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tv   Today  NBC  October 17, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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popular route. brake tapping but no problems across thee hope it stays that way. we will be back at 7:25 with more live local news. >> don't forget to join us at 11:00. we'll see you then. have a good morning. good morning, chaos at the white house. >> what we witnessed was a meltdown. >> democrats storm out of a heated meeting with president trump after both parties condemn his decision to withdraw troops out of syria. >> i'm bringing our soldiers back home. >> overnight both the vice president and the secretary of state arriving in the region to push for a cease-fire. live with the latest from turkey and the white house. breaking news. congressman elijah cummings has died.
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the 68-year-old democrat known for his devotion to civil rights passed away overnight. we'll look back at his life and legacy. wild and windy, more than 63 million people from north carolina to maine feeling the effects of a dangerous nor'easter. heavy rains and winds up to 90 miles an hour, causing damage, power outages and travel delays and it isn't over yet. al has the forecast. all that plus in the hot seat, the ambassador at the center of the ukraine controversy set to face tough questions on capitol hill. on strike, a massive teacher walkout in chicago, cancelled classes and leaves tens of thousands of parents scrambling. and remarkable rescue. a hero trooper springs into action to save a driver stuck on the tracks. >> we've got a train coming. we've got a train coming. >> the heart stopping save with just seconds to spare. today, thursday, october 17th,
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2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. another very busy news morning. >> we have a lot to get to. turmoil in washington. and chaos in the middle east. a lot of fast moving developments to tell you about. in a stunning rebuke democrats and republicans banded together yesterday, and voted overwhelmingly to condemn president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of that region. and that was the backdrop later in the day at a tension-filled white house meeting between the president and congressional leaders that deteriorated into name calling and a walkout by democrats. and the white house has confirmed there is a letter that the president, and here it is, sent to turkey's president on he invasion, and it warns the president of turkey not to be "a tough guy or a
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fool," all of this as vice president pence and secretary of state pompeo arrive in turkey this morning. they are pushing for a cease-fire. will it fall on deaf ears? we'll start with peter alexander. >> reporter: with the crisis in syria escalating this fight between the president and top democrats is spinning out of control, punctuated by that contentious clash at the white house. the fiery exchange captured in this photo released by the white house showing house speaker nancy pelosi standing there in a cabinet room full of men with her finger pointed at the president. all of it marking a wild 1,000th day of the trump presidency. shortly after a house vote where more than 100 republicans joined democrats condemning the president's abrupt withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria a heated confrontation inside the white house. >> earlier today the house of
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representatives voted 354 to 60 in opposition to the actions he has taken in syria. he was shaken up by it. >> that clash between president trump and top democrats spilling out onto the steps of the west wing. >> i pray for the president all the time and i tell him that. i pray for his safety and that of his family. we have to pray for his health, this is a very serious meltdown on the part of the president. >> he called her a third rate politician. he said that the -- there are communists involved and you guys might like that. i mean, this was not a dialogue. it was sort of a diatribe, a nasty diatribe. >> reporter: president trump hitting back, accusing democrats of storming out. releasing these photos from the cabinet room, pelosi seen standing up, embracing the image, making it her background photo on twitter, the president using the same language as pelosi against her, tweeting she had a total meltdown in the white house today. it was very sad to watch.
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pray for her. she is a very sick person. it's a tactic often used by the president. >> that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. >> it's pretty clear -- >> you're the puppet. >> it comes as we are getting our first look at the letter president trump sent to the turkish president, after president trump appeared to give them the green light, reading in part let's work out a good deal. you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the turkish economy, and i will. don't be a tough guy, don't be a fool. the president wednesday insisting the kurds who fought alongside the u.s. to defeat isis could battle turkey on their own. >> there's a lot of sand that they can play with. that has nothing to do with us. and the kurds are much safer right now, but the kurds know how to fight. and as i said they're not angels. they're not angels. >> reporter: but the kurds are
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not safer and kurdish commanders tell nbc news president trump is treating their lives like a joke. the president's ally, senator lindsey graham blasting the president's moves. >> and to president trump, if you're listening to this interview, isis will come back on your watch and iran will take over. >> lindsey graham would like to stay in the middle east for the next thousand years. i want to get out of the middle east. >> reporter: and we are getting new details this morning about what was said during that exchange here at the white house. things devolving when speaker pelosi explained to the president that russia has wanted a, quote, foothold in the middle east and now has one with the u.s. withdrawal, according to a senior democratic aide that pelosi told the president all roads with you lead to putin. the president responding i hate isis more than you do, and later as the democrats marched out, his final words, good-bye, we'll see you at the polls. savannah. >> peter, thank you so much. and now to that push for a cease-fire being led by vice president mike pence in turkey this morning. today's senior international
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correspondent keir simmons has that part of the story. morning. >> reporter: we are inside the turkish presidential palace where vice president where vice president pence and secretary of state pompeo will hold that high stakes meeting. after their own president, president trump and his comments effectively undermine their position the secretary of state saying before they left for here they want a cease-fire but on the ground in syria there is little sign of that turkish forces fighting street to street in urban conflict, reports of more than 200 civilians killed and turkish artillery continuing to pound. the one leader in the world who seems to have command of events here is president putin as america is sidelined its relationship with the key nato ally, turkey, in crisis the president putin can pick up
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the phone to the leader of turkey, he can pick up the phone to the leader of syria and his russians forces that are trying to hold the line to prevent this conflict from escalating and meanwhile after this meeting here president erdogan says he will head to moscow for a meeting with president putin and responding to president trump's call for a cease-fire by saying we never will. savannah. >> thank you very much, keir i want to turn to nbc news analyst jeremy bash. >> good morning. >> let's first talk about the likelihood of success of this meeting by vice president pence, secretary of state pompeo sitting down with the turkish president erdogan asking for a cease-fire do they have any leverage? >> we've lost a lot of our leverage, savannah, because in giving turkey the green light to go into syria we've essentially taken u.s. military options off the table and whenever an american takes military options off the table we have far less leverage, far less ability to affect the outcome plus that letter that was released yesterday where the president said don't be a tough guy, don't be a fool.
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that's going to embarrass erdogan and embolden him, no way in front of his own press corps or his own people he'll be seen as backing down to america. >> let's talk about this power balance in the middle east because, i mean, literally borders could be being redrawn right now but the power balance is always the thing there, right, so russia as a player, iran as a player, the u.s. as a player who's winning and who's losing >> clearly the united states is deciding we want out of there but the problem is savannah we can't just bring our troops home we're going to have to put more troops into the persian gulf and u.s. military forces in the middle east for a very long time and in that vacuum created in northern syria there, the syrian government assad is going there, he's backed by russia, russia has a stronger hand and when russia has a stronger hand so does iran. >> how about that? because here on the one hand the administration has been touting its maximum pressure campaign, very difficult economic sanctions against iran, obviously took itself out of the
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iran nuclear deal but on the other hand what's happening in syria, most analysts will tell you, is great news for iran. >> it is because iran has wanted to create a land bridge from their country across iraq, across syria, across lebanon to the mediterranean sea. this is a vital piece. this piece of northern syria and now they're going to get it. >> where does that leave israel right now? >> well, israel is very vulnerable traditionally israel has wanted to have a tough position against iran but, of course, they were very concerned when the u.s. military said we're out of northern syria. there's been another military conflict in the southern part of syria between israel and syria and that's going to go on, savannah. >> jeremy, thank you very much, complicated situation, we'll keep following it, of course. new developments in the impeachment investigation as well senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has told republicans to prepare for an impeachment trial. another key witness testifies on capitol hill today kristen welker has more for us.
