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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 27, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. of course you know that we got that rain, thunder, lightning and snow all throughout the bay area, more is coming this way. meteorologist kari hall has been -- >> some hail in the mix. >> and hail. >> possibly we could see that today, too. >> it's going to be a busy time. you see it across the bay yesterday. >> flooded cars, a lot of -- you told us it would be a big one and boy, did it deliver. >> and we've seen up to two inches of rain already in parts of the north bay, and we see that the storm system continues to spin across the region, so we're going to see more of this rain coming off and on in waves today. a closer look at where some of the heaviest rain is now falling, anywhere from san francisco down the peninsula, and extending over towards parts of the east bay, going into the rest of the day, once again, we're going to see it off and on, just make sure you're prepared for just about anything but it will definitely be cold today. we'll talk about that and as
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well as some low elevation snow for the bay area, and what's ahead, but mike, you're getting reports of some roadway flooding. >> we've been getting reports through the night, kari, as the rain really hit last evening, really kicked in the afternoon and evening. we saw the big reports and then a lot of surface streets. right now all this radar activity, superimposed over the traffic map. the roadway sensors are green but that green radar kind of covers it up. this is where you'll find that more intense rain right now as kari has been talking about. watch this. see as we move down now the san mateo bridge i'll pick it out and the dumbarton bridge and anywhere south of the dumbarton bridge things are much calmer right now, more coming in off the peninsula, so that will be a factor. we see green sensors around the bay and look at our san mateo bridge camera. we'll have an issue with water kicking up on your lens and scattered showers right now, more coming as kari says. back to you. >> thanks, mike. let's stay back on this big story this morning, the weather and how it will impact you if you have to head out the door.
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>> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose to show us the impact from all the rain overnight and kris, ooh, it was certainly a wet morning out there. >> reporter: yes, there was a lot of rain last night. in fact, my kids, their practice got canceled a little early because of some lightning that we saw here in san jose. i want to start you off with some brand new video we got out of the east bay, this is from martinez, where a 50 foot eucalyptus tree crashed down on star flower drive, barely missing a home there. a police officer we were talking with estimated it's about four feet across. this public works worker had to use a chainsaw, working out there, the crews are spread out. to a known trouble spot in the north bay, our photographer found this body of water near the larkspur ferry terylal and 101/580 connector. if you live in that area, you know it's a trouble spot. make sure you steer clear. south in san francisco, too, this was the view for a driver
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on northbound 101 in vermont in the mission. you couldn't even see the sidewalks at fulsome and 18th streets, they were covered in water and debris. here is a reminder of why you should turn around if you see deep water on the roadway. in san mateo the driver was stranded at 42nd and pacific. the driver had to be rescued by san mateo police officers who swam out to get them. no rain shadow here in san jose, sometimes we miss out the bulk of the rain, but not this time. folks in downtown san jose were struggling against the wind, too, to try to hang on to their umbrellas and stay dry and there was lightning as well. practice canceled a little early so we had some nice warm soup. you might want some nice warm coffee this morning because the rain has taken just a pause, but the temperatures are still dipping. it is cold out here. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> bundle up, kris. if you plan to head to the sierra this thanksgiving holiday, be extremely careful. a live look this morning at highway 89 at west river.
