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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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it says the company is holding back information it needs to investigate how the company is using your data. facebook doesn't like it and is striking back. scott budman picks up the story from there. >> you don't appreciate the future impact of what your work is. >> reporter: shortly after the cambridge analytica scandal broke and we learned facebook had allowed an outside company to access our private data, the state of california launched an investigation. fast forward 18 months and state attorney general xavier becerra says facebook has not been cooperating. >> facebook knows some of the most intimate details of our lives. >> reporter: claiming the social network has ignored multiple requests for information pertaining to the investigation. so becerra is taking facebook to court. >> we are left with little choice but to seek a court order compelling facebook to faithfully comply with our duly
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authorized subpoenas. >> we need to feel safe and private and secure with our data. >> reporter: cyber security professor says this case is important because your privacy is important. >> and that's probably what he is looking for, to see if there is any kind of violation. >> reporter: of our privacy? >> our privacy, yes. >> reporter: we reached out to facebook, which says, quote we have cooperated extensively with the state of california's investigation. today we have provided thousands of pages of written responses and hundreds of thousands of documents. >> this has been going on for 18 months now. what's next between california and facebook? >> well, jessica, as it turns out, this is the first official confirmation of this 18-month investigation that we got just today. part of the ongoing frostiness between california and facebook. now that the courts are involved, you can expect more elbows to be thrown for a while between the two sides. >> okay. scott budman reporting for us.
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now internal documents obtained by nbc news indicate that ceo mark zuckerberg wielded data as bargaining chip. it could control competitors or help facebook partners. for example, the document shows that facebook granted amazon special access to user data in exchange for ad buys. however, a rival messaging app was forgotten out. some of the thousands of leaked emails, web chats and spreadsheets were marked highly confidential. facebook has not denied the documents' content. several serious charges involving two former twitter employees. they're accused of spying by providing saudi arabia with personal information about the country's critics and dissidents. federal prosecutors say the men were convinced by saudi operatives to access the private data of users perceived as being enemies of the crown. both men left their jobs at twitter in 2015. a third man in saudi arabia is also charged. twitter saying tonight it has tools in place to protect
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privacy. airbnb says it's making big changes. this comes after five people were killed at that airbnb rental home in orinda. it happened on halloween night. the company's ceo brian chesky vowing today to verify all 7 million of its listings by december of next year. that includes checking for accuracy of photos and verifying that hosts of those homes are who they say they are. >> there are moments in your company's history, and there was a moment in a past that defined us, and this is another one of those moments where a tragedy happens and we say enough is enough. we galvanize. and we are making the most significant change to our platform to increase the amount of trust in our platform. >> they are trying to be proactive here, but many people question if airbnb based in san francisco can truly verify all listings if people provide false information like the person who rented the orinda party house
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suspected of doing. the pledge to review all listings comes just days after airbnb announced it's expanding screening of high risk reservations and banning house parties. well, caught at the border trying to get back into the u.s. two escaped inmates back in custody tonight after nearly three days on the run. santos fonseca and jonathan salazar arriving back at monterey county main jail just a few hours ago. they escaped from the jail in salinas sunday morning. the two murder suspects cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling and crawled out to freedom. overnight border patrol officers captured them at the u.s./mexico border coming back into the states. >> we had information that they were in the tijuana area, and they were trying to come back into the united states. we notified border patrol to that information that we had, and they located them trying to enter the country. >> the sheriff says the two will be back at the monterey county jail this evening. they'll be held in separate rooms. from now on they will face additional charges as well. parents in concord beware. police arresting a man for
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having child porn, and they want to make sure he didn't do anything else either. preston brumley arrested today. he volunteers with kids in concord. so police say if you think he had any kind of inappropriate contact with your child, you should let them know immediately. it's been an exhausting two weeks on the fire lines in sonoma county, but now crews are almost ready to head home. the last evacuation orders have been lifted, but the struggle to find some normalcy will take some time for thousands of people who are returning home. nbc bay area's thom jensen is in windsor for us where testimony is expected from fire survivors. and what are the big concerns from everyone? >> reporter: well, raj, we're hearing from people that are really concerned that this will be what they face every time this year, and for many people in these fire-prone areas, they're facing trauma from those concerns. it's a reality older generations of sonoma county residents never faced, the threat of deadly fires every autumn.
