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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PST

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big rig turned over. it's not just drivers, businesses are getting hit too. sergio quintana live on the scene with an update. >> reporter: terry , that tanker truck has been put upright and taken out of here. but i want to show you on california 37 you can see the traffic is being limited to one lane. that's because so much fuel spilled out of that truck that caltrans is concerned that the road might be compromised. this is the tank that ruptured when it crashed on a its side. according to the california highway patrol, it contained 4,300 gallons of premium gasoline. the driver of the truck didn't negotiate the turn all that well and the truck toppled over. no one was hurt but the leaking fuel caused an immediate concern for drivers through here and for
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several wineries and farms in the area. they were forced to shut down for hours as caltrans and hazardous materials team worked. it's only one lane open now because crews -- if there's damage to the road because so much gasoline can actually cause the asphalt to degrade. >> the highway patrol as well as caltrans and cleanup crews will be here until 5:30 a.m. monday morgan unt in the morning until we can assess whether there's structural issues with the roadway. >> reporter: highway 37 was shut down near the de anza winery to allow vehicles to turn around. the winery had to close for the afternoon because of the traffic situation. now, this is a very busy thorou thoroughfare, especially on a e backups coming through here going to be to me
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to just one lane of traffic until monday morning. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> you can download our nbc bay area app to get the latest news and weather alerts sent straight to your phone. best part it is free. dramatic scene in san francisco this morning. seven people are out of their homings after a large fire damaged two building in the castro district. fire started at 4:30 this morning on the 400 block of castro right across the street from the historic castro theater. the buildings and apartments on the upper floors, businesses down blow. >> i takes a while to register. i knocked on the doors roommates firefighters were like get out, get out. very quickly the smoke was -- be bow us outside. >> no word on the cause of that fire. we are following breaking news out of palo alto right now where a city worker has been
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killed in an electrical accident . a utilities crew was upgrading a transformer when the incident happened. a man was hurt in the accident and later died at the hospital. it happened around 10:00 this morning. an update on that crash involving a san jose police officer. last night we reported a san jose police officer and another driver crashed into each other on 680 north of 101. the police cruiser was destroyed. the officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the other driver was treated at the scene. now california highway patrol is taking over this investigation. the big day finally arrived, the pedestrian path on the richmond san rafael now open and people wasted no time in checking it out. christie smith live on the san rafael side of the bridge with reaction. christie? >> reporter: terry, it's getting
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dark out so we're not seeing many walking or riding their bikes at this hour. but, boy, it was crowded earlier. this was part of a four-year pilot project that will be closely watched. it does have its critics who wanted the shoulder of the road used in a different way, but today it was off to an enthusiastic start. it was a long time coming to get to this first ride across the richmond san rafael bridge on the new bike pedestrian path. walt thomas rides with a group and he was impressed. >> this one was good. a lot of people out there. it was hundreds of people. >> reporter: the westbound shoulder was converted to wid p removable barrier, close enough to ride from home on the bay trail. >> i think it's the greatest thing since slicedbread. >> reporter: she's excited about it and disagrees with complaints she's heard from her neighbors. >> they felt that the reason there's a jam at the bridge entrance is the fault of the fact that this should have been
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turned into another car lane, but that actually isn't what the problem is. >> reporter: the $20 million project drew supporters to a ceremony this morning. it's a four-year pilot program that traffic planners will review. >> we will study the performance of the concrete dividers and see. >> we haven't been able to do rides in san rafael or marin. >> reporter: he enjoyed the ride across and is ready to share the experience. >> we can get there without having to pack our bikes in a van. we can do it the more healthy way. >> reporter: the barrier is movable and that would typically be used for when they need to do work on the roadway. i don't know if you can see in the background there, there are a couple people still using this. but it will be studied over four
