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tv   Today  NBC  November 25, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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traveling around. >> that's right a lot of people going out the door. be careful as you head out the door this morning. we'll be back with a live local news update in half an hour. >> until then, have a great morning. good morning, triple threat, a trio of storms set to bring heavy rain, snow and gusty winds through thanksgiving week. travel shaping up to be a nightmare from coast to coast and the world famous parade balloons may be grounded by wind. al's forecast, just ahead. you're fired, the top official in the navy is out after crossing president trump over the controversi ase of an ousted navy seal. >>retaliation, this has nothingo do with good order and discipline. >> the pentagon and white house, we're live with what went down. full blue, michael bloomberg makes it official. the new york city mayor spending
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a jaw dropping sum to make it a race those stories plus pushing ahead, house democrats move forward this week with their impeachment case. >> they seem to be saying unless donald trump writes out i bribed ukraine, the evidence will be insufficient. >> how republicans are gearing up for battle. palace intrigue, did the queen call off a big birthday celebration for prince andrew after his disastrous jeffrey epstein interview. >> and swift and sure. >> the last year of my life has had some of the most amazing times and also some of the just like hardest things i have gone through in my life. >> an emotional night for the newly crowned artist of the decade as taylor swift sends a not so subtle message at the amas "today" monday, november 25th,
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2019 from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and hi everybody, good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning, the beginning of the holiday week, and boy, everybody's wondering what is going on with this weather. >> we're going to be looking at mr. roker, we want to know. >> that's right. could be a holiday travel nightmare brewing, coast to coast, three severe thunderstorms across the country this week. >> we're talking about rain, snow and wind that could throw a wrench in thanksgiving plans for millions of americans, not to mention the big parade, but al is tracking all of it for us hey, al. >> hey, good morning, before we get to the parade we have to get to these storms. we have one coming in right now, for november. snow across the winter storm warnings, from california to the u.p. to michigan from california all the way up there.
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minneapolis could see its biggest snowfall in nine years for november snow across the midwest with the snow, rockies, denver, minneapolis, chicago, down to houston, on the roads, we expect problems i-80, i-35, and i-55. we continue into wednesday this system brings heavy rain for a lot of new england heavy wind gusts into the northeast. airport delays on wednesday, back to minneapolis and chicago. detroit, new york area, all the way down to atlanta. on the roads, i-75, i-90 and i-95 storm number two, coming into the pacific northwest, heavy rain, mountain snows, airport delays from portland, down to san francisco, this system continues to move, you can see i-5 and i-80 having problems wednesday, the snow will spread into the rockies, heavy rains from southern california, the airport delays, san diego, san francisco, salt lake and las vegas, and this will continue causing problems on the roads,
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i-80, i-15 and i-5 this system will continue to cause issues right on into thanksgiving day bursts of snow through the plains are going to be airport delays in the midwest. the plains, a flood threat through the southwest, record cold in the northwest, and here in the northeast, it is going to be very very windy airport delays for that, and we're going to break down what it means for the thanksgiving day parade could be the first time the balloons don't fly since 1971. >> oh no >> all right we're going to check back with you in a bit and get the full forecast. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the details. >> reporter: the navy was in the process of reviewing whether gallagher should be stripped of his elite status as a seal but the president was strongly opposed to that and said so last week in a tweet. this morning, it appears spencer's handling of the case may have cost the navy's top man
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his job. this morning the navy's top civilian leader, secretary richard spencer fired. it appears he was pushed out after defying president trump's support of navy seal eddie gallagher. gallagher was at the center of a high profile warm crimes case stemming from a 2017 tour of duty in iraq in july he was acquitted of shooting iraqi civilians and killing a captive fighter with a knife. the jury convicted him of posing in photos with a dead isis what many saw as a disregard of the president's wishes, secretary spencer called for a review of gallagher's status threatening to strip him of the prestigious trident pin that indicates he's a seal. spencer writing in part, unfortunately i no longer share the same understanding with the commander in chief who appointed me in regards to the key principal
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of good order and discipline i cannot in good conscience obey an order that i believe violates the sacred oath i took to support and defend the constitution earlier sunday, gallagher lashed out on fox news. >> this is all about ego and retaliation. this has nothing to do with good order and discipline. >> reporter: according to nbc news pentagon correspondent, courtney kube, current former and military defense officials say military leaders trying so save spencer's job, lobbied president trump on board air force one to stop intervening in air force one. on sunday, the pentagon also saying secretary spencer had proposed a secret deal to the white house that would allow eddie gallagher to retire and retain his navy seal status. defense secretary mark esper saying he was deeply troubled by
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this conduct the president tweeting i was not pleased with the way that navy seal eddie gallagher's trial was handled by the navy. eddie will retire peacefully with all of the honors that he has earned gallagher's lawyer telling nbc news. >> this entire case has been a long battle. it's been a roller coaster, and you know, hopefully it's now finally over >> well, there have been a lot of twists and turns, miguel, so what is next is it over >> reporter: well, he now proceeds with his retirement process and gets to keep his trident pin. gallagher is hoping to get some time to step away from this and relax with his family. he does face legal issues and political ones as well savannah. >> miguel almaguer, thank you, in the meantime there's another big shake up in the democratic presidential race, after months of speculation, former new york mayor and billionaire michael bloomberg has made it official and thrown his hat into the 2020 race white house correspondent kristen welker has been following the story. michael bloomberg could reshape the democratic race. he's out with a $35 million
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media blitz, the largest single advertising buy in campaign history and is taking his fight to president trump, calling him a existential threat to our country. did he wait too late this morning, michael bloomberg is making it official. >> mike bloomberg for president, jobs creator, leader, problem solver. >> reporter: after months of speculation, the former new york mayor announcing his candidacy in a video sunday, a part of a $35 million media blitz, touting his record as a three-term mayor. >> when new york suffered the terrible tragedy of 9/11, he took charge, becoming a three-term mayor who brought a city back from the ashes and brought back jobs and hope with it >> reporter: bloomberg who has
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changed his party affiliation frequently to republican, independent and now democrat is shaking up the already crowded field. still, bloomberg faces steep hurdles. at 77, he is one of the oldest candidates in the race, and his late start means he'll skip early voting states like iowa and new hampshire. bloomberg's record already under microscope, including his controversial stop and frisk policing policy which he imposed as mayor, but last weekend he apologized at a church in brooklyn. >> i want you to know that i realize that back then, i was wrong, and i'm sorry. >> now rivals are pouncing on the businessman turned politician who is worth an estimated $50 billion. >> multibillionaires like mr. bloomberg are not going to get very far in this election. >> i do know this, and that is elections should not be for sale, not to billionaires not to corporate executives. >> bloomberg could pose the biggest threat to joe biden and
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mayor pete buttigieg over the weekend, biden pressed on concerns he may not be able to beat president trump. >> watch me. watch me the idea that i'm not in better shape than mayor bloomberg physically everybody in america who has ever been available in politics especially if they have a billion dollars thinks they can beat trump. >> reporter: it's unlikely bloomberg will get on a debate stage because he's refusing donations, and candidates have to show support for donors, to qualify. >> biden is also making headlines for comments about his former colleague, senator lindsey graham, they're at odds now over biden's son hunter biden. what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right, savannah former vice president biden is lashing out at lindsey graham
