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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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bridge itself is now a concern as well. >> we'll have a local news update in half-an-hour, get you updated with weather and traffic. >> you don't want to miss the midday forecast. have a great monday. see you then. good morning, breaking overnight, ambush, a gunman opened fire on families at a backyard party in california. at least four people killed six other injured. the shooter still on the loose this morning. the very latest on the man hunt just ahead. breaking news, fiery standoff overnight, police and protesters clashed in hong kong. the violence escalating, the worst in months and no end in sight. we're there live. heating up, a critical week ahead in the impeachment investigation. eight witnesses set to testify, including the key ambassador who later changed his story, and the house speaker draws fire after calling the president an
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imposter. >> he knows full well that he's in that office way over his head. and so he has to diminish everyone else. >> the latest from washington just ahead. all that, plus under fire, prince andrew grants a rare interview about his friendship with accused rapist jeffrey epstein. >> do i regret the fact that he has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner unbecoming, yes. >> unbecoming, he was a sex offender. >> yes. >> and his bizarre denial of the story. this is accuser told us. "today" exclusive, kim kardashian west tells us what it was like to be in the room with rodney reed when he learned his execution was being halted. >> it was just this overwhelming sigh of relief and hope. and bearing down. >> brown takes it in for a touchdown. >> the los angeles rams pick up a big win over the chicago bears on sunday night to keep their
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playoff hopes alive. today, monday, november 18th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." it's nice to have you with us on a monday morning. >> and it is a very busy one, a lot of breaking news overnight and over the weekend. >> let's talk about that deadly mass shooting. it happened at a house party. that was in fresno, california. and there's a frantic search for the gunman. we have the latest details for you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, hoda. it was another weekend of violence in california, which has seen a rash of recent deadly shootings. now, this latest incident, a horrifying scene at a house party. police right now hunting for the killer who left four people dead. this morning, a manhunt is
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underway in california. police searching for whoever opened fire sunday night at a family gathering in fresno killing four people and wounding six others. >> any unit citywide that's available to start off, there's at least six victims right now. >> reporter: authorities say the gunman or possibly multiple shooters burst into the backyard party where dozens of friends and family members were watching the sunday night football game. >> they shot into the backyard where most people were at this party striking ten people. the fact that there was a shooting at a residence in what's a relatively peaceful area of southeast fresno causes people concern, and it should. >> this incident just the latest in a string of mass shootings in california in recent weeks. on thursday, a 16-year-old student killed two classmates and wounded three others in a shooting in a high school in santa clarita and shootings at two separate halloween parties, one in a san francisco suburb and another in long beach left eight people dead. police now trying to figure out
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what led to this most recent violence last night that has this community on edge. >> this is senseless violence, we're going to do everything we can to find out who the perpetrators are and bring them to justice. >> you're talking about this manhunt that's underway as we can speak. what can you tell us about that search? >> yeah. ice right now, savannah are canvassing that neighborhood. they are looking for surveillance video, for witnesses, anything that might help them piece together what happened, and they believe it is very likely this was a targeted shooting and concerns this could have been worse with women and children inside the house where the shooting took place in the backyard. back to you. >> really disturbing. sam brock, thank you very much. and we do have more breaking news. overnight, violence escalated in hong kong with police and protesters clashing on a university campus. nbc's matt bradley is in hong kong for us this morning. hey, matt, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, well, just
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after an afternoon lull in the violence, we saw hundreds of protesters coming right up to this police line and in the past ten minutes they fired tear gas and dispersed them. they're trying to keep the protesters from the polytechnic university behind me. today hong kong's chaos intensified, hundreds of young protesters barricaded inside one of the city's top universities, squaring off against police for days, armed with rocks, molotov cocktails, even homemade catapults and bows and arrows. yesterday, one impaled a leg. >> any weapons which have been a weapon factory without a doubt. this is a murderous edge. >> reporter: police answering with tear gas and arresting more than 150 people. battles raging all night long, turning this university into a fortress and students into warriors. at one point an armored police truck tried to approach a column
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of protesters but facing a barrage of molotov cocktails lighting it up and forcing it to reverse. hong kong streets are once again gridlocked and right now the action has really intensified and become more frequent. more than five months into hong kong's anti-government protest, activists now determined to turn weekly mass demonstrations into daily acts of disobedience. protesters say they want more freedom and more autonomy from mainland china. >> i want to support our people and they protect us. protect democracy. >> reporter: for police, the protesters are little more than criminals. you know, the university administrators have been trying for days to try to negotiate a peaceful end to this, but, you know, with this renewed violence in just the last ten minutes, it looks like this is going to last. hoda. >> all right. matt bradley for us live in hong kong. matt, thank you. it is the start of another critical week in the impeachment investigation.
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eight witnesses set to testify this week. among them, the ambassador at the center of it all who changed his story later, and two witnesses who heard that now notorious phone call firsthand. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has the story. good morning. >> good morning. two newly released depositions are setting the stage for the big week ahead you're talking about with key public hearings tomorrow through thursday. and now, house speaker nancy pelosi is comparing president trump to the only president in modern history who stepped down under scandal. a new response from president trump after this suggestion from house speaker nancy pelosi that he himself testify in it. >> he could speak all the truth that he wants. >> you don't expect him -- >> at the wants to take the oath of office or he could do it in writing. he has every opportunity to present his case. >> president trump this morning tweeting even though i did
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nothing wrong and don't like giving credibility to this no due process hoax i like the idea and will in order to get congress focused again strongly consider it. pelosi also making clear where she stands on the president implying he should resign. >> what the president did was so much worse than even what richard nixon did. but at some point richard nixon cared about the country enough to recognize that this could not continue. >> reporter: it comes as the president is now suggesting without evidence that jennifer williams, a state department employee detailed to the vice president's staff is a never trumper. williams set to testify publicly tomorrow told investigators privately she thought that controversial july call between president trump and the ukrainian leader was unusual and inappropriate. former top national security council staffer tim morrison also set to speak publicly tomorrow tells investigators he was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed in that call. when the president asked for
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personal political help after freezing military aid to ukraine. but morrison still asked lawyers to review it for placement in a more secure server because he felt it would be damaging it it leaked. >> you had tim morrison who was on the nsc staff said alarm bells immediately went off for him. there are a lot of people who worked in the trump administration who have countering views to that and they've not been allowed to come forward. >> reporter: of course, worth pointing out that the white house has blocked key potential witnesses from testifying, of course, like acting chief of staff mick mulvaney, savannah. >> the president had an unexpected visit to the hospital this weekend. can you tell us about that? >> reporter: he went to walter reed and the president says that happened on saturday for phase one of his yearly physical. now, this was a little unusual because unlike the president's past checkups this was not on his advance public schedule and he's never done his physical in stages before. so that unannounced trip sparked some speculation but the white house says the president is perfectly healthy and that the visit was routine and the president himself says
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everything is great. >> before i let you go. there's another headline, we have been covering vaping a lot on the show. there was a proposed ban from the federal government on some of those e-cigarettes, the flavored ones, but now there might be a change. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's the deal, and, yes, we have talked about this before, savannah, the president pledging to ban flavored e-cigarettes. this is an issue the first lady was vocal about. now reports show the president was swayed by advisers this month who told him this would not play well politically for him. a white house spokesman told "the washington post" they won't speculate on the final outcome, but this is definitely a story we're watching closely. >> hallie jackson, thank you so much. >> hallie, excuse me, hoda, savannah, good morning, good morning to hallie as well. this could also be a critical week in the 2020 presidential race. the next democratic debate will be held wednesday and that debate's happening as a new name has rocketed to the top of a key poll in a crucial battleground state. nbc's geoff bennett has the
