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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  May 14, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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this by themselves. >> jimmy: you're the best, we have the community that are buddy, and i can't wait to see you in person. standing up. keep it up and thank you, thank which have our citizens of you, thank you so much. america that are standing up. >> okay, keep well. >> jimmy: we'll be right back we have our veterans that are with kane with standing up to fight this pandemic. >> there will be more deliveries over the next two weeks. >> just makes the staff feel so appreciated. i mean moments like that where you are just working day and night, 24/7, and to have that just is so touching, i'm sure, to so many of them. >> french fries say appreciation to me for sure. >> with a cheeseburger on the side. >> that's going to do it for us this evening. thanks for being with us. we hope you stay very safe and healthy tomorrow. >> good night, folks. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody, to "tonight show at home." we are still here with chris evans and now his brother joins us for the bro -- i go to the bathroom -- i didn't hear.
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>> that doesn't happen at 30 rock. >> jimmy: here is chris and his >> jimmy: franny, franny, are you ready for the show tonight brother scott evans. we have a big show tonight >> jimmy: where is he? yo, come on, my man! do you know who is on the show tonight? >> what's up how are you? >> captain america. >> jimmy: i'm great. >> yes, captain america is on everything is great. the show tonight i can't complain chris evans is on the show tonight. knock on wood, we're all healthy also, we have kane brown, good together. >> yeah. music from kane brown. >> jimmy: and are you missing l.a. no, you like him he is good >> a little bit. guess who else is on the show. >> who but like we're in a very nice place right now, and it's just like we're playing activities. >> who writes "elephant and piggy book"? >> mo willems. we're acting like we're kids >> that's right! again. mo willems is on the show. >> mario cards don't let the pigeon drive the >> whiffle ball, whiffle ball is the thing right now. >> jimmy: oh my god. what's your pitch? bus. i can throw a mean curveball. >> we're learning. we're still learning >> i'm getting there >> you know "city dog, country frog". >> that's from mo willems. some days i'm on point. >> jimmy: there is a game that >> mo willems is on the show people are playing on the tonight, and he is going to draw internet with daddy isn't that fun it's called like a #couples >> uh-huh. challenge, but i thought it >> what are you guys eating? would be fun if we did a brother make everyday bloom where did you find a tic tac version of it where basically, i wow. way old. ask you questions and both of with notes of monoi blossoms and coconut milk are they soft? you have your eyes closed and
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all you do is point at yourself or your brother. >> all right that ignite your mood. >> jimmy: if you both point to ♪ we in the house true fragrance crafted only by glade. the same person, you'll get one point. and never open your eyes >> tonight join jimmy's guests, >> okay. sc johnson. you'll tell us how we did? chris evans, mo willems, musical >> jimmy: i will tell you at the guest kane brown, and the end how many points you guys have gotten if you're legit off! deep woods legendary roots crew provides long lasting mosquito protection "it's "the tonight show" home bros all right. so you can focus on what means the most. edition. are you ready for this >> yeah. >> we in the house >> let's do it. off! >> jimmy: here we go >> jimmy: a close your eyes. who spends more time on sc johnson >> and here is jimmy. >> jimmy: let's get to jokes today more experts testified before congress about the instagram? coronavirus, but who wants to [ bell ]. >> jimmy: who's better at follow dr. fauci ladies and gentlemen, that was whiffle ball the beatles reunited now give it up for the modern [ bell ]. >> jimmy: who has stronger neil diamond vibes? dance trickery of the jabber k [ laughter ] wokk >> jimmy: i'll tell you about that later i'll tell you than later wokkies. >> great >> jimmy: who is more likely to >> what are you doing? get in a political fight on >> jimmy: i'm dancing. that's right social media today vaccine expert dr. rick bright said without better planning, 2020 could be the [ bell ]. darkest winter in modern history. >> jimmy: who is more fun during it's not a good sign when our
