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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a live report from capitol hill on the link between those testifying today on xcapitol hill. >> fire danger is expected to increase in the area. terry hall is tracking the forecast. >> in the south bay, the tree light that is a must see. we continue for you right now with "today in the bay." good morning to you on this tuesday. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. here we go.
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holidays are certainly upon us. >> oh, yeah. >> ready for christmas? >> i am. >> exactly 35 days until the holiday. the tree lighting ceremonies are starting up. a big one tonight at santana row. >> but thanksgiving first. >> one thing at a time. the weather more in a christmas mood? >> feel more like the holidays today. red flag warning and high fire danger for all of these areas shaded in red that includes our higher elevations above 1,000 feet. we will be tracking that as the winds pick up throughout the day. more on that in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking a crash in oakland? >> right. the one west 24 at telegraph. it's on the right side. this is westbound heading towards the bay bridge. no slowing shows up but a crash will have one lane blocked as crews arrive.
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two people sadly death after this crash in napa county. closed the highway in both directions. new video from the scene and happened a little after 2:00 a.m. both victims were pronounced dead at the scene and no other injuries record. highway 29 closed at bale lane and no word when it will reopen. cause of the crash is under investigation. first of the next wave of witnesses begin their public impeachment testimony. nine witnesses are testifying originally the next three days. craig boswell is live for us on capitol hill. what can we expect today? >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we can expect a marathon day. democrats calling four witnesses today. like i said expected to be a marathon and all of this getting under way in less than an hour. high stakes hearing under way.
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nine witnesses scheduled to testify over the next three days. house democrats making their case of abuse of power by president trump when withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for investigates of the president's political rival. >> we have to be laser focused what is the impeachable conduct. >> reporter: four officials scheduled to testified today and three listening in on the july 25th phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president. the call at the center of the impeachment inquiry. >> i think you're going to see continued attack on president and continued attack there was nothing that was wrong and nothing improper. >> reporter: lawmakers will hear from jennifer williams, top adviser to vice president mike pence and calls he describes unusual and inappropriate and trump's request was a political agenda. president trump suggested monday he may consider testifying. >> i think two chances splim li none and slim just left the
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room. >> on the stand today are volker and morrison. morrison previously said he didn't think there was anything illegal about the call. this morning, lieutenant cnn alexander vindman described that call as troubling and reported that to the top lawyer at the nsc. >> craig, thank you. we plan to carry today's hearing from the start which may begin as soon as 6:00 this morning. we will be streaming today in the bay on our app as well as our scott mcgrew will break those things down during his "checks and balances" segment this morning at 5:45. people are bracing for another round of pg&e shutoffs and supposed to kick in tomorrow morning. one area that is now pretty familiar with having no
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electricity in the bay area. how are they preparing up there, pete? >> good morning. very familiar whether it comes to these power shut offs. they will be affected by the shutoffs tomorrow morning. the number according pg&e is nearly 225,000 people in this county will be affected. show you guys the map. the shut-offs are expected to begin on wednesday morning. more than 23,000 customers in marin county will be impacted and roughly the same number of folks impacted in contra costa county as well. people in napa and other counties could see the power shutoffs too and done by pg&e for the purpose of wildfire safety with high winds and low humidity in these areas. folks in mill valley are getting ready for the possibility of being without power for an
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undetermined amount of days. >> haven't heard much but we are not messing around and planning on hooking up the generators tonight and like the last time once the power goes off, we will switch it on and business like normal. >> double-check all of the batteries that i had that had expired in 2010 and that is what i learned. >> i think it sucks that in one of the richest places in america, one of the richest country in the world we are losing electricity because a bunch of millionaires want to make more money. >> reporter: later this morning, you got the marin county board of supervisors voting on an ordinance for a ten-year partial tax to fund wildfire prevention in this area. the marin wildfire prevention authority is what they want to call it but they will vote that ordinance around 9:00 a.m. and if it's passed put on the ballot in 2020. reporting live, pete suratos for
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"today in the bay." >> concern the winds are coming into the area. not as dry. we would like to think. we have a cold front sweeping through and the line of clouds south of the bay area. throughout the day our winds are more northwesterly and bring in some humidity and tomorrow morning the wind shifts' from the north which will be a drier wind and a little bit more gusty with winds peaking by tomorrow morning late in the morning and we are talking here about 50 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts in some of the higher elevations. even in some of the valleys we will have some gusts so that will really be of high concern. >> thank you very much, carrie. she is keeping her eye on that. we have made it easy for you to see if your home is in danger of losing power. zoom in on your neighborhood to see if it's in the shutout zone
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or maybe where you work. type in your exact address looking our look-up tool and check out the qr qoed at the corn -- code at the left of the screen and point your camera to it and it will take you to this map. >> new delays for b.a.r.t. service has not started yesterday. a station will not open before the end of the year. chris, what is the reason for the holdup? >> reporter: marcus, first, this is how long these stations have been delayed both this one. this was slated to open in 2016 when the construction first began at the beginning of the decade. that is not happening and they say it's not happening by the end of the year either. a refresher here. they are building that b.a.r.t.
