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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 2, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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bracing news tonight, the robert mueller memos just released that show just how early the president was concern with the ukraine connection to democrats. and new reporting today that some republicans are ready to admit the president did ask for a quid pro quo. the battle raging to contain multiple wildfires across california, now a new challenge. >> data confirmed drone siting. holding the aircraft down. >> unauthorized drones endangering fire crews. the high schoolers hit, teenager arrested for allegedly trying to take out a faculty member. >> this is a quote. i need a guy who can kill someone. >> by hiring a hitman on instagram. jane fonda jailed,
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the oscar winning actress locked up overnight arrested for protesting climate change. she says this arrest won't be her last. and true grit, the marine who went viral crawling to complete a marathon making another run this weekend. what he says will carry him across the finish line. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening we begin with breaking news that could help explain now ukraine came to be so crucial. in fact the centerpiece in the impeachment hearing against president trump. tonight new evidence that donald trump's former campaign manager paul manafort was pushing the theory as early as 2016 that ukraine and not russia was behind the hack of the democratic national committee email. hans nichols have the story. >> from documents obtained by buzz feed news, thousands of pages of interviews
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from special counsel robert mueller's investigation into the 2016 election. the documents show the president's former campaign manager paul manafort was instrumental in trying to link ukraine to the 2016 hacking and distribution of damaging internal dnc emails. the hack was likely carried out by the ukrainians, manafort is alleged to have said according to the documents. and in trump's july phone call with the president of ukraine, trump asked him to investigate ukraine's role. mueller's office ultimately concluded that russia was behind the dnc hack, dieting 12 russian officers. last night the president again aching mueller. >> then the mueller witch hunt never ended. with 18 angry democrats and an unlimited budget. >> and the "washington post" reporting even some senate republicans are prepared to acknowledge that mr. trump did withhold military aid to ukraine in order to pressure the ukrainians to investigate form vice
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president joe biden and his son. but they say that the quid pro quo does not rise to any an impeachable offense. while the president continues to deny that he did anything wrong in his phone call with ukraine's leader. >> the transcript proves it was as i said perfect. it was perfect. >> but some members of his own national security councils disagree. lieutenant colonel alexander veinman telling congress he was instructed for the to discuss his serious concerns about the call, indicating that the white house may have moved to restrict any discussion of possible presidential pressure. >> and haunzing with the president is in new york city tonight. >> yeah. jose, he plans to attend a mixed martial parts fine at madsen square guarden >> haunz nichols in new york city. thank you very much. now out west renewed i would wildfire fierce in california with winds expected to hit 35 miles an hour tonight. they could fuel the 8 fires already burning there. and now there is a new
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high-tech threat in the air. unauthorized drones. nbc's sarah harman is in the fire zone north of los angeles. >> reporter: firefighters trying to gain the upper hand again the maria fire working around the clock against santa ana winds and bone dry vegetation. and at a critical moment drones forced water drop choppers out of the sky. >> data confirmed drone siting holding the aircraft down. >> life or death situation for the piemts flying the aircraft. >> reporter: while fire retardened drops samd this orchd from flames, the harvest may be a loss. >> how can you eat this fruit? now is it edible? i don't know yet. >> and zpit massive preemptive blackouts meant to prevent fires. >> you have no power no water no way to put the fire out and someone not a lot of money that loses everything. >> that caused the maria fire under review but local utility so call edison says it reenergized a
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power line minutes before the fire erupted. power lines investigated as a potential cause of at least two other fires. as residents across the state take stock of what they've lost. >> pretty disappointing. i mean, we're never going to be able to reconstruct what was here. >> fire officials warn the threat isn't over yet. >> we do have a lot of embers a lot of hot spots out there and we don't want the fire getting out of our containment line. >> sahr are ray what about the people evacuated from homes? >> reporter: jose, evacuation orders are being lifted but fire officials tell me their concern now is making you sure the homes and roads are safe to return to, that means cleaning up charred debris like you see behind me. but also checking for downed power lines and weakened trees. firefighters want to be sure there are no hidden threats. jose. >> sarah harman thank you very much. new clues tonight in the search for a missing alabama teenager. her heart broken
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father telling us what he noticed in the last known surveillance video of the young woman. nbc's blaine alexander has the story. >> reporter: tonight the search intensifying for 19-year-old ania blanchard, this surveillance video shows the last time she was seen more than a week ago, rate at night inside this auburn convenience store. police found her car two days later damaged and parked in an apartment complex in montgomery. >> there is about 50 miles between montgomery and auburn. we are looking at that area specifically as the critical area where something took place. >> police say evidence inside her car points to foul play. >> i love her so much. and i want her back so bad. i'm going to hold out hope. >> ania's father says watching the surveillance video, something about his daughter seemed off. >> it was almost like somebody told her to do something. >> what was so unusual about her body lange? >> she was kind of just -- looked kind of distant.