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experts sound like the night's watch on "game of thrones. a sleepover? winter is coming can we see a photo of dr. bright testifying today [ bell ] guys, i'm not kidding, ouch open your eyes, five out of five on that one. that's not a face mask >> wow >> i was waffling. that's a man's head in a slingshot. >> a lot of them are both. hey, i saw that disney plus is a lot of them -- i can go toe to coming out with a six episode series about the making of toe on social media in a fight as well. >> jimmy: who has stronger neil "frozen 2. diamond vibes? >> we already -- that's because last time scott >> jimmy: no, coming out with was on, we asked him a question, he told me a story that was very the six-episode series about the making of "frozen 2. funny to me. >> oh. >> jimmy: nothing kids love more i don't have to bring it up. i can just hold it over your ♪ than destroying the magic of an animated show. head forever >> sing it get this a broadway show based on the >> jimmy: he's gonna perform his new song "cool again." life of michael jackson has been >> i'm not looking postponed until next march, when here's is a performance from kane brown >> jimmy: here is the last round. five questions, if you get this, it will still not be a bad idea. we'll know that you guys are i saw as restaurants reopen, true bros. ♪ >> all right >> jimmy: all right. many will only offer disposable men use. that's too bad eyes closed. my favorite part of the meal was who is more likely to casually bring up how many push-ups they opening the menu and seeing all the stains from the people who can do
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ate before me. ♪ i've been thinkin [ bell ]. >> jimmy: who got in more we definitely got to order that gravy, honey 'bout ya latel reminiscin we got to order that gravy, trouble in school? goin' crazy ♪ yeah, that was god, dripping on >> ooh ♪ miss the way your that menu like that. what do you like that kiss would keep me u aye wish that yo you don't like that voice? all right. [ bell ]. were here tonight ♪ >> jimmy: who's gone the longest without showering during listen to this ♪ drinkin' vodka soda krispy kreme announced they're quarantine extra lime running a special offer of 12 and we could jus get back to bein' us ♪ free donuts to graduating high school seniors [ bell ]. >> jimmy: before quarantine, who that's nice. ♪ 'cause i just wanna b cool again cool agai so even if enough colleges don't was the most likely to have gone a week without showering, before cool again open, you'll still get a jump on the freshmen 15. like we were last summer ♪ ♪ want you again you agai maybe they'll come home and quarantine you agai unplug your treadmill and workout equipment as well. this is getting crazy. to be stealin' my covers there are reports that kim >> i mean hopefully not. [ buzzer ] all tangled in each other ♪ jong-un is once again missing. ♪ nights still playin back in my hea when they heard that, north >> he pointed at me. >> jimmy: last -- last one i just wanna be cool again korean officials are okay -- cool again cool again yeah ♪ last question. >> tic tac. >> tic tac and for this one, don't point ♪ with your finger point with your nose no tic tacs, no! who smells worse right now [ laughter ] >> i finally showered after a week so. ♪ do you ever think about >> jimmy: all right. >> tic tac, tic tac. the days we couldn't liv that was a joke right there. >> money without each other >> tic tac, tic tac. where the hell did ♪ ♪ we go wrong >> no, that's not a song >> it is now >> jimmy: all right, guys. you guys are officially bros. aye how'd we g
