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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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day. and that is what is happening today. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live update. good morning, triple threat, a nasty storm this weekend set to unleash rain, snow and ice on millions at the start of the thanksgiving rush. and al says two more storms are on the way and could bring problems coast-to-coast. what you need to know for your holiday travel. case closed, the public impeachment heings come to an end with witnesses pointing the finger directly at the president. >> you heard president trump ask ambassador sondland is he going to do the investigation. >> yes, sir. >> just ahead, the closed door white house meeting with republican senators gearing up for trial. we'll have the latest. breaking overnight, biles bomb shell, the legendary
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gymnast demanding answers this morning after an explosive report, usa gymnastics told about allegations by team dr. nassar but kept her in the dark. about allegations by team dr. nassar but kept her in all that plus fire in the sky, dramatic video of flames shooting from a plane's engine that forced a landing. the report that prince charles was behind his brother's stunning resignation and keep on trucking elon musk hits a snag unveiling husband futuristic new pickup with shatter proof windows but still predicts a smashing success. today, friday, november 22nd, 2019 from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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hi, everybody, good morning, welcome to "today" on a friday morning. glad to have you with us, glad to have you with us. hoda's got the day off we've got lester. >> always a pleasure to be with you. how about that door smashing, we'll get the cameras, the smoke, we'll throw something >> it all went wrong. >> we have breaking news this morning, there is it is. >> i wish i used that line just thought it have right now, it's early we're going to talk about what's shaping up to be an early start to holiday travel delays. >> everyone is looking at this forecast, al is tracking not one, not two but three storms and it's going to cause problems across the country he's in the middle of it in nashville this morning hey, al, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning, let's get right to it. we've got a lot to talk about as far as your weather is concerned. we're looking at heavy rain all the way back from oklahoma to western pennsylvania, we're going to be looking at a gulf coast heavy rain from louisiana
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on into tennessee. it continues moving through tonight into tomorrow with the storm strengthening as it gets into the northeast from florida to pennsylvania, and this thing is going to just keep trucking into the northeast with heavy coastal rain and even snow developing in the higher elevations airport wise, here's what we're looking at, stretching from atlanta all the way to boston, rain, wind and storms causing big problems on saturday and sunday now, storm number two gets itself together through the central plains, moves into the ohio river valley tuesday with snow and ice into the central plains then we move into wednesday right before thanksgiving, heavy rain, snow on the backside of this thing, and gusty winds up to 45 miles per hour airports again, here's what we're looking at, we start off with tuesday for kansas city and st. louis, on into chicago, boston wednesday, airport
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delay, new york city same and then another storm that' going to go coast-to-coast, starting on tuesday, it brings a rain threat for california, snow in the mountains there it will continue moving east wednesday with heavy snow into the rockies causing problems in salt lake and denver thursday on thanksgiving day, rain and storms from texas to missouri airport delays for los angeles on wednesday for san francisco, vegas, thursday, dallas a big hub and on thanksgiving day, salt lake is going to be a real mess as well so guys, we're going to fine tune this as we go on, but it looks like from start to finish, the holiday is going to be one big travel nightmare >> it's hard to hear that, al. thank you so much, i know you'll be back in a moment with the rest of your forecast, and the reason he's in nashville this morning. also this morning, the impeachment show down, big news, it arrived at crucial cross roads yesterday, two weeks of public hearings wrapping up with the final witnesses testifying before congress and both sides now preparing for what could be coming next. nbc news white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nice to see you congress is in recess for thanksgiving
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not back until thing first week of december, so americans and lawmakers will have to marinate in this impeachment inquiry for a little bit house democrats wrapping up a whirlwind week of hearings with two witnesses who democrats say punctuated their case against the president, connecting him to the push against ukraine announcing investigation against the bidens while military aid was being held after a marathon week of public hearings, nine witnesses in three days, house democrats are poised to move ahead with a historic impeachment of president trump. >> this president believes he is above the law. beyond accountability. and in my view, there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes they are above the law. >> now, i think the american people see through it. they see that the facts are on the president's side, and they know this process has been entirely unfair. >> reporter: with no more witnesses scheduled, house speaker nancy pelosi argues the facts are not in dispute. >> the evidence is clear that the president, the president has
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used his office for his own personal gain. >> it follows the president's former top russia adviser, fiona hill, a british born american citizen describing when she confronted ambassador gordon sondland over the pressure campaign against ukraine that was pushing for investigations into the president's political rivals. >> i said to him, who put you in charge of ukraine and i'll admit i was a bit rude, and that's when he told me the president and that shut me up. he was involved in a domestic political errand and we were involved in national security foreign policy and those two things had just diverged >> reporter: hill blasted house republicans for their unfounded theories of ukraine interference in the 2016 election >> this is a fictional narrative that has been propagated by the russian security themselves. >> reporter: david holmes delivering this show and tell moment that brought president trump's voice into the impeachment room.
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>> when the president came on he sort of winced and held the phone away from his ear like this >> reporter: holmes detailing how a july lunch with sondland, he overheard a cell phone conversation where he says the president wants an update about the, quote, investigation. >> so you heard president trump ask ambassador sondland is he going to do the investigation. >> yes, sir. >> what was ambassador sondland's response? >> he said oh, yeah, he's going to do it he'll do anything you ask. >> peter, so the public hearings and the impeachment inquiry seem to be finished at the moment, so what would the next step be? >> reporter: let's walk you through what appears to be next, house intelligence committee staffers, they have already begun writing a report, effectively summarizing their findings laying out their case for impeachment. republican staffers are working on their own report to be released when the democrat's report is done, the process moves to the house judiciary committee that would draft specific articles of impeachment. that's expected to begin when lawmakers get back to washington
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for their thanksgiving break it's in early december democrats hope to hold a vote on impeachment sometime before christmas. if the president is impeached it would then go of course to the republican controlled senate for a trial, a white house official here telling me that a group of republican senators met here at the white house yesterday to talk about a strategy for a potential impeachment trial they suggest could be as short as two weeks. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. in the meantime, another world leader happens to be a key ally of the president faces his own uncertain political future israeli's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu was indicted on bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, and this morning there are calls for his immediate resignation. nbc's molly hunter joins us from jerusalem. molly, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning, that's right. prime minister, netanyahu says he isn't going anywhere. he's fighting truth and nail to
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discredit anyone threatening his hold on power. his chief political rival benny gantz has called on him to resign immediately this morning israel's longest running prime minister is in the fight of his life. benjamin netanyahu is not just battling for his future but trying to stay out of jail israel's attorney general hand picked by netanyahu indicted the prime minister on three charges bribery, fraud and breech of trust, accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts to champagne and swapping favors for positive press coverage netanyahu denying charges accusing investigators of an attempted coup, calling the be. >> whole process tainted. what will his play book be >> he will continue punching the prosecution claiming that he is a victim of a witch hunt, political persecution. >> reporter: this sounds awfully familiar. >> yes, i think one cannot but notice the similarities of
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netanyahu tactics and trump tactics. >> reporter: netanyahu saying they weren't after the truth they were after me trump a long time friend and ally has been helping the israeli leader, changing decades of american policy, first by moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, and just this week, calling jewish settlements in the west bank legal. netanyahu hoping israeli voters reward him for this relationship, but according to polls, voters don't want a leader running the country and at the same time defending himself in court >> i think that it's a shame i think that netanyahu is the strongest figure that israel has ever had on the world stage. i think this was politically motivated and it's unfortunate it's a sad day for the country. >> reporter: now, israel is already in political crisis, prime minister netanyahu has tried and failed twice to form a government that means israelis will likely go back to the polls next march for the third time in 12 months and you can bet prime minister netanyahu will fight until the end.