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>> alabama officials offering more than 1,007,000 reward for any information in ania's case thanks in large part to the outpowering of donations from the ufc community ufc star walt harris is ania as stepfather. >> it's overwhelming to see them come up and, you know, the mayor -- i mean the graffiti, excuse me, kaye harvey, thank you for approving the reward. >> ton, blue ribbons dot mailboxes around her hometown in alabama as nearly a dozen agencies from local police to the fbi work to bring her home. >> that's our main goal. we have to find ania. we want her back. we want her back. >> blaine, what are we hearing from police tonight? >> reporter: well jose, the chief tells mo he that police in auburn are investigating a number of possibilities, including that ania possibly met up with somebody that she met online. jose. >> blaine zand ner auburn thank you very
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much. there has been a shake-up? the race for president. beto o'rourke is out. now fewer than 1007 days until the crucial iowa caucuses. that's where the democratic front runners pent the day. vaughn hillyard is there. >> at a fish fry in iowa on saturday the the acquaints serving up slarts on infrastructure. >> just go down the issues related to infrastructure. >> we should invest a trillion dollars. a few years ago that was seen as a radical idea. a radmann ain't radical anymore. >> this after the night before they worked to set themselves apart from one another. >> i'm not running some consultant-driven campaign with some vague ideas that are designed not to offend then anyone. >> lists beth warren seeming to take aim at pete buttigieg as a new poll shows the democrats four top contender include the south bend mayor steadily rising. >> thank you, iowa.
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>> the mayor's performance drawing parallels to barak obama. >> and today on his bus in cedar rap zblieds to what extent do you see your campaign like obama campaign. >> no two campaigns are alike. i think that campaign demonstrated the importance of iowa and also the fact that anything is possible if you can inspire people. >> but the democratic field with more than a dozen candidates. >> i'm looking forward to being able to choose from three or four. >> bet ofr o'rourke announcing his exit on friday. but other candidates strapped for cash holding on. kamala harris laying off several dozen staffers. >> it was a very tough decision. >> moving her new hampshire resources to iowa. >> and are we seeing signs the field may narrow even more. >> jose, beto o'rourke exit from the race yesterday is a reality check for several of the candidates. just nine of them have qualified for the debate just two weeks from now.
