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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> mmm. >> okay, dark and early. >> "early" is fine. >> you're very bright and awake right now. >> i am, on this monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. coming off, well it should be a three-day weekend for a lot of folks out there. >> it is. >> veterans day as well. hoping for a nice forecast. >> it is. it's going to start out clear for most of the bay area. we are seeing that as we take a live look in san francisco, just some light patches of fog, as you get ready to head out, we'll see temperatures in the low 50s, and san francisco about 65 degrees at noon. we will get some sun today, we'll talk more about what we're expecting inland. mike, you are expecting a lighter commute. >> at least for the early morning commute because we should have fewer drivers because a lot of businesses and schools are out of service today because of saluting those who have been in service for our country. we're looking at the a nice easy drive for the green sensors, we showed you the south bay, up
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into the north bay, and here is contra costa county, right in the middle, and it's moving nicely to the middle of the screen, which is the bay bridge. one issue, low clouds hovering around so you may find a patch or two of fog, just like right here coming off the 880 overcrossing and we opened one more cash lane but they're not all open just yet. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:01 right now. it is a crucial week in the impeachment inquiry of president trump and goes public in two days. >> things are eheating up on capitol hill. lawmakers are making final decisions who will testify after republicans submitted their wish list. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington watching who makes the cut. tracie? >> hi there, marcus and laura. good morning. good morning, everyone. these hearings start on wednesday, and democrats have already picked the people they want to testify this week, but republicans have some requests, their wish list went in this weekend. now remember how this works. democrats are running these hearings, so they get to say yes
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or no to who testifies. republicans want to hear from hunter biden, joe biden's son, who had business in ukraine. that was part of the conversation president trump was having on the phone with ukraine's leader. democrats say that has nothing to do with whether or not the president traded money, whether it was a quid pro quo, whether he traded u.s. funds for a political favor, and that the theory is that he has been pushing has been debunked so no, they're giving a no to joe biden on this one or to hunter biden on this one, and his business partner. the other person republicans want to hear from is the whistle-blower, democrats say no to that also because more people with firsthand knowledge have now come forward, whereas the whistle-blower did not have firsthand knowledge and that person's identity is protected. so two nos so far on republican requests with the public hearings set to begin on wednesday. >> you were talking about the republicans' wish list.
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so is there anyone on that list that democrats will allow to testify, tracie? >> so they've asked for eight people, including some unknown like the informants of the whistle-blower. tim morrison, who was a former aide to president trump on the national security council, an expert on russia and europe, has testified privately. he is on their wish list. he may get a yes. kurt volker, who also testified privately, former special envoy to ukraine may also get the okay from democrats since they've already talked to him. >> something we will certainly be watching for, tracie, thank you so much for that report. our scott mcgrew will drive much deeper into all things politics. join him for the "checks and balances" segment coming up for you this morning at 5:45. vice president mike pence will be here in california this week for a jam-packed visit. he's set to visit santa ana and monterey on wednesday and then
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travel to the south bay on thursday, with a stop at nasa ames research center in mountain view. the vice president will tour the facility and give remarks to employees before heading back to washington. if you're on one of the b.a.r.t. platform this is morning you'll probably hear a lot of talk about this next story. b.a.r.t. riders still protesting how police handled a man who was cited for eating on one of the platforms. this morning, the story has its own hashtag and the number one story right now on "today in the bay's" bob redell live outside pleasant hill b.a.r.t. to tell us what's next in this case. bob? >> reporter: laura, this weekend a number of riders posted pictures of themselves eating on a b.a.r.t. platform under the hashtag bunch on b.a.r.t. again this was the protest of what happened last week. take a look at that video, this is video of an encounter with b.a.r.t. police and a man who was eating on the platform here at pleasant hill b.a.r.t., which is against state law. the video does not capture the start of this confrontation, so it's not clear how it escalated
