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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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days public works crews spent the day preparing. the water district says it had at least half dozen crews to make sure trash is out of creeks and streams. the rain is needed. reservoirs are at 32% capacity. >> heading into the rainy season that gives us room to go. and room to run for water to obviously accumulate into the reservoir. >> if you see trash or downed trees in creeks or streams call the public works department. >> fresh snow in tahoe. families are heading there for the holiday week. ski resorts using snow making equipment. of course the real stuff is coming soon. another way to stay informed on the rain sp snow is our radar. a great tool. on the front page you can see our radar map.
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you can type in your zip code. >> a suspicious package found at san francisco state has police asking people to stay away from the library. it happened around 3:30 p.m. they detained win person but didn't say for what. there was a shelters in play but that has been lifted. >> we're learning more about the two kids shot and killed in june city over the weekend. 11 year-old and 14 year-old boys were in a van outside an elementary school when someone opened fire. we have been following the story since it broke. live in union city. >> we just spoke with the mother of the 11 year-old boy killed she still cannot believe her young son was murdered. she also told us that he took the keys to her van without her
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knowing. >> she's heartbroken. today the grieving mother visited the parking lot where her eleven year-old son was shot to death. >> nothing is going to bring him back to life. she was unaware her son had taken her keys friday morning. when she couldn't find the van she called police. kevin was with his 14 year-old friend inside the van. in the parking lot of elementary when someone opened fire. killing both boys. neighbors tell us they heard at least a dozen shots. glass from the van is still scattered across the parking lot. at a community vigil yesterday, shawn's aunt expressed her grief. >> our heartsontinue to grieve for them. this is not their final stop. we continue to love them. and miss them and feel the pain in our hearts. >> police are asking for the publics help to find their
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killer. >> we have yet to find any suspects involved and we have yet to find the motive for this. we are still looking into the potential angle this could be some gang involvement. tht shooting. >> police are looking into whether the shooting of the young boys was connected to another double shooting last week. less than a half mile away. police say they are increasing patrol in the area. as neighbors search for answers. >> i don't understand why they are threatened to carry guns and feeling to shoot people. >> innocent bystander got shot today in oakland. this was part of a robbery at a pawnshop. the owner of the store opened fire on armed robbers. police say tw men wearing masks took a bag full of coins and jewelry. the owner grabbed his gun and chased them and shot at them.
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one bullet hit a man sitting in a nearby home. >> when they ran out the door, i ran after them. and they shot at me i shot at them. they got away. but i got most of my stuff back. >> police are looking for the robbers the victim is in stable condition. at the hospital. >> students are demanding change after a terrifying scare on campus. social media post that included photographs of guns, led to reports of a shooter on cam fus last week. it was a hoax. but students say it took far too long for police to tell them it was a prank. the university admits it has to do better. >> students describe a terrifying scene on campus out here last thursday. led to they say the college failed to let students know they weren't in danger before things got out
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of control. >> panic. it was terrifying. i didn't know what was going to happen. i didn't know if i was going to hear gun sthots. >> students experienced last week when a post sent students in a panic. >> showed pictures of a calm pus building and a couple pictures of firp firearms. >> the post spread quickly. it prompted classes to go on lock down and students to hide under desks. >> my dad gave me a bullet proof insert. just in case there was a shooting. that i could protect my torso and head. >> students say the school didn't communicate for an hour that they weren't actually in danger. >> we were huddled for what seemed like forever in the dark. >> do you care? >> students heltd a protest
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today demanding change. they say better safety measures are needed for active shooting situations but fires and power outages. >> i want to know what steps the school will take to make sure we're safe. evacuation and lock down plans. >> the college president told students the university is listening. he acknowledged communication glitches. and pledged to improve things. >> i want to come out and hear and let the students know that we do care about them. and their safety and security is key. >> the controversial homeless center along the water front in san francisco is moving on as planned. this afternoon a judge denied the final claim in a lawsuit challenging the construction of the homeless navigation center. it's being built on the opponents argue the center will attract crime and drug use.
