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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this is abc15 news, taking action. an armed robbery in phoenix turns deadly. police right now on the hunt for the person who did this. we will have a live report coming up. and more breaking news to pass along here at 4:30, phoenix police officers forced to open fire on a suspect. i have brand-new details just coming into the live desk. you know what we say, pack airline is dealing with a global outage and that means your flight could be delayed by hours. that is a live look right now inside sky harbor for all of you early risers, yeah, you got to stay tuned here. we are going to let you know what's going on if you plan on flying this monday. good morning, everybody, this is abc15 mornings. >> yeah, 4:30 on this monday. we will get to the live desk in just a moment. but let's check in with allison rodriguez. she is in for iris and got your most accurate forecast. >> good monday morning to you guys and everybody at home.
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week but this morning, today will be kind of the calm before the storm, literally, right? here's a look at clouds and radar this morning. you see mostly clear overnight. we did have some activity out to the east of us here but really the valley staying dry overnight. our current conditions across the valley, most of us in the mid-80s right now. chandler dropping into the 70s but those winds really not even measuring at this moment. we are expecting them to be about five to 10 miles per hour as we get through the day. here's a quick snapshot of our highs across the valley today. we are going to average. coming up we are going to break these temps down hour by hour in just a few minutes. breaking news first on abc15. >> the breaking news we first told you about early this morning, one man dad after an armed robbery at a convenience store in south phoenix and detectives are hoping that you can help solve this one. i'm going to get out to justin pazera. he's on the scene and got an update from detectives there.
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street and southern which is a busy area. police are hoping that somebody has some kind of information that can help them track down the person who did this. i just got this from phoenix police, a few seconds ago, this update. they said there was a clerk outside the 7-eleven. when that armed robber came up, he made contact with that clerk, forced him inside the 7- eleven. that's when he ordered them to empty the candlelight vigil college -- cash register. the suspect took off on foot. we don't have a good description of the suspect at this point. all phoenix police say he was in dark clothing and a mask over his face, so this morning, again, if you have any information on this robbery, police want to hear from you. we are live in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15.
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desk happening right now, expect to see a large crime scene near third street and mcdowell as phoenix police officers open fire on a suspect. we have been on the scene of this one all morning for you. it happened just before 11:00 last night. officers tell us a couple got into a fight in their front yard, a man walking a dog then tried to intervene but then got into a fight with the guy and got roughed up here. the fight then moved to the main house with the guy's mom. when officers arrived, they say the man ignored their commands to stop fighting. knife. officers fired one shot at this man and we are told that he has a nonlife threatening injury. the man who was walking the dog is fine and as soon as we get another update, danielle, i will let you know. >> thanks, chris. 4:00 '33 -- 4:33 and shock and tragedy in youngtown after what sheriff's deputies are calling a violent death of a 3- year-old. this is being investigated as a
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more investigation. five children live at that home and a 9-year-old sister was injured and in a hospital right now. neighbors say they helped the children as deputies and mom arrived on scene. >> the mother and a grandmother, i can tell you that my heart was absolutely, you know, breaking, thinking that the mother, of course, who had no idea what had happened was going to be showing up and finding out the news and, you know, i don't think, you know, anybody should have to go through something like that. >> there are still a lot of unanswered questions that we are trying to answer for you. so far there's been no word on a suspect or a motive or even what the 9-year-old girl's status is. mcso is expected to release more details on this today, dan. 4:34. if you're flying out of sky harbor, make sure you arrive more than a few extra minutes early. there will be picketers out at terminal 4. the maricopa labor foundation will beginning picketing at 7:00 this morning and they are gearing towards southwest airlines management. we will have more on this coming up in the 5:00 hour and
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chris, though, this morning southwest not the only company having some issues. what's the deal with delta? >> talking about delta, one of the largest airlines in the world here dealing with a lot here, talking about computer outages causing chaos nation and globally, i should say, including right here at sky harbor. as a matter of fact, have you ever lost your computer password and you're locked out of your computers? that's what appears to have happened to delta, as a matter of fact and some of the tweets going out right now, boy, it is a mess, katie connor is on scene at sky harbor. katie. >> reporter: chris, this is such a bad outage that delta can't even change their boards here to update all of the flights -- that all of the flights have been cancelled. people are able to check in. you can see the line right here, but the airline can't take anyone's bag. here's what we know, there was a power outage in atlanta that has impacted the computer system and also all flights worldwide. we know that tens of thousands of travelers can't get out right now and again this is a
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delta won't say why exactly their system went down during this outage. back live at the scene, we are watching employees go up to all the travelers and say, hey, you can check in but not going to be able to get out today. delta is trying to work on fixing this problem but it is going to be a chaotic day and passengers are given this red card and told to call this 1- 800-number to actually rebook their flights because, again, right now if you do check your flights online at home, it will not it will say they are on time so make sure to call this number. we will have it on our website for you as well. reporting live in phoenix, katie connor, abc15 news. >> thank you for keeping us posted on that. we will keep you posted all throughout the morning. we also have new developments on a deadly crash south of the valley. state route 347 is still closed just south of i-10. dps sending us this picture. we are told a vehicle traveling southbound crossed into the northbound lanes, then side swiped a vehicle and collided head on with a third.
