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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 24, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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was there a quid pro quo the answer is yes. >> trump doesn't want to be the nominee. >> he has stepped down from royalty. >> good morning, welcome to "sunday today" on this >> good morning, and welcome to sunday november 24th we're coming off two weeks of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry, where witness after witness implicated rudy giuliani in an effort to work a shadow deal with the ukrainian government
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he has insisted he's done nothing wrong in ukraine, while working on behalf of his client, the president of the united states this, while the president's former national security john bolton, a man congress would like to hear from, is teasing he may be ready to talk a live report from the white house and chuck todd just ahead. then in our sunday spotlight, as democratic presidential candidates campaign against iowa, there is one farmer they all stopped to visit, harry smith stopped to see him, too and later, a sunday sit-down with actress kristen bell as the wildly anticipated an naimated november frozen 2 hits movies this weekend >> i actually don't feel any pressure because i'm just a firm believer that if you bake a cake on monday and you use the same ingredients on tuesday, chances are it's going to taste great. >> a sunday sit-down with kristen bell, plus our sunday closer at the red hot nightclub that is changing the lives of
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all those people on the dance floor. those stories and another life well lived all a bit later in the show let's begin with the impeachment inquiry and president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, justing out at joe biden on saturday, while denying he did anything wrong, despite two weeks' worth of testimony to the contrary. nbc's hans nichols is at the white house for us hans, good morning >> reporter: good morning, willie on friday president trump called rudy giuliani a great crime fighter, but the former prosecutor defending himself yesterday, suggesting later he said sarcastically, but suggesting he had an insurance policy against president trump if he, quo, threw him under the bus. but he didn't withdraw his attacks against joe biden or john bolton. >> president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, defending his own role in digging up political dirt on the bidens in ukraine. >> i don't know. >> i did the right thing i represented my client.
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>> while suggesting the former vice president was acting like a mobster. >> poor immigration of the god father. >> and also attacking former national security adviser john bolton. >> for john to say i'm a hand grenade, he's an atomic bomb. >> bolton now in control of his twitter account, signaling he's willing to correct the record as he sees it. >> are you going to provide any information as to why you were fired? >> i resigned. >> but repeatedly avoiding any discussion of impeachment or ukraine, while suggesting that trump's fate should be decided at the polls the presidency and control of the house and senate will all be decided in less than one year. it's time to speak up again, he tweeted. as bolton awaits a court hearing that could compel his impeachment testimony, a federal judge has indicated that she plans on rule by monday on whether former white house counsel don mcgahn should testify before the house with the white house judiciary committee prepared to take up the proceedings when congress
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gets back from thanksgiving next month. >> i would love if ambassador bolton chooses to come and testify. >> meanwhile, the president quoting newspaper editorials that democrats haven't made their case, tweeting none of this will move the needle for anyone and now dems in swing districts head home for thanksgiving to hear from voters >> hans, another story that involves the president directly, the secretary of the navy speaking out on saturday amid reports he was considering quitting his job what's the story there >> reporter: so richard spencer who is the navy secretary, said that he didn't threaten to resign nbc news had reported that he was considering it he's up at a conference in canada the back story to this has involved eddie gallagher, who is a navy seal accused of war crimes on thursday, the president weighed in on twitter saying that eddie gallagher should not have his trident, his seal pin removed. there's been back and forth recently eddie gallagher on fox news basically accused his chain of command of insubordination
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the president encouraged everyone to go ahead and watch that interview we'll see if the president weighs in yet again, even though the line from the navy is that they haven't received an official order from the president. they're not treating his tweets as an official order willie. >> gallagher knows the president has his back so far. hans nichols at the white house. thanks so much chuck todd is nbc's political director chuck, good morning. good to see you. so a deep breath here at the end of two long weeks of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry. a long list of witnesses told a very similar story about what happened in ukraine and the involvement of the trump administration in that deal. the witnesses we haven't heard from, john bolton, mike pompeo, mick mulvaney on the list as well what do you expect to happen from here, chuck, for the american people watching this, taking it in what are the next steps? >> well, it looks that democrats have decided they've done as much in the public hearing aspect as they can do within a
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reasonable period of time. i guess is the way to put it and you brought up all these witnesses that we haven't heard from and i think they would argue it's going to take too long to hear from them and timeliness here matters, too. so it means that we would likely after thanksgiving see about a week or two of hearings in the house judiciary committee, maybe one of them would be public. then you would see the indictment, which is also known as an article of impeachment, setting up a senate trial in january. but i think democrats have to ask themselves with all of the -- on one hand i think the hearings were very successful, both in revealing that there's a lot more we don't know they've proven quite a bit, and maybe in a court of law they could win that case. but they still have a political bar that they haven't met yet and a political argument that they might be able to win if people like bolton testify so i think it's a dilemma that they're facing here. they haven't met the political bar yet. we can see it in the polls they may have met a legal bar.