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will done here. >> all right from that to thi >> we get to agree on how'd we let a ♪ everything. >> jimmy: you passed the ♪ good thing slip challenge. man, i love seeing you guys. do we really hav to go move o i love seeing you again. hopefully we'll get to see each other in person soon i just wanna be cool again ♪ ♪ cool again cool again and that includes you, scott, whenever, the open invitation. >> all right i'm in. like we were last summer ready? [ laughter ] want you again you again >> jimmy: there are reports that >> jimmy: come back and let's play you again ♪ kim jong-un is once again chris, you rock, buddy missing. >> thanks. ♪ to be stealin' my cover when they heard that, north >> jimmy: bye, guys. all tangled in each othe be safe. thank you. korean officials were like okay, nights still playin' >> jimmy: think thanks to chris we need to get one of those evans and scott evans. back in my head ♪ bluetooth key finders and glue ♪ i just wanna be cool agai it to his back all right? we'll be back with more of "the cool again cool agai tonight show," everybody yeah ♪ get them close in. ♪ ♪ shark tag his ass. sit down, guys in the back ♪ yeah i just wanna b we're not driving. cool again and finally, scientists just determined how fast the virus can travel in a restaurant using a black light. cool again cool agai scientists said they learned two things cool again cool again ♪ the virus travels quickly and never turn on a black light at a ♪ 'cause i just wanna denny's. there you guys have it cool again that's my monologue right there. like we were last summer ♪ ♪ want you again you agai you agai we have a great show, as i said. >> oh my god you okay to be stealin' my covers all tangled in each other ♪ >> jimmy: chris evans is here, why we do what we do. ♪ nights still playin
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you guys back in my hea because despite everything that's changed, we have mo willems, great author one thing hasn't, i just wanna be cool again we're going draw with mo willems cool again cool again ♪ later and talk to him. and that's our devotion to you and our communities. ♪ yea and then we have music from kane brown. it's gre we're working together, in-store and online, cool again cool agai cool again through pickup and delivery, to make sure you can still get the essentials you need. i just wanna be cool again ♪ you want to do some hash tags? ♪ cool again cool again and as we move forward, know that our first priority ♪ hash tags >> jimmy: okay here we go will always be to keep you and our associates safe. last summer with you we're going to do some hash tag, okay cool again cool agai this is the part of the show ♪ cool again ♪ where we play along on the web [ laughter ] ♪ cool again cool again cool again we're going to play hash tags. yeah ♪ this is where we give a topic on ♪ the web, right and then you can tweet -- can you not see me again >> jimmy: thank you guys so you can't see me, right? much for watching "tonight show" at home edition. but you can see everybody else come in. we got all new shows tomorrow, the rest of the week where's mommy? where's winnie wash your hands. don't touch your face. and where's daddy? and we love you. we're gonna get through this is donating millions of products together come on, guys. can you see daddy? let's go to frontline aid organizations yeah, yeah >> do it again >> jimmy: i'm right here like feeding america and direct relief. we're gonna go go, winnie, let's go down the slide. to get help or give help, join us at where's mommy? bye, guys. here i come. >> come on, winn >> winnie, going down the you can't even see mommy either? >> actually, mommy is right over slide. >> go.
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♪ the hills are alive ♪ with the sound of charmin this is from at joann nj understood i'm going to buy tickets to hawaii for my whole family, and troop them off at the airport. dunked on that one that was a good one. >> that one -- >> jimmy: this is from at kimkinetic she said stop picking my outfits from the waist-up only this is from "that paste try chick jlf. load my kids up on the easter candy i've been hiding, drop f tae ff at my parents and yell shoulder thank you. this is from @judeclover
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jude clover said i'm going to enter real meetings like they're zoom meetings. hey, hello, can everyone hear me am i unmuted this from ms emily allen finally see my husband together. we've been quarantining together, but whatever this personality is not what i signed up for that's a funny one this one is from -- the last one whenever i check out at the grocery store, buy one six-pack for me and one six-pack for the cashier. yeah, baby, i love it! that's our hash tags right there. we'll be right back with more "tonight show," everybody. ♪ ♪ t-mobile will build america's largest and most reliable 5g network...