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>> reporter: gordon sondland is a central figure in the ukraine controversy, set to testify later today, a former trump donor turned eu ambassador so lawmakers are going to want to know why he was discussing ukraine, which is of course not a member of the eu they will likely also press him on their top question, was president trump withholding military aid in exchange for an investigation into the bidens? now you may remember those text messages by sondland, in one he said there's no quid pro quo well, he's expected to say, today, that he was instructed to say that by president trump. now, it's also worth noting that fiona hill, who is the former top adviser on russia, who testified earlier this week, said that she saw sondland as a national security risk, savannah. >> kristen, we just mentioned earlier in the show that the republican leader mitch mcconnell has told other republicans in the senate to get ready for an impeachment trial what's he saying exactly >> reporter: well, he is, and savannah he's signaling that he
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wants any trial to move expeditiously. he's essentially looking at the broader timeline look, if the house were to vote on an impeachment inquiry by thanksgiving, theoretically that means that the senate could move on an impeachment trial and have it wrapped up by the end of the year and before those all important primaries. yesterday, behind closed doors, when he was talking to fellow senate republicans he said he planned for the senate to move as quickly as possible it is worth noting that the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff has said he wants to move expeditiously as well but has not committed to a timeline, savannah. >> kristen welker from the white house press briefing room, thank you so much. breaking news from washington overnight, long time democratic congressman elijah cummings the champion of civil rights and the key player in the impeachment investigation has died nbc's geoff bennett joins us from capitol hill with the latest on the story. >> reporter: elijah cummings death is a massive loss, not just for congress but for the country. here on capitol hill he was seen
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as a strong moral force. politics aside, who was widely respected by both democrats and republicans. and for the folks he represented in his native baltimore they viewed him as not just a good congressman but also a good man. elijah cummings had been a familiar face on capitol hill for nearly 25 years. a 12-term congressman known for his soaring oratory, cummings ascended the heights of political power as chairman of the house oversight committee. yet through it all cummings never moved away from the inner city of his native baltimore elijah cummings was one of seven children born to south carolina sharecroppers who moved north for a better opportunity he credited his parents, both preachers, for instilling in him a moral code which led him into a life of public service and was the guiding force of his career when riots erupted on the streets of baltimore in 2015
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following the death of a 25-year-old black man in police custody it was cummings who called for justice while urging calm. >> we've got to go home. >> reporter: and when the maryland democrat took a lead role in investigating the trump administration he defined for all what he saw as his chief obligation. >> we're dancing with the angels the question will be asked, in 2019 what did we do? to make sure we kept our democracy intact. >> reporter: all the while highlights his friendships across the aisle as a model of what could be despite an era of deep partisanship. >> of all the people on this committee i've said it and got in trouble for it, that you're one of my best friends i know that shocks a lot of people. >> and likewise, mr. chairman. >> yeah. >> reporter: cummings was sidelined for months following heart surgery in 2017. he later told his staffers his
7:15 am
recovery renewed his focus on the importance of his work a calling, he believed, to be the champion in congress for civil rights and civility. cummings had not been here on the hill for the past several weeks as he's been dealing with his health issues. meantime i'm told the work of the oversight committee which he chaired and cared so much about would continue without delay just as cummings would have wanted it. meantime today though people are remembering him for his strong moral leadership and the passion he brought to public service hoda >> geoff thank you so much, so struck to see him say so many words but the words about you're my best friend, crossing party lines and showing us true civility. >> and having that moment when he said you're my best friend and coming to the defense of a republican congressman, not at a moment when things were easy but a moment of high tension in the capitol. he was a true statesman and it's a great loss we wish his family the best, our prayers are with you. that nasty nor'easter impacting tens of millions from the south to new england, high winds knocking out power,
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causing a lot of damage too. al has a forecast in a moment. but let's go to kathy park in long island in the thick of it how's it looking >> reporter: the combination of heavy rain and strong winds created a mess overnight, knocking down trees, utility poles, even this structure behind me.t intensified, and knocked and the structure was actually set to be demolished and you can see and hear the crew that's starting to get to work. wild waet weather pull going new england and leaving more than a quarter of a million people without power. the quick moving storm forming when one system from the midwest and another off the atlantic coast combined creating powerful winds and rising waters. in boston one woman posting tong a huge surprise on her doorstep.
7:17 am
>> i thought it was an earthquake and no, it's the tree of my neighbor. >> reporter: at boston's logan airport 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts cancelling more than 800 flights. in connecticut drenching rains soaking the area and causing local flooding on new york's long island high winds causing even more structural damage to a local business, already in the process of being torn down. >> crazy, just came out of nowhere. >> on a scale of one to ten, it's a solid seven. >> reporter: in new jersey sandbags stacked to protect store fronts, streets flooding almost immediately in the riverside city of hoboken. storm weary residents used to it. >> it's the same every storm it's hoboken. >> reporter: in philadelphia dangerous driving conditions leading to tragedy at least three people were killed when a passenger van overturned with 11 people on board. the cause of the crash is
7:18 am
currently under investigation. and the wild weather isn't over. while the rain has moved out, gusty conditions are sticking around for much of the day gusts are expected anywhere between 40 to 50 miles per hour in parts of the northeast. so we're not out of the woods just yet savannah, hoda >> kathy park, thank you very much. al, what are we looking at today? >> we're seeing more heavy rainmaking its way up into new england and northern new york. wind gusts, 52-mile-per-hour wind gusts in nantucket, buffalo 29 this extends way back. the winds, 63 million people over 14 states from virginia to new england, wind advisories, or wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour, wind warnings for gusts of up to 65 miles per hour. it's a very powerful storm we talked about it being a bombogenesis, a bomb cyclone, you have to drop 24 millibars in 24 hours, did that in half the time heavy rain and wind in new england. wet snow possible in the
7:19 am
adirondacks. and then it pushes away and things finally start to dry out but the winds are going to hang out through tomorrow afternoon looking at that wet weather stretching all the way into new england. winds will continue, and we've got airport delays today from boston to washington and as far back west as buffalo. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through october 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have such a beautiful sunrise
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as we look at the golden gate bridge. and so we're going to see a few more clouds passing by. the cold front is moving out. we'll leave behind cooler than normal weather with our high temperatures in the low to mid-70s for the inland areas and then going into the day tomorrow more sunshine. by saturday a few clouds early reaching 75 and then werly next week. and that's your latest weather. i was nervous because i'm teaching a broadcast meteorology class this semester and my students are all -- >> how cool is that? >> how did he do, guys >> yes. >> oh, you've got to kind of -- >> they're all gunning for my job. there you go good group of kids. >> there's the future right there. coming up, a car stuck on the train tracks and a heart stopping rescue all caught on camera. >> got a train coming.