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so what do you do? right now i think they've decided to move forward with the process. it's an interesting political decision. >> we'll have a lot of questions for chairman schiff on "meet the press" coming up there was a snapshot moment of this specific era, but specifically about the impeachment inquiry, which is that long-time friends joe biden and lindsay graham at odds this week as lindsay graham, after the end of the public testimony, announced he's helping to launch his own investigation into what happened in ukraine with biden he asked the state department for documents about biden and burisma. joe biden said on the campaign trail he is, quote, embarrassed for his old friend, lindsay graham what's going on here >> reporter: i don't know. it's an interesting decision by senator lindsay graham, who in november said i don't want to turn the senate into a circus by investigating hunter and joe biden. and this was at the beginning of the month. i think he said it ot november 5th. and now he is indeed at least threatening to do that
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look, there's plenty of people in washington that have been trying to figure out what lindsay graham is up to, is this politics, is this south carolina conservatives? whatever it is, bomb line is, i think that is a split now between lindsay graham and joe biden, probably a rift that will never get healed no matter where this heads going forward. >> lindsay graham clearly has chosen the president over his old friend, joe biden. chuck, thanks so much. we'll look for more on "meet the press," as we always also, when chuck is joined by house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, who has been presiding over the impeachment hearings supreme court justice ruth baiter ginsberg could be released from the hospital today. she was admitted to john hopkins on friday with chills and fever. she has endured lung scares. justice ginsberg is the senior member of the court's liberal
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minority protesters spent nearly as much time on the field as the players at one of college football's oldest rivalry games on wednesday climate change demonstrators joined the fields at halftime of the harvard-yale games they called for divestingment from fossil fuels. only a few of the 500 protesters were arrested. the game delayed for an hour and a half, and yale won a thriller, 50 to 43 in overtime it was nearly too dark to play. on this nfl sunday, they've released more about the steelers and browns when mason rudolph was hit over the head with his own helmet morgan radford is here with the latest. >> the ncfl has come down hard n both teams and handing suspensions to 33 players on
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saturday and it's mason rudolph who has been hit hardest in the wallet the cleveland browns and the pittsburgh steelers are back on the field today for the first time since their nasty broawl. >> that's one of the worst things i've ever seen. >> the nfl slapped wide-ranging penalties on both teams. pittsburgh steelers quarterback racen rudolph fined $50,000, the most of any player, for his role in the fight with cleveland browns defensive end miles garrett, who has been suspended indefinitely on wednesday, rudolph apologized for his actions. >> bottom line is i should have done a better job keeping my composure in that situation, and it falls short of what i believe it means to be a pittsburgh steeler and neb of the nfl. >> in all, the league disciplined 33 players earlier this week garrett told league officials at an appeal hearing that rudolph directed a racial slur at him just before the drawl, according to espn rudolph's attorney calling garrett's claim in the report a
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lie, as well as reckless and shameful an nfl spokesperson telling nbc news, we looked into it and found no such evidence on thursday, the nfl rejected his appeal garrett, apologizing on twitter, in part writing i know what i heard. whether my opponent's comment was born out of frustration or ignorance, i cannot say. but his acts do not es cues my lack of restraint in the moment and i regret the impact this has had on the league, the browns and our fans an age-old rivalry will be tested when the two teams face off in pittsburgh. >> it will certainly be a game to watch and the bengals will host the dolphins. now in san jose 44 degrees, it's going to be another quiet day with a mild afternoon. we are waking up to a cool
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morning, but in through the mid hours of the day right around 3:00 we will start to see our highs climb into the upper 60s for san jose, 68 degrees, livermore 68, concord 70 degrees, oakland 65, hazy skies. santa rosa 72, ukiah 72 and heading into monday and tuesday we've got rain on the way this time for thanksgiving. >> straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including some nervous laughter at the dramatic roll-out of tesla's latest futuristic vehicle when the unbreakable windows break, twice. plus, the beautiful story behind the wedding dance that captured the country, when a group of officers stepped in for dad. and later, harry smith in iowa with the fifth generation farmer who has the ear of all those presidential candidates passing through the state looking for votes. >> matt is a leader in a movement toward eco-friendly and
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sustainable farming. his place has become a must-stop for democratic candidates. his message, iowa can help cure the climate ills that plague the planet. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today. and as we head to break, our photo of the week, bei bei, enjoying one last snack. he took a trans continental flight on a private plane provided by fedex, arriving on thursday at his new home in china, as part of the original agreement between the american and chinese government when you shop small you help support your community - from after school programs to the arts! so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community.
