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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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we saw what hit the valley yesterday and we are under a flash flood watch for most of today. let's get over to iris. will we see any storms? >> so far we have been tracking sprinkles this morning. the weather has been a little bit of a dud this morning but in a way that is a good an. maybe you are getting ready to head out the door. the last thing we want is a messy morning commute. so far it is quiet. light sprinkles along loop 101 near sun city. also northwest glendale. also some action on radar near florence junction. other than that it is quiet on radar for now. 20 of moisture out there. monsoon storm chances continue. i will break down the hour-by- hour forecast next. i am seeing great speeds on the valley freeways right now. that includes the west valley which is an 11 minute desert drivetime. i-10 eastbound near 75th avenue. no slowing there.
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stack. i want to head back out to the east valley from our adot camera. chandler police are switching this over. they were showing traffic lights out on railroad at loop 101. chandler police and tweeted there is a power outage in the area. it will take about 45 minutes for that to be repaired. if you are trying to get on loop 101. avoid ray road and took warner road in said. i will give you a look at the east valley commute next. we are tracking breaking news out of underway. >> at least three people were shot at a neighborhood off 12th street and thunderbird. let's get over to the live desk. i learnt one of the victims is actually in surgery at this moment. phoenix police officers are trying to sort all of this out and find the shooter. katie conner , the first reporter at the scene. what is the newest information?
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40s. police say she was shot several times. the suspect tried to run her over in his car. detectives are trying to piece together what happened. it appears this started as a long-running neighborhood dispute between one guy and a couple neighbors. around midnight this escalated in three people were shot. they were rushed to nearby hospitals. the female is in critical condition. the other victims are expected to be okay. police say the suspect did take off in his car. they are looking for him. when we get a suspect description we will pass that along. pokimon or parenting? apparently it looks like these parents made the wrong choice in the san tan valley couple has been officially indicted for child abuse. debbie say a neighbor found a two-year-old boy wandering alone at night. when deputies called the couple they say dad said, whatever and hung up.
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the couple is expected in court on friday. governor ducey will have the tall order of feeling two vacancies on the state supreme court. a list of 11 lawyers who have applied for those seats will be whittled down by a commission. a final pool of attorneys fees to be politically diverse. that is the law. as of right now only a few candidates are listed as either democrats or independents. the majority belong to the gop. a downtown building getting attention as architects property owners and local artist try to save the old circles record building and downtown phoenix. : talk to us about their preservation and plans for the site. >> when you talk about integrating this exciting structure and adding the art on the building in the building, to sustain it. the redesign -- we think it's a project that the city and its residents downtown and throughout the valley will be proud of.
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putting those talks on hold but that is not stopping the group from continuing their efforts. forget the $90,000 in cash. one woman said she wants her family heirlooms back. >> she said a safe was stolen out of her home. she was on vacation and had a friend watching her house. when she got home, the safe was gone and that friend is missing. the money is a big loss but she really misses items like rings, coins and notes. >> i have been violated. my whole life has been taken from me. and i'm going to get up and go forward. >> she has been able to get about $9000 of the money back. as for why she had that much money at home, she said she has her own reasons.
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mesa where 64,000 students are ready to head back to class this morning. it is the first day of school here but the big question -- how wet is it going to be? the district said they are on standby for severe storms. they have extra maintenance and ground keepers on standby to have two schools that need extra help. also, bus routes are ready to take alternate routes in case the roads get too wet. some schools do have sandbags in place right now. those schools that are prone to flooding water gets too high. the school district said it will notify parents if anything changes through the schools messaging system. justin pazera, abc15. as we brace for possible storms today you may notice your pool is getting green . >> if you have a pool you do not to like -- like to see storms moving in. heavy rains, dust and debris have done a number on it number of backyard pools.
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>> reporter: good morning. the pull behind me, it's a little cloudy. i want to show you this. the county said this was not safe. that's how contaminated it was. i want to show you pictures this morning and show you with a pool looks like before. it was a very green. it looked like a swamp. as i said it was so dangerous in fact the county shut it down. i'm told there was a pump issue but the heavy rain did not help. the rainwater changes the chemistry of your pool. that is because rainwater is typically acidic which will show off the ph balance. when you are mixing in rain daughter it is diluting the chemicals used to treat it and claim it. the experts recommend after a soaking rain, you want to clean your pool and use test strips to make sure that everything is still safe before you get inside. coming up, what you do about the debris and what happens
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water spilling over the edge after a soaking rain? i will tell you. now we're hoping you -- helping you with your cars. aaa helps -- has tips to help you avoid an expensive mess. they are helping drivers whose cars stalled while trying to get through standing water. it. a lot of debris is washed onto the roadways and it is tough to tell how deep the water is. >> people think that it's not deep. it's just a couple inches deep and then they get in there too far in the car stalls because water got into the motor. unfortunately that happens. it can be very expensive for your car. >> the debris that washes onto the roads can also puncture your tires. let's check in with mallory moore to see if there is any water on the roads yet.