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latest on this one. geoff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you. mayor pete buttigieg is having a major moment in iowa. the latest poll in iowa shows the south bend, indiana, mayor with a resounding lead for the first time in the democratic presidential primary. and that's unfolding as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg makes a significant reversal as he considers jumping into the jam-packed democratic presidential field this morning, a big iowa boost for mayor pete buttigieg the democratic presidential hopeful rocketing to the top of the latest "des moines register"/cnn poll with 25% of iowa's likely caucusgoers now picking mayor pete as their first choice for president. >> i have been feeling momentum, and a sense of when people hear the message, they connect with it but we're not getting carried away by a poll results. >> reporter: buttigieg le leap-frogging over senator elizabeth warren, who was
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polling at 16%, and joe biden, and senator bernie sanders both at 15% each. the latest reshuffling of the top tier democrats comes as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg appeared to take another step toward a possible 2020 bid. bloomberg in a major reversal apologizing for his longstanding support of stop and frisk, a controversial policing policy struck down by a federal judge for targeting blacks and latinos. >> i didn't understand that back then, the full impact that stops were having on the black and latino communities i realize back then i was wrong, and i'm sorry. >> reporter: with the 2020 field still taking shape, president trump dealt another blow at the ballot box that could foreshadow a tougher than expected re-election road ahead democratic louisiana governor john bel edwards winning another term in a state mr. trump won by 20 points president trump had visited louisiana three times to campaign for the republican in the race, including two rallies in the past ten days
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>> you got to give me a big win, please okay >> reporter: louisiana following kentucky as the second state that voted for mr. trump in 2016 to elect a democrat as governor in the past month despite the president's personal pleas and you can add to all of that, former president barack obama offering some rare advice to the 2020 democratic presidential contenders in new comments he's warning them not to veer too far to the left it's a move, he said, woul alienate americans who would otherwise be open to voting for the democrats next year, so the former president said the average american doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it he was careful not to call out any candidates by name, but his speech made clear he's definitely advocating for the more moderate approach craig. >> geoff bennett there for us in washington, thank you. we have a lot more to get to this morning including colin kaepernick his workout was supposed to be a chance for him to showcase his skills, but the event did not go
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off exactly as planned, leading to a new war of words between the controversial quarterback and the league nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has details on this for us. hey, miguel, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. colin kaepernick hasn't played for the nfl in over three years. over the weekend, he stepped onto the field hoping to land himself a spot on a new team while that remains to be seen, his attorney is speaking out about the controversial weekend workout. for the first time in nearly three years, colin kaepernick back on the field playing in front of nfl scouts, but things didn't go exactly as planned just 30 minutes before the private workout was set to begin in atlanta, the quarterback and his team announcing an audible, a change of plans saying he would hold an open, independent showcase of his own. >> my biggest thing with everything today was making sure we had transparency of what went on. >> reporter: scouts from 25
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teams agreed to atend the nf hosted workout but only eight showed up after kaepernick's change of venue. showing off his skills for 40 minutes on a high school field, on twitter, the nfl calling him a no show. the once star quarterback who led the 49ers to a super bowl appearance has not played professionally since the 2016 season the same year he led a movement but ignited a firestorm, kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice but kaepernick's attorney says the chance to land a new contract may have been doomed from the start >> i think that this entire thing was a publicity stunt. they never expected us to say yes under their conditions. >> reporter: behind the scenes contentious negotiations among kaepernick's request, an amendment to the nfl's liability in a statement, the league says the waiver is standard for all free agents. kaepernick also requested the workout to be open to the media.
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gehrig geragos says that request was denied by the league >> we weren't going to let them control the footage and control the narrative that he wasn't in football shape >> reporter: so where does this all leave us, colin kaepernick remains an unrestricted free agent. any nfl team can pick him up but so far he doesn't appear to have any offers hoda >> all right, miguel, thank you. >> i didn't know if craig had anything to say. >> no, no. >> i'm surprised >> we do usually turn to you for sports >> i would be surprised at this point if there was a team that picked up colin kaepernick that was what i was thinking in my head. >> okay. >> and then you just blurted it out. >> and now it can be told. thank you. let's go to al with the weather. he's got a check of the forecast do you have any thoughts >> i do about this oh, dear look at the flooding along the north carolina coast we have a series of deer trying to buck the trend of all that is going on you can see we have had a lot of coastal flooding along the carolina's coast, and now that
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system is starting to make its way up the coast we're going to be looking at some strong winds as thi system moves in, and then a secondary system is going to push in as well. right now we've go coastal flood advisories stretching from new england to virginia for 15 million people minor to moderate flooding and as we move up the coast, winter weather advisories for 13 million people, freezing rain, sleet, snow tonight, and tomorrow into parts of new england. this first system, the nor'easter moves up and off the coast today, rain and gusty winds along the coast. then tomorrow this secondary system slides to the north and east bringing some heavier snow, and so snowfall amounts are going to be basically confined to upstate new york into northern new england, anyone where from two to three inches of snow. northern new england could be upwards of 5 to 6 inches, and a lot of wind from new york city to boston out to nantucket that makes for airport delays from boston, new york, philly, and washington if you have high-profile vehicles, minivans look for
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trouble on the roads i-87, new york to montreal boston to albany, i-90 washington to boston on i-95 we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds when you shop small you help support your community - from after school programs to the arts! so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community. join me and american express on small business saturday, november 30th, and see how shopping small adds up. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a beautiful, clear sunrise across the bay area, looking live right now in san jose where temperatures are starting out in the low 50s. we're heading up to 70 for our high today. this will be the last day of some really warm weather. we had that over the weekend. it continues today.
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up to 75 today in napa. then going into wednesday a high fire danger will be in effect for parts of the north bay as the winds increase and the humidity drops. we'll also see our temperatures dropping as well. big changes ahead out west we'll detail that coming up. >> all right, al, thank you. just ahead, the backlash facing prince andrew after an explosive interview talking about his relationship with jeffrey epstein and the accusations against the royal. his answers raising more questions this morning then a "today" exclusive, kim kardashian west tells jenna what it was like to be with rodney reed when he was granted a stay of execution. >> when we got the news, it was just this, like, overwhelming sigh of relief and hope that really filled the room. >> more from kim and what's next in the controversial case. but first, this is "today" on nbc. in the controversial case. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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an nbc news investigation is coming up, one year in the making, the shocking stories of women working in dangerous mines for material that we use every day and what's being done to help them. and "the crown" stars tell us about this new season right after your local news.
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(people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. good morning, 7:26. pg&e now looking at the possibility of a new round of planned power outages as soon as wednesday. up to 19 counties could be impacted. right now pg&e says no final decisions have been made and it depends on how conditions materiali materialize. the utility may begin alerting families and businesses as soon as this morning. later in sacramento, the utility ceo is scheduled to testify at the state capitol about recent decisions to cut power. a check of the forecast for today, a warm one on tap. >> yeah, this is the last warm day before that cold front moves
7:27 am
through. we'll see temperatures in the upper 70s inland today. expect mid 70s through the south bay and low 70s in san francisco. by wednesday we will see that high fire danger, especially for the north bay hills as the winds pick up and we could see gusts up to 60 miles per hour. also for the east bay hills, and that's something we'll monitor from wednesday morning to thursday morning. we're also going to have a cooldown after today. we're looking at high temperatures staying in the upper 60s for the rest of the week and that cool and dry weather will continue into the weekend. let's head over to mike now for a look at the commute. brightly lit but still showing eastbound 80 jammed up. the fast track lane actually, hov lane looking good right there and that's about the only movement we see. two left lanes are still blocking buchanan away from the bay bridge. the commute is jammed by a deadly crash that happened early this morning. still waiting on tow trucks. westbound, the typical bog
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points. back to you. >> thanks so much. in half-an-hour we'll be back with more.