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in a statement the mayor says with the legal challenges put to rest the city can focus on helping people get off the street. today's decision clears the way for this facility to open by end of this year. >> late today a federal judge ruled former white house counsel mcgahn must testify in the impeachment inquiry. over ruling the trump administration. it will appeal. it's a holiday week the intelligence committee is writing up the impeachment report in regards to trump and ukraine. the report goes to the house judiciary committee. a bay area member of the committee is disturbed by how many witnesses the trump administration has blocked from testifying. >> so their hold mo is just delay delay delay to avoid accountability. you can make some good guesses if they are so unwilling to let people testify, what are they hiding? >> also today federal prosecutors in new york widened
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their investigation into rudy giuliani. without accusing him the subpoena seeks documents tied to money laundering, wire fraud and obstruction of the justice. >> many families need help putting food on the table. today a south bay organization opened doors to hundreds of families. here's the issue. they need more turkeys. >> good evening. for most ovt day there was a line around the block of people waiting to get in. at this point i can tell you they still need turkeys, they need ham and food. and you can help donate over the next couple days. >> this thanksgiving meal is going where it's needed most. families lined up all day. as volunteers tried to make sure
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every family has food on the table for thanksgiving. >> it's nice to know people will get corn. and food. it's nice to know people have the access. >> it does help. and to have this help. >> the donations are critical. 4,400 of these boxes will be given away this year. 200 more than last year. because the need is greater. as families struggle to make ends meet. >> our members are reporting 80% of their paychecks go fo housing costs alone. so it leaves little left for food and clothing and holiday traditions. >> these meals are so important. >> it really helps people going through a tough time. >> happy thanksgiving. >> here's how you can help. they will be open and taking donations tomorrow and wednesday. until 5:00. here on first and al ma.
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they need turkeys and chickens and ham. they need clothing. they'll also be doing it again come christmas. you can go on their web site skb donate. >> it is very important. thank you. not just sacred heart. our tenth annual food drive is off to a good start. thanks to many youf. over the weekend you might have seen us. staffers across the bay area teaming up at safe way stores. people everywhere donated 30,000 bags of food. it's really easy. go to safe way and donate $10. it gets a bag of food for a family. it runs through christmas day. >> still to come back in business. the bakery is reopening today. after a rodent>> what the healt saying. >> hanging up his uniform after
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43 years. a colorful uniform. the doorman tells us some stories that he's collected over the years and what his next adventure will be. >> we are tracking that storm system just off to the north. we'll have the rain and the snow time line to get you ready for thanksgiving. that's coming up.
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big news for a bay area tech
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unite. e bay is selling stub hub to swiss ticket vendor. a big profit for e bay. it's selling it for $4 billion. if the deal goes through the sites will be reselling tickets to 70 countries. ceo is very familiar with stub hub. he cofounded it. >> charles swab is saying good-bye to san francisco headquarters. it's acquiring rival stockbrokerage in a 26 billion all stock deal. moving to dallas. more than $5 trillion in client assets. >> they wanted to pressure the city to better address the homeless problem. some of the protestors ended up in handcuffs. yesterday nearly 80 people
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pitched tents in downtown oakland. the city isn't doing enough to help the homeless and increase affordable housing in the city. over night police moved in arresting 22 demonstrators for staying in the plaza after the 10:00 p.m. curfew. homeless advocates say they are planning another demonstration in the near future. >> the bakery is back up sp running after a rodent infestation fortsed them to close over the weekend. the mission district was shuft down friday. crews worked to fix the problem at the award winning bakery. the all clear was given today after a reinspection. >> shopping, the holiday tree. at the hotel. the time has come for a familiar face to move on. >> there's an iconic site at
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union square. beyond the cable cars. the department stores. or even the holiday skating rink. it is a jolly guy, in a red suit. below the onning of the hotel. is the office of doorman tom sweeny. >> you're a greeter. a guide. a valet. and a concierge every day. >> over 43 years he has worn all those hats. along with his famous beef eater uniform. >> oh yeah. >> i was planning on doing it for a summer job. and i stayed 43 summers. >> a job with a lot of baggage. >> we carry 500 suitcases a day.
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>> it requires a mind like a gps. >> three blocks down. >> between 500,000 pitches a day. >> this is my first uniform. 43 years ago. my tenth. my 15th and 20 years. i have 46 of them. for all occasions. it opened a lot of doors for me. >> this guy on the street is as colorful as his uniform. >> this was the front page of the sunday paper. >> he foiled a couple of luggage 43 years on the job, he has decided it's time to wrap up his career. >> i'm in my final watch. i'm going out in january. after 43 years.