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>> not stuff we even worried about. it's a lot different. things are changed. >> reporter: but it is the reality for donna chavez's grandchildren who just returned to classes after the kincade fire forced the closure of all schools in healdsburg. today was the first day back to school for second grader jia and more than 1400 other students in the healdsburg school district. >> the kids are happy, and they had a great welcome back crowd this morning. and music playing. so i think it was good for all the kids to get back to a routine. >> reporter: therapy dogs visited healdsburg elementary school to help comfort kids, and the high school put a strong focus on reuniting as a community. >> it's a combination of giving them time to process and talk in classrooms and small groups and large groups and hear the stories from each other and reconnect with friends, reconnect with our teachers. >> a clinical psychologist who specializes in ptsd told nbc bay area more people are being traumatized by the threat of fire every year. >> sensing more despair about
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this is our new normal. this is the reality in which we live where our homes and our communities are threatened. >> dr. adrian heinz helped develop an app called sonoma rises which helps people with trauma cope with their trauma with a number of different tools. and the app is available in the app store and at google play. we're live in windsor, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thom, thank you. take a look. this the burn scar of the kincade fire. we kind of zoomed it in here as seen from space. the burn area is in dark gray. you can see healdsburg down below. the other spots where the fire is still smoldering appear as yellow dots. you can see them around as well. firefighters are still on track to have this fire fully contained by tomorrow. well, he went hiking, and then he disappeared. it has been five days since anyone has seen a sonoma county man. sheriff's office releasing a photo of 71-year-old john clifford, last seen on saturday. before he went hiking at hood mountain regional park east of
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santa rosa. investigators say clifford regularly hikes in that park. well, it could shape the look of the south bay forever. san jose city leaders inked a deal to buy 900 acres of land today. we're talking about coyote valley on the south side of the valley near morgan hill. ending a fight that's been going on for decades. robert handa is live near the sprawling land with the details of that deal. robert? >> well, as you're going to see, it is a pretty impressive sight. the two properties sold to san jose by the sobrato organization and bramburg properties. it's a struggle that started in the '70s but finally got solved today with help, support and money from the public. greg peck has lived on the fringe of the coyote valley for nearly 50 years and he is relieved that san jose bought and will preserve the north coyote valley. >> my heart is lifted very big that it's not going to be develop and overpaved with asphalt and big buildings. >> reporter: city and state leaders as well as numerous
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environmental groups are celebrating a $93 million private/public partnership with the peninsula open space trust and the santa clara valley open space authority made possible by the overwhelming passage of measure t in 2018. >> coyote valley is the last valley floor in the san francisco bay area that hasn't been developed. it's really a miracle that it's still there. >> reporter: supporters say the land will provide, among other things, protection from flooding. >> there will be groundwater recharge, wildlife corridors, opportunities for extraordinary recreation as well as agricultural protection as well. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo says house willing not be lost because the focus is now on building up near service, not out. >> we're in the position we're in with lack of affordable housing and traffic because of sprawling communities. >> reporter: but not everyone was convinced. other property owners in coyote valley say they've been zoned for development for decades. >> i want to make sure that there isn't an effort here to depress land values and then
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come in and try to buy us. >> reporter: well, officials emphasize a lot more work, studies and money will be needed to get this all ready for the public, but at least they know a big chunk of land will always be here. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. another new look for san jose and its sleek. a 19-story office tower now has a name, which is also its address, 200 park avenue will be a glass high-rise the corner of park and south almaden boulevard in the heart of downtown san jose. the groundbreaking ceremony was today, and we still don't know who will occupy the building when it's finished in three years. these are renderings, but most likely it will be a tech company. up next, calling for higher pay and benefits. the reason uber drivers decided to protest in front of a multimillion-dollar home in the bay area. plus -- ♪ >> have you seen this? this teacher in contra costa
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county and her second grade class now worldwide in terms of getting some notoriety. a popular song she is using to teach a different type of lesson in class. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. already fogged in through san francisco. we'll have a look at that fog forecast for tomorrow morning. coming up in about seven minutes.