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morgan is back for our highs and lows of the week. as lieutenant colonel vindman testified on tuesday. a woman sitting over his left shoulder disstratracted viewers tipping back her coffee aggressively. she takes further to drink every last drop. the caffeinated photo bomber is the reporter, emma duman. like many of you, these are the jolts to get through these days this week. she woke up with her 19 months old daughter and needed the coffee badly. the nearly vertical ankle she took, it was a narrow cup and i was really trying to get the last drop. i don't typically drink coffee
6:19 am
in such a dramatic coffee. it is one of those things she did not realize it. >> people were like wow, that was a-baller move. that was not intentional. i did need the coffee. >> afs ait was all this week wa th ing that week. vindman, sondland. >> did you guys not see "titani "titanic"? this week tesla unveiled their cyber truck. the company's founder elon musk rolled out this vehicle made with the same sustainless steel alloy. it is hideous but you can't hurt this thing. look at the guy slams it with a sledge hammer and can't make a
6:20 am
dent. musk told the audience the truck is bullet proof and the windows are unbreak lk. they were not going to shoot the gun in the crowded room. they had tesla's lead designer to prove again the windows simply can't be broken. >> oh my god. well, maybe that was a little too hard. >> oh man. it didn't go through. >> whoops, both windows broke where the guy throwing the ball at them. elon did not seemed too worry as he laughed and went back to business. he said in a tweet, excuse me, they got 146,000 orders for that truck. >> on that unbreakable truck. >> a for effort?
6:21 am
>> he released the video that they did not break in the other test. it was something in that day. our next high goes to a group of denver police officers who stepped in for kourtney's own brother. her father was shot and killed in the line of duty 14 years ago. kourtney got married a few weeks ago, donny was very much in everyone's mind. kourtney walked down the isle and followed by two officers and later started with the father dance, one by one, seven of donny's friends, officers, cutting in standing in for dad.
6:22 am
the song is paul simon's father and daughter. it is the same one donny played. brittany carried it around on the bouquet on her wedding day. the whole day was beautiful if you watch it. that moment or one by one that cut in standing in. >> they say it takes a village. that's what a village looks like. you can't choose a family. there is no easy way to segway to that beautiful story. something that really and truly and delightfully done. it is an instagram video that went viral showing a guy in a t-rex costume scaring people walking down the street. the oprah music really makes it i think.
6:23 am
the best one i think is the guy in scrub. this poor guy gives up his meals and go down as the t-rex comes at him. i told you it was dumb. it was dumb. coming up next. a sunday sit down with kristen bell on shaping the personality of her character ana in "frozen" and what to expect in this weekend's sequel. plus, who she thought her future husband dak shepard really was the first time they met. we are heading to town with the popular nightclub who started a trend by giving people with disabilities to hang out and c
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. good sunday morning. it is 6:26. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge from sutro tower. i just love that shot. what a great way to start our sunday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper, vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. you were right about yesterday, lots of sunshine. >> a lot of sunshine, temperatures only managed to climb into the low 70s. a comfortable afternoon. one more day of dry weather, cool start, 44 degrees in -- actually, i would say two more, but before i get to that, your microclimate highs for today, hazy skies, coast, bay and inland temperatures will be back in the 60s for the most part.
