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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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. we begin tonight where a weather alert, another round of showers and thunderstorms firing up mainly west across the valley. an alert in buckeye until 11:15, and the rest of us under a flash flood watch through the overnight forecast and all day tomorrow. we'll break down how much rain we could see coming up in minutes. in the meantime one of hardest
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junction. a major downpour, over two inches of rain leading to flooding there. one maintenance worker forced to take action in a drastic way. that's right, a hammer to a cement wall. all of this happening at a mobile home park near meridian and superstitionafter backyards filled it's the worst it's been, and it is. it's the worst we've seen it. >> they told abc 15 the neighbors will have top band together to pick up all the debris. more of today's incredible video in minutes. right now on abc 15 at 10:00, a major announcement about a teen accused offed killing his -- of killing his own brother. betrayed and broken hearted, a valley woman opens up about a terrible loss.
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serial shooter. nearly half a year of terror, and no signs of stopping. seven people killed in all, and who knows when and where he'll strike next, but navideh forghani is lerping more through the some -- learning more through some new reports. >> reporter: i have information about three of the nine cases linked to the serial street shooter. some of the information from witnesses in the documents could be a 10th and moreland, the very first shooting dated march 17th around 11:30. the 16-year-old victim and his friend noticed a man drive by them, then did a u-turn, rolled his window down, yelled something in spanish before firing. the witnesses say the suspect was driving a dark colored
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light. he was wearing a hat and his eyes were very distinctive. the 16-year-old was shot four time, but lucky to be alive. and then another man shot five times near 55th avenue. one man says he had two people yelling before the shots went off. a light colored sedan was seen leaving. while both cases were drive byes, the third one was a bit different. april 19th near 32nd street crystals white was found gunned down. witnesses told police they saw a man standing near the driver's side of a car where the body was, got in like nothing happened, and drove away. now in that first case, that suspect drove east on moreland and north on 12th street. now that we know the direction he went in hopefully it will
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picture. if you know who it is call silent witness. they're offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. >> we'll stay on top of it. thank you. >. and breaking news on the that 16-year-old boy accuse offed killing his 3 -- accused of killing his 3-year-old brother. he will be charged as an adult. we have requested his mug shot. mcso still not releasing his name. we're pressing for more information now. >. and update to news broken on a glendale family very happy, their loved one found safe. a silver alarm was issued for him this -- alert was issued for him this morning. >. and a miranda family hoping for similar result, a silver alert issued for their familiar member, a man driving a silver chevrolet silverado.
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i'm upset. she had $90,000 stolen. her safe hauled away from her scottsdale home. >> this while she was on vacation and two friends were supposed to be watching over her place. jon erickson is live, and she says if she could get anything back it wouldn't be the money? >> reporter: the $90,000 is not what the victim is most concerned about. instead she's most devastated by losing precious famy heirlooms like rings. court paperwork says the person that stole the safe is now missing. christy's memories are on her wall, in her hurt, and those memory -- heart, and those memories were also in her bedroom safe. >> i've been violated. i've been, my whole life has been taken from me. >> reporter: someone stole the safe and her heart in the process. >> i can't change it. it's happened to me. >> reporter: christy asked only her first name be used, and we only say she lives in north
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home that she kept alive her family tree with momentos from each generation in her safe. >> the safe was in my closet. >> reporter: but now the family tree's branches violently ripped away. her grandma's treasures gone. >> her coin collection was in there, and i would go in the safe almost every day and talk to her, and it's gone. >> reporter: you'd go in every day? >> yes. >> reporter: christy says a friend watching her home while she was away stole the safe. say police report says the man is now missing, and that's not all that's gone. >> i have a picture of my step mom and stepdad, and in front of the pictures were their gold wedding bands, and there were there, i'd look at them every day. the pictures still there, but that momento is gone. >> reporter: her grandma was already gone, but now the way she remembered her isn't only
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she says that she fears she'll never get the rings back, although she has recovered about $9,000 of the stolen money. as far as why she had so much cash inside her home. she says she has her own reasons. shell didn't want tot share -- she didn't want to share them publicly. if the person that stole is safe is arrested we'll bring you that update and fill in some of the holes in the devastating story. >> thank you. from all the flashing lights and pictureit look good, but we're making calls to find out more about this scene near it will loop 101 and 7th street. two cars colliding. if we get updates we'll let you know. donald trump says he'll bring sheriff joe arpaio to the white house if he win, but would sheriff joe go? nohelani graf just talked to him, and it's quite the invite. >> reporter: he says of course he'd go to the white house if
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be happy to give advice to donald trump when it continues to border safety, fighting drug trafficking, and police safety. we know sheriff joe is a huge supporter of donald trump, he's introduced him at rallies in arizona and spoke at the republican national convention. sheriff arpaio's resume itself includes working with the feds. a 25-year tenure with the deu. responding to comments trump made today, joe arpaio said a trump administration would make his job easier, but e of maricopa county. >> that's where i've been, that's where my heart is here in maricopa county. so i'll be glad to help him if he needs some advice, but i'm running for sheriff. i want to be the sheriff again to finish my job. >> reporter: and sheriff arpaio of course run forking his 7th -- running for his 7th term as sheriff. new video right now as friends and family honor a
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balloons into the sky each with a personal message. dustin shirk gunned down two weeks ago at a phoenix car, the killer -- park, the killer still on the loose. today would have been his 31st birthday. his mother leaning on moments like this to cope. >> they're going to heaven, and that's where he is because he was a good man. a very good man. >> he was really the kind of guy that even want people to be happy and not sad. >> the funeral is tomorrow, and he'll receive full military honors. and stot route 88 -- state route 88 is now open after a police situation. a man barricaded himself in his car, and sadly did exactly what he threatened to do, which was take his own life. they ran out of time, and they ran out of air.