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i-17 at captive. i will break down what you can expect before you the freeways in a couple minutes. as you step outside, plan on a muggy morning. it is 85 degrees but feels like 90. we have more storm chance is today. i will show you the latest next. how much are being fees costing you? do you know? coming up, joe let you know the
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keeping an eye on desert doppler for you this morning. near tracking that surge of monsoonal moisture in the state. unfortunately it is not panning out too much this morning on radar. or fortunately because it is not an impact for the morning commute i am tracking some sprinkles, light rainfall and in northwest pocket of the valley. there is a chance for showers
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commute. through the day, storms will be possible. do not let your guard down. right now showers are tracking along the northwest corner of the loop 101 heading into the deer valley area. valley could get some light rain showers this morning. and tracking rain closer to the higher terrain east of florence. other than that, it is quiet right now on desert doppler across the phoenix metro. for most of us this morning, plan on drivers this morning. there is a 20% scattered showers as we go through the morning. we will watch for that. when i see something more develop on desert doppler, i will let you know. right now, 84 degrees. we will warm to 88 by 10:00. the 90s by noon and a high of 98 a 50% chance for storms later this afternoon. we will talk about flash flood alerts next. and we are still delay free
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i want to give you a look at desert drive times on i-17. if you are taking that southbound from dunlap to mcdowell it will take you 8 minutes. on the other direction on northbound i-17 to the 101, that looks great as well. we will give you a closer look at the east valley in a couple minutes. we know sheriff joe arpaio and donald trump are tight but what would that friendship mean for the sheriff if trump in the white house? >> a report this morning involving the department of justice and racial bias and it centers on baltimore. do you budget every day for the daily cup of coffee? you may want to start. we will tell you the arizona city where it will cost you more to get that cup and where that ranks across the country. in gma first look, newly released 911 calls placed just moments before the fatal
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>> there are a bunch of hoodlums out here racing. >> officials say they believe the caller, who never left his name, is the man who shot and killed corrine rodney thomas as he was leaving a party in the neighborhood early sunday. >> i fired a warning shot and we got someone that was hit. >> police say chad cameron camp lee fired a shotgun from inside his garage around 12:30 am. hitting thomas who was passing by this mailbox on to the car. now, he has been charged with murder. we will have more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 with your gma first look, abc
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welcome back to abc15
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a little traffic alert in the east valley. traffic lights are out at ray road and the 101. you will see police officers direct traffic. i would avoid the area. take one or if you are trying to get on and off the loop 101. this should last for about 30 more minutes. i will give you a closer look at the rest of your roads in a couple minutes. could arizona become a hillary clinton hopes so. her campaign will drop cash in our state to get it done but not just in our state, in georgia as well. the investment is said to be in the six-figure range. that means we will see more staff to get the word out about the democratic presidential candidate. it appears the move is based on clinton's favorability since the party convention. could a trump presidency turn sheriff joe arpaio into secretary or director arpaio? the presidential hopeful is offering invite in this speech
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chris christie and general flynn and -- migrate sheriff. i will tell you, we have so many different people that are on this campaign. we are loaded up with great sheriff's and great people. >> sheriff arpaio told abc15 he would be happy to go to the white house and offer advice on border safety, wedding drug he said the trump administration would make his job easier but the only job he wants is to stay sheriff of maricopa county. >> that's where i've been. that's where my heart is here in maricopa county. i will be glad to help him if you need some advice but i'm running for sheriff. i want to be the sheriff again to finish my job. >> sheriff arpaio is running for his seventh term as chair
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the justice department is expected to release a blistering report of racial bias by the baltimore police department. this is the latest example of the obama administrations push for police reform in cities where young african-american men have died at the hands of law enforcement. the report comes a little more than a year after the police involve death of freddie gray. the new york times got an early release of the report which they found that african- american residents were often stopped or legal justification. in the next hour we will dive into the unrest in ferguson, missouri. this is something else. the community is rallying, apparently trying to come together two years after the death of michael brown. >> i hate being fees. i hate paying abang to use my money.