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he would much rather face these charges as a sitting prime minister than a private citizen. >> rocky times there, molly hunter in jerusalem, thank you. new developments in the controversial case we're following, a former boston college student charged for allegedly encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life has returned to boston to face arraignment today. nbc's kathy park is here with the latest good morning. >> inyoung you was in her native south korea when she was charged with involuntary manslaughter. she was physically and psychologically abusive to her boyfriend and sent text messages urging him to take his own life. this morning, new text messages by you's team suggest she tried talking him out of it. back in the u.s. to face a judge after being charged in connection to her boyfriend's suicide. prosecutors say the two former boston college students were in a volatile 18-month
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relationship in may, alexander urtula took his own life jumping from a parking garage hours before his graduation. >> ms. you was tracking his location as she frequently did on her phone she went to the garage and in fact was present when mr. urtula jumped to his death. >> reporter: investigators say when they searched urtula's cell phone, they found the young couple had exchanged more than 75,000 texts in the months before his death including messages like go die, go kill yourself. >> ms. you made demands threats with the understanding that she had complete and total control over mr. urtula both mentally and emotionally. >> reporter: but texts obtained by the boston globe appear to show she was trying to stop urtula and she was upset that the gps tracking was off
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i asked you why your location wasn't available adding, are you kidding me >> urtula, i'm not going to be anywhere this isn't your fault. i love you this isn't your fault, it's mine. >> please baby, stop, i love you. nbc news has not verified those text messages and prosecutors had no further comment a spokesperson for the family says they're continually feeling the sharp pain of his passing all over again and investigators say family members and classmates also witnessed the abuse suffered by urtula, and it was documented in his journal. the district attorney's office is expected to release more facts and evidence at today's arraignment, and we'll be watching that very closely. >> what a disturbing case. thanks. now to the overnight bomb shell from simone biles blasting usa gymnastics after a report usa gymnastics waited to tell her about the allegations against former team dr. larry
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nassar as they were talking to the fbi about it nbc senior national correspondent kate snow here with the details good morning. >> good morning, guys, for the first time, the "wall street journal" took a detailed look at simone biles' complaints about larry nassar, finding the governing body knew early on she might have been abused but kept her in the dark about their investigation into nassar. this morning, super star gymnast simone biles is demanding answers after a report in the "wall street journal" detailed for the first time how usa gymnastics ignored the possibility that its brightest star had been sexually abused and walled her off from investigations into abuse by larry nassar, even though they knew she had expressed concerns about him. biles tweeting, i can't tell you how hard this is to read and process. biles was one of three gymnasts identified in june 2015 as being uncomfortable with nassar, the long time physician for the u.s. women's team, now serving 16 years in prison, accused of
7:15 am
abusing more than 350 girls and young women. the journal reports the then head of usa gymnastics, steve penny was specifically told biles had complained but never asked an investigator to speak with her in 2015 biles was a rising star, making public appearances to promote the u.s. team. the report says biles did not learn nassar was under investigation until after winning gold at the rio olympics more than a year later that's when she was finally interviewed by the fbi the pain is real, and doesn't just go away, she writes especially when new facts are still coming out after dozens of gymnasts gave victim impact statements at nassar's trial in january of 2018, simone biles went public with her own story, speaking out on the mat. >> they couldn't do one damn job. you had one job. you literally had one jo and you couldn't protect us. >> and here on "today" with
7:16 am
savannah. >> while you're doing everything you're doing in your sport, you're also healing and doing both at the same time. >> yes. >> what has this journey been for you? >> oh, goodness, i feel like it's been a roller coaster, a lot of highs, a lot of lows, but you know, coming back, i'm doing this just for me, and i think that's different than the last time. >> the current chief executive of usa gymnastics li li leung said that she was surprised deeply saddened and outraged when she learned from the journal what happened to biles and the federation was extending apologies to her and her family. biles now asking what's it going to take for a complete and independent investigation of gymnastics. >> penny told the "wall street journal" he was never aware biles had been a victim until she both the u.s. olympic and paraolympic committee and usa gymnastics >> penny told the "wall street journal" he was never aware biles had been a victim until she made a public statement in 2018 the fbi is doing their own
7:17 am
internal investigation, even once the fbi was involved to get to any kind of investigation >> a lot of families have questions about that. >> kate, where does the future of usa gymnastics stand right now? >> that's the big question they have gone through multiple leaders, they are in bankruptcy procedures there's a notion they may not exist at some point. they may be removed from controlling gymnastics in this country. but that hasn't happened yet. >> kate, thank you. let's get more on the weather. al is in the thick of it you're talking about a lot of rain coming up. >> we sure are, savannah let's show you what's happening around the rest of the country, and you'll see that we're looking at a lot of wet weather through the midsection of the u.s., turning cooler through the northern plains and mississippi valley out west, going to have gorgeous weather up and down the west coast. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds when you shop small you help support your community -
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from after school programs to the arts! so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community. join me and american express on small business saturday, november 30th, and see how shopping small adds up. good morning. i'm kari hall. we have a really nice sunrise in the south bay as we take a live look outside. and or temperatures today will reach up to 65 degrees. and livermore, expect a high of 66. 68 in concord. and oakland reaching 61. santa rose today will reach up to 65. and we'll see some slightly warmer air in the weekend forecast. and we're getting ready for some rain next week. we'll see the showers moving in tuesday with a big drop in our temperatures. and that's your latest
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weather. guys. >> all right al, sounds like frying and that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right al, sounds like frying bacon >> we wish it was bacon. that would make al happy, right. >> i wish. that would be so good, oh, man, thanks for that lester. >> anytime >> you're speaking his language. >> i'm there for you, pal. >> al, thank you, we'll see you in a little while. details on prince andrew's stunning decision to step down from his official duties and the role his brother played in that decision. meet the cyber truck the futuristic vehicle unveiled by tesla and what caused the big
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save on outerwear for the family, and diamond jewelry! and this saturday only, get a disney frozen ornament with purchase. or get an extra 20% off select items with your jcpenney credit card. jcpenney! . good morning. san jose police still at the scene where a standoff has been unfolding. it started about 5:30 last night with what neighbors say sounded like two explosions. police quickly evacuated homes in that area. and we spoke to a woman who says that she is married to the man inside the home. she calls it a misunderstanding over a warrant. this isn't far from oak grove high school where three days ago an explosive twidevice was goun found but we don't know if that is connected. and here is kari hall with the forecast. >> a cool start this morning.
7:27 am
but a really nice day. in walnut creek, we'll start out in the mid 40s and then we'll see mid-60s for early this afternoon. we'll see some of the inland east bay communities reaching into the upper 60s. even up to 68 degrees today in uhe could you u u fwran. and we'll have highs up to 70 inland and next tuesday, we'll be seeing showers moving in right in time for thanksgiving. and we with have a backup a bay bridge toll plaza and mild slowing for oakland and the east shore freeway. smooth drive and a build for the south bay as well as is an that day owe bridge.