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quiet out there right now, but look at all that snow. up to three feet of snow expected to fall in that area. here is what it looked like near colfax off of i-80. we spoke to drivers trying to get a jump-start on the thanksgiving weekend. others were trying to get out of the mountains before the bad weather hit, they didn't fare so well. >> we tried to leave early to beat the snow, and it ended up not bourquing out in our favor. >> we left reno at noon and there was a multiple car accident so we got stuck behind that. >> slick conditions led to dozens of crashes last night, causing major backups. if you do plan to head that way, check with cal trans or the chp before you leave. i had some friends that delayed their trip after they heard about all that happening. >> that was a good idea. >> when will there be a window if people want to go to tahoe? >> thanksgiving day, tomorrow and a small window because the next storm will be coming in and they'll see more snow in the sierra. in terms of us in the bay area,
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we're going to see the rain off and on today and we still see that snow coming down in the sierra. as we look at some showers, there will be some breaks, but very chilly temperatures today, and at times the potential of little individual cells you're seeing there going into 1:00 to 2:00, could drop small hail as well as lightning and produce some brief, gusty winds but we're going to be unsettled with the potential of getting another quarter to half inch of rain today. we'll talk about what else is coming down the bike, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. we've been warning you to be prepared for long lines at bay area airports this thanksgiving, but we had no idea we'd be telling you about this. the lights are back on at oakland international airport, after it was plagued by power problems last night. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us now to show us if things are back to normal. so how are they looking out there, bob? >> reporter: power is certainly back on here in terminal two and terminal one at oakland
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international. as a result of the power outage last night, marcus, there were several flights delayed. we spoke with oakland international this morning, there were at least eight flights canceled. i spoke with a tsa agent, they saw a handful of people who decided to stay overnight upstairs in the terminal beyond security to sleep through it and catch the new flights this morning, and if you want to take a look over here, these are bags here, southwest airline passenger bags you got a ton over here, you got more over there. these are the bags that came on the flights that arrived during the power outage. the people were able to get off the airplane but their bags weren't because the carousels weren't powered up because there was no power in here. look at the video what it looked like when the lights went out, this happened last night around four and a half hours at oakland international, power went out around 6:30, didn't get back on until around 10:00. people could check bags, departing could check bags with the security checkpoint remained closed which led to super long lines. some flights landed during the power outage as i mentioned but
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people tell us other arriving flights were diverted to other airports. here is a passenger we spoke with last night who was unfortunately trying to get out of here in time for the thanksgiving holiday. >> it's been delayed until 10:55. i heard some people their flights are canceled. it's just really bad. i have my dog here in the bag. it's just, we're just hoping we can get home so happy thanksgiving, right? >> reporter: sorry to hear that. we did speak with oakland international, as i mentioned. i asked them do you know what caused the power outage? they don't know. pg&e salgs ys it's not appeared be related to its equipment. the departure board i count four yellow delays. i don't know if those are typical delays for a wednesday before thanksgiving or if they're related to what's going on last night. here is the tsa line, again we're in which terminal are we in, the southwest terminal, one
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or two. geez, i fly out of this airport on a regular basis but we are in terminal two, thank you. we are looking at what is typically a normal length line for the wednesday before thanksgiving, and i have asked people anecdotaanecdotally, wer the flights canceled last night and so far these people are on their regularly scheduled flights, weren't impacted by the power outage last night. reporting live in terminal two at oakland international, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> like a movie for the thanksgiving travel. thanks, bob. 5:08. president trump is waking up an official resident of florida this morning. last night he held a homecoming rally as he's now registered to vote in the sunshine state. the president officially changed his residency from manhattan to palm beach. florida is a crucial state for president trump like it is for any presidential candidate as he tries to win re-election next year. in washington, the next round of impeachment hearings gets under way next week and president trump's lawyers may be there. nbc bay area's tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning with more. good morning, tracie.
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>> good morning, everyone. this time it could be different. the trump team could get a seat at the table as impeachment moves forward to the next phase to determine exactly which, if any, articles or charges the president might face. the house judiciary committee, the one that actually decides whether to draw up articles of impeachment has announced its first hearing next wednesday. >> we have to combine the evidence. it may be one article, it could be three articles, could be four, but the evidence and then the judiciary matches that to the law. >> reporter: unlike last week's hearings, this time president trump's legal team is invited to question witnesses. in a statement, chair jerry nadler said "the president has a choice to make, can he take this opportunity to be represented in the impeachment hearings, or he can stop complaining about the process." at a florida rally last night,
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the president again denied the key issue, withholding foreign aid for a political favor. >> i have never had a direct link between investigations and security assistance. >> reporter: there's no word yet who will testify. president trump tweets he wants cabinet members to speak in his defense, including the secretary of state. >> when the time is right, all good things happen. >> reporter: democrats are predicting charges of obstruction, abuse of power, and bribery. >> extortion, bribery is illegal, so in this case, we're actually looking at an illegal act. >> reporter: the president's legal team has until sunday to notify lawmakers if they'll attend. meantime, we are also watching what's going on not only with the impeachment hearings but also with the private hearings that happened earlier this month, another transcript of that was just released, it
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showed that a director of the white house budget office says two of his colleagues he told lawmakers two of his colleagues quit because they were so concerned about that holdup on aid to ukraine. laura? >> so interesting, always something going on in washington. thank you, tracie. coming up, getting a little worried about cooking that turkey tomorrow? it can be a tense time. >> every year we tell you about a butterball turkey phone lines but now we want to you meet carol. she has been taking calls for 36 years, helping people. we'll talk about the changes she's been seeing lately with who is calling. what about shopping? freaking out about that or your budget? americans are a little less confident about their money. i'll take a look coming up. and the mapsy's day thanksgiving tradition, how the show will go on even if there's talk of balloons being grounded. here, it all starts with a simple...