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so quickly but you can see the officer holding onto the man's backpack. he repeatedly asks the man for i.d., the man refuses, then the officer says he'll be detained. >> you singled me out, out of all these people? >> you're eating. >> so what? >> it's against the law. >> go away. >> reporter: the man was handcu handcuffed, cited and released on saturday. people organized this informal protest at the embarcadero station. they brought breakfast sandwiches, ate them on the platform, daring b.a.r.t. police to arrest them. their goal is to get the state to decriminalize eating on b.a.r.t., which they describe as an inane law. one of the b.a.r.t. directors, janice lee was there and wanted to hear what people thought about the incident. one question is how often is this no eating rule enforced. nbc bay area has filed a request through the freedom of information act to try and find
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out, and of course we bring an update when we get that information. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson tells us this man was not cooperative, and that they needed to get his name in order to issue that citation. they say that's why that encounter went on for as long as it did. b.a.r.t. police say they've also sent the video to a police auditor for review. reporting live at pleasant hill b.a.r.t., bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i guess a lot of people are learn being this law. thanks, bob. over the weekend things got rowdy on san francisco city streets, this is video of a sideshow. the chp says happened last night, just below the van ness on-ramp to 101. as far as we know, officers did not get there in time to make any arrests but sideshows continue to be a problem in the bay area. oakland police had extra staffing in place to crack down on illegal sideshows there. a follow-up on a case of a mural hit by vandals in san francisco's mission district. several panels were tagged with black spray paint in an attack
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discovered on saturday morning. the mural contains depictions of different latino community leaders. one artist who helped restore the historic work was outraged when he found out what happened. >> man, i was just fuming, because we had just restored it about a year and a half ago, and it got tagged by gang bangers about a year and a half ago, and we came and just to touch up the damage and we wound up restoring the whole mural. >> the artist says when they lost restored the mural they applied a layer of sealer. he comes on coming back to see if he can wipe the spray paint off of that sealer. levi's stadium will be rocking tonight as the undefeated san francisco 49ers play for a nationwide audience. we have all you need to know, whether you're headed to leeveigh's or just watching from home. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in santa clara this morning, and kris, this is going to be a big night indeed. >> reporter: definitely, and folks who aren't regular football watchers will probably be watching this one. i know i'll be watching.
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lots of life-long niners fans and maybe some new ones, too. we're not going to call them band wagon fans. the niners are the only undefeated team going into tonight's nationally televised game against the 7-2 seattle seahawks. san francisco quarterback jimmy garoppolo says the seahawks and their quarterback russell wilson do a good job with pretty much everything, but they have to deal with bay area fans. >> it will be fun. it will be a good atmosphere. levi's was rocking last time when we played carolina and i wouldn't expect anything less for monday night. the faithful will be loud. >> reporter: and it's probably a good thing the game is going to be on tv and livestreamed because our resident sports nut sean murphy looked for tiblgts for us. $215 is the cheapest ticket on ticketmaster, $1,400 for the good seats, he says on stubhub but you can watch for free via the 49ers app or and it's going to be televised on espn, if you have cable.
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levi's stadium says it is going to be packed for monday night football. 1:45 parking lot is open, 3:15 gates open. heavy traffic is a warn willing and urging folks to consider public transportation and telecommuting so perhaps a good thing it might be a day off for a lot of folks. i want to know if you're watching the game tonight where you're watching the game, if you're watching at home, what snacks you'll have. find me on twitter, facebook and instagram. i'm going to go with the veggie tray and my family will protest and bust something out of the freeze per. >> are they coming to your house? >> reporter: no, just my little ones and my husband. keep it simple, it's monday night. >> you know what i do to feel healthy? i take the veggie sticks, celery or carrots and put a potato chip with it. >> i eat all of them with a martini. >> extra crunchy. >> problem solved. >> that's a health streak, laura. >> i'll be at the office tonight. trying to get him to go. thanks a lot.
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let's talk about the game day forecast, if you're lucky enough to go to the game. >> if you're lucky enough to go, we have some great weather, and we're going to see the nice weather across the bay area, whether you're going or not. we have temperatures that will be in the mid-70s to start pregaming, and then at kickoff at 5:15 it's going to be 70 degrees. i think that's just perfect, but it will cool down as the evening goes along so you'll want to make sure you bring that jacket. we'll see temperatures in the upper 70s in antioch, 79 degrees will be the high today in livermore. 80 in santa rosa, and concord today, expect a high of 80 degrees and 75 today in oakland. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week, coming up. mike, you have an interesting look at the bay bridge. >> yes, so perhaps from the bay bridge, if you're driving across the span, you get a glimpse over on the roadside the top of fog. clouds right below the deck, that's a great view of the traffic to and from san francisco.