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ended that crash. the driver who crossed the lanes died. another person is injured. so let's get over to our traffic expert, mallory moore. how can people get around this? >> the latest update i am hearing is that the northbound side still blocked off. you could still see restrictions on the southbound side again, state route 347 from riggs road to maricopa, that's the closure this morning so your smart route -- first of all, head out early, but you can take riggs road over 10 westbound. summer still in full swing even though folks are going back to school but a lot of families like to take a break from the heat at the lake. sadly just a deadly weekend around the water. kingman teenager had a family reunion -- at a family reunion drowned in utah. chase leroy clark got caught in a culvert at the otter creek state park. his family couldn't save him because the current was just too strong. to lake pleasant now where two teenagers have severe burns
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investigators now trying to figure out what happened there exactly. the girls just 13 years old. the family had just put their boat in the water when something sparked and -- an explosion. >> there was a very quick, very brief flash of fire that burned these girls but we don't really know the reason. >> one girl was airlifted with first and second degree burns covering half of her body. four people and two dogs were on the boat. no one else was seriously just weeks after being reunited, san tan valley family has been torn apart once again with the unexpected decision to send tyler dos back to jail -- coss back to jail. he's facing charges for sex crimes involving minors. he spent three years behind bars and just released a month ago to wait for his trial. we have reached out to his attorney, coss' next hearing is set for august 22nd. an an ban donned hotel -- an abandoned hotel catches fire
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near 24th street and washington. crews quickly getting that fire under control. as of right now, though, the cause is under investigation but we thank those crews for working hard throughout the night to knock that down. and maybe you have a case of the mondays. this might perk you up a little bit. gas prices are trickling down and our state is back to being among the cheapest across the nation. so aaa says today's average for regular unleaded is about $2.12 nationally so not doing too bad there. week, that's down to $2.07. if your commute takes you near 51st avenue, fill up there because prices are as low as $1.76 a gallon. if you're filling up before you head out, give you a look at your current traffic conditions this morning. all green on all of our valley freeways right now. it's an 11 minute drive time from i-10 east as you're traveling i-10 eastbound from 75th avenue until you hit the mini stack. i-10 right near 32nd, 40th
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closures, ramp closures on 32nd street, they should reopen those around 5:00 a.m. that's some construction going on so the 40th street exit ramp will be your best bet, allyson. it is warm out there but look how hot we are going to get today. i wanted to show you this to give you perspective. 109 today and then this is average, 105 degrees. look how the temperatures start to go down every day this week, really up until friday finally start to go back up here and that's because we are going to get a lot of moisture coming up and threats of heavy rain which we will go over in just a second. first, i wanted to show you this, i promised you that hour- by-hour forecast. if you're going for a bike rideso many people inspired by the olympics, do it early because we are warming up quickly here, triple digits already by lunchtime. we will be topping out at 109 today. coming up i will show you where the rest of the valley will top out at.
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at this moment after an american is kidnapped in kabul. shellshocked, tears, i mean, mom is crying. >> a trip to the water park ending in heart break. a family now mourning the loss of their son after a ride turns deadly. zika concerns are on the rise but so are the scams. what should you watch out for so you don't get sucked in?
