stick. and look at that. we want to add some adornment to it. take your fish, and you just tie another knot. you want to sort of combine it together 'cause right now it's kind of a loose mess. and i'll take more of our leather string and then go around twice so that it makes a tassel. and in just a matter of minutes, we made an incredible cat wand your cat will think is "pawesome." - coming up next on "naturally, danny seo"... - it's a mineral that your plants absolutely love. - an all-natural root booster. - ♪ only you - we'll be right back to "the more you know" on nbc.
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- we now return to - ♪ only you know" on nbc. - this segment of "naturally, danny seo" "on the go with catherine mccord," is brought to you by stonyfield organic. - everybody loves a pb and j, but have you ever had an apple pb and j, and banana chips?
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it's really simple and perfect for lunch. i like to use a granny smith apple and a red apple. to start, just cut half-inch slices. now, we're gonna use the apple core, or you could use a paring knife. and just remove the very center of the apple. just like that. what's fun about this recipe is the apple acts as your bread. now take a lemon, and rub it in the inside of the apple. that's just to prevent it from browning. spread the peanut butter right on one side of the apple. and then you're gonna spread a thin layer of the jelly on the second piece of apple. now, just like a classic pb and j, sandwich is together. [gentle music] mmm! crunchy and sweet, that's how i like it. next, baked banana chips. first step is a whole banana, and cut it into thin coins. and then place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet. place the bananas in a 275-degree oven for two hours. when they come out of the oven, they look like this. and they taste...
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sweet and crunchy. what's great about this lunch is you get a little bit of soft, a little bit of crunchy, and a lot of delicious. - today's show is all about my favorite at-home pampering projects. some are for you, some are for your pets, and this one is for perking up your plants. whether it's for your houseplants or the plants in your garden, whenever you can give them a little bit of a natural boost, it's always a great thing. one of the easiest things is to take a gallon of water, and one tablespoon of regular epsom salts, and put it in the pitcher, and water away. epsom salt is loaded with magnesium. it's a mineral that your plants absolutely love. often they're depleted in magnesium, and this gives them a boost so that they're stronger, happier, and hopefully live longer. another thing. how many times have you eaten a banana and you wondered, what can i possibly do with the peel? you actually can put it in a blender
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with lots of water. and blend away. [blender whirring] [gentle music] add this to your watering can. by liquefying it, all that wonderful potassium and the organic banana peel matter goes directly into the soil, down to the roots. and your plants will drink it up. in so many ways, the banana is the perfect food. it's nutritious, delicious, and when you repurpose the peel, there's zero waste. the same can be true of eggs when you crack into creative ways to reuse their shells. after you've whipped up a bunch of frittatas or scrambled eggs or just used a lot of eggs, don't throw the eggshells away. there are a myriad of great and easy uses around the house and in the garden for first and foremost, when you have eggshells, there's gonna be some raw yolk on the inside, and so just put them in some warm, soapy water.
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and give them a good rinse. take them outand let them air d. you might be wondering right now, "what could you possibly do with old eggshells?" well, here's an example. here's a carafe that has some dirt in it. for sothing like this, it can be kind of difficult to get your hand in here. so what you do is take a handful of eggshells, and you just crush them. and we're gonna do a few of them in here. then just take a little bit of regular water with dish soap. shake it vigorously. and you can hear the eggshells. they're like little micro-scrubbers. okay? and then you just dump it out and rinse with regular wer. one more thing you can do. imagine we're out in a garden right now, and a poor basil plant, it's gonna be attacked by slugs or snails. what you can do is just take some eggshells. and sprinkle them, crushed, around the perimeter.
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the little edges of the shell, they're sharp. if you are a slug or a snail, crawling your way over to eat this plant, they're smart enough to know that they need to avoid this, so they're just gonna turn around and say, "no thanks, mr. basil. i'm gonna leave you right alone." - coming up next... - ooh, it smells good. - a fresh idea for stinky feet and an herb that's past its prime. - ♪ only you - we'll be right back to "the more you know" on nbc.
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from ending up in the trash, and offers a refreshing treat for your feet. what we're talking about today is parsley. in this case, you have some parsley that's a little past its prime. you don't want to throw it away. maybe you heard this little tip, that if you have stinky breath, what you should do is chew on a stem of parsley. and the reason you want to do this, and it works, is that parsley is loaded with something called chlorophyll. chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer, so if it can freshen your breath, guess what: it can also freshen your feet. and what i like to do is just cut the stems in half, put it into a bowl, and take some warm water. it's going to release the natural chlorophyll inside. [sniffs] ooh, it smells good. if you wanted to, you could add one more thing: some essential oils. peppermint is always a fantastic one to add. and all that's left to do is take your bare feet-- pretend these are your feet--
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they're crushing the stems and releasing even more of that beautiful natural deodorizing chlorophyll. ah. fresh feet, fresh idea, "do just one thing." how easy was that? get creative and give yourself a break. with some at-home d.i.y. pampering, it will make you feel like a v.i.p. thanks so much for watching and please remember to celebrate your day with plenty of beauty, truth, and goodness. i'll see all of you next week. [andy huckvale's "this ordinary life"] ♪ - ♪ ordinary lives ♪ this one i'd share with you ♪ ♪ only you
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headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. >> good evening we beginning tonight with the march towards impeachment proceedings. the whistleblower now likely to testify behind closed doors. and late today coordinated effort the president and his allies launch to push back. kelly o'donnell at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: ukraine call whistleblower. unseen, unidentified, but soon to be have a voice. behind closed doors at the house intelligence committee. >> but do you expect the whistleblower to testify? and if so, when? >> yes.