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and compare credit unions and online bank accounts. you make it better rates. go to and let joe know for ways to protect your money. need my help, here are the ways to get a hold of me. i'm joe ducey. if you have a problem, let me know. two people are back at home this morning the coast guard came to their rescue near marina del ray california. that boat ran aground and got stuck on top of something. that boat was tossing and turning as the waves came in. the good news, no one was hurt. voice data recorder was recovered from the ocean nearly 10 months after air cargo ship was lost off the coast of florida. that recorder will hopefully help investigators gain insight into the challenges that the el faro crew faced. 33 people died when that ship sank.
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85 degrees. the prep list for this wednesday -- when you step outside you will feel that extra monsoon moisture. it will be a very muggy day. we do still have a chance for thunderstorms. we are officially under that flash flood watch. that is in effect through 11:00 this evening. any storms that develop will have the potential of producing very heavy flooding rainfall. we have flash flood watches northwest arizona. areas to the east in all of southeast arizona as well. that flash flood watch for the entire phoenix metro as we go through the day today. we have seen a surge in monsoon moisture. dew points are in the 60s and 70s in central arizona. we need to keep a close eye on desert doppler as storms could quickly bubble at. right now we're tracking some showers up in the northwest
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read over some higher terrain northwest of deer valley. slightly heavier pockets of rain here, north of loop 101. these showers are tracking to the northeast. deer valley is in the path of this. you could get caught under that shower as you get out the door this morning. other than that, some action east of florence and that is moving to the northeast. it is quiet across the phoenix metro. there is a 20% chance for scattered showers and chances will gradually increase through the day. we will get daytime heating that will fire up storms. scattered storms will be possible across the phoenix metro or the day today. keep an eye on the sky and keep that abc15 mobile app handy. when we see things moving in, we will let you know. 98 for the high today. upper 90s again tomorrow and as we start to dry out, temperatures get hotter this
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that means no slowdowns for you. that includes the east valley. i showed you traffic lights out on railroad and 101. besides that the rest of the east valley looks perfect a 14 minute desert drivetime on u.s. 60 westbound starting at bella vista until you hit the 101. this is our adot camera, a portion of 101. this is at 67th avenue. as you can see, it is already getting busy out there. no delays yet but i will keep an eye this is one where iris was tracking light showers. i would keep an eye on when you could see some delays in the north valley. police are on the scene of a triple shooting. coming up, who they believe pulled the trigger. hackers seem more determined than ever to steal your personal information. how you can protect yourself from a cyber attack. michael phelps is back in the pool going for gold.
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or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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lying a cup of coffee every day can be a pricey proposition. people in tucson are paying some of the highest prices in the entire country. there is a study from the council for community and economic research that shows the top 50 cities with the most expensive cup. tucson ranks number 47.
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average $4.68. we're less but not dramatically by any means. if you are looking to save money, get ready. you can book your trip now. flights are starting at $69. book your flight by next thursday and your trip is to be between august 23 in february 15 of next year. flight to new heights, frontier announcing destinations out of phoenix sky harbor. starting in december you can fly direct to des moines, i will, nashville, milwaukee and a st. louis. they saw a spike in passengers compared to last year. the slow-and-go has begun on i-10 in the west valley. here's a look at 75th avenue. you will see delays this morning. a very active crime scene happening in north phoenix. this is in the middle of a neighborhood where three people were shot. we will go back out live to
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new details on the initial reports from some of those first shooting scenes. green pulse, to depose, how about overflowing pulls? we will tell you how to fix all those troubles. checking heavier showers west of 17 between thunderbird
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happening right now we have breaking news. three people were shot in a north phoenix neighborhood. we will go live to the scene as this is unfolding. did you see this wall of dust roll into the valley yesterday? >> we are under a flash flood watch today for the entire day. will we see anything like this dust we saw yesterday again today? track the dust south to those open desert areas. we need to keep a close eye on those. we do have rain in that area. that will hopefully subtle some of that dust. we do have a flash flood watch in effect. that means the threat of flash flooding is still there. so far it has been quite across the valley as far as rain goes but we are tracking heavier showers. along loop 101. this will move into deer valley
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morning. we will talk about chances for the rest of today next. we are starting to see a typical slow-and-go on i-10. this is in the west valley. if you are traveling eastbound uso to tap breaks before 83rd. this is not ease up until you are past 67th. you are seeing top speeds after that. besides that let's look at the big picture which is not showing any problems. hearing on loop 202 east. it sounds like we have a medical emergency. i'm not sure if it is blocking. i will give you more details in a few minutes. we told you about this this morning. this is still happening. an active investigation as officers are on the scene in north phoenix at a neighborhood, the scene of a
5:32 am
here in this will be 12th street. that is where katie conner is at this moment. what is the latest there? >> reporter: the three victims were shot in front of their home a. now that the sun is coming up we can see the scene better. you can see the crime tape stretched across the street including two homes. police say around midnight a group of neighbors got into an argument. the suspect grabbed a gun and shot three people. one of the victims, a her 40s come as was hit several times. we say it is possible she was also run over by a car. right now she is in surgery listed in critical condition. the other victims are expected to be okay. detectives are collecting evidence. trying to figure out what happened. the shooter did leave the scene. police are trying to track him down. thank you for that. let's move from their to the west valley. look at this scene here.