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taking their fight right to investors' door steps. instead of picking up fares, uber drivers spent the day fighting for fair pay, targeting billionaire invest owners the peninsula. nbc bay area's anoushah rasta joins us live to put that all together for us. anoushah? >> reporter: jessica, that's where ride share drivers pick up passengers here at the airport. now the airport being big business for these ride share drivers. but even though they say there is a huge demand for their services in places like silicon
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valley, they feel like they're barely getting by while investors are making all the money. >> uber, uber, you're no good, pay your drivers like you should! >> reporter: tonight california ride share drivers are taking an "in your face" approach to a demand for higher wages, overtime pay and medical benefits. they are protesting right outside the multimillion-dollar home of top lyft and uber investors. >> i want uber to start treating drivers fairly. i want uber to pay drivers fairly, to give them all the benefits that they should be given by law. >> reporter: these silicon valley ride share drivers with the organization protested outside the atherton home of tech investor bill giurley who made millions of dollars while drivers struggle to make a living working for company. similar protests were planned in los angeles and also at the google ventures office on the
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embarcadero in san francisco. >> at the same time, millionaires are making investments and expecting a return on their investments. drivers also want to be rewarded. >> we will name and shame anyone who has to do with this predatory model of business. >> reporter: uber's stock price was $45 per share when the company first went public, but is now down about $25 a share at closing today. the company spokesperson sent us this statement in response to the protests saying, quote, we've been forcefully advocating to create a new standard of work in california that establishes commitments on earning, ensure earnings cover driver expense, access to new benefits such as health care and protects workers' flexibility. the company lyft also sent us a statement today arguing that their drivers make on average more than $30 per booked hour, and the company says it's currently supporting a ballot measure that includes health benefits for drivers who want to
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remain independent contractors. reporting live from mineta san jose international airport, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the new express lane on highway 237 has drivers apparently confused, and that confusion could cost them. signs for the express lane make it unclear who can drive in that lane for free. starting next friday, the express lane will reopen with an extension west from matilda. drivers who can drive free, drivers with two or more in car, motorcycle, buses and clean air cars. you will need fast track transponder in your car to make it through. ♪ >> this has got to be the best thing we're going see all day. this elementary school teacher in the east bay now getting worldwide attention for her creative lesson plan. her second graders singing their own lyrics to a popular song by
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lizzo. we spoke to the special teacher and is on campus with this amazing teacher in pittsburgh. >> i'm amazing. >> i'm amazing. >> i'm famous. >> reporter: internet famous, that. welcome to miss dorothy malari's second grace classroom in pittsburgh. every morning, this classroom turns into a stage. ♪ and these students become performers. >> when you sing the song, what do you feel in your hearts? >> love. i'm so happy. >> reporter: malari has been teaching for the pittsburgh unified school district for the last six years. >> she is creative and funny and crazy. >> reporter: every school year, she picks a popular song and adds her own twist to the lyrics. this year the song was lizzo's "truth hurts." >> and once this came on they started grooving to it, okay, they're already loving it. >> reporter: the song isn't exactly suitable for this young
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audience, so she tweaks the lyrics, like this one, for example. i just took an ela test turns out i'm 100% that smart. >> when he came home with that song and started singing it to me and knew all the words, i was super impressed and proud of him. >> reporter: byron's mother says she not only saw a surge of confidence in her son -- >> he has been on speech therapy since he was younger. >> reporter: but a new said of skills. >> i think that's the first song he is able to sing. >> and i didn't think i would have that impact. we just try to make fun, learning fun here. >> i could watch that video over and over. melissa, lizzo tweeted today she loved the video. any word she'll reach out to the school or maybe miss malari herself? >> you know, not yet. we believe there is some rumbles. there are some rumors that the ellen show might be interested in interviewing the teacher and her kids, which would be a big deal. we do know this. lizzo is going to be performing
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in san jose in early december. so maybe she can sneak in some time hey, come on over. drive over to pittsburg. we've got some amazing fans who are lucky to perform for her. guys, back to you. >> i'm guessing we'll see miss malari front row in about three weeks from now. that's the best story of the day. jeff, you said we've got to get lizzo and ellen together. >> and you're doing it. >> you are a booking agent. >> ellen watches our show, right? she does. >> totally. >> must have. okay. we love to see that happen. just like some rainfall in our forecast. we'll go ahead and get you the latest on what we have happening right now. and this is a beautiful shot. if you are getting the kids' lunches maybe ready for school tomorrow, kind of getting a dinner going right now, peek around the corner now. take a look at the tv if you're listening to us, and check out this shot. the fog rolling right into san francisco.