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with more towers, more engineers, and more coverage. you'll get the best 5g network, and the best prices. welcome to t-mobile. america's largest 5g network. only roomba uses 2 multi-surface rubber brushes to clean all your floors. and with patented dirt detect technology, ♪ roomba finds dirt throughout your home. >> jimmy: our next guest is one if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba. of my favorite authors of all time, wouldn't you say >> absolutely. >> jimmy: we read him every night. we have for the past six years >> hero. >> jimmy: he is awesome. do you have a favorite >> it had to be "city dog, country frog". >> jimmy: no, think. >> piggy and garald. >> jimmy: piggy and ge
11:45 pm
share my ice cream waiting isn't easy and what is he waiting for, is donating millions of products interest moon to come out? to frontline aid organizations >> he has a surprise for the elephants. like feeding america and direct relief. >> jimmy: it's the best. i love him. to get help or give help, join us at >> it's about waiting and trying to be patient for things you're excited about. >> jimmy: you can't have this now why can't i have it? you just can't it's wait. >> it goes through all the emotions. >> jimmy: you can't have the moon right now and now at a certain point, now we get the moon. here is my surprise. i love it. we ateams has given us the9 techpossibilityonse on teams. to get help or give help, join us at anyway, he is awesome. here is mo willems mo willems, you're one of my we are running out covid favorites. thank you for being on the show. technology response on teams >> i'm really happy to be here. >> teams has given the >> jimmy: you taught my kids how possibility to continue to to read. innovate >> i can bring them in so i want to thank you >> thank you. i can actually share my screen >> jimmy: we are obsessed with and show the x-rays. we can do that in a visit like all of your books. this but elephant and piggy books, i think personally as an adult, as i look forward to them i love how creative they are i love how honest they are, how funny they are
11:46 pm
i've read them probably more than you have. >> i would hope! i mean, they're built to be read a billion times, you know. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's not about the surprise at the end it's about the case. and one of the things i do, i always put in 49% of the book. you're there you're dad and you're performing because you're enjoying the book that makes them come alive. >> jimmy: you got your start on "sesame street," right >> which was totally an accident, you know i wanted to do sketch comedy, and i was performing sketch comedy, and i was with grown-ups, about grown-ups and when i got hired for "sesame street," i was like oh, wow, i got on a sketch comedy show. that's great. >> jimmy: you were saying there was this one, was it rosita, the sketch you wrote for "sesame street"? >> yeah. and i think -- so i'm really interested in failure. and all my books are to a certain degree about characters failing. and at "sesame street," rosita was going to learn how to play the guitar
11:47 pm
and at the end of the episode, i wanted to make sure that that she didn't, and the producers came back to me and said listen, we like rosita playing the guitar and all that, but at the end she really needs to play the guitar and i was young. i was in my 20s. so i said to the producer, you guys come back tomorrow, play me stairway to heaven and i'll change the ending. >> jimmy: and the rest is history. >> i think that we really need to talk about failure. and because it's the only thing that all of us do every day. it's the only thing we have in common is that we fail >> jimmy: yeah, you're right and you got take that risk and you got to try certain things. when this whole quarantine happened, actually right even before it, you start a thing called "lunch doodles. ♪ right out of the gate, i was >> jimmy: welcome back, wait, i thought we were going to everybody. everyone i know right now is do a show we have to do live streaming because we're something. really staying at home and doing the have you seen what mo willems is right thing. doing? is he doing a show already but there is one guy that has been doing this way before we we just started this had the quarantine, and i got to can't i have one thing
11:48 pm
catch up with him today. check it out and see what he's >> well, jimmy, this is really the inspiration was i figured if a talk show host can write a book, then i should be able to do a show. >> hey, what's up, everybody, it's me jarrett, still at right? it's only fair. hamster college where i'm technically no longer a student, >> jimmy: i agree. but my meal plan card still works. >> look, i was terrified i'm living off campus now in a i with us going from los angeles sweet condo the school pays for from meetings to d.c. to do a as part of their settlement for accidentally letting me teach jazz doodle jam with jason the entire semester of mehran introductory japanese art. the place is great i was going to do some stuff i don't have to wear flip-flops with benfold if this is affecting me, it's in the shower anymore and nobody narcs on me if i use the hot got to be affecting kids, how i plate. feel, how shocked i am, how much i need art and also, i sold my idea of because right now art is people making their own tv shows to youtube for stock essential. it's been a while since i talked science is going to get us out to my first guest. of this. but art is going to get us through this life-long homie, give it up for we're going to be able to gomez! understand what's going on, we're going to be able to handle our emotions so i knew that i needed to draw >> hi, jimmy. >> what's with a the tie and doodle just to feel a sense of self. >> it's just michael now; and no court date and if i need that, then i just got off zoom with a bunch probably kids need that as well.
