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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 11, 2019 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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millions in the dark, intentional blackouts spreading in los angeles due to a critical fire risk. the new blizzard warning, potentially historic snowstorm on the move and the nor'easter threatening travel. al roker with the new tracks. disturbing discovery a memory card showing a brutal murder on the street >> had this witness not called us after she found the video card we would not have been able to solve this crime as fast as we did >> is the suspect linked to other killings and a crash caught on camera, the ferrari flipping over and over again. the boxing champion thrown from the car. his condition tonight. and she did it again simone biles, making history >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone the arrests of two associates of trump lawyer rudy giuliani on campaign finance violations may be shedding new light tonight on efforts to influence american politics two men arrested at dulles
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airport where they were about to leave the country on one-way tickets. the pair also figure in the impeachment inquiry and those shadowy efforts to draw ukraine into investigating joe biden our hallie jackson has details. >> reporter: inside federal court, rudy giuliani's inside men in ukraine, who had been helping him dig up dirt on joe biden there. now, in a separate case, the pair is being charged with breaking campaign finance laws here, by allegedly trying to funnel foreign money into elections to buy potential influence with the candidates, campaigns and the candidates government the two were arrested at dulles airport, after buying a one-way ticket out of the country, prosecutors say. >> this investigation is about corrupt behavior, deliberate law breaking >> lev parnas and igor fruman donated more than they were allowed to to congressman pete sessions and asked for help to get rid of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch.
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alert on tand by nbc news show sessions in 2018 asked the secretary of state to consider terminating her ambassadorship citing concrete evidence from two close companions that ambassador yovanovitch had spoken privately and repeatedly about her disdain for the current administration sessions says his motivation was that political appointees should not be disparaging the president, adding he will vigorously defend himself against any allegations of wrongdoing the indictment reveals they disguised $325,000 in donations to a pro-trump super pac which today says that money is in a segregated account while the legal battle unfolds the pairs' attorney is not commenting the president today. what conversations have you had with lev parnas and igor fruman? >> i don't know those gentlemen. it's possible i have a picture with them. because i have a picture with everybody. i have a picture with everybody here, but somebody said there
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may be a picture or something at a fund-raiser or somewhere. >> reporter: giuliani, the president's personal attorney, telling nbc news he can't comment yet but told "the new york times" last month, i referred the men to a campaign finance expert who pretty much resolved it. house democrats have subpoenaed parnas and fruman as part of their impeachment inquiry with the former national security adviser making clear where he >> dyou think it's appropriate for the president of the united states to solicit foreign interference in our political process? >> no. >> thank you. >> of course, no no, absolutely not. >> reporter: energy secretary rick perry today was also subpoenaed by house democrats, looking for documents about his interactions with ukraine. that brings the total to nine subpoenas against the trump administration during this impeachment inquiry so far lester >> hallie jackson at the white house tonight, thanks. turkey stepped up its deadly air and ground offensive in northern syria against kurdish forces that had been fighting with americans against isis. chief foreign correspondent
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richard engel is inside syria tot withhe les >> reporter: tonight tens of thousands of civilians are fleeing as turkey escalates its invasion into syria, targeting u.s. allies, the kurds smashing towns and villages on the border with air strikes, artillery and ground forces. the injured rushed to hospitals. families scrambling to get out, carrying whatever they can we were hit by six or seven bombs, this woman said we drove into northern syria this morning, and soon met these kurdish protesters just outside the front line they're being urged to stay and resist she is saying the americans with the kurds fought against isis. without the kurds, they would never have been able to defeat isis she's asking, why are the americans leaving us now the kurds blame president trump, who essentially gave the green light for the turkish attack by
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ordering u.s. troops out of the way. today the president tweeting he could mediate a deal between turkey and the kurds and threatening sanctions on turkey. >> we had a big victory. we left the area i don't think the american people want to see us go back in with our military. we are going to possibly do something very, very tough with respect to sanctions. >> reporter: turkey's foreign minister tonight says the assault will continue until, he says, all terrorists are neutralized. the assault is facing worldwide condemnation in part, because it's not just an offensive it's a settlement campaign turkey is sending in arab militias that would displace the kurds from their homes permanently. and there are growing fears about these detention camps, holding tens of thousands of isis fighters and their families kurdish officials now warn some isis members have probably already escaped because kurdish troops had to rush to the front lines.