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it's starting to become a little bit thick. so i do even think we'll have the possibility of some drizzle tonight. really, nice change-up here. since we can't get any rainfall lately, at least from that fog rolls in, it kind of sets the scene a little bit differently for us. right? right now 55 here in san francisco. low 50s tonight with that fog. now the other thing i want you to be ready for tomorrow morning is jacket weather. with that colder foggy breeze in place, temperatures will be in the low to mid 40s in the north bay. 41 in santa rosa. 44 in napa. right here to the east bay. plenty of upper 40s from concord to livermore. san jose, 44. and the almaden valley at 49. the fog that is going to be with us here, primarily in san francisco and around the bay at 6:30 in the morning, that will definitely clear out by the afternoon with lots of sunshine. so i do think temperatures should rebound tomorrow. not a bad day. mid- to upper 70s here for the east bay. 74 in san jose. also mid- to upper 70s in the north bay. san francisco, and oakland in the cool 60s.
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now if you have the day off and you're an oakland raiders fan, we know what you're going to be up to tomorrow. of course the chargers and the raiders going at it here on some thursday night football. we hear people start getting out there at noon. so we'll have 60s for that. but you'll need a jacket by halftime. temperatures in the 50s. we'll take a look at that rain outlook and some updated numbers i have. that's in about 25 minutes. >> if you don't know where jessica and i are tomorrow, now you know. jessica is going to be in the black hole. >> all silver and black. >> i got black today. up next, delays. but will it make it in time for thanksgiving? the reason this year's dungeness crab season getting a little bit of a later start.
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new legislation could pull e-cigarettes off the shelves nationwide. this could be a big deal. today east bay congressman mark desaulnier announced the vaping use act. if approved, the bill would stop
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e-cigarettes from being sold in the united states until the fda can verify that they are safe. some say these, as you might know including san francisco and richmond have already passed similar ordinances. but this bill extends the regulations across the country. okay. it's an attempt to save the sea turtle, and it could impact your thanksgiving dinner. the start of the commercial dungeness crab season being pushed back a week. it will start november 22nd. the department of fish and game and wildlife says they're hoping the delay will prevent marine life like the whales and turtles getting caught in fishing lines. cleaner elevators are on the way for bart. that's good news. bart and the sfmta have teamed up to hire more elevator attends at san francisco's montgomery street station and the embarcadero station. the program was introduced at two other sf stations last year and helped reduce drug use and human waste inside of those elevators. okay. time to lace up the skates. the holiday ice rink in union square officially opened. people getting ready to get in
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the swing of winter and the holiday season this year. the rink will host a styling disco skate, an ugly sweater party. maybe only the first day, but people are already flocking from all over to skate. >> i got out of school to go here for my dad's work. >> new to skating? don't worry. lessons are available every saturday and sunday morning. the rink will be open from 10:00 in the morning to 11:30 at night until january 20th. >> so you're saying it's almost holiday season? >> almost holiday season. get your ugly sweater out. up next at 6:30, the first public hearings on the impeachment inquiry are set. it's going to be televised. when witnesses will testify. plus, what the top diplomat to ukraine said about president trump's now infamous phone call. and the recent san francisco police union sent a supervisor a special package containing bars of soap. what it has to do with the city's d.a.'s race that is still too close to call tonight.