11:49 pm
so now is the time the get-together and do something. of big clients pushing tax season back has made >> jimmy: you're right things nuts around here. >> i'm going to challenge you. >> jimmy: you changed your name to michael i'm going play a game with you >> jimmy: okay. >> it was always michael, michael gobicelli. >> this is a gamed called >> jimmy: now i know why we squillem i'm going to make a little thing, and you're going to turn changed your make to gobi. it into a drawing, okay? here we go >> jimmy: going to try. >> it was my dad's name. >> jimmy: you never told me you had a dad. >> i do. >> just like that, right and now i'm a cpa now. >> jimmy: you're a cop and it doesn't matter, because, >> no. again, there is no such thing as it stands for certified public a wrong draw, all right? accountant i'm a financial adviser who helps individuals, businesses, and other organizations plan i just made this, just a little squiggle their financial goals. just a little thing. so here, i'm going hand it to >> jimmy: gobi, i'm so sorry that happened to you. >> oh, don't be sorry. you. i love my life >> all right thank you very much. >> jimmy: you got it i just bought a nissan murano. hey, what about you, man >> take another pen and turn that into something. what does that look like to you? heard you're a big tech guy now. >> jimmy: well, i mostly grow that's half of the drawing what do you think you can make flowers and trees. out of that? but if the fbi is watching, i'm only talking about animal crossing >> jimmy: okay speaking of which, did you get that care package i sent you i think i see something. >> yeah, yeah, i did, man. now i'm getting into something else it came this morning i don't know what it is. >> you're giggling
11:50 pm
i haven't even opened it yet. so that's already a victory. >> jimmy: open it, open it, open >> jimmy: i am giggling. but it's just because it's it. >> whoa! this is great. really bad this is all my stuff my hackysack. >> no, no, no, no! let me be the judge of how >> jimmy: you loved that thing. >> old copies of maxim terrible it is >> jimmy: yeah, i borrowed oh, that's excellent those. just for the cologne samples, though. that's fabulous. >> whoa, what what's this? >> jimmy: that's okay? >> jimmy: it's banana bread. >> absolutely. i did some corona baking this >> jimmy: like a poodle dog or something. weekend, if you catch my drift. >> i don't >> it's a thirsty poodle but thank you, that's really thoughtful. >> jimmy: go ahead try some i think the thirsty poodle is an >> sweets are really more of a unrepresented dog cartoon, you know weekend thing. what the heck! there we go. we need more thirsty poodles >> jimmy: thank you. finally! i wish someone was around to it's a nice piece. hear we need more of these who was your idol when you were it's really good growing up, mo >> jimmy: bthat was a pretty bi bite there >> oh, charles schulz. charles schulz so michael, how is your social >> jimmy: charlie brown. distancing been? >> peanuts ♪ in the white room with black curtains ♪ when i was five years old, i >> jimmy: michael, how's social wrote charlie schulz a letter that said "dear mr. schulz, can i have your job when you're distancing dead?" [ laughter ]
11:51 pm
>> jimmy: oh my goodness >> social distancing so chill distancing wow, cut to the chase. >> jimmy: gobi >> i know. >> hey, jarrett. and then i just waited, because dude, i just realized something. i was like -- and he not died >> jimmy: what for a long time. >> jimmy: that was his response. that was his response to you >> cpa spells kpaw he did not die kpaw, dude, that's my job. >> he continually not die. kpaw, kpaw >> jimmy: trust me, no one is and when he did pass, i was more surprised than me hey, i got a new segment for the maybe in my late 30s, 40s. show i want to do. are you down i had become friends with >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah, but real quick. did you notice this virus is sparky's widow, and she brought called covid, and we're all me to his studio and gave me one of his nibs, which is the pen making covids, like kcovideos that he dipped in the ink, and i >> jimmy: yeah, that's really insightful. >> we should start a video drew one of my books with the nib. >> jimmy: no that's so cool company like a company that does doesn't that feel good >> it was great. covids and we'll name our and what was crazy was it was so company coolville. hard to draw with it, i got angry at it. >> jimmy: that's the worst idea i've ever heard. >> you get it? i was like this pen is difficult to use how dare you be good and good cool but google? coogle. >> jimmy: coogle with a difficult pen >> jimmy: exactly. >> yeah, man
11:52 pm
>> before we go, though, i have something. okay, this is my fan thing if you're not coogle, you're not cool, girl. i just want to indulge >> jimmy: without further ado, just listen. gobi and i would like to present the first annual social before the pandemic, this show, "the tonight show" was hosted by distancing awards, orb as i call a guy named johnny carson. >> jimmy: of course. >> right them v them, the sodis. >> root beer johnny carson in between the >> jimmy: what bids, it was more to come would be a drawing. >> jimmy: more to come, yep? >> my first sodi was root beer >> the more to come drawing. my mom would warm it up and put now, when you're a kid, i assume it in the bottle i would stay up for days. you wanted to be on "the tonight >> jimmy: that explains a lot. show"? >> jimmy: absolutely >> i wanted to be the more to the first sodi is guy i'm happiest to not have seen for three months come guy >> jimmy: more to come and go to and the winner is, mr. bauer, the commercial >> the cartoon the guy who checks meal plan i figured he was a guy sitting cards in the cafeteria he says i'm not supposed to be on the veranda of his rolls-royce, drawing there, but neither is that hair connecting his eyebrows. johnny could would come every bauer, you straight up look like bert day and say excuse me, drawing >> like bert and i would be gone, mr. carson. like bert gumby? i'm on the show. so this is what i made for you i get it. >> jimmy: okay, gobi, i just chatted you. you want the do the next one and really, for me it's a more to come. >> yeah, man, sure, sure >> jimmy: wow! all right. or wait. i lost it.