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u.s. forces have taken custody of at least two high-profile isis detainees, accused of murdering american journalists james foley and dozens of other foreigners u.s. troops here are on their bases and they say so far they're seeing more turkish-backed militias than turkish troops and that worries them lester >> richard engel, thank you. president trump's eldest son, donald trump jr. is sparking controversy tonight with a paid speaking appearance at a college campus in florida kristen welker has this story. >> reporter: back to school for the president's son, donald trump jr. set to speak at the university of florida tonight, but the guest of honor greeted with mixed reaction and even protesters at issue, tonight's appearance comes with a payday. trump junior, who will be joined by kimberly gilfoyle, will be taking home $50,000 in student activity fees. far less than other high-profile speakers like pitbull. the sold-out event was organized by the student government. some students argue their funds
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shouldn't go to a partisan event. >> i'm basically here to tell you this is not okay and it will never be okay. >> this is the university where we're all about freedom of speech and opening your mind. >> reporter: the university says it's committed itself to ensuring that a wide variety of viewpoints are heard on campus, noting campaign events are banned on campus still trump jr. is no stranger to the trail. >> do you want communism or do you want freedom >> reporter: a spokesperson for trump jr. tells nbc news he and gelfoyle are, quote, extremely excited, about bringing something rarely heard on campuses today, bold conservative perspectives. lester >> kristen, thank you. preventive power outages, a homes in flames, as utility companies are cutting power to millions in california to reduce
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wildfire risk. here's nbc news steven patterson. >> tonight, a cluster of fast-moving wildfire breaking out across california in southern california the so-called sandal wood fire has quickly spread to 500 acres. the flames driven by heavy winds rapidly spread into a mobile home park devouring dozens of homes. >> i know there's at least 90 homes there and probably a lot of seniors and that's my biggest concern right now, how many -- if everybody was gotten out of there safely. >> the fires still burning out of control threatening the area's power grid, railway and more homes meanwhile, in northern california and the bay area, 2 million people plunged into darkness today worried whipping winds could knock down faulty power lines sparking wildfires like this one. today pg&e pulled the plug on more homes, businesses and
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buildings. in 34 counties hundreds of thousands of locations are offline. >> that's right, pg&e did this to us. >> the unprecedented move fueling anger across the bay area and wine country. some estimate a prolonged five-day blackout could cost the region a billion dollars. >> i can't help think it's maybe an over reaction. >> they are flipping the switch in the north trying to avoid a disaster while flames rip through homes in the south steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. and from california to new england. we're following a triple weather threat tonight al roker is tracking it all. al, what's the latest? >> lester, we start in california wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, potentially explosive problem. in the plains we have blizzard like conditions. 2 million people, five states under weather threat snowfall amounts up to 18 inches and more in the northern plains.