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right now at 6:30. >> must-see tv. from behind closed doors to out in the public. house democrats announce the first televised hearing in their impeachment inquiry. now the first witness will testify one week from today. >> a total of three witnesses are scheduled. we already have an idea what they're going to say too. janelle wang is following those developments on capitol hill for us. >> reporter: raj and jessica, all three witnesses already testify behind closed doors, and
6:30 pm
some of that private testimony was released today. but their public testimony next week will let americans see for themselves how the case against president trump is stacking up. the impeachment inquiry is about to get very public. house democrats announcing today three career diplomats will testify in open hearings next week. >> those open hearings will be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves, but also to learn firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct. >> reporter: acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor and state department official george kent are set to testify publicly next wednesday. ousted ukraine ambassador marie yovanovitch on friday. all three have already testified behind closed doors. today impeachment investigators released ambassador taylor's written record in which he spells out a politically motivated quid pro quo in ukraine, giving the country military aid in exchange for an investigation into joe biden's family, as well as a debunked
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conspiracy theory about 2016 election interference. taylor saying, quote, that was my clear understanding. security assistance money would not come until the president of ukraine committed to pursue the investigation. u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland made a similar claim when he updated his testimony this week. republicans are pointing to the other transcript released yesterday from kurt volker, the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine testifying he didn't know about a quid pro quo. >> and the aid was rae leased and ukraine took no action to get the aid released there was announcement of an investigation, no actual investigation started. >> reporter: democrats argue the payout of the aid isn't the central question. it's whether if president tried to use that aid as a bargaining chip for his own political purposes. the white house announced today it is beefing up its communications team, bringing in two new people to work on, quote, proactive impeachment messaging. raj? >> janelle, thank you. the manhattan continues along the u.s./mexico border for
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the people who ambushed three american families. police believe a local drug cartel is responsible for attacking the families who were driving in suvs. three mothers and six children were gunned down. they were killed in this massacre. five of the eight children who survived are being treated in an arizona hospital. doctors are not releasing any information about their injuries. >> evil. they need to pay. and that they will pay. one way or another, they will pay for this. >> police did arrest a man near the scene, but investigators say he was likely not involved in the attack. the bitter race for governor of kentucky going into overtime. democrat andy beshear has declared victory. he is leading by some 5,000 votes be, the outcome is being disputed. incumbent republican matt bevin has refused to concede. allies of president trump, bevin has asked for a recanvas which is a check of the vote count on
6:33 pm
the state's voting machines. the race for san francisco district attorney is still too close to call. tonight there is also a new twist surrounding this race, and it has nothing to do with the candidates themselves. it's an expletive-filled chant. as of now, 2,000 votes separate the top two candidates, suzy loftus and deputy public defender chesa boudin. nbc bay area's ali wolf joins us with details. >> reporter: this already was a tough race to begin with. the ballots are still being processed here inside city hall, but that viral chant, as you mentioned, it is intensifying tensions, this time between the san francisco police union and a city leader. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it was a different kind of election night drama. while on stage at an election night party for district attorney candidate chesa boudin, san francisco supervisor sandra fuhr is captured on video leading a vulgar chant against
6:34 pm
the city's police officers association. boudin says he was not involved. >> i understand where the frustration comes. from i didn't appreciate the poa's role in this race. i think it was really misleading and dishonest. >> reporter: during the race, the sfpoa released attack ads and flyers against boudin. today they delivered supervisor fuhr a letter along with two boxes of soap so she can clean up her language. tony montoya called for an apology for the chant which he calls an unhinged attack on police. supervisor fuhr responded with an apology for officers, but not to the poa's leadership. she calls their campaign ads an example of the organization's tone deaf and poisonous rhetoric attempting to influence city election. fresh off her victory, mayor london breed weighed in calling for unity. >> i don't think it helps our city to be divisive and to create an atmosphere that is divisive when we should be working together.