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right now at 5:14, we are under a microclimate weather alert, as storm ranger our mobile doppler radar tracks some heavy rain right along 280, up and down the peninsula, now approaching san mateo as well as redwood city. you can track this storm as well on your smartphone, get our nbc bay area app. we'll look at the radar together for the whole bay area and talk about what's ahead, coming up in about five minutes. >> and the radar is my concern now the bay bridge, too, wet roads and metering lights is causing the slowdown right here.
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video that just came in to the newsroom, cedar ridge, area north of colfax i-80, closures coming back because of the slippery conditions. that's tough to see, tough to drive. westbound 80 is closed coming back from tahoe, headed over there, cars are getting to it, but the big rigs are not. we'll talk about the areas in between coming up. good morning. happy wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. markets will be closed tomorrow. they started a record today. boeing running into more trouble with its 737 max 8. the government wants to inspect each one individually before certifying them to fly next year. our producer tony ponying up the deposit for the tesla truck. that said, consumers are not certain about the future. the latest consumer confidence numbers show americans slightly less optimistic, but still
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overall quite positive, near 18-year highs, in fact but we'll see as we get into the holiday shopping season which despite what you see at stores has not started yet, folks. i assume you've heard about tiktok, a video app, all the kids are using it. it's owned by a chinese company and there are questions about the app's security, about its censorship that brings the story up today. after an american girl on the east coast posted a video about the chinese treatment of the uighurs, a muslim minority. she disguised it as a makeup tutorial. >> i'll teach you how to get long lashes. grab your lash color, curl your lashes obviously, then put them down and use your phone that you're using right now to search up what's happening in china, how they're getting concentration camps, throwing innocent muslims in from, separating their families, kidnapping them, murdering them. >> the young woman has been
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locked out of her tiktok and tiktok says this was for a different post. this raises concern this is not an american company that they certainly have the ability to sensor things they don't like and if that is the case, i don't know. i would encourage young people to do tiktoks about the uighurs and find out what tiktok does about it. >> that would be interesting to see. educated girl, too. that was interesting. >> thanks, scott. 5:17 for you right now. you know what? when your turkey's dry -- ♪ and you don't know why, who you gonna call ♪ >> carol. >> that's right. >> butterball. >> hopefully if you have any problems you can call the company's turkey hotline this thanksgiving and laura said, carol picks up, carol miller has been answering calls from panicked home cooks for 36 years, so the veteran there at
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turkey line says they have heard it all, from turkeys accidentally stuffed with match box cars. >> what? >> uh-huh. >> flame broiled. and even some with dressed in biki bikinis. >> that's weird. >> not sure why but okay, maybe it's in florida or something, i don't know. she says there is a big difference she has been seeing there, first when it started out, the phone calls were mostly women. >> when i started, it was mostly women that called, but now about 25% of our men are calling. yeah! >> yeah! because men can burn in the kitchen, too, literally. just a reminder for you, butterball's turkey hotline is open now until christmas eve. call 1-800-butterball or text as well. listen for the number here, 8
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844-877-3456. >> think of a question and text them, good idea, right? >> yes. >> not something crazy. >> i got a question about that turkey wearing the bikini. >> yes. >> wrong interpretation of dressing i think. >> no kidding. maybe that's what it was. >> in the kitchen tonight and probably tomorrow as well. >> it's a good time to get in the kitchen. cooks spend time inside because it's cold and windy and we've seen rain off and on. as we look at the storm system rolling through, really throwing a wrench in travel plans across the bay area, and the state today. still some heavy snow coming down in the sierra and lightning strikes off the coast will be coming in today, a possibility as we track all of this on storm ranger, that's the red scan that we're seeing here, our mobile doppler radar, parked on san bruno mountain giving us the best view of exactly where it's raining and so as we look at what's happening in the east bay, we see bright reds and
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yellows north of union city and also over toward sunol, so if you' you're driving along 84 within the next few minutes it is going to be dumping down and also very heavily pouring, moving through fremont and 880. as we take a live look in dublin right now we're seeing cars making it along just fine, make sure your windshield wipers are working well and taking a look at how much rain we've already measured, mt. tam had over two inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains and ben lomond 1.75. san francisco over an inch. oakland close to an inch of rain and half an inch of rain so far in san jose. additional rainfall totals today mostly about a quarter to half an inch, but the problem will be the little individual showers popping up that could produce some thunder and lightning along with some hail and along the coast, we're still going to have the high waves through about 3:00 today, as the breakers could reach 27 feet. so here we are tracking another
