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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  KNTV  November 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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i'm a little angry about what happened and the circumstances around what happened. but i think we're also focusing on the families and their loss.y they're with wonderi >> it could be retaliation for another crime in san francisco. >> live with new details we're learning. >> reporter: police are confirming within the last 30 minutes that two the victims in
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last thursday's shooting on halloween could be tied to a homicide in san francisco in 2015. now this comes after the city is considering making changes with how it handles short-term rentals. meanwhile, there's a human toll and that has a lot opeople upset. >> i think we're all also focusing on these families and their loss and their loss is our loss. >> reporter: that's why people young and old continue toou and bring >> i used to looksobody's child. shot and killed monday night. it's tragic. >> reporter: as the community honors the lives lost, detectives have not letup on their detectives. today a car was removed where over 100 people attended a party promoted on social media as a mansion party.
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the sheriff's detectives say it's ongoing but there are questions about police response time tonight. we've learned arindau police were helping them in a case that led them to oakland and we've learned the shooting may be tied to a 2015 shooting in san francisco. they'll be discussing how to handle short-term rentals in their city. i don't want to be an overreaction. we'rethatould not be the appropriate sponse. >> reporter: the meeting is expected to be held at the public library. >> thank you. there are new regulations for short-term rentals in san rafael. and one is a three-strike ban on
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sear i will rr violators is a promise from airbnb to better identify high-risk renters. and a lesson learned from the power outage. many turned to gas h-powered generators. they voted unanimously to approve noise larger and sligh generators. at least nine killed, u.s. citizens today in sonora. they said they found their remains in the suv you see here. it's completely burnd and fill would bullet holes. in that car a woman and her four young children. the relative says all othose people were driving in a convoy
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from their home town. he thinks the attack is a responsibility of a drug carteleand possibly a case omistaken identity. a federal judge ordering pg&e to explain how a preebiously inspected cable onb a transmission tower could have sparked the kincade fire. meanwhile, fire crews have gained the upper hand which is 82%er contained. full containment expe a couple moved here but before they could unload the u-haul ian cull with the details in pleas pleas pleasanton. >> reporter: original plan was to stay in windsor last week but when they finally woke up, getting ready to move inthier
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new apartment, that truck was gone. >> we literally were just so excited to work for the va, we just drove on out here. >> reporter: they were starting a new adventurer moving from the numb nevada to theayhe an remember army veteran was going to work at the vmt ament. v.a.he i went to where the u-haul was parked, there was nothing there. my heart just dropped.the's no feeling. >> reporter: it was the early rn he says their entire likes were inside. theirture documents and his bronze star from three deployments. >> there's certain things that can't ever be replaced. so all of my medical records from my military career is there. and as a disabled veteran that
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is -- >> reporter: police are investigating munoz, as they don't have surveillance of of the parking lot and he wants them to buy more cameras. as for the u-haul, he hopes the thief returns it. erything was that belonged to her. >> reporter: a couple friends have also set up a gofundme me account to pick up furniture and clothes that they don't have any oright now. a heart-breaking call to police. they responded to a 911 call from a south bay woman who told them she killed her daughter. she told police she drowned her child in the bath tub. they discovered the body of a toddler. they then found the mother on a
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nearby street a short time later. they cut a hole in a bathroom ceiling. yesterday morning in celi salinas. today they're both on the run. they're gang members being held on murder charges. they're considered armed and ex and in san frisk ancisco, affordable housing a new da all on the ballot. and more on what voters will be deciding on election day, jean. >> reporter: city hall is reminding us election day is tomorrow. inside the department of elections is staffed up, ready to host voting at city hall and start counting ballots when polls close tomorrow night.
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london breed in the financial district getting out the vote the night before election day. >> there are issues, candidates. your mayor is on the ballot. proposition a, affordable housing bond. an affordable housing bond are transportation improvement and on the ballot. there was no waiting at city hall tonight. >> the district attorney was really important to me. >> reporter: they say they're paying close attention to the district attorney's race. a win for lofts wrd reflect positively on breed. >> how far are we going to go whether it comes to criminal justice reform? you really couldn't get a clearer choice than that.