7:21 am
we've got a train coming >> we will hear from the hero trooper who pulled an unconscious man to safety with just seconds to spare. plus, do psychedelic drugs hold the key to treating depression a firsthand look at a revolutionary treatment being credited with saving lives this morning. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. on this the 30th anniversary of loma prieta earthquake the timing could not be better. california today rolling out the first ever statewide early warning system. here is what you'll hear on your phone before an earthquake hits. >> earthquake drop cover, hold on. shaking expected. >> designers say the my shake app can provide people with critical extra seconds before an earthquake strikes. this is to get to safety. it's been years in the making. the system uses a statewide network of seismic detectors to trigger a warning. right now a look at the forecast for you this morning. kari? we're starting out with a few clouds as a cold front moves through live in san jose clearing out within the next couple of hours and we'll be
7:27 am
slightly cooler than normal with highs in the low 70s today. in concord a high of 74 and 75 in napa. observing will be in the upper 60s. we'll see mid-60s in san francisco. tomorrow looks good with highs up to 75 in the inland valleys. also 75 on saturday but then we'll start to warm up from sunday into early next week heading back to summer with san francisco staying in the 60s throughout the week. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. more traffic and the drive across the dumbarton bridge. we focus here the jamup out of dublin. you see foothill road is jammed. folks getting over there via stone ridge. looking to west 580 and both directions clearing. a disabled vehicle cleared minutes ago. the build is typical. back to you. thanks mike. we'll have another local news
7:28 am
break in 30 minutes. we'll see you then.
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it's 7:30 now, it's thursday morning, 17th of october, 2019, we say hello to a happy crowd on a windy plaza. but it's not raining i don't see any umbrellas out. >> we're going to head out in a little bit craig is on assignment, interviewing one of his heros, the legendary michael jordan we're going to have that for you coming up on monday. >> craig is so excited about that happening right now. we're going to start this morning with the news in that heated confrontation between the president and top democrats inside the white house yesterday. the president accused democrats of storming out of the meeting the democrats say they walked out after the president had a meltdown, hurling insults at
7:31 am
them while talking about isis. well that meeting followed a house vote where more than 100 republicans joined the democrats to condemn the president's abrupt withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria. the nation's third largest school system is shut down this morning as tens of thousands of chicago teachers go on strike. they are asking for better pay and other demands like reduced class sizes, a shorter school day and increased support staff. for now parents of the district's more than 350,000 students are left trying to figure out what to do with their kids during the strike school buildings will be open for students who need a safe place to go during the day. we've been marveling at this video all morning, this dramatic rescue, a utah state trooper being hailed as a hero this morning after he risked his own life to save a man from an oncoming train miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: a disabled car stuck on the railroad tracks with a massive commuter train coming right towards it, the
7:32 am
moment when a heroic patrolman arrived and jumped into action sprinting onto the scene with a dash camera rolling utah state trooper reuben correa found a car stalled on the train tracks, the vehicle's driver unconscious and still inside the locomotive barrelled towards them. >> get out of here, we've got a train coming we've got a train coming we've got a train coming. >> reporter: with just seconds to spare correa pulled the driver to safety, right before the 400 ton commuter train smashed into the suv, sending it airborne. >> i got the driver out. >> i got worried after i saw the train hit the vehicle and the vehicle flew about 30 feet in front of us and that's when i realized, oh, wow, that was a lot closer than i would have liked. >> reporter: the crash took place wednesday morning in the town of centerville, north of salt lake city police say the car's driver suffered an unknown medical
7:33 am
condition causing the vehicle to veer wildly off the road and end up on the railroad tracks. the man declined to be interviewed, but said he's grateful to be alive trooper correa says he was just doing his job. he doesn't consider himself a hero. >> i'm still trying to process everything that happened i'm just very grateful that i was able to get him out and he's alive and back with his family now. >> reporter: but correa's colleagues say in the path of an oncoming train his quick reaction saved a life and showed true bravery. >> wow. >> cool as a cucumber and he's not the only one people are calling a hero this morning. >> yeah, that's right, the train's conductor was facing oncoming traffic and glaring lights from those oncoming cars but more than 20 seconds before impact was able to start slamming on the brakes, reducing the speed of the train dramatically it may have saved lives of passengers on board too, guys. >> that's incredible to see a lot of heroism there. >> thank you, miguel. are psychedelic drugs the
7:34 am
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7:39 am
making huge comebacks. >> some of the country's psychiatric researchers are now turning to those same drug trips to actually help their patients. nbc's tom costello has the story. this is fascinating. >> it is fascinating, and it harkens back to the 40 or 50 years ago with the hippies taking lsd and magic mushrooms these psychedelic trips. many describe them as terrifying hallucinations but also about achieving a different kind of consciousness, a different state of consciousness and feeling much more alive and happy. today's researchers say those same drug trips taken in a controlled clinical environment appear to help people suffering severe from severe depression 50 years ago psychedelic drugs were at the center of america's counterculture promising good trips and some very bad trips too today the dea restricts psychedelics as schedule i drugs with no currently accepted
7:40 am
but medical use and a high potential for abuse. but pierce chapen believes they saved her life. >> it was very profound and refreshing. >> she struggled with severe depression, considering suicide. a nurse practitioner sent her to a revolutionary treatment at johns hopkins university in baltimore, using a key ingredient in hallucinogenic drugs to treat depression. within hours she felt relief. >> i was really happy. i was seeing things a lot differently for the first time in a long time, since childhood. >> reporter: program coordinator mary shows us the couch where patients take a single pill. >> this is the session room? >> this is the session room. >> reporter: then spent six hours listening to music with their eyes closed, closely watched by staff. >> and then we put a blanket over them to kind of tuck them in to make them feel safe and
7:41 am
comfortable and cozy and we begin the day. >> this is literally the room where people go on a trip. >> yes >> reporter: the latest results are eye opening. hopkins has treated 360 patients for most just one or two sessions lifts their depression for months on end. but unlike the 1960s psychedelics the meds are clinically calculated. >> are you encouraged, excited by what you've learned so far? >> oh, i think there's nothing more interesting that i have research. there's nothing that compares to done in my almost 50 years of doing clinical pharmacology research there's nothing that compares to this >> reporter: the research suggests it reduces the brain's response to negative emotional stimuli. on the left a brain before treatment. the amygdala is bright red and after treatment it's far more muted and this before and after scan, showing far more connectivity in the brain after treatment. >> and they'll -- they have this feeling of hope that they've never had before
7:42 am
this feeling of worthiness that they have never had before >> reporter: but the trip can also be terrifying. >> it can be one of the most fearful feelings, like you're going to die feeling like if you do let go that you're going to go crazy. >> reporter: but when it's over an overwhelming feeling of relief. >> people will have experiences that they feel are really profoundly meaningful to them and to which they attribute enduring long-term changes in positive attitudes, moods and behavior. >> reporter: for pierce it's meant a whole new life after just two sessions she's been depression free for 18 months. >> it's amazing. i want to wake up every day. i feel like my life has meaning to it. >> reporter: okay, a lot of caveats here don't try this at home these are carefully controlled