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years. reporting live at the richmond san rafael bridge, christie smith. a day of crab fishing turned dangerous this morning at half moon bay. seven people took their new boat out into the water. they got lost in the thick fog. all of a sudden there's a wave, hits their boat, capsizes it, throwing all of them into the ocean. >> you can't cheat through it. all of a sudden you're disoriented and if you're not looking at your equipment, you don't know where you are. you can end up on the beach very quickly. >> everybody and everything ended up on the beach. they all safely swam to shore and the boat was missing for sometime but it eventually washed up on a significant endorsement in her bid for the white house. the united farm workers union endorsed harris today. in a tweet the union wrote, quote, she to do with us on heat protections and marched with us for overtime protections. we support kamala harris because of her leadership on immigrant
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justice and her fight for our equal treatment as farm workers. the congressman leading the impeachment hearings against president donald trump received a standing oesvation today at t democratic convention in long beach. adam schiff is the chair of the house intelligence committee that's overseeing that impeachment inquiry. schiff told the crowd of delegates there that democracy is at risk, adding that the most grave threat to america doesn't come from russia or china, but from president trump. >> from a president ethical compass, without an understanding of or our constitution and the beautiful series of checks and balances it established, setting ambition against s no one brancht could overwhelm another, and most importantly, so no despottism could take root. >> later tonight eight of the
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democratic presidential contenders including bernie sanders, kamala harris, and pete buttigieg will speak at a forum. missing from that group will be joe biden. he's fundraising in los angeles instead. still ahead, a new scam to warn you about because we just don't have enough scams. what you need to know before you do your holiday shopping online. colin kaepernick back on the field tonight. his message to the nfl and the last-minute change that caused some controversy. we're seeing a mix of low clouds, also high clouds moving over the bay area right now. will any of these lead to a chance of rain in that seven-da chance of rain in that seven-da back. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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firefighters are making progress on a brush fire in southern california. fire started just before 4:00 in the afternoon in topanga canyon near malibu. it's burned four acres and the fire is only 20% contained. there are no evacuations at this time. people will gather tomorrow
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to honor kaiser ceo who passed away last weekend. sunday morning bernard tyson died suddenly in his sleep. he was a bay area native, spent 34 years with kaiser before turning ceo in 2014. company did very well under him. public viewing will be held tomorrow in oakland. frank ogawa replies from 11:00 until 3:00 in the afternoon. it is open for anyone who wants to attend. on monday the family will have a formal memorial only for friends and family, not open to the public. trading in our guns that you no longer want, that was the goal of today's gun concord. concord police department along with police departments in walnut creek and clayton hosted the event today. don't expect cash. officers say they have a reason for that. >> we do gift cards because we don't want to incentivize people to sell guns and buy more guns. the whole purpose is to give them a gift card around the
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holidays so they can actually use it for holiday shopping or whatever else they think they need it for. we think the gift card is a better solution for that than cash. >> the guns are destroyed once they're turned in. danville police are warning about a new scam involving a popular shopping website. police say people are getting emails from someone pretending to be an amazon retailer. when people call the phone in the email to say they haven't bought anything, the scammers asking for personal information or ask for remote access to the caller's computer to fix the mistake. not good. police say they want you not to call the number in the email. instead, check your amazon account for your purchase history and then contact amazon through its website. we all get them, robocalls. anoushah got three today. >> i have two phones and flee on one phone. >> now never at an all-time high. americans receive more than
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2,000 robocalls every second in the month of october. that's up 25% from the previous month. 49 billion robocalls so far this year. major cell carries are now offering types of screening services for that. they have recently passed new robocalls regulations and have seen an uptick in successful cases against those scammers. we are getting our first detailed look at what san jose's transit hub at diridon station could soon look like. take a look. wow. officials have released an initial blueprint. these are the images for what the station overhaul might look like. leaders in the community will get a chance to talk about the concept plan at meetings coming up on november 18th and again on december 7th. wide open spaces here. world class transit hub is expected to include elevated tracks, two con courses, and shops. the boy scouts are scouting for food today. it's all part of their annual food drive. hundreds of scouts in the bay