6:27 am
koj cord through ukiah we do hit a couple 70s, half-moon bay 62, san francisco 63. we will be noticing breezy conditions start to pick up mainly along the coast, but heading into monday that's when the big changes are coming. we are tracking rain now, lining up a little bit better in terms of the models and the timing and how much rain, so i will definitely be going over that timeline coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> something to look forward to. all right. we will see you at 7:00, vianey, thanks. this morning business owners are asking questions following a destructive fire at a san jose strip mall. the two-alarm fire ignited shortly before 5:00 yesterday morning at bonita cleaners on hillsdale avenue. when crews arrived it was already engulfed in flames, the nearby pizza tar lor and taco rea were dadly damaged. one business owner said firefighters had been to this strip mall twice already this week. >> a few days ago we had someone
6:28 am
try to break in through the back of the business, that time they tried using fire, police came out, started very longing. they came back and tried to cause fire again a second time on tuesday. >> no one was hurt, but because the fire involved a dry cleaning business a hazardous materials team was called in. the cause was not yet been determined. no arrests have been made. happening now this morning crews have shut down lanes on the bay bridge. here is a live look for you. at 11:00 last night caltrans closed three lanes in both directions for maintenance, the closure lasts through 9:00 this morning. just before midnight tonight two eastbound lanes will close through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. another case of a car hit by something on highway 101 near gilroy. something hit the front windshield of the car yesterday afternoon at the 156 connector. on friday night we told you about a similar attack that hurt two people inside this mercedes
6:29 am
and then minutes later a carmel high school bus was hit by a projectile. the bus was full of football players on their way to a playoff game in san jose. yesterday's incident marks the 41st time this has happened this year. investigators say all of the attacks are deliberate. it is 6:29. coming up this morning on radioed in the bay we're asking you to help us feed the need this holiday season. yesterday we kicked off our food drive and you turned out. we will tell you all about it, that plus all your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. my parents never taught me anything about managing money. the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi.
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sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ i want to go on the record and say you guys need to lay off my boy. ukraine, russia, they'll do anything for this man. i know, i asked. >> that's will farrel as ambassador sondland joining last night "saturday night live." >> musical guest, king princess. in the in likely eveunlikely ev
6:31 am
have heard, "frozen ii" is opening this weekend. it became a sensation six years ago grossing nearly $1.3 billion, a record for an an mated film. the movie won two records and had the world singing "let it go." kristen bell returns as the voice of ana when the actress received the star on the hollywood walk of fame. kristen and i got together for a sunday sit down to talk about frozen and the ride she's been onto earn that star. >> you know how many times i am here on earth? one time. i get one trip and i would like it to be as lively and happy as possible. >> i say you are succeeding at that so far. >> i don't think i have a bad score. >> kristen bell undeniably is
6:32 am
making the most of her trip. a return visit to the animated world of "frozen." >> you are? >> i am ana. >> how are you feeling going into the next chapter of the story? >> i actually don't feel any pressure because i am a firm believer that if you bake a cake on monday and you use the same ingredient on tuesday, chances are it is going to taste great. >> the original "frozen" cake was baked in 2018 and became a global phenomenon making more than a billion dollars at the box office. >> i won't let anything happen to her. >> bell plays ana, a princess that's not princessy. >> when i asked if i can infuse
6:33 am
that into the character, they said yes, whatever you have is great. the line we found her. this is not awkward, i am awkward. all of a sudden, that's her, that's who she is. bell found her own voice in detroit. her mother was a nurse and father was a news director. >> when i was ten, i talk to myself a lot. i would make like audio recording of talk shows and test conversations. >> sounds like you channel all that in the right place by finding acting and theaters. the theaters love wieirdos. >> after high school, she moved to new york city where she attended nyu.
6:34 am
she landed a role on broadway in the production of adventure of tom sawyer. >> my parents were not thrilled. i actually have a job. i am going to leave school. just maybe you should, they gave me some grief and also supported me. after moving to los angeles, bell earned the lead in the tv series that put her on the map playing an anti-establishment student veronica mars. i realized i can tell a sassy joke. >> the original series ran for three seasons and maintained a following till this day. bell currently stars in the nbc's hit "the good place."