7:28 am
westbound 92 is starting to bog down. but nothing we can't handle. and a beautiful drive right p l
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we're back, it's 7:30 friday we're back, it's 7:30 friday morning, it's get away day for a lot of americans trying to get the jump start on holiday travel this is a shot in philadelphia al is going to have the latest on holiday storms plural and could put a wrench in holiday plans. let's get to your 7:30 headlines, president trump made a previously unannounced trip to delaware last night to honor two army officers killed in afghanistan this week.
7:31 am
the president and first lady participated in a dignified transfer service at dover air force base they later met with the soldiers' families the two officers died when their helicopter crashed on wednesday. at least 19 americans have been killed in combat operations in afghanistan this year. >> also this morning, another alarming jump in the number of deaths and illnesses tied to vaping federal health officials are reporting five more deaths since last week. that brings the total to 47. there have been more than a hundred new cases of severe lung illness raising that total to nearly 2300. the president is hosting health and industry officials today for a meeting on vaping. white house insisting that those new policies to tighten regulations haven't stalled, even though they were widely expected last week. a good samaritan is being praised for a dramatic rescue hi caught on camera a driver was traveling through stafford connecticut when his cigarette ignited a can of liquid a passing driver ran toward flames and dragged him to safety the rescue driver was treated safy
7:32 am
the rescue driver was treated for burns on hands but thanks to the good samaritan he'll be able to spend a little more time with his grandchildren. another terrifying scene on a passenger plane above los angeles. you can see it here, flames shooting out of the engine just minutes after takeoff. can you imagine seeing that. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on what happened there hey, good morning. >> reporter: philippines airlines flight 113 landed back safely at lax but only after 30 minutes of uncertainty left passengers shaken and scared the terrifying moments caught on camera adam taylor and his wife traveling with their young daughter when flames . >> it was like when a car backfires or something >> the other passenger knew
7:33 am
something was wrong right after takeoff. >> until passengers got their attention. >> they all got up and tried to look out the window. they saw it, they would go back, try and talk to the pilot hopefully, i think that's what they were doing and go and try and look and see if it was gone. he didn't say anything through the intercom we were all kind of just, everyone was panicking. >> the flaring engine visible from the ground. >> there's a heavy triple 7 in an emergency with an engine out. >> according to flight aware, philippine airlines flight 113 took off from lax at 11:38 a.m. pacific time thursday shortly after an airport spokesperson says the pilot declared an emergency pointing to a possible mechanical issue sens the plane returned to lax just after noon met by first responders on the tarmac passengers got off the plane
7:34 am
safely and were bussed back to the terminal many of them spending hours on a ticketing line trying to find another way on to another flight despite the rough start little maui and her family are ready to restart their adventure. >> were you very brave, and were you a good girl? >> yeah. >> they were remarkably calm, actually, considering, miguel, there weren't any injuries, were there? >> that's the good news, all the passengers were safe it's certainly unsafe to see something like that, and this morning there's still no official cause for the fire shooting out of the plane's engine philippines airline did not immediately return our call for comment. >> even if they lose an engine and take a pilot's simulator on a regular basis. >> you're a pilot, right. >> i'm just an aviation geek. >> same thing, same thing. thank you, lester. still to come, why wait a week for black friday, we're going to fill you in on some really big holiday sales
7:35 am
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shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. we're back in-depth today, this morning, the fire s we're back in-depth today, this morning, the fire storm surrounding prince andrew. >> it's growing more intense after his stunning decision to step back from his duties over his friendship with accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein nbc's anne thompson with the latest. >> good morning, lester, good morning, savannah, for andrew, the public humiliation grows this morning, while within the royal family, perhaps a shift in the balance of power as andrew is forced from public life for the foreseeable future. prince andrew, a royal without a public role and this morning without money from the public purse. 250,000 pounds in taxpayers funds to pay for his official duties gone, the equivalent of
7:40 am
320,000 u.s. dollars in the wake of his tv interview about his long-time friend jeffrey epstein, sidelined reportedly at the request of his brother prince charles. >> it rather tells you something about the shift in power from the queen to the man who is sometimes referred to as the shadow king, if you like. >> why were you staying with a convicted sex offender. >> a misguided attempt to explain his relationship with epstein, and missing an opportunity to show sympathy for epstein's victims, the bbc news night interview only made the prince's problems worse. >> you got the whole friendship with epstein >> now still not for the reason being is that the people that i met and the opportunities that i was given to learn either by him
7:41 am
or because of him were actually very useful. >> reporter: the backlash leading to what amounts to andrew's public shunning, as more than 200 charities and organizations review his role as patriot. the scandal making its way into britain's general election. >> before we discuss prince andrew, i think we should discuss the victims that are there. [ applause ] >> reporter: one apparent show of public support was from his ex-wife sarah ferguson who arrived at buckingham palace yesterday hours after andrew this comes as a new alleged victim of jeffrey epstein came forward thursday >> i was only 17 i was the perfect victim >> reporter: the prince now saying he would be willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency if required that brought a challenge from attorney gloria allred representing some epstein victims. >> the best way for him to begin to repair his damaged reputation
7:42 am
would be to sit for an interview. no need to wait for a gold engraved invitation. >> reporter: now in addition to an interview with authorities, one of the victim's attorneys is also demanding prince andrew turn over any evidence he has related to his relationship with jeffrey epstein, including e-mail, text and calendars >> now he's sidelined, he's no doing his public works, what is he doing >> he's not going to do much he has this project called pitch at the palace, which is to encourage entrepreneurs, and he's going to try to continue that, but he won't be able to do that it won't be part of his official duties, and he'll still get some income from the privy purse, but that money is controlled by his mother, the queen. >> anne thompson, thank you. >> let us turn back to the weather now, that's already
7:43 am
causing holiday travel trouble al is in nashville with the forecast hey, al. >> let's take a look at some of what's happening as far as our temperatures are concerned for today. things starting off a little on the chilly side in the midsection of the country with below average temperatures from salt lake to el paso, dallas, little rock and kansas city. as we move into tomorrow, temperatures finally start to moderate but still staying chilly from houston all the way to washington, d.c., and then as we move into the beginning of next week, we'll see those temperatures rising from chicago, rochester, up to 50 by tuesday from boston, charlotte up to 62 degrees, atlanta we'll see temperatur the sound of rain pouring. and right now, we are still dry and we'll start out with some cool temperatures this morning in the south bay. and looking at some sunshine for this afternoon as temperatures reach up to 60 in san francisco. and mid to upper 60s for the inland valleys. and going into the weekend, we are looking at highs up to 70 to
7:44 am
71 degrees. and then the rain comes in on tuesday. maybe off and on throughout thanksgiving and even on next friday. that is your latest weather, coming up in the next half hour, we're going to review what's going on as far as our thanksgiving travel week starts to gel and we're looking at a real mess. >> all right al, thank you, and we say good morning to carson. >> good morning, guys, how are you. >> thank you, buddy. >> coming up next, the big overnight reveal of tesla's first truck. yes, this is a truck and a little problem that occurred when they tested the supposed shatter-proof glass. we'll have it for you right after this ngleader. had a zest for life. flash forward: then ra kept me from the important things. and what my doctor said surprised me. she said my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage. and enbrel helps relieve joint pain and helps stop that joint damage. ask about enbrel, so you can get back
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7:48 am
well you remember what happened last year. you can't bring a backup thanksgiving to my sister's house. it's not like we're going to walk in with it. we'll bring it in as we need it. ...phase it in. phase it in? yeah, phase it in. we're back at we're back at 7:48 with tesla's long promised all electric pickup. >> that's right. elon musk unveiled it at an event overnight. lots of fanfare, flames, well, there's a lot of strong reaction to a vehicle that's putting a futuristic spin on an old classic.