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you may be smelling smoke in the air. especially for those in glendale or west phoenix. some stacks of hate caught fire at a farm near 59th avenue and all of. glendale firefighters have been on the scene of this one. the got those flames under control. when you are fighting a hay fire , that can be difficult because embers can fly all over the place. let's get to a crime this morning as a group of five men accused of taking part in this convenience store robbery -- you see them there. three with bandannas in two standing outside as lookouts. this video is from tucson. the cashier held at gunpoint. cash, cigarettes, booze, all stolen. this happened on july 28. call police if you know anything that could help police. we're following a story as phoenix police have released
5:34 am
the nine serial street shooter and cases. and we're learning more about the suspect as well. in the first shooting on march 17, one of the witnesses said the suspect yelled something in spanish before pulling the trigger. at the first scene he was driving a dark colored car with limo tinted windows and a blue interior light the witnesses say he was right-handed and had very distinctive ice. there is a $50,000 reward for any information arrest. new developments in the death of a three-year-old boy in youngstown. this is shae holloway. he is now being tried as an adult. he will be charged as an adult in the boy's death and is held on $1 million bond. that memorial is set up outside the home. a second man has died after being trapped in an underground
5:35 am
tuesday. he was a veterinarian it better known as bill or doctor t. he was a veteran for 25 years in his client's sake his family is devastated. >> we are struggling right now personally because you are losing a friend and family member. we lost a respected person in our community. >> we are waiting on the identity of the second victim and the person who survived friends of the doctor are friday night close to where the accident happened. peoria police locked up a second suspect in the peoria smoke shop robbery and shooting. this happened in june. the crime was caught on camera. we told you kevin breit was tracked down in san diego and police tell us they have the other suspect, ryan carr, on the right, he was found in an apartment complex and taken
5:36 am
he is facing armed robbery and aggravated assault charges. most of the state is under a flash flood watch today. we need to be vigilant and pay attention even though it does not look like we're seeing rain right now. we have team coverage helping you prepare for that storm. nick ciletti and train -- justin pazera are covering both sides of the valley. nick, all that debris and rain can have a bad im pool. >> reporter: does your pool look cloudy or dirty? maybe it has some debris? you are not alone. some of -- those are some of the most common issues during the monsoon when it comes to pole spear let's start with excess water. many of us have it after a heavy rain. how bad is it really? more water will throw off the balance of your chemicals in the pool.
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is at normal levels. you should be able to drain it by using the filters waste setting. speaking of filters, they come in handy when it comes to dust and debris. do your best to skim off anything that could be in your pool like leaves and branches. after that, test your pool to make sure it is still clean and that you have the right amount of chemicals. you want the ph to be good and you want to make sure it is sanitary. up at, what about those green pools? i will those. that's coming up at 6:00. justin pazera is in mesa this morning. the largest school district in arizona is set to start classes today. >> all these districts are starting soon. just in, do they need to plan for the rain or other weather moving in? >> reporter: they do have a big plant just in case things would get too wet at mesa.
5:38 am
but that could change in a few minutes. 64,000 students are headed back to class this morning. we're talking about 80+ schools. the big question, will it be too wet? principals have a plan in place and the district has additional resources they are waiting for the bad weather. they will have extra maintenance workers and ground keepers available. there are some schools in the district that are prone to flooding. they have sandbags in place as for your kids getting to and from school, buses are running as usual right now. in case something were to change, bus drivers are prepared to do alternate routes to school district said if that happens, parents, keep your phone handy. they will either text or email you to let you know of those changes. justin pazera, abc15.
