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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 18, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PST

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parents with planned power outages, pg&e warning, some communities could be without power for days once again later this week. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the utility is conside electric 250,000 customers across marin and napa counties. and bob redell is live as the ceo of pg&e will face angry lawmakers. >> reporter: we just got word that the sheriff's office and emergency services that pg&e has notified them, marcus, of that. around 23,000 customers in marin
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countries will lose power starting at 4:00 this wednesday afternoon. now this is a surprise because marin was not on the inl ishl -- on the initial warning list. it takes 24 to 48lines. they have warned 250,000 customers in sonoma and napa that they could lose power. they will make an announcement this morning, here we are at 11:00 a.m. and an hour left and we've only heard from marin. and pg&e is anticipating winds of 25 miles per hour, gusts of 30 to 50 and peak gusts above 50 miles per hour and there is a concern that winds could knock down lines and start a wildfire. within the last moment bill johnson is supposed to testify in front of the senate
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committee. if we have that live screen up but we are expecting that live stream to start in sacramento. electric and south california edison are expected to s. busin and how thete the oversight. they are saying the outages are too broad and poorly executed and the ceo said it is the opposite, they have been well-planned and executed and saved lives by preventing wildfires. governor newsom has criticized pg&e that the equipment is sout dated due to mismanagement. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> it looks like that live stream haven't started yet but we'll follow that for you. as we get closer to the
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potential power shutoff we want you to know that we'll have all of the important information you need to know on our website as well asur you could check to see if you are in that shutoff zone, head over to let's talk about the forecast. a live look outside this morning overlooking san jose. >> awaiting strong winds heading our meteorologist kari hall. and bob said 50 miles per hour winds. >> some areas could see gusts over 60 miles per hour as we see the peak of the winds picking up by early wednesday morning into thursday. right we have calm conditions. and very warm temperatures across the bay area. we're heading up to 78 degrees in santa rosa. oakland will reach 72 degrees. san jose up to 75. and up to 78 degrees in livermore. but we kind of forget this is well above normal and this is not the kind of weather we should see this time of the year. but as a cold front moved
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through tomorrow we'll haven th. so all of the areas shaded in orange included in that fire weather watch but starting from wednesday morning at 4:00 and continuing until 7:00 thursday morning, during this time we're looking at winds from 15 to 35 miles per hour. some of the gusts up to 45. and we talked about some of the mountain peaks getting 50 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts. and these include the east bay mountains and hills above 1,000 feet. so this is a large area. we'll have to watch for the next several days. we'll talk more about the wind forecast and the rest of the week temperature-wise coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> we'll check back. thank you, kari. oakland police are pulling over fewer people to try to avoid racial bias. they talk about this policy now. according to the chronicle police are declining to pull
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people over for low-level infractions like a broken windshield or taillights and focusing on serious violations. city leaders are seeing signs of progress from the changes. police are searching for the shooteha hou party in fresno and four people were killed and six others were injured. sam brock reports from los angeles. >> reporter: a manhunt underway in california. police searching for who opened fire on sunday night at a family gathering in fresno killing four people and wounding six others. the gunman or possibly multiple shooters burst into the backyard party where they were watching monday night football and they started shooting. >> they fired into the backyard where most people were striking ten people. >> reporter: police trying to figure out what led to the violence last night that has this community on edge. >> this is senseless bring them to justice. >> reporter: police are
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canvassing to happened. they think it is likely this is a targeted shooting and worried that it could have been worse with women and children inside of the home where this shooting took place. samrock, angeles. on capitol hill, more fireworks in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into president trump. mr. president trump said he will strongly consider testifying in writing. a series of tweet this is morning the president said he might take up house speaker nancy pelosi on a suggestion she made over the weekend that he testify. eight witnesses are expected to testify over three days beginning tomorrow morning and the open testimony includes for the first time those with the firsthand knowledge of the call between president trump and the corrupt deal being cooked up -- >> i don't think the evidence is -- at all and i think the evidence is crumbling. >> also testifying tomorrow is tim morrison, a former aide who
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said that gordon sondland told a ukrainian official that military aid was contingent into former vice president joe biden. watch tomorrow's hearing right here on nbc bay area. we'll have a special report as soon as testimony begins tomorrow morning. happening now, thousands more scooters could be rolling around the citycial unveiled pa plan of the inevitable. an increase in e-scooters around the city. pete suratos joins us live from san francisco with the so excite of the scooters in the city? >> reporter: that is right, marcus. part of the plan is to add more bike racks to deal with potentially thousands of more and in fact we're looking at one of the bike installed to deal with the issue.