7:43 am
studies. patients are vetted for pre-existing psychiatric conditions first just one or two pills may be able to replace daily medications for months or years on end without therapy the results so far are so encouraging that a handful of university med centers have now joined johns hopkins in doing this research. guys, one other point, this is not an addictive drug. >> we have so many questions. >> yes. >> first of all, did i understand that right, somebody could have a bad trip, but still receive the benefit of the long-term anti-depressive benefits of this >> the bad trip could be part of the process that you're working through. when you come out of that trip, according to the researchers, you still feel this overall sense of relief and happiness. >> what struck me was just how long it lasts. i thought it was one of those things that you're going to say, well, it lasts for a week or two. that woman was saying a year and a half. >> 18 months for her listen, if this can be applied to other problems, not just depression, they're looking at
7:44 am
addictions as well, addictions to drugs and alcohol as well if that can be applied, and if it can help people break addictions they have preliminary research to suggest, in fact, it does. >> you're sitting there, they're not talking, it's not hypnosis sit there in a controlled setting -- >> they hold your hand, you listen to music, you trip out, literally. they keep you right there. they don't want somebody on a bad trip running out the door and jumping out of a window. they keep you there but as you work through this whole thing according to the researchers people come out feeling alive again. >> wow. >> wow astonishing. keep us posted, tom. you didn't try this yourself >> no, don't try this at home, i didn't do it. switching gears to mr. roker. >> we're looking at global record warmth again, again, tied with september 2015, 2019 on track for the second hottest year planetwide ever, north america's hottest september on record, the lower 48, second warmest for alaska third warmest, hawaii the second
7:45 am
warmest, 30 cities had record temperatures for september and the bad news, this sea ice, the second lowest arctic sea ice on record, 66% of average, this is the way it should be so that's bad news for ocean level rise and for planetary good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our skies are starting to clear as we get a live look outside at walnut creek. you may notice a little bit damp outside. we had a few light showers moving through earlier this morning with a cold front that will leave our temperatures slightly cooler than normal as we go throughout the day with some highs in the low 70s in the south bay over to the tri-valley and parts of the north bay and then as we go through the rest of the forecast looks pretty good fall like weather. it will warm up early next week. that's your latest weather, savannah. >> all right, al, thank you so much. a find for the ages, what archaeologists just unearthed in
7:46 am
egypt, being called one of the most important discoveries in years. right after this going. or have opinions. but if it's on there it has to mean something. so we make sure this means something. that we've done everything - to make your shopping, test-driving and car-buying experience the way it should be. carmax. trick-or-treat happy halloween. thank you! what do ya got? yawn ♪ yeah! woo! pleasure doing business with you.
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7:50 am
this is so exciting. there are only still photographs right now but we caught up with one of egypt's most famous archaeologists for a brief quick chat to tell us all about it ♪ the other worldly discoveries hidden deep in the egyptian sand just keep coming this week, down near the valley of the kings on the nile's west bank, archaeologists stumbled on these beauties. >> completely by accident, completely >> reporter: 20 sealed wooden coffins just as the ancient egyptians left them. >> we had no planning or excavating it was just by accident. >> reporter: most of the tombs he sees are from the late period of ancient egypt but these tombs appear to be much older. >> from examining the coffins we can see beautiful scenes, decoration, hieroglyphic
7:51 am
language. >> reporter: the intricate engravings suggest the coffins were made for important people, priests or wealthy nobles. why were they so well preserved? that paint still looks beautiful, it's still bright >> they are preserved because they were hidden since 2,700 years ago. >> reporter: the announcement comes less than a week after another major discovery in this region, a sprawling industrial site once used to produce decorative items and pottery for royal tombs. earlier this year 50 mummies discovered, more clues to life thousands of years ago and another mystery brought to life, king tut's mother's bust constructed, using imaging to recreate the woman's face. >> before the end of this year i
7:52 am
will reveal a tomb, and i hope this tomb could be nefertiti more secrets are coming from the sand of egypt. >> reporter: more secrets. you guys heard it here first he says this will capture the hearts of the world. these photos are just a sneak peek in a few days we're hoping to get more video and more information about who might be inside the coffins. >> if you were not interested in that story you will be interested in the man showing us that he's amazing. >> amazing. >> that was awesome. >> molly, thank you. stay on that one that's interesting speaking of great finds -- >> he looked so fresh. >> you make it seem like you're like a fossil. >> i just came right out of -- >> harry, what you got >> have you ever heard of the san juan islands >> yes. >> yeah. >> you have, you have. >> well, i don't know, maybe i haven't. >> i'll tell you an amazing story when we come back.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
of clouds over the south bay, but we are getting some clearing just to the north. this is a cold front sweeping through the bay area that left some spotty light rain earlier this morning. today we get sunshine highs in the low 70s, with breezy winds. highs up to 74 in concord. low 70s in clear lake today. going through the next several days we'll see our temperatures holding steady in a couple more systems passing by to our north to keep it breezy for the weekend. and then we start to warm up from sunday into early next week heading back to summer with some mid-80s as our temperatures move inland. in the low 60s throughout the weekend. kind of breezy on saturday. early next week we have some low 70s in the forecast the warmest day will be on tuesday. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. kari very concerned we see a tow truck with the driver getting out of the vehicle on the san mateo bridge. it looked like a crash involving
7:57 am
a car but report a motorcycle rider is down. two lanes to your right will slow you down off the toll plaza. the dumbarton bridge will see more traffic. the rest of the bay looks pretty standard. back to you. happening now california is rolling out a new earthquake warning system. it's meant to provide critical extra seconds. the designers say could make all the difference between life and death. all you need is to be plugged into the system is your smartphone. the unveiling will be later this morning. we will cover that at midday. all of this comes as the bay area marks 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake which killed more than 60 people and forever changed lives. on our twitter feed and home page extensive more coverage.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
meltdown, both parties vote to condemn president trump's decision to move troops out of syria. democrats storm out of the meeting. >> what we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown. plus, a closer look at the latest upgrade that's causing a major headache for some iphone users. what apple is saying about their newest software update. and here's a clip from the story of the tv's most famous siblings set to reunite at the home that started all this holiday season, how this is going to be a very brady christmas. today, thursday october 17th,
8:01 am
2019 hi from california. it's my 13th birthday. high school class. celebrating eight years cancer free. >> congratulations welcome back to "today," thank you for being with us on this thursday morning, october the 17th, which happens to be my sister's birthday. we want to keep those my today plaza hashtag videos coming, get on your phones, send it to us. >> we love to see your smiling face. get to the news at 8:00, white house meeting over the president's syria troop withdrawal descended into name calling last night nbc white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest on all of it
8:02 am