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here in the nor east a nor'easter bringing strong winds, heavy rain, possible beach erosion. a real mess. rainfall up to ten inches. coastal flood and surf warnings. lester, coast to coast a dangerous situation. >> al, thanks. in florida today, a man convicted in a deadly shooting over a handicapped parking spot was sentenced to 20 years in prison michael drago was convicted of manslaughter for shooting an unarmed man after they got into a fight outside a convenience store last year. he told police he was irritated by people who park illegally in handicap spots in china, an nba exhibition game featuring lebron james went on as scheduled, despite nearly a week of tensions between the country and the league and now another major u.s. company, apple, is being accused of caving to china nbc's janis mackey frayer is in shanghai >> reporter: some empty seats, no national anthem but it was game on for the nba in china in a week that pitted the league against china's government
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turning basketball into a geopolitical storm that the game even went ahead is a sign there could be a truce. what isn't clear is who makes the next move. >> very sensitive about what people tweet about. >> reporter: supporting protests in hong kong, the backlash in china has been fierce. events canceled, broadcast plans scrapped the nba stoking things further by holding firm in its position on free speech, risking a $4 billion empire in china. >> we'll have to live with those consequences. >> reporter: the team at the center of the controversy was asked about it. >> this isn't a question this is an event that happened this week during the nba. >> reporter: normally talkative players were silent. >> any other questions >> reporter: the nba later apologized, saying that was how inconsistent with how the nba conduct media events the chinese market is lucrative for many american companies,
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full of tripwires. >> we call it the great wall of china, where they censor all content. if they don't like what they see, they pull it. >> apple, the latest to be criticized for dropping an app showing hong kong protest hot spots, but defending the move, saying the app has been used to target and ambush police as for the game, it was the nets over the lakers by three the chinese nba fans scoring, too. janis mackey frayer, shanghai. let's turn to our series "america under pressure. we go into a ground breaking program in the u.k., educating children could the same thing work here at home? here is kelly cobiella. >> focus on your breath. >> reporter: in british schools, there's reading, writing and another r. relaxing who likes meditation in the
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morning? >> doing it helps me quiet it down and get ready for lessons >> i feel much more calm if i get an answer wrong, i'll take it in more and not going, oh, i should have done this better. >> reporter: the uk program includes 370 schools, tens of thousands of students learning about mental health, mindfulness and how to get help. >> we're looking to give them some skills and strategies that allow them to manage their mental health on a daily basis, that might help prevent problems in later life. >> reporter: it's estimated 10% of british kids have clinically diagnosable mental health issues in the u.s. it's 20% there's no national standard for mental health education in the united states. though at least nine states have laws requiring it to be part of the curriculum >> the most common illnesses for children under the age of 18 are mental health disorders. >> reporter: this doctor of the child mind institute believes more should be done. >> if we can do it in the uk, certainly we can do it in the united states.
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we just have to have the will. certainly we can find the resources. >> reporter: in the uk, one year into the study, they're already seeing progress. have you noticed a difference in the students since you started this >> definitely. they're much more focused. >> reporter: why do you think this helps >> i have absolutely no idea. >> reporter: you just know it does >> yes. >> reporter: a lesson that could make for a happier future. kelly cobiella, nbc news. a lot more to tell you about as we continue tonight, including a man charged with murder and police solving the crime using a memory card. you'll never believe where they found it also, the can't-miss moment. simone biles sets a record at the world championships. and incredible comeback by a young man who suffered an injury how he's inspiring america
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next, a shocking discovery on theide of the road. a memory card containing video of a brutal murder, suspect now in custody
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authorities are investigating were whether he's linked to other killings here is nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: on a remote stretch of alaska highway, the discovery of a woman's body on the side of the road now being tied to a small sd card, found miles away in anchorage, labeled homicide at midtown marriott. police say a card was found by a woman who opened the car and saw 39 images and 12 videos showing horrible beating and strangulation of a woman by a man with a foreign accent. >> it's pretty graphic what we do believe is that the suspect recorded himself, the events that took place in the hotel room. >> reporter: detectives say they recognize the voice from a separate investigation, arresting 48-year-old brian stephen smith from south africa, and charging him with murder >> had the witness not called us after she found the sd card, we would not have been able to solve this crime as quickly as we did
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the victim has not been identified they're trying to figure out who she is and whether there could be more victims out there. gadi schwartz, nbc news. up next tonight, a devastating crash caught on camera ferrari flipping over and over a champion athlete thrown from that car we'll tell you how he's doing tonight. and the can't-miss triumph for simone biles, capturing another world record
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we're back now with the boxing champ's shocking car crash. the white car hitting the median, flipping over and over in dallas. the driver world welterweight champ earl spence jr. was ejected from the car. spence is now in a hospital icu in serious condition police say is he expected to live. in germany, simone biles made more history, with winning five all-around titles and is one step closer to an even bigger record.