11:53 pm
>> later tonight on "the tonight show." >> jimmy: oh my god, look at hold on. that oh, just talking about -- >> jimmy: no, i chatted you. should it be on your computer. >> on "the tonight show," here we go. >> oh, yeah, yeah, okay, yeah. here it is spend the night at home. and the winner is -- root beer >> jimmy: what >> wow, i was just talking about root beer. >> jimmy: well, congrats to root beer, and congrats to me and gobi, winners of the award for best reunited buds pound it, bud. >> jimmy: that's all for this edition of "jarrett's room." i got to make sure gobi doesn't swallow his tie. >> yeah, good luck >> jimmy: later, dude. my thanks to my dear friend horatio sands. i love you, dude we'll be back with captain america himself, chris evans come on back ♪ ♪ and i'm a legend in my own time, just a legend in your own mind ♪
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16. (laughter) how many pints of iced tea are left in the pitcher? times... ten... so, wait... (errhhhhh) do you want to show us the continents on the... no. it is not going good. my mom is getting stressed out. (speaks hebrew) momma's tired. i, i'm, like... woooo... (screams) (sighs heavily) so, starting just quickly by breathing in... i never thought i'd say this, but i kind of miss school! the teachers, i mean, y'all are gifted people! i thank you so much for what you're doing. their investment into our children is beyond what we can even imagine.
11:58 pm
♪ ♪ couldn't see it with binoculars on ♪ >> jimmy: earlier today i got to speak to one of the most famous chriss in the world. he is obviously captain america, but he has done this last big thing with "knives out." he is great. he can never wear a cable knit sweater again. here is chris evans. >> absolutely, man i really, really appreciate it i'm kind of getting to see a little bit of your quarantine life because you just joined instagram. >> oh, yeah, i did i did. >> jimmy: that was a big decision for you, huh? >> i don't know what it was. i guess i caved. i feel like such an old man. i'm so late to the party i had too many good pictures of my dog these are being wasted in my phone. i got to put these somewhere. >> jimmy: wait until you get to brunch wait until you start posting those photos
11:59 pm
no spoil. >> no spoilers but i did see what you did to your dog it's a little unfortunate. why would you try to shave your dog, give him a haircut? >> i had done it once before, right when quarantine began. i gave him a little bit of a trim with a little timidity. and i went great so i got real confident and put on a shorter attachment. it exploded in my face and i kept trying to fix it. and eventually i got to cut my losses >> jimmy: explain to it me, because i want to do it for my dog. >> here's the deal we'll get into it. i'll give you the real so the first time i did it was after a walk, so he was exhausted. so he was straight and flat and you could kind of -- you got to go with the hair you don't go against it. don't go against it. >> jimmy: yep, okay. >> the next time i did it was first thing in the morning and he had a loft energy, and he kept -- as you are bringing the clippers down, he kept twisting his body, and the skin will crunch up.