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jose. >> vaughn, thank you very much. actress jane fonda took on a new role overnight. inmate. she got arrested overnight. more on the cause that landed her behind bars. >> jane fonda spent the night in jail last night walking out this around in her famous fire engine red coat. arrested friday for the fourth time in a month, protesting climate change. food in a d.c. court all charges were dropped against the 81-year-old. also arrested friday, dozens of protesters including actresses rosena ar ket annan the weekly protests are called fire drill friday. fonda vowed to be arrested every friday until january. yesterday posting protesters singing this land is our land on the floor of the mart senate building. and last week posting this acceptance speech fonda being honored with a award but
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skipped the ceremony. >> thank you. i'm sorry i'm not there. >> activism has long been a part of the former model turn actress's live. protesting the vietnam war infamously visiting north vietnam in the 70s. over the decades she spoke at rally as marched for abortion rights. in time she is committed to fighting the climate crisis, saying she notified to d.c. for the next four months prepared to spend many more nights behind bars. mollie hunter, nbc news. when we come back, the teenager charged with ♪ a wealth of information. a wealth of perspective. ♪ a wealth of opportunities. that's the clarity you get from fidelity wealth management. straightforward advice, tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ we're living in an age when almost everything is played out over social media. and now a florida teenager may have taken it to a new level. allegedly using instagram to hire a hit man. kathy park has details. >> 18-year-old high school student nicholas godfrey shared a direct message on instagram, allegedly trying to hire a hit man. >> this is i quote, i need a guy who could kill one swb another quote was we have $100,000 for the victim's head and the third quote was no joke, i need him eliminated as soon as possible. >> the threatening note reportedly targeted a faculty member at 5 a high school at tampa. a student received a message from the account used by godfrey which deputies say was intercepted by a school resource officers.
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detectives say what godfrey taut was a joke got him in jail. >> it doesn't matter if someone says i was joking doesn't matter the intent. when do you it and post it on social media you committed that crime. >> according to court documents, a search warrant for the instagram account revealed an ip address registered to godfrey's home. during an interview he admitted to the crime and booked at the pasco county jail on $10,000 bond. >> the parents were shocked because they had no idea. and that is another sad reality of what's going on. >> authorities say the high school senior didn't have a disciplinary record before this. but is now charged with solicitation to attempt murder. tonight the school district telling nbc news expulsion will be recommended. >> this young man that quite honestly ruined his life by a simple threat on social media. >> kathy what can parents take away from this. >> in the wake of what happened in the florida community tottenham hotspurs there stressing the importance of engaging with kids on social media activity and
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asking questions about what they're posting and also who they might be contacting. >> and what they think a joke is and is not. kathy park thank you so much. now the capital a big honor for hometown heroes. thousands of fans turning out for the parade for the win. the wins baby shark be, the song and dance become the team's rallying cy. festivals throughout mexico and in communities across the united states today marked the end of the dia de los muertos, day of the dead. the three-day celebration with music, flowers be sugar skulls and lots of color. the mexican holiday is a chance to remember loved ones who died and effort to support their spiritual journey. up next keeping communities healthy. who is steppin ing
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now eyes to the sky. satellites are going even more high-tech thanks to silicon valley. a very small version of them is making a big impact when it comes to what's happening here on earth. here is ken delaney. >> this is what a north korean missile test looks like from space. the image taken not by a billion-dollar government spy satellite but by one of these. the size of a loaf of bread launched by a silicon valley company changing how we see
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earth. planet labs operates the largest and least expensive fleet of satellites in history, the first to take pictures of the entire land mass of the globe once a day and sell them to the public. >> last year we built roughly as many satellites as the world put together. >> will marshal, a nasa space craft designer built planet's first satellite in a garage. now his company is valleyed at $2 billion. >> erik eyes, fires, floods, typhoon was tsunamis. we can help. >> when this iowa town flooded in march, state officials didn't know how bad it was until they saw these images. the bird's-eye view helped them coordinate the response. the company stuffed a lot of technology into small pack package they call it this a dove weighing about as much as a bowling ball but packed with a powerful telescope and sophisticated a camera. >> planet's freiheit of 140 satellites beams back 1.2 million images a day. telling visual stories
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over time how this city sprang up on a man made island near singapore. in a mall test we laid out a blue tarp on the washington below one day and took it away the next. planet satellite captured the change just as they record millions of other developments on the earth's surface big and small every day. almost nothing can hide from planet's cameras including this unannouncinged naval exercise last year that in the past might have remained a secret. >> i think it's so important that the pictures don't lie. and sometimes that can be inconvenient. >> it's all part of a commercial satellite revolution. beginning a new age of discoveries about planet earth. ken delaney yan, nbc news, san francisco. as medical sources are stretched thin across the country, many patients can't get in to see a dr. or don't have the money or transportation to get the care they need. that's where a unique program comes in with paramedics helping out. ron mott reports.