peter, good morning. >> reporter: with this crisis in syria escalating there is new turmoil in washington, in a sharp rebuke more than 100 house republicans joined democrats voting to condemn president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of that region, that immediately afterward a meeting here at the white house deteriorated into finger pointing and name calling before the democrats marched out. the white house posting a photo of house speaker nancy pelosi standing in a room full of men challenging the president. you can see it there pelosi saying the president had a meltdown the president saying it's pelosi who had a "total meltdown. the white house has also now confirmed this letter that the president sent to turkey's president on the day that turkey invaded syria, after president trump had appeared to give them the green light. warning turkey's president, let's work out a deal, adding don't be a tough guy don't be a fool. and as we speak right now vice president mike pence and secretary of state are in turkey where they landed this morning
8:03 am
to make a push for a cease-fire. >> peter, thank you so much. mitch mcconnell told fellow republican senators yesterday that an impeachment trial over the ukraine scandal could begin by thanksgiving. the house impeachment inquiry hears from a crucial witness today, gordon sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the european union, likely to be grilled by efforts by the president in efforts to pressure ukraine into investigating joe biden's son hunter. congressman elijah cummings died overnight at a baltimore hospital, served 23 years in the house and chaired the house committee on oversight reform. he feuded publicly with president trump who posted insulting tweets about the city of baltimore the congressman died of complications from long standing health challenges. he was 68 years old. a businesswoman has been sentenced to three weeksted paying
8:04 am
$15,000 to have a test proctor correct her son's answers on the a.c.t. exam also schemed marjorie klapper admitted paying $15,000 to have a test proctor correct her son's answers on the a.c.t. exam, also schemed to have her son falsely listed as a racial minority on college applications klapper is the ninth parent sentenced in the scandal so far, the eighth to get prison time. we need the boost. >> i got your boost for you. a birthday surprise brought one little girl to tears because it wasn't the kind of gift that usually comes in a box take a look. >> what's the day today? >> happy birthday. >> for me? >> oh. >> her parents invited her to a friend's house to play with some puppies. she didn't have any idea that one of them would be her
8:05 am
birthday present going home -- >> don't know who's cuter, the little girl or the puppy, close call. >> the sweetest. you guys, just ahead on pop starts, andy cohen in for carson with an update on jennifer aniston's record breaking debut on instagram. >> could a baby be the key to ending bullying a radical new program catching on in schools in the country and across the world. this story will grab your heart. at t-mobile unlimited talk text and data is still just 30 bucks a line for 4 lines. and now you can get it on our newest, most powerful signal. no signal reaches farther or is more reliable. that means... you can share even more selfies with friends. stream more of your favorite teams. and connect more this fall. switch to t-mobile now and get 4 new lines of unlimited for just 30 bucks a line. if your mouth is made to amaze let philips sonicare give its care a raise. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. give it philips sonicare. next level clean next level care. there's always
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care. it's how we bring real hope to our cancer patients- like viola. when she was diagnosed with breast cancer her team at ctca created a personalized care plan that treated her cancer and strengthened her spirit. so viola could focus on her future. their future. this is how we inspire hope. this is how we heal. cancer t. appointments available now. october is anti-bullying month, this morning we're taking a look at a unique and sweet program. first place. >> sheinelle joins the table. >> good morning to you, we talk about empathy, the ability to understand the feelings of others and to understand the cruelty of a mean comment or a text can stop bullying in its tracks. how do you teach it? one public school in washington, d.c. may have found the way. a demanding but awfully cute
8:11 am
little teacher the newest teacher is still waking up. and getting dressed. >> you get to be the teacher, yeah >> reporter: for a classroom welcome as sweet as it gets. >> hello babe merit, how are you? >> reporter: the baby's visit to this fourth grade class is part of a year long program called roots of empathy. >> let's see how he reacts with me. >> let me give him back to his mom. >> reporter: merit visits every three weeks and comes with his own set of curriculum, the children learning how to treat a baby and treat each other. >> it teaches you to be like -- if your classmate is crying then you should make sure he or she is okay, what you would do for a baby.
8:12 am
>> reporter: the program's instructor -- when you first heard about it tell you your initial thoughts, a baby as a teacher? >> my first thought was that's cute but it gives the students a chance to reflect on themselves and how they react to certain situations and how they treat their peers. >> being able to consider someone else's walk is, i feel, one of the most humane things that an individual can do. >> reporter: roots of empathy started in canada 23 years ago founded by mary gordon, it's taught now in 14 countries. >> we have had more than a million children who have had roots of empathy so many, many, many thousands of babies >> reporter: study after study has found roots of empathy increases empathy and kindness and dramatically lowers aggression by over 70%, according to one study impacts that can be seen even years later. could a baby be the key to
8:13 am
ending bullying? >> with bullies they don't feel what the other person feels. and in roots of empathy the children feel with the others. it puts a break on hurting people. >> and merit loves his cozy bedroom. he wants to be in his crib he wants a real nap. >> does anybody make a connection to that >> reporter: was there a specific moment you thought it clicked, you know what, this is working? >> we had a student having trouble fitting in and making friends and he was just kind of your -- your stereotypical problem child. the year when he immediately and there began to be moments in the year when he immediately stopped something that he was doing in the moment because he thought to himself, and he articulated this to us, would i be acting like this if baby june was in the room?
8:14 am
>> reporter: what is that emotion? >> because this was a student who, for all intents and purposes, his life might not have gone great otherwise. we couldn't stop doing it after we saw the impact it made in his life >> reporter: for now it's time to say or sing good-bye. you won't but merit will be back, returning to teach lessons you won't find in any textbook. >> oh, it warms my heart watching it again. >> totally in, 1000%. >> what's the curriculum, they touch their feet. >> she'll ask questions. baby merit starts to cry right? why do you think baby merit is crying do you think it's because he's in a room with all of a these people and doesn't know them, do you know what it feels like when you walk into a new classroom. this student here he's a new student here can you imagine how he felt when he doesn't know
8:15 am
anybody? it starts to be about the baby but then it starts to be about themselves and their classmates. like i mentioned you imagine, i mentioned you guys earlier, let's say i asked you guys to read out loud and you're kind of shy because you don't read well and you're afraid the kids will laugh at you, before maybe they would. this time you raise your hand after baby merit leaves the classroom, you mispronounce the word, the kids stay quiet, or they might help. it changes the energy of the classroom. here's the thing they've seen test scores go up since they started the program it's an overall focus they have on their students on social and emotional well-being you can be as smart as you want, but if you don't have the social piece it matters that school is one of the best performing schools in the district they find the kids are calmer and able to focus more on their schoolwork it doesn't take all day. it's only 30 minutes or 45 minutes.
8:16 am
>> it melts your heart. >> music can reach you in ways words can't, so can babies. mr. roker, a check of the weather? >> we're still watching what's going on in the gulf we've got this area, we told you about it yesterday, an invest area, 96l, moving north at 8 chance of development 80%. a five day development zone, much of the gulf is probably under the gun from this. even if it doesn't become a tropical system we look for a heavy rainmaking its way in, impacts will be high rip currents, areas of locally heavy rain, a real mess and then the nor'easter blowing away, bringing the winds, still gusting anywhere from 30 miles per hour in buffalo, 24 in portland, nantucket up to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. that's what's going on around the country and here's what's good morning i'm kari hall skies are clearing and we'll see this a lot of sunshine going throughout the day.