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being trapped under ground yesterday. friends of the first victim identify him as dr. william trione better known as bill or dr. t. he was a valley vet for 25 years, and his family is devastated. >> we're struggling right now personally because you're losing a friend and family member. we're also losing a aren'ted person in the -- a respected person >> friends of the doctor are planning a candle light vigil friday night close to where the accident happened. and back to the incredible weather, washes running big time in fountain hills. textbook flash flooding. fortunately didn't cause a lot of problem, and no real loss of property, but did it wash out some barbed wire fence. water flowing this fast can be dangerous, and it threw a lot
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don't want to get stuck in it. there's a policeman down there. the whole right lane flooded. >> the weather cause this porsche to lose control and get stuck, but he was all right. >> and you can see the skyline disappear, not your typical office view. >> the gila river posing a null danger -- new danger to in the area. the salt river trees causing it to be wider and flatter, and at least 100 extra homes are at risk, including charlene leap's. >> it's a dry river number one, then would have to fill up and go over the banks. it's hard to imagine.
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expanding. and crews on stand by tonight keeping an eye of the weather and powerful pumps working along the freeway. when working properly they can suck 10,000 gallons off the road in a minute, but one of engines failed last week. adot also asking people not to throw trash on the roads. well the showers and thunderstorms out near buckeye and tonopah are all gone now, but a flood advisory remains in effect for the area until 11:15, and we have a flood watch for the rest of us in the overnight forecast jumping up to a 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow. we'll take you hour by hour through the forecast and everything to watch out for coming up in just minutes. >> how in the world does this happen? more of tonight's biggest stories. profiling and police, the new attempt to crack down on
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and casting call underway
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it was a group effort involving three men with bandanas covering their face, and it's going to take a group effort to put them behind bars. video from tucson after a violent robbery. the cashier held at gun point. cash, smokes, booze, all stolen back on police are trying to put an end to profiling by finding out more about you. denver police launching a program where officers will gather data like race, gender and age when anyone on the streets is stopped, and the hope is they can use the data to make reforms. we asked phoenix police department if they use any kind of approach like this or have plans to. we'll let you know when we hear
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instead of parenting, and now they've been officially childed with child abuse. the 2-year-old boy was found wandering alone at night, and when cops called the couple the dad allegedly said whatever and hung up. they're expected if court friday. -- in court friday. so what did he really mean? that's the question. donald trump accused of advocating violence against hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton essentially abolish the second amendment. and by the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> trump's campaign saying he meant if second amendment supporters united bepolls he'd be -- at the polls he'd be elected, but clinton saying those comments show he doesn't know how to be a leader.
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think arizona is in play come november. trump has plans to buy ads in the coming months, and clinton's campaigns purchasing at least $100,000 in our state and georgia. >. and gone way tosoon, as we await the autopsy results of the asu football player, his coach is speaking it. >> >. all that's -- out. >> all that's on my mind zach's family. lost a great man. >> zach died in his sleep. he graduated from chandler high, he was a fifth year senior for the wild cats, would have been the starting center. and the movie about at the time 19 hot shots that lost their lives in the yarnell hill fire and underway. they're looking for extra, and you'll get paid, but there's a catch. they're filming in new mexico
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selected. we're taking action tonight with a safety alert. one mom thought she was just going on a typical grocery store trip with her 1-year-old baby, but it turned into a total nightmare. >> she pushed the remote start on her van so it would be cool, she put the baby in the car seat, started to load the grocery, but as she closed the door all the doors locked. >> the air-conditioning luckily was still running, but i'd been in the store almost 15 minutes, so i knew i didn't have a lot of time for the air- conditioning to run. >> so she ran to help, and called 911 and an officer broke the window, but she wants to know what that happened. the waders all packed in the car ready to go just in case. >> good. >> the first person i go to when it goes down tomorrow.