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amid his ramped up efforts to make biden's son a key focus biden's business dealings have been under a microscope after he sat on the board of a ukrainian energy company while his father was vice president, though there is no evidence of wrong doing. here's what biden said. >> lindsay is about to go down in a way i think he's going to regret his whole life. >> what do you say to him? >> i say lindsay, i guess i'm just embarrassed by what you're doing for you. i mean, my lord. >> >> reporter: now of course graham chairs the senate judiciary committee, currently requesting documents from the state department related to biden and his son, savannah. >> kristen welker at the white house for us, thank you. craig joins the table now with the latest on the impeachment. >> good morning, savannah, da, good morning to you as well. moving forward with impeachment proceedings against president trump and this as a new report says white house officials trying to justify his actions after the fact gave different
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explanations for why that military aid to ukraine was put on hold. nbc chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has details on this. >> reporter: craig, good morning, it is not a holiday week but a workweek kicking off today for house democrats. they are expected to huddle to put together that report laying out their case in this impeachment inquiry. democrats say they won't let what they describe as white house stone walling stop them from moving forward. >> they seem to be saying unless donald trump writes out i bribed ukraine, the evidence would be insufficient. >> reporter: democrats this morning arguing after days of public testimony it's obvious the president tried to trade military aid to ukraine for investigations into the bidens and 2016 election that would help him politically and documents show an extensive effort in a justification to freeze the military aid and a debate over whether the delay was legal according to "the
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washington post," citing three people familiar with the records. nbc news has not reviewed the documents, the white house not commenting, it comes as congressman devin nunes, the top republican on the house intelligence committee is facing questions himself about whether he met with a former ukrainian prosecutor in an effort to investigate the bidens. >> bottom line, were you in vienna with shokin >> i really want to answer all of these questions, and i promise you i absolutely will come back on the show and answer these questions. >> reporter: that allegation as reported by cnn coming from the lawyer of an indicted associate of rudy giuliani giuliani, the president's personal lawyer making headlines of his own now for these comments. >> i do not discuss my conversations with my client you can assume that i talked to him early and often. >> yeah. and have a very very good relationship with him. i have seen things written like he's going to throw me under the bus. when they say that, he isn't but i have insurance we have very good friends. he knows what i did was in order to defend him, not to dig up
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dirt on biden. >> giuliani tweeting he was being sarcastic. president trump deriding what he calls the impeachment scam and retweeting comments about a new book detailing the origins of the steele dossier, by a former british intelligence officer on then candidate trump, the book "crime and progress" written by glenn simpson and peter fritsch, the company that commissioned the research with the authors pushing back on gop criticism they aim to spread salacious rumors about president trump. >> it's logically inconsistent that they would allege that we're part of a democratic hoax when most of the investigation, at least the first half was paid for by republicans >> reporter: what about next steps as it relates to this impeachment inquiry, a top adviser to the president now says the white house here is preparing for a couple of different outcomes, one that the house does not vote to impeach,
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which right now seems less likely, and the other moves forward to the senate. >> meanwhile supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg is back home resting this morning after being released from a baltimore hospital on sunday the 86-year-old was admitted friday after experiencing symptoms including chills and fever. she is said to be doing well ginsberg has faced several health scares over the past year, including in august when she underwent radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. overnight pop star taylor swift was crowned artist of the decade at the american music awards after a very public feud with her former record label over rights to her music she sent a message to fans using a medley of her biggest hits stephanie gosk is following this for us. >> what a show, guys, it was a highly anticipated performance that almost didn't happen according to taylor, and while she did not speak out about the issue last night, she definitely
7:16 am
let her music do the talking overnight at the american music awards, superstar taylor swift making a powerful statement her performance. ♪ i'm so sick of this >> kicking things off with her feminist anthem, the men, all wearing white jackets with the names of her first six albums, at the heart of an ongoing feud with her former label, big record machine records. swift recently claimed the label, which owns her master recordings was trying to block her from performing a medley of her biggest hits at the amas so from her country roots. >> ♪ he's the reason for the tear drops on my guitar ♪ >> to her rise as a pop star the star turned to fans writing about the record executives, the message being sent to me is very clear, basically be a good
7:17 am
little girl and shut up or you'll be punished this is wrong, please let scott borchetta and scooter braun know how you feel about this. the former label quickly fired back, at no point did we say taylor could not perform on the amashere have been numerous death threats directed at my taylor, the narrative you have created does not exist braun, the current owner addressed swift, writing, since your public statement, there have been numerous death threats directed at my family. i assume this is not your intention but it is important that you understand that your words carry a tremendous amount of weight. swift eventually brought down the house last night, performing many of her classic hits, among them, the smash "shake it off" where she was joined on stage by halsey and camila cabello. for her acceptance speech for artist of the decade, swift
7:18 am
guys, the fans over the years. >> reporter: hinted at the drama. >> all that matters to me is the memories i have had with you guys, the fans over the years. >> reporter: with a documentary on her life, the fight for the masters may come up again. taylor swift became the artist with the most ama wins last night, earning her 24 statues for favorite pop album, surpassing another superstar michael jackson. swift is planning to rerecord her albums in 2020 so she will have the rights to masters of the remakes. >> it's hard to argue she is probably over the last decade, the best artist. >> she made her point last night, her way. >> subtle. >> thank you, steph. let's go back to al for the full forecast. good morning sunshine. >> thank you
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heavy snow through the plains into the pacific northwest, plenty of sunshine through southern california. autumn sunshine here in the northeast and mid atlantic states and temperatures are fairly seasonal. a little on the cooler side as you get down into florida and a little flare up of some snow in northern minnesota we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community. join me and american express on small business saturday, november 30th, and see how shopping small adds up. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a big cooldown headed our way and a high fire danger today with gusty winds for especially the inland hills. by tomorrow the cold front drops in during the afternoon, we'll see some rain and much colder air coming in. we'll either have a chance of storms on wednesday, we do see a break in the showers on
7:20 am
thanksgiving day, but it's going to be chilly, only reaching the low 50s and then the rain returns late saturday night into sunday with highs staying in the 50s. >> we're going to find out about the floats a little later. coming up, royal intrigue after the queen reportedly cancelled a planned birthday celebration for prince andrew. we're live at buckingham palace with the latest. and an update on the boy who was thrown from a balcony from the mall of america, giving his family something to be thankful for this week. but first, this is "today" on
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mom. another spiral ham,nging and bob evan's mashed potatoes. ricky, aisle 10 and 4 on your way back. got it! ♪ good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. a mega merger that may affect your investment and impact some bay area jobs. san francisco based brokerage firm charles schwab is buying td ameritrade and valued at $26 billion. analysts say the deal may draw from anti-trust regulators and likely won't be finalized for months in part because the combined company will serve an estimated 24 million clients. schwab also says once the deal is done the new company will be headquartered in the dallas-ft. worth area but this morning schwab is insisting it will keep a heavy bay area presence. let's check the forecast right now, with meteorologist kari hall.