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storm, this is not the one that's over us right now. this could possibly be an atmospheric river. it's going to bring in some really heavy rain, going from saturday night into sunday, and throughout the day on monday. take a look at what the model is showing right now, anywhere from an inch and a half to four inches of rain. are you ready for that? we're going to have to get ready. we only have a short break. we have the break on thanksgiving day, and friday before that next round of rain comes in. of course i'll have more updates on that, but mike, the potential for spinouts is real. >> that's right. the potential is there and we've heard about a number of let's just say solo car crashes where the car is maybe facing the wrong direction on the side of the road. i'll call that a spinout or the potential there right here from 680 headed south toward 101 and 280 up toward 280 north, the transition off of 680. earlier in the morning we saw this area with a lot of green, wet roadways on our road weather
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index and flooding reported just at the lawrence expressway off-ramp from north 280. the roadways are wet, not necessarily as much puddling as earlier, the rain eased off here and now heading north of the dumbarton bridge, where we have a new crash on the span, westbound getting close to the area, where we get off at university. we have a crash and look at the radar activity, we pull it on there and it's right in the same area where we saw a flurry of crashes through san mateo, redwood city and on that dumbarton bridge. watch marsh, north 101, i hear there are a couple lanes potentially blocked from north 101 up out of palo alto. toward the bay bridge a lot of rain, also in the diablo area so be careful. no delays, you can ride the rails, b.a.r.t. may have to slow trains down if the wind gets to be too much of a factor on the wet rails. so far it's okay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," a contra costa county school, a college closed today, and not for the holiday. we'll talk about that scary app
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that's canceling classes. a texas sized explosion at a chemical plant. the fallout after this huge fireball in the lone star state. you're watching "today in the bay."
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new overnight, an explosion at a texas chemical plant is forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. this is a live look at the scene. that blast happened late last night near beaumont, about two
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hours east of houston. some homes had their windows blown out several miles away. reports at least three workers hurt. the plant makes chemicals and petroleum based products. not clear how that explosion started. in the east bay, classes are canceled today at contra costa college in san pablo, after a bb gun attack. it happened yesterday morning. someone shot at two cars and the front door of a building on campus. the college sent out an advisory to staff and students. once again, classes are canceled today and the college is closed tomorrow and friday for thanksgiving. still a waiting game on whether the iconic balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade will fly. they're expected to be inflated today in new york city but as we've been reporting, potentially strong wind gusts could force them to be dragged along at ground level. in the meantime one event not expected to be impacted by the weather, the national dog show celebrating its 18th year. tune in to see it all tomorrow on nbc bay area, coverage starts
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at 9:00 a.m. you can see man's least friend compete for the title of top dog beginning at noon. always a fun thanksgiving day. >> it is. coming up next on "today in the bay" top stories we're following on this wednesday morning. >> including rain, wind, snow, hail, kari. we have plenty of it from the first major storm of the season and still coming down. meteorologist kari hall tracking all of that for us. >> we have some heavy rain coming through the sunset district right now in san francisco. if you're going to be heading up, maybe hold up for a couple more minutes. we'll talk about where else it's raining and what else is coming our way, coming up next. >> getting choked up about it. let the great migration begin. are you driving or flying to grandma's house for thanksgiving? 55 million americans are so you won't be alone. this is the mess on the 405 in l.a. we're coming up with a check of the traffic this morning, right here in the bay area. hmm. look at that. mike inouye's morning commute update is coming up next.
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looks like the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. a lot more news ahead. stick around. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good wednesday to you november 27th. look at the radar, something we've experienced and we're not done yet. that rain hitting the bay area and more is heading our way. thanks for starting your morning here with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. rain overnight in the south bay,
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really across the bay area, but this is what it looked like just outside of our newsroom in san jose. coming down in buckets at one point. we were hoping for a lot of rain and boy did we get it. >> meteorologist kari hall told us all about it yesterday. schee is it done yet? >> it's not done yet. i don't know if you saw it on twitter yesterday, i was talking about this bomb cyclone, and yes, that is a real meteorological term. we call it that when we see an area of low pressure strengthening rapidly, and when we get 24 millibars dropping in that area of low pressure over a 24-hour period it is really strengthening fast, and so we still have this storm system over the bay area, even a chance of some lightning today, and so we are going to be watching out for that in the scattered showers rolling through. storm ranger tracking it all, our mobile doppler radar. most of the rain san francisco toward the east bay on southward, so we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the day, coming up.