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justin as we get closer to start times. you said some people are seeing rain this morning. we do have pop-up showers. the east valley looks pretty quiet. the west valley in northwest valley, look at this. we are tracking a shower in the northwest valley. that is busy will from our mayo clinic valley camera. that rain coming down heavier now in some spots. let me show you on desert doppler. you can see how quiet the rest of the that particular area near deer valley is getting heavier rain and that is getting heavier within the last 15 or 20 minutes. that can show you how quickly the showers and storms can intensify. living up to deer valley this will track to the northeast. if you are traveling along i-17 or the northern portion of the loop 101 or if you are in anthem, this will move your way.
5:40 am
continues to move to the northeast. we're not seeing any lightning on radar but you may hear some wonder. -- thunder. further to the east i am tracking another area of sprinkles starting to pop up through central mesa. not a huge impact but i will watch that for you. there is a chance for storms through the day today as high temperatures only make it into the upper 90s. or seven day forecast is next. we are seeing those with we're watching these north valley cameras. at 67th avenue and 101 in the past couple of minutes we are seeing showers come down. there are some slick road conditions. it was looking heavier and eastbound direction early this morning. i think things could slow down there were. this traffic map -- this traffic map is showing green for the most part. i have a couple updates to some traffic issues in the east valley. i told you about a medical emergency on loop 202
5:41 am
trapping -- blocking traffic. this is ray road near 101. traffic lights are back on. things are working again so should have no problem spots there. we will take a closer look at i- 10 next. adot told us they would be prepared for today and they are. crews on standby for the weather. they are manning 59 powerful pumps along the valley freeways. when working properly, pumps can suck 10,000 gallons of water per minute off the roads. smack one of those pumps failed last week. we know how important this is. adot also asking people not to throw trash on the roads because that debris can block trains and that could lead to flooding. cyber attacks happening all too often but who's to blame? the computer or is it human error? the answer may shock you. a texas woman is clinging to hope her husband will come
5:42 am
flood water. how she is hoping her tragedy and help save others. a very unique situation unfolding, wikileaks, they are offering a reward -- reward
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kernels football is back. they will play the raiders on friday. kickoff is at 7:00. the pregame starts at 6:30 pm. we have more coverage. turn that is when our coverage begins. eat it about new cyber attacks almost every day. >> 90 fight of all security incidents involve human error. ip synergy is taking action to protect you and small businesses. they are holding a free webinar once a month called, hacking the human. they cover everything from phishing scams to theft and corporate espionage. the owner said smaller companies are often targeted more.
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sit for 15 minutes and watch a webinar. there are very few simple things you can do that will dramatically increase the security of your technology world. >> this week's topic is on passwords. you will learn how to create a strong password. and find out how often you should change it and store it securely. we have more information on our website at let's talk crime and politics. brand-new developments on the death of th month ago. wikileaks is now getting involved in this murder. they are tweeting out this morning -- they are offering a $20,000 for information on who killed seth rich. the group's cofounder, giuliana sajjad, is taking it one step further, suggesting that rich was the source of the 20,000 emails exposing the parties and sabotage of bernie sanders
5:47 am
he said he may have been killed over it. he will not confirm if rich was indeed the sword for the group. wikileaks released the emails 12 days after riches death. no sign of an officer swept away by floodwaters in texas. >> mark mccullers wife visited the creek where he was last seen the first time since he disappeared. she said she knows it's probably too late for her husband but hopes the tragedy can be prevented >> i don't want someone else to go through this. it's horrible. and we still haven't found him. >> investigators believe he may have been near the water when it overcame him. city officials are working with engineers to do a study at that creek. good news for people who suffer with a peanut allergy. there is no support for fighting those allergies. researchers say exposing kids
5:48 am
could help build their immune system. in all the babies tested they say in 85% effectiveness brace is what they saw regardless of if they were giving a low or high dosage of peanut protein. several patients from the neonatal intensive care unit were moved from a hospital in maryland after bacteria was found on three of the patients. the germs can cause minor problems for healthy patients but is highly dangerous for those who are weak or ill or have compromised immune systems. or babies who are not strong in that regard just yet. so far the patients had no symptoms of any infection. team usa going for gold in rio. the us is leaving in large part because of the swim team which we will get to in a moment. china is coming in second with 8 gold metal's. hungry, australia in russia rounding out the top five. american swimmers are
5:49 am
freestyle relay team brought home the gold. it was michael phelps 21st gold metal. ryan lochte's 12th medal. ryan lochte is a reality tv star but in moves him just behind phelps as the second most decorated swimmer. two other big races last night, michael phelps and katie ledecky come at different celebrations as well. look at phelps, he is on the left. this is his celebration. 4/100 of a second. katie ledecky on the right getting the gold. she was all smiles afterward. i want to show you this -- from the arizona wildcats, kevin cordis, the arizona swimming dive team tweeted this out. it said he is on to the finals and will go for the gold in tomorrow night's 200 west finals. we wish him all the best of
5:50 am
we have breaking olympic news. we have just learned the rowing event will be postponed because of weather conditions. we have not received word on when it will be rescheduled. what can we expect for our forecast today. i am tracking showers popping up in the valley. they are pretty isolated and approaching a very nice-looking sunrise this morning. we're also seeing rain. not the the sun is working its way closer to the horizon you can see heavier showers much be this is a heavier sour, not much lightning within that but that is enough to get the roads wet mallory has been watching those wet roads and will have an update in a minute. right now this isolated shower is around deer valley. this is producing pockets of heavier rainfall near the loop 101 and i-17 interchange.