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water. >> we're under a flash flood watch now, and there's a new thing with the national weather service, if you check out their twitter account, any time there's severe weather they'll be tweeting in both english and spanish. so more people can get that life saving information. very cool stuff from them. right now it's just a watch, it's not a warning. a watch means that we're on the look out, for the possibility of the flash flooding. if it starts to happen you'll see a warning issued. looking quiet the next several hours in the valley, but the flash flood watch takes us until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. and with the storm chances increasing to 60 percent tomorrow we keep the threat for gusty winds in excess of 40 or 50 miles per hour in the moderate threat range. the threat for widespread blowing dust will be lower because we saw a lot of rain
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produce the dust. hail threat is low. we may have a better chance of seeing that in the higher terrain, but the highest threat of all will be the threat for heavy rain that could lead to flash flooding. right now a flood advisory is in effect west of buckeye. the rain has stopped out there, but run off is still happening, and the the flood advisory is in effect until 11:15. otherwise quiet across central arizona. most of the state quiet, just a few lingering showers and thunderstorms across the rim this evening. and now let's see what happens overnight forecast and into wednesday morning we'll be up to a of 0 percent chance of -- 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. wednesday night overnight into thursday we start decreasing that. the best window of opportunity is really between 4:00 a.m. and 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. still a good chance for more development again in the afternoon, but i think the morning window is looking better in the forecast tomorrow. so here's a look at what we expect. most of the valley likely a half inch or less, but like we
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over an inch, even over two, it happened at apache junction today. we'll bp on the look out for that. right now 88 degrees, dewpoint in the 60, very humid out there tonight. temperatures in the 70s in payson, sedona, and prescott, and lows in the spots will be the 60s. 81 in payson, 91 in casa grande and staph tomorrow, and 70s -- safford tomorrow, and 70s along the rim. 81 will be the forecast temperature at 6:00 a.m. 84 at 10:00, and 90 into 2:00 in the afternoon. here's a look across the valley. 96 in tempe, gilbert and mesa, queen creek hitting 94. buckeye, litchfield park, hitting 95 tomorrow. and peoria and glendale topping out at 96. upper 70s to low 80s overnight tonight, and again overnight into thursday, and the storm chance looking best tomorrow, but a slight chance still in play thursday and friday as we gradually dry things out. by the weekend the sunshine
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then this guy probably got what he deserved. he throws something that ignites a business on fire, and then you see there his shorts catch fire. he panics, run away. all this went down in kentucky and at last check the police were still looking for him. and this is like a scene out of home alone, but this guy catches his flight. in hand. workers stopping him before reaching the plane which was actually the wrong one by the way, but he still reportedly managed to get on his flight anyway before getting arrested at his destination. >. don't be surprised if you see cars on valley roads that don't appear to have a driver. gm confirming it's testing out it's new self-driving chevrolet bolt, but there are back up drivers on board in case
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when you look at it you think something is clearly wrong with a two pool. the green one is the diving pool in rio. olympic officials say they tested the water and it's safe, but we don't flow why there's been a color change. and now think about the worst movie you've seen, and does anyone you know enjoy it? >> it would be hard for them to find it i think. but a new study links trashy films and people that like them intelligence. >> apparently those that like bad movies are more open to culture outside of the main stream and tend to be more educated. >. for the first time since signing a one-year contract extension last friday, carson palmer addressed the media today, and had big words when
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>> reporter: here again at university of phoenix stadium, trailing camp rolling right along, and for one player it's training camp number 14, hard to believe since he's coming off the best season of his career. 36-year-old carson palmer signed to be the card's quarterback through the 2017 season, and now -- 2018 season, and he said he couldn't be happier to eventually retire as an arizona cardinal. >> i've been playing my whole career to be in a situation and gm like this, and an opportunity to play for a head coach like bruce, and also a play caller like bruce. everything here is first class, and it's all encompassing, and i know how special it is and understand how rare the opportunity is, and that's why i'm so happy to finish my career here, and know that this is where it ends, and it's a dream situation. >> reporter: a dream situation. he's happy to be here and we're happy to have him.
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continues tomorrow as the teem hits the field -- team hits the field for the final practice before friday's season opener. jason snavely, abc 15 sports. >> >. they're hosting the raiders friday at 7:00. pre-game at 6:30 with live coverage starting at 4:00 right here. and tonight returning against the mets. he picks up his 11th win as the diamondbacks top the mets by 3. and we're confirming the name of the 16-year-old accused of killing his 3-year-old brother. shea holloway. we'll have more in the morning. and heads up to parents sending your kids off to school in the morning. there's a chance the bus stops could be wet, so keep in in
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we're looking at about a 60 percent chance of rain throughout the day tomorrow. it's more likely to happen for your morning drive in, but there's still a chance going home as well. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s in the morning. going home in the 90, and there's the seven-day forecast. after tomorrow things gradually dry out, and by saturday the
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, from "suicide squad," cara delevingne. comedian jeff ross. and music from culture club. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching, thanks for coming.


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