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suspension that you see in red on your screen. b.a.r.t. will operate this seem and bta will own it. the holdup is b.a.r.t. and bta are running tests separately but at the same time, it seems the system not working very well. bta is making adjustments golden gate forward and now happen separately. that includes train control system. also the rain intrusion system which prevents collisions by detecting other trains and work vehicles or other objects on the rails. only after the bta's testing is done can b.a.r.t. run 90 days of prerevenue testing a running of the system in full except without passengers and that brings that change in the time line. bta says passenger service will not be possible under this new time line before the end of the year. milpitas station is still in limbo as well. it was supposed to start operation this year.
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bta now says the site 2020. a blow to folks who thought there was forward momentum. just this summer in august bta got fast tracked for federal funding to complete b.a.r.t. to san jose so we don't know what that going to mean for that funding but in the time all of this was supposed to completed of this housing projects gone up and folks are buying into those housing complexes are wondering when is the transit going to come to the transit center housing? we will continue to follow this for you in san jose. >> thank you, kris. oakland city council will vote on reducing the city's high qacannabis taxes. right now it's 10% which sits atop of the state's additional 15% tax. many oakland dispensaries are plaining about the high taxes and say they are losing business to neighboring businesses in berkeley. that is because last year, berkeley cut its marijuana texas
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rate from 10% to 5%. if you're heading toward downtown san francisco this week don't forget the annual dreamforce conference kicks off at national park. apple ceo tim cook is expected to speak and barack obama will also visit the conference. maybe you love chicken sandwiches at chick-fil-a? not so much the company's policies. tell you more about it coming up. now chick-fil-a is rethinking its donations and support to anti-lgbtq groups. on wall street this morning, yet another record and new way to play video games. plus will you race to the altar? coming up, a ride that this california bride will never forget, how she, along with a bridesmaid ended up on a fire truck. ok, network inspection. -ok.
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. >> caller: temperatures today and reaching the mid-60s by early this afternoon. we will talk about your high wind in about five minutes. >> highway 29 slowing at the bottom of your screen.