6:35 am
now in its fourth and final season. >> holy mother forking shirt ball. >> it is a crazy thing to walk away from something at the top of its game. >> that does not happen in tv. >> it was hard for all of us because we are really close. it was so fun to come to work with him everyday. i will forever miss it. >> bell's break out film role came in 2008 with "for ggetting sarah marshal." the producer introduced her to dak shepard. >> this guy can talk. and then i didn't know who he was, maybe it is one of the guys from "jackass" or something? >> the pair went in rome and
6:36 am
engaged soon after. that he postponed their wedding until 2013 when same-sex marriage became legal in the state of california. >> you proposed to him on twitter. >> i did. >> you went down on the courthouse for 140 bucks. >> hell yeah, that's including the set list, the itunes fill. >> bell and shepard have opened nearly every detail of their marriage to the public. they have been vigilant of protecting the privacy of their daughters. we didn't want people to think this idea of relationship goal was easy. we started taking about mistakes we made and how we go to therapy and how often we fight which is a lot. then we just started feeling better about ourselves. >> last few years you have been opened about anxiety and depression and things you struggle with that so many
6:37 am
people in this world struggles with. like if they see kristen bell who projects sitting here, she's happy and smart and bubbly. >> bubbles and glitter. no, i am someone who takes medication for anxiety and depression and checks myself and sometimes if i am feeling low, make a checklist of good or bad things to see if it is mental state or if we have a problem. me talking about that came from, i hate to give him credit for everything. it is really eannoying that he' right about everything. why don't you talk about your anxiety and depression? i never thought about it before. i immediately felt incredibly irresponsible. >> bell received the star on the hollywood walk of fame. she could not contain her reverence. >> this star will only know its true value when someone is
6:38 am
mugged in that very spot and as they clutch their purse the assailant screams "let it go," and the victim looks up and will say that's not even her on, you son of a [ bleep ] only then i know that i truly made it. >> two things i love about my kids. i love to say, did you know all your teeth are going to fallout? >> that's terrifying. >> is it a funny thing to say. >> i also tell them that i am so cool that you don't get it. you are having a problem understanding how cool i am. they don't get it. >> right. >> they don't think i am cool at all. >> my experience when you have to argue you are cool, you are probably losing the argument. >> touche. >> "frozen ii" is in theaters right now and the final season of "the good place" on nbc.
6:39 am
by the way, kristen is also the executive producer of a new disney plus show calls "encore," where she reunite the casts to put on the show one more time. she's busy, check out our web web extra at don't forget to subscribe and hear the entire unedited interview with kristen bell. you can find it on apple podcast or where ever you get yours. next week a sit-down with robert patterson. how he's preparing to become the next batman, robert pattison
6:40 am
we'll answer your questions jose. we've got clear skies for the most part, but it's cold up through the north bay. santa rosa 35 degrees right now, napa cold 34, san francisco at 47, half-moon bay 37 degrees. in through the afternoon expect another great day with mild temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s for concord, 70 degrees, san jose 68, san francisco a high of 63, hazy skies with rain on the way this time for thanksgiving. harry smith in iowa with a famous farmer, the presidential candidates knocking on his door. we are back in5 seconds. 4 wayfair's biggest black friday blowout ever is now on. yes! score unbelievable savings. like living room up to 70% off.
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runner in the state that's proud of its long traditions of kicking off the election. among other voters, the primary candidates will have to win other farmers in the state and one in particular. joe biden went to see him just yesterday. harry smith introduces us in our sunday's spotlight. >> reporter: on a farm south of de moines. matt russell helps with the calf. is there still some romance left out here? > >> it is all romance. >> reporter: matt and his husband, patrick, bought the ranch 14 years ago. converted it to all pastures and
6:43 am
produce. we are not depleting the soils, we are building up the soil. matt is a leader in the movement towards eco-friendly. his place is as much stop for democratic candidates. his message is iowa can hpel cure the ill that plagued the planet. >> when we do that, we reduce emissions. >> russell studied to become a priest when devoted himself to public policy when he came upon this farm up for sale. he realized he found his true calling. >> when i figured out my disciple ship, what's my call, it was sustainable and natural resources. >> reporter: the blue jean evangelical speaks truth.
6:44 am
>> if we keep this soybeans the next 20 years where it is right now, we are accepting the t tippiti tipping point. we are going into the catastrophic climate crisis. >> reporter: he's been converting farmers of tstoring things in the grounds. dr. emily heaton says there is salvation in the soils. >> reporter: this is the magic? >> about 2.5 feet here. this used to be in the atmosphere, this is dark because there is no carbon in here. the prairie captures it and putting in our soil. >> reporter: prairie, perennials and forming something like a giant vacuum to cleanse that poison sky and water, too. if i am a farmer, i don't get paid for that. >> you cannot take it to the
6:45 am
elevator and get a check for it. >> reporter: this could be a cash crop. it is a grass that'll grow over 12 feet high, year after year. >> it is fantastic and keeps on sucking up carbon. we use the aboveground stuff or whatever we want, you name it. what is set below ground stays there. >> reporter: could this be the future? >> oh yeah, this is a big pieces of the puzzle. >> reporter: a field full of experience, monitoring ways farmers can lean into the future. >> i think i am a realist, i am from this land. i want this land to persist. >> reporter: for that to happen, they need paying farmers to implement some of these practices. for true believers like matt russell, it would be money well spent. >> if is this doable. you talk about this stuff. it is an election year and you know people start to oh, you
6:46 am
know the iowa farmlands can help save the planet? i mean really? yeah, i believe it. with everything i got. for sunday today, harry smith, iowa. >> harry, thank you very much. next on "sunday today," the nightclub that prides itself on the crowd that parties there. >> do you get the sense that this is the highlight of their month? >> i get the sense this is the highlight of their lives. >> a life well lived. the man who brought snow boarding from the backwood of right now at kohl's...
