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tv   ABC15 News  ABC  August 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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the reason for that stems from a shooting last night that we were actually on. we're going to take you to video we shot last night off 75th drive. we're told there were two suspects. police believe they knew each other, the suspect and victim. police believe they knew each other and may have been friends. according to witnesses, they heard an argument before shots were fired. >> by the time he got in the ambulance, he looked pretty pale. i don't know what happened after that. >> reporter: back out here live off 43rd avenue and indian school road, this is where police were serving a search warrant after receiving a tip from family members that the shooter was in one of these apartments. when five officers entered that apartment in a staggered
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apartment. the first officer entering into the bedroom, that suspect according to police lunged out of the closet with a knife, cutting that officer. he of course grabbed his gun and opened fire. that suspect we are told is dead here at the scene. the officer is a 15-year veteran, 35 years old and we are told he is going to be okay. it is routine now to put that officer on leave to be sure he's okay mentally. when they have their lived threatened like this, it can really play with their minds. phoenix police want to be sure that officer is going to be okay both physically and mentally. we are told that he is back here at the scene and talking with detectives about what took place in the apartment. again, this stems from another shooting that happened last night. this morning they confronted that suspect and shots were fired. back to you. >> thank you. great reporting out there.
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update on another officer- involved shooting, this one in mesa. police say this is connected to another shooting investigation that happened two days ago. police say three officers were involved but all are okay and the suspect is dead at the scene. they believe he was involved in a shootout with another man thursday morning. >> he was about 55 years old. we suspected that was a drug- related >> later friday a specialty unit caught up with the shooter and started following him. that's when officers say he started speeding up in that mesa neighborhood. they did what's called a pit maneuver to stop this guy and one neighbor heard the loud crash. >> one car went up into our front yard. the other ones were right in front. ran out, figured someone's hurt. sounded like maybe they hit one
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so i reason outside. as soon as i opened the door, i just heard gunfire. >> and we'll continue to bring you any updates as soon as we we get new information. a jack in the box employee shaken up after a car rammed through the drive-thru at 35th street and thomas road. no one was hurt and police are investigating. we are working to get information on a possible description of the car involved but a very scary situation there for employees. . not only were our animals better for knowing him, but we were as well. >> a north valley veterinarian who died when he fell into his underground grain storage will be laid to rest later this morning. more than 100 people gathered last night to honor dr. bill tryon. >> he just did so much for the community. you know, everybody up here
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>> lanterns were also let go to honor his neighbor who died trying to save him, as well as his assistant. this morning a renewed push for answers in the case of a real estate agent who vanished more than a year ago. the fbi is asking for any and all tips about sydney cranston, jr. >> the bottom line is sydney cranston, jr. is still missing. somebody knows where he is, and we are pleading with the public >> the fbi is officially considering this a homicide investigation. they are offering $5,000 for information about his suspicious disappearance. heavy rains in parts of louisiana causing a deadly and devastating flood. two people have lost their lives and the governor declared a state of emergency as homes are filled with brown murky water.
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which started earlier this week. that area is expected to get even more rain this weekend. in maryland, police say they have found a third body after an explosion and fire at this apartment complex. authorities aren't saying who the victims are yet but police say they will pick up the search and recovery efforts later today. that happened wednesday night. people could feel buildings shake more than a mile away. 34 people were taken to hospitals including three firefighters. three people are in custody accused of shooting and killing a police officer. 45-year-old jose chavez died friday after having surgery. reports show he pulled over a vehicle for a traffic stop and that's when a passenger got out and fired shots at his vehicle. the suspects ran and carjacked another vehicle, then shot that driver. officials are still investigating this incident.