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morning. 4:45 on this monday. 93 degrees already as you take a live look outside. alison will be in in just a moment with that most accurate forecast and mallory is keeping an cry on those desert drive times. dan. this water created a lot of problems, now it is time for -- to officially begin at create academy. the first day of school had to be pushed back several days after last week's monsoon
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and dry out the rooms before anybody could get inside. classes begin at 8:30. so welcome bark. the alarms are also set for more than 27,000 students who will begin their first day of school, phoenix union district, 17 campuses return today including two new small schools. they will open as well so we say again, welcome back to school and parents, students, best of luck for the school year. and speaking of school, no federal financial aid, credits that won't transfer, that could become reality for community college students in tucson. right now the school is trying to keep its accreditation since facing sanctions back in 2013. reviewers are set to visit at the end of september with a final decision coming in february. some of the concerns include high turnover of key workers and not paying enough attention to program quality. danielle, back to the live desk at 4:45, speaking of education, listen to this, happening right now, there's a manhunt underway after two professors including an american were kidnapped overseas. it happened at an american
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kabul. police officers say five gunmen wearing military uniforms stormed the campus and abducted an american and an australian. the motive behind the kidnapping remains unclear. that's all that's been released at this moment, dan. what went wrong at the world's tallest water slide, now deadly, this after a 10- year-old is killed in kansas city, kansas. just devastating here. that's 10-year-old caleb swab, the son of a kansas state legislator. he was riding something happened. that slide as you know can reach speeds of 50 miles an hour. the news of that accident spreading across the park. >> i freaked out. i ran and i was stopped and told i wasn't allowed to go past. >> that water park will be closed again today while they investigate. >> terrible for that family. turning to democracy 2016 now, it is all about motor city this week for the presidential candidates.
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set to reveal his updated economic plan there in detroit. that revised plan is expected to walk back some of trump's tax cuts to make them less expensive. the washington post reports hillary clinton will deliver a response to trump's speech on thursday, that will also happen from detroit. clinton's campaign says her speech will offer a, quote, clear contrast to trump's approach. and there is one member of the bush political family now supporting donald trump, the son of jeb bush. george p. bush told a gathering of texas g.o.p. activists it was time to unite behind trump. he says it's a bitter pill to swallow but you get back up and make sure we stop hillary clinton. this move a break from bush's father jeb who maintains he will not vote for trump in november after that bitter primary run. the governor of texas ready to make his first appearance since he was sent to the hospital with horrible burns. you might remember last month
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degree burns while vacationing in wyoming. his office won't say how he was burned. oxen on the go, yes, oxen. 40 of them have a big task today hauling a vermont school house to its original spot, kind of a throwback to the 1800s. this historic school built in 1823 but was later moved about a third of the a mile away and was abandoned -- third of a mile away but was abandoned after the civil war. state officials want it returns to the and that's where the oxens come in to play. let's talk weather. and a lot of people wondering are we going to see storms back in the forecast. >> we are in for big changes this week but today like the calm before the storm. so we will enjoy it. it's going to be hot. it's august, right? >> it's summer. >> in the desert, so we are used to it so we will take it. a look at futurecast, we will track together what's going to be happening over the next about 24 to 48 hours.
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play on this and you see i stopped it right here. i wanted to show you this. we are going to be staying dry today but not the entire state will. we will still see chances for pop-up showers there up to the east and to the southeast of us today and let's go ahead and take this into tomorrow because a surge in moisture will start to come up here in the state. now, we are going to keep our rain chances pretty low tomorrow, 10, 20% shot because we are going to see all that moisture start to push through, specifically as we get into the afternoon hours, but look what happens as i let you see all of that continue to push on through. now, i stopped that by wednesday morning and you can see all of that is really starting to push on through. so we are going to look for pretty good significant rain chances on your wednesday and that looks to be some of those hazards, could be heavy rainfall. so we -- i don't want to say we are going to see a repeat of last week but that is something we have to look out for, it's a great time to download that free abc15 mobile app. we send those alerts to your phone so you know before you go anywhere. look as we break down the rain
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storm chances. tomorrow we bump it up to 20% shot, right? we are keeping things higher in the upper terrain but for us, again, that heavy rain possible, 60% chance for some showers on thursday and then we will slowly start to dry back out by friday, things will drop down even more saturday into sunday and the start of next workweek. so what are the hazards that we are going to be dealing with? well, the medium category right now is for wind and dust. i don't think we are really going to see any hail from this but the heavy rain could be the biggest hazard that we will dealing with with this rainfall here that we are expecting to get this week, kind of leftover remnants from a system off of the west coast. let's get back to today, though. we have to get through the heat first. it's going to be hot today, hotter than yesterday and hotter all around the state really. 83 in show low today, 95 in winslow, 90s in payson and sedona and 80 in flagstaff. for us right here in the valley, our highs are going to be about four or 5 degrees above average for this time of year.