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a hot nightclub comes with a velvet rope and over priced drinks. there is a popular club in baltimore did not waste time with that. joe fryer has our sunday's closer. >> reporter: they mark their calendar for the second saturday of every month. 6:00 p.m. sharp, if line wraps around the building and on the
6:50 am
inside quickly transformed into a booming nightclub. you get the sense that for some people this is the highlight of their month. i get the sense that this is the highlight of their lives. >> reporter: this is club 1111, named after the street address of baltimore's people of disabilities. all kinds of activities including a nail spa and a mock-tail. if you want to see what makes this place so remarkable. check out the club's dance floors. >> reporter: what's the best part of being in the dance floor? >> the music? >> reporter: you are out there with your friends. >> yeah. >> reporter: our best friends, the club gives them a space to boogie. >> it is all that my husband and i ever wanted to have friends
6:51 am
and a place to go to enjoy themselves. >> reporter: for long, top 700. >> would you like one? >> reporter: janet jackson is in volunteering when the club first opened its doors. >> people with disabilities is just like everybody else. >> reporter: most of those attending have intellectuals and disabilities. some came with care givers. they rarely miss it. andre is happy to come. >> reporter: his smile says everything, does it? >> it does. >> reporter: i have parents saying they never thought they would see their child smiling or dancing with other people or interaking wi
6:52 am
interacting with other people. >> reporter: now they can see all of those things and being totally inclusive. from "sunday today," joe fryer, baltimore. >> that's awesome. joe, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. olympic debut in japan, snow boarding had become the biggest draw at the winter games, thanks to shawn white and jamie taqueria. . international stage is a long way from the barn in vermont where the ride began. in 1977, jake burton carpenter quit his job in new york and moved to vermont where he launched the burton snow board. the concept of the surf board or snow was conceived a decade later. a 14-year-old jake burton
6:53 am
carpenter got the $10 as a gift and spent his adult life perfecting the idea. in the early years of his company, carpenter experimented with designs in that barn and tested them on a hill out back. he went deep into debt as ski resorts turned their backs on snow borders who seemed as a nuisance to ski. as the sport popularity grew, those ski resorts began to see opportunities and burton's business exploded growing from a niche company into an international brand. in 2007, jake and his wife, donna, who's the ceo of burton in ducted into the united states ski and snow boarding hall of fame. burton gave his employees one
6:54 am
instruction, get out on opening day of ski season and ride for jake. jake, a pioneer, died of cancer in burlington, vermont, he was 65 years old. (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. pronamel repair can actively help repair weakened enamel. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth's surface. pronamel repair takes it to the next level.
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i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ morgan is back to help me looking through our sunday's mails. first one comes from jenna, what is the most overrated thanksgiving side dish. >> oh, the red things.
6:58 am
i don't know if it is beets. >> the cranberries. >> and the can? i don't like it. >> that's not beet. >> our next question is from twitter, that traditions do you look forward during the holiday season? >> my family is a big dancing electric slide and shuffle moment. >> oh, there it is. >> hello. >> look at you. >> you know my dad is the most enthusiastic but the least gifted but he tried to do a wobble. >> a man with a lot of heart. what about you? >> when uncle herb chugs the gravy boat. >> we got more of your "sunday today" mug shots. braydon and katy in nathan in dallas and katherine in connecticut. send us a photo of you and your mug with the
6:59 am
7:00 am
good sunday morning. 7:00 on the dot on this november 24th. here is a live look outside for you over walnut creek. not a bad sight there ahead of what should be another lovely day across the bay area. plenty of sunshine. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kira klapper. vianey arana was a look at our microclimate forecast. if it's anything like yesterday i will be happy with it. >> today will be but then we have big changes ahead, and as a forecaster i kind of get joy out of tracking big things to come. >> yes. >> but i feel like as a viewer i don't want to shock you so let's take you slowly through the changes ahead. san francisco right now we've got the bridge looking stunning, you can see mostly clear sk


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