5:51 am
into work thomas try to find another way or know that you will need to take it slow in that area. the shower continues to push through. right now union hills drive, dille road and down to greenway road along the 17 getting what weather. as this tracks to the east and northeast, the north portions of scottsdale are in the path of this. also and is in the path of these showers another area where i am seeing spotty showers now in mesa. this cleared up for a little bit, producing slightly heavier rain north main street. between country club drive and gilbert the last few scans show lighter rainfall showing in that area. that is moving toward the loop 202. other than that we have sours near florence, another area of thunderstorms to the southeast. as we go through today there is a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms in the valley, especially after we get daytime heating. temperatures will make it into
5:52 am
it will be a muggy day. here is your seven-day forecast. tomorrow, in the 90s. we will start to dry out this weekend and get hotter. what to the roads look like? i am seeing that rain spread out across. this is a look at 67th avenue and 101. now this is 35th avenue. you can see how heavy does rain showers are. traffic is flowing down will be slick there. looking at our traffic map it is not slowing down yet as far as extensive delays. i am watching that area in the northwest corner. these are the delays we are seeing on 10. they have stressed-out from 83rd avenue until you hit the tunnel. i-10 in the east valley is quite right now. a seven minute hazard drivetime as you're traveling westbound from one of -- 202 until 60. we will look at i-17 in a couple minutes. in north phoenix, three people are shot in front of
5:53 am
we had storms yesterday. southern all of bona was hit hard. we have new video from all of the flooding down south. one of the largest school districts in arizona go back to school today.
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i am totally blind i lost my sight in afghanist. if you're totally bli, i am totally blind you may also be stggling with no24 calling 844-844-2424
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you may see cars cruising around town that look like they do not have a driver. we know that gm is confirmed they are testing out new self driving chevy volt model cars in scottsdale. back of drivers are there in case anything goes wrong. be sure to check the mail today. you could get a check. at&t was forced to shell out nearly $8 million to customers. the fcc or after it was discovered the company allowed scammers to make false charges of nine dollars per month for directory assistance service that did not exist. i am tracking a heavy shower in deer valley near the interchange of loop 101 and i- 17. i will show you where this is headed and what is happening around the rest of the valley. looking from our adot came in near the area, loop 101 at 35th, super wet as well. i will look at some of those
5:57 am
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nick ciletti a-rod the senior 23rd avenue and indian school. we're getting reports of two shot and taken to the hospital. i know you just got there but what can you tell the viewers
6:00 am
>> reporter: i just spoke with phoenix police and they can confirm this morning that two were shot. i want to step out of the way to show you the police tape. we were pushed back for safety reasons. if we can zoom in you can see a backpack on the ground and i counted at least a dozen evidence markers. i know some of those are shell casings. there are at least a dozen i can confirm. two people have been shot. i am working to get an update on their conditions. when we get more informatio will check back in life with you. more officers are arriving on scene now. i will break away and check in with them and see what i can confirm. we are following a weather alert in the valley. a flash flood watch remains in effect for parts of our state. when will we see more rain? let's get over to iris hermosillo. it's been an interesting morning. most of us waking up to a


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