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look at this, no delays. we have a good number of cars, the folks are working even though you're watching at us home on your day off perhaps, thank you for joining us. over here, this is the contra costa county drive, the cluster over at the bay bridge is what's causing a little slowing for the cash lanes. fastrak an easy drive in to san francisco with a little bit of fog as well. getting to the south bay, peninsula and the tri-valley, all moving smoothly, very light traffic right now and looking at palo alto with a clear view as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:11 right now. coming up, wildfires impacting the private sector here in california. up next, how major companies are planning ahead. major tech companies meanwhile with a scattered shot approach to handling the president and politics. we'll take a look. and a madonna fan expressing himself, and suing the queen of pop. wait until you hear why, that's coming up for you in just a bit. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay." ok, network inspection. -ok.
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good morning at 5:14. concord we have a chilly start, upper 40s as you head out the door, and then going through the rest of the day, sunshine and our high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s here. we will have more nice and also very warm weather, but we'll talk about if there is any chances of rain in the forecast, coming up in less than five minutes. we're over here in oakland, traffic flows nicely.
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sparsely populated on the northbound side of the nimitz. we'll talk about why these folks were not allowed to drive on the nimitz over the weekend, coming up. and very good morning to you. it's veterans day. the stock markets open, bond markets are closed. stocks took a break from their recent rally on friday, after president trump cast doubts on the progress being made with the chinese on trade and tariffs. san francisco's gap says it will break old navy into a separate company. head of the fed jerome powell will face congress this week to talk about the economy and interest rates. the president trying to make the case the impeachment proceedings are hurting the economy, so no doubt someone will ask powell about that. the impeachment hearings are filtering their way into all kinds of things. the president calling for the unmasking of the whistle-blower. it would be illegal for a government worker to do that. facebook says it's going to take down the ads that claim to name the whistle-blower, the posts as
5:16 am
well. youtube is doing the same. meanwhile, twitter is going to allow it. these are all separate companies, they can do what they want, but tech's response to major issues has been scatter shot. in the case of political ads, stwiter won't allow them. facebook will. mark zuckerberg at georgetown tried to explain facebook's policy on free speech going forward and then the next day, almost the next day started to change all those policies and been adjusting them ever since. facebook says its policy of taking down the whistle-blower's name is consistent with its rules as facebook prohibits the naming of witnesses if they would face intimidation and clearly, clearly that's what's happening with the whistle-blower. >> interesting. thank you, scott. 5:16 right now. wildfires have become so common in california, more big companies are voicing greater concerns especially in their annual reports. the number of s&p 500 companies
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flagging wildfires as a risk factor is up dramatically. in 2010 it was just nine companies. this year, 37. among those adding wildfires to their filings are marriott and monster beverage. when you're the queen of pop, time is immaterial. the problem is, we're living in a material world and so madonna's problem of starting her concerts way past the scheduled start time has set a new lawsuit into motion. fans say she's making them wait two-plus hours past the posted start time before taking the stage, and now a florida man is suing, calling it breach of contract between the singer and the ticket buyers. his suit cites the upcoming miami concert that recently had its start time pushed two hours later to 10:30 p.m., making reselling his ticket at cost value really impossible. not to mention that's a little too late to get into the groove. ♪ get into the groove
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>> so how long is it too long to wait? that's interesting. rarely anyone starts on time. >> but two hours late. >> that's a long time. >> i think so, too. >> you have sitters. >> 30 minutes is pretty reasonable. >> 20. >> okay, 20, 30. >> let's push it and see how late, we'll start the show at 4:45. >> yeah that's going to really fly. welcome to the "today" show. >> you're all going to sit around and wait for us. all right, so let's get up and ready for the day. here is a live look outside in fremont, as we get ready to head out the door, we have clear visibility in some spots. we've seen the fog kind of drifting around, but it's not as widespread and dense as we've seen recently, so antioch, we have temperatures in the upper 40s this morning, that will lead in to low 70s by noon. we'll have another nice and warm day. we're at 79 degrees in livermore. 77 in napa, and we're up to 80 today in santa rosa, while san francisco stays in the low 70s.