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deadly crash causing a closure of highway 29 and i'll tell you what they are telling me about the alternate coming up. good morning. markets only moved slightly higher but any move to the positive meps nans new record. home depot cut its estimate of sales growth and home depot is a really good stock for measuring the economy. people go there when they buy new homes or they have extra money to spend on projects. now home depot says it's still growing, just slower than before. president trump had a surprise meeting with fed chairman jerome powell on monday and enough of a surprise we don't have video of it. trump said in a tweet he pressured powell to lower interest rates and complained the dollar was too strong. normally, you lower interest rates when the economy is tough not when you have new records on the stock market. mr. trump has been a fan of both
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strong and weak dollars. he has been a fan of rate cuts and rate hikes. last year, last year of barack obama's presidency when janet yellin was the fed chair, trump thought rates should go up. he told her he wants to play golf from a year if from now. martins news-gazette started three years before abraham lincoln became president. the paper said in a facebook posting it had been informed of the closing by its parent company. google is launching stadia a streaming video game service so you don't need a console like xbox. you need google chrome and a controller is helpful. the appeal you play on your television and move it tour
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phone aand play there as well. the big question is library. whether you're talking about like a netflix or a video game thing, what have you got? you got things that i want to watch or play? in google's case, not as much. >> thanks, scott. trending this morning chick-fil-a announcing it will not support to charities that do not support lgbtq rights and the change takes effect next year. protesters are saying not the first time chick-fil-a has made the same promise. in 2016 it reportedly told a progressive news site it would wind down contributions to those charities. but the following year, critics say the company dome nated nearly -- donated nearly $2 million to agencies that discriminate. l.a. county firefighters say they were at the scene of a car accident they spotted a bride and her bridesmaid on the side of the road and their let me owe was caught in a traffic jam dual to the accident and they were
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late to the ceremony. the firefighters decided to give the group a full escort in their fire truck! this happened in march but the crew just posted it on their instagram page this week. new couple now credit the firefighters with saving the big day! when it comes to putting out fires, this was a job well done! pretty pictures too. >> a good looking couple. that would be a great ad. >> for? >> you should help them be sponsors. >> of what? >> i don't know! >> where are you golden gate with this? >> i'm stunned. every bride and groom look great on their day but they looked very good. >> hats off to the firefighters. a good story to tell. >> above and beyond. we are also going to be talking about this weather over the next couple of days because we do have a lot of changes coming our way. this is a live look outside in
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san francisco. no fog and no low clouds as we are going to see winds picking up as the cold front moves through. a high of 60 coming down from yesterday. a lot of these numbers are where we should be for this time of year. still a little warm for some of our inland east bay and north bay areas. 69 degrees and mid-60s for san jose. a high of 68 today in napa. sfek seven day forecast is up on the screen. even day forecast is screen. in the valleys looking gusts up to 30 miles per hour. some of those worst winds in the north and east bay hills. red flag warning in effect at 4:00 tomorrow morning continuing through 7:00 thursday morning. it's for all of these areas
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shaded in red. that is the area of concern as we can see any spark spread quickly under these conditions due to 4r69 dry fuels and the winds picking up. we are going to start to see the winds increasing from the north and northwest to the rest of today. the winds peak late tomorrow morning and 30, 40, even higher late morning into early afternoon and gradually calming down by tomorrow. it's all because of a cold front that is coming through and this area of low pressure that is going to drop down across the coast. may even bring some showers for southern california. we are missing out on that. some of the models hit a potential we could see rain in time for thanksgiving. maybe around next wednesday.
5:21 am
main concern is the high fire and gusty winds continuing through now and thursday morning. mike, you still have a highway closure in the north bay? >> a crash over here highway 29 is still closed and only one lane in each direction and closed at bale. showed you a scene of the amount of destruction that had to be cleared up. slowing around this area and i believe what is going on signs likely or traffic control telling people to use silverado trail. it is a good way around so take extra time this morning. it's early for this to be happening. we will get you update as soon as we get one and waiting for the department of transportation to help out with cleanup there. highway 24 also slow as crews should be arriving to help with the car that crashed into the guardrail along the right. in your commute direction slowing at telegraph. rest of the bay looking light for this tuesday.
5:22 am
back to you. up next, have you ever seen a this event at a county fair or rodeo? >> i could still ano. >> like kids riding sheep? >> i can still say no. some call it fun to watch but one county is breaking it up and we will explain why coming up next. i'm on meth. >> so am i. >> trending for you this morning. anti-drug ad campaign is getting the attention certainly it wanted. maybe for the wrong reasons. why people across the state are proudly saying, i'm on meth. you heard me right. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. corporations who start wildfires could be illegal on the hook. that is down from a state appeals court. california can force them pay for fighting fires. muffin betizing about to be a thing of the past.