8:17 am
a cool start but we will see breezy winding picking up and temperatures cooler than normal across the bay area. we're looking at low to mid 70s from the south bay to the east bay and the north bay. as we go through the rest of the forecast we will start to warm up by the end of the weekend into early next week. mid 80s next tuesday. hoda >> carson is off but he did leave pop start in capable hands, the great andy cohen is here. >> good morning. >> all right, take us away. >> i feel like i'm the chief nbc news correspondent of jennifer aniston on instagram starting with this again she shared her first instagram post on tuesday. the internet has completely lost their minds and blown up when the app crashed due to the number of people trying to view her page last night she sat down with jimmy kimmel where she revealed the royal instagram record jen
8:18 am
just crushed. >> this instagram thing -- >> it's crazy. >> you know, they measured it. it's a guinness book world record, you beat prince harry and meghan markle. >> and meghan markle, the royals. >> you got to a million in like 12 seconds or something like that. >> something like that the most reluctant person to ever join instagram, kind of crazy? >> you don't do that kind of stuff. >> well, i do now. >> you do now. wouldn't it be funny if you only posted reunion photos of you and the group from "friends," here they are again at my house. >> and you actually start to lose your followers, i guess. >> that's what they say. it doesn't cost anybody anything so really i think they'll stick with you regardless. >> i hope so. >> you probably gained another like 300,000 just from the beginning of this conversation. >> well, we'll just see. >> it's a compelling content right there. we were wondering what is more powerful than the royals i wasn't joking. i was being -- it is "friends" fans, keeping a close eye on jen's following. she is currently up to nearly 12
8:19 am
million followers, no pressure jen. the world is watching. speaking of "friends, courteney cox and charlie puth, puth is a big "friends" fan, so he was excited to sit down with the real life monica gellar for the trivia show quiz exclusive first look. >> finish the lyrics, "smelly cat smelly cat". >> what are they feeding you smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not >> so funny the your fault >> so funny the way that you speak, you hit the same pitch that monica -- >> great, i wasn't acting, you mean >> no, it's the same notes you hit -- >> how do i -- what's the pitch for i know. >> that's crazy. what is that -- >> i know. >> you hit an "e" flat.
8:20 am
>> a little lower. >> i know. >> get a room. after filming the show the two really did become friends, as you can see. courtney posted this pic to instagram with lisa kudrow and puth the full episode of "quiz" will be available on later today. and finally, the brady bunch, it always comets back to the bradys last month all six of the brady kids reunited for hgtv's a very brady renovation the gang got back together to recreate the real life brady home and we got to have fun with the tv family on our plaza that was amazing now they are going back to the family home. for a brady holiday special. talk about compelling content. this december, hgtv and the food
8:21 am
network are joining forces for a very brady renovation holiday edition. we expect to see some fun diys and holiday recipes. it's reported that fondue and gelatin fruit salad will be on the menu. >> you sold this, baby. >> well, i love the brady bunch. this is extra special for me because you know i am a bit of a brady fan. we've shown this, but it's better the second time it's me pretending to be greg. mom, dad, dad, he's not in there. shut up, greg. >> little brady kos play the special airs december 16th on hgtv. and by the way i am in for some ambrosia salad. >> are you peter or bobby? >> good question i feel i'm peter. >> i feel you're peter too. >> andy, thank you. >> better the second time. show of hands, who has an
8:22 am
iphone here? >> several. >> we live in america. >> i know. some people are complaining about issues with the latest software updates i'm not one of them. >> i dislike it. >> nbc's gadi schwartz -- >> did you call me wendy whiner? >> did you not see snl back in the day? >> debby downer. >> wendy whiner. nbc's gadi schwartz has an important story with technical stuff. >> reporter: one of those things that's become the talk of the office, iphones freezing up, calls being dropped, bluetooth connections on the fritz and now the big question to update or not to update and whether the new version of ios will make things better or make things worse >> iphone 11, it was a rollout that promised the full power of the iphone, better camera functions, smarter navigation, a
8:23 am
dark mode, easier on the eyes but so far apple's new ios 13 has a lot people seeing red. >> every time i do an update it makes the battery drain faster i don't like to update it's destroying my phone and i don't understand why. >> reporter: the list of glitches is growing, inability to make calls, drain batteries, phones not ringing, missing voice memos, camera glitches. >> my phone has frozen on two different calls, time for another reset. >> reporter: apple in its third round of the update, 13.1.3 to be exact with versions one and two fixing some bugs while causing others to act up dear apple, i love you but i hate you and can't trust you anymore. another tweeting iphoned apple support and the call dropped twice while i was on the phone, this started after i upgraded. we reached out to apple and they redirected us to the support site less than half a month, users have already upgraded. apple says ios 13.1.3 includes complaints.
8:24 am
the bug fixes and improvements but users have plenty of complaints. the flurry of back to back software updates, includes the launch of a whole new operating system for ipads, a streaming streaming service service apple tv plus. despite the random glitches the company stressing "keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your apple product's security, now hoping a few bruised apple updates won't spoil the bunch. this morning apple is saying their latest version should fix all of those bugs. if you've got your phone with you right now and you're wondering what ios you are using we've got our phones here. i'm going to turn my phone sideways go into settings and go down you are going to find general. you go into general here and then you go to about and this will tell you software version 13.1.1 anything that's not 13.1.3 is old. so if you want to update we're going to walk you through that
8:25 am
too. first, if you are running email on a company server you might to make sure it's compatible if you want to update go back to general here you go to software update. and then it loads. that's 13.1.3. gadi. >> i download and install and fingers crossed. guys >> well, thank you, gadi. >> i need to rewind that three times. >> back up your phone first, save your contacts and all that stuff just to make sure. >> the dark mode, the dark mode is something else though, i'll tell you that. >> thank you, gadi. >> enough about me journaling on sunday afternoon, the dark mode. harry, you have a great story. >> this is -- it's like a novel. it's almost like a little bit of a lifetime movie. >> oh. >> right. >> i'm in. >> valerie bertinelli involved
8:26 am
good morning to you, i'm chris sanchez. a health careearthquake hit 30 years and in loma priet on october 17th 1989 more than 60 people died and thousands were injured. it lead to changes in the landscape like the marina district and the cyprus structure that collapsed in oakland. that's where 32 people died. a short time from now there will be a remembrance at the sight where the structure once stood. definitely a terrifying day. >> definitely for folks all around town and thank goodness the world series was going on folks were at home watching that. only minor injuries from a motorcycle crash. it is jammed up westbound.