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look at our crowd hanging in the drizzle and cold. we're back, 7:30 on this monday morning, november 18th a little rain to start the day in new york, our plaza crowd, though, looks pretty happy, getting a little air time which we like to do. >> a little mist on their face we'll get to them in a minute. >> we're going to start the half hour with 7:30 headlines, the search is on for a gunman who opened fire at a backyard party in fresno, california, killing at least four people six others people were hurt. one or perhaps more people showed up and started shooting the police believe it was very likely a targeted attack the city of venice, italy,
7:31 am
is still underwater this morning, but good news may finally be on the way. venice was hit sunday by a record third exceptionally high tide in the same week. tourists and residents are still wading through knee high water as they make their way around town flood damage has been estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars so far, but the levels are expected to drop over the next few days. >> to football now two teams desperate to keep their playoff hopes alive battled it out last night on sunday night football. >> spot the ball at the 4, gives the ball to brown, and brown takes it in for a rams touchdown. >> oh, indeed, and the l.a. rams with the exclamation mark taking a ten-point lead with a little more than three minutes to go. they would hold on they beat those bears, 17-7. and now to the backlash facing prince andrew this morning after a rare interview where he discussed his friendship with accused rapist jeffrey epstein. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us with the latest on this
7:32 am
a lot of mouths dropped when they heard this interview. >> absolutely. good morning to you guys one royal watcher describes it as a plane crashing into an oil tanker causing a tsunami kind of bad. prince andrew was grilled on every detail of the allegations that he had sex with a teenage girl and his friendship with epstein. it was at times both awkward and uncomfortable and the fallout keeps coming the monday morning headlines say it all, prince andrew's attempt to explain his friendship with accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein backfiring >> you've been on his private plane. >> yes >> you've been to stay on his private island. >> yes >> you've stayed at his home in palm beach. >> yes >> the duke of york generating a new wave of questions in what has become a sea of speculation surrounding his ties to epstein. prince andrew denied he ever saw his former friend with underaged girls in a pointed and detailed interview with the bbc.
7:33 am
>> do i regret the fact that he has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner unbecoming, yes. >> unbecoming, he was a sex offender. >> yeah. i'm sorry, i'm being polite in the sense that he was a se offender. >> queen elizabeth's son 8th in line to the throne was specifically asked about his 2010 visit to epstein's manhattan mansion afte the financier pleaded guilty to soliciting minors for prostitution. >> now i went there with the sole purpose of saying to him that because he had been convicted, it was inappropriate for us to be seen together >> despite ending their friendship, prince andrew admitted he stayed with epstein for four days. >> you were staying at the house of a convicted sex offender. >> it was a convenient place to stay >> prince andrew linked to epstein in a 2015 defamation lawsuit against ghislaine max well, epstein's one time
7:34 am
girlfriend the lawsuit was fired by juf ju virginia roberts giuffre who alleged epstein directed her to have sex with the royal on three separate occasions when she was a minor. giuffre speaking exclusively to savannah. >> prince andrew of course denies that this ever happened. >> he denies that it ever happened, and he's going to keep denying that it's ever happened but he knows the truth, and i know the truth. >> echoing his repeated denials of the allegations, prince andrew says he has no recollection of even meeting giuffre. >> i can absolutel categorically tell you it never happened >> giuffre claimed one of the alleged sexual encounters happened in march 2001 after dancing with the prince at a london nightclub. >> she was very specific about that night she describes dancing with you and you profusely sweating and that she went on to have -- >> there's a slight problem with
7:35 am
the sweating because i have a peculiar medical condition which is that i don't sweat. >> prince andrew who served in the royal nave says he developed the rare condition durin his combat tour in the war casting doubt on the the authenticity of the phot appearing to show him with giuffre when she was just 17 >> that's me, but whether that's my hand or whether that's the position, but i don't -- i have simply no recollection of the photograph ever being taken. i'm not one to, as it were, hug and public displays of affection are not something that i do. >> the prince provided this explanation for where he was that night. >> i was at home i was with the children. i had taken beatrice to a pizza express in woking for a party at
7:36 am
i suppose 4 or 5 in the afternoon. and because the duchess was away, we have a simple rule in the family that when one's away, the other one is there >> regarding his 2010 visit to epstein's manhattan mansion, prince andrew did acknowledge he let down the royal family saying he kicks himself on a daily basis. as for giuffre, she and her attorneys have not responded to our multiple requests for comment. >> wow >> such an eyebrow-raising interview. the royal family, are they saying anything about -- >> well, the queen knew about this interview but they haven't made any public comment. his ex-wife sarah ferguson has called him, quote, a true gentleman, but also, guys, this comes as reports two weeks ago, a public relations person working for prince andrew resigned because he didn't want him to conduct this interview. >> so damaging. >> how is that being received overseas >> not well, and you can imagine the british tabloids have launched into it -- the furor over it does not seem to be settling down today. >> these explanations like he
7:37 am
went to epstein's house because he wanted to say, we can't be friends but stayed there for four days. >> there are a lot of people scratching their heads, you know, if that's the explanation, you don't go to break up wit someone, and stay there and have a dinner party as well, which is another thing he talks about. >> thank you, steph. >> you're welcome. just ahead, important medical news that could impact millions of americans, the new study that certain heart disease patients may not need invasive surgery. first, though, jenna's powerful conversation with kim kardashian west on her meeting with death row inmate rodney reed, being in the room when reed was granted the stay of execution, and what's next for both of them we have that exclusive interview right after this aditional banks. seems like some are going at the speed of yesteryear. but not here. this is capital one. where banking moves at the speed of right now. you can open a new savings account in about 5 minutes and earn five times the national average. from here or here in our cafés. plus, there are no fees or minimums on savings
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with all of those zeros, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity. ♪ so maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero we are back with in-depth today this morning, new developments in the case of death row inmate rodney reed. >> his execution has been put on hold indefinitely. kim kardashian west is among the many people who brought attention to his case, and jenna sat down with her. >> rodney was scheduled to be executed on wednesday, but on friday his legal team scored a major victory, and kim kardashian west was with reed when he found out. >> when we got the news it was just this like overwhelming sigh of relief and hope. >> what did he say what did his face look like? >> it was extremely emotional,
7:42 am
and he said, praise jesus. and he said it so just -- i could just feel his soul when he said that. >> rodney reed was scheduled to be executed this wednesday for the 1996 murder of 19-year-old stacey stites. he has long claimed he and stites at the time were having an affair but he says he did not have anything to do with her death. [ crowd chanting "free rodney reed" on friday, after massive public attention was paid to the case, the texas board of pardons and paroles recommended a 120-day stay of execution. the same day texas court of criminal appeals agreed to halt the execution indefinitely citing claims of new evidence in the case kim kardashian west first learned of reed's case on twitter, and last month she sent this tweet to texas governor greg abbott urging him to in her words, do the right thing. >> tweeting something like this, you must take it very seriously. you can't just tweet something
7:43 am
like that unless you're certain the case should be looked at. >> yes, so i will usually go to thea length of speaking with either the person or their family members and my group of attorneys before i do something like that. i really am strategic when i am tweeting about someone's life. >> yeah. >> you know, sometimes i think attention could help i never want to do anything if i feel like it can hinder a case. >> because sometimes attention may not help, is that right? >> i think that sometimes i feel like maybe a governor wouldn't want the pressure from maybe talking to a celebrity about a situation. i know that having support is really important, and the most amazing thing i saw that came from this case was the bipartisan support i mean, you had everyone from ted cruz to sean king on this case and really setting up petitions where millions of people sign them they say that it takes a
7:44 am
village, but it really takes a country, and it showed in this case >> the victim's own mother and sisters have said they think rodney was the murderer, what do you say to them? >> i'm completely sympathetic when i think about the victim's family i think what would i do. i would want to know through evidence, through dna evidence that all the facts were completely accurate. >> you have four kids. i notice your passion for this work really came after you became a mom do you think the two had something in common? did they change your perception on life, on how important it is that we care about others? >> i absolutely think they did i mean, when you become a mom, you become so protective you want to hopefully make their world the most perfect place ever, and ours obviously isn't, and i definitely see how especially, like, black men are
7:45 am
treated in this country still differently, and i'm raising two black men, and so i want to make sure that my world and their world is as safe and as fair as possible >> was there a moment, was there a catalyst when you knew you wanted to get into criminal justice reform? >> yeah, alice. >> alice is alice marie johnson who was serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug sentence first time hoda spoke with them both shortly after johnson's release. >> i love this woman. >> i love this lady. >> kim was a fierce johnson supporter and went all the way to the white house to fight for her freedom. >> i always say like alice found me, and we were supposed to be on this journey together it's just been such a journey that i didn't ever imagine that i would be on, but i'm so glad that i am, and i just love that we've been able to just get a lot of work done and i just don't want to stop that.