5:26 am
rodeos and fair commonly hold the event in which children ride sheep. animal rights group oppose it. supervisors first approved that ban last month. it applied to a rodeo which voiced its opposition to the ban. anti-drug campaign is golden gate viral for the wrong reasons. >> here are the ads on the screen. here is the slogan. that is certainly sounds like the people in the commercials, radio ads and billboards and social media posts are using them but they mean they are tackling the issue of meth across south dakota. online some people linked the play on words. others mocked it. state paid nearly 500,000 for a pr company to come up with that media campaign. >> it's bringing attention to it. >> people are talking. >> it's a problem that need to be fixed. coming up next, top stories
5:27 am
we are following for you on this tuesday morning. including impeachment testimonies resume on capitol hill in 30 minutes. coming up what americans are expected to hear today. brand-new details this morning in the hunters point shipyard cleanup scandal in san francisco. hundreds of police officers now sounding off. coming up in a live report, the accusations they are making in a brand-new lawsuit. you're watching "today in the bay."
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thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. temperatures are dropping so let's check the weather forecast. >> a taste of fall today and the next several days as temperatures cool down. mid-50s and cooler this morning on tomorrow. gusty we see high temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s for the inland area and high fire danger for elevations above 1,000 feet starting tomorrow morning. details on that as well as a potential power outage is coming up. mike you're seeing slowing in oakland? >> right. a typical pattern for one of the reasons. bay bridge easy drive and beautiful view of san francisco from the oakland side.
5:31 am
backup is because the metering lights were turned on at the toll plaza. more slowing is holding up traffic west 24 at telegraph. over on the right shoulder. only a single car involved but they have to remove the car from the railing so more of a problem as the commute builds. rest of the commute is pretty easy right now. taking a live look at capitol hill where the first of three days of impeachment testimony begins just a short time from now. nine witnesses are expected to testify between today and thursday. today a top state department adviser is expected to answer questions from congress. jennifer williams was on the july phone call involving president trump and the ukrainian president. she advises vice president mike pence and kurt volker is also expected to testify today.
5:32 am
they believe he will bolster that ukraine never knew military might be withheld. democrats disagree. >> no quid pro quo and nothing wrong but now you'll hear it from something like kurt volker. >> if they had something to defend they would be racing down here to defend but they don't have something. >> president trump said he would consider testifying himself and following a request from democrats to do so but they doubt it will really happen. we will carry today's hearing from the start which may begin stream that hour of "today in the bay." continue that on our app and at we will break things down this morning at 5:45 and 6:45 during our "checks and balances" segment when we stream online live. police officers in san francisco have filed a lawsuit involving hunters point shipyard
5:33 am
in san francisco. this is a story we have been recovering since the beginning. bob is joining us live. what are the officers alleging? >> officers and employees say they were exposed to unsafe level of hazardous materials when they worked at building 606 located in the old hunters point shipyard in san francisco and almost 400 former officers and staff with the department and 150 spouses and partners have joined a lawsuit filed in federal court? san francisco against a company and two subsidiaries. the u.s. navy hired the company to clean up. they say the soil was contaminated. others allege two people died while others have chronic health
5:34 am
problems. tetratech spokesman says the cleanup was, quote, gone properly to the standards of the contracts with the navy. and says the allegations in the lawsuit are, quote, without merit. you'll recall earlier this year, the u.s. department of justice sued tetratech accusing the company of submitting false billing claims to the navy falsified in its cleanup. back then, tetratech spokesman called the claims misleading and blame two rogue employees. our investigative united has been reporting on this for years. logon to for more. rob reddell, live for "today in the bay." a surprise announcement that five of the men recently
5:35 am
arrested will not be charged. deputies arrested the men last week but prosecutors decided not to file charges. fowler of the five suspects have been released from jail and another suspect left detained. the new development left some people uneasy. >> that means whoever was involved in this tragedy, they are loose and that they are outside somewhere. it's about us and this area, we don't feel safe. >> five people died when the gooirp gunfire erupted at that airbnb. prosecutors say it's a complicated case and likely investigators need more evidence. the sheriff's office says it stands by the arrest and police that the suspects will be held accountable. happening today, a man now accused in a cold case murder set to face a charge. charles gary sullivan is expected to plead not guilty in a nevada courtroom. he is accused of killing
5:36 am
woodward this lady and she was scene on her way from san francisco to the lake tahoe area and her body was found on a biking trail outside of reno. authorities say dna evidence found on her clothing led them to sullivan. new details on a light night loud noise in crocket that sparked a lot of concern and inundated 911 dispatchers with calls. a steam release was exploded around 11:00 p.m. and residents say resembled a loud hit was pressure being released. they say no threat to safety. california is cutting off business with popular carmakers because they haven't agreed to follow the state's clean car rules which are now more strict than the new federal standards. governor newssome says the state will not buy gas-powered sedans.