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>> we're waking up to a chilly start to the day, warming up nicely and today is the day to prepare for the incoming rain we'll have tomorrow. temperatures inland reaching into the mid-60s. some low 60s for the coast and san francisco. here is a storm system that will be moving in tomorrow, dropping down from the north and bringing in some rain tomorrow afternoon. off and on rain and potentially some thunderstorms on wednesday, along with some low elevation snow. by thanksgiving this storm system wraps up, we'll be left with cold and windy conditions, a little bit of a break before more rain moves in early on sunday. we'll be tracking all this for you. let's head over to mike with a look at what's happening on the roads. >> we got a traffic alert, circled at the top westbound 80 your commute direction around golden gate field but about ever that, that will be an issue for folks merging off the bridge in outer san rafael as well. three lanes are reported blocked right now. hopefully they'll remove cars from a couple of those soon. north 880 slows toward high street where we have flashing
7:28 am
lights, all the lanes just reopened. 87 at the bottom of your screen recovering, an earlier crash as you approach kurtner. >> another local news update in half an hour, see you then.
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back 7:30, monday morning, that music, november 25th, 2019, a look at one of the beautiful balloons that we are hopeful you'll be seeing at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. in fact, we're going to bring you behind the scenes all week we're getting excited for the big day. we have a couple of acts here on our plaza who are going to perform for us. >> we have a crazy good act coming up. >> and in just a few minutes. let's get to headlines, tens of millions of americans could be facing dangerous travel as they hit the road for the
7:31 am
thanksgiving holiday three storms that bring heavy rain, storms and gusty winds from the coast to coast. officials say they may have to ground the iconic balloons as they mentioned, the ones that fly during the macy's thanksgiving day parade because there are going to be very windy conditions u.s. health officials are warning consumers not to eat or purchase romaine lettuce from salinas, california. food and drug administration is investigating an outbreak that has sickened people in 50 state. err on the side of caution and do not eat it. sunday night football, the 49ers and the packers which was supposed to be the match of the day. >> the rookie is inside the ten to the end zone. touchdown 49ers. >> ladies and gentlemen, this was all san francisco. they scored early, they scored often.
7:32 am
they went on to win it 37-8, the 9ers improving to 10 and 1 on the season >> now, meantime, a moment people are still talking about this morning, the redskins were just putting the finishing touches on their win over the detroit lions, kneeling down in kind of a victory formation but for some reason, starting quarterback dwayne haskins was not on the field his back up was. it turns out haskins was on the sidelines taking a selfie with a fan. afterwards he said he was hyped up about the win he thought the game was over his coach said the incident would be addressed >> when you have the kind of season that washington has had, celebrations like that may be warranted. reason to be excited. meantime, things keep getting worse for prince andrew, the fallout is growing after that interview he gave about his friendship with jeffrey epstein. this morning, there are reports that queen elizabeth has cancelled her son's 60th
7:33 am
birthday bash and that he may have faced questioning by the fbi. kelly cobiella has more on this one. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. more headlines and fallout for the scandal that won't go away for the palace or the prince the future king is on his way back home after his tour was completely overshadowed by his younger brother. this morning, a royal show down looms. prince andrew stepped out of the spotlight, his office at buckingham palace is closing now he'll have to explain himself to the future king, older brother prince charles face to face, and may sit down with u.s. investigators after that disastrous interview with the bbc about the prince's friendship with convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. >> but you were staying at the house with a convicted sex offender. >> it was a convenient place to stay. >> the queen's second son later put out a statement saying he
7:34 am
unequivocally regrets the ill judged association with epstein. queen elizabeth seen riding with prince andrew at windsor friday is trying to balance the role of monarch and mother, reportedly calling off a big birthday party for andrew at buckingham palace to celebrate his charity work next year. buckingham palace declined to comment, as the flood of damaging headlines shows no sign of slowing down. >> he's 60 in february, and the queen was going to host that for him. the event the of the last week, that's been cancelled. >> reporter: and it could get worse. >> but he knows the truth. >> reporter: virginia roberts giuffre who told savannah she was instructed to have sex with prince andrew when she was 17, sat down with the bbc, the interview set to air next monday prince andrew says he has no recollection of meeting with roberts and has never been
7:35 am
charged with a crime, and says he's willing to help any law enforcement agency if required multiple law enforcement sources say the epstein case is still active and now that prince andrew has indicated he's willing to talk to investigators, investigators would like to speak to him hoda >> we'll see what happens there. kelly cobiella by buckingham palace, thanks. up next on this monday morning, an important story you don't want to miss we first took you inside those reeducation camps where over a million muslim minorities are being held in china. now, kate snow has a follow up on our big investigation with startling details about life inside these camps, that's right after these messages (people talking)
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7:40 am
largest internment of an ethnic minority since world war ii, and the international consortium of investigative journalists revealed startling new details about how it works and who's western china, the surveillance has become routine as muslim minorities are sent to being detained imagine, the government watching your every move, facial recognition cameras on every corner, even your dna in a government data base some people are even forced to download spy ware apps on their phones so the government can monitor their calls and texts. in the xinjiang province of far western china, the surveillance has become routine as muslim minorities are sent to re-education camps where critics say they are deprived of their rights and subjected to horrific conditions in september, our keir simmons took a highly supervised tour showing off dorms and classrooms, the chinese say they are preventing extremism and providing job training, but leaked classified documents show
7:41 am
it doesn't take much for the government to deem people suspicious in one bulletin from june 2017, the government flagged nearly 2 million uighurs who were wearing a popular file sharing app if it is not possible to eliminate suspicion, these people should be placed into re-education camps communicating with people overseas can be seen as a sign of extremism. >> you could be talking to your son who's studying in the united states. >> and that makes you suspicious. >> yes >> adrian zen, the german researcher, determined an authority, estimated up to 1.8 million uighurs and other muslim minorities have been sent to camp since 2017. >> what gets someone into one of these camps. >> typical reasons are using communication apps with the outside world such as what's app or skype, any religious
7:42 am
practice, seeing prayers, reading the quran, talking to your kids about religion >> reporter: the chinese are monitoring uighurs who live in other countries and watching if they travel to china that's what happened to a uighur mother of three living in kazakhstan in may of 2015, she took a business trip and snapped a selfie in her hotel. hours later she was picked up by police ending up in a camp. >> after six months of being detained, i cried and yelled during the interrogation, you better shoot me and kill me instead of torturing me like this. >> reporter: detained for a year, she said conditions were unbearable. >> they allow us to take a shower for two minutes every month. we were never given underwear to change, so all of us got skin problems there were ulcers all over our bodies, lice on our head and body too how can a human live this way. >> reporter: china has said the personal freedom of trainees at these camps is protected but
7:43 am
another classified document tells local officials to strictly implement measures to prevent escape with around the clock video surveillance every move is controlled from going to the toilet to eating and sleeping with punishment for violations >> the fact is that you havemin >> they say it's sovereign, it's in our people who are being held against their will for the crime of believing in islam. >> reporter: the u.s. government recently imposed sanctions on tech companies implicated in china's mass surveillance of muslim minorities. >> they say it's sovereign, it's in our country, therefore you shouldn't be meddling in our affairs. that doesn't work when human rights are involved and human lives are being impacted.