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>> i have accomplished more than i imagined. i remember the memories and the great people from all over the world. so much more than a doorman and when you go home they'll talk about how special he made you feel. when you arrived. >> my tour is over. >> see you soon. >> he'll hang up the uniform. slip on his grandpa hat. and open the door to the next step of life. >> we'll miss you. >> oh yeah. >> awe. it makes me sad. >> great story. >> we always see him. every time goe to time. he must be tired. >> a summer job 43 years ago. 43 summers later. >> he looks great. >> wish you well. >> have fun spending time with
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your family. >> talk about a multi-tasker. >> he's in shape. he's moving. >> we have a storm system coming our way. i want to get you ready for that. let's bring you into the forecast. on this monday. some of you may already be off from work and also school. and you're anxious to see what the weather picture will be like. the only one in the bay area on the current scan we are dry. but of course we have some much needed rain on the way and talk about much needed. it has been 190 days since we running a rain deaf fit. we'll make up for a now and show you what's impacting us. it's that's dropping down ounext two days. what's different about this storm system that we don't always get with bay area rain is it's going to be pulling down
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some polar air. that will drop temperatures. bring some low snow levels and the rain as we mention. we could even get low snow for the bay area mountains as well. lths go ahead and move it into tomorrow. i feel like the dwloing most concerned about is the hour by hour forecast. we'll focus on that. tomorrow 2:00 p.m. that storm starts to line up. it will be a fast mover. once we hit 7:00 tomorrow night it's down across san francisco. east bay and south bay. and likely heavy pockets indicated by the orange and the red. and then we'll see this move well off to the south by 11:00 tomorrow. it's really tomorrow afternoon and the evening that with e get hit with some of the heavy rainfall. then through wednesday we'll see the spotty areas of rain possibly isolated thunderstorms. and low bay area snow. we'll stay with this picture of scattered rainfall.
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heading through wednesday. and the whole time this is happening here in the bay area. we're getting rain. we're going to be seeing widespread coverage of snow for the sierra. let's focus on the totals. we're locked in for a half inch for the entire bay area. look at the key at the top find your city. san jose around the half inch mark. for most of the bay, north bay east bay. peninsula. 3 quarters of an inch to maybe an inch. and higher elevations could surpass one inch. to one and a half. sierra snow will be major. if you're headed up there tonight into tomorrow morning would be the best time to travel. we could get snow as low as kol fax. tuesday night into thanksgiving 29 inches. 16 in tahoe. 23 in twin bridges. so the extended forecast that has storm arriving tomorrow.
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we get isolated thunderstorms on wednesday. and thunderstorms pop we could get isolated hail. we'll watch for that. spotty chances here on thanksgiving. dry friday and maybe a second storm once we hit saturday and sunday. with another half to one inch the way it looks now. inland temperatures down to 49 on thanksgiving. morning lows in the 30s. so got to bring that jacket. find that umbrella and really be careful where ever you're headed tomorrow afternoon. and also evening. that really looks like the worst of it. >> exciting thanksgiving week. >> i'm looking forward to it. it's a big feast. >> up next did you reserve one yet? tesla new truck it's a hot commodity and won't be ready for two years. the latest numbers.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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turns out broken glass isn't a deal breaker. you may remember last week when tesla unvailed the cyber truck. he claimed the windows on the truck were unbreakable. in the demonstration the windows broke. two of them. still he says tesla received 200,000 orders for the new truck. don't get too excited. production for the truck isn't going to start until late the e and fortune and being in first place. you know what makes the 49ers really happy? the day off. >> time to think about it. victory monday. >> that's shanahan post game speech in the locker room after they beat the packers. victory monday means no work.
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no practice. the niners the top team in the nfc. next sunday they're in baltimore. we had fun with that game. >> so much fun. a nuyoung sea lion rescued from garage. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover
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at your local xfinity store today.
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tonight at 6:00 cleaning up san francisco. the temperature rare thing the mayor has done that the people say is working. >> coming up in less than a minute. behind the scenes at the airport to show how your bag make it is from check in to the car sell. >> not what you expect in a parking spot. a seal pup. ended up in a parking garage yesterday. you can see firefighters managed to wrangle him and delivered him safely to the marine mammal center. today we checked in. he's in intensive care. eating fish smoothies three times a day. when he gains weight back he'll be sent back to the ocean. he's in good shape recovering. >> look at those eyes. >> lester holt is next with nightly news.
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breaking news tonight, the triple storm danger threatening to reek havoc from coast-to-coast, as millions are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. three powerful storms on the move, with heavy rain, snow and strong winds will it spell trouble for the famed macy's parade? we're tracking it all tonight. also breaking, the terrifying moments a carjacking suspect armed with a machete attacked a police officer in broad daylight how that officer escaped with his life. the new twist in that controversial navy s.e.a.l. case, the order that the defense secretary says came directly from president trump and what he's saying about an ge


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