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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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battle at quarterback though, not between one and two, but three and four between jake cokier out of alabama and barkley. they're both going to get a shot tonight. barkley will get the majority of the snaps, and cokier is expected to play most if not all of the 4th quarter. it's barkley's first start since playing against the eagles in the final pre-sean game, and he's really looking forward to getting the opportunity to play. >> i really can't wait. the move the ball periods we have in practice are my favorite because it gets you in rhythm, and gives you that 1st, 2nd, 3rd down field. excited to do that, put drives together, put the ball in the end zone and show coach we can move the ball. >> reporter: he has one objective, complete the passes
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roster at the end of training camp, so it's a chance for them to audition for the cardinals and every other team in the league. >> reporter: the biggest baddest job interview in front of thousands. everyone is ready to come in and enjoy air-conditioning. fay fredricks has been on the great lawn, and people are ready to celebrate that football is back. >> reporter: oh, it's been so fun out here. let me tell you something, the fans, the early bird red bird fans as i call them getting ready to pack it up and head inside the stadium. they're ready to go, but not before getting that first taste of a football tailgate this season [ laughter ] >> reporter: a lot of enthusiasm out here, and the footballs are flying out here. the grills going. size-wise, not like a normal
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can't wait to get inside >> energy, energy for sure. the crowd, the rivalry, so it's like bringing that together it's like wow >> reporter: we didn't tell them we're back out here live again, hey, it's all fun and games. we've been having a great time with fans out here. they are pumped and excited, and the gates there in the distance are open. i think we are all ready for some football. >> reporter: yes, we are, thank you. and hey, craig, it's almost dinner time. >> reporter: i'm getting hungry. >> reporter: and so are the thousands of people coming in, but the cardinals are ready for this. this is a challenge for them every year torques draw the fans back in -- to draw the fans back in for the food, and they have creative new dishes. >> reporter: can't wait. >> reporter: all to tempt your taste buds out here cheering on your favorite team.
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turkey legs, fried chicken with waffle sticks, chicken wings, and six pieces of chicken and a pound offed french fries. we talked with the executive chef, and he really loves the challenge of coming up with something different every single year. >> part of being a chef, i work better under pressure than when it's slow, so i'm looking forward to it getting again. i mean, we feed a lot of people at the stadiums when we're open. >> reporter: you know, we worked our crew hard. they're hungry, and they got to try some already. >> reporter: i didn't get to! >> reporter: me either! but rave reviews, two thumbs up. they said it was so good. >> reporter: that's a challenge to try new food and put new menu items.
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pictures -- yes, and the pictures on social media are so tempting. we asked the arizona cardinals what they like to eat. >> i love snooze, it's a brunch spot. >> there's a place on ray road called roy's. >> i love snooze chop shop. as far as healthy stuff, they put some flavor on it >> reporter: i like they try to eat healthy. the struggle for us all. and traffic out there, running pretty clear at this point. obviously a busy friday night around the val, but you have a -- valley, but there's a clear look there looking at the university of phoenix stadium, so a big night on tap.
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>> reporter: the raiders in town, a lot of raider fans in the stadium, so should be a lot of fun. 7:00 kickoff. >> reporter: back to the studio. more from the stadium straight ahead. yeah, not too bad, and it's warm out there as well. >> kind of. no, it's hot and humid. 102 for pre-game kickoff. 100 at half time, and by the time is game is over low 90s out there in glendale. a live look from the valley cam. a few clouds in the sky, but right now th but in the last 30 minutes we had winds race out of some storms kicking up quite a bit of dust, the superstitions disappeared for a few minutes, but it moved back out and is headed south away from the valley. desert doppler, storms to track in the higher terrain, a closer look at those and what to expect over the weekend coming up. new tonight a teacher fired because her cancer treatments were taking too long. now she's got her job back.
