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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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wearing a mask went in demanding money, and forced two clerks into a back room and made them lay down. the suspect shot one clerk killing him. he hasn't been identified yet, but police say he's a man in his 30s. the other clerk got away unhurt. meanwhile 7-11 is back open, about 12 hours after the deadly shooting inside, and some customers are sad to hear about the violence. >> if he's the guy i know he's very nice. very quiet. go to work in the morning, he'd be out here cleaning up. >> reporter: the suspect then ran off, and police need your help ton find him. at of we -- 6:00 we asked 7-11 what they're doing to protect their workers. in the west valley a crime hard to fathom. police are trying to piece together the horror that happened inside this house in young town. a teen is in jail accused of murdering his 3-year-old brother.
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sheriff joe arpaio says it's likely the teen will be charged as an adult? >> reporter: that's exactly right. he says because of how gruesome the crime sane was he wants the -- scene was he wants the county attorney to make the decision, but the family says they're not only dealing with the loss of the 3-year-old, but also their loved one being the alleged killer as well. the family saying they're going through something they can't even describe. their 3-year-old family member brutally and the suspect one of their own too. >> he's one of the most lovings kids i've known in my life, and i don't know if i'll ever understand exactly what happened, but we also have to be there for him as well. >> reporter: but the sheriff's department describes the teen differently. >> the suspect was covered with blood. there was also traces of blood on the roadways. >> reporter: sheriff joe arpaio saying after killing the
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ran from the house. >> after that foot pursuit, he was tackled by our deputies and placed under arrest. >> reporter: right now the teen is sitting in the jail facing second-degree murder charges. while the family remembers a little boy named princeton. >> as a grandfather, i'll never be the same after this. part of his mother is everybody action even the other -- everybody, even the other siblings. it's a tragic thing unfortunately that we're involved in. >> reporter: and the county attorney will be making the decision on whether or not that 16-year-old be charged as an adult, but as for a motive, it's unclear, and the sheriff's office is stilly investigating and -- still investigating and conduct interviews. >> we'll be thinking of the family. thank you. we've been working our source, and i have brand new
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security guard shot late last week. police identifying him as tony valencia. he went to check on a suspicious person looking into cars with a a flashlight, and when confronted the man shot tony in the chest and took off. a bullet proof vest is what saved tony's live. tonight new video and disturbing new details on the phoenix man accused of stabbing his mother death. his mother had recently been trying to sell the mobile home she shared with her son. police arrested the former marine saturday night after they found the couple's bodies inside and linked evidence to him. today we're waiting for an update from buckeye police after a family gathering turned deedily. a man shot his friend during an
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dunlap last night. that person was rushed to the hospital, and we still don't know his condition, but police found the shooter dead in a car a few blocks away. it's unclear how he died. a phoenix man expected to survive after being shot by police. officers forced to open fire overnight when they say the man pulled a knife on him while fighting with his family in the fronted yard of their home. monitoring a man hunt in the west valley after an aps worker is shot on the job this afternoon on greenway in surprise. turns out it was only a pellet or bb gun, but the worker still got a good welt. now to the most accurate forecast, and sunny and dry out there now, but that's about to change. look at the water vapor imagery and the moisture in the green sitting to the south and ready to surge in, and it's not monsoon moisture this time. it's also a little bit of tropical moisture because of
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miles per hour wind, and gusts near 81, and here's the forecast path. it's really going to hug right along the western coastline of the baja over the next 48 hours, so there's still uncertainly as to what exactly is happening with him since it's so close to the coast. if it stays offshore, more moisture with it. if it goes on shore it weakensen and provides -- weakens, and provides less moisture, but moisture regardless, and rain is coming back. more in minutes. we were tracking the heat today, and i got an update from fire crews telling us that the family of 5 who were being rescued from the mountain are okay. they were hiking off the main trail, and called for help about 3:15 after mom started feeling sick from the heat.
