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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  June 15, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine high interest rates. we break down what it means for you. now children as old as six months will expect a vaccine. not enough room. a problem leading to a crisis at a south bay animal shelter. will they get their fourth championship in the eighth year? they have the chance of the title on the line.
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good evening, i am jessica aguirre. the federal reserve has done something they haven't done in nearly 30 years. shots were fired on a bart train. no one was hurt but it did rattle a lot. this unfolded just under the:00 this afternoon. there was a fight on the train and then a shot was fired. a police officer was on the train, saw the fight and recovered the gun that was used. there still looking for the three men accused in the attack. the station was shut down briefly but everything is back to normal now. one step closer making vaccines available for the
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littlest americans. they are recommending authorizing vaccines for children as old as six months old. the votes are now set in motion and expected to be complete by tuesday. that would be a great relief for lot of parents. the decision will now go to the cdc for full approval. we will talk to our covid expert to break down the data. crypto concerns tonight. the crypto currency exchange whizzes headquartered in san francisco laid off 1/5 of its workforce this week. several went on linkedin to talk about the shock. some learned about it through a personal email. they were
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immediately locked out of their work email. the chief operating officer said the layoffs are response to the uncertainty in the crypto e currency. >> we just want to make sure that we treat those outgoing employees with as much respect and generosity as possible. we have offered them a generous severance packages. >> there are many other companies out there looking to hire today. i would honestly expect many of these workers to potentially be back to work in short order here. >> the bay area council say layoffs like this should not affect the bay area too severely. the federal reserve today issued its largest hike since 1994. moore increases could be coming.
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the increase was three times as big as they usually make. what does that mean for you and me? get ready to shell out more money to borrow money. we're talking about credit cards, home equity loans, car loans, and student loans as well. the hope is this will put a lid on rising prices. it does come with a risk. we have our business reporter here to talk about it. let's talk tactical terms. if you are a first-time homebuyer, you're probably out of the game. if you have a fixed mortgage, is that safe? >> yes, if you have a 30 year fixed rate, that rate is fixed no matter what the federal reserve does. the concern is that mortgage rates in general are going up, so if you're looking to buy
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right now the rate is around 6%. all of a sudden, things are getting more expensive. if you are already locked in, you are okay. >> what about student loans quickly? the same thing with car loans and credit cards? >> the cycle only lasts a month or two and it will roll over soon. your credit card payment is about to go up. pay off whatever you can because it will cost more to carry any sort of debt. that goes for car payments as well. student loans are usually locked in and okay. you will have to check to find out. the interest rate on that will go up as well if they are not. >> explained this, it sounds counterintuitive to raise it
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and then make it more expensive to borrow money. >> it is literally taking an emergency brake to the economy. things are getting so far ahead of us when it comes to what things cost that everybody is worried. that is what economists in the federal reserve say is slow down the economy by making it more expensive to borrow for individuals and businesses. inflation will slow down and prices will slow down. the reason things slow down is because we don't have as much money to buy things and to invest. that slows down the economy. you will have layoffs and problems there as well. they are trying to slow the economy to keep inflation rained in because things are getting very expensive. they don't want it so slow that everything screeches to a halt and businesses have to lay
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people off. they say it is a recession when your neighbor is out of a job but it is a depression when you are out of a job. >> it actually could happen as a result, right? >> right, that is a fine line there trying to walk here. curbing inflation without slowing it so much that we get into recession. we are likely to see a recession but the question is, will it be a long-lasting painful one or one with a soft landing? we can bounce back and keep people employed and get back to buying things again. >> let's hope so. the heads keep combing between covid and everyone losing their jobs. thank you, scott. let's talk about vaccines
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for babies. we told you that they gave the thumbs-up for children as young as six months old. that is one step in the long process for approval. the fda now considers the panel's recommendation. the agency usually follows the advice but it is free to make changes or reject a recommendation. another advisory panel set up by the cdc will review the fda's decision and vote on whether to recommend the vaccine. the cdc then picks up the recommendation and agency director issues whether the vaccine can be available. that whole process could be completed by as soon as next tuesday. will you give your vaccine to your baby? joining us now to discuss vaccines and kids is our
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infectious disease expert and a regular contributor here, dr. gandhi. a lot of parents have been waiting to get this vaccine and anxious about it. they are kind of nervous and want to know if it is safe? >> that's a great question. eventually 75% of children have actually seen the virus. some parents are not as anxious knowing that their children have been exposed. about 20% of parents are saying that i want my child to have the vaccine. i don't think it will be mandated. children are at much less risk
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for severe disease. the antibodies did not decrease the disease. >> those numbers that you bring up bring up a good point. how much of an impact will this have against the fight against covid? is it just more of a help for parents? it seems the young kids are the link in the family that needs help. >> it does increase antibodies. it is probably generating immunity in the infant. that is a good thing because it helps in the future. we always give children vaccines. 20% of parents want it so we
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want to give people the options. >> transmission in the bay area is high. look at the difference in the last few months. this is the transmission level about a month ago. most counties were in the greenwood low transmission levels. then you look at today's map and there is a lot more yellow and red. san francisco and santa clara are now in the yellow. napa and alameda county are in the high red. what is going on that's making that difference? >> some places have lower rates of natural immunity. some have both natural and vaccinations and those have the
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most infections. it is very transmissible. there are zero deaths in marin county since march. this is a very transmissible variant. >> part of me thought it was only a matter of time. dr. fauci now says he tested positive for covid 19. he's probably the most careful man in america. what does it tell you that he finally has covid? >> it means that almost everyone can get covid. he is very good about masking and he has had
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four doses of the vaccine, two boosters. that proves the power of the vaccine. if we think about how well the vaccines work it will make us feel better. i think we are all going to need it. >> thank you. our other specialist spoke today about the current state of the pandemic. you can download our series today on apple tv. the reason behind in animal shelters crisis in the south bay . are you mentally prepared? we could be 25 hours away from a title for the warriors again.