5:19 am
low humidity will cause some issues today especially in the north bay hills, in these areas where we'll see the humidity levels drop below 20%, just temporarily this afternoon, as the winds pick up, so that could mean a high fire danger, especially for the higher elevations in the north bay, we'll be watching it also for our east bay hills, and most of us won't feel much of a breeze today, but it's going to be those upper elevations where those winds start to pick up a little bit more today as we go in through the next couple of days as well. high pressure remaining in control, but it will slide off towards the east and allow for some cooler temperatures to move in by wednesday into thursday. we'll also see a shift in the wind. that should create a little bit more humidity going in to thursday and friday, as high pressure builds once again for the weekend. it warms up a few more degrees, and that chance of rain once again that we were hoping for will stay to the north of the bay area. so we're still being blocked by high pressure from getting any chances of showers in the
5:20 am
forecast. it is dry all week, at least it will cool off when we're not dealing with extremely warm temperatures. we're up to about 70 for our high on friday. and mike, you've been tracking the roads. how is it looking with that fog? >> so far looking all right. we're able to see through some of that fog which is at the bay bridge toll plaza and we're clear in fremont. roadway 880 through fremont saturday and sunday nights had closures because of a gas line being moved or located underneath the freeway, that's all cleared without any problems, if you didn't know about it, now you know what is going on and if you slept through it, excellent, congratulations. over here we're looking at a smooth drive, don't sleep through your alarm if you have to go to work. there are folks out there, the traffic is so light a lot of vacations for schools and businesses and it shows at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little light fog, keep that in mind. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> thanks, mike. more to tell you this morning on "today in the bay," an off-duty police officer shoots and kills a man in a vallejo gas station. coming up at 5:30, what we're
5:21 am
learning this morning about the man killed and what police are saying. plus take a look at this, a porsche flies off a new jersey road, lands into the second story of a building. we're going to tell you what happened to the two men inside that car. and it's back! oprah is out with a brand new list of her favorite things, just in time for the holidays. the list of goodies you don't want to miss, coming up. first our team is always on social media. mike posted this photo on facebook, with a special salute to all veterans, including our assignment editor sean murphy. love you, sean. like to thank you for your service. and of course, all the other veterans out there. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 5:24. more than three months after the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival gun control is sxpted to be a hot topic during a town hall in campbell. evan lowe is expected to sit town with the founder of the moms demand gun safe access in america. the event is free and gets under way at 10:30 at the orchard city banquet hall. protests in hong kong have taken a violent turn after a police officer shot a protester point blank. we're about to show you the video t may be disturbing. we'll freeze it before the man is shot.
5:25 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] >> cnbc confirms the man survived and has undergone surgery. separately hong kong police say protesters elsewhere set a man on fire, that man is now said to be in critical condition. there's no word yet about what led up to either of those incidents. most of hong kong this morning is at a standstill. developing in bolivia, leadership there now in a state of heightened upheaval after the president's sudden resignation. abu morales tend down after weeks of arrest started with a disputed election day victory and ended with a military coup. he was in office for 14 years, after claiming re-election victory last month it sparked deadly protests. an international audit determined the election results could not be validated. 5:25 right now. a dramatic, deadly crash on the east coast, a porsche going airborne and into the second
5:26 am
story of an office building, this is in new jersey. two people in that porsche were killed. investigators say that car struck the median at high speed before launching into the air. the building has also been declared unsafe. >> look at that car. all right, well this one just in time for the holidays. oprah revealing her favorite things of the year. >> her gift-giving guide has been an annual edition for 23 years and features picks at $12. some of the top gifts the latest release of the apple watch, echo dot and beats wireless earbuds, others a makeup kit by lady gaga, a perfect pancake maker and pj sets. you can buy most of her picks through her amazon storefront. >> some of the things i was like hmm, okay. >> $12, i didn't think anything on the list was $12. coming up on "today in the bay" top story this is morning. >> fire danger returns to the
5:27 am
bay area as winds pick up, full steam ahead. coming up for you, kari will look at the forecast. plus kaiser's ceo unexpectedly dies in his sleep. coming up, what does it mean for the planned worker strike this week. and happy veterans day out there for all the veterans. how are you honoring america's heroes today? up next, a list of veteran day events across the bay area, that you might want to check out. we're going to have that for you coming up, it is 5:27 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning to you on this monday. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. a lot of people have this veterans day off. hoping for a nice forecast, kari. >> we'll have great weather, low visibility in a few spots. we don't have the widespread, dense fog. it's looking clear as we get a look at dublin this morning as you get ready to head out the door. also a cool start, upper 40s for the next couple of hours, and then we'll go from 47 to about 75 at 1:00 today. so a pretty quick warmup again for this afternoon, with livermore reaching 79 up to 80 for concord, reaching 80 in santa rosa with san jose, looking at a high there of about 76 so we'll talk more about what's ahead for the next several days. mike, you're tracking that thin veil of fog at the bay bridge. >> a thin veil of fog and no metering lights, so that's okay. it shows you how light the traffic is this monday, a lot of
5:31 am
holiday folks out there, so they won't be driving across the bay bridge just yet. mid morning and early afternoon gets really crowded, around the bay on a holiday, that's what we expect today as well and looking at the traffic flowing nicely out of contra costa county and as well as the north bay, where you will find patches of low clouds and some fog as kari has been talking about. the south bay along the peninsula and the tri-valley at speed, that's a great start. the only little bit of slowing out of the alt monamont. developing in the north bay vallejo police are investigating a deadly shooting involving an officer not from its own department. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from vallejo police headquarters with details. pete? >> reporter: good morning, all unds investigation by vallejo police. they say the shooting involved an off-duty officer with the richmond police department.