7:46 am
>> jenna, she's obviously found her passion. she's studying to be a lawyer. what is her plan what's her ultimate plan with this. >> she has no intention of stopping, as you can see she's extremely passionate she's actually working with rodney reed's legal team as part of her apprenticeship. i met her two lawyers that helped train her in the bar, and they said they wouldn't believe that she actually didn't cheat on some of those tests if they weren't watching it because she's so talented. her hope is to actually open a law firm to work with people like alice, those who were formerly incarcerated. she's never seen people that are more thorough in the law than those who have been incarcerated themselves. >> i would imagine she probably hears from lots of folks who are incarcerated now. >> she does. she says it's overwhelming and that's why she has to be ver thorough in the cases she chooses to work with. >> thank you >> and we're going to have a lot more, we're going to have more
7:47 am
on the interview the show we do >> the hoda and jenna show as i like to call it. >> let's go over to mr. roker, let's get a check of the weather. >> good morning, we've got big changes coming here in the east, cooler than normal for november. a lot of folks seeing the coldest start to november, coldest start ever out west it's been near record heat that will continue for one more day. temperatures way above average out west below average here in the east in fact, today seven forecast records expected out west, and 22 cities may see within three degrees of their records and then all of a sudden, the jet stream dips and we're going to see temperatures drop anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees below average and a lot of wet weather coming into the west as well, which they need from southern california into the southwest. flash flood risks for tuesday and wednesday. that's what's going on around the country. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in palo alto with mostly sunny skies. we'll see this throughout the day as al said one last day of warm weather, upper 70s for the
7:48 am
inland east bay and mid 70s for the south bay as well as the inner bay. as we go into tomorrow, the winds pick up and we're also going to have a high fire danger starting on wednesday morning for all of these areas shaded in orange. we'll have more understand on that. on that.pd on that. a on t. . . . craig. >> thank you, mr. roker. coming up, startling results from our exclusive year-long investigation. the heartbreaking truth about the women an children used to dig up a mineral that's found in every car, plane and phone. we go deep behind the story. first, these messages.
7:49 am
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good monday morning. right now at 7:56 and it's a clear blue start to our day in san francisco and across the bay area. we'll have one more day of really warm temperatures reaching into the upper 70s for the inland east bay, mid 70s for san jose. palo alto 73 degrees with oakland reaching 72 and san francisco reaching 70 and some mid to upper 70s in much of the north bay. this is where we'll also be watching for the potential of a high fire danger starting out on early wednesday morning as a cold front sweeps through and it will bring through gusty winds and lower humidity in some of our mountain peeks we could see gusts up to 60 miles per hour for areas shaded in orange and that will continue early thursday morning. we'll have cooler temperatures throughout the end of the week and we'll keep the nice weather as winds calm down in time for the weekend. let's get an update on the
7:57 am
commute now from mike. >> i had hoped all lanes would be open by now. chp gave an estimated time of opening for eastbound 80 at buchanan about now but they still need some more time to clear that deadly crash. the left lanes are blocked still just shy of buchanan. that does have you jammed up away from the bay bridge. it's jammed from ashley avenue and jamming up at the university westbound direction condensing toward the golden gate race track. 101 south toward whipple a crash moving to the shoulder. one lane blocked there. back to you. happening now, a manhunt is under way in fresno after an ambush style shooting targeting people at a back yard party. four people were killed, six injured. right now police believe the victims were targeted and it was not a random shooting. head to our home page for the very latest. we're still awaiting word from pg&e about a possible new round of planned power outages that could take effect as soon as wednesday. later this morning utility ceo is testifying at the state
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, worse than nixon house speaker nancy pelosi's comments on impeachment. >> what the president did was so much worse at some point richard nixon cared about the country enough to recognize that this couldn't continue. >> another round of hearings, set to get under way this week we're live with the top three things you need to know from washington. plus, beneath the surface, our shocking year-long investigation into kids working for pennies a day in a part of the world few outsiders have ever seen. >> turn around right over here, they're young children let's take a look and see if we
8:01 am
can talk to some of the kids. >> an exclusive look at the life-threatening conditions inside the mica mines of madagascar. and we'll sit down with the new cast of "the crown" as the show returns for season three. >> here we have this immensely popular show that everyone seems to love. >> up till now. >> and you guys ge parachuted in. what could possibly go wrong? >> what they're revealing about living life as royals, today, monday, november 18th, 2019. ♪ >> hi from minnesota. >> hi to our kids annie and cy. >> both: we miss you ♪ >> celebrating our birthdays from milwaukee >> turning 30 and 40 together with mom. >> and good morning, everybody, welcome back to "today" on a monday morning we've got a lot to celebrate out there on our plaza we're happy to have you along with us. >> we'll get outside in just a
8:02 am
bit. thanks so much for the shoutouts. use the # mytodayplaza >> we have an all star-studded week for all new november. tomorrow, you, my dear, are talking to tom hanks about becoming mister rogers and o wednesday, the legendary dolly parton will be here. >> we are chalk full of legends this week. looking forward to it. let's get to the news at 8:00, house speaker nancy pelosi has made new comments about the president as we get ready for public testimony in the impeachment inquiry this week. nbc chief white house correspondent hallie jackson with the things to watch this week good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. one of the things we are watching ahead of the critical week on the impeachment investigation, new comments from house speaker nancy pelosi implying president trump should resign from office like former president richard nixon did after watergate. she's also defending the whistle-blower whose initial complaint about the call sparked
8:03 am
the impeachment proceedings and has come under attack from the president and his allies we're also watching our second thing of the morning, a key deposition that sets the stage for this week's public hearings. it comes from jennifer williams, she's a state department employee detailed to vice president pence's staff. she told investigators privately she thought the controversial july call between president trump and the ukrainian leader was unusual and inappropriate. that's the call of course in which president trump suggested getting personal political help from ukraine after freezing military aid to the country. now the president is suggesting without evidence that williams is a never trumper the third thing on our radar, the president's visit to walter reed over the weekend for what he called phase one of his yearly physical. this is unusual because unlike the past checkups, this was no on his advanced public checkups and he has never done his physical in stages before. so the unannounced trip sparked some speculation, bu the white house says the president is perfectly healthy and the visit was routine an the president himself says everything is great. >> thank you
8:04 am
police are searching for the gunman who opened fire on a party killing four men, and wounding six others. police say the suspect ambushed the men in the backyard. most of the women and children were indoors officials say it appears the shooting was targeted. detectives went door to door overnight looking for video from home surveillance cameras. a groundbreaking new study could have an impact on the health of millions of americans. it suggests that certain heart disease patients may not need invasive surgery nbc's tom costello has details on this. hey, tom, good morning >> reporter: hi, hoda. good morning traditional treatment for stable heart disease patients with sudden chest pain during exercise -- this is called stable angina -- has been to insert a stent into the blocked artery and in some cases a bypass procedure is recommended. but now this landmark ne study suggests these invasive procedures may not be necessary. medication and lifestyle changes may be enough.