7:49 am
nbc's tom costello has more on the big reveal and the breaking news tom, good morning. >> what's an unveil without some flames you got to have flames ceo elon musk promised his new cyber truck would be something like no one has ever seen before he delivered, that's for sure. but so far, the reviews of the truck, it looks like something outside of a sci fi movie, they have really been mixed >> i present you the cyber truck. >> overnight, a flashy rollout, elon musk introducing the highly anticipated all electric pickup but the futuristic cyber truck following flat with some criticism online shifting into high gear, one user tweeting, the cyber truck is the worst looking vehicle i have ever seen, ever and i will not drive a triangle even if it's all electric. while touting the truck's toughness, the unveiling took an unexpected turn.
7:50 am
during a demo of the supposedly shatter proof windows, an epic fail, not once, but twice. the botched announcement is just the latest in a series of potholes for tesla last month, the rollout of the company's smart summon feature which allows users to summon their driverless cars from a short distance ran into a few problems tesla says that's because people were not following the recommended guidelines >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and last year after a number of deadly crashes, the ntsb launched an investigation into potential safety issues with the tesla autopilot software the national highway traffic safety administration also taking a close look at potential battery issues, that could be to blame for non--crash-created fires in some teslas in both cases, tesla has promised to work with authorities to investigate
7:51 am
musk promises the cyber truck will not only be powerful, it will also have a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge and with a competitive $39,000 starting price tag, tesla is aiming at loyal pickup truck owners looking to go electric. >> it's going to have to make sure the cyber truck is so different, so revolutionary that the person who was driving an f series of a chevy silverado will say, hmm, maybe i'll give this a shot >> reporter: after six years of development, tesla may face an up hill battle to breakthrough >> room for improvement. one big question is will it have the muscle people want in a pickup truck, and i'm sure you're wondering, when will cyber truck hit the road musk says the pickup will begin production in 2021, as you know, he's notorious for missing deadlines, we'll have to wait and see. guys, back to you. >> am i missing something. where is the pickup bed, you know, the back part. >> where do you put your dog >> it was the kids and the dog
7:52 am
in the back of the truck. >> it doesn't look like a pickup truck. >> listen, i think there's more to be unveiled this is where things get kind of interesting. we also have gm and ford working on electric pickup trucks of their own, and those are expected to launch around the same time as tesla's cyber truck, and by 2025, more than a hundred electric vehicles are expected to be on sale here in the u.s. >> just don't throw rocks at us. >> thank you >> all right >> coming up, john legend. >> he's here, my buddy from the voice. >> after your local news along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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7:56 am
is november 30th. good friday morning. we have clear skies and cool temperatures. here a live look at the golden gate bridge. today we'll reach 60 in san francisco, 61 in oakland. and some mid to upper 60s for the inland valleys. going into the next several days, we'll be watching this storm system dropping down from alaska into parts of the bay area by the middle of next week. and in the near term, we have more warm weather, highs reaching up to 71 inland an by tuesday, the cold front drops in with some showers off and on rain in the forecast through thanksgiving. and our temperatures only reaching into the low to mid-50s from san francisco to the inland areas. so in-jenjoy the next few days.
7:57 am
may be the last stretch of warm weather in a while. and i continue to track the build for the south bay. typical for a friday. we do have a slower drive for 87 into downtown. and 280 coming off the 680 southbound side. peninsula, san mateo, a couple fend fender fender benders but a good drive there. highway 13 slowing but not as bad. meter lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. nd th and happening now, thee classes today at oak grove high school not far from where police served a warrant last night that led to a lengthy standoff. we believe that it is stilling for on. head to our home page for any updates. and everyone is talking about tesla's new pickup truck but not for all the reasons that you might expect. it was unveiled last night. head to our world news section
7:58 am
on our home page to link to the video and what has been a wide range of reaction. another update in half an hour.
7:59 am
...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, holiday he it's 8:00. it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, holiday headache, a major storm set to bring rain, snow and ice to millions. delays expected as travelers hit the roads and head to the airport. and there's more bad weather on the way. al is tracking it all. plus winner winner turkey dinner, how you can save big on your dinner, turkey, and pre made meals we'll break it down. the legend is real, we'll catch up with john legend as he stops by studio 1a with a live performance. ♪ >> "today," friday, november
8:01 am
22nd, 2019 >> texas girls. >> celebrating my 13th birthday. >> hey, to our first family. >> hello from burlington, north carolina >> here for my 50th. >> hey mom and dad, we're on tv. >> good morning, everybody, welcome back to "today." it's a great friday morning. we have a happy crowd out here and everybody is happy inside because we have none other than mr. lester. >> i'm happy to be here. a little grumpy at 4:00 a.m., but i'm hitting my stride. in is all good >> i'm giving hoda a break she's enjoying time off. craig is in nashville for the "3rd hour of today." we're going to check in with him in a minute. >> we have a huge all new sern that's what we're calling it
8:02 am
it's big some bringing may have heard of this person, roger federer. >> name dropping. >> my idol coming here live in studio, plus we're going to catch up with chip and joanna gaines at their home in waco, and lindsey vonn. >> my list of nightly news guests, it's a lot bigger than that >> it's explosive, we cannot wait. let's get to your news at 8:00, a near record number of holiday travelers are expected to head out for the thanksgiving week, rain and snow could complicate their plans al is down in nashville to map it all out for us and to i guess show it to us as well. al >> hey, thanks a lot, lester, and as we look at the radar, this tells the story of just what's to come we're looking at snow back through kansas, heavier rain from dallas all the way into western pennsylvania and this is part of the same system that's going to be causing problems this weekend and that's just the start. so let's check out your travel problems as far as the airports are concerned. we are looking at strong storms and causing problems up and down the eastern sea board. that's going to be bringing in heavy thunderstorms and so we look at airport delays from 'lle
8:03 am
atlanta to boston. and then we look ahead towards the beginning of next week, and here's what we can see we're going to be looking at, i'm sorry, we're having a little problem here, let me just check this out, and you'll see there, boston, on wednesday, new york on wednesday, chicago, we're looking at rain and snow, kansas city, some problems, and nashville, some storms on tuesday, then we move into the thanksgiving toward the latter part out west, that's going to be a problem as well we look for los angeles, rain on wednesday, same for san francisco, dallas it's going to be thursday and windy and on las vegas, the airport is on wednesday, rainy as well really, savannah this is going to extend right on into thursday, friday and probably saturday as we get into the eastern part of the country. so travel is going to be rough starting this weekend all the way to next. >> and you're soaking in it, al. thank you so much. we'll see you in a little while. democrats are now poised to move ahead with the impeachment of president trump after the house wrapped up two weeks of
8:04 am
public hearings yesterday. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us with the three things to watch in washington today hey, peter good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, after this whirlwind week and a half, 12 witnesses over 5 days the house democrats look like they're ready to go forward with the impeachment process. here's what's next, the house intelligence committee staffers have begun writing a report, summarizing their findings and recommendations for impeachment. republican staffers are working on their own when the democrats are done, the process then moves to the house judiciary committee that would draft articles of impeachment. the democrats hope to hold a vote on impeachment sometime before christmas if it passes, it would go to the republican controlled senate far -- for a trial all of this follows those final two witnesses on thursday connecting the president to the pressure campaign for ukraine to announce an investigation into the bidens, while military aid was being withheld one of those witnesses, the president's former top russia
8:05 am
adviser fiona hill, calling that process a domestic political errand, the chief says went against u.s. national security interests, the other witness, the top ukraine aide described his overhearing a cell phone call in july where the president asked one of the top diplomats about ukraine's willingness to do the investigation a white house official here tells me that a group of republican senators met here yesterday to discuss a strategy for a potential impeachment trial, that they suggest could be as short as two weeks savannah >> peter, thank you. 8:05, that's the news, hoda is not here, but she said i could do the boost this morning. every now and then, we all need to take a sick day from work these days often, you call in by e-mail, but don't make the mistake that turned kansas city traffic reporter, nick into a viral sensation. he sent his sick message to nearly 200 affiliated stations within minutes, social media lit
8:06 am
up with get well messages from anchors, reporters, and producers across the country they had all wished him back and wished him well. before long, nick even had his own hash tag, prayers for nick >> did you see the guy praying in front of the candles. >> it's like get well ferris, from "ferris bueller's day off." >> remember when you would have to turn on your acting skills. up next, the black friday savings you don't have to wait a week to get. we'll tell you where to find big deals now. >> plus, the legend grows, john legend is here sexiest man alive. >> how are you >> sexiest news man alive, lester. good to have you here. >> every time she say that, i'm like so i'm not. congratulations. >> thank you very much and you have a new christmas album. >> deluxe edition of the legendary christmas album. >> you're going to talk about it and play a little later on. >> live performance, and we'll chat with john right after this. ♪ and it's time for our best offer of the year!
