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monsoon moisture making a big comeback. will we see heavy rain and flash flooding? i track the latest. one of the states largest school districts goes back to class today. the plan in place if it gets too wet. start at this moment. teams on the scene of a triple shooting in phoenix. a look at the active crime scene as katie conner will join us live in just a moment. good morning. thank you first turning your day with us on this wednesday. we had an active afternoon yesterday and we're not out of the clear today. >> plenty of parts of the states are getting slammed. we talked about being prepared. you do.
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we are lacking energy we need for storms to fire up. this morning has been very quiet across the valley. with the exception of a few sprinkles out northwest of sun city. also a little bit of light rain out near superior and florence. that is tracking to the northeast and away from the phoenix metro. other than that is fairly quiet across the valley and across much of the state. we have another batch of storms well in southeast arizona. we have a bonded monsoon moisture. storms will be possible in a slight chance for a shower through the morning commute. it is 85 degrees. we will talk about how hot it is getting in minutes. with dry roads for most of the valley it is pretty quiet. looking at our traffic map. it is all green for speeds. we will keep and i went some of the showers come in. you could see slick roads.
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spots there. i will look at your desert drive times in a couple minutes. a story we broke on early this morning. phoenix police investigating a triple shooting this is unfolding now near 12th street and thunderbird. katie conner is on the scene for us this morning. let's talk about the victims. >> reporter: one of the victims is in critical condition. the other two are expected to survive. of the home. you can see the crime tape is draped in front of this home. police have told me this has been an ongoing neighbor dispute. around midnight that escalated. shots were fired and three people were hit one woman was shot several times. police say she is in surgery. they are trying to see if she will survive. the other victims are expected to be okay. police say the suspect took off in his car. the do not have a suspect description but when we learn
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>> i know you update us shortly. please let us know and we will come back out to that active scene. and glendale, these are live images coming in from near 63rd avenue and alice. we want to let you know people in the west valley, you may smell smoke in the air. some stacks of hate caught fire. glendale fire crews are getting those flames under control. in those flames to control those embers. new developments in the death of a three-year-old boy in youngstown. this is shae holloway. you saw his mug shot first on abc15 mobile app. he is being tried as an adult for the boy's death. he's being held on $1 million bond. also this money, phoenix police have released the initial reports on three of the nine serial street shooting
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casings from the scenes and a revealing more about the suspect. in the first shooting on march 17 around 11 pm, one of the witnesses said the suspect yelled out to something in spanish before pulling the trigger. the suspect was also driving a dark colored car with limo tinted windows any blue interior light the witnesses say he was right-handed and had very distinctive eyes. there is a $50,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. we are learning about the while trapped underground in the north valley. crews say the men were trying to dry out a storage bin. they slipped inside the space. the assistant tried to help but also fell in. a neighbor also failing. the victims died at the scene. a second victim died yesterday. we spoke with friends of the doctor. in equine veterinarian for 25 years. he is that are known as bill or doctor t. >> i will miss that dry sense
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i'll miss the feeling that when i have an emergency, the meadow truck pulls up to my gates, that everything will be okay. >> we're waiting on the identities of the second victim and the person who managed to survive. there will be a vigil for doctor triune on friday night. this is happening at desert hills beginning on clyo road in central avenue. crews another in california there are several layers to the story. this began when a 70 federal hiker disappeared. volunteers went out trying to find the 75-year-old. when they were searching for the hiker, someone opened fire on the group of volunteers. one volunteer was shot. they were wounded in the hip. the group took cover in the woods, waiting for rescue by helicopter authorities do not believe the missing hiker and the shooter are connected but
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unfolding now. eight months in the making and tonight it is back to business for the farmhouse in cream -- queen creek. there will be two venues opening alongside this one. the farm is closed for the season but will open tonight for the special event. you can tour the location for free from 6 pm through 8:30 pm. not exactly something you would expect that amount of rain in apache junction, crews took action in a dramatic way to relieve the problem. this happened at a mobile home park near meridian and superstition boulevard after backyards became pools filled with water. >> i told someone their sofa floated down. and john, he lives here, he said it's the worst hit -- it's been. ended his.
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yesterday. the neighbors will need to band together to pick up that debris. the floods are a concern today. iris has been telling us we had chances for another round of monsoon storms. what's worse than getting caught in the ring? going to your first day of school with a chance for getting wet. no one likes that. >> it is the largest school district in the state heading back. we are talking about the mesa school district. >> we find justin how are things looking so far? >> reporter: its dry right now but just in case things get a little too wet, mesa has a plan in place. about 64,000 students are headed back to class today. each principal has a plan in place. the district also has additional resources that will be waiting this morning. they will have extra maintenance workers and extra ground keepers that will be ready to head to schools that need extra help.