8:05 am
it's a major medical development flipping the script on a long standing debate in cardiology, the results of a highly anticipated federal study indicate lifestyle changes and medication are just as effective as common invasive heart procedures like stents for patients with stable heart disease. >> we're talking about millions of americans that this could potentially impact >> the study presented at the american heart association's annual meeting examined over 5,000 patients across 37 countries. its focus, subjects with heart disease or most often those whose coronary arteries are narrowed due to plaque buildup. surgeries often recommended when those patients complain of chest pain and tightness during exercise might not be so necessary after all. >> it's been thought that if you have narrowings in your coronary arteries, you would do better if the narrowings were opened or bypassed.
8:06 am
>> dr. judith hochman and her team led the way providing patients with routine heart drugs like statins and aspirins, and healthy lifestyles, half had intervention like a stent and bypass surgery. >> we found no added benefit for an invasive strategy. >> researchers discovered that procedures were just marginally more effective than medications at reducing chest pain during exercise and found little difference between the groups in major heart disease outcomes, like heart attacks some experts say the study could be a turning point and help guide conversations about treatment options for millions of patients. we need to add that not all chest pain is equal. if you have never experienced it before or if it doesn't go away, within just a few minutes, you need to call 911 right away. guys, back to you. >> all right, tom, thank you we've got the news covered, what better way to start a monday than with a boost >> let's give them a boost, guys three grown up children who live really far from home decided they wanted to surprise their
8:07 am
mom in jersey for her birthday the first son gives her a kiss it's really sweet. she's happy to see him things get better when the brother and sister are about to surprise their mom too take a look. ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, my gosh. ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, my gosh [ screaming >> come on come on. >> that was amazing. the last brother bringing it in. that's a birthday present a mom will never forget. can you imagine doing that for your mom you and your siblings just showing up. >> they would scream coming up, how do the real royals feel about "the crown," we're going to talk to the hit show's new cast about that very thing and what we can all expect in season three. first our investigation exposing the difficult truth behind a mineral that all of us
8:08 am
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and see how shopping small adds up. we are back now at 8:12 with an exclusive nbc news investigation into a mineral that you have likely never heard of but most likely use every single day. >> we're talking about mica, a so-called magi mineral found in every plane, car, cell phone. nbc investigative reporter, cynthia mcfadden is here with the story, the shocking results of a year-long investigation and how it is mined. good morning. >> good morning. this is it, it's high quality sheet mica brought back from madagascar, the world's largest exporter our investigation took us to an area few outsiders have ever seen to tell a story that has never been seen before, the tragic human cost of mining mica two nbc producers pored over customs and shippin records ultimately joining
8:13 am
forces with a leading child's rights group to document for the first time that some of the world's most vulnerable children work for pennies to help fuel the world's dependence on mica we have come to madagascar off the east coast of africa, a place known for its physical beauty and its playful lemurs. to investigate a decidedly less picturesque story. the outrageous exploitation of children to fuel the world's dependence on mica those holes you see are all narrow airless mica pits, dug deep into the earth. >> hello nice to meet you. >> we meet little marella and her mother solonge solonge is 30 years old and has six children they spend their days mining mica, and their nights protecting it. and you sleep here why. >> translator: if we left here overnight, people would steel the mica
8:14 am
>> reporter: she straps her on her back and descends 50 feet into the pit she is not alone, and nearly every pit, children are at work. it's 100 degrees outside and even hotter inside the mine. >> they work as a family, they started early in the morning. >> reporter: we have come here with sangdom, a lawyer whose work in india with a leading child's rights group helped expose the horrors of children working in the mica mines there, together will travel more than 400 miles through the poorest part of the country, a place rarely seen by outsiders a u.s. department of labor report estimates 265,000 children are working in madagascar over 10,000 of them in the mica mines. this is the first time anyone has told their story today is payday. after 2 1/2 months of back breaking work, joseph, the buyer arrives.
8:15 am
hello, do you have the money tell me how many kilos is this >> translator: around about 6 tons. >> for 6 tons of mica, the nine of them will only receive a total of 240 u.s. dollars and they'll get about half of it as joseph deducts the cost of their food, a vicious cycle. >> reporter: it's so precious to the rest of the world and the people who are actually doing the work get so little of the money. precious and critical to the aerospace, electronics and automobile industries because mica is a natural insulator that won't overheat even in extreme temperatures how much is used worldwide, a massive amount consider just the automobile industry by one estimate, every car has at least 15,000 parts that contain mica how do you feel about the fact that your work is going to generate so much money for
8:16 am
somebody else? >> translator: they don't have any money. they don't have any choice. >> who controls most of the world's mica, china. over 90% of the mica mined in madagascar will end up there do you think the chinese are taking advantage of the people who are doing the hard work? >> that's very clear, yes. >> that's very clear >> reporter: for solonge and her family this is an endless process of turning rocks into food as best they can. what would you like to have americans know about the mica in their cars, in the planes they fly in, in their phones. >> translator: people overseas are not going to be able to see with their own eyes, the conditions and hear our words. they should be thinking about getting a fairer price because they're suffering. >> reporter: the suffering extends beyond the mines at processing centers, tiny children are at work turn around right over here. there are young children
8:17 am
let's go take a look and see if we can talk to some of the kids. so these little children are working here they split the mica, they try to find mica pieces >> the tiny fingers are good for that. >> reporter: we notice a mother and four children working in the shade of an old truck. so how many hours a day do you do this? >> translator: so she works here from five to six in the afternoon. >> reporter: five in the morning until six in the afternoon her children work the same hours. the family earns less than $3 per week their food consists of one shared cup of rice per day >> one cup of rice for five of them. >> reporter: is your position that boycotts are the answer? >> it's not going to solve the problem. if the consumers stop buying, they don't have anything to eat. they are going to literally die, so what we want, th the companies to take
8:18 am