8:07 am
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8:10 am
we are back with "today's" holiday consumer, black friday, the traditional start of the holiday shopping season one week away now >> this year a lot of sales are already underway, so should you race out this weekend to shop or do you want to wait. here's to help us is nbc's stephanie ruhle, good morning. >> good morning to you >> black friday is black friday except we're seeing sales ahead of time. is an obsolete term. >> it's not an obsolete term, the more deals, the more opportunities, back in the day for us, there was just black friday, so the day after thanksgiving you put your sweats on, you went out now you've got black friday, cyber monday, door buster deals on thanksgiving if you're in the stores but we've only got six less days this year between thanksgiving and christmas the retailers figured out start the deals now, online and in stores, whether it's amazon or walmart, they're rolling it out, and i want you to keep checking. you have your list of things you want, go to the web sites and check because they've got new deals all the time. >> you're saying online deals starting today.
8:11 am
>> starting today. >> but they go off and on, that's why we're to keep checking >> new things go off and on. you're looking for electronics, toys, clothes, amazon starting today you're going to get deals on lego star wars, you're going to get 30% off barbie items, hot wheels, sort of the same categories we were in. kohl's come monday is bringing back kohl's cash, for every $50 you spend, you're going to get $15 in kohl's cash you need to think about rewards programs, things like target target, when you get the red card, when you get in the insiders club, they're going to give you a hey, savannah, heads up, things are going on sale you want to use all of your tips while you can. this is the best time to do it. >> what about if you go on your laptop, are you going to get the same deals or wait for cyber monday. >> it's not about waiting, they're offering more and more deals. if there's a hot item you know you want, the deals are here, you should buy it. the issue is if it sells out you're going to be on ebay looking for a woman who have
8:12 am
stored up the toy in her garage and you're going to pay -- >> triple. >> correct if it's on sale, don't say 30%, could i get 40% in a week, take the 30% and run. >> you said retailers are hurling it up because we have six less shopping days so on black friday, you would usually go to the stores because there were certain things you could only get in the store. is that true for this weekend now, should i go to the store and get some door buster sales >> door busters only exist the day after, on black friday, and you will see in circulars what they will be in electronics, for example, you may find beats headphones for less money you know if you go and look for certain televisions, go on the circulars and you'll see them, and maybe you can go for black friday, but the fact that you can do it online now, factor in your travel time, your stress, even though i know you're stressed because you say my inbox is filled with deals, i don't know what to do, it's great that it's in your inbox. sit in your house, look at that against your list, and suddenly
8:13 am
you can say wait a minute, this is easier. >> before you go, clothes and toys, is this a good time to buy clothes and toys >> absolutely. macy's right now, 60% off outer wear for the entire family christmas, hanukah or the new year, every kid needs a coat in done their one thing that will depress all of you is one in every five consumer has already done their shopping, they did it in the mid-summer sales i ask you both, do you know anyone in your entire life that does that. >> al roker. al, i can guarantee you, wherever he is, his shopping is done. >> really? >> yes >> he plans ahead. he's that guy. and we all want to be him but we're not. it's not me. >> no. >> thank you so much >> good to see you. >> it's not just clothes, electronics and toys on sale, if the next half hour, we're going to save on our thanksgiving feast. we're going to turn it over to carson. >> got your shopping done? >> i'm definitely the four out of five. >> it's a good morning in studio
8:14 am
1a because our friend john legend is here to talk about a lot of things going on with you, including the deluxe album we're going to get to all of that, but first why john legend is indeed an incredible talent "people" magazine just named him the sexiest man alive. >> a passing of the sexy torch to john legend, congratulations, john. >> on nbc's "the voice" legend credited his cohost, blake shelton, a former sexiest man alive. >> i sat next to him the last few months and i learned his sexy ways. >> a talented singer/songwriter, he already achieved egot status, winning an emmy, grammy, oscar and tony, the first african-american man to do that. ♪ why should i die. >> he won his emmy for the live
8:15 am
♪ production of "jesus christ superstar. ♪ all of me loves all of you >> legend and his wife model and actress chrissy teigen have two kids, 3-year-old daughter luna, and 1-year-old son miles the family recently featured on the cover of "vanity fair. ♪ what chris mean christmas means to me ♪ >> john just released the deluxe version of his christmas album, a legendary christmas, teaming up with fellow voice coast kelly clarkson for a modern take on the classic song "baby it's cold outside. ♪ >> this morning, john is bringing his talents to studio 1a so get ready for the legend himself. >> as blake would say, he's bringing his sexy ways congratulations on everything. >> what a nice package i mean, this was quite a sizzle
8:16 am
reel >> you're living the life. >> i'm going to talk to my publicist and thank him for whoever arranged for all of this >> you have a lot to celebrate, the sexiest man alive is huge, but more recently, two grammy nominations. >> one for legendary christmas, the original version of the album and i did a collaboration with dj khaled and nipsey hussle, called "higher." we got nominated for best rap song collection. >> you have so many grammys, where are you going to put them. >> we'll find a place. >> and of course you were named "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. >> there's no trophy for that. >> what is it like when they call you >> it was exciting, like me, and you prepare for both the good and the bad of it. whenever they announce these things, social media goes crazy and they're like yeah. >> you're never on social media, so that's not a problem. >> well, i am. >> what did chrissy say. >> blake told me to avoid social media, and i tried, and i was avoiding it for a while, and "the voice" was on, and i wanted
8:17 am
to see what people thought of my singers. >> what makes you sexy is your voice? >> yeah. i think that works for me. >> it's worked so far. >> everybody has their thing. >> how did chrissy react >> she was excited. >> she wasn't like, there's no living with him now. >> now she's at that point, a week later once you see the tonight show tonight, you'll see why she's getting a little exasperated. >> i love her social media, she'll write, i just made the sexiest man alive a ham sandwich. >> i made her a ham sandwich, and her twitter bio says currently sleeping with. >> can't tell. >> and a few others which, you know. >> i also have a nice pair of shorts, after they announced explain what a vgotsma, v is for winning the voice, emmy, grammy,
8:18 am
oscar, tony, and sexiest man alive. >> did you try on the shorts >> i have not tried them on. i don't know that i ever will but i will hold on to them. >> how are luna and miles? >> they're well. >> 3 and 1, right? >> yes they all came to new york with me chrissy is here. we're having a good time we like being in new york around christmas time, around the holidays it just feels like the right place to be. >> stick around, the tree is going to light up. >> i know. i'm going to be a part of that. >> you are on the cover of "vanity fair" a really cool article about your family. i learned a lot about you. i thought i knew you >> we talked about things we hadn't talked about in interviews before, about our family history and our moms, and it was really deep and i thought it was really a powerful story. >> it was touching.