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and stepped in to help. jason just talked to the teacher and joins us now with more. jason? >> reporter: she's been fighting breast cancer for 10 months, and her employer for about 7 months of that time. she was absolutely devastated when they told her she was fired for not being ready to come back when she ran out of unpaid sick time. fresh off another surgery just yesterday, tara is humbled how quickly the governor reinstated her job, and to make amends, the governor is giving her full pay and benefits for as long as it takes her to recover. >> i've told some of my family that the cancer battle is not nearly as stressful as the battle i've had with my job and keeping employment. i don't necessarily feel that great right now about the agency i work for, but when i'm
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things and focus on my student, i really do love my job. >> reporter: tara says she has one more surgery, and worst case scenario hopes to be back in the class room full time by december, but she says she thinks she can make it back sooner than that. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. former neighbors of a missing boy speaking out only to abc 15 today. >> yes, they say they were worried about jesse wilson's well being a year ago after they found him and his locked out of his house in the afternoon, hot and hungry. >> melissa blasius spoke to one man that called the police and shared what he saw. >> reporter: neighborson this avondale street remember a knock at their door or a ring of the doorbell, all to find a little boy standing on the front porch. it was gels. timmy -- jesse wilson.
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says he gave the kids drinks and food several times. other neighbors have the same story, but timothy knew the wilsons better than most, and had concerns about what he saw inside the house too. >> she cared more about that dog, being loving to the dog, than with the kids. i found that a little strange, why her kids needed so much medication. >> reporter: avondale police say they were only called out to the house one time wilsons lived here in 2011. at that point they made a welfare check, and everything seemed fine within the house hold. if you have any information about jesse wilson's disappearance, you're urged to contact the buckeye police. back to you. >> we want justice for my cousin, you know, he was a son, a brother, a nephew a grandson. he had a family that have loved him.
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exclusively to abc 15 news tonight. they've hired their own team of investigators after police say the man lunged at them with a knife in a parking lot. >> we've been going through the area looking for video, witnesses, we've actually contacted witnesses who may not have seen the actual act, but saw occurrences leading up to it. >> if you know anything about at the time case go to for more in the funeral is set to take place tomorrow. happening now a judge trying to decide whether marijuana will indeed make it on the november ballot. yesterday the secretary of state said the prop had enough signatures, but a lawsuit could still stop it. attorneys for arizona for responsible drug policy argue the text is confusing and misleading for those that sign the petition. >> it's the province of the court toll protect the
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system from deception or fraud, and you heard that from our side today. >> backers say it's just a way to keep voters from making their own decision. the judge should reach a decision by tuesday. new at 6:00, an accused terror suspect with contacts here in phoenix says he was actually an fbi informant. the charlotte observer reports he told his mom that during a recent visit in jail. he claimed he was paid by the fbi since 2009, and even has a code name. investigators say he tried to recruit people for isis. they say he spoke to one of the phoenix men killed in the terror attack in texas last year. >> i can't imagine, he's tough, and he's smart, and he's strong, and he's a good person. donald trump singing sheriff joe arpaio's praises aagain telling a crowd in
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is a great guy, and he says he knows what's good and what's fair. just this week trump said he'd want to bring all his sheriffs to the white house if he wins. arpaio told us he wants to remain sheriff. >. crooks are getting greedy. more skimmers found this month than all of last year. find out the valley cities targeted. either your a pokemon go fan or not. same for the arizona cardinals. some can do without it, and
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welcome back to cardinals stadium, you know, we talked earlier about the younger players getting a lot of chances tonight, and the interesting thing is we may notice that for sure, but also something we may not notice. >> reporter: not just the players. >> reporter: yes, the coach is relink wishing the play -- giving up the duties. interesting decision. the offensive coordinator will get the chance every assistant coach dreams of, calling the plays during three of the four pre-season games. while he's called plays in the past he's never gotten to call all of the plays, and i tell you what, bruce arians says he'll be bored, but he'll get a chance to yell at the officials more. goodwin says he appreciated every opportunity bruce gives him to grow as a football
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since day one back in 2007, back in pittsburgh. he was always putting me in a position to learn and grow as a coach. i'm appreciative, and excited for the opportunity he gives me to grow as a coach and a man. but for him to do this for me is special. tells me he thinks a lot of me, and i don't want to disappoint him. >> that's the fun in coaching for me, but just tr guys continue to grow. >> reporter: not a lot of coaches would do that, but they've been joking about it all week, i just hope they're still smiling and joking after the game. >> reporter: yes, we'll sneak a couple of shots to see how he's doing. earlier we thought we saw a pikachu. jason snavely is all over this one. pokemon go has invaded university of phoenix stadium.