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mike, you have one or more crashes on the peninsula. >> one or more. we'll show you where i know we have one, look at the lights that are jamming up, this is the area we typically talk about traffic breaks from crews clearing but they weren't there overnight. the crash north of willow. we see the brake lights a couple lanes blocked north of willow and you see the water on the lens, it's slick. the rain traveled through a short time ago and farther north from that crash, we may have another, possibly two just north of marsh. it sounds like there's another crash and they're aware of another crash farther north so this may be a tough stretch for 101, but look at the light traffic flow, because of that lighter traffic flow we don't see a lot of sensors other than the green, which blends in with our road weather index showing where there's wet roads and the radar the rain is coming across the bay so that is a factor right now. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on, of course, but again the weather is the main factor. guys, back to you. >> yep, that's a big first significant rainfall of the season, and if you're planning to hit the road for your
5:33 am
thanksgiving travels, proceed with caution. certainly going to be wet out there. >> that's right. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live outside in san jose to take a look at that impact we've gotten from all of this rain. it looks like it's calm where you are right now. >> reporter: we're not getting a lot of rain right now. in fact, we're in a break, but there is a lot of water still on the roadways. we were making our way to our live location, we saw a lot of puddling and ponding on the roadways, so don't be part of mike's traffic report. slow down for those conditions this morning. this is a driver in san mateo who perhaps might have wanted to think twice. this driver did not turn around when there was deep water on the roadway. the driver was stranded at 42nd and pacific. would you believe san mateo police officers had to swim out to get to that person. they are safe now. we want to take you out to the east bay with brand new video of a 50-foot eucalyptus tree that crashed down on star flower drive, barely missing a home there. a police officer estimated it's about four feet across.
5:34 am
this is a public works worker, using a chainsaw to break it down and get it out of the roadway. to a known trouble spot in the north bay, our photographer found this body of water near the larkspur ferry terminal and 101/580 connector. steer clear. also south of there to san francisco, this was the drive for one viewer you could barely see the sidewalks at fulsome and 18th street. the sidewalks were covered in water and debris. no rain shadow here in the san jose area. you know we talk about that sometimes, the mountains shield us from the bulk of the rain but that didn't happen last night. vianey arana got folks downtown struggling not only against the rain but struggling against the wind, which really picked up last night. we saw some lightning down here in san jose as well, and the kids' swim practice canceled a little early because of that so they got to get home and get
5:35 am
warm a little earlier than expected. but we know that the rain is coming, kari is talking about it being in the sunset district so we're ready to put our hoods on as soon as the rain comes this way, and we're watching the roadways for you. be careful, folks. there are a lot more people out on the roadway today, that we notice and also because of the ponding and puddling on the roadway, you'll want to make sure that you are careful so you can get where you're going safely. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. a lot of people head to tahoe for the thanksgiving holiday, with a big first storm that's hitting that area. this is over in colfax overnight. there were some white-out spots overnight. slick conditions led to dozens of crashes, causing some pretty major backups. if you plan to head that way, check ahead with cal trans or the chp before you leave. you could stay on top of the rain and snow on our interactive radar as well. head to and see it on our front page. you could also type in your zip code and get a closer look at
5:36 am
what's going on in your neighborhood. developing now, deputies in contra costa county are looking for whomever shot and killed a 17-year-old boy. that victim was found in front of a store along market avenue in north richmond yesterday morning. deputies immediately started cpr but he was pronounced dead after arriving the at the hospital. investigators are asking if you know anything to give them a call about this case. palo alto is another claim from a man who says police used excessive force. our investigative unit spoke with julio arevalho about the incident. he accuses police of throwing him to the ground and breaking a bone around his eye during a probation search. this is the third time one of the officers involved has been formally accused of excessive force. we showed you surveillance video back in july of one of those previous arrests where the suspect was pulled from his home and slammed on the hood of his car. the city just settled with him for more than half a million dollars and now he's seeking nearly $4 million.