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in the northern part of the state. the bodies were pulled from the burned wreckage late friday. all six victims were from out of state and the cause is still under investigation. family and friends are gathering to say good-bye to prince. family members are holding a private service today at paisley park in minnesota, one day after another service minneapolis. a public tribute to honor prince been at minneapolis u.s. bank stadium in october. it's something no one wants to hear: terror. this morning a new threat, isis crossing the border into arizona. conservative watchdog groups report an isis operative is training terrorists just across
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italian paper which says the borders are soft and he could get in with a handful of men and kill thousands in texas or arizona in just a few hours. it is likely a topic you'll see come up as the presidential race heats up. 8:07 right now. the impact continues today for thousands of new sun devils and their parents. it is move-in day at asu, meaning a lot of heavy lifting. for the students, those incoming freshmen, you know it's such and exciting time. >> it's really exciting. >> sparky and the welcome team helped some students move into
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the fall semester starts on thursday, can you believe that? >> and trending nationwide, this video, featuring helicopter rides and a pink jeep tour. vogue said it cost $300,000 to make this video but the national office wrote in part, with today's technology, a talented team can produce a video like this for a few thousand dollars and that's what our chapter spent as well. >> i went to university of
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videos similar to that. >> that is so impressive. we have beautiful scenery here. maybe you want to get outdoors and capture that today. >> make your own, why not? get ready to sweat because the heat is back. let's take a look at the high country today. warmer than usual, 91 in prescott, upper 90s in sedona. we have a chance of showers, in those cities, so keep that in mind. also we are under a uv alert. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. crooks are filling up on your dime. the safety alert you need to know about before you put gas in your car. >> and she was fired after her battle with cancer left her too sick to work. joe ducey taking action to help
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. centers in south florida are working to save a woman's hand after she was attacked by an alligator. investigators say the 49-year- old woman was bitten when she tried to get a can she'd dropped in the water in the everglades. she is still in critical condition. developing now, a bomb shell out of the midwest, where a murder conviction has overturned in the case surrounding the social phenomenon making a murderer, the netflix series about the murder of a photographer in wisconsin. a judge overturned the conviction of brendan dassey, who for ten years has been serving a life sentence. he was convicted of helping his uncle steven avery in the crime. the judge criticized investigators and dassey's own defense attorneys, saying they made false promises to the then 16-year-old with developmental
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days unless prosecutors decide to retry him. more criminals are filling up with your money. this is happening at the gas pump. this is video we just showed you and we are told several areas have been targeted by skimmers. state investigators have found more skimmers this month alone compared to all of last year. sk debit card information. to see all the locations with skimmers found this month, head to i hate bank fees and paying a bank to use my money. one website says on average we face 23 different bank fees at $470 each year. don't do it. bank rate says overdraft fees alone cost us $24 billion each year and the fees keep rising.
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>> reporter: opt out of any overdraft protection. you'll be denied if you don't have money but you won't have to pay the fee. other ways, choose no-fee checking an savings. sign up for alerts. link your checking and savings accounts. and shop around. >> you can negotiate sometimes or find better deals. >> reporter: get help with that from websites like say you live in zip code and keep $300 in your checking account, and sometimes you overdraft. the site lists the best accounts for you. >> know your own banking needs. >> reporter: check atm fees. some institutions offer free atms within a certain network or pay other banks' fees. go to for all the ways to protect your money. i'm investigator joe ducey.
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know. the marines are looking for a few good women, turning to high school sports teams to find candidates who can meet their rigorous physical standards. a new wildfire we are watching this morning u california firefighters trying to contain this threatening 30 homes in firefighters shot water and flame retardant in the area and no injuries have been reported. the national guard is joining the front lines as california's governor issues a state of emergency for the fire that's been burning since july. troops will spend 29 days trying to put out the fire that's burned more than 71,000 acres and destroyed 55 homes.
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illegal campfire and also killed one person. did you get enough of the rain this week? >> no because we missed last week. then this week i had to go to bed. >> there are some areas in arizona that could pick up a stray thunderstorm or shower. the valley looks it's 89 degrees already and maybe just a half hour ago we were 86. humidity is holding steady at 42%. by our standards, a little muggy out there. it will feel a little sticky, wind out of the east about 5 miles an hour. we are at 86 in scottsdale and
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and radar right now. we have some popup showers especially to the east and in higher elevations like the white mountains. some activity near pine top and show low. not counting on a lot of lightning, but keep that in mind especially in the east. we are also going to see activity in the high country, too. not everywhere but i think isolated we could see popup thunderstorm activity, and to the southeast too. the valley looks to be dry today and tomorrow. we should see this for the next few days. midweek i think we'll incorporate rain chances here in the phoenix metro. air quality today is not great because of the ozone pollution advisory. unhealthy groups keep that in mind. and we have a uv alert in effect. 11:00 to 2:00 is peak sun time,
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15 minutes. use that sunscreen. pollen not bad today, picking up for sunday and monday with grass and ragweed. today's high 105, right about where we should be this time of year. it's hotter than we were feeling because some days we had below triple digits. not today. tomorrow is pretty much a carbon copy of today, 106, mostly sunny skies, up to 107 for monday and 108 fo after that we'll take temperatures down a little bit but we'll add in rain chances wednesday, thursday and friday. download our free abc 15 app to track the storms with us and those temperatures, especially today as we get ready to sweat it out. not a pretty night not really cardinals fans. the raiders came to town and
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the second string gave up two quick turnovers, leading to two touchdowns for the raiders. >> the good things about the ball game, i like the way we started. i thought the good players showed up ready to play. individually there were some really good things with the young players, although collectively it was not very good. >> the cardinal rolls on. they will take on the chargers in san diego and our coverage starting 5:30 on friday with kickoff at 6:00 here on abc 15. katie ledecky gets the gold in the 800-meter free style last night, adding to her gold medals. did you see her all by herself? she smoked the competition by
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record. she is awesome. she is on fire. let's take a look at the medal count: . >> have you done shotput? i'm small but i'm strong. we have more on a tragic story showcasing the dangers of playing with guns, as a woman shoots and kills her boyfriend with a gun they thought was unloaded. >> and kids are back in school. >> and kids are back in school. we are taking action to ? double down on your coffee and candy cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy flavored iced coffees.