8:19 am
>> speaking of the family, you guys will all being b together for thanksgiving next week >> your family. >> my family, chrissy's family, we're going to be in southern california, and we're going to cook and eat and celebrate together it's going to be a lot of fun. >> you are the sexiest man alive, are you not, so you are an authority on what is sexy >> i have my opinion >> so we have just a list, if you could just tell us is it sexy or not, cargo shorts? >> i'm going to say not sexy >> okay. karaoke. >> i'm not a huge fan, but. >> yawns, yawning? >> yawning no >> how about naps, this is carson's >> i love a nap. >> lipstick application at the dinner table >> i don't mind it i don't think it's particularly sexy, though. >> minivans? >> not sexy. but that tesla, the armored truck. >> what about christmas music. >> very sexy. >> i thought so. >> john, thank you so much, you're going to sing for us in the next half hour, but first let's get a check of the weather
8:20 am
from al down in nashville. >> i wonder does john think weather is sexy, i don't know. but anyway, let's show you what we've got on for today we are looking at more wet weather in the mid plains and we're also looking at strong storms down through texas, sunshine out west with snow showers through the rockies, turning cooler through the great lakes and into the upper mississippi and ohio river valleys. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll see a lot of sunshine today and also a cool start, warming up for the inland areas. we'll reach up to 60 in san francisco and 66 in livermore. clear lake, expect a high of 64 degr degrees this afternoon and into the weekend, we will be even warmer, reaching the low 70s in the valleys. we'll see more of that into the start of the week but drastic changes ahead as rain moves in on tuesday and much colder air will be in the mid 50s for highs on thanksgiving.
8:21 am
and and that is your latest weather, of course, it's just a precursor to the greatest night of the week, sunday night football night in america. we've got the packers making their way from the frozen tundra of lambeau field into levi stadium in santa clara, california, clear skies on the greatest night of the week, sunday night football night in america. it all begins at 7:00. guys >> thank you, al go back to your christmas shopping >> done. >> it's all done, that's right jenna is joining the table good morning, happy friday, and it's "popstart" time. >> is that true, thank you. >> john legend said "popstart," extremely sexy >> so sexy. >> so sexy that i came in on a friday >> exactly >> "popstart" even sexier. >> we're going to start with will ferrell, hosting snl, that
8:22 am
has a lot of bringing excited because he is part of the some of the most iconic snl sketches including the infamous cow bell sketch. >> guess what, i got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell. ♪ >> oh, my god, every time it's the best since will is in the building, he stopped by the "tonight show" where he revealed how that cow bell sketch has affected christopher walken. >> i go to see christopher walken years later in a play, i say hello to him backstage and he's like, you know, you have ruined my life >> what? >> peer during the curtain call bring cow bells and ring them. the other day i went for an italian food lunch and the
8:23 am
waiter asked if i wanted more cow bells with my pasta bolognese. my pasta >> next up, kristen bell, the "frozen" and "good place" star is willie's sunday sit down guest, but instead of getting into those roles, he gets right in and asks about the voice of gossip girl. >> so "gossip girl" is coming back, voice of "gossip girl," what did you think about that. >> i couldn't believe it initially, and i'm like, of course, it's so much fun to watch. i mean, it's so incredibly entertaining, and they e-mails me a couple of months ago saying we're can't do it without you. this is the easiest job for me i go in my pajamas, i don't have any of this on and i'm just in there, that's also the only job i've never
8:24 am
been given a note on which i don't know what that says about me, because they were like just make it really sassy and caddy, and i was like, okay >> you can catch the entire interview this weekend on sunday "today" with willie geist. next up "the crown," season 3 premiered less than a week ago on netflix olivia colman taking on the role of queen, and reports on who's going to be playing the queen after colman, imelda staunton is taking over the thrown she is in the "downton abbey," so claire foy in the early years, colman, season three and four, and staunton will handle the later years. pretty cool. somebody called nbc security because roger federer is coming to studio 1 and we may have to keep that young lady away. how many feet away what does the paperwork say, 30
8:25 am
okay savannah lived out her ultimate dream. you played in a charity event with roger you went easy on him let's put it that way. roger is coming here to studio 1a on monday, and he sent us this message >> roger here, again i remember our match, that was so much fun. thanks for coming to my office i would like to finally return the favor and come to your office and come to the "today" show on monday and hopefully have a great time. don't grill me too hard on the questions, please, be nice to me take care. bye, see you soon. >> are you going to be okay? >> he was flirting with you, i think. >> yes, he was. >> he's a father of four he's married, but i'm very excited. he texted me, like i got that text and then i had a hundred heart attacks. >> here's why we're concerned a little bit the last time he was like 3,000 miles away, and he just said your name, and here's how you reacted to that. just that part right there
8:26 am
>> thank you very much, savannah >> that's just when he said your name from across the pond. now he's going to be across the desk. >> you're going to scare him now he's not going to come. >> you're going to scare him i'm going to save his life. >> that will be monday much more from john le good morning. i'm marcus washington. more notable appearances on tap for dreamforce, deepak chopra and emilia clark from "game of thrones." aaron rodgers is gearing up for the big game sunday. no, we don't mean tomorrow's big game when cal faces stanford at palo alto. we're talking about the niners and packers at levi. there's a lot on the line. that game you can watch on nbc bay area at 5:00. right now, we want to get a look at that community for you, mike. how is it looking? >> it's not great.