5:37 am
>> to be a victim it feels helpless. it feels like you have no choice, you're just, that they have control and power over you and he did it because he abuses authority. >> palo alto p.d. declined to talk to us but our investigative unit will continue digging and bringing updates. people are trying to get to thanksgiving dinner, hopefully they get there in time. take a look at this, two storms are targeting travelers in the northeast, midwest and southeast. they are bringing snow, rain, and high winds. 49 million americans are expected to deal with the bad weather on the ground, while there are another 5 million will have to contend with delays and consolations at airports. so mike, certainly the snow isn't a huge problem here but traffic is not an easy thing this morning. >> that's right. the conditions behind me, guys, look the wet lens an issue, from
5:38 am
palo alto camera and the snow is a factor for folks headed to or trying to get back from tahoe. can't get back from tahoe on i-80 closed westbound. eastbound passenger vehicles are allowed, trucks are not and that is an indication of the conditions that are out there. bring those chains. north 101, you have to have some patience right now and expect some delays. this one stretch of 101 is jammed up headed toward willow, there's a crash north of there. we've seen this in development over the last few minutes. also wet roadways because of the rain having traveled through that shot, making it wet. there is another crash to the north of there, just past marsh so we're watching but again, all the traffic held up here as we remove all that data, notice there's more slowing than the one we just showed you, and that's west across the dumbarton bridge. there is a crash on the mid span area on the decline as you approach the peninsula side, that will be a factor coming over from fremont, trying to get more details but we have to get a bridge crew out there right now. wet roads in dublin.
5:39 am
see that curve, there's potential for spinouts because of puddling. >> especially when you're coming off. >> off the freeway speed. >> be careful. people in southern california headed north dealing with conditions on the grapevine. brand new video from our sister station in los angeles, it was coming down there and so far, this is a live look, conditions are not bad enough to close i-5, but it was treacherous for drivers. the chp warning people to take their time while heading up and over the grapevine. my sister was on that last night headed to see my dad and they just made that good window of opportunity. there's been a lot of planning when you're traveling. >> kari has been giving us warnings. >> yes so very slick roads is going to be the problem getting anywhere today, and then again on saturday and sunday. here is a look at the first storm system that we have coming through right now. so just keep that in mind, if you're about to head toward the sierra, down the grapevine, anywhere across the state right
5:40 am
now. we are seeing some very unsettled weather, kind of off and on waves of rain coming through, but right now parts of the north bay taking a break from some of that rain. we have another storm headed our way for the weekend, this will arrive late saturday night into sunday, and this could be in our atmospheric river. where are you headed this weekend? we are going to see a break from the rain, nice quiet conditions for thanksgiving, and shopping on friday, but then on saturday if you're planning to head out to some of the small businesses it's going to be cool and the rain returns to the north bay by the early afternoon. in san francisco, we're also going to see the rain moving in, and continuing into sunday, with some pretty heavy rain at times, as we see our temperatures staying cool, we're only reaching into the upper 50s by the end of the weekend, at least we have some nice weather for the turkey trot tomorrow. it's just going to be cool, so make sure you're dressed in a few layers, and then we're going to see temperatures reaching 54 on friday, gearing up for some
5:41 am
more wet weather by the end of the weekend. so we'll talk more about that. i'll show you our east bay temperature trend for today, coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it, kari. 5:40. coming up, the holidays can be tough for people without a lot. now another blow to the homeless in the south bay. a charity hit by thieves. what they stole that has so many people stunned. it's become a classic question in washington, what did the president know, when did he know it? it's the when that we're going to concentrate on today when "today in the bay" continues.
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coming up on 5:44, as we continue our microclimate weather alert, rain returning to san jose right now, and as we head over toward evergreen, we're going to see it coming in waves today, and temperatures staying much cooler than normal, for the most part we'll stay in the 40s throughout the morning and as we track this storm system coming in, there will be a chance of lightning today, but do you ever wonder why we don't get lightning that often? we're going to talk about that and talk about why we could see it this afternoon, coming up in about five minutes. and continuing for the last 15 we've had this crash and delay north 101. it's blurry because the rain is actively falling on the lens, and on that road, and on the crash they're trying to clear. there may be two of them, just north of willow. we'll give you the update and i'll show you how things are in the area. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. it's 5:44 right now.
5:45 am
new this morning, and only on "today in the bay," a mobile shower unit that serves the homeless in the south bay is stuck in park because thieves stole a critical part from the van that hauls it around town. >> the charity uses the trailer to provide hot showers to more than 100 people who are living on the streets in san jose. the charity sets up in three locations in san jose every week and provides people with those showers, toiletries, fresh shirts, socks, underwear and hot meals and some food to go, that is until last week when thieves stole the catalytic converter off of their van, putting the brakes on the mobile shower unit. >> having regular access to showers, the number one thing it helps people recognize their own dignity as a human being but also a crucial part of just people's general well-being and their efforts to get back in to permanent housing. >> replacing that catalytic converter will cost $3,000, more than the van is worth, and about
5:46 am
what it costs to run the program for two months. casa de clera is a small charity mostly supported by individual donors. if you want to help, find a link on our website 5:46 for you right now. new information showing president trump knew there was an investigation under way when he released the military aid to ukraine. >> that coming from the "new york times" this morning, scott mcgrew. >> it helps us further narrow down the time line. i feel like you don't need a reminder but let's do it anyway. president trump delayed military aid to our ally ukraine while asking ukraine's leaders to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son. this is established fact. there are no allegations there. he did that. the president though says those two things, the quid and the pro are not related. he also pointed to a denial he made, "i want nothing" he said. >> i say to the ambassador in response, "i want nothing.