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>> reporter: they'll decide tomorrow. now tonight the department of elections says it mailed out 350,000 absentee ballots and only 65,000 have been returned. it is expecting a big day of drop offs tomorrow. be sure to check out our website. we have up to the minute election results. something like this. an unbelievable rescue caught on camera. a man fallsn on the tracks right there. at the bart coliseum station in oakland right after the raiders'f game. you see the train and the man flipping down a bart employee pulls him to safety without a second to spare. >> hopefully -- he seems to be a young man who's got a lot of life ahead ohim.
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>> bart says the man was drunk when he fell on the tracks. a good reminder foret's keep a safe distance from the platform edge. how did we get thrown outside? >> still ahead rich land owners and tech giants. who owns million sillon proy affordable place to live? next. and hacking smart devices. how easy it is to do something you'd never expect. we'll let you know what's ahead for tomorrow a it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system that automatically updates,
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so you always have the latest protection. phishing. malware. risky sites. it can help block all of that. get fast internet and add comcast business securityedge for just $29.95 a month. it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast. well the numbers with google and facebook pledging money for the housing crisis and the
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question is it enough? and is it too late? >> "the mercury news" to investigate that question and ask who os the sillicon valley? tonight senior investigator breaks down one of the largest economic development projects in the history of san jose. talking about the google village. >> reporter: that's right. experts we talk to say since the recession sillicon valley has added just one new housing uniet for every six new jobs that have located here. unsustainable is what they said. they say to truly meet our current housing crisis, government and private industry will have to pony up between 6 to $8 billion to build enough places for people to live. from the plans. >> we want to create a great
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place for everyone. >> to the protests. >> reporter: some neighbors embracing the opportunity to come. others fearing displacement. th get richer and we get thrown outside. >> reporter: everyone agrees google 's plan to build a downtown campus will radically transform san jose. but that threatens to leave current residents out. >> i was sad and scared and worried. >> reporter: people like ashley who rents across the street from google's new projects. >> there's only two left the on the bottom. >> i've lived here erfor ten years and it's my home and i don't know where i'm going to go. >> reporter: preston and her neighbors have been told that when the resident's leases are up, they'll have to move out. they bought the building in anticipation of google moving
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next door. jesus has worked here as a maintenance man for 30 years. he helped deliver the evicti notices including for himself. the local rent control protection ordinances will allow them to stay for now. both know it's only a matter otime before all this development around them forces them out. >> i don't want to live like the homeless people on the street. >> reporter: for years google has been buying up vast sections and pushing up property values and rent all around. to get an idea ohow much an impact a big tech campus like this can have on the housing market, we turn to the apple plant. we mapped out every housing near the campus.
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if every employee chose to in cuperto, ne single family homes. >> why didn't they do more to insure more housing sng. >> i think when it was entitled and approved we were not in the housing crisis. >> reporter: mayor steven sharp wasn't on the city counsel back then but says when it comes to the new apple space ship, 10,000 more similar jobs have been hist oorically located on the oldhew packert complex. >> i would say we can do better than we've done. >> reporter: sharp also says developers have not built the hundreds of affordable housing units as promised. >> we hear reasons about t worried an economic recession is
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coming. >> reporter: do you think they need do more? do you need to be more aggressive than pushing developers? >> we do and we are. we have a new city manager and he's been engaging with some of of the developers who own the properties to see what we can get them to do to start construction. >> reporter: they want to bring a different approach called downtown west. it will create around 5,000 new housing units. why is it their responsibility? downtown san josedant argus it's not google or any other tech company's responsibility to provide housing. he said that's the local government's job. >> they're providing high paying
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jobs to help buy the stuff available.ess the issues. >> we have concerns around traffic, parking, usg to solve d be part of that conversation. google has a responsibility to >> they have made significant commitments. >> reporter: jeffrey likes what he's hearing. >> i think google has the opportunity to be a leader when it comes to developing without displacement. but it's going to take additional investments in the affordable housing. >> we need to make sure it happens right and that we're protecting the resident's interests first. >> can you assure that you will make sure it's done right eg? >> i'm absolutely committed to it.