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>> paramedic brian mccoy a 16-year veteran is putting a new twist on the old house call. >> do you see this as the future. >> i really do. >> he is part of a growing trend called community paramedicinen. expanding the role of medics and emt beyond emergency, typically involving home visits for recurring medical issues a doctor used to closely monitor or have trouble getting to appointments. >> so many patients out there are so non-compliant when we start seeing them. and working with them they actually get -- they get healthier. >> according to a 2017 survey, such services are offered in at least 33 states and washington, d.c., especially valuable in rural areas where access to care can be challenging. >> just with our fielt program for heart failure with 38 patients enrolled, 400,000 in direct savings, just by reducing the readmissions. >> for patients like 77-year-old dean norman, battling heart disease, it's more than just convenience.
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>> it's a peace of mind and ryann can spot things a lot quick are than i would, you know. >> doctors still oversee the care and appreciate the extra eyes and ears on patients. >> hi. >> patients are learning to take care of themselves at home and learn what's wrong with them. >> floyd means had a high risk first pregnancy now paramedic darron thurmond is a constant presence. >> he will move mountains for. >> you moving mountains by moving care closer to hem. ron mott. nbc news. kroufrdsville, indiana. >> when we come back, marathon man. this marine literally crawled across the finish line once before honoring those lost in combat. now he is on a new
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there is good news tonight about determination, dedication and personal trial. as thousands of runners prepare to run in the grueling new york city marathon here tomorrow, many will be competing for special causes. but this year there is one that truly stands out. >> for runner and u.s. marine micah herndon, the finish line was just a start. with yards to go in the boston marathon. his leg locked up but instead of quitting. he dropped to his knees, crawled cross the finish line.
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and captived the nation. his determination so fierce because he wasn't just running for himself. but for the memory of two fallen comrades and a journalist killed by an ied in afghanistan, names inscribed on his shoes. >> i was focused on what mattered at that moment. i was running for my guys. >> that moment in boston so moving he was offered a spot in the world's biggest marathon here in new york city. herndon trained extensively logging 1,000 miles over the past few months. >> yesterday was my long run, 60 miler. >> finding confidence and relief from ptsd and survivor's guilt. >> because of running it saved my life. >> he will again carry his biggest motivation on his shoes and his in heart. >> really it's just continuing to you know, carry on their legacy, their names and their stories.
4:28 pm
that's what they deserve. >> their families deeply moved by micah's heroic devotion. >> we'd like to thank micah for honoring our son and keeping his memory alive. >> just to hear them on the video thank me gives me -- did gives me kind of relief, you know. so -- >> 26.2 miles ahead of him, and every step taking him towards something bigger. >> when i say their names and it flashes across the screen, i'm already a winner. because eyes all over the world will see their names. that means their memory lives on another day. >> we'll be watching. good luck tomorrow micah. that's nbc nightly news for this saturday. a reminder to turn back your clocks tonight. kate snow here tomorrow night. she'll have a story
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about a veterans program to help those struggling with ptsd and why it may now be in jeopardy. it's a report you won't want to miss. i'm jose diaz-balart reporting from new york. thank you for the privilegof your e right now at 4:30, changes may be on the way to levi stadium. the reason the 49ers are reviewing their use of fireworks ahead of next week's home game. >> plus the lights are back on but now there is another issue. the way some north bay businesses are coping with life without gas. >> but first, new details about
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that deadly shooting at an airbnb in an upscale east bay neighborhood. what the father of one of the victims is saying tonight. and the new plan airbnb has to eliminate so-called party houses. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> another emotional day for the families of the victims in a deadly shooting at an orinda house party. as police continue to search for the gunman, we're learning more about the lives cut short. >> we have more from one of the victim's fathers. >> omar taylor's father is absolutely heart broken. he said that his son was quiet, but the first one to step in and help out family and friends. he said most recently, he was pursuing a career as a dj and in fact, he ways he was working that night in orinda as a dj and now he's gone.


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