5:32 am
we'll show you scenes from overnight when the shooting took place. according to vallejo pd they got a call around 5:30 p.m. yesterday in vallejo near fairgrounds drive of a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he eventually died from the injuries on the scene. his family has identified him as 38-year-old eric reason of vallejo. friends say he was a father of six. a large crowd gathered at the scene last night holding hands in a prayer circle for the vallejo man. family and friends say they want answers as to why this deadly shooting took place. >> all i know is this needs to be investigated. i will not lie down and let this go away. i believe that the police involved shooting as usual, he was a working man. >> one of the best people i've ever known, with a huge heart, father of six, just got his life together. >> reporter: as i mentioned, vallejo police say the man involved in the shooting was an
5:33 am
off-duty richmond police officer, apparently driving the mercedes you see in that video. some witnesses say they heard seven to ten gunshots, a lot of unanswered questions at this point, but the solano county d.a. and vallejo pd will handle the investigation moving forward. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. leading bay area health provider kaiser permanentse facing a world of uncertainty after the unexpected death of its leader and ceo, bernard tyson. the 60-year-old died in his sleep early yesterday. he took over as chairman and ceo five years ago, after spending nearly 30 years with kaiser in various other roles. kaiser released a statement, calling tyson an outstanding leader and visionary, and someone who pushed for affordable health care for all americans. at the same time in the wake of tyson's death a strike workers planned to start today has been postponed. some 4,000 mental health professionals were planning to
5:34 am
hold a five-day strike, but the union believes it's inappropriate to do so at this time. a new strike date has not been set. coast guard rescue crews never located one of four people on board a fishing boat that capsized saturday, 30 miles off the coast of bodega bay. this is video showing the rescue of two men and one woman after the boat capsized. the coast guard yesterday called for the search for the fourth person a man that may have been wearing a life jacket, but could not locate him despite an the excessive, extensive search. . dozens gathered last night in orinda to remember the five people shot and killed, the names of the victims were read aloud. organizers say they wanted the victim's families to feel like they were supported. >> while we can never imagine what they're going through, we wanted to honor the children, i
5:35 am
think, they're between 20 and 30, the people who died. so we needed to say their names, and we need to let people know that we care that they are lost. >> the shooting happened at an airbnb rental. it's prompting changes at the company, including banning so-called party houses. police have yet to make an arrest in the case. new for you this morning, movie director joel cohen and francis mcdorman are suing their marin neighbors over ongoing land dispute. according to "the chronicle," the lawsuit accuses the neighboring couple of ignoring historic property boundaries. they moved into their home in 2005, but there's been controversy between the neighbors over an area separatiseparat separating their land. a reminder on this veterans day, most federal, state, county and city offices are closed. >> have a live look at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the arlington national cemetery. a wreath laying ceremony is expected to get under way there in just a few hours. vice president mike pence will
5:36 am
attend. there are also several events across the bay area honoring those who have served our country. some of them that are happening are the 101st san jose veteran day parade, begins at 11:00 this morning in downtown, our damian trujillo will serve as the event's emcee. there are many other ways could pay tribute. a full list of events is at get a look at the forecast, no, not the forecast. >> we have the traffic, commute this morning, where oh, all that green. you know, i like seeing green like that early in the morning. >> you like that? want me to ruin that, marcus? >> don't ruin it for me, mike. >> you like it? not so much. see? looking over here we have a smooth drive around the bay, as traffic flows nicely right here, a little blip that shows up on 84 and i was checking on the eastbound issue, the disabled truck that was blocking the slow lane for a short period of time, right around mortgage livermore avenue.