5:37 am
on the list is general motors and fiat chrysler and in 2018, california spent more than $27 million on cars from chevrolet which is opened by gm. sadly, this morning, north bay we have a crash that happened overnight. two cars involved. two deaths as a result of the crash on high 29. it's closed at bale lane. you see slowing both intersections. they may direct you to slilverao trail. light traffic right now. but slowing sensors. no stat for the north bay. unincorporated napa valley. we are tracking that. the rest of the commute highway 37 slowing on highway 4 and 37. a disabled vehicle on 680
5:38 am
southbound and see how that develops and crash in telegraph and 24. south of this you're fine as far as the freeways go. >> thanks, mike. now looking forwards the weekend. before we get there, we have to deal with troubling weather. >> we will have high fire danger starting late tonight and then continuing through thursday morning. so we are going to have to deal with that and then the winds start to calm down golden gate into the weekend. inland hide in the yourer 60s and low 70s. san francisco upper 60s by the end of the weekend so a little bit cooler if you're going to tri-valley this weekend or enjoyienjo enjoying time outside, expect mid-60s. perfect temperatures. i love highs right at about 70 degrees. if you're golden gate into the north bay out and about and russian river rally 54 on friday and warmer on saturday. a couple of degrees cooler on
5:39 am
sunday. nice week at carmel valley. 60s through the weekend. we will talk about the cooler air moving in today and when those winds pick up in about three minutes. 5:39. we are reporting to continue the housing crisis in the bay area is taking on a new stamp. interesting to see what to promises are doing, taking a dramatic stance. >> it should be a crime in a housing crisis to own a home and leave it vacant two years. >> up next the illegal action they say the mothers have been forced to take. christmas stolen. a south bay family wake up to find their holiday decorations are gone. why the theft is hitting that family particularly hard this year. 5:39. you're watching "today in the bay." you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. good tuesday morning. let's get you ready for the day in oakland. we are starting out with mid-50s but it will warm up very slowly today. only low 60s for highs. all of the bay area will be slightly cooler today and those winds pick up this evening. we will talk more about that in the forecast coming up in about five minutes. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on.