8:27 am
it's red, gray, orange right here in 80, both directions. that crash did clear up. silicon valley pushing a standard direction. it's a friday flow. 880 out of fremont into hayward, across 92 jamming up to san mateo. slowest drive right now for 880, 580. getting over and toward the area where the metering lights are still on. they were turned on relatively early this morning. more slowly on those colors the reason for the orange and red right by the coliseum. back to you. >> thanks, mike. another local update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
great gifts at this price? is this for real? not exactly that's bargain bliss setting in you're basking in the glow of great gifts at deep discount prices. and is that... mmhmm ♪grocery outlet jingle
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. it's friday morning. it's the 22nd of november, 2019. we say hi to a happy crowd out here on the plaza. beautiful morning, not too cold. sun is shining, but the weather is going to change in a minute we will definitely get a report from al in a few >> hey, guys, you want a little crowd moment
8:31 am
what do you think about that >> it's a friday. >> where is mikaela. is there a mikaela are you mikaela? >> oh, my gosh. >> we love you are you from ohio? >> i am from ohio. >> do you happen to be from the same place, john legend is from. >> yes >> do you like him >> i love him. >> do you all love him >> who wants to see the sexiest man alive? >> hello, everybody. >> here he comes >> hello hello. john, do you want to meet mikaela. >> good morning. who's from ohio? oh, my goodness. >> let me take a picture you all get together >> we love you john legend. >> i love you. >> that's pretty great >> just three people from ohio >> you know.
8:32 am
>> i love it >> you all want to hear him sing in a little bit, too this lady goes please bring john legend out i'm like look over here. you've got a lot of fans out here >> hello, how are you? good morning. >> can't wait to hear him sing. >> we should have at this point just put john legend on top of the rockefeller tree his star is shining so bright, it would be perfect. we're going to show you the best places to shop for the biggest savings on your thanksgiving feast, and that does include where to find the cheapest thanksgiving turkey. the story behind a remarkable documentary series, following the real life up and downs of seven bringing since they were children in the '60s they're now 63 first, let's send it to al in nashville, mr. roker, you drying off yet >> yeah, we're inside here at pinewoods social, a great spot we're going to explain why we're here in just a second. let's show you your weekend outlook. we are looking at a lot of wet weather starting off in the southeast. also into the ohio river valley.
8:33 am
sunshine in the northeast tomorrow, chilly in the plains, wet weather moves into the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, we are expecting that wet weather and slick travel in the northeast and new england. turning milder in the mid center of the country, and look for mountain snows through the western plains good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures will warm up today, reaching into the mid to upper 60s for much of the bay area. enjoy the sunshine this weekend. we're looking at highs up into the low 70s in the valleys and then by next week, showers will move in, and much cooler temperatures, just in time for thanksgiving for san francisco, expect a high of 60 degrees. low 60s for saturday and sunday and then some 50s for the middle of next week, as we head closer to the travel day. and that is your and that is your latest weather. savannah. >> al, we see you're in good company. we were lonely without craig and sheinelle, but you guys have a
8:34 am
good hour planned next hour. >> that's right. because we are live here in nashville, one of the hottest spots in town, pinewood social and incredible works of art everywhere this is really kind of cool. it's by a local artist, bryce mcleod from the aisle of printing, it's called cantopia because it's made entirely of cans and brice switches them out on a regular basis this one, as you can see, a "today" show sunrise. >> one can at a time >> and that's not sped up. that's how fast he is. >> by the way, guys, we're going to have so much more cool stuff like this to show you here in just a few minutes we buddied up, sought out the amazing local fair that's overflowing in nashville from the food, sheinelle did a lot of shopping a lot of shopping. also to the great sports franchises as well as you know, this has become a huge sports town, the predators, all the rage. >> we had the best time, and of course we also have music stars
8:35 am
stopping by as well as some fun. we have a special guest, some surprises, so many bringing have been asking about you guys the whole team, we really are in a great city people really watch the "today" show here. >> very excited about it all of it made possible by our sponsor, american express and it's all ahead on the "3rd hour of today." savannah, i'm bringing you one of those hats. >> one of my favorite cities. >> all of you guys know, as soon as we got here, the bringing are so friendly and warm and inviting when we got to the hotel room, there were biscuits and jam on the table. >> doesn't get any better than that. >> bury me in a biscuit. >> guys, can't wait, we will see you next hour. looks really fun bring that hat, seriously. >> see you in a bit. just ahead this hour, we've got money saving help as you're getting ready to shop for your thanksgiving feast over the weekend. >> where to find the best deals on not just the turkey but all the trimmings as well.
8:36 am
first, this is "today" on nbc
8:37 am
so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
8:38 am
and we're back with more of "today's" holiday consumer. we're going to and we're back with more of "today's" holiday consumer we're going to hopefully help you save money on the big thanksgiving feast. >> now is the time to shop for your meal, nbc's investigative consumer correspondent vicky nguyen is here, you don't have to break the bank. good morning >> good morning. >> you shopped everywhere so we don't have to. >> we try to do the work for you. one weekend to go until thanksgiving five days until the big holiday. with a little planning and strategy we're going to have leftovers with turkey and cash >> with the three national stores, the first is whole foods. >> it has a reputation it's not cheap >> whole paycheck. >> how can you save money at whole foods? >> we shopped three big chains, whole foods is where we started. $2 off the crescent rolls, a dollar off the gravy, we want to
8:39 am
make sure everybody knows we shopped the same items at all three chains whole foods, aldi's and walmart, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, gravy, cider apple pie. very important. >> you got your turkey at whole foods. >> we got the turkey, another $0.50 off. the grand total was $95, with your prime membership, we knocked another 15% off, brought it down to $82. >> what's the next store you went to? >> aldi's this is a national discount grocery retailer. this is fun, we did it the traditional way, the circular, you go in, see the deals, circle them, coupons et cetera, what i like is aldi's is putting this on their web site. you can plan ahead and make the list and stick to it that helps you save. aldi's has a $5 off the butter ball turkey. >> i like the turkey, i'm a fan. >> that brought the total down to $41 >> is this your whole thanksgiving deal that you got
8:40 am
for 41 >> this is going to work for everyone for eight people. >> the same items for all three. >> same items, they may not be the exact same brand, sometimes we shop the store brand. >> but aldi's was half the price of whole foods. >> yeah, it was. >> i thought you were finding what was cheap where. >> just for all of these things. >> but aldi's has good deals they probably think they're not going to get anymore deals but they offered like deals on deals. >> deals on deals! deals on deals on deals. good stuff >> let me take you down to walmart: walmart is having a big deal on turkey, this is the best three out of these three retailers. $0.68 per pound, through christmas, december 26th that was a big money saver for us with the walmart products and what we did was we were able to bring the total for walmart. it started at $38, we got it down to $35 using an app this is what i want to show you. this is pretty cool. so it's the ibotta app, you have to shop through your phone, and they have partnerships with retailers throughout the country. >> this isn't beneficial for
8:41 am
just walmart. >> target, rite aid, it all works, but the key with walmart is you have to go to the walmart grocery, not, click through on that part of the tab, and you're going to get an extra $3 back, when you do it the way we did, order everything online, and picked it up in store, so that brought our whole total down to $35 for a meal for eight people. >> the shopping app you used is called what. >> ibotta. >> and through walmart, you have to click through the grocery portion of walmart. >> that's how you get the cash back, that's critical. that's how the apps work, they want you to start there, and through to the retailer. >> you pick your stuff and go to walmart, and pick it up. >> and the pro tip is sometimes it will say things are sold out, but when you get to the store, ask, they said pumpkin pies were sold out, if everything doesn't work out, just ask. >> 35 bucks for 8 people thank you so much. you can see the entire shopping list at all right. coming up next, an inside look at a ground breaking documentary series, it's the same group of people, they were followed for more than five decades to see
8:42 am
how life turned out for them but first, this is "today" on nbc. them.