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area are collecting all that food from their neighborhoods to bring to food banks. >> we love engaging with the entire community and really elevating the importance of human service and getting the whole community the opportunity to do what the scouts do every single day. >> every year scouts collect about 40,000 pounds of foods during the food drive. it's meant to bring the community together while feeding those in need. very good. >> way to go, boy scouts. if you're picking up bags of food today, i know they were in my neighborhood, they're just a glorious, wonderful day. >> we had nice weather outdoors, a bit of fog for the morning. if you going to like tomorrow, a little bit warmer as we head through the afternoon and tracking, we hope, at least another chance of seeing a few showers in the seven-day forecast. right now san francisco we got fog around the golden gate bridge. sea breeze at 13 miles per hour. emeryville had a beautiful sunset earlier. 59 degrees right now, few high
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clouds overhead. into san jose, currently seeing temperatures in the low 60s, not much wind. might see a patch or two of low clouds with 45 tomorrow morning. closer to 50 in san francisco. still a little chilly around sonoma and santa rosa with upper 30s to low 40s. fantastic football weather tomorrow. santa clara, levi stadium, hosting the arizona cardinals. temperatures in the mid-70s towards oakland. at 1:25, bengals in town taking on the raiders. 70 around oakland. once the low clouds break up, nice afternoon. san jose, 78. los gatos and concord comfortably in the 70s. low 70s on the east bay. 60s closer to half moon bay, and closer to 70 tomorrow around san francisco with some low clouds for the morning and around the north bay numbers around 80 in santa rosa and about 76 degrees
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in napa. what about the rain chances moving forward? pretty interesting map. what's going on here? all this rain in southern california and nothing for us here in the bay area? the complex pattern that's going to start to develop as we get towards the middle password week. best chance of showers could be in the south bay late wednesday evening and thursday. but look at those totals, not much to see there as the area of low pressure that's responsible for the slight chance of showers drops inland over the bay area. it doesn't have a lot of moisture until it gets off the coast of southern california. frrtd you c one thing we have to watch out for, though, even as the temperatures will be cool is wind pattern could still be offshore as most of the miserable rain stays to the south. warm finish to the weebkend.
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san francisco cooler and breezy midweek. we'll watch for the slight chance of showers wednesday. unfortunately it's going to be more of a breezy situation for the hills wednesday to thursday, at least cooler temperatures coming midweek with no real sign of significant rain other than the drizzle and light rain and mist that we had just over the last couple of days. >> like a little spritzing. >> that's about it. hair spray rain now. >> rob, thank you. still ahead, new details about the gunman who shot and killed two people at a santa clarita high school. we'll tell you about the weapon that was used.
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new details about that deadly shooting at the santa clarita high school. several law enforcement sources tell nbc news the handgun that the shooter used appears to have
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been modified. nathaniel berhow shot his classmates at saugus high school before turning the gun on himself. two students died, three others were hurt. berhow also died late yesterday. investigators now say the search of the 16-year-old's home is where they found firearms including assault weapons and handguns. some of those were registered to the teenager's father. some weren't registered at all. investigators say that attack was planned. they're, now, now trying to figure out what drove berhow to kill his classmates. oday in a closed nt inquiry session, mark sandy, the first person to defy president trump's instructions not to testify. he was expected to talk about the administration's decision to withhold military aid to ukraine. more depositions also made public today. deputy assistant to the president timothy morrison testifying last month. the ukraine officials were told u.s. military aid depended on on
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their public announcement of investigations the president want. jennifer williams, special adviser on europe and russia testified the president's requests were unusual and inappropriate. now we have sports. a lot going on today . a ton going on tomorrow. >> one of the most anticipated job interviews in nfl history with colin kaepernick. does colin kaepernick still have the game to play in the nfl? what the quarterback has to say after working out ffl