7:44 am
>> in response to a request for comment on the documents, the chinese embassy and the united kingdom, told the guardian, our partner in the consortium that the camps are meant to prevent terrorism and the trainees are learning valuable professional skills. >> do we have any idea, kate, how many people this mass surveillance rounds up on a daily basis. >> reporter: it's hard to tell, there's so much secrecy, but one of the documents gave a glimpse how many people we're talking about in this mass surveillance. during one week in june 2017, one week, over 24,000 people from four states in southern xinjiang were deemed suspicious, and get this, more than 15,000 were sent to camps in that one week >> what's just as striking is how quiet some of the world's largest democracies have been so far about this. >> the u.s. has actually been out front in trying to say things about this. the u.s. is also negotiating a trade deal right now with china, so it's tricky i asked the state department, the secretary about that, and said, look, these are two separate issues, we're really trying to tell them that this is not okay. >> kate snow, thank you, kate. >> thank you, kate. shifting gears, let's turn to mr. roker, another check of the weather.
7:45 am
>> we're looking at a lot of winds, besides precip, we're looking into a lot of winds the early part of the week the storm system as it moves east is going to deepen and bring in cold northwest winds behind it from the great lakes to the mid atlantic states, wind gusts looking at wednesday, anywhere from 34 to 50 miles per hour, indianapolis to kansas city, up to detroit, thanksgiving day, cleveland, buffalo, albany, atlantic city, boston, and new york city, over 30 miles per hour wind gusts for the thanksgiving day parade, the balloon wind limit, sustained winds at 23 miles per hour, gusts of 34 miles per hour, loo of 23. at the forecast. sustained winds, 38, wind gusts of 23. wind gusts of 38, windchills in the low 30s. so it is going to be right on the edge there obviously parade official asks city officials will make those decisions thursday morning right now, not good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are still looking at gusty winds today and sunshine. temperatures inland reach into the low 60s, but tomorrow our first significant rain we've seen this season. we can see some thunderstorms and hail on wednesday, and then
7:46 am
we do see a break on thanksgiving day, with some low 50s for highs, very cool temperatures to go along with it. we see another round of rain moving in by sunday, only reaching 55 degrees for the warmest day after today. they have not flown. the last time was 1971 they can bring them down to street level and basically walk the balloons at a certain point. if it gets to that point, they'll make that decision right before the parade. >> all right >> thanks, al. coming up, an update on the a story we have been following closely, the brave little boy who fought his way back after being thrown from a balcony at the mall of america. >> this morning, his touching message warming the hearts just in time for thanksgiving but first, these messages.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
we are back with some really good news from minnesota where a 5-year-old boy has made a miraculous recovery after being thrown from a third story balcony inside the mall of america earlier this year. this morning, you won't believe how far he's come. a celebratory update from family and friends of 5-year-old landon, who now says he's back in school, writing online, he's now walking perfectly with even legs, amen in april, the young boy seen here before the attack suffered life threatening injuries after being thrown from a third story balcony at the mall of america after spending four and a half months in intensive care and rehab, landon finally came home in august. family, friends now giving new detail on his injuries when he came home with a limp and uneven legs from a broken femur, and an open wound on his belly. when his mommy asks if she can look at his wound or asks how he's doing he always responds with mom, i'm
7:52 am
healed you don't need to ask me anymore. the post continues, he loves being back in school, he gets out of the car every morning happy and blows kisses all the way in and tells people all the time when they get hurt, i fell off a cliff, but angels caught me and jesus loves me a donation has raised more than a million dollars for his medical care his family says they are grateful for the love and prayers they have received from all over the world >> incredibly resilient kid, amazing, and by the way, the person responsible for that pleaded guilty and is in prison for 19 years it's so great to see him >> he has such a spirit from where he started, to know he's back at school, it warms your heart. >> by the way, speaking of folks who inspire, we've got a special guest this morning >> oh, really? >> special guest wants to say hello, perhaps you have met him before ladies and gentlemen, on camera number one. >> oh, my god. >> i present the rock, mr. federer, your biggest fan. >> roger, hi, you're here.
7:53 am
come sit down. >> he ran over >> how are you >> guys. >> great to see you. >> this is the roger i'm always talking about, guys. >> this is me. dressed in red, both of us. >> you're dressed the same. >> did you all call each other this morning. >> we did not. just texting from time to time. >> i can't handle the cuteness of what's happening. roger is right here, security hasn't stopped me yet. we're back with rog after your local news. >> that was a good surprise. >> you surprised me. ♪ ♪ i know just one thing is true... ♪ ♪ life is better with you ♪
7:54 am
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good morning right now at 7:56, we're dry for a warm last day with gusty winds throughout the afternoon. by tomorrow we'll start to see rain first moving into the north bay by early in the afternoon, and then quickly pushing to the south with the potential of some heavy rain, making even some thunderstorms going into wednesday as we see this storm system bringing us some very chilly air and some low elevation snow, we are going to see it bringing us our first significant storm of the season, as we put it into our fire danger and the rest of the week is looking chilly. or some of our mornings start out with freezing temperatures. we'll take a break from the rain on thanksgiving day into friday. saturday is looking dry to start, but then we'll see some
7:57 am
rain moving in late saturday night into sunday, and san francisco also getting ready for a big cooldown. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> a traffic alert continues on the east shore freeway, westbound 80, heading toward berkeley out of richmond, also we have that problem still blocking the left lanes from what i understand. you get past that, everything is clear and finally work 880 past high street something going on distracting the southbound side as well as some debris on the northbound side. the rest of the bay light. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening now, a man arrested in connection with a deadly halloween party shooting at an orinda airbnb in due in court on a weapons charge. we have a crew at the courthouse and posting updates as we get them to our twitter feed. niners fans celebrating the team's dominating win over green bay sunday night football on nbc bay area. the niners are in the driver's seat for the nfc's top seed. on our home page we post game
7:58 am
coverage including two top back-to-back tests on tap. another update in half an hour.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, holiday triple threat a series of storms hits coast to here it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, holiday triple threat. a series of storms hits coast to coast as holiday planners plan their get aways. and news about the parade, al is tracking it all. thanksgiving with the gains, st. jude's research hospital with a little help from chip and joanna. >> hi, let me have a hug, bro. >> how they are fixing to spread some holiday cheer. and roger that, tennis legend roger federer is live in our studio to talk about the world record he just set, and
8:01 am