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warm but we will be at 109 in tempe, 109 in glendale, 108 in ahwatukee as well as goodyear, peoria and surprise as well with mostly clear skies for us. we are not going to get a big break from any of that sun. as we break down the temperatures ford today hour by hour, look at this, we are already going to be in the triple digits by 1:00. it's going to warm up very quickly for us here today and then again the increased moisture and increased clouds overnight. coming up i am going to show you that seven day plus i kno school. we've got to look at that bus stop forecast too. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by centurylink prism. >> i-17, 16 minutes as you're traveling southbound from the 101 to the i-10 stack and a heads up, the ramp at the 17 were closed overnight but reopened. east valley, no problem spots. i didn't break down -- i'm going to break down the rest of your east valley commute in a
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more teenagers are now turning to e-cigarettes and it might be because of the cheap costs. that's according to the medical journal pediatrics. a new study revealing that low costs and alluring flavors, we are talking things like cotton candy and pizza, that is likely what draws young people to smoke vapors. but changes are on the way. coming up at 5:00, we will take a look at new fda guidelines. the scammers don't seem to want to let a good crisis go to waste so they are out in force when it comes zika, the number of cases of that virus contracted here in the united states up to 16 now. this in a neighborhood that is just to the north of miami. so officials warn stick to the standard bug spray you're used to. there's a louisiana exterminator actually selling what he calls a zika cube that's an outdoor misting system. others have tried to hawk wrist bands and buck zappers that might not be on the up and up. 4:52 and new from the abc15 live desk, a hunt to find three
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it didn't stop there. we will explain. and all across the valley right now, people are getting checks in the mail so how do you know if they are real? coming up joe lets you know an easy way to spot the fakes. in today's tech bytes, pokimon go's assault on your battery. chasing down all those pocket monsters takes a toll on your smartphone's charge. >> but that's not stopping people from playing, of course. the result instead has been a surge in battery backups and portable chargers. sales doubled in the two weeks after the walmart expected to announce a major acquisition today. it is reportedly purchasing online retailer for $30 billion -- $3 billion. >> hoping to become more competitive with amazon which racked up about $100 billion in sales last year. athletes aren't the only ones competing for medals in rio. >> google is holding the doodle fruit games into next week. >> you can be a pineapple tennis player and join the fun with your google app.
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>> those are your tech bytes.
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it's football week, folks. this friday it is cards-raiders outside at university of phoenix stadium. cards pregame starts at 6:30 but we will have live coverage
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abc15. it was a huge night for the american swim team in rio. >> the u.s. adding two more gold medals to the count. they won big. first katie ladecky destroying her own world record in the women's 400-meter freestyle. then michael phelps he earned his record 19th gold medal in the men's four by 100-meter freestyle relay. right now the u.s., we've got a total of 12 medals, australia has six but ties the u.s. china with three gold medals. >> always makes you feel good. >> yeah. swimming and gymnastics, those are my favorite. >> they are so much fun to watch. silver in the category today because we are going to be so hot, 109. i promise you the seven-day forecast, we've got to break down rain chances coming up plus your bus stop forecast. we are on the scene of breaking news as a robbery in south phoenix turns deadly at a 7-eleven, dan. delta airlines down right now, problems are about to begin for southwest airlines.
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rally in 10 cities. rally in 10 cities. that's and much more news with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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5:00 and happening right now, breaking news, justin pazera, 16th street and 11th where a 7-eleven clerk killed during a robbery. he has new information you need to know next. and a murder mystery in the west valley. the stranger series of -- strange series of events that ended with a man found dead in his car. it is 5:00.
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you up and start your workweek. >> katie connor is at phoenix sky harbor this morning because delta is having massive issues, also southwest expected to have problems so heads up on that. we will keep you posted as the morning goes on. first let's go ahead and get into your most accurate forecast. this is going to be hot today. one of those days that we will enjoy being here with the ac so hopefully you can stay somewhere like that too. here's a quick look at where we are at currently at phoenix sky harbor. this actually just dropped. i want to say a minute ago because we were just degrees, so now we are at 92, dropping a little bit more before all said and done this morning. your dew points in the 40s, so you will feel it a little bit out there. humidity is not bad. today we are going to continue that dryingout trend and as we look with desertdoppler you see that on here too, our abc15, we are not picking up a whole ton so i promise you that bus stop forecast a few minutes ago. here it is for you right now, 80s this morning as the kids go out to start, i know phoenix


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