5:47 am
i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo." >> now we've known all along that denial made to ambassador gordon sondland came the same day that the word got out, the whistle-blower had alerted his superiors about a quid pro quo. now the "new york times" says the president knew full well an investigation was under way why he had held up the military aid they were investigating. he found out about the investigation, released the military aid. we also know from newly released transcripts, two members of the white house budget office quit over concerns we were holding up that aid to ukraine. the president attended a rally his home state of florida last night, offered a slightly different defense, not that aid was held up or that he asked for an investigation, but that those two things are not linked and he didn't tell anyone to link them. take a listen. >> i have never had a direct
5:48 am
link between investigations and security assistance. okay, what that means, you know what it means? it means we did zero. we did nothing wrong. >> the house judiciary committee has set december 4th as the first day of hearings for that committee. these will not be about the alleged quid pro quo. we think the hearings will be about the process. congress has only done this twice before in modern history. we're watching everything that happens in washington, of course, and you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 5:48. trending this morning a stunning college basketball upset no one saw coming. duke is always good and were the top ranked team in the nation. unranked stephen f. austin university took them into overtime and this happened. >> they've got time off, they don't use it. bang, yeah! the lumberjacks have done it! >> the lumberjacks did it.
5:49 am
58-83, breaks duke's 150-home game winning streak against non-conference opponents and that streak dates back to the year 2000. wow. what an upset there. >> oh, yeah. >> that's something you kind of see during march madness. >> right. >> sometimes the bracket breaker for me. >> there you go. >> there they go. >> respect. this morning, a lot of people waking up, wet roads out there, meaning the traffic commute could be a little tricky. >> it's a lighter volume of traffic but our friends at waze shows an area with slowing, unnamed wazer, we'll give you a shout out. join our team nbc bay area at the bottom of your screen, nbc bay area wazers. the slowdown comes from embarcadero up to just past willow. it looks like just a short section, not a big deal, no need to get over toward el camino for 280 but the live shot from our cameras this is not pleasant to be in, when you know almost everywhere else in the bay is
5:50 am
moving lightly. the rain traveled through the lens just dried off but that is the slow stretch there. adds about ten minutes to your delay and it's building and will build with folks coming off the dumbarton bridge which has a traffic alert. this is not a traffic alert. our breaking news here on the dumbarton bridge is we still have two of your three lanes blocked by a crash mid span there, holding pretty steady because the volume of traffic is relatively light coming off the nimitz. you see green sensors all over the bay. another crash farther north in redwood city. after you get past the crash in palo alto that may be a factor. coming across the dumbarton bridge that may be a factor. one more crash reported north 680 behind the shield you'll find slowing sunol out of fremont. everything else looks good. the green highlighting that blends in with the green speed sensors is road weather index. i bring in kari's radar and we see that over in the tri-valley we have more activity than on the peninsula. the travel from west to east was a factor. kari, there is the san mateo bridge camera. looks like drops are falling
5:51 am
right now. >> it is raining there right now and we're starting to see some snow on mt. hamilton right now, as we track it all with our storm ranger mobile doppler radar. notice a couple of lightning strikes that i've seen off the coast that, will be pushing off towards the east into parts of marin county, over the next 30 to 40 minutes, so watch out for that possibility to see thunderstorms there. a closer look at sunol over toward livermore, 580, and also 680, really going to get a very heavy downpour within the next few minutes and as far as san jose we've seen the rain rolling through downtown, now moving toward alum rock as well as the berryessa area. watch out for rain there as well, that will last another few minutes before it lightens up. we'll see waves of rain today and at times it will be heavy, possibly even some thunder and lightning and small hail and going into the day, there will be some breaks especially for much of the north bay, some of the additional rainfall totals we could see today will mostly
5:52 am
be south of san francisco, but there still could be some showers in the north bay as well. so it's going to be still a busy day before all of this winds down tonight and then we prepare for the next storm that is set to move in here late saturday night into sunday. now, some of our early computer models show that this is going to be a significant storm tapping into some deep moisture, and we're looking at anywhere from one to possibly four inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains, as well as the rest of the bay area is going to be a really heavy rain, and the sierra is going to get some additional snowfall totals anywhere from possibly three to four feet of snow for those upper elevations, going into the end of the weekend, and early next week. so we do have a nice little break here after today. we have some nice weather, but also very chilly for thanksgiving day, reaching the upper 40s inland. those morning temperatures are going to be chilly, with some mid-50s on friday, and then the next round of rain will be here between saturday night and