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the district that are prone to flooding. there are sandbags at those schools already. as for your kids getting to class, buses are running as scheduled right now. in case of those roads floods, drivers are ready to take alternate routes. the school district said that if you need to be notified, the parents, they will notify you either by email or by text message. you may want to keep your phone that severe weather today. iris is standing by with a check on your back-to-school forecast. it is dry out there now. we are tracking if you spotty showers and parts of the valley. we have all this moisture to work with, just no energy to provide us the storms across the valley. this is a good thing for folks may be getting ready to head off to work or school. that does not mean we are in the clear. there is a slight chance for showers or isolated storms
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it is mild but also very muggy with all that monsoon moisture. into this afternoon, there is a slight chance for thunderstorms. it will be very warm and muggy but had temperatures should stay just below the triple digits with highs in the upper 90s. the only showers i am tracking now are near sun city west and they are very light. also, more sprinkles near florence junction. otherwise it is quite across the phoenix metro. we will look at futurecast in a little bit and walk yo the hour-by-hour forecast. freeways and moving nicely this morning. especially state route 51. an 11 minute desert drivetime southbound from this road to the mini stack. it can get busy but it's not bad at 67th avenue. i will give you a closer look at those desert drive times in a few minutes. if you are worried about flash floods on the road come a adot is working hard to keep you
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pumps along the freeways. when working properly, those pumps can suck 10,000 gallons of water off the road in one minute. one of those engines build last.-- last week so adot is asking people not to throw trash on the road which could clog the pumps. shoot or don't shoot, that's a question police officers must consider when making split-second decisions. one woman is now dead in a very bizarre situation. are you thirsty? how about a glass of -- it may
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a live look outside at tempe. you notice it is quiet on desert doppler radar that does not mean we let our guard down. we will check in with iris hermosillo in a moment. if you have weather pictures are videos send them in to share at if the rain hits it could be hard. we're still under a flash flood watch you can take action to protect your home with sandbags. this is a list of fire stations in mesa that have sand and ready. you will probably want to bring your own shovel. some amazing video from the live desk unrest in ferguson missouri. gunfire erupts on the two-year anniversary of michael brown's death during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. this video you are about to see, i want to one year, it is graphic. i saw the rob video when it came in this morning. it was shocking. it was disturbing.
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of the more disturbing parts. it is still pretty graphic. let's roll it. a cart spread through protesters blocking the street and hit a man right there. the victim flew several feet into the air. he was taken to the hospital. i have not gotten his condition update on him yet. it does not and there. moments later, shots were fired. police were on the scene quickly. it sounds like no one was injured amid the gunshots. very scary stuff happening in the water park at the center of the death investigation reopens in kansas city. this is the schlitterbahn water park. it has been closed after caleb schwab died on the world tallest waterslide. crews were seen working on the netting for the waterslide but we know it will not reopen again this season. that waterslide created a scary experience for other people because we are hearing
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they explain how dangerous. >> you come down the first hill, the strap came off. completely. it just flew off. i grabbed a hold of the straps that they have on the raft to hold myself down. >> that happen to him three weeks ago. two other girls said they had the same problem with those straps. we are following de stories from overnight. this is an unfortunate situation. an unfortunate shooting in florida by a police officer. authorities say a woman was accidentally shot to death during a citizens academy exercise. this happened during role-play in which she was struck a live round that was supposed to be blank. the ironic part, the exercise portion was the shoot/don't shoot simulation for the police
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do you know what's in your tap water? according to a harvard study, industrial chemicals. the study reveals that scientist found unsafe levels of a chemical and water samples across the nation. the chemical pfsa is used to make things like food packaging, fabrics and nonstick cooking pans. studies have linked those chemicals to things like high cholesterol, obesity and cancer. people allergic to peanuts but now there is no support for fighting those allergies. researchers are saying that exposing kids to peanuts at a young age could help build their immune system against it. in the babies tested they said this on 85% effective rate regardless if they were given a low or high dosage of peanut protein. we hear about a new cyber attack almost every day. did you know that 95% of all security incidents involve
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it synergy is taking action to protect you and small businesses. they hold a free webinar once a month called, hacking the human. they cover everything from phishing scams to shaft and corporate espionage the owner said smaller companies are targeted more. >> just sit for 15 minutes and watch a webinar. there are very few simple things you can do that will dramatically increase the securi world. >> this week's topic is on passwords. you will learn how to create a strong password, how often you should change it and how to store it securely. we have more information on our website. go to let's look at your most accurate forecast. we're officially under a flash flood watch. it when in to affect yesterday afternoon. it is in effect through the day today for the entire phoenix metro. actually through 11:00 this evening. that is the green you're seeing