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a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join. we have a series of tributes today. they brought his remains along a motorcade with people lining the streets to pay homage to the legendary lawmaker. he died may 3rd at 90 years
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old. he had an amazing career. he went to mayor from 20 years in congress. he was the first asian-american told a cabinet direction. he was an intern in washington, d.c. >> i got my start and it stuck me with a deep and personal connection. >> this welcome home was everything to the family. i know it would have been for him as well. >> he will be laid to rest alongside his parents and siblings. a public memorial will be held tomorrow morning starting at 10:30 a.m. and president clinton is scheduled to speak. animal shelters are full and filling up fast. they reached capacity for the first time ever. cats and dogs
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had to share candles. >> i know we have people wanting to surrender their pets. it is really hard to find affordable and pet friendly housing. >> to free up canola space, they waived adoption fees for two days this week. you can also foster a dock for the summer. it is almost here, the big game. it could be a really big game. the warriors will face the celtics in game six for the nba finals. fingers crossed! tomorrow's game is going to be huge and people are going to be
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so nervous. >> you're right, good evening. this is the calm before the storm. tomorrow, this will be flooded with a sea of green. it will be game 6 for the nba finals. the warriors want to walk away with the championship. they lead the celtics 3-2 in this series. if they win tomorrow in game six, it will be their fourth title since 2015. steph curry is at the top of their dynasty. they are close on the court and off the court. they usually sit across from each other at the same table. the three guards have remained close friends for the past decade.
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>> i don't want to see him too many times. that's funny, that happened two days ago. they were chatting for six hours on a plane ride and i was trying to get some sleep. >> the warriors are hoping for more good times in game six. live in boston, nbc bay area. >> don't jinx it! >> there is no such thing as a jinx! >> thanks, anthony. do you think the warriors will close out the nba finals in boston? why or why not?
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they are hitting their shots or will they lose their composure in the game? unfortunately, i don't think they will last. last time curry had to carry the whole team on his back. it will be hard to compete. >> all right, let's try to be positive. san francisco's museum is lucky enough to host the traveling portraits of resident obama and former first lady michelle obama. it is setting records for people showing up to see them. it is and just the obama's, they are also the first african- american artist to paint them. >> the obama's worn inspiration to millions around the world.
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there was a sense of hope and possibility in these paintings. >> the exhibit opens to the public on saturday and runs till august 14th. a life back look of the bay bridge. just up, our warming weather.
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icon at the bottom of your computer screen. after 27 years, microsoft is retiring is most dominant browser, internet explorer. it will live on in edge. just like for the icon and it will feel like the 90s all over again. we love the 90s, jeff! >> we can just go back in time when we click that? so much fun. the 90s are not what we are having in the forecast anymore. >> we have some high pressure the last few days. right now at this very second it is beginning to fade and that will make way for cooler
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system. i do not expect extreme fire danger. we will see the numbers stick. it is already 11 degrees cooler in santa rosa. as we start it off tomorrow morning, we have some high clouds moving in. we cannot ask for better weather in june. we are at 78 in concord. a nice day in napa in the upper 70s. 69 in oakland. our seven-day forecast continues to dip. saturday, 75. we are up to a warmer 82 on sunday. it won't last long. we are also in warriors mode
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from universal studios, hollywood, welcome to "access hollywood." what new role has ryan gosling blond and shirtless? haley spoke out about a recovery from a mini stroke and gave an update on her husband's battle with ramsay hunt's syndrome. >> as you can see, this eye is not blinking. i can't smile on this side of my


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