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serious investigative journalism, but i got to the bottom of it, and some of the guys actually talk more frasier in pokemon -- trash in pokemon than football. ? [ music ] ?? >> reporter: rumor has it you're one of the pokemon goers in the parking lot. >> yes, i'd say probably my skills. everyone else tries to question it, but they know what it is. >> you know, we talk smack who's the best. >> reporter: have you gotten into the pokemon stuff? >> oh, no, i'm not into that, i'm 24 years old so. >> reporter: do you judge that guy for doing it? >> yeah, but he's like my little brother so, he's got some growing up to do that. >> reporter: who's the most intense about it? >> intense about it, probably me. >> reporter: yeah, you see earl come in here and you have to understand it's about catching the pokemon, get the
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in the gym life. >> reporter: what does ba think of all this? >> i don't know even know what the hell it is. >> reporter: sometimes football gets in the way of pokemon. >> yeah, sometimes [ laughter ] >> reporter: very nice tough with the song. >> reporter: it turns out there's pokemon stops all over the stadium, and on a few can get in there during training camp, so it's kind of >> reporter: i feel like during the game there's going to be a fan running out there to catch one [ laughter ] >> reporter: security! all right, and here's the forecast, some changes into the weekend. first of all a few isolated showers managed to make it down from the higher terrain into parts of valley this afternoon like sun city. the shower close to fountain hills died out before it got there. we had a little pop up near superior that's almost completely gone too.
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the rain letting up in intensity, but still falling in safford at this hour. stronger storms up to the north to the southeast of strawberry and pushing farther to the southeast, and south of gila bend, a flood advisory there, that's the green on the map. heavy rain still falling and a lot of lightning, 75 strikes after the last updates, so still storms out there to track and chances more main in the higher terrain over the weekend as the valley works to dry out. the dewpoint dropping into the 50s, a as it drops we're losing the moisture, and that will continue through the weekend. 102 right now. winds breezy at 14 miles per hour. temperatures in the triple digits near casa grande and all to the west, and tomorrows temperatures really will sizzle in some spots. 84 overnight in gila bend. 60s in prescott and payson, and 49 in flagstaff. kingman in the low 100s tomorrow, and highs above 110 again for lake havasu and bullhead city.
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that hot thank goodness. 105 for us. 104 gilbert and chandler. 102 queen creek, 101 cave creek, and 106 in avondale and glendale tomorrow. we are going to be under an air quality alert for the weekend. ozone high pollution advisory both saturday and sunday, and the uv alert tomorrow as well, so make sure you have sun screen on outside. it's going to be sizzling.
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new tonight the arguments inside the courtroom started on president obama's transgender bathroom directive. you may remember that arizona is involved in the lawsuit that's being handled in texas. schools are in jeopardy of losing federal funding if they don't comply. today the judge heard arguments that the directive is unconstitutional. he didn't temporarily block it, but a ruling is expected soon. a consumer alert as crooks
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the pump. the state has found more skimmers this month than in all of 2015. crooks also getting a little trickier. they're attaching skimmer in places harder to reach and detect. they've been found in tempe, glendale, phoenix and other places. we have a full list of locations on the abc 15 mobile app. this football season you can help save lives just by being a cardinals fans. what's being done for so people in need. and here's what's coming up, cardinals pre-game, then the big game, and after all the fun stick around for more news
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>> reporter: for us football is life, but it also might be life saving. the cardinals are doing something really cool. we were out here about a week ago for red and white practice, and they invited folks from be the match over, and they set up table, and their mission was to get people signed up for the bone marrow donor registry, and a lot of people for them, a bone marrow transplant is really their only shot at a healthy life. so a few minutes and a cheek swab is all it takes to get on the list, and you could save a life. >> it's so important for us to
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to timed matches for -- find matches for everybody we have to get so many people. we have 15 and a half million people on the list right now, and sometimes patients don't get a match. >> reporter: the next be the match event will be out here for the september 1st game against denver. if you can't make it that day you can always go to the website and sign up. it's something i did 10 years ago afte it's so important, and it takes a matter of seconds. >> reporter: yes, i've had friends that have gone through this, so please help out. >> reporter: and now back to the studio. a lot more coming up. >. and the tailgaters happy the cloud stayed to the north. >> absolutely, they didn't want to get soaked, although it was hot. it's getting hotter through the weekend, and storm chances will
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>> the following is the presentation of the arizona cardinals broadcast network. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> back to football. the pregame show presented by hyundai. from university of phoenix stadium your host jod one win from ya super bowl berth last escape, the arizona cardinals have made it clear since the nfc championship game that a ring is not only the


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