5:37 am
looks like that's cleared up so we're back to pretty much clear roadways. a new crash getting you more detail, chp arrives and we see a tiny bit of slowing west 24, right at the transition with 580. that may affect the connector itself, and so we're watching that, as you drive toward the bay bridge, i do think that will have at least a traffic break over the next couple of minutes, and getting toward the bay bridge otherwise moving smoothly. the top of your screen west 80 at hilltop an earlier crash, two earlier crashes consolidated to one and it is off the freeway so that's a much better drive over towards the bay bridge toll plaza, great. >> the holidays. >> for some people, get an extended weekend. we don't so we're looking forward to next. >> we are, so it's going to be another nice one. do you want cooler weather? >> yes. >> okay, you got it. >> just like that! >> yeah, we are going to be up to 80 in the inland areas. by the weekend in the lower 70s. it looks dry going into the
5:38 am
weekend so we might as well get out and enjoy it and actually have some fall-like weather across the bay area. we're going to see temperatures in san francisco mostly in the mid-60s for saturday and sunday for the high. headed toward the tri-valley we're going to enjoy some sunshine, cooling down with the high temperature on friday only up to about 68 degrees, with some mid-70s for saturday and sunday, and if you're going over toward the sierra, this is a look at the lake tahoe forecast. pretty good here, as we're still awaiting some snow, and we're going to see the highs reaching there into the mid-50s, about 60 degrees this sunday. so we'll be tracking that forecast and i'll show you our east bay temperature trend for today, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to t kari. >> 5:38. coming a first for elizabeth warren, how she's ramping up campaign efforts in the bay area. the big names supporting her. of course this week, the itch people inquiry gets under way in a public way. we'll tell you what to watch for.
5:39 am
plus an 8-year-old southern california boy says his teacher would not let him use the restroom. we'll tell you what that student says happened next, that's forcing parents to take legal action. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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it's perfect. unwrap more fun this holiday with matching family pjs. plus get up to 30% off sharper image! jcpenney. happy veterans day. right now at 5:41, as we start out looking live in fremont, we are going to see some patches of low clouds and fog drifting around, but mostly clear visibility across the bay area. we're going to see temperatures
5:42 am
here in the upper 40s, warming up to about 70 degrees at 10:00 today. at noon today our highs reaching into the upper 70s. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead for the rest of the week with the cooldown on the way in less than five minutes. right now we're looking at san rafael most of san jose trouble free. we have an issue in the south bay, we'll talk about some ways you can get around it. be careful where you eat. you can't eat on b.a.r.t. trains but did you know the platform is off limits as well? at 6:00, the weekend backlash to a viral video where a b.a.r.t. rider winds up in handcuffs over a breakfast sandwich. contra costa county supervisors will vote on a plan
5:43 am
to halt ecigarette sales and other flavored tobacco products, the ban would apply to unincorporated parts of the county. san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties passed similar bans. parts of venice beach in l.a. remain closed. needles and other medical supplies were spotted on the sand yesterday. look at the images lifeguards posted on twitter. parts of the beach where needles were found, closed. public health officials are trying to figure out how the needles ended up on the beach. new for you this morning, a southern california family is suing the los angeles unified school district, and according to the lawsuit, the family says its staff at an elementary school forced their 8-year-old boy to urinate in a trash can in front of his classmates. that suit also claims employees never called the parents and instead put a garbage bag over the third grader's urine soaked clothing. the alleged incident happened in march. the family's attorney has negotiated moving the boy to a
5:44 am
different school. 5:43, happening tomorrow, the fate of tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought here as children is at stake, when oral arguments will be heard for a case involving daca. if justices decide lower courts should not review the president's decision to terminate the program, it will end. it could also decide that courts are allowed to review the decision, and make a decision on whether or not it's lawful. and those are just two possible outcomes for you. the ruling won't happen until january at its earliest. to decision 2020 and a show for support for senator elizabeth warren. a campaign office in downtown oakland just opened. hundreds came out during a launch event yesterday. oakland city council president rebecca kaplan of one of several leaders endorsing the presidential candidate. >> we can, we will and we must provide a future that provides
5:45 am
health care for everyone. that is one of the many important reasons that i am so proud and honored to endorse elizabeth warren as the next president of the united states. >> the office is the first in the state to be opened up by the group california for warren. supporters say it will use it to train and organize supporters. quarter to 6:00 right now. the impeachment inquiry enters a new phase. >> public hearings. >> the democrats have this one chance with full tv coverage to really convince the public the president overstepped his powers and used his office to benefit himself. the line-up at the public hearings which begins later this week will include people with incredibly strong credentials. bill taylor a west point grad, fought in vietnam worked for republican and democratic presidents. trump appointed him as interim ambassador to ukraine. george kent is president trump's top adviser on russian affairs. and marie lyovanovitch has
5:46 am
worked as a diplomat since 1986. trump asked her to stay on as ambassador before later firing her. >> they're having people, i never heard of some of these people, i don't know who they are. by the way it's all third-hand knowledge. >> someone who was on that call not third-hand was lieutenant colonel alexander vinman. he was removed from his post on the national security council over the weekend, this is well within the president's right to do but hard not to see it as completely connected to the fact that vinman immediately raised alarms about that phone call. mick mulvaney who twice said the president committed quid pro quo before retracting it has been subpoenaed as a witness. we'll ask a judge to rule whether or not he has to appear, the white house, whether it's bush or obama or trump, has always maintained private conversations about policy should remain private under the concept of executive privilege.