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? double down on your coffee and candy cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy flavored iced coffees. get any medium iced coffee for $1.49.
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. we have travel alerts weekend. i-10 eastbound is down to one lane near loop 303. this is saturday 4:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and the same thing on sunday. expect a lot of congestion in that area. and the i-10 ramp, on an off ramps at 32nd street will shut down friday night to monday morning. use 40th street instead. and restrictions on grand avenue include a closure near bell road friday into saturday
8:24 am . back in the studio, it is back to school time. have you checked everything off your list? >> just in case you haven't, we are taking action for you. we'll bring in the pros to talk about teaching an learning. theresa is a pro with two twins in third grade. if anybody is going to know, it's you. talk about some things you must have for kids this year. >> start over here. they may have to brush up on skills after the summer. these kits come with lots of different things, not just a work sheet they can fill in. >> we like hand-on. that's good.
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here? >> this is little flash cards. the child answers it and once they have the answer, they put it in his mouth here and then shows them the answer. they can check by themselves if they got it right. >> and the third item they must have? >> go to the far end here. this is an electronic game with multiple games on it from the wee little guys. if they are saying put these numbers in order, they quick hit the buttons or practice multiplication on it. >> and unfortunately so many kids drag their feet with math. i was one of them. but this shows you math can be fun. >> and it's a skill you need to keep up with. going a couple months without doing it, you're a little rusty. >> i like that.
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this too. what can some parents pick up? >> this comes in sight words, alphabet, a whole family of games. it's a great game for like after dinner, just a quick 5 minute game. if they can answer, they can keep it. if not they have to put them back in the bucket. it's a quick game everybody in the family can play. >> and y this? promoting the engagement of the parents. studies have shown that really makes a difference in their education. >> it does. making it fun is absolutely key. and you have a few other things parents should have? >> this one is brand new for us. it's a math game that comes in a cute little backpack. there's dice and cards. if you can make the number on
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get to keep that card. thank you very much for showing us all of these. we have more information on the three valley locations and their number on the screen. >> thank you. >> reporter: a phoenix officer opens fire on a suspect after being cut by him. we'll have the story . >> plus fired and rehired in a matter of days. a teacher said she lost her job
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good morning to you this busi i'm nick ciletti. >> i'm allison rodriguez. it is saturday and the kickoff for the weekend. maybe some people are heading to the farmers market. >> yes, and it is 89 degrees right now. humidity is elevated so as you step outside it feels a little muggy. we get a warm start in the mid-
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it is hot and dry outside, no rain chances today. we could have some in the seven- day forecast. i'll break it down coming up in a few minutes. we have breaking news out of phoenix right now. we have our crew live at the scene of an officer-involved shooting with new details. at least one person is dead. >> and maryellen resendez has been on top of this story since it break this what's the update? >> reporter: phoenix police say the shooting actually stems from another shooting that happened last night. we have video of that shooting. that happened about 8:30 p.m. near 75th drive. we're told two men who knew each other got into an altercation. witnesses say they heard an argument, then one shot the
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from family members and that led them to this second location. it is here that police confronted that suspect. >> the suspect chose to come out of the closet and immediately attack the officer, which caused him to defend himself. >> reporter: again, we're back out here live at the apartment building. we are told this tip came from family members, which brought they had a search warrant to search the apartment. there were five officers that went into the apartment. this is one of the apartments in the back here. when he got into the apartment, according to the officer, he said that suspect actually lunged at him with a knife, cutting his hand. we are told he has a cut across two of his fingers and they did need stitching but they were
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revolver and fired on the suspect, who is dead at the scene. family members are standing by and we'll talk to them and get their side of the story as far as what took place, then get back to you. >> thank you very much for that. we'll keep you posted. a crash shut down 12th street at northern for hours after a driver crashed into a woman who may have been walking in the street. she was taken to the hospital in extremely we have asked police if they plan to charge the driver but haven't heard back yet. charred remains of this mobile home in mesa at lindsey and main. firefighters attacked this from all angles and it's still unclear what sparked the fire, but nobody was hurt. whoever did live there will need a new place to stay. developing now, a man is dead and his girlfriend is accused of shooting him in the face inside a phoenix motel
8:34 am
with abc 15 saying it was an accident. court documents say gabriella hardee shot and killed rosario leon on thursday. documents say she sat on top of him, pointed and ak-47 at his face, then it went off. police arrested her but her mom says she'd never do anything like this on purpose. >> she didn't mean to kill her boyfriend? >> no, no. >> paperwork said the suspect and her boyfriend were drinking and smoking pot the day before she was shot. her mom said the two had a good relationship. in a few hours, dylan liberti will be laid to rest after being gunned down by a police officer a few weeks ago. police say he was acting i radically and lunged at officers with a knife.