his new project off the courts with his number one deranged super fan, "today," monday, november 25th, 2019. we're the earlies from mississippi. >> skipping school from south carolina. >> girls trip from louisiana. >> celebrate my 12th birthday. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "today," it's a monday morning, and that's how you get a week started this is the reagan band here all the way from san antonio, texas, we're getting into the thanksgiving spirit a little bit
8:02 am
early. we're going to hear from them all morning long as we gear up for the parade and the thanksgiving holiday we also have some big ideas this week for the holiday meal on wednesday. get this, we're going to bring in 52 chefs. 52 chefs, one from each state, plus d.c. and puerto rico, yes, we can count we're bringing them all in. >> in fact, that's going to be the entire show, two hours, 52 chefs. we're calling it the united plate of thanksgiving. we are going to have some truly amazing recipes from around the country. that's a first for us. >> and speaking of thanksgiving, that leads us to a check of news at eight travelers are going to get extra helpings of nasty weather as three storms bear down on the busy holiday weekend al's got the latest on the forecast. the first one right now already causing problems we have winter weather advisory, warnings and watches stretching
8:03 am
from california, the u.p. of michigan, over 2,000 miles, heavy snow, some places picking up to a foot before it's all over here's what we're looking at holiday storm number one soaking rains across the midwest, snow in the rockies and the plains, airport delays, we're talking about denver, st. louis, minneapolis, all the way down to houston on tuesday, the roads, i-55, i-35, i-80. then this system moves in on wednesday, into the northeast and the great lakes. airport delays, boston, new york, all the way to atlanta, back to chicago and minneapolis, on the interstate, chicago to boston on i-90 detroit to atlanta on i-75 holiday storm number two, pacific northwest, this will be going coasts to coast, heavy rain, frisco to portland, and then we've got the roads, i-5 and i-80, moves into wednesday, snow into the rocky, big problems for salt lake city, denver as well, the airport delays, going to cause big problems, las vegas, salt lake, san diego and on the roads, anywhere from i-15 in los angeles to salt lake, san francisco to salt lake as well, and on thanksgiving day, record cold in the northwest. we're looking at bursts of snow,
8:04 am
airport delays, probably chicago down into dallas, back into los angeles and in the northeast, thanksgiving day is going to be a real mess. wind problems, again, the parade, the balloons may really have a problem because the forecast is for winds to be above what they call to bring those balloons down. we're going to have to wait and see, game day forecast coming up in a little bit later. guys >> al, we'll check back. thanks. the head of the u.s. navy is out. mike bloomberg is in, and the house is moving ahead with its impeachment inquiry. nbc white house correspondent, kristen welker with the three things to watch in washington this morning hey, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you, the first big headline we're watching, the navy's top civilian leader, secretary richard spencer has been fired it appears he was pushed out after defying president trump's support of navy seal eddie gallagher. he was at the center or a high
8:05 am
profile war crimes case stemming from a tour of duty in iraq. secretary spencer called for a review of gallagher's status, what many saw as a disregard of the president's wishes next, former new york mayor michael bloomberg makes it official and throws his hat into the 2020 ring and he's taking his fight directly to president trump, calling him a quote existential threat to our country. bloomberg could reshape the democratic race, out with a $35 million media blitz, the largest single advertising buy in campaign history. and finally in the impeachment inquiry, a new report in the "washington post" says hundreds of white house documents show efforts to justify an after the fact demonstration for the decision to freeze military aid to ukraine and a debate over whether that delay was legal nbc news has not reviewed those documents. savannah. >> kristen welker at the white
8:06 am
house, thank you, kristen. a new round of flooding hit venice, less than two weeks after it was swamped by the highest water levels in years. tourists waded through ankle deep water many shops were closed as owners worked to salvage their badly damaged businesses the mayor of venice says recovery could cost more than a billion dollars. climate change is expected to make seasonal flooding even worse there in the coming years. 8:05 we got the news, how about a boost. >> i got one for you the final game of this cleaning career was more emotional than youngstown state quarterback nathan mayes could have imagined he has been on the sidelines since he suffered a broken ankle. on saturday, with 10 seconds left, his teammates helped mayes on to to the field for one last play after getting the snap, his buddies eased him down gently so he could take a knee >> it was crazy. it didn't hit me until i did it, and i saw my dad in tears. it was pretty special. >> mayes said before asking his coach to take the field. they waited until they had the game locked up and then he asked his coach.
8:07 am
>> and his coach was all for it. >> what a moment coming up, those fixer uppers, chip and joanna gaines at it again, this time they're giving back to a cause that happens to be pretty close to our hearts on this station. >> speaking of close to our hearts, 20 time grand champion, roger federer is here, we talk tennis, he has an exciting new venture he's talking to us about. but first, these messages. ♪ we all care about amazing taste. that's why we've been making the best mayonnaise for over 100 years. best foods. we're on the side of food. nothing feels like connecting with the people that matter.
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8:09 am
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and see how shopping small adds up. well, this morning on "today's" talker, none other than roger federer, the tennis legend who has won 20 grand slam titles along with two olympic medals is often referred to as the greatest player of all time. and you may have heard on this show from time to time that he is my idol and i had a chance to play against him last year at the master africa five alongside bill gates, and it is a moment that will live in tennis history. >> stop it i don't want it. >> why not why don't you want it, savannah? >> how good was that. >> that was actually the best.
8:13 am
there was some real low lights, we'll get to that. roger back from an exhibition in latin america, setting a world attendance record, he flew from ecuador to be here good morning, it's good to see you. >> nice to see you too >> can i call you rog. >> sure, you can. >> can i call you snook. >> you choose, i've never heard that have word >> you just got back this from incredible latin america tour, you set a world record for attendance, 43,000 people. >> right and i mean, it was absolutely crazy. we were played in four cities, one hundred thousand people and mexican city, double our stadium here in new york, and it was, i mean, breaking a record, doing it with sasha, it was a dream come true. it's not something i thought i
8:14 am
would do, and here we are sitting here after the tour. it's been amazing. >> you have an exciting new venture on running it's a sneaker company, a swiss company. >> yes >> we're used to seeing you have an endorsement deal and be the face of a product, but here it's a situation where you're an entrepreneur you're getting into the business you're investing in this running company. >> investing, a partner with them too they're so friendly. we have gotten to know them over the last few years, chatting about what can we do together, or does it make sense. they're one of the fastest growing sneaker companies out there. they got me on board i thought it would be the perfect time for me to be part of that. i love my fashion as you know, and i just love the shoes, you know, they're great, and i will help them wherever i can it's going to be a lot of fun. >> you're on the business side this has of course your tennis fans wondering is this the future, is this roger kind of laying the ground work, and maybe not the r word, retirement.