responsibility in finding the traces from there the materials are sourced and they are sourced in a responsible manner. >> reporter: if this doesn't move people, i don't know what will the only way these children will have a shot at a life outside of the mines is if companies ar held accountable, companies like tri-h where joseph takes solange's mica i'm cynthia mcfadden from nbc news the manager admits the children digging for mica are working in dangerous and difficult circumstances. >> translator: so he's saying, yes, the kids are used to working. it's not their problem or their fault. it's the fault of the parents of the children >> reporter: you don't want your children to do that, i don't want my children to do that, why is it okay for these children to do that? >> translator: he's given them masks, glasses and gloves, but they're not using them >> reporter: he tells us mica mining is a poor man's business yet mica products are part of multibillion dollar industries he also tells us he can't keep
8:19 am
up with the demand from china. our investigation reveals a stunning reality by the time solange's mica leaves the port, it has already been marked up as much as 500% once in china, manufacturers there turn it into parts for a variety of companies including panasonic and electrolock. electrolock provides battery insulation to the military they say our findings are disturbing and that they have reached out to their supplier. panasonic says their guidelines prohibit child labor we also tracked madagascar mica to crrc, the world's largest trainmaker, owned by the chinese government crrc made over $1.5 billion in profits last year. they are currently manufacturing trains for american cities, including boston we go to their springfield, massachusetts, facility where the executives there show us the
8:20 am
shells that arrive from china. >> has quite a lot of the propulsion equipment. >> reporter: we share the findings of our investigation with them. the shells are loaded with mica, in part sourced from madagascar. i just want to show you who's doing the mining and tell you about what their lives are like. we showed them the images of the children they say they had no idea. >> reporter: now that you do know that, does this company have an obligation to do something about it do you care? >> yeah. >> reporter: you do care >> translator: of course we care we have to do some investigation with our suppliers >> reporter: will you get back to us? >> yeah. >> reporter: they did, saying they support responsible sourcing and encourage suppliers to investigate but the mica supply chain is notoriously hard to penetrate and beyond china, some mica mined in madagascar by children flows into a stream of often illegally mined mica from
8:21 am
india. so figuring out where that mic ends up is often impossible. this much we can say, the aerospace and automobile industries depend on products that contain sheet mica. madagascar is the number one producer of sheet mica in the world. all of which raises important questions for major companies. meanwhile, in madagascar, deep inside a bat-filled cave, little miners are still at work >> how old are they? >> translator: 8 >> 8 >> translator: 10. >> this is where they spend every single day, digging, sifting, hauling mica. not a single one of them goes to school manu is 10 years old but already a veteran. he has worked here since he was 8. little wonder, he says, his back aches. but that doesn't stop him or thousands of others. to survive they must dig every breath, every day laced
8:22 am
with mica. it is what they have it is all they have. it's heartbreaking, but it is not hopeless two not for profit groups we worked with on the ground were so moved by what they saw, they're going to help. they're creating safe day care for children at some of the mines we visited, and unicef is going to be providing educational materials. if you want to help them help the kids, come to now as the seven companies we referenced at the end of our story, four of them responded saying they are committed to human rights and transparency within their supply chains and that they encourage their suppliers to be as well. >> wow >> you're just kind of overwhelmed by the need but what can be done, i mean, you're talking about mica goes all over and it's hard to trace, but madagascar is one of its primary sources. >> yes and we have traced a lot of it back, and so there are serious questions for many of these big companies.
8:23 am
the worst thing would be if we went paws up and said, we just can't do anything. we took the results of our investigation to washington. tonight on "nightly news," you'll hear two senators who say they believe our story is goin to help them tighten up rules about child labor and they want to ask some very big companies some very tough questions. >> they need to. >> extraordinary >> thank you we'll shift gears now, al, let's get a check of the weather. >> really quickly show you what's going on across the country. we've got record highs for at least one more day in the southwest, a pacific storm coming into the pacific northwest, it's going to be a raw, nasty day in the northeast, and new england. wet weather along the mid-atlantic coast and look fo plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast good monday morning, i'm kari hall, lots of sunshine as we take a live look in san jose. it is cool now and it will warm up quite a bit today reaching into the mid 70s which is 10 degrees above normal. we'll see upper 70s for the east
8:24 am
bay as well. san francisco up to 70 this afternoon by wednesday we're going to have some gusty winds and all of these areas shaded in orange and the elevations will have a high fire danger. keep checking in for more updates on that. , hoda. >> we have miss dylan in for "popstart." >> good morning, guys. nice to see you. let's get to tom hanks in "popstart" because that's who we all want to talk about the actor's new film, "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" hits theaters this week as we mentioned, ahead of the big release, savannah had a chance to sit down with hanks one-on-one and asked him if it ever feels a burden to be america's sweetheart. >> and i did wonder if there is ever -- and we can do all the caveats about your lucky life and how wonderful it is to be you, and i know you know that, is there ever that kind of burden being tom hanks, america's sweetheart. >> i don't think there's a person on the planet earth no matter where they are, unless
8:25 am
they are a sociopath that don't have a moment somehow where they think, am i a fraud. am i actually what this is am i actually being true to myself enough to feel as though at any given moment i truly am present. >> so excited for the whole interview, and we will have savannah's interview with mr. hanks tomorrow >> he revealed there wow! >> and then you sat down with the cast and a little later today actually, matt rhys wh plays the journalist in this movie is going to be here live. >> is he growing the beard for the role >> oh, tom hanks, yes, he's shooting something in new mexico right now. sorry, i'm on a ten-second delay. coming up next, the new cast of "the crown," but first, your local news >> sorry i was like matthew >> i did too crown," but first, local news. >> sorry. i was likeatthew? mgood morning.
8:26 am
i )m ... if you )re not fan of those e- scooters and bikes in the city, get ready to deal wit good morning, it is 8:26, if you're not a fan of e scooters and bikes in the city get ready to deal with more. transit leaders expected to announce a new plan to add 100 new racks per month to accommodate 4,000 of the new e scooters and bikes. >> downtown san francisco gearing up for the annual dream force con friend that kicked off tomorrow. the streets have been closed since last week. former president barack obama is this week's keynote speaker. mike inouye is standing by. >> a very quick recovery
8:27 am
eastbound 80. it was a big problem for about three boou -- bucannan. over her a recovery from an earlier crash, both directions going south it is really jammed up. recovery from two earlier crashes there in the last half hour. and the northbound routs really pick up through this area.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back, welcome back, everybody. it is 8:30 on a monday morning it is november the 18th, 2019. it's windy it's spitting. but our crowd is happy we're about to make one other person in our crowd extra happy. yes. where is pat from ohio pat, you're pat from ohio. this is pat from ohio. so pat is doing something unique today. she is waking up with al roker >> al roker. >> and she is going to spend her evening with >> al roker.