8:27 am
hopefully clearing soon, it is not so bad once you pass that flat section. dumbarton has a smooth drive as well. the rest of silicon valley and san jose had that for the morning commute, a lot of slowing for 880 and 580 now clears. thank you, mike more local news in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
all right, guys, it's 8:30, it is a beautiful thursday morning.a very warm crowd out here super cool crowd it's not raining we've got some blue skies and py folks. >> wow. >> some happy folks. >> wow. >> we just have to do -- take a pause here, and give a shoutout to someone we adore around here. his name is tony lopez, one of our security personnel at the "today" show he's been here the last 11 years and before that he was with the nypd 20 years. he has a huge heart. he literally protects us. >> come here, tony he literally protects us. >> come here, tony. tony, tony, tony. tony, tony, tony >> this is like such a sad day around here because tony kind of surprised a lot of us when he
8:31 am
said that he was going to like kind of pack it up from here wh getting some sleep, sleep is big. and doing a bit of traveling there's a lot of parts of this country i'd really like to see i got inspired by a roker-thon we went on saw some great places. i'd like to see the rest of the country. >> tony, you are literally the first face i see most mornings and i'm going to miss this beautiful face love you. >> guys, you have no idea. it's been my pleasure working with you guys. >> thank you, tony. >> you know where to find us and you know the passcode to get in the door. >> i don't know, tony, but i got a little choked up. >> we love you, tone. pink power today an award winning chef opens up for the first time about her life changing diagnosis and she's got a message for all women. then we are revealing the princeton review's best colleges for every type of student in 2020 whether your kid's focus is financial aid, food or campus
8:32 am
culture. plus harry smith introducing us to a woman who left the troubles of the business world behind for a new and rewarding idyllic live. what if you hailed a ride and it showed up with no driver, the technology is already on the roads. we'll show you how it all works. but first, mr. roker, another check of the wea comprehensive cancer care all under one roof. so glad you're doing treatment centers of america comprehensive cancer care, all under one roof. so glad you're doing all right, you guys are healthy and doing well. >> yes, yes, thank you. >> excellent. >> so four rounds of chemo. >> they shaved their heads for me the night before my first chemo. >> god bless let's check your weather, look at the week ahead, the weekend outlook, friday, windyand mild
8:33 am
through the plains, look for rain moving into the pacific northwest with sunshine. making its way from texas in the southwest. same thing on saturday tropical rain moving into the southeast. pacific storms moving into the pacific northwest. gorgeous in the northeast. sunday, sunday coastal rain in the mid-atlantic states warmth in the plains and more snow showers making their way through the northern rockies. good morning, i'm kari hall. we're starting to see the skies clear and some very early morning showers are starting to move out of the bay area. we're looking at temperatures today that will be cooler than normal now that the cold front has passed and we'll see breezy winds. high temperatures reaching into the lower 70s today. going into the 70s expect highs in the mid 70s and a big warm up in the forecast mid 80s on tuesday. that is your latest weather. >> tony over here -- there's one more tony. happy birthday, tony. >> isn't he handsome >> thank you very much guys,
8:34 am
love you. >> you're 90 i want to see your driver's license. >> he looks great. happy birthday, tony. coming up next, a superstar chef shares her breast cancer story. it's had a surprisingly positive impact on her life but first, this is "today" on nbc. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1.
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we're back breast cancer awareness month. >> this morning a story that will inspire you on tv about surviving breast cancer nbc's senior national correspondent kate snow has the story. >> reporter: she's won every culinary award there is to win, but the famous chef got a diagnosis that nearly a quarter million women will get this year she sat down to tell me her story and to let women know when it comes to breast cancer everyone's journey is different. missy robbins doesn't slow down much. >> this is sort of where the heart of the kitchen, everything flows through here.
8:37 am
>> reporter: her two restaurants in one of the hippest parts of brooklyn, williamsburg, draw rave reviews on her modern take on handmade pasta and wood fired vegetables what do you love about owning restaurants and serving food. >> i love cooking still and i love creating but really just welcoming people into the restaurant is number one and making them feel like they're in our home. for the record, it's impossible to get in here. >> is it >> well, okay. >> your restaurants are hot. >> reporter: a little over a year after opening her first restaurant missy went in for a routine mammogram when her doctor called and said she needed another check missy had a bad feeling. >> they're doing an ultrasound. >> going in the same spot and you start freaking out. >> reporter: after a biopsy her doctor called. >> i remember her saying i'm sorry and i'm surprised but it's cancer
8:38 am
i was like, what you still never think you're going to hear those words. a lot goes through your head and it's scary, really, really scary. i sat in my house and cried and by myself and got a lot of it out. >> reporter: what were the tears for? was it the fear? >> fear, i think fear and a little like anger, like a little fear, a little anger. >> reporter: missy had a lumpectomy, every day she took a selfie to document her mood changes. she never posted them on social media but wanted her own private record. >> i'm not someone who journals, i'm not a writer in that way and i felt like i wanted to be able to document that period in my life and i chose, very purposefully, to go to radiation by myself every day but i also sort of wanted to document those moods. and i think when i look back on them now some of them look like a little too happy and i know that was standing in a mirror trying to make myself look happy.
8:39 am
>> reporter: she's cancer free now but takes preventative medicine every day. >> i definitely think of it. it was a difficult time, but i also look at it as this very short period of my life. >> reporter: her second restaurant missy opened september of last year, complete with a pasta room. >> feed it there, catch it here. i'll catch it for you. >> it goes fast. >> that's cool. >> what i came to learn is you can't be in control of everything and this was a situation that i had zero control over i didn't have control over really what my treatment was going to be. i didn't have control -- >> that's really hard. >> it was -- for a control actually impacted my life in a really positive way in terms of not letting little things upset me >> reporter: it also taught her patience and gratitude. >> i think i learned that you can go through a tough experience and come out of it a better person for yourself andmportant and what's not
8:40 am
understanding what's important and what's not important >> reporter: her biggest message to all of us, i know you've heard it before, but go for the annual mammogram if she hadn't done that she wouldn't have caught it so early, might not have been so lucky. her journey is a lucky one, and she's conscious of that and she feels for everyone who doesn't have that past. >> she's got a lot of courage, going every day by herself. >> a lot of strength. >> she the best thing i've ever had olive oil flavor. >> oh. >> i know. >> okay, kate, thank you for that tidbit. >> why didn't you bring some >> next time. if you've got a kid, starting to think about college, listen up. kate, you want to hear this, right, we're going to reveal princeton review's best colleges in the country lots of different categories to get to but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
announcer: time magazine reports: “the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis.” other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets
8:42 am
e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is “following big tobacco's playbook.” and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
8:43 am
we're all decked out in our college alma maters on the university of "today" campus. >> one of the biggest party schools in the university of "today." >> princeton's review's ranking of the best colleges is out. breaking down the top list, editor in chief robert, good to see you. >> nice to be back. >> we had a bunch of different categories a couple quick things though, the college admissions scandal opened a lot of eyes have colleges made changes >> in two ways, the scandal itself, despicable, much more security on the testing side of the fence. >> talk about the four-year college, the costs just keep rising and rising. i know we're going to talk about the best values. but is a four-year college degree still a good investment >> not surprisingly, we at the princeton review think it's a good investment. one, a student will earn a million dollars more in their lifetime career.