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colin kaepernick finally gets a chance to showcase his talents, but not before calling an audible on the nfl. the former 49ers quarterback moved his workout from atlanta falcons facility to a high school field 60 miles south of the city after the league said it wouldn't allow the media or cameras to watch. he also had a problem with the league's liability waiver. the nfl says more than 20 teams
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were going to be at the workout but less than 10 showed up after the last-minute move. he says he just wanted everyone to see that he could swing the football still. >> i've been ready for three years. i've been denied for three years. we all know why i came out here to show front of everybody we have nothing to hide. i'll interview with any time at any time. i've been ready, i'm staying ready, and i'll continue to be ready. >> the 32-year-old kaepernick has not played in the nfl since the 2016 season with the 49ers. he sparked aerotest against racial and social injustice by kneeling during the national anthem. the hits keep come for the warriors. another all star is hurt and out of the lineup. roughly will miss two weeks because of a sprained thumb. today an mri confirmed the sprain. russell did not travel with the team as they left on a four-game road trip. this is the latest setback for a
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warriors team that has battled injuries all season. steph curry broke his hand in late october and will miss at least three months. the 49ers are hoping to get back on the winning track after a heartbreaking overtime loss to seattle on monday night. the 'niners will host the arizona cardinalslikely not see the field because of injuries. the 49ers beat the cards back on halloween, but i >> up front they have talented players. we have to account for those guys and they make it tough for you. we know going into the game and we'll be ready. >> we have a talented quarterback who's getting better and better. >> we didn't feel like we played up to our abilities in that game, so we look forward to the challenge this week. >> kickoff is at 1:05 tomorrow
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at leave vievi stadium. jon gruden is going to keep celebrating if the raiders keep winning. the silver and black take on the bengals sunday at the coliseum. the bengals are the only team in the nfl without a win. quarterback derek carr says just because they're 0-9 means they'll be ready to play. >> i think people sometimes look at the 0-19 and they see their ratings are going down. but when they turn film on, people know how good they are. it's frustrating, but they're all professionals and they're going to bring it. >> the raiders face the bengals at the coliseum. kickoff at 1:25. college football injured quarterback costello a spectator for stanford at washington state. passing for a single game school-record 494 yards. it was a three-point game. after that touchdown and two-point conversion, and then the cougars went wild, scoring the next 24 points.
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washington state beats stanford 49-22. next up for the cardinal, cal and the big game next saturday on the farm. that's a look at sports. more news right after this. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] nn but, that' and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected. pull t t simple. easy. awesome. get more out of your in-home wifi experience with xfinity internet and ask about enhanced network security for all your connected devices. click, call or visit a store today.
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the boring company began drilling in las vegas and its new project is anything but boring. you didn't hear that wrong. that is the name of the company started by elon musk. they're working a tunnel under the las vegas convention center for a new transportation system.
6:29 pm
each vehicle will carry 16 people. the system will connect one end of the convention center with the other. a 40-minute walk takes two minutes. they're plapg on having it up and running january of 2021. wow. >> super cool. we need more things in vegas. >> just ride that. garvin thomas: hello, i'm garvin thomas and thank you so much for choosing to spend some time with us. we promise nothing but good news for the next half hour, including a dog saves owner, story the likes of which i am sure you have never heard before; and the tale of a mother's incredible sacrifice for someond thanks to wine country hospitality. we begin in san jose with an artist who wants to change how you view homelessness; not the issue, but the people. suhita shirodkar is drawing the homeless.
6:30 pm
it's not only opening her world, but hopefully doing the same for others. garvin: every piece of art suhita shirodkar creates starts not with a brush stroke, but with a question. suhita shirodkar: the question has to be mine. it's what drives this sort of wanting to work on something long-term. garvin: like her recent projects sketching vintage signs of san jose, suhita, you see, was curious about her adopted city's past. suhita: i've seen it only at silicon valley, but drawing these signs sort of made me research them and go back to a time when i was farm country and all this stuff.


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