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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 24, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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breaking news tonight. the holiday weather and travel troubles have begun. cars skidding off highways, flights canceled and delayed. full ground stop at one airport. and it's said to get worse from here. will the thanksgiving day balloons be safe to fly? we're tracking it all. > secretary of the navy forced to resign amid escalating tensions between the president and the military over a navy s.e.a.l. accused of war crime. our investigation into what could be the biggest internment of a minority since the holocaust. newly revealed classified chinese government documents describing how they track and detain muslims and prevent their
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escape. the outbreak on board a cruise ship. >> yeah, i am worried. >> passengers rushed to the hospital. why are they allowing more guests to board? and there's news tonight about dreaming big. how one teenager's wish turned into a gift for the entire town. >> announcer: this is nightly news with kate snow. good evening. the first of several big storms battered the northeast, create ing conditions on the roads. it's the beginning of what will be a very messy week of travel with two more storms expected to be worse. tens of millions will feel the effects during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. >> reporter: cars skidding off slick roads in massachusetts. pennsylvania, pounded with snow, making driving dangerous. icy roads in ohio causing multiple accidents, sending four to the hospital. it's a race home and a race
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against mother nature. a wintry mix in the midwest and the northeast creating chaos for some of the 55 million people expected to travel this week. high winds force aid ground stop at dulles international this morning and delays at newark and boston. over 4 million passengers expected to fly this week. that's up nearly 5% from last year. >> i'm a positive thinker. ooh think okay, we're going to leave on time. >> a little nervous to get out today. >> macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> reporter: in new york, where the nation's largest thanksgiving day parade takes place, concerns that wind speeds could ground massive balloons. in 2005, gusts blew a 515-pound ploon into a lamp post, injuring two spectators. now we've got several days more to track those winds but for the time being, let's take a look at what we can expect over the next 96 hours or so. storm number one, you saw the effects.
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this starts to push off into the atlantic. storm number two, building over the rockies. timeframe, tuesday into wednesday, making its march up into the plains states, sections of the midwest, bringing with it strong winds and heavy rain. that eventually makes its way toward the northeast, again, with strong gusts of wind. storm number three now begins to make its way across the west coast. same timeframe, tuesday into busy travel wednesday. that begins to bring snow to salt lake city before a slow march across the midwest all the way to the northeast. we'll watch that. and, by the way, there's a fourth storm. that could impact the weather on the way home. kate? >> lot to keep track of, dave. thank you. breaking news from our nation's capital. the secretary of the navy is out of a job after disagreements with the president, following a dispute over the case of a nae s.e.a.l. accused of war crimes. kelly o'donnell has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, a major shakeup at the pentagon. the navy's secretary is out, asked to resign by defense
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secretary mark esper over his handling of disgraced navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher. richard spencer was under pressure when he disputed reports about the controversy yesterday. >> i did not threaten to resign but let us just say that we're here to talk about external threats and eddie gallagher is not one of them. >> reporter: tonight the pentagon chief called spencer's actions deeply troubling. he privately apologized to the white house, that if the white house didn't make that gallagher could retire with navy s.e.a.l. pension and pin. esper said he no longunfortunat as a result i have determined that secretary spencer no longer has my confidence to continue in his position.
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i wish richard well. >> i want to retire peacefully with all the honors i've earned. >> reporter: president trump's twitter bravado was not seen as an order but caused tension when he wrote this. the navy will not be taking away war fighter and navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher's trident pin. kelly, at this hour, we're hearing from spencer. what is he saying about the president? >> reporter: kate, it'sresignat saying i no longer share the same understanding to the commander in chief who appointed me to the good order and discipline. i cannot obey an order i believe violates the sacred oath i took. that, from richard spencer. the secretary of defense has decided that eddie gallagher will keep his trident pin and retire as a navy s.e.a.l. kate?