8:44 am
they'll be more nimble, lower rates of unemployment. likely going to have better insurance. >> get to the rankings >> let's get to the rankings. >> starting off with the best have a -- >> i got thi financial aid. >> yeah. >> so you guys have a -- >> i got this guy right here stick it up. you got it so tell us -- >> so we have -- >> boden college a little school, 1,900 students in brunswick, maine. sticker cost $68,500 gifted $48,800, down to $19,000. >> vanderbilt is two, wash-u is two, princeton and yale. >> best career service. >> this is a big list. number one on the list this year is clemson 19,000 students, 83% of whom center. will access the career resource center 70% will take one internship 43% will take two or more. >> you do these lists based on students reviews. >> yes, yes. >> this is a good one. >> i like this. >> if you like where you live --
8:45 am
>> yeah. i mean, and this is such a big list for us at princeton review for students and parents wash-u has been on this list before. >> what's up with their dorms? >> for freshman and sophomores they live on an entirely separate part of campus. a food service, technology center, meeting room, it's pretty. >> nice, beautiful. >> what are other ones ranking >> a college in boston tcu, emery outside of atlanta, and -- in north carolina this national scale. good stuff. >> best professors. >> this one, ten miles from where we're standing right now, sarah lawrence college, a little school, 1,400 students, but 95% of the classes at sarah lawrence are 20 students and under, 9-1 student to faculty ratio a student said they treat us as
8:46 am
colleagues. >> reed college. >> where's reed college? >> it's in oregon. and boston, mount holyoke is in massachusetts. st. john's college, the maryland campus. >> this is the one we've been waiting for. >> the one every parent doesn't like. >> i cannot believe my school is not on this list this year, i'm shocked. >> number one spot in 2014, syracuse university. >> so proud. >> a very active social scene on campus. >> university of delaware, wvu and tulane in new orleans. >> what a shock. >> in new orleans. >> this one, happiest students. >> i love this as you guys were saying, we go directly to students, auburn university. >> how do you gauge that >> quality of life, their overall happiness on campus, beautiful campus, incredible school spirit.
8:47 am
pretty awesome. >> vanderbilt, kansas state, tulane and the university of oklahoma. >> and finally, alma maters. >> i love this. >> we have dozens more, we wanted to put these up there. >> tech got good campus food. >> it's fabulous food. university of arizona. >> congratulations on health services. >> among many. >> thank you so much, we appreciate it, robert. >> it's available right now if you want to check it out. harry smith introduces us to a woman who got everything she's always wanted by leaving behind everything she knew. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
this is hamish. he's a bit more brave. ♪ oh. look. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:49 am
back with a series that's quickly become one of our favorites, it's called mr. smith goes to --
8:50 am
>> he's one of our favorites he spent the day with a woman who decided to take her happiness into her own hands. erequest distance between seat >> san juan islands, about equal distance between seattle and vancouver, british columbia, not so rainy up there. crazy beautiful place. we all go on our journeys. we have the journey we end up in, the journey we dream about and this is the woman who said i'm going to live my dream and what if it doesn't turn out the way you thought it was going to. >> the fruit trees in washington have been bearing apples and pears and plums for more than a century. but for years most of the fruit has fallen to the ground, unused until audra lawler came along. >> coming here felt like cleaning the slate and starting over when i started looking around all i knew was it was this beautiful place. >> she left a lucrative career on wall street and was in search
8:51 am
of something more. >> i looked at the women who were supposed to be my role models but i realized i didn't want their lives and i said that's a problem. >> reporter: she cherished the san juan islands since vacation trips as a child she got married near here and thought she'd live here some day until she realized why not now >> september came and fruit started dropping i started frantically making pies >> reporter: once the san juan islands -- the fruit industry moved inland when the columbia river was dammed the trees stayed put. >> what's going on here? >> so these are pears, a variety we use to make our jam, our signature. >> reporter: a brand and a business born of the opportunity from all those forgotten fruit trees, girl meets dirt. >> can i ask you a question? >> it blushes in the spot where
8:52 am
the sun shines on it. >> not embarrassed >> maybe a little bit. >> reporter: lawler was once a wizard of wall street has found a calling and a second career as aal chemist, making jams and fruit concoctions from centuries old recipes. >> what are you thinking as you are over these caldrons and the aroma is so great? >> i'm thinking we're working a little pasta magic. >> reporter: it's all very storybook. audra and her husband jerry find success and happiness far from the big city but starting a family was difficult. so she discouragingly difficult so she turned to the earth. >> i walked out to my garden and i put my hands in the dirt and i started digging. >> after five miscarriages, and certain children were not in her future -- >> i started the business, and then miraculously didn't do anything differently and my sixth pregnancy with my son, who's now almost 5 and then my daughter was a complete
8:53 am
surprise now almost 3. >> a little bit like fresh ginger. >> reporter: we wondered if audra believed there was a connection. >> yeah, that was my church, my faith. >> reporter: and proof, perhaps, that for everything there is a season. >> i have to pause sometimes and breathe. and realize what my husband and i have created we've created the life that we always wanted. >> wow. >> that's a happily ever after. >> isn't it something? >> hands in the dirt and came out pregnant. crazy. and the day -- 24 hours before >> it's so crazy and the day -- 24 hours before we got there she got this massive order from a super market chain in washington state. she's created this business, putting people to work, having babies it's like -- >> it's weird when you get on the right path everything starts happening. it feels like that's the way it works. >> certainly she reaches this point and says i've got everything the only thing she doesn't have is a family and then she says i'll do my business. >> who's going to play her in the movie?
8:54 am
>> right. super brilliant, by the way. >> right super brilliant, by the way. this whole canning, it's a lot of chemistry she's doing the ph testing as this stuff is going on. >> how does it taste >> oh. >> to die for? >> little jars, little expensive, so good. >> did you bring us some >> man, come on. >> can i just say there was some standards issue about it. >> this is a great story teller and a man of integrity. >> we have standards. >> we have a couple seconds. you didn't know the whiners, didn't remember that from snl. >> i didn't. >> roll the tape. >> oh, great >> that's drew berrymore. >> she's gorgeous. >> she's perfect >> i didn't even get stretch
8:55 am
marks. >> she even had diverticulitis. >> now i remember. coming up next on the third hour, wilder woods live in the artist lounge. >> guess what, andy's joining me at 10:00 and surprisepalooza for you. >> yes, we do. the surprises are awesome. >> really? >> okay, good. >> your local news and weather after these messages good morning, near an area
8:56 am
where a 4.7 quake hit there was an after shock. and it is the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta system. here is what it will sound like on your phone before it will hit. >> earthquake drop cover, hold on shaking expected. so calm they say the my shake a provides people with critical extra seconds before a earthquake strikes that could make the difference between life and death. it is an app that has been years in the making and it uses a statewide network of detectors to help trigger those warnings. coming up a crew at the unveiling of the app. and a ceremony in the east bay, the mayor is the former cyprus freeway structure killing 42 people. in our twitter feed and home
8:57 am
page nbc has extensive coverage marking the 36th anniversary of the quake.
8:58 am
8:59 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning to you, i'm sheinelle here with al and dylan. craig ist this morning. and we have one of our favorite people here with us this morning, all the way from california. >> hi guys. >> natalie rales. >> purple glasses. >> we are purple today. today is all about anti-bullying. >> i love this message.
9:00 am
there's so many kids that go through so much at school. if we can shine the spotlight and make sure that -- >> makes you think about it. >> if we're talking about it and somebody is watching a future


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