12:00 am
>> jimmy: was he -- >> oh, god, no he has no idea what's going on you're trying to speak to him and he doesn't speak english. >> you got one of those foreign dogs [ laughter ] but i will say for everyone to follow you, because you' you're @chris evans. >> a little boost on the show? all right. >> jimmy: i'm helping you. i'm helping you grow this instagram thing. i saw you on twitter you're a good follow. >> oh, thanks. >> jimmy: people enjoy you you do creative things you going wear the -- are you going to wear the sweater? >> the sweater oh, oh, oh. >> jimmy: dude, that was a phenomena. >> it's a shame. i love cable knits, but now i feel when i wear them, people -- yeah, it's kind of -- i don't know if it works anymore. >> jimmy: it's kind of a great sweater to own, though it's classic >> i love that sweater
12:01 am
i love those sweaters. i love cable knits it's my favorite thing about winter, cable knits. >> jimmy: i was going ask you this, because a lot of people know you're very funny as well you do movies but you also get to do captain america. you can tap dance too, is that true or i made it up. >> yeah. i heard you're tapping now is that true >> jimmy: i'm trying to tap. >> hey, man, i tell you. what i did a show in new york a few years back and when we weren't rehearsing, i took tap classes once a week just to brush up on it i miss it. it's a really, really fun time it's a great workout it's frustrating. >> jimmy: it's frustrating it's so hard. >> it's like golf. you'll hit a million bad balls but that day you turn the corner and it just makes sense, oh my god, i love this >> jimmy: that's a good analogy. i do feel that way with golf because i'll never master it but i will say this. >> the shots keep coming back, though. >> jimmy: one good shot, that made my whole month. >> yeah.
12:02 am
>> jimmy: let's talk about your new series, "defending -- on apple tv plus. i'm familiar with the book, but what is this series about? >> it's -- i play an assistant district attorney in a small town in massachusetts. i have a 14-year-old son who gets accused of murder there is a murder in the town, and my son gets arrested as prime suspect, and it's kind of the unfolding of those events. >> jimmy: based on the giant book. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: do you like doing tv over movies? is there a difference? >> that line is so blurred now, you know, i can't -- it doesn't feel like -- maybe 20, 30 years ago there was a bit more divide in terms of the nature of the content. but now, i mean, you know, it's just -- there is actually a lot more exciting risks being taken i think in that medium these days in any sort of a -- i mean, 20 years ago this would have been a movie, and it would have been all engine and it would have
12:03 am
been plot heavy, and it would have been entertaining, but this allows it to breathe a little bit. you get to explore characters and moments, much more texture to it. you almost consume it the way you would a book books you kind of revisit. the draw of the book is how quickly it can pull you back into that world, and that kind of why i think people are getting addicted to these streaming shows because you can watch in chapters. >> jimmy: yeah it's also great to watch good actors just get into a juicy role and create it and see how long they can make that character. it's fun it's like watching a high-wire act. it's cool. >> good analogy. i like that. i'm sure i'll steal that. >> jimmy: you're allowed to, man, please. and you did that where, in massachusetts? >> in massachusetts. we shot like 20 minutes from where i live it was great like having a regular nine to five i was sleeping in my own bed and seeing my family on the weekends it was great like we shoot everybody in boston, i'd be thrilled.
12:04 am
>> jimmy: and then you've got to highlight your christopher's haven, which is a very cool charity. you want to explain what that's about? >> sure. i worked with them for a few years now. kind of i know the woman who runs it, and every now and then she'll ask if i can help them out a little bit or do something. it's such a great place. they provide housing for people coming to town getting treatment at mass general. such a great hospital and great pediatric wings and so forth so people are coming to town for these extended periods of time kind of have to leave friends, family, routine. this makes it a little bit more palatable. >> jimmy: that's cool that you're doing that. is your brother -- how is your brother doing, scott >> he is doing great yeah, actually, he is in l.a and last to come back here for this quarantine, i said you probably should come with me and he probably thought at first a couple of weeks, and we've been here now two months so we're roomies it's great >> jimmy: i love that. that's crazy
12:05 am
the last time we played know your bro on our show and it was great. i love that game because we got to see you guys really know each other. would he be up for another game if i went to commercial, could you get your brother to hang around >> i'll ask him. why not? what is he doing >> jimmy: guys, when we come back, hopefully we'll be hanging with chris evans and his brother. check. when we come back, chris and his brother scott will play the bro challenge. come on back ♪
12:06 am
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