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the democratic field for president got even bigger today. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg entered the race, vowing to put his major fortune behind the effort. ali vitale has more. >> mike bloomberg for president. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. >> reporter: the former new york city mayor officially entering an already crowded 2020 field, ending weeks of speculation about if he would run. bloomberg's central pitch? beating president trump, saying in a statement that if trump wins election, we may never recover from the damage. he launched a media blitz, $35 million worth of ads. >> tens of thousands of affordable housing units so families could have a decent place to live. >> reporter: after previously declining calls to run for president, bloomberg changed his mind, cite iing concerns about current democratic field. his bid, however, is not without
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challenges, including his controversial stop and frisk policy. >> there's no question that stop and frisk has saved thousands of lives. >> reporter: the former mayor has long defended the policy that many felt amounted to racial profiling but last week apologized. >> i was wrong and i'm sorry. >> reporter: other candidates like bernie sanders, worth an estimated $50 billion, of trying to buy an election. other voters have mksed reaction. >> i think it's great he's using what he has and not taking anything from anybody else. >> we need to be thinning the field a little bit, not really widening it. >> ali, what do we know about bloomberg's strategy now? >> reporter: we expect him to get out on the campaign trail but not in these crucial early states. his team feels they'll fare better in the super tuesday states. kate? shining a light on a massive
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operation the world has known little about, detention camps filled with. huigyers. they're called education and training centers but newly revealed classified documents from 2015, obtained by the international consortium of national journalists and shared with nbc news describe conditions that more closely resemble prison. we've seen china's muslim reeducation camps the way the chinese wanted us to see them, on a tightly controlled tour earlier this year and we've seen glimpses from leaked videos like this one. china says the camps stop muslim huigyers from becoming extremists and offer job training. now, in the chinese government's own words, elite nine-page memo reads like a how-to memo, to prevent escape, 24/7 video surveillance, watch towers and double-locked doors.
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>> the headline is we're doing something really nasty to a lot of people and it's secret. >> reporter: a german researcher who is considered an authority on chinese detention of ethnic minorities. did someone take a huge risk in leaking these documents? >> people have been sentenced to death for much less. >> reporter: estimates up to 1.8 million huigyers and muslim minorities have been sent to the camps since 2017. that is a stunning number of people, 1.8 million people in camps. >> it's probably the largest internment of an ethnic and religious minority since the holocaust. >> the bull continue shows how easy it is to be singled out by the chinese government for education or training, using a certain app or communicating with people overseas can draw suspicion. a huigyer-american stopped calling her family in china to protect them.
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>> there are over 1 million innocent people. >> reporter: but last year she criticized china during a public panel in washington. >> six days after i talked, my sister and my aunt both got abducted the same day for retaliation of my activism. >> you don't think it's a coincidence? >> i don't think so. >> your sister is still missing. you don't literally know where she is? >> no, i don't. i don't even know if she's alive or not. >> when the chinese government says these are vocational camps, they're helping train people for new jobs, what do you say to that? >> that is a complete lie. many people in the camps are university professors, writers, poets. >> it's a story they don't want to get out. >> u.s. assistant secretary of state for east asia and the pacific. the chinese government views this as a form of terrorism and they've said things like, well, the u.s. had a war on terror.
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that's what we're doing here. >> you can't lock up a whole group of people and somehow identify them as terrorists in advance. a terror event on your own people to prevent terrorism, that doesn't make sense. >> if you could talk to your sister, what would you say to her now? >> i'm sorry. she is there because of me, but i want to tell her to stay strong. stay strong and believe that she will be free, hopefully some day soon. >> in response to a request for comment on the documents chinese embassy in the united kingdom told the guardian newspaper the personal freedom of the trainees is fully guaranteed. the u.s. recently opposed sanctions on some chinese companies implicated in the surveillance of minorities. there are more details about that program in the documents and we'll have much more of that
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>> we're back now with an outbreak aboard a cruise ship, making passengers sick. in the port of los angeles, rushing the ill to the hospital. our sara hartman is there with details. >> reporter: a dream vacation ending in violent illness aboard the norwegian joy. hundreds were rushed off the cruise ship in los angeles after a possible norovirus outbreak. >> the captain announced that he had members of the crew, some of the staff. >> reporter: six passengers were evaluated and four transferred to local hospitals for further treatment. none of the symptoms are believed to be life-threatening. saying in a statement during the panama canal sailing a few guests on board experienced a stomach-related illness. to mitigate any impact of this rare occurrence, we implemented
3:46 pm
stringent sanitation procedures. they can hold over 1300 passengers and 800 crew. according to the cdc, norovirus is incredibly common with 19 to 21 million cases a year, symptoms include nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. >> people who are sick with norovirus are typically most contagious when they're symptomatic and a few days after their symptoms resolve. >> reporter: tonight all passengers are back on solid ground but officials have yet to reveal what caused the illness. >> sara, what happens with that ship now? >> reporter: brand new passengers have just boarded the norwegian joy for a new cruise departing tonight. norwegian telling nbc news they have conducted a thorough investigation and rigorous cleaning both of the ship and terminal and continue to monitor the situation. kate? >> thank you. from the seas to the skies
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now and one very lucky plane crash survivor. this single-engine plane hit some power lines, got tangled up, dangling upside down. crews rescued the uninjured pilot and brought the aircraft down. talk about a wing and a prayer. up next, an important medical warning. what you need to know about stem cell clinics and the promises that some make that could actually harm you. plus court of dreams. a good-news story tonight about is that ireland...1953? how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that.