5:47 am
then again mulvaney talked about it on public television. some republicans saying the call was a mistake but not impeachable. republicans don't be led into the fool's trap of saying it was not perfect but not impeachable. no, it's much stronger than that, nothing was done wrong. the white house says it has a transcript of an earlier call that it will release tomorrow, a reminder these are not actual word-for-word transcripts. the first one, which was released by the white house, was damaging and proved many of the president's critics points. the president doesn't see it that way. we'll be watching everything and stepping you through it the entire way with nbc's live coverage as well throughout the week. you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. okay, so listen up for you here, legoland official mascot is traveling all over the bay area, visiting some of the most
5:48 am
famous landmarks. this is birdie. he's enjoying some of the best sites in the area from golden gate bridge to levi stadium. birdie really making his rounds here, so here's why. you can actually vote on which local landmark will be made out of legos, this is at legoland discovery center, which opens next fall at milpitas' great mall. you can make your votes right now until november 19th. i posted a link on my facebook page so you can vote today. in finland's frozen north, santa claus kicking off the christmas season in the place that claims to be his official hometown. stand ta was welcomed by a crowd in the village on the arctic circle. every year thousands from around the world make their way there to see santa and his very busy elves. santa sending out a reminder for kids to be good, always be kind and that he's always watching. >> hmm. >> wow, to be the lucky kid to see santa. >> santa was great.
5:49 am
snow people behind him, looked scary, the smiles. >> holiday is around the corner, mike, got to get ready. >> all right, we need to get ready for some sunshine, like in kari's dress today. >> we're going to see some sunshine and we're getting ready for the game tonight. we've got a lot going on for the bay area. a live look in oakland as you make your way out the door. it is mostly clear. we've seen some fog drifting around, but we are also dealing with some cool temperatures to start out, with some low 40s. 41 right now in santa rosa. it is 48 in oakland, and in palo alto, and in livermore, as well as san martin at 45 degrees. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen as we take a live look in san jose. once again we have the game tonight so we are going to also start out the day with some of our veterans day ceremonies and celebrations going on. it's going to be in the upper 40s to start. we will see it warming up to about 71 degrees at noon.
5:50 am
overall a really nice day, as we look at all of our microclimates, and what to expect today, here we are at noon and danville is at 74 degrees. oakland is at 70 degrees and we'll be at 70 also in san mateo. some mid to upper 70s expected today and a few spots we'll briefly hit the low 80s before coming back down tonight. another cool one expected, with mostly clear skies. we're stuck in this weather pattern that's about to change, and it's going to bring in some cooler temperatures, but unfortunately still no rain, even though we see the storm systems moving across the pacific northwest, that rain will stay away from the bay area, then we'll see another area of high pressure building, going into the weekend, and we'll warm up a few more degrees as the rain once again tracks to the north, and around the bay area, even going into early next week, and normally we're starting to get some rain about this point. we're leading into some of the wettest months of the year, but we have so far not gotten a drop of rain and still don't have any
5:51 am
in the forecast for the week, and also possibly for the start of next week. so here we are with our seven-day forecast, at least it cools down, and it will feel a little bit more like fall by the end of the week, as a couple of cold fronts move through on wednesday, and then again on friday. we'll get another couple of pushes of cooler air. i'll have more on that coming up, and mike, you have a crash and a jam in san jose. >> that's right, kari. the only real jam here in the bay area, well, pretty much the only one, northbound 101 right at our camera, just north of the 680/280 interchange. you see it jamming up on the live camera and sensors, that's just shy of 880, around oakland road and that is backing up to about 680. everywhere else on the silicon valley map looks clear so look at waze. waze if you are traveling with waze it will adapt your course any way when it sees the backup. we look to it for more details. chp reports a crash, two folks called in said a crash, no details on the lanes. we want to thank them.