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pretty quiet right now across the valley. we have seen some sprinkles in the northwest but that's it so far. look at these dew points. they are in the 70s. it is very muggy out there. that monsoon moisture has increased over the last 24 hours. we have plenty of it to work with and a storm chances are in the forecast. that is why the flash flood watches in effect. any storms that develop will have the potential of producing very heavy rainfall. temperature-wise we' with dew points that high, look at the heat index. when you step outside it will feel like it is 90 degrees this morning. as you are making outdoor plans know that it will be a muggy start to the day. dew points have surged across the states over the last 24 hours, climbing across northern arizona. we have dew points in the 70s in phoenix and casa grande and higher to the southwest in yuma. as we go through the day we will need to wait for energy to
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we have kept an eye on hobby airport an area of low pressure no longer a tropical system. that will sate south of the area. we will not get the energy we need to boost a storm chances. that boosted moisture that's some system has provided to us. through the day our atmosphere would heat up. that will give us energy and we will start to see storms bubble up. potential over the higher terrain initially but we could see scattered storms developing around the here is futurecast as we go into midday more storms along the mountains in eastern and southeast arizona. a few pop-ups around the valley too. into this afternoon and evening we could see more scattered storms developing around the valley and more action on the higher terrain. overnight tonight, a little quieter, a slight chance for a stray shower. tomorrow with daytime heating, agnew -- a few storms are possible. by friday we start to lose
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storm chances. a 50% chance for storms in the valley today. we could see scattered storms through the day, especially after we heat up the atmosphere and get into this afternoon. keep your guard up and keep the mobile app handy and keep an eye on the sky as we go through today. all of this moisture means a lower temperatures. not eating hitting the hundreds today or tomorrow because that monsoon moisture. highs in the upper 90s today and tomorrow. as we dry out, we do get this weekend. i will break down the hour-by- hour forecast next. in the east valley drive, it is still very quiet. crashes are big issues. we do have traffic lights out near the 101. here is our adot camera. this is railroad at loop 101. some police officers are out there directing traffic. you may want to use one or as an alternate to get on and off 101.
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>> my whole body is numb and upset. $90,000 gone in the blink of an eye after someone walked out of her home with her safe. but it's not the money she wants back. after a hot day in the desert you want to dive into a crystal blue swimming pool right? that's what you would expect. not after some monsoon storms. tips on how to make sure your pool does not turn into a swamp. in tech bytes, high praise for samsung's latest smartphone. reports of the galaxy note to seven as the most innovative and high performance smart phone display that they'd ever tested. this goes on sale august 19. >> facebook is blocking the ad blockers. starting today software used to bypass annoying ads on facebook will no longer work. >> facebook said it is attempting to offer better ads rolling out new preferences to give you more control over the
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twitter is taking a page from snapchat an instagram. they are expanding their moments feature. >> all users will be able to create and share their own collections of tweets this comes as instagram rolls out a snapchat light stories feature.
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cards football is back here on abc15. the cards hosting the raiders on friday. and got in 7:00. the pregame starts at 6:30 pm. we got you covered starting here on abc15 at 4:00. they are fierce and feisty and the final five. >> the women's gymnastics team making a big statement in rio by taking home the team gold again. the star of the show, simone biles. watch this. proving best on the fault, beam, floor, the four foot nine inches dino meat is only 19 and there were two in the individual all-around tomorrow. at first glance it looks like a bowl of jell-o. what is that green pull? apparently no one knows what is in the pool.
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tuesday it was green. they tested the water and claim it is perfectly safe. one of the men's divers twitter, wonder if st. patrick celebrated. >> like they do in chicago. here is your medal count right now. the the us is leaving in large part thanks to the swim team. china coming in second with 8. hungry, australia rounding out the top five. millions are turning into games and that includes the inmates at sheriff arpaio is allowing the games to show throughout the facilities. he said inmates can learn from the olympians commitment to excellence. waiver chair for scattered storms today. they could produce heavy rain and flash flooding. i will show you the latest on radar and send you out with your most accurate hour-by-hour forecast. we will go back out to north phoenix for breaking news. three people were shot in a neighborhood. katie conner just got new information. governor ducey has the
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even tougher, this
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two major stories in the valley right now. the first triple shooting in the phoenix area and we will check on that with christopher sign at the live desk in just a minute for those details. there is another concern happening this morning. >> we need to talk about the
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we saw what hit the valley yesterday and we are under a flash flood watch for most of today. let's get over to iris. will we see any storms? >> so far we have been tracking sprinkles this morning. the weather has been a little bit of a dud this morning but in a way that is a good an. maybe you are getting ready to head out the door. the last thing we want is a messy morning commute. so far it is quiet. light sprinkles along loop 101 near sun city. also northwest glendale. also some action on radar near florence junction. other than that it is quiet on radar for now. 20 of moisture out there. monsoon storm chances continue. i will break down the hour-by- hour forecast next. i am seeing great speeds on the valley freeways right now. that includes the west valley which is an 11 minute desert drivetime. i-10 eastbound near 75th avenue. no slowing there.


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