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>> reporter: and we will be following up. weebnd we're participating in a community forum to discuss t ithou. you can learn more just go to our special web page, click on nbc bay and our -- got links to all of of it. >> it's stunning when you hear -- talk about it all the time but when you put it out there. >> $2.5 billion but in the scheme of things you need build enough to live. >> if we think all about our our own housing situation and where we want to go. >> and in any other community this is
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>> thank you. story tip for anyone in our investigaten unit, i'm like 996 >> all right. let's meteorologist, jeff ranieri. temperatures above average towards the next couple of days. and i do want to starts 1/2 a look at the air quality now. we have been closely following this with the fire activity over the past couple of weeks. tomorrow we could get smoke near the ranch fire. the smoke doesants look super thick but will be modern from the north bay to the south bay. so you might start to notice this. i'll keep a close eye on this and let's get you right 92 tomorrow morning. at the mtd coastline we'll have
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area oz of patchy fog and away thrum coast, away from the bay. really beautiful. chilly at 48 and the trivalley at 46. right over to the east bay i see fog at 47. patchy fog in san francisco at 52. er we start on the cool side. by the afternoon temperatures going above average. a littleit eslow to start. closer to the water. sfoirn oakland. ocean breeze is in effect. so a cool 66 and right back to palo alto. san francisco 66 in the embarcadero and good news for the north bay no big wind tomorrow.
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winds are fairly light out the west at 6 miles per hour. and santa rosa. my extended forecast is on cruise control. no big weather worries coming your way. and upper 60s this weekend. inland valleys in the cool 40s into the next couple of morn ogz and this weekends we'll stay in the low 80s. so not too hot. but i know a lot of you want this rainfall in the seven-day forecast. i'd like to turn off the drip irrigation at my houses and unforpinately rainfall chances keep getting pushed back. we have high pressure to keep the storm pattern out here. we could start to get rain chances in here. 55% chance of that happening based on the current outlook.
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>> you mention the sprinkler system. we got get some >> we got to turn them off. i'm not>>he power obeing pa team. the documentary that tells the storyf of the san quinton warriors. and we have jimmy. >> chris evans is my guest. they're having fun. happening now a man is dead following a fight ova popeye's chicken sand chch in maryland. it all start whd someone cut in line to get the sandwich. that's when he stabbed the other man to death. announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an
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epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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a new security flaw may make people think twice about owning the speakers. they can be hacked using laser pointers and flashlights.
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they mimic sound waves to impersonate a voice. amazon and google didn't deny the flaw but says they're reviewing the research as we do extensive reporting on the housing crisis, apple is pledging more than 2 billion to address the issue. it will be distributed over two years and support middle and low income housing. 1 billion to an investment fund and another billion is helping first-time buyers with loans. and a potential landmark moment in the fight to end online hate speech. mark zuckerberg invitaled kara to his home. the topic, to move muslim hate speech from its facebook. up next historic night
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inside the chase center. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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in the human brain, billions of nefor people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmon once thought to belost forever.
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hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun. so all their names might not
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ring a bell but they're fun to watch. >> the team's first victory at the new chase center. the heavily flavored -- flavored? warriors rookie pascal turned 23 years young. his fourth three-pointer of the game. soon after offensive rebound and watch that. a big dunk. 34 points for the rookie from vill dovau. congrats on the sidelines. 127-118 and guess who this is. right after the game that's steph curry posting the photo on instagram at home waing the game and congratulating his young teammate. is that a fireplace? >> i believe it is. >> it's kind of fancy. >> i believe he would have a fancy one.
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the power of healing through sport. a post film panel for "cue
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ball." about arison basketball team. the film shows the san quinton warriors' rehab program that gibbs inmate as chance to channel their energy in a nonviolent way. they caught up with the director. >> thaey've all decided to makea change to put that path behind and while they still can, turn their lives around. >> reporter: they sponsor the san quinton warrior's program. >> every year the nba warriors will go visit the program. and it's cold out there. >> yes and we have more at >> thanks everyone. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - chris evans,


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