5:52 am
this particular person is varoom lol, you pick your name. pick this team, nbc bay area and we'll get around these. folks taking 280 to 87 or the surface streets. back to the other maps the rest of the sba green and that's great. green is great for the veterans day, remembering all of our veterans who served past and present serving as well we want to thank them all for their service. walnut creek interchange, no problem. the earlier crash at hilltop cleared from the upper east shore. the bay bridge a new fender bender reported, we'll wait until the bridge crew, chp or live cameras catch a glimpse of that. no slowing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. cold weather is expected to shatter records across the midwest and east coast. more than 200 record lows could be tied or set from today to wednesday. an arctic blast could bring below freezing temperatures to some places. the winter storm is bringing fresh snow to chicago. plus still ahead this morning, the international honor for bay area soccer star.
5:53 am
plus kevin hart speaks out, his message to fans in his first public aexperience since the car crash that nearly killed him. much more ahead. you're watching "today in the bay." so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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chbl our team is on social media. mike posting this photo on
5:56 am
facebook with a salute to all veterans including our own "today in the bay's" assignment editor sean murphy. he gets up in the middle of the night like the rest of us, a big part of our team, like so many behind the scenes. we thank you for your service, if you're a veteran and thank you so much for joining us this morning. christmas ads have you seen them? already flooding many screens. >> retailers and your kids want to you remember there are six fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas. experts say that this will make shopping season a lot more rushed and once again smartphone shopping is likely going to be the king of it all. >> we see the shift online during holiday season largely because it makes it easier for the shopper. a number of folks that are making purchases on their phone go from 41% to 70% in the last five years. so it has become the predominant way folks are buying. >> starting your shopping early means you can spread the damage out in your budget, and a word of caution for you here, a new
5:57 am
deloitte survey shows those who start holiday shopping early have a tendency to spend more. >> uh-oh. >> 5:56 for you right now. trending this morning, actor kevin hart just made his most high-profile appearance since a car crash that nearly took his life. >> last night hart walked on stage after being named best comedy act for a second year in a row at the people's choice awards. he got a standing ovation. he told the audience he was thankful to be alive. >> first and foremost, man, thank god, because i definitely don't have to be here. [ cheers and applause ] it makes me appreciate life even more. >> other winners includes jimmy fallon, blake shelton and gwen stefani. it's 5:57 right now. our investigative unit has been looking into issues on b.a.r.t. trains, we want to hear more about your experience. here is how you can be a part of our investigation.
5:58 am
>> more violence on the b.a.r.t. system. >> how safe is b.a.r.t.? to find out, we are riding all across the bay area and we're taking you with us. i just got to the civic center stop and this is the powell street station. we want to know what you're seeing on b.a.r.t. so send us your videos, from the whacky and weird to the downright dangerous. you can also just record yourself explaining what you saw. email us at or get your attention on social media using #weinvestigate. we want to hear from you. a global sports legend living in the bay area will add one more line to her resume, international soccer hall of fame inductee. today c.c. d 'amour leaves for
5:59 am
mexico where she'll be inducted tomorrow. the two-time olympian grew up in brazil and turned pro when she was 14 years old. now she coaches girls in the bay area, including in walnut creek. she played for several brazil world cup teams including the 1999, this is in 1999 where she scored goals. >> quite the player. right now at 6:00, b.a.r.t. breakfast backlash. >> why is there a store downstairs selling food if we're not allowed to eat up here. >> this sparked an audit and outcry. some saying an officer stuck too close to the letter of the law. staying perfect the 49ers goal against the top seahawks squad. the monday night matchup has the entire bay area excited. then later -- ♪ music makes the people come together ♪
6:00 am
>> some would say a queen is never too late, according to madonna, a response to a lawsuit that might strike a chord with some of you. at 6:15 for you, how late is too late to start a concert? we'll talk about that in just a bit. "today in the bay" continues right now. good monday morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we will eight get to your monday morning commute, a three-day weekend for a lot of folks. >> we got a surprise. >> got a little something and good weather as well. >> really nice weather out there, we're starting out with clear skies, cold temperatures and a little bit of fog here and there, going throughout the rest of the day, sunshine and a live look in san francisco. we're seeing some clear visibility here as we go into the rest of the day for veterans day, getting out and about, temperature also warm up into the mid-70s and some low 80s for parts of the north bay, as well as the east bay in concord today and morgan hill reaching 80 degrees. we'll talk about the rest of the


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