5:43 am
all of those folks stacked off 580 and interstate 80 means the volume in san francisco, we will show you what more slow is over in oakland coming up. today is a big day in the impeachment hearings with two eyewitnesses to the quid pro quo phone calls. good morning, everyone. stick here for coverage from washington or go to to follow your local news. two eyewitnesses today and two people on the phone call with president trump as he made that call to the ukrainian president. jennifer williams is a career officer and works for vice president mike pence and trump has attacked her testimony saying she he doesn't know who she is. williams told the closed door inquiry the president's behavior on the call was inappropriate. you may recall on friday the
5:44 am
president attached maria yovanovit yovanovitch. he was intimidating the witness in real-time and we will watch the president's twitter feed this morning. the other witness is a career military officer and at the time a member of the national security council alexander vindman and went to white house saying president had abused his power. the question is do the republicans and the president try to impugn a american soldier wounded in iraq? other witnesses this week. volker will be huge. if today starts the way others did opening statements on both sides and questioning from adam schiff and chairman there. democratic attorney and then nunez and. attorney and the individual lawmakers. now as this goes on, so too does the news of the world and, today, the trump administration reversed its policy giving the
5:45 am
go ahead to israeli benjamin netanyahu to build israeli settlements in the west bank and something the u.n. says violates national law. north korea kim jong-un says he will no longer gift president trump with something to brag about. our special coverage begins shortly after 6:00 a.m. and continue covering the local news including the upcoming planned power outages at or our app. no update on the san jose replies on a lengthy standoff that started after 6:00 last night downtown. it started police say when an armed man barricaded himself near the san jose state campus. police are not saying if other people may be inside that home. two working but homeless mothers fed up with unaffordable housing costs are now trying to take the matters into their own hands. they have taken over a vacant
5:46 am
west oakland house and now calling it home. the two forced a group -- they formed a group called moms for housing. they say the homeless crisis is out of control and they recently went looking for vacant homes, found one on magnolia street' moved in yesterday. >> we decided unsheltered moms with children deserve housing and we are going to take a stand. we are tired of unlawful evictions and displacement and we are here to reclaim our community. >> the vacant home is owned by a southern california company. some neighbors are already raising concerns calling it squatting. we spoke with an attorney who says the owners will have to file a complaint before police can cite them and ask them to leave. a real-life grinch stealing decorations from a south bay home. shelly puts together a christmas display in the front lawn of her home in san jose for her son
5:47 am
chris who who is terminally ill and can't leave the home. the thieves took a carriage, two horses, and some other lawn animals. >> whenever he would hear people laughing or screaming outside from the props, he would just start laughing and it was so much fun. right, chris? yeah. they have no meaning to these evil people who have taken this. >> the family simply wants the thieves to return the stolen items back to the lawn. no questions asked. so chris can enjoy the holiday. hopefully, they do and if they don't, no doubt the community will rally around them. >> oh, yeah. trending this morning your kids are always watching and listening. technology is changing things for a lot of families. >> just ask steph curry's wife.
5:48 am
take a look who what she caught her son doing. he is reaching for something and posted to instagram he decide to do talk to google! he is trying to say google. after watching their family do it. aeisha said you can't make this stuff up. google! >> i wonder what he wants to ask for. this will no doubt be the best video that you will see all day. >> during sunday's game, sacramento kings hosted their ninth annual baby race! 14 little ones took to the court to see was the best. look at that one jumping. at first the leader was jima who was eventually distracted by a ball on the court but opened the door for maverick. the 9 month jol-old touch the fh line first.
5:49 am
>> contract negotiations golden gate up. >> can you imagine? mine would probably be sitting at the starting line and crying. >> i'd have three. >> you greater chance. we are getting ready for the day. also have to get ready for a potential of high fire danger but calm conditions this morning. a live look outside in walnut creek. a mild start to the day. see a few clouds rolling by as a cold front passes. temperatures in the mid-50s throughout much of the morning and skies clearing. we don't warm up that much. 65 degrees at noon. then making it into the upper 60s for the south bay in a few spots. mostly mid-60s with downtown san jose reaching 64 degrees. but we must keep in mind this is where we are supposed to be for the middle of november reaching 67 in danville and 61 today in oakland. we will see low 60s in redwood
5:50 am