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the crew is on-site to install the bikes and they could hold motorized bikes. that provides more visibility and they call it daylighted, that is what officials call it and this is for pedestrian safety concerns. the city expected to add 100 racks per month around san francisco as the city permitted four operators and they could each deploy 500 scooters each. and by february, that number could potentially jump to 1,000 per operator. and [ inaudible ] to deploy a thousand e scooters around the city and if they do they will need bike racks to accommodate them. >> the scooter program is safety and equity and accountability and we need the companies to share data and educating users on how to use them safely and comply with the permit terms we set out for them.
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>> we are not near the point where we have enough racks in the city. we need many, many more. so it is great the mpa is doing this and i would be happy if there were more than 100 a month they are doing now and that is great. >> reporter: the operators will pay a $75 fee per device to fund the bike rack installation and they plan to add more staff to install but officials say they will continue to build the racks until demand is met. live, pete rc conference that k advice coney center. -- street between third and fo closed. if you plan to be in the area you're advised to take other transportation. bay area football booming again with december ,aiders are the thick of the hunt. >> and the niner's fans are
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savoring it. they were down three points to arizona with 39 seconds left and then wilton took it 25 yards for that touchdown. and in his second catch of the season and first touchdown. >> you have to tip your hat for that situation as a big of a moment that was and i think it was his first offensive snap and to do that is incredible. >> wilson started the year on the practice squad and the niners added alast-second touchdown after that winning the game 36-24 to move to 9-1. now they shoot for 10-1 against the green bay packers at levi's on sunday night. and you could watch that game right here on nbc and the id co. maybe it was hard tore get the win but derek carr gave oakland
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a 14-7 lead in the first half and put the game on ice witare for first with kc. >> both teams doing well. coming up, a possible 180 for trump. a ban on e-cigarettes might come to fruition. and protests in hong kong at a university. and the latest from the ground as protestersono clh with polic
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just about everyone in the bay area seems to have a b.a.r.t. story. good, bad. sometimes even dangerous. we spent months reporting on b.a.r.t. to find out how a world-class transportation system got derailed. watch the series on our website at >> and as bigad said, you could
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binge watch the series all five parts right now on the website. just go to developing now, hong kong police are in a stalemate with hundreds of protesters trapped on a university campus. matt bradley reports on the arrest being made. >> reporter: today hong kong chaos intensifies. hundreds of young protesters barricaded in the top university. squaring off against police for days. dropping molotov cocktails and home made bows and arrows. >> most alarming, weapons were used at the university which has become a [ inaudible ]. this is a murderous act. >> reporter: police answering with teargas and arresting more than 1 into warriors. at one point an armored police truck tried to approach a column of protesters but facing a
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barrage of molotov cocktails lighting up and forcing reverse. more than five months into the anti-government protest they are turning protests into daily acts of disobedience. they want more freedom and autonomy from mainland china. >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: but for police the protesters are little more than criminal. the university administrators have been trying to negotiate for the last 24 hours to reach a peaceful end to this but with this renewed bout of violence it looks like this could last. matt bradley, nbc news, hong kong. a memorial for tonight in oakland to mark 41 years since the jones town massacre. on this day in 1978, more than 900 americans died in guyana,
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amera, ordered to drink cyanide. and jackie speier barely escaped with her life. tonight's memorial is where more than 400 victims are buried. california is suing the largest e-cigarette maker juul. they say they deliberately targeted teenagers. but president trump is backing off his plan of banning most flavored e-cigarettes. he reported that backlash from the vaping community is making the president rethink his stance on the e-cigarette ban. "the washington post" is worried it could risk future voters. today there is a new democratic front-runner in iowa. the mayor of south bend, indiana, pete buttigieg is now taking a clear lead with 25% among likely caucus-goers, a 16
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point increase for buttigieg since september. there is a close three-way battle for second with senator elizabeth warren at 16% and former vice president joe biden and bernie sanders each at 15%. >> a large show of support is expected today for teachers in south san jose. supporters rally before the school board meeting as the teachers and district have been locked in negotiations for more than a year. teachers rejected a proposal last month and believe the next step may involve bringing in the state mediator. [ bell ] taking a look at the opening bell of the new york stock exchange where the dow is up 27 points and stocks eek out of record highs with gains capping the trade with pessimism. and we will lay out 4,000 employees nationwide and staff