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we're back now with the controversy over stem cell clinics. government regulation of rogue clinics. dr. john torres is here with more. so, why the concern? >> kate, it's a wild west of medicine. stem cell clinics targeting vulnerable patients with misleading ads that claim to treat everything from joint pain to diseases that have no cure. some are using unregulated stem krel treatment that may be illegal and in some cases even harmful. >> they said there was no chance of anything going wrong because it was coming from my own body. >> reporter: 79-year-old doris tyler tried stem cells after reading a promotional back by the founders of cell surgical network, claiming it could treat
3:51 pm
macular degeneration, an eye condition with no cure. doris was referred to an achlt clinic in georgia where doctors took stem cells from fat in her stomach and injected them in her eyes. three months later, she was blind. doris' vision loss is more likely than not the result of her stem cell procedures. >> i just slumped on the floor and knew that was all i was ever going to see again. >> reporter: now suing the georgia clinic and cell serviurl network. cell surgical network says they're a teaching company and owns no clinics. we cannot discuss any details since it is being litigated. our research group was involved in 12 macular degenerations cases and 10 reported improvement in their vision. >> dr. john, are these
3:52 pm
treatments approved by the fda? >> kate, most of them are not. these centers are popping up so fast, the fda is having a hard time monitoring them all. we visited one clinic that's using unregulated treatment. >> you may feel a little needle. >> this is the bone mar row you took from the patient? >> yes. >> after processing, you put these back in the patient in the area they need treated? >> exactly. >> charging between $4,000 to $8,000 treatment for rotator cuff tears, hair restoration and even erectile dysfunction. today, you treated somebody for a hip condition. >> i'm not involved with the politics. i just want to make my patients better. and i know over the last seven to eight years, using stem cell therapy has made a big difference in people's lives. >> but the fda warns more research is needed. dr. peter marks for the fda.
3:53 pm
>> orthopedic conditions, kidney disorders to neurologic, brain problems. there's not evidence that we have that they're safe and effective yet. >> so if the fda is saying there's no evidence they're safe and effective, what are they doing about it? >> kate, fda told nbc news they plan to crack down on new clinics next year but with the new fda commissioner taking over, we'll have to wait and see. >> john, thank you for that. when we come back, theift g any comments doug? yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual.
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there's good news tonight about a selfless gesture. you heard of the make a wish foundation that brings dreams to life to young people with grave medical conditions. tonight, we meet a young man from po from pocohontas, arkansas, who decided to not use the wish just for himself. >> you're just having fun. >> it carried him through grade school. >> it means a lot. tennis got him through. >> and the biggest challenge of his life. five years ago, the energiet you can teen went to the hospital with a fever, a mysterious illness moving so quickly, doctors needed to put him into a medically induced xho coma to save his life. only then was he diagnosed with steven johnson syndrome, a rare genetic disorder with no cure.
3:57 pm
>> the mortality rate is very high, there's a good likelihood he won't make it. >> but chase rallied, despite multiple flare-ups. then two years ago, he was contacted by the make a wish foundation, the organization that makes the dreams of te terminally ill children come true. >> i feel like everyone has just been so amazed by it. >> it was here, where chase's dream began to come to life. it took 1 1/2 years of tireless volunteer work, all of it building up to this day, four brand new professional grade tennis courts anyone in town can use. we were with chase when he saw it for the first time. >> that looks beautiful. >> the entire town came out for its opening day. hundreds of people here to celebrate chase and his
3:58 pm
generosity. >> chase, you're an inspiration. you will always have an impact on pocohontas. >> breathing new life into a sport that, in many ways will help save kids. >> i hope that those who don't know him and come up and see the courts know he truly gave that from the heart. that's the only legacy we all want to live. >> chase is a thriving freshman right now in college. by the way, i talked about perseverance with jimmy smit in my latest episode of the drink. find that on and as a podcast search for nightly news. lester holt will be back with you tomorrow. i'm kate snow. for all of us at nbc news, have a great night. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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