8:31 am
>> you flew in from ohio. >> ohio, yes, i did. >> to watch al in waitress. >> oh, my gosh so where are you sitting >> i'm sitting in the mezzanine in the center. >> well, you know, i think we're going to call the folks at "waitress" at the box office, and get you some better seats. >> oh, al, you're wonderful. you're the whole package, you know that, darling. >> thank you that is awfully nice thank you so much. >> al is the whole package thank you so much, pat >> i should know because i looked all over the world for somebody like you, and there's nobody like you. >> thank you >> pat, you rock >> that's awfully nice we hope you enjoy it tonight >> i will. >> thank you, pat. >> so cool >> it's so cold out here al, he's superhuman, you're not even really wearing a coat >> you know, it's not that cold. >> i think that was a mistake. >> no, no. >> it's cold >> you've got a scarf on >> this is how you roll. >> european. >> we're european. >> this lovely lady right here,
8:32 am
you got out here at what time? >> we got here at 1:00 a.m >> wow >> you have been here since 1:00 a.m., didn't you think when nobody was here you could go back. >> we were sleeping in those little crevasses, we got kicked out by the security. >> wow >> is it worth it? >> worth it. >> you guys are awesome. superstars, wow. coming up, you guys, "the crown" is back. so excited, the whole new set of stars taking over the roles of the royals we're going to hear from them and talk about where the hit show is headed and what the real royals think about it. plus, we talked about tom hanks on "popstart." just ahead we are going to talk to is co-star matthew rhys with no beard >> you want to see a beard, hold on just a second, take a look at this guy over in bouchon, there's a beard. look at that beard santa stopped by early all right. where are the reindeer, anyway we can always trust jenn falik to come up with smart solutions to our problems. this morning she's her
8:33 am
to make our holidays easier with a trick to a better roasted turkey for thanksgiving. the buckmans are back, natalie finds out what to expect from the "mad about you" reboot, she gets the first look at the updated home when she drops by >> much bigger apartment. >> looks like it. >> in the fourth hou we're going to have more of jenna's exclusive interview with kim kardashian west. and don't wait until black friday we have a full hour of deals we love but first, al with a check of the weather. but first. >> today's weather is brought to you by net jets, the worldwide leader in private aviation. let's take a look at your week ahead, how it shapes up, first of all, for today, it's a wintry mix in the northeast, sunny and warm down south, hot and dry out west then by midweek, it's much cooler, much wetter and snowier, out west with temperatures getting warmer in the eastern half of the country and by the end of the week, we've got rain and snow in the northeast, heavy
8:34 am
rain making its way through the mid-mississippi and ohio river valleys. look for rockies snow an sunshine along the west coast with temperatures starting to good morning, i'm kari hall, we have low to mid 70s in the forecast today from the coast to the inner bay and upper 70s for the inland valleys. the next several days our temperatures will drop and that cold front will make winds gusty and a fire danger starting wednesday morning and continuing into thursday. that's when we'll have the biggest threat of fire danger and that will most i will be for high elevations around the bay area. we're also cooling off in san francisco. that is your latest weather, craig. >> all right, mr. roker, thank you. ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally over for fans of "the crown," season 3 dropped on netflix over the weekend but this time a new cast is taking the throne led by oscar
8:35 am
winner olivia colman joe sat down with the show's new stars and, joe, i'm already through episode two. >> you are that's good for you. you're kind of like a lot of people who have watched one or two episodes and those who have maybe actually binged all ten. the show was trending on twitter right after it launched, reviews from critics mostly positive and fans seem impressed with the new actors who are now playing the royals as they enter middle age. >> a new cast has been coronated. queen elizabeth is played by olivia colman instead of emmy winner claire foy. we have another one tackling prince phili following in matt smith's footsteps and princess margaret is portrayed by helena bonham carter replacing vanessa kirby we have this immensely popular show that everyone seems to love, and you guys get parachuted in. what could possibly go wrong before filming season three,
8:36 am
the newcomers worked with behind-the-scenes folk who worked on the first two seasons, including creator peter morgan. >> he said, you used to be always pretty, and now we've got you. we have been employed because we're older and battered on the inside >> there are no strangers to royalty. this year colman won an oscar for playing an 18th century, queen anne in "the favorite. and now she's a queen elizabeth. >> it's a harder job to do than queen ann mainly because i'm quite emotional. >> no one knows what queen ann was like anyway. >> you're quite right, which is great. the queen, obviously everyone is a critic, everyone knows what she looks like, everyone has seen her walking. >> this show is a drama but she is essentially a no drama queen. >> partly. behind closed doors apparently she's an absolute hoot, she's a great mimic, a real laugh, isn't she? >> how much did you study the
8:37 am
actual person to try and like imitate it, or did you want to add your own flair to it >> it's a big part of taking on these roles is obviously, you know, there's so much footage and they're so famous and well known. you want obviously to get close to it. you also don't want it to be an act of mimicry, i think that would be kind of irritating to watch for ten hours, probably. >> one does like to fit in. >> you had this unusual situation where there was actors who played these roles before you. >> yeah. got awards for them too. >> do you study them at all and how they tackled these roles or do you say move on? >> i was a huge fan of the show, and so i was sort of trying to go what would claire do. >> i definitely nicked some ideas from that, yes >> helena bonham carter actually played the mother of princess margaret in "the king's speech." >> i did meet her in real life and she did say you are getting
8:38 am
better at acting, aren't you i think it's hilarious. >> you got the last laugh. >> it's in her interest that i got better, isn't it >> the new season covers real life events that happened between 1964 and '77 a deadly mining tragedy that princess margaret's tour of the u.s. including a visit with president johnson, prince philip's appearance o "meet the press" and we see a young prince charles when he first dates camila >> all of the stories get maybe a bit weightier. >> enough. enough >> it's history that's dramatized, still it's a bit awkward when they see real-life royals >> you met prince william, recently, right? >> last year. >> and he knew you were doing this >> yes what are you doing, no, i know what you're doing, sorry do you watch it? no
8:39 am
okay >> and while the show was about the crown, both actresses admit their focus is sometimes what's on their feet. >> walking in high heels, it's hard to keep a shoe on, i find and stockings. >> once you know she's not good at walking in high heels, you've got to rewatch it all. and watch her going -- it' like bambi on ice. >> i'm walking so much better. >> marginally better >> oh, god >> one other interesting note, claire foy's queen elizabeth had blue eyes, olivia colman has brown eyes she was going to wear blue contacts but trying to get them in every day was incredibly difficult and painful so her eyes stayed brown. now production is already underway for season 4 which will still feature those three actors along with some new faces, princess diana and margaret thatcher will be part of the plot line for that season. >> oh. >> wow >> it just keeps getting better. >> thank you if you're looking for me, i'll be binging "the crown."
8:40 am
>> only a few episodes in. helena bonham carter as princess margaret show stealer. coming up, it is a beautiful day. matthew rhys is going to talk about his surprising introduction to mister roger before starring in the movie but first, this is "today" on nbc. to
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back, it's 8:42 with award winning acto matthew rhys, starring in the film "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" based on the real-life friendship between mister rogers and a journalist assigned a profile piece on him. matthew's character doesn't believe anyone could be that good and tries to find the darker side of the television icon >> consider yourself a hero? >> i don't think of myself as a hero, no, not at all >> what about mister rogers? was he a hero? >> i don't understand the
8:43 am
question. >> well, there's you, fred, and then there's the character you play, mister rogers. >> he's like what, they're two different people? >> i know. >> good morning. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> let's get it out of the way i always forget you're welsh because you do an american accent so well. >> not always. there are times when my manager/director goes cut, try and sound like you're from the united states. >> and that leads to my next question because as i understand it, you hadn't even heard of mister rogers. >> to my great shame but when the script came through, i said to kelly, who's fred rogers, she goes, ooh, get out. >> keri russell who is your co-star in "the americans" and your partner, you have a little boy, she had to give you an education. >> first of all, fred rogers is in our house because sam watches daniel tiger's neighborhood which is the offshoot of fred's
8:44 am
show and i was like oh, right, right and i took my deep dive into who fred rogers was and i was astounded. >> what did you think when you first watched the old shows? >> i was confused at first because shamefully went what's wrong, what's happened, do they only have one camera, why is he not cuting away? why is he talking so slow? has he forgotten the words, what happened, and you realize the show isn't for you, and that pacing, that meticulous pacing was all so the children could follow and process and listen at the correct pace. >> you worked with tom hanks, you had heard of him. >> barely. he was in something called turner and pooch or something. >> he loves it when that's the movie you remember >> he hates it, i know >> i call him america's sweetheart but you said it was like america's dad playing america's dad. >> that's what it was to me. i have said before, you know, what i have discovered is that the name hanks and rogers kind of elicit the same sound, in the
8:45 am
shorthand when i would say i'm doing a fred rogers movie, people go, who's playing rogers and you go hanks and they go, and it's the same noise that's emitted. >> what's so interesting in this film, it of course features mister rogers. it's not exactly about mister rogers it's like we get to see this moment of mister rogers in action >> yes >> with your character >> yes >> the journalist. we see what mister rogers does it's not a biography of who he was. >> no, no. it's a very beautiful moment of what he did, i think throughout a lifetime, and as i discovered, touched so many lives. but as well, you know, it's based on this true story of this journalist who met him for a number of days and as rogers had this incredible influence and effect on him. >> i found the movie, i was thinking about it days and days later that i learned some things from mister rogers even now. did you feel like you learned? >> i continue to you know, every day on the call sheet they would put a miste rogers quote, and you realize
8:46 am
he's a philosopher as much as he was a children's entertainer you can almost use that term for him. but, yes, his view on life his outlook on humanity is incredible. >> and how is keri and the kids? i mean -- >> they're good. sam became my kind of mister rogers' guinea pig, the show isn't for me, it's for kids of that age so we put sam, who's a bundle of energy in front of mister rogers and lo and behold. >> in fact, asking for a friend, but the 3 and 5-year-old. >> you have to use it. because it's one of the calmest 30 minutes of his day, and one of the first things he said was he's talking to me like all that timing, you know, paid dividends. >> my daughter actually does watch it but i hadn't tried it on my son with the little boy energy. >> try it, it's incredible. incredible >> and you won an emmy for "the americans." i'm also a huge fan, do you think you and keri would want to work together again?