5:53 am
sunday, continuing into early next week, and just very chilly temperatures all across the board. >> we see in the forecast on wednesday you said thunderstorms happening here in the area. what makes a difference, thunderstorms here compared to other parts of the country? >> we're both from the south and there will be thunderstorms all the time. >> yes. >> here in the bay area, they are kind of not so usual occurrence, so we are going to see as we go into today that there will be that chance of thunderstorms, but you're probably wondering why we don't get them? part of the reason why is our storms that usually come into the bay area off the pacific are lower in the atmosphere and also more shallow with thunderstorms and lightning. you need those thunderstorms to go way up into the atmosphere, where it's frozen, and that ice bumping around produces an electric charge and that sometimes gets discharged down to the ground, so that's where the lightning happens. for the pacific, we also have very cold ocean currents and so that's less energy for those storms to develop, and so on the
5:54 am
average, we get about two to three thunderstorms per year here in the bay area, a few more in the mountains, but compare that to daytona beach, one of the busiest places for lightning and thunderstorms, 93 thunderstorms per year, so that's something we'll be watching for. it takes a really strong storm for us to get some lightning here and that's what we were seeing passing by today. we'll be tracking that with more updates to come. >> thanks, kari. happening now, a grinch before thanksgiving, the salvation army says thieves have stolen two kettles in contra costa county. yesterday the salvation army says two men sprayed a bell ringer in the face with some kind of substance outside of a hobby lobby store in concord and took her kettle. the first robbery happened saturday outside of a lucky supermarket in martinez. >> 5:54. still ahead, record days ahead for anyone who has a phone and plans to buy some presents. the big change in how we're shopping this year. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we're still raising money to feed the need. go to your local safeway and give $10, that will help a family in need during the holiday season. one of our producers did their part while shopping yesterday, you see right there. you can always follow our whole
5:58 am
team by following nbc bay area on instagram, facebook and twitter. >> 5:57 right now. for the first time ever, more americans say they will do most of their holiday shopping online this season. cell phones and social media are helping increase those numbers. here is a spokesperson from a website that focuses on internet savings. >> the reason that social media works so well for retailers especially when it comes to targeting shoppers is that they have the exact data, the exact science for exactly who they want to target. >> companies like instagram testing new features to let users save a credit card on their app, making purchases that much easier from your favorite brands and accounts. a possible black friday disruption in san francisco's union square. more than 600 sales associates at macy's are warning they could go on strike this friday. 90% recently voted to authorize a strike. most make around $20 an hour and say they need higher wages and more affordable health insurance. macy's says it offers fair pay
5:59 am
and benefits and adds it plans to open its union square store for black friday shopping, strike or no strike. america's birth rate continues to decline. a new cdc report shows the number of births dropped by 2% margin in 2018, reaching an all-time low. the teenage birth rate also continues to decrease, falling another 7%. the increase in births was among women 35 and 44. right now at 6:00, soaked. some spots still seeing some rain. and the first significant storm of the season. as we've been saying, that rain did not stop while you were sleeping. our team has been out on the streets for the past six hours covering the big weather stories as they pop up overnight. plus a snowy scene on the way to the sierra. what you need to know before you go. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
welcome sight, though. we certainly need all of it. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the one thing that people are talking about, that rain. it came through overnight, you could hear it and look here, you can see the rain, the wind, snow in some parts of the sierra. there was some hail out there, kari was telling us. >> exactly. it was a big, juicy storm coming through. >> and i know that we really needed this rain but for it to come on the busiest travel day of the year, some people are like, yeah, all right. but we will have a break though. we're going to see the scattered showers still moving through today. we're tracking it all with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar moving through san francisco, now down into the peninsula, as well as parts of the east bay, right there along 880 and down to san jose. as we take a closer look, we saw that heavy rain just moving through fremont, and then also over toward livermore, so just watch out for the heavy pockets of rain. as of right now, san jose seeing some lighter showers moving through.


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