8:15 am
>> i have been asked all week, last week about how is retirement going to be, and when is it going to come, and i think they just all needed to know, but no, this is not about retirement they want me to play as long as possible and that's also my goal, but when i do a venture like this, people want to know how it's going to look like later on, and they see sort of the exit of tennis but that's not the case. >> good. we don't want you to ever retire. >> i will never retire. >> okay. but do you ever kind of fantasize about, like, what that life would be like sitting on the couch in your sweats, like eating ice cream and that kind of thing >> i would like that, you know i like my sweets, my desserts and my time off. i start my planning throughout the year with where i'm going to go on vacation with my family. that's how i start, and that's where i'm going to be in a couple of weeks. i'm going to be on the beach i can't wait when i had my knee issues in 2016, and rehabbing for almost eight months, i really felt like that could be the life
8:16 am
afterwards, of course i was never as busy but it was just nice to be able to have schedules with friends, lunch on wednesday, dinners on friday, a good time on the weekends all together with another family, and i'm really looking forward to that. >> you liked being home. actually, by the way, for folks who don't know, you have two sets of twins. >> right >> you and your wife mirka, and actually when you were out with your knee injury, it wasn't a tennis injury, you were drawing a bath for one of the boys what happened? >> the story was crazy i just lost my semifinal match at the australian open and i woke up in the morning and i was tired, the pressure fell off, the match was over, and my kids went to the pool in the morning, and i woke up around probably ten in the morning, and they came back, and i was like, okay, let's jump in the shower, and the girls were like, no, we want to take a bath, dad, and i'm like, no, shower it is, no, bath it is, okay, fine, it's bath i'm tired so i go, and i open the water and as i'm turning, i hear the knee go click and i go back, and that was strange i go to the zoo, and i'm limping
8:17 am
like you can't believe, and i'm like i don't know what's happened and i go to the doctor, torn meniscus. >> of all things. >> that's how it goes, doesn't it >> you guys travel all around, that's the other thing that's really cool. i can't even imagine your logistics, but you and the family go everywhere together. >> they didn't come on the south america tour, but they come with me 80% of the time, i'm a dad that looks to be around them this was hard for me to be for a week we're going to connect on vacation together, and we'll have so much quality time. the kids are fantastic >> any showing tennis skills yet? >> one of them the other three. >> one is on strike right now. he hasn't played tennis in two months, you know which one, and
8:18 am
the girls they start to enjoy it more and more as we go along because i have always wanted them to play tennis, it's sort of one thing we require the kids to do because all of our friends play tennis also, and i don't want to have my kids be the only ones that don't play any tennis. that would be too embarrassing for all of us. >> you have always been so kind, even though i'm always like drooling all over you on tv and twitter and instagram, and thank you for just -- >> and in the studio >> and in the studio thanks for being here and being a class act. we love having you here. come back anytime. roger federer, thank you everybody loves you. now you have all these other fans let's check al with the latest forecast. good monday morning, a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. the last warm sunny day well have in quite a while. a big storm is moving in and
8:19 am
changing our weather pattern. we're dry today, and as we go in tomorrow afternoon the rain will move north to south, and the potential of thunderstorms and small hail going into wednesday. we will see a break in the rain on thanksgiving and cold temperatures will remain. >> that is your latest weather, guys? >> remember that time -- >> you got through it. >> can you breathe. >> how do you feel? >> good. >> right on the edge. >> okay, jenna is joining the table, this is the 16th year we have highlighted the st. jude children's hospital with our good friend also at the table, marlo thomas. >> what a better way to tick off another year, visiting some of the children children's lyes
8:20 am
>> i love these stories, and the children being treated at st. jude deserve something to make them smile. gaines to help a trip to waco, texas, and marlo and the kids at st. jude was just the ticket to bring joy for a day. >> here we are in waco, texas >> hey, kiddos. >> hi, let me have a hug, bro. all right. good to see you. good to see you man. thank you, thank you all for coming. >> chip and joanna gaines, well known for their fixer upper fame have long had a soft spot for st. jude children's research hospital >> the second we stepped on the campus of st. jude, we felt something different, and we saw these children and the look if their eyes, they were like these angels, it's almost like they're this picture of resilience and strength. >> the couple transformed a dining room for families, and built a play house for kids, this year donating 1.5 million to the fight against childhood cancer >> when we started out on the journey, we wanted to raise obviously a couple hundred
8:21 am
thousand, and it has turned into nearly a couple million over the last few years, and i was dumb enough for lack of a better term, to ask what kind of an impact does a couple million dollars make, and he says you kept us open for one day i mean, fairly daunting, if we could raise a million dollars a day, we'd do it. >> you shaved your head. >> i shaved my head. >> how was that experience >> it was incredible, it was this spontaneous moment and i noticed there were all of these kids around me that were bald like me. i said, hey, let's all rub my head for good luck, and i leaned forward and i guess because of the way the lighting was set up, it almost looked like a halo, i picture we capture on don't want to go on and on about how angelic i am, but this picture we capture on accident, it's one of my favorite pictures in the world and being a part of the families, and the family of st. jude has meant a whole lot
8:22 am
more to us than the money we have raised. >> so like family, they invited the kids and marlo thomas to their hometown in waco, texas, to help celebrate 16 years of thanks and giving. >> tell us about the 16 years. >> this is our 16th year with the "today" show, and we want the whole country to look at their healthy children and say give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and hope for those who are not to be celebrating this with joanna and chip who are really so americana, you know, and st. jude really is america's hospital, that's why i love launching the sweet 16 here. >> sierra has a lot to celebrate, she once wondered if she would see 16 >> what would you want to say, sweetheart
8:23 am
>> i want to say thank you to st. jude for saving my life, and providing so many great opportunities for getting better >> as we took the party outdoors to play games, sack racing took on another level, especially for 8-year-old lila sudaski, a texan herself. when she came to st. jude, complications from medulloblastoma, kept her from walking. her journey began two years ago, when lila became very ill and was unable to hold anything down. >> when was the moment you knew something was wrong. take me back. >> i could see her ribs, her spine, and at that point, you know something is very wrong because this is not a normal amount of weight loss for a 6-year-old. >> a tumor the size of a small orange was found in her head, after surgery, the family came to st. jude where a new treatment gave her a fighting chance >> i have no doubt we could have gone other places but life would look a lot lot different now
8:24 am
>> now lila has been cancer free for over a year, and she's winning her race against cancer. >> what would you say to the people at st. jude >> i would say you saved my life thank you. how do i repay you >> you're going to make me cry that's beautiful >> a survivor's celebration. chip and joanna, 16 years in the making >> we love you >> there is no better spokesperson than those kids, right. leila's treatment ended in july, she goes back to st. jude for checkups every three months, but she is doing great. >> she looks amazing >> thank you marlo is with us, of course national outreach director for st. jude, always good to have you. what's the most exciting news coming out of the hospital this year >> there's a lot of exciting news
8:25 am
just last week, 18 st. jude scientists were named the most influential researchers in the world, and that's because of all the work that they're doing all over the world and also because they're cited by their peers and you know what's exciting about this story is this child, had she not come to st. jude would not have had our brand new multi chemo treatment because everybody in the world thought this cancer was just one tumor, but actually medullloblastoma is four sub sets of a tumor, and we created that new one, otherwise she would not have made it. >> you're doing god's work. coming up, you guys, our macy's thanksgiving day parade and a take over is our tradition around here, and so is this, as far back as 1956, we invited a high school marching band right here in studio, so let's welcome the ronald reagan high school band from san antonio, texas, more from them as they march into our studios live after your local news ♪ ♪ ♪
8:26 am
♪ . i'm marcus washington. a me dprks a merger that may impact your investment, charles schwab is buying td ameritrade. analysts and antitrust regulators and likely they won't finalize for months. in part because the defined company will serve an estimated 34 million clients. once the deal is done the new company will be in the dallas fort worth area. but this morning schwab is insisting they will keep a heavy bay area presence. right now let's look at traffic with mike inouye.