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erin mclaughlin is there >> the stage belongs to simone biles. >> reporter: simone biles once again in a league of her own already considered the greatest of all time. today she nabs her fifth all-around world title two more medals here in germany and she'll become the most decorated gymnast at the world championships ever. >> i feel good after today put out good performances. wasn't too crazy didn't do anything crazy. >> does she do it? >> reporter: admitting she held back noticeably absent, double/double dismount off the balance beam known as the biles unprecedented for its difficulty last week the national gymnastics federation opted to assign the skill a lower value than experts believe it's worth. >> you're accredited with really pushing the sport forward with innovative moves do you feel like they're being valued appropriately >> the beam dismount we're disappointed with that a little
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bit but at the end of the day, we can only control what we do, not what they do. >> the only competition is herself. so it's like how do you compete against yourself you just try to get better that's what she's doing with these skills, yet they're not awarding them. >> reporter: tonight there's only one way for simone biles to finish her performance she dropped the mic. stuttgart, germany. >> just amazing to watch a comeback story that's inspiring america.
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in tonight's inspiring america, a young man who came back from tremendous adversity to show what it means to go the distance here is kevin tibbles. >> reporter: now this is a finish worth a photo, because 18-year-old caleb freeman crossed the line
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freeman, a senior at new castle high school in oklahoma suffered a traumatic brain injury in a serious car accident two years ago. >> he was not supposed to live, not supposed to -- he woke up, not supposed to eat, talk, walk or do anything. >> reporter: the cross country runner was in a coma for two long months while his family prayed when caleb finally regained consciousness, he faced a long road to recovery a pray for caleb facebook page was set up to track his journey back and caleb kept striving as runners finished the three-mile course, they circled back, surrounding caleb, urging him on. >> he fell down four times in the race and got back up each time on his own. >> and like i knew i just needed to cross that line, because it could give people hope. >> reporter: finishing the race to spread his message, keep on pushing forward. kevin tibbles, nbc news.
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>> isn't that a great comeback story? that's "nightly news" for this thursday i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. ♪ >> ♪ you're insecure ♪ don't know what for ♪ you're turning heads ♪ when you walk ♪ through the door ♪ don't neemake-up ♪ to cover up
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♪ being the way that you are ♪ is enough ♪ everyone else in the room ♪ can see it ♪ everyone else but you ♪ baby you light up my world ♪ like nobody else ♪ the way that you ♪ flip your hair ♪ gets me overwhelmed ♪ but when you smile ♪ at the ground it ain't hard ♪ to tell ♪ you don't know, oh, oh ♪ you don't know ♪ you're beautiful ♪ if only you saw ♪ what i can see ♪ you'll understand ♪ why i want you ♪ so desperately ♪ right now i'm looking at you ♪ and i can't believe ♪ you don't know, oh, oh ♪ you don't know ♪ you're beautiful ♪ oh, oh ♪ that's what makes you ♪ beautiful come on! come on! ♪ baby you light up ♪ my world like nobody else ♪ the way that you ♪ flip your hair
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♪ gets me overwhelmed ♪ but when you smile ♪ at the ground ♪ it ain't hard to tell ♪ you don't know, oh oh ♪ you don't know that's what makes you beautiful ♪ >> kelly: welcome, y'all. welcome to "the kelly clarkson show." okay, that song is so sweet. that song is so sweet. if i was a kid. but i'm 37. i love that song. it's what makes you beautiful, it's really great song and a great message. my audience looks fantastic. [cheers and applause] y'all are feeling it. let's meet the person who requested that song. i think i saw sharon. how are you doing? why did you pick that song? >> first


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