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>> reporter: amid the drama, the race for d.a. is still too close to call, and ballots are still being processed. >> we expect to get through the vote by mail ballot processing for this election mostly by this friday. >> reporter: and we did reach out to the other candidate today, suzy loftus. we were told she was not available to give us a comment on this story. they did send us a written statement, though, saying that she's looking forward to getting those final results for this race. that is not expected, though, for a couple more days. reporting live in san francisco, ali wolf, nbc bay area news. >> ali, thank you. plenty of other high profile and notable races and propositions. prop c there in san francisco ended up being a no contest. 80% of the voters said no to the prop. a no vote means san francisco's ban on e-cigarettes remains in place. mayor london breed overwhelmingly wins her reelection bid. she got 68% of the vote. mayor breed saying it's an incredible honor to be reelected, and she wants to continue her fight to clean up the streets of san francisco.
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and on the peninsula in brisbane, measure e cruised to an easy victory. 80% of voters in brisbane okayed a 6% tax on all marijuana businesses within city limits. now we are updating our website with the latest numbers as they come into our newsroom. that's at we're also pushing out results through our free nbc bay area app. a 58-year-old hayward man went back to high school today to face his fears and announce a lawsuit. george howell says for four decades, he suppressed the painful memories of sexual abuse that than began when he was a sophomore at morro kw catholic high. >> it was everything that the church has done for so many years to sweep it under the rug, to hide it. moriarty was moved from position to position to position, from st. helena to san luis obispo to st. mary's college. >> the priest he is referring to
6:37 pm
is brother moriarty who did not teach at the school, but he recruited students for retreats including houle says himself. moriarty and a priest who he says also abused him are both dead. a spike in kids being hit by cars has east bay parents calling for action. there are certain roads in alameda that are causing concern after multiple kids have been hit on their way to and from school. last night parents and teachers rallied at city hall, calling for safer streets. >> we've had six students get hit by cars as they were walking or biking to school since the start of school in late august, and then there was also a 3-year-old who was hit. >> they're asking the city to reduce the speed limit around schools as well as adding speed bumps and more signs. city leaders are now considering using a task force to implement more safety regulations. well, up next, ready to negotiate. oakland and the a's try to
6:38 pm
settle the dispute over the team's new waterfront ballpark.
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a teenaged girl is dead and another boy hurt after a shooting in antioch. shots were fired last night and in a neighborhood south of highway 4. soon after the shooting, the shots were fired, police were alerted that the two teenagers actually got themselves to the emergency room. the girl died in the er. police are still looking for the shooter. we have new information on an 8-year-old boy hit by a car in brentwood. the good news is we learned he only had minor injuries. he's going to be okay. police say he was riding his bike last night when a car hit him. you can see here the helicopter airlifting him to ucsf children's hospital. police say the driver cooperated with them and that there was no alcohol involved. some good news for the a's and their hopes of building a waterfront ballpark in oakland. today the city of oakland announced it will negotiate with the team to sell the team its half ownership of the oakland coliseum. the county owns half the coliseum. the city owns the other half.
6:41 pm
the move comes weeks after the a's offered the city $85 million for its share. the a's want to buy the coliseum site and redevelop it. the money generated from that would then help the team finance a new ballpark near jack london square. okay, crews ready to break ground tomorrow on a new project designed to again revitalize san francisco's presidio. the 14-acre public park will sit on top of the new tunnels near the golden gate bridge. when the $110 million project is completed in 2021, it will conne crissy field to the post. that issed all the the tunnel tops. i remember when they were revitalizing crissy field and it was a huge boom to the area. >> it will be fact. >> okay, jeff. we can now talk than thursday night football game in oakland, and the weekend coming up. >> and i think everything is going to cooperate with us. and we're also going to have a little bonus for you. i know we all want some sort of rainfall in here soon.
6:42 pm
i'll give you those updated numbers in just a couple of minutes. all right. they put money down for a promised price on a new car. but they say the dealer didn't deliver. it cost thousands extra. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. that's why there's covered california. we're the only place where you can get financial help to pay for your health insurance. new this year, almost a million people could receive additional financial help from the state to help lower the cost of health insurance... more for those already getting it, and new help for many who haven't gotten help before. so check to see how much you can save. it only takes 5 minutes. to be covered by january 1st, enroll by december 15th.
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the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing.