8:47 am
>> i joked that we should remake "hart to hart. >> that is a great idea. >> that's what i said, we shoot in malibu. we get a soft top convertible, a dog and we're good >> done and done. >> keri, get on board. we need this. >> she is on board entire generations, every studio has turned us down. >> i don't know how that's possible not after this. >> shocking. >> matthew rhys, thank you so much, it's a pleasure. "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" and we sit down with matthew's co-star, tom hanks tomorrow. hoda, over to you. up next, great products that will make your holiday easier from thanksgiving to the new year i like this one, jenn, but first, this is "today" on nbc. i like this one, jen, but first, this is "today" on nbc. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
8:48 am
8:49 am
the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ holiday consumer, we are talking holiday helpers, innovative ideas that will make the coming weeks as close to stress free as you can get.
8:50 am
lifestyle expert jenn falik scoured the stores and the websites for products that will help you out and you found a ton of awesome ones. >> amazing things. it's incredible what's out there. starting with this this is your hack for leftovers, soette a bag opener. it holds ziplo bags of all sizes so you can take like a soup or whatever it is. >> or mashed potatoes without making a huge mess. >> without everything going everywhere. >> i can't believe this hasn't been invented before it's a great strainer you attach to a pot. >> genius. it's a snap-in go ahead i'll let you do the heavy lifting. snap it onto the side of the pot. fits it on all pots. and then there you go, you don't have to go bring it back, so smart, right. >> brilliant, i like it. >> so whenever you're trying to put butter in a recipe, you're cutting it off the stick. >> and it gets all messy this is the bttr twister, you put the butter inside there, hold the butter, and then you measure it out so for example. >> what do you mean? >> if you need like a
8:51 am
tablespoon, it has the measurement there, and then you twist and you cut it off there you go or use it to put butter on toast. use it at the table or store in the fridge. >> if you like to make a birthday cake, this is a must have, this little guy. >> this is so fun. i have broke in so many cakes, this parchment paper >> look what happens. >> voila take it out, put it on the tray. >> you actually put it underneath while you bake it >> yep it's precut parchment paper in all different sizes. >> brilliant we're making thanksgiving and need a good rack >> you can use it either upside down, so you're doing a rotisserie chicken this way, and if you're doing a large turkey it puts it on a 20 degree angle. so the turkey self-bastes, the entire time you're cooking it. >> what do you mean? >> the juices all drip down. >> yes. >> so you don't have to worry about constantly going in, which is stored up here. it goes down there. >> it's going to give you a really moist juicy turkey with
8:52 am
low effort. >> okay. i see a carson must have right here if you like a bottled beer but you would rather serve it as a draft, that's what this guy does >> this is the physics, you take a can or bottle of beer, right inside, and then. >> you just pour it in >> here we go. we'll start fresh. >> take it out a second, and you get draft beer. >> is all it's doing is pouring it in the cup, basically. >> it's giving it more fizz. kind of tastes like a draft beer much smoother. >> if you have people over for the holidays, you always have melting ice obviously in your ice thingy, so what do you do? >> of course make some genius products this ice bucket, it has a triple layer of stainless steel. keep it frozen, test it for 48 hours, and i love that they have these patented sides, easy to carry. >> did you say 48 hours? >> i put ice in here friday night and checked it last night. >> aerating the wino.
8:53 am
>> press down on that cartridge. it aerates your wine and serves it in minutes instead of having to decant the whole thing. >> come over here. oh, someone is having dinner >> we have a guest >> so i love this. this is from paman, adjustable, if you mess up hanging up decorations, you have 20 minutes. move it up to three times. it's not going to -- >> it's clear. and again, i never get it right the first time it's always a little crooked with the adjustables, you can fix it up as you go. >> move it wherever you want. oh, hi would someone like dinner? >> you are fasting you can't. >> what's smart about this, the reason that we picked this as one of our finds is you get everything you need for a gorgeous thanksgiving, and it's disposable you can reuse it >> wait. what do you mean it's disposable >> it looks good, right. and you can get the runner, the paper, we decorated it, but you can decorate everything yourself and when you're done with the meal, you're done.
8:54 am
>> thank you so much savannah, thank you for being you. for more details and a ton more, head we're back in a moment but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> amazing stuff >> this
8:55 am
8:56 am
our crowd has been standing outside, some since 1:00 a.m we're happy you hung up with us. >> coming up third hour, taking the show on the road and tell you where we're going. >> you got to watch coming up. >> byegood morning, it )s 8:56.. i )m - -... p-g-and-e is now looking at the possibility of a new round of planned power outages as soon good morning, i'm marcus washington. pg&e is looking at a new round of planned power outages as soon as wednesday. it could include napa and solona counties. no final decisions have been made and it will depend on how
8:57 am
conditions materialize. today in sacramento the utility ceo is scheduled to testify about recent decisions to cut power. happening now bob redell is following developments and we're posting updates when we get them on our twitter feed. this is at a party, four people are dead, six others are injured. police believe the victims were targeted and this is not a random shooting. and with a big week in the impeachment hearings on tap, president trump is suggesting he may agree to testify himself. the president's full response is on our home page. we'll have more local news in an hour.
8:58 am
shutting down the streets of san francisco. >> major construction gets under way tomorrow. and thousands of paying airliners are facing problems. >> join us tomorrow at 4:30 a.m.
8:59 am
today on california live, a real life war against alzheimer's. >> and a celebrity iron chef tells us the secret recipe for apple pie.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." and good monday morning, welcome to 3rd hour "today," i'm al along with craig, dylan, sheinelle is back after a little vocal rest. >> you're not going to talk the whole show. >> i can't, it's crazy how you take three, four days off, and it feels like i have been gone forever. >> you were missed. >> the day together on friday somewhere secret. >> i thought you were going to give it away right there. >> not yet. >> big day, we're taking the show on the road friday. i think this is our first road show. >> and i can't go. >> that's right, because of --


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