city and daley city 58. san francisco up to 62. today santa rosa reaching 67. the winds pick up later on this afternoon and peaking early tomorrow morning. some of those mountain gusts may reach 60 miles per hour. in the valleys wind speeds 30 miles per hour and some of those high winds in the north and east bay hills. here is the reason why. we have got a cold front sweeping through. you can see the clouds on the satellite imagery and no rain associated with this. we still continue with dry conditions and increasing winds causing a high fire danger. a red flag warning for all red shares and includes elevations above 1,000 feet for the north and east bay hills. look at our wind forecast. winds picking up today and even
5:51 am
though it's breezy a westerly wind will bring in more humidity and when the wind shifts and from the north a drier wind and it will be gusty to early tomorrow morning. peaking late tomorrow morning and look at these numbers here. we are talking about 30, 40-mile-per-hour winds and that stays with us tomorrow and early afternoon before gradually calming down. we need to be concerned about the potential of a high fire danger. any sparks under these conditions could spread rapidly. mike, have you a fire to report? >> one of the areas you're talking about with the danger. but don't worry right now, folks. i want to show you the commute looks just fine. south of the bay bridge, pretty standard. over here to contra costa
5:52 am
county. reports for chp for someone saying a fire breaking out over there. chp found occupy it's a controlled burn so there is an approved burn from the area and area we want to report anything so it's okay, call that. if you're in doubt, report it. . 580 about 20, 22 minutes on your drive there. you're holding up with a pretty good drive out of discovery bay and pittburg. >> american kevin king and
5:53 am
australian timtothy weeks were both taken from gun point from the university of afghanistan in 2016. their health is being evaluated after released from the taliban. the taliban began withdrawing u.s. troops from the country. next all new this hour a majority of the 100 most expensive zip codes in the america in the bay area. next we will break down the priciest places. showing how hard it is for schools across the cup to enforce rules designed to prevent concussions. the new sports. the hurdle students, teachers, and coaches are facing. less than ten minutes the first impeachment hearings are set to start. we will try to fit in analysis for you before it begins. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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just about everyone in the bay area seems to have a b.a.r.t. story. good, bad. weird. sometimes even dangerous. we spent months riding and reorganized on b.a.r.t. to find how a world class transportation system got derailed. binge watch our entire series at apple tv, roku and our youtube
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channel. >> here are the details one more time. we are always on social media even on the weekends. check out this video i shared on facebook. skinny dipping over lake tahoe over the weekend. that lake is very cold right now. follow me. we would love to hear from you as well. this may not come as a surprise but new study showing more than half of the country's most expensive zip codes here in the bay area. >> according to property shark, 51 of the top 100 fell in our area. zip code in atherton topped the charts the third year in a row. average home price there over $7 million. in san francisco of the country's highest zip codes
5:58 am
exist. it's median price is $2 million. are your kids coaches doing enough after their players suffer possible concussions? all 50 states have laws that focus on treating concussions for student athletes but a new study shows high schools are having trouble enforcing these laws. problems include some coaches, touch up mentality and video showing elizabeth harry taking a tough fall there. then her school's trainer steps in and does exactly what they are supposed to do. >> the trainer came over and she took me to her office right away and got me checked out. >> i have seen patients that have been injured worse and continuing to play and end up missing the whole season, rather than a game or two. >> i really like basketball and i am really glad i got to come back. >> experts hope more education will prevent severe consequences
5:59 am
after concussions. 10% cannabis tax which sits on top of the 15% tax for the state. being oakland dispensaries are complaining and saying they are losing business to neighboring business in berkeley because last year berkeley cut its marijuana tax rate from 10% to 5%. if you're heading to downtown san francisco this week, the annual dream force annual kicks off today. howard street between third and fourth street closed. apple ceo tim cook is expected to speak this afternoon and the key note speaker on thursday is former president barack obama. a busy day ahead on capitol hill as the hearings begin. a three-day stretch. you'll see it all live here. outages looming. pg&e planning to cut power across the bay area.
6:00 am
we will check in to see how heavy the wind may get. >> mike is watching the rails and roads ahead. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> we are going to have impeachment coverage on and you can follow us. a newscast will start right now. you can follow us with local news, worth, and traffic or online in our app. >> we will get to that. the important testimony starts this morning, we will switch over to that. we are going to continue our newscast this morning on as well as on our nbc bay area app. right nou gw get a look -- not morning traffic but talk about the weather. get to the


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