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♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ nbc bay area responds to a san jose couple who waited months for their new car to be delivered. >> they say when it arrived, the price was higher than what the dealer had promised. that doesn't seem fair. so they asked our consumer
6:45 pm
investigator chris chmura to take the wheel. tell us what happened here. >> number one complaint, cell phones, right? number two, cars. and here we are with a car complaint. romesh and mira took advantage of a discount program theriault costco membership. they pay $500 to order a toyota rav4 through stevens creek toyota. the couple says the sales rep assured them they would pay a price of $30,956 after the discount. remember that number right there. six weeks later, the car arrives, but romesh says when he goes to pick it up, the dealer tells him the price is now 33,000. >> wait, uh-oh. the monitor is not cooperating here. the new price is $33,349. all right. this is a difference of two grand there. so romesh and mira really wanted the car, so they ended up paying the higher price. then they asked us to help out. we contacted costco and stevens creek toyota.
6:46 pm
eight days later, mira and romesh said they got a check for $1750. that is not the full amount of money they wanted and felt they were due, but they were happy to take it. we asked stevens creek toyota and costco what happened, but we didn't get an answer. there is a lesson here for everyone. car buying programs are more common than ever. they're advertised as making the buying process simple, finally. some are as easy as opening an app on your phone. it's great, right? but you still need to get everything in writing and hold those dealers to those commitments that they put on paper. if a consumer problem is driving you crazy, give us a call, 888-996-tips or go online >> that's wacky. that's a big difference in the price. >> you got to fight that one for sure. >> and you punch the monitor. you made it work. >> i'm going go work on that. >> treat it nicely. it's an nbc monitor. >> see you, guys. a new deal from amazon just in time for the holiday season.
6:47 pm
thanksgiving comes late this year, which means fewer shopping days before christmas. so amazon says it wants to make it easier. it's adding 10 million products to its free one-day delivery section. walmart and target have also offered similar delivery options to compete with amazon. how nice are they really being or do they want to sell stuff? >> they want to make it easy. >> thank you, amazon, for making it so easy. all right. jeff, take it away. >> we're going make the weather forecast easy. we'll give you everything you need to know to get ready for tomorrow. so bring you into our microclimate forecast. i did want to show you this view again. it really explains the top weather story we're dealing with right now. you can see the fog filtering in here throughout san francisco. being lit up pretty good there from some activity out there at at&t park. i even think we could have some drizzle tonight. if you're headed into the city, might even need those windshield wipers this evening. as we push into tomorrow morning, that fog is going to stay put as you get closer to the bay, also right at the
6:48 pm
immediate coastline. i think down here in the south bay we have a mostly sunny start, but notice the temperatures. everyone starting in the 40s tomorrow morning. so make sure you have that jacket out from the south bay over to the tri-valley. and also for the north bay. 44 degrees and some patchy clouds. best chance of that fog, of course, in san francisco. and also right near the bay for the east bay. so oakland, also into berkeley, maybe even some of the low clouds stretching back into orinda. we start with the clouds for the morning. we start with the cool temperatures. and then as we push into the afternoon, we should see sunshine away from the coast by noon. and that will leaveteeratures l. 73 here in los gatos. 74 in san jose. 76 in morgan hill. this is really nice. we're all soaking up these comfortable temperatures. but you want some rainfall. we'll have that update for you coming up in less than a minute. over here to the east bay, 79 in danville. 73 in vallejo. back to hayward, 71. the beaches will be chilly, 58.
6:49 pm
that fog will take some time to clear there back in half moon bay. 70 in redwood city. san francisco, 58 in the marina and the mission at 65. and we'll bring you up to the north bay. 72 in mill valley. 78 in napa and 75 in santa rosa. so we get that sunshine by the afternoon. i think the skies still could be a little hazy, though, from the ranch fire, well off to the north. so i wanted to make sure i did get this air quality update in here. air quality will be moderate. i don't think the smoke is going to be super thick. but if you have raepser to problems, you do want to watch out for that. what would clear this out? of course some rainfall. i am seeing a change in the forecast by next week. so that's some good news to at least start to get this pattern to shift a little bit. high pressure that's been blocking any kind of rainfall activity will begin to move to the east. that will allow a cooler flow by next thursday. so where do we get in with some rainfall chances? i think by november 15th, we get the rain building out here in the pacific. and eventually, this could get us some wet weather chances from
6:50 pm
november 20th into december 5th. i've upped this to about a 60% possibility right now. based on what we have. on our extended forecast this weekend, upper 60s right into veterans day on monday, here in san francisco. inland valleys also pretty smooth sailing here. upper 70s and also low 80s. notice by next wednesday with that change, we'll drop temperatures back down to 72 degrees. so not a bad forecast and hopefully some rain chances moving on in. we'll keep you updated as we get closer. >> thank you, jeff. up next, leaving a legacy on and off the football field. a remarkable story about a south bay football player. she's a nose tackle. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you!