8:27 am
>> the trafg has finally clears. that is good for the folks that have been held up, it was just starting to really lighten up, and that will be an issue. an earlier crash and some debris that is still a distraction there. 580 looking good there. the rest of the bay looking lighter than your typical monday, that plan will be interested tomorrow, a lot of folks going into the office for an early commute. >> thank you, another local update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ 8:30 on monday morning, november 25th, you guys, that's the 610 stompers, all male dancers. you have to see sterling k. brown in the studio, laughing and loving it. a sample of the talent that we are going to have at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> i want to hang out with them. >> i would do it i don't think i could. hoda could do it. >> savannah and i work out >> i don't know. >> these guys, they're world
8:32 am
famous they're going to be in the parade they range in age from 20 to 80. they call themselves ordinary men, extraordinary they raised over half million dollars for charity, and they are pretty awesome. >> we're going to find out what it takes to put the whole event together and we'll get a preview of that. can't ate for that i have to tell you something that a friend of mine, a friend of ours, asked me to let you guys in on a secret. i won't tell you -- well, i'll give you her initials, her initials are hoda kotb and she's engaged. >> what? whoa. >> what are you talking about? what >> when did you put that on? was that on the whole time >> i just put it on. >> joel proposed to me >> congratulations >> oh, my. >> joel, you dog, you. >> oh, man >> congratulations, joel >> that's wonderful.
8:33 am
>> wow >> it was a good trip. >> i'm engaged >> wow >> oh, my gosh that is beautiful. joel >> i know. >> sneaky. >> like literally, we went to our usual vacation, we ended up having a little dinner on the beach, and i was like, we were done with the dinner, i was eating the churros, licking the bottom of the bowl and he was like i have something else i would like to say, and he said some beautiful things, and he got down on one knee, and said would you be my wife and i said yes >> that is good news what did the girls say. >> how are we going to explain, your parents are going to get married. we're still trying to figure out that part of how exactly to explain that to them, but. >> so beautiful. >> anyway, it was a fun weekend. >> you've been sitting here all
8:34 am
morning. >> i know. >> that's pretty good. >> my heart has literally been pounding there's that >> congratulation, joel and hoda. >> and you have two built in flower girls. >> yes, we do. >> savannah and me. >> thinking a little younger. >> younger, okay al, you want to get a check of the weather. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. this is so funny oh, my gosh. >> were you shocked. >> i was totally shocked zero zero he's good, he had a good poker face. >> this is like morning boost two. >> it is >> the and fact that you were able to keep that secret >> my heart. my heart >> not even in the makeup room this morning, nothing. >> hi sterling. >> sterling is leaving
8:35 am
>> i guess once he found out you're off the market, he's out. >> there's deborah, hi, deborah. >> you're on the air. >> it's hoda >> al's on the air >> she's engaged. >> oh, and i'm engaged >> love you. good-bye >> i'll call you back. okay >> this is great it's like she has no idea what i do, when i do it anyway >> this is so exciting >> i'm so excited.ggy in the so, pleasant skies, frid >> are you going to get married on the plaza. >> snow showers in the rockies on thursday, soggy in the south, pleasant skies, friday, fair up and down the east coast, a real mess, the western 2/3 of the country. snow in the rocky, also in the plains, cool and damp in the west, and then saturday it's going to be wet through the mississippi and ohio river valleys. snow in the plains drying out out west, and on sunday, a lot of folks were turning, it's a mess so wherever you are, pack your patience more snow out back t
8:36 am
good morning, i'm kari hall, we're getting ready for rain set to move in tomorrow afternoon. as we go toward 3:00 to 4:00 by tomorrow we're seeing the rain move into the north bay approaching san francisco and oakland and getting heavier into the east bay and the south baby tomorrow night. still scattered showered off and on, very cold temperatures, and we may have low elevation snow and thunderstorms in the forecast on thursday before it dries out thanksgiving day. >> hoda's been hit. >> sterling is here. >> the morning gets no better. >> by the way, this is going to be the rest of your morning, two movies coming out, incredible. there's oscar buzz about this fine man right here at the end of our table plus we've got a thanksgiving episode of "this is us," we're
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
sterling k. brown is beast phone for his role until the hit nbc sitcom, "this is us," but the emmy winner is taking over the big screen. he has sterling k. brown is best phone for his role until the hit nbc sitcom, "this is us," but the emmy winner is taking over the big screen he has gotten great accolades, he voices the character lieutenant mattias in the "frozen" sequel, currently the number one movie in america, and stars in another movie out it's called "waves," a well intentioned but domineering father who pushes his son to be the best take a look. >> we are not afforded the luxury of being average. got to work ten times as hard just to get anywhere i don't push you because i want tosaying, son? do you hear what i i push you because i have to
8:40 am
do you hear what i'm saying, son? do you hear what i'm saying? >> mm-hmm. >> boy, just that one scene. >> yeah. >> hi. >> how are you >> i'm great >> congratulations just had to say that real quick. so happy for you. >> thank you i'm so happy for you, and what's going on in your life. >> thank you. >> this movie "waves" kind of came out slowly, i guess and now all you read about is, a, what an amazing story, and b the oscar buzz attached. tell me about the project. >> i was shooting "this is us" at the same time we were shooting "waves," i didn't know if there was a way to do i would shoot "this is us" monday through friday and fly to florida saturday and sunday and fly back and work the tv show. there's something really powerful about this upper middle
8:41 am
class african-american family that has a very specific set of problems i hadn't seen this black family on screen before and i thought that there was something really beautiful about the trajectory of my character, and i don't want to say too much about it in the film, but it is a family that sort of goes through a crisis, and then they find their way back together again. i'm really excited for people to see it, and yeah, in terms of the buzz and whatnot. >> that's a little overwhelming, isn't it >> it's incredibly overwhelming, if something happens, great, if it doesn't, me being out here just to talk about the story like it's an r rated film but it is a family film, and i encourage parents and children, if they're 12, 13 and up, 14 maybe, you know what i'm saying, but to go see it with their children to make sure they're talking because it will generate a lot of wonderful conversation. >> i mean, you have two young boys. >> i do. >> did it change the way that you parent did it change anything about the way you operate at home?