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back, a new documentary is about to welcome back, a new documentary is about to hit theaters, but in a lot of ways, it's not exactly new. >> it's the latest installment of a story that's been unfolded for half a century nbc's joe fryer joins us with a look. >> hey there, good morning, 55 years ago, a documentary premiered in england called 7-up, profiling a group of 7-year-old kids, then every seven years, the film maker followed up, "14 up," "21 up," "28 up" and so on, now those kids are 63 and we get to see how their lives have evolved. >> like a journey through a photo album, "63 up" takes us from grainy black and white video of children, the world in front of them to colorful pictures of ageing adults with so much life now in the rear view mirror.
8:45 am
>> how interesting is it to see these young people evolve into these adults. >> fascinating it's the greatest story on the planet. >> film maker michael apted who directed movies like "gorillas in the mist" has been working on the series since the beginning it started with a premise about england's class system. >> give me a child until you're 17 and i will show you the man. >> which means. >> it means that you can tell how people are going to turn out much earlier than you think. >> still, the series has shown all the ups and downs and surprises life can deliver. >> every experience will change you. >> the latest installment, nick reveals he was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. >> i mean, right now i'm struggling with being ill. life doesn't turn out the way i expect.
8:46 am
>> the franchise also follows neil, homeless for a time as a young man, he's now a local politician and lay minister, and then there's andrew who grew up to be a successful attorney now reflecting on his regrets. >> looking back, i would have liked to have spent a bit more time with the family rather than giving so much priority to work >> of the 14 who were profiled in the first film, eleven still take part. >> is it a burden for some of them >> i think so. not all of them like being exposed to it every day, and their shortcomings and their successes. >> reality tv long before such a thing became common place. within that genera, the up series is like an ironman triathlon. >> i'm still doing it. it will never end. >> will it end, do you think >> it's an interesting question, i mean, i'm not young. i know you might think i am looking at me, but i'm not very young. >> we may have to wait another seven years to see if the story continues. >> for the first time, one of
8:47 am
the 14 participants has passed away that development is part of "63 up," the series already aired in the uk earlier this year now american audiences will have a chance to see it limited theatrical release in new york this month, in select cities next month, and then airing next year on britt fox tv, bbc's streaming service. back to you guys >> thank you it will be fascinating to watch a life like that, but it is a lot to ask of the people that are actually in it. >> it is, yeah, absolutely amazing, though. >> interesting if an american version comes out after the bbc streams. we have john legend swinging by for a live performance, a taste of a legendary christmas we're looking forward to that. but first, this is "toy" on da
8:48 am
8:49 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to
8:50 am
you by citi. we have been waiting for this all morning. we are back with the one and only john legend. the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. we have been waiting for this all morning we are back with the one and only john legend. >> the latest album is a legendary christmas and now it's grammy nominated. >> and john is about to perform off of that, and by the way, sexiest band alive here is the one and only, john legend, all yours. yours. ♪ i don't need my stocking with toys i don't need no gifts to bring me joy ♪ ♪ i haven't put up my mistletoe because without you baby i can't see no point ♪ ♪ baby i hope santa brings you to me because it's all i wish
8:51 am
for this christmas eve ♪ ♪ i hope santa brings you to me because i deserve you bring me love this christmas because i've been good this year ♪ ♪ bring me love this christmas because i deserve you bring me love this christmas because i've been good this year ♪ bring me love this christmas because i've been ♪ i don't want to light this ♪ bring me love this christmas because i deserve you bring me love this christmas because i've been good this year ♪ ♪ i don't want to light this tree alone sing christmas songs if you're not home ♪ ♪ baby i haven't hung my mistletoe because without you baby i can't take no more ♪ ♪ baby i hope santa brings you to me i hope he brings you to me that's all i wish for this
8:52 am
christmas eve ♪ ♪ i don't want much your love i all i need baby i hope santa brings you to me ♪ ♪ bringing me love this christmas i deserve you bring me love this christmas because i've been good this year ♪ ♪ since you've been gone bring me love this christmas because i deserve you here ♪ ♪ bring me love this christmas because i've been good this year bring me love this christmas because i deserve you here ♪ ♪ bring me love this christmas because i've been good this year ♪ ♪ bring me love bring me love because i've been good this year bring me love this christmas
8:53 am
bring bring me love this christmas ♪ ♪ bring me love bring me love because i've been good this year bring me love this christmas on♪ bring me love this christmas ♪ because i've been good this year ♪ the only thing i need because i've been good this year come on bring me love i've been goodring this year ♪ ♪ won't you bring me love bring me love this christmas because i've been good this year oh
8:54 am
yeah ♪ [ cheers and applause >> how about that. >> that was fun. we were trying to come be your back up dancers. we're on an eight-second delay >> how about the rockettes, look at you two >> the new album, "a legendary christmas. you have four new songs on it, right? >> one featuring our "voice" cast mate kelly clarkson. we're really excited >> an updated "baby it's cold outside," really fun >> you can rock around the christmas tree. >> knock over the christmas tree. >> like our aerobics class. >> your job is safe, by the way. >> exactly >> thank you so much lester, it's been so fun you have had a busy week thanks for coming by in the morning. >> it's fun to come by here, and do something else. >> this is more fun, right >> exactly
8:55 am
>> we've got a special third hour from nashville. you love nashville >> i love nashville. >> a great music city. >> a great city for music, absolutely. >> and you know what we have on the fourth hour, guess who's here >> who >> curtis stone, he's here and gives turkey tips. you'll have to come buy sometime, john. >> carson and i were talking turkey on the break. >> how do you like your turkey >> we like it roasted. >> the cheese sauce martha did yesterday with the white wine. >> and chrissy is a good cook, right? >> yeah. >> is she cooking this year? >> turkey, sexy or not sexy? >> dressings sexy, gravy, sexy, mashed potatoes sexy, turkey, it's all right. >> we're back after this have a great weekend here's your local news
8:56 am
very good morning to you. still at the scene where a stand-off has been unfolding, 5:30 last night, what neighbors say sounded like two explosions. police quickly evacuated homes in the area. we spoke to a woman who said she's married to the man inside the home. she calls it a misunderstanding
8:57 am
over a warrant. it's not far from oak grove high school where three days ago an explosive device was found in the student parking lot. right now, we don't know if that is connected. school is in session. happening now, monitoring the situation there, waiting another update from police. once we get that update, we'll post it to our twitter feed. the white house today is hosting what it calls a listening session on the use of vaping epidemic. representatives from san francisco's juul not among those invited by ceo of altria is supposed to be there, part ownership in the company juul. we'll have a full update on our midday newscast for you. everyone has been talking about this fast moving pickup truck. have you seen it? elon musk revealing the cyber truck at an event last night. find that video and see more about that new truck on our website.
8:58 am
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you have to go. floor & decor. now open in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. . heel toe, heel toe, toe, toe. >> hey, sheinelle heel, toe. >> what are you doing? >> practicing line dancing. >> you sure have to practice more. >> i'm fixing to help you. first, we got to set the mood. >> oh, my gosh that is awesome. >> wouldn't it be great if we were in nashville. >> yes. >> my first rodeo! >> whoa! >> we're not in our neck of the woods anymore. >> wait a minute, where is dylan. >> i'm here. my big old belly has me grounded in new york city have fun and eat some hot chicken for me.


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