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okay, and -- be okay, and not being taken to the hospital. >> christopher david santos. a shocking and frankly disgusting move by a valley youth pastor. he's accused of spying on a girl and recording video of her changing in after buckeye changing room. her mom is speaking only to abc 15 about what happened. joe bartels is live with the details on the case, really upsetting. >> reporter: yeah, stephanie, they certainly are, and the youth pastor here at the church after they found the video of a 14-year- old girl naked with the waist down on his cell phone. this is the 31-year-old chris santos who's facing charges, it all went down saturday morning according to police. the mom of the 14-year-old victim says she left her daughter in the changing room of the bell's department store in buckeye for just a few minutes, and when she came back she saw the man allegedly hunched down, cell phone in
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changing room door. she says he was startled, and walked away, but he was heads up, and put two and two together, and confronted and ripped his cell phone away. >> i asked him were you just recording or taking a picture of my daughter in the fitting room? and i pressed play and i saw that it was my daughter, naked from the waist down with just underwear on. >> reporter: and santos later told police he was going to use the videfo desires. coming up the church is speaking up about the swift action they're taking to make sure there's no victims within the church here. the first day of school, and a moment so many wishes he could have been there. the new updates from the search for jesse wilson. and the wait list opens for the affordab housing in
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from the live desk, one person's locked up, but the other is out there somewhere. peoria police updating us on the people involved in a smoke shop robbery in june. detectives tracked down kevin the left of the screen, but ryan carr is still on the run, armed and dangerous. bright faces armed robbery and aggravated assault charges. and in the past 90 minutes avondale police confirm a toddler pulled from a pool friday night has died. he was 2-year-old noah james, and visiting a home for a birthday party. it's unclear how long he was in
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three weeks ago today 10- year-old jesse wilson was reported missing, and tonight there's still no sign of homie, and his -- him, and his classmated are force -- class mates are forced to start the new year without him. >> reporter: school officials have had a lot of hope that jesse wilson would return here to bradley academy, and up until now have had no problem talking to the media. that is until today. we were turned away from the school while teachers tried to keep things as normal as possible for the students as they start the new school year, but that yellow desk signifying wanting jesse wilson to come home and return to school still reminds students that he's missing. we checked with buckeye police on the status of the investigation, and detectives are still activity searching and following up on leads they say as they receive them. the police department has
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weeks ago, and since then they've gotten about 51 tips. now those tips big or small are very important to detective, and they encourage the public if you know anything or have seen anything call them. the tip line is on our website,, and you can also e-mail them, and we'll have that also for you. maryellen resendez, abc 15 news. thank you. tragedy on campus. how teammates and coaches are rememberg a football player. and so far it's been one of the hottest summers on record. 28 days at 110 or hotter, just shy of the record -- five shy of the record set in the 2011, but temperatures are about to
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>. tonight the university of arizona mourning the loss of a local football star. he passed away in his sleep, found this morning in his tucson apartment. the senior offensive lineman drew national attention in 2012 at chandler high school. just hours ago, a tearful wild cats coach talking about the last time >> saw him two nights ago. talked for about 45 minutes, about everything. happy. >> the cause of his death is still under investigation. >> and so many fans, teammate, and former players leaving
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online, a lot using this hashtag, forever 65. you see some of them here. one writes i thank god every day, life the precious, and every day is a blessing. the world lost a great guy today. we'll miss you. rest in peace. there's the hashtag again. if you'd like to join the conversation of his memory you can do so on our abc 15 facebook page now. the count down continues, four days until the arizona cardinals kick off prse play, and fans safe to say can't wait. >> and one guy specifically really can't wait, our own jason snavely, live at camp all throughout, and soon you'll have a game to report on! >> reporter: can you believe it? a full game of football? four quarters and everything? so excited for friday. practices are fun and all, but there's nothing like game day. meanwhile the battle to see who will play on game day still on
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really turned heads the last couple of weeks, rookie cornerback brandon williams. it looked like he would just fill in, but looks like it's the rookie's spot to lose, not the veterans. i asked the vet if he's starting to fill the heat. bruce says that might be a reason you're getting healthier faster [ laughter ] >> um, no, i definitely want to get back just because i want to be out ther playing with them, and making plays and being excited about it. >> reporter: do you get a sense you'll have to earn the spot back? >> i kind of had the sense before the season started, nothing is really given to you in this league, and you know, i knew we were going to bring guys in, and it was going to be competition for the spot. >> reporter: 23-year-old brandon womans will get the start at right -- williams l get the start at right -- will
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friday night, and this place will be hopping. coming up we'll hear from the players as they gear up for the first game day of the season. >> hard to believe. >> the year is going by really fast, not that we're complaining. >> reporter: not fast enough! >> exactly for same [ laughter ] and check out the cardinals here this friday, the cards hosting the raiders at university of phoenix stadium. kickoff at 7:00. the pre-game starts at 6:30, and live comp all tarts a-- coverage all starting -- 4 tim on abc 15. and we're tracking the damage from hurricane earl in mexico, already the death toll at 39. soldiers deployed to help clear away debris. a section of the main highway connecting the region to mexico city had to be closed preventing life-saving medical treatment to get in. >> right, and now we have