8:42 am
>> it made me more cognizant of the kind of parent that i want to be. so like the dad in this film is very stern, very authoritative, and has a strict vision of how he thinks the world should be for his son, and that's okay as long as he gives space for his son to reflect back to him what's going on in his world the conversation needs to be two ways and not just me talking about him but as an authentic conversation with each other. >> i was so moved by your conversation with willie on his sunday story, an amazing interview and you talked about losing your dad at age 10, and you talked about you knew how to be a dad up to that point. it struck me it's so powerful who do you draw on to figure out how to be a dad as your children grow >> such a good question because they're 8 and 4 right now. i was 10 when my dad passed away at 45. i was almost the same age when i had my oldest son as my dad had when he had me i'm two years away from that age. he was young he was a baby. he was just getting started so i
8:43 am
draw inspiration from him still because he was tremendous. he left me with such an influx of love that has carried me through my life to this point. and then from that, different people in my life who i think have done a good job, media, you know what i'm saying, i get moved by randall, to be perfectly honest with you. i think randall is a good dad. take some of that. >> let's talk about "this is us," everybody is crazy about this thanksgiving time tell us what we can expect coming in. a little a little something. >> goodness. well, we had our thanksgiving episode which is the fall finale, and you see a few different things happening there is a fallout between kevin and randall. we're trying to figure out what the nature of that is, and we also see rebecca beginning a decline in her cognition, which is really sad and for folks who are dealing with older parents, i think it's something that a lot of people can relate to when you start to parent a person who
8:44 am
has been parenting you. >> speaking of movies that your kids can see, "frozen 2" is a mega success. >> it's the little movie that could. >> did you love playing this role >> it was awesome. >> what was fun about it >> i mean, this is the house that the mouse built and to be able to go in the booth and know my voice would be coming out of an animated character space, and i have a little action figure. it's a wonderful story it's an action, so it's male, female, it doesn't matter who you are, you're going to enjoy all of it. the music is ridiculous, edema, kristen, josh, have tremendous voices and the story is really powerful. >> we're happy for your success, when you do well, everyone is cheering you on with two pompoms, so we wish you well, good luck with "waves" and "frozen 2" and all the things you have. >> congratulations. >> "waves" and "frozen 2" are in theaters now >> look at this, taking over the
8:45 am
plaza, making it look easy we're going to talk to them. we're going to talk to the woman who makes it all happen for the macy's thanksgiving day parade they're going to teach me to do it, perhaps. but first, this is "today" on nbc. my parents never taught me anything about managing money. the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪
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thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> that, you guys, was "the nice li list," love to have a group of talented young tappers in new york city. >> a cool sneak peek all morning at the 93rd annual macy's thanksgiving day praild aarade woman at the center of the excitement, susan tracero, executive producer of the thanksgiving day parade. you're getting us so in the mood, are you worried about the >> it's a little too early, and we know it's going to be a great day regardless we're going to have the parade no matter what everyone come out and tune in on nbc. >> they are all options as al was saying to pull the balloons lower. >> the show will go on. >> the show will go on, and we have mid sized balloons as well. >> there's always new stuff at the parade which makes it fun. what kind of new stuff can people expect? >> we have really great balloons, we have spongebob, we have "green eggs and ham," we have newby as an astronaut, blues clues, lego, cracker barrel, coach float, there's a
8:49 am
lot going on. >> what about the broadway shows? >> we do we have all the greats this year so we have "tina," we have "ain't too proud," "katie's town". >> how much marching bands. >> we have 11 this year. and the great ronald reagan school. >> a lot of bands want to be in the parade, how do you select who gets in. >> we start the process 18 months in advance. it's a whole collection committee. we have over a hundred bands apply, and it's really great it's great to see the best of the best across the country come out. >> the folks walking the balloons, those are all macy's volunteers. >> friends and family employees. >> we can't wait. >> engaged hoda is going to be there. >> congratulations, i heard.
8:50 am
>> there are a lot of congratulations in order >> thank you >> thanksgiving baby coming too. >> we're so proud of you you guys did an awesome job. thank you for being here >> thank you >> they even answer in unison. >> if you want to see all of this in action, 93rd annual macy's thanksgiving parade, 9:00 a.m. thursday morning on nbc. we cannot wait to bring it you we'll be right bk, but first, ac
8:51 am
8:52 am
i don't know if i can take anymore of this excitement and i don't know if i can take anymore of this excitement and celebration. hoda is engaged in case you're just tuning in and we have birthdays to celebrate. >> let's spin the smucker's jar and show you the birthdays, happy 100th birthday to inez, a cross country travelers, visited every state. nora of oxford, florida, celebrating 100 years. her entire family flying in from
8:53 am
all over the world to throw her a birthday party happy 100th birthday to eduardo velazquez a, gardener to at water, florida, the secret to longevity, laughing. adele la johnson, proud grandma from ozark, alabama, stays busy with 12 grand kids, and great grand kids a hard worker, didn't stop working until last year. >> wow >> and last but not least, happy 109th birthday to bertha little of omega, georgia, at the age of
8:54 am
104, she learned how to hula hoop we can't wait to see what she accomplishes this year if you've got a loved one about to celebrate a milestone birthday, go to and let us know. >> it's been a morning filled with surprises. >> it has. and in fact, speaking of milestone birthdays, jenna bush hager's birthday is today. happy birthday, jenna. >> 38. >> it's not really a milestone. >> could we sing a little happy birthday for jenna. >> thank you, guys. >> strike up the band. >> ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday dear jenna happy birthday to you ♪ >> thanks, you guys. happy engagement we can eat this cake together! it's going to be a great fourth
8:55 am
hour >> this is exciting. what do you have in the 3rd hour, i don't know if you can top it. >> we got the chance to talk with the cast of "spongebob squarepants" for their 20th anniversary. i got it take part in an episode. and sitting down with j.j. watt's mom connie, what she has to say about being a strict mom and advice to parents of athletes. >> and coming up on the fourth hour, we celebrate >> hoda. >> and lin-manuel miranda. we have engaged hoda i can't wait. >> you all have a great day. >> let's see that ring one more time >> i thought that was a rockefeller center ice skating rink. >> hoda, hoda, hoda, hoda, hoda, hoda
8:56 am
>> good morning, it is 8:56 i'm marcus washington. one of two people related to a deadly house party shooting is expected to be in court today. he faces weapons positions charges. it happened at a party where five people died and several
8:57 am
more were injured. they made more than half a dozen arrests, but for now there are two other suspects in custody. they have not charged anyone with crimes specifically tied to the gunfire. it is also still not clear if any of those who have died may have fired some of those rounds. happening now, dones is due in court. we'll have a live update for you during our midday newscast and we're posting any updates as we get them on our twitter feed. and celebrating a team's dominating win, the niners are now in the driver's seat for the nfc top playoff seed. the five games left on the schedule. so on the home page, two tough back to back tests still on tap, more local news for you in an hour. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today.." good morning, everyone welcome to the third hour of "today," i am dylan here with sheinelle, alan and craig. we are kicking off thanksgiving week with a great show including ouholiday make ahead monday. we're cooking up stuffing with twist, which is hard to put a twist on stuffing. >> and he's a cooking genius it's going to be yummy. i'm going to introduce you to connie watt every time i interview a mom, i think she's my newfavorite mom she has three sons playing in the nfl right now. if you look at the odds of getting all of


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