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reductions will overhaul we works and could amount to a third of the work force. they rent out office space to enterprises. and not the only one getting ready for christmas. you or someone you know may be among those planning to send your own fair share of packages and if so the post office want you to know about the gund, li december 14th. greeting cards and packages under one pound the deadline is december 20th and december 21st for priority mail and december 23rd for priority mail express. and santa is in no danger of running out of room this year. and mary helps to clear your home of clutter and now she wants to sell you stuff. >> tidying up with mary condo has launched an online shop on . among the items a pair of leather slippers that cost more
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than $200 but the cheapest product is a ceramic chop stick rest for $8. >> whatever sparks joy. >> thank you for your service. >> well maybe that and colder the next few we'll have cool temperatures mornings. >> might need those -- >> something to warm up. and we'll take a look at the clear view of the golden gate bridge as people are out there enjoying the view. no fog now. and we've also had a breezy wind picking up in san francisco. we head inland and it looks hazy out there right now and as we go into the rest of the day, mostly sunny skies, temperatures in dublin reaching into the mid-70s. peaking at 77 degrees at 4:00 today. if you're going to be heading out for dinner, still looks nice so enjoy tim a enjoy today. y warmer temperatures, it is about to cool off. here is a look at highs today. .
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78 in santa rosa. and san francisco reaching 78 and 75 in san jose and palo alto reaches 73 degrees. we see the cold front as it approaches looking at the satellite imagery. this will b parts of the pacific northwest, will drop some rain there but as it moves into the bay area it will dry out. but our winds will pick up. so we're going to start to feel some gusty winds starting out tomorrow afternoon. but this will be a westerly wind to bring in more humidity. so even though this is windy, we'll not have the critical fire condition until the wind shifts which is likely to happen early wednesday morning as we start to see more of a dry and for the bay, winds will gust in the higher elevations, that is where we see the highest wends going
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into wednesday and peaking -- on wednesday afternoon and then we start to see subsiding on thursday. so we'll have at least 12 to 14 hours of really high winds and we're going to have that all because of the cold front in this area of low pressure dropping in. now while we stay dry, there will be showers for parts of the sierra and southern california but the offshore wind is the main story into the next couple of days. we're also looking at very low rain chances and we're going to stay dry here. even as the temperatures cool down. so expect the peak gusty winds on wednesday morning through thursday. into the weekend laura, so we'll get out there really warm weather, marcus and and enjoy it. >> always. thanks so much, kari. so coming up, take a look at this green island. we're going to explain what make this is luxurious getaway a lot different from all others. and how it was built. but first, happening now,
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>> agree. here is a unique location that might want to consider. this floating island made out of recycled plastic is located in the middle of an african lagoon and looks like a great place to relax and swim in one of the two pools and even spend the night. so it is of 700,000 bottles. the island weighs 200 tons and equipped with solar panels for electricity. >> interesting. downtown san jose will be festive as the chrissy yamaguchi holiday ice rink holds a ceremony. she is a native and olympic gold medallists and tickets benefit her dream foundation to support early childhood literacy and she's excited to share the stage with mike again but he does outshine her in one key area. >> sometimes i envy he has a
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better manicure than me with his nails on there every time. >> funny she notices that. we're doing one night thing he said. the event kicks off at 6:00 p.m. along south market street and the rink operates through january 12th. >> and we have good opening aft temperatures reaching the upper 70s, tomorrow the cold front drops in and we'll see a big change. it will feel like fall the rest of the week but also watching those gusty offshore winds that could pose a high fire danger for the inland hills on wednesday into thursday. we'll have more updates on that. >> exactly, because of the potential power shutoff as well. thanks. >> that does it for us for our midday newscast. more tonight at 5:00. >> and get the latest information all day on we'll be back here tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00 and every day for this midday newscast. have a great day. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now on "california live," kim iako lun with a breathtaking view. >> i'm in carlsbad beach resort where they source their food from the on-site garden. so fresh. >> then actress mickey deloss has a personal war against alzheimer's. >> he taught me everything i know about doing the right thing. my dad would always point me in the right direction. and keeping your kids positive. dr. chopra is here with five things you really need with a m maker and serving up secrets
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