3:49 pm
and hope very soon. >> reporter: one hurdle the whistleblower's lawyers security clearance to join them before the committee. >> running shotgun to make sure the acting director doesn't delay in that clearance process. >> reporter: lawyers for whistleblower all agree that protecting the whistleblower's identity is paramount. and so far no date has been sent. >> the president is the whistleblower here. >> reporter: today the white house said appropriate request to root out corruption. while attacking the whistleblower's motives. >> the president of the united states is the whistleblower. and this individual is a saba tour trying to undermine the process. >> who gave the whistleblower the information? >> reporter: trump
3:50 pm
defender linzi graham fr sunday golf partner. >> the president was charmingly a great host. >> reporter: to sunday morning advocate. questioning how the whistleblower learned secret information used in the formal complaint secondhand. >> what i want to know, who told the whistleblower about the transcript? who told the whistleblower about a phone call between the president of the united states and the foreign leader? >> reporter: and we have learned the acting chief of staff and white house counsel will make a presentation to the president to argue for a coordinated rapid response team to handle impeachment. kate. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house for us. kelly, thank you. now to a brazen jail break in southern ohio. four in malts escaped from a county jail this morning and now there is a multi state to find them. here is kathy park. >> reporter: four prisoners escaped assaulting a correctional officer, will be in a charcoal gray charger. >> reporter: tonight the search intensified
3:51 pm
across the states to find these four men. they said they escaped the jail in southern ohio just after midnight by over powering correctional officers using a homemade weapon. the inmates stole a get away vehicle. >> our detectives have established the inmates had assistance from one individual at least from the outside. >> reporter: the inmates jail is located in the county courthouse in the small town. this is no stranger to jail breaks since three since august. earlier this month one of the men on the run escaped with another inmate. the pair was quickly recaptured. >> after taking office, i quickly realized our jail was out dated and in sufficient to meet the needs of the criminals. we do not have the
3:52 pm
ability to lock our inmates in cells like conventional jails are. >> the whole community is sick the way it's operated. >> reporter: growing frus trace as multi state manhunt continues. anybody news. an update on story a little boy who called 911 on school bus driver saying he thought she was drunk and now shocking video says she was act tg erratically and shouting at the kids. now with the story. >> reporter: for the first time stunning video coming to light with elementary students shrieking with tower as washington state school bus driver allegedly drunk at the time rambles and drives erratically. >> i am crazy. i'm totally crazy. i am so fun crazy. because i love life. >> she was drunk. because she passed three red lights, and she got on the side
3:53 pm
road. >> reporter: a ten-year-old boy on that bus phoned 911 when she got home. >> this should not have happened. >> reporter: the long view school district now promising to screen drivers before they get behind a wheel. >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: 48-year-old kathryn ran two routes, one with high schoolers then another with elementary students n total up to 90 kids. even continuing her rant to an empty bus. >> because my marriage sucks. >> reporter: before dispatch forsz dispatch forced her to the side of the road. more than double the legal limit. she faces charges of dui and reckless driving and no long employed with the school district. but on this day many of those rules smashed
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parts of the west up to 3 feet of snow. >> reporter: powerful storm in rockies. snow across september across six states a week after summer. in montana blizzard and state of emergency. up to 3 feet of snow in some parts. piling up on trees weighing heavily on power lines above. northern part of the state socked in. storm tracer aaron in glacier national park. >> we can see the wind is blowing quite hard here. lots of snow. we do have white out conditions here. >> reporter: nearby, wind pushed snow drifts on to sidewalks, treacherous conditions across the state. further west, storms in spokane washington, deep freeze warning is in effect overnight. dangerous weather system rattled the great plains this weekend too. in eastern kansas, powerful rain, wind, and hail pounded this region. and in california. >> that's bad news. >> reporter: a tornado
3:58 pm
touched down near sacramento sacramento. the twister spinning up debris as it passed over this field. but summer heat held on especially in the south, breaking records in south carolina. rally 93 and wilmington wilmington 94 and charlotte 95. >> reporter: and it isn't over. it continues especially on the east coast. kate. thank you. rather have the heat than the snow. finally tonight when oprah winfrey comes to town you know you could be in for a surprise. that was the reaction after oprah told a room full of people she is giving their organization over $1 million. she was speaking at a fundraiser in north carolina for the united negro college fund of the her gift will help area students attend historically black
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, doenotr dame football, the nascar playoffs and prime time's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. it's our time. sunday night, everybody watching. >> let's go! >> we do what we do! we dominate our game. ♪ i'm feeling good ♪ the sun is shining ♪ i knew it would ♪ i'm in the clouds ♪ let me show you what it's all abou


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