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okay. the new-look warriors in houston tonight. and that's really a sign of the times. houston rockets versus -- >> who are you guys? >> alec burks. >> he is actually doing really well. >> he plays for the warriors. the three-pointer there. they had a 36-34 lead, but the rockets were too much. james harden with the beard ahead to russell westbrook. that's an easy slam. in the fourth quarter, houston leading in a big way, 116-97. okay. a high school senior in the south bay is inspiring others.
6:54 pm
she's playing football with the boys on varsity. >> and she is good. she is a nose tackle. here is nbc bay area's anthony flores on campus at santa clara high. >> reporter: putting her helmet away for the last time. >> it's really -- it's really sad. >> reporter: raquel's football career has come to an end. >> since i'm about 8 years old i've been telling my dad, i always wanted to play tackle. >> reporter: and she did, for two years as a nose tackle at santa clara high school, becoming the first girl in more than 30 years to play on the school's varsity football team. >> i honestly didn't think she would make it a week. it was after the first week of pads when we hit them on and started hitting each other and she didn't back down, i said okay, she does have what it takes to be a football player. >> the coolest part, knocking heads every day at practice. >> reporter: but football can be a grind filled with ups and downs. that's what the 17-year-old senior says was the best part of being on the team. >> the life lessons that come with football is getting knocked
6:55 pm
down and always having to get back up. >> reporter: raquel has been such an inspiration at her school, she has had another female classmate follow her lead and join the football team. after watching raquel play, junior celeste aguayo was motivated to tackle her own dreams. >> she gives people a lot of hope that it doesn't matter what gender you are, how big you are, if you have a passion for something and you have a certain toughness, you can persevere through anything. >> i'm so proud of not only myself, but the people around me of creating this environment where we can make anybody feel like they can do anything they want to. >> reporter: and she hopes her story will inspire others to follow in her footsteps long after her playing days are over. >> i'm really going to miss football. >> reporter: in santa clara, anthony flores, nbc bay area news. >> good for her. all right, coming up tonight at 11:00, it's been nearly two weeks since the kincade fire forced thousands of people from
6:56 pm
their homes. tonight windsor is coming together to hold their first council meeting. how the community is healing after all the flames. and jeff ranieri is going to send us out with a little forecast as we head into wednesday night and thursday. >> you guys are heading out there tomorrow. >> for raiders game? >> yeah. >> a black hole forecast. >> mild afternoon. upper 60s, a mix of sun, a few clouds. you'll need a jacket by halftime as we'll be at 58. but all that face paint you guys wear? >> it will keep us warm? >> it's going to stay on. >> only doing it on half my face. >> the pictures are going to look so good. upper 70s to low 80s right through this veterans day weekend coming our way. and eventually by next wednesday and thursday, we should start to see clouds increase and temperatures drop. so hopefully we'll get some -- >> anni pad. >> the darth vader mask. that will keep you warm. >> have a great evening. >> bye-bye. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
6:57 pm
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is she gay or is she not? >> whitney is not day. >> her romance with whitney kept secret four years until today. and has life as a mom changed lil kim? you'll love her answer. and the starring as the queen of soul, wait until you hear jennifer hudson belt out aretha. that's just creepy. >> creepy or sexy? scarlet reveals a whole lot of secrets about her style. >> not practical but it was very, very hot. plus, the huge announcement that caused this celebration. [ applause ]


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