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mexico, and we'll be pulling in some of the moisture as well and the monsoon flow working up from the south, the flooding threat will be increased here in our state. take a look at the map. everything in green is a flash flood watch that's going to kick in tomorrow for the valley at 5:00 p.m., and it will be in effect until 11:00 p.m. on wednesday, so heavy rain is possible as we get the huge surge of moisture, and remember turn around, don't drown, don't try to cross any flooded roadways over the days. and here's the break down hour by hour in the valley. a dry start to the day, and warm one too, 88 at 7:00 a.m., 89 at so-- 98 at 10:00, low 100s by 2:00, not as hot as today, but we are increasing the humidity, 10 percent at 5:00 p.m., and a 30 percent chance of rain by 5:00 p.m.,
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overnight, and by 2:00 in the morning the chance is up to 60 percent. still a decent shot overnight wednesday into thursday too. there's uncertainly as to how much rain we'll actually get, it depends on javier. if it makes land fall it will weaken and pull in less moisture, so we're on the conservative side right now through tuesday, wednesday, and even early thursday a few spots maybe up to an inch, but we're watching this very closely, and we'll update you as the new model runs come in. right now the valley is dry, but we have shower and thunderstorms along the eastern portions of rim, and down across the hymn across southeast arizona. the storms breaking out near safford are pretty strong, so watch out for lightning, gusty winds, and pockets of heavy rain, and they'll see storm chances again tomorrow before
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in the day. right now at 108. the dewpoint increasing a lot over the next 24 hour, way up into the 60s into wednesday for the dewpoints, maybe even 70s. but tonight dry, down into the low 100s by 8:00 p.m. 98 by 9:00, and some spots still near 110 including gilbert, chandler, peoria and surprise at this hour. across the state up to the north, testimonies in the 70s along -- temperatures in the 70s along the rim. tonight down to 63 64 in were kingman, and casa grande at 84, and hitting 100 tomorrow. we'll see highs in the 70s and 80s along the rim. and from the valley to the west it's the triple digit heat for tomorrow, including mesa and gilbert hitting 101, tempe at 102, and tomorrow in the west valley avondale and glendale 102. we'll drop considerably wednesday and thursday, highs
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chance of rain. by this weekend drier and hotter too. 107 in the forecast for saturday and sunday. and here's what's coming up next on world news tonight. steve, the travel chaos, thousands stranded, delta canceling hundreds of flights. also the tragedy at the water park. what we just learned after a 10- year-old boy was killed here in the us. and another female jogger discovered dead.
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on the campaign trail, a turn to the economy. donald trump delivering a major speech in his plan to create jobs and cut taxes ahead of hillary clinton's speech expected later this week.
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revolution since the reagan tax reform. >> he was interrupted many times by protesters, but he didn't take the bait, instead sticking to the script. >> we'll build the next generation of buildings, roads, tunnels, sea ports and airports. >> but he offered little details on how he'd do it. clinton lambasted the tax cuts that she says on wealthy. and we're learning ability the war chest -- about the war chest sheriff joe arpaio has. much of the money came from his base of backers, most of which that live outside of arizona. a rush to get affordable housing. for the first time in 11 years t city of phoenix is opening the wait list for those that need help paying rent. sonu wasu has more on the 11,000 people that have already applied. >> reporter: i'm in the phoenix
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really big deal for tens of thousands of residents who have been on a wait list, some of them me than a decade. they expect to be very busy up here. i spoke to one mother that's been trying to get in for three years. >> it's been closed for a minute now, so you check and check. >> reporter: she's one of more than 10,000 people that rushed to fill out the application. working a minimum wage job and living with family, she's ready to start a >> i'm like yes, finally. i just got a job, so yes, finally we can start putting the pieces of our life together. >> reporter: phones have been ringing off the hook since the wait list opened up at the start of day. >> when we closed the list in 2005, we had 30,000 people on the wait list, and it's taken us this long to get through it. >> reporter: of the tens of thousands of people that will fill out applications, only
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arriving early didn't really help. >> i'll be hopeful though, and kind of put my faith in there, and hopefully, you know, i get picked. >> reporter: the city will post the lottery winners on the website within a month. coming up at 6:00, why you should consider joining the program if you're a landlord. what's in it for you have? more coming -- for you? more coming up at 6:00. >. final look at the forecast, 110 today, but look at much more humidity though. the 95 isn't going to feel as good as it looks. rain chances 60 percent by
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- you start your day with it, you end your day with it, and it's always there when you need it: water. srp works with partners to restore our northern forests, the source of the water we deliver to the valley. from devastating wildfires ensures that water flows, day in and day out.
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tonight, the travel chaos. the computer meltdown leaving thousands of passengers stranded. delta canceling hundreds of flights. also tonight, what we have now learned about the tragedy at the water park. after a 10-year-old boy was killed on the world's tallest water slide, right here in the u.s. new trouble for trump? the new poll out tonight, just tax plan. and this evening, the new letter. 50 republican officials now warning that donald trump would be, in their words, the most reckless president in american history. the jogger discovered dead, the second young woman in less than a week. and tonight, the new warning. and the american athletes take the lead in rio. michael phelps winning gold. tears from his teammate, ryan held. the stunner for the williams sisters.


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