8:35 am
lawyers and plan to launch their own investigation into what happened. >> we have been canvassing the area for video, for witnesses. we have contacted, you know, witnesses who may not have seen the actual act but saw occurrences leading up to it. >> if you know anything about this case, go to for information on who to get in contact with. happening now, a judge trying to decide whether marijuana will make it on the november earlier this week the secretary of state said prop 205 had enough signatures but a wsuit could still stop it. some argue the text is confusing and misleading for those who signed the petition. >> it is the province of the court to protect the integrity of the election system and
8:36 am
fraud. >> the judge may reach a decision by tuesday. former neighbors of a missing boy share concerns only on abc 15, worried about jesse wilson's well being. he was last seen about a year ago when he lived in avondale. they say the sibling were locked out of the house in the afternoon, hot and hungry, so he'd knock on doors asking for a snack and drinks. >> i made them some sandwiches. then they went b came back again. and they knock on the door again and they wanted more food. >> another neighbor told abc 15 when he asked jesse's mom why her kids we'll be right back left unsupervised, she said she was having trouble getting daycare. jesse has been missing since july 17th. call police if you have information on where he might be. we are hearing more from the teacher who was fired because her breast cancer
8:37 am
she has her job back after tarah ausburn's bosses fired her when her leave expired and she wasn't healthy enough to come back. but the governor promised her full pay and benefits no matter how long her recovery takes. >> i've gotten sick as a direct result of all the stress. now i feel like i can just be at home, focus on my recovery. >> she had surger has one more to go. she hopes to be back in the classroom full-time no later than december. he's tough and he's smart and he's strong, and he's a good person. >> donald trump singing sheriff joe arpaio's praises once again, telling a pennsylvania crowd that the sheriff is a great guy. trump said sheriff arpaio knows
8:38 am
fair. this week trump said he'd want to bring all his sheriffs to the white house if he wins but arpaio said he still wants to be sheriff. donald trump is heading to connecticut, hoping to change his luck there. friday night he was in pennsylvania as many said it's shaping up to be a must-win for republicans. polls show he's behind hillary clinton there by points. >> i know what to do. hillary doesn't know what to do. she has no clue about what we're talking about. she has no clue. . >> a strong show of support from rnc chair priebus. >> don't believe the garbage you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican
8:39 am
to put him in the white house and save this country together. >> and hillary clinton released her 2015 tax returns as well as republican running mate tim kaine, putting pressure on trump to do the same. it's been decades since a candidate has not released those. he claims he's under audit and his at to release this until the audit is complete. so we'll see what happens. we had a nice break from the heat, a little humid but not in triple digits. i'm sorry, that break is over. right now 89 degrees at phoenix
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we're in the triple digits. we have the uv warning in place today, between 11:00 and 2:00 that's when the sun is strongest. we'll look at the most accurate forecast when we could see the rain showers popping up in the valley, and who today might actually see a shower or two. coming up, a man behind a bunch of ada litigation being investigated not once twice. >> and a health warning for a
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. new developments this morning about self-driving cars in our state. the newly created oversight committee will hold a meeting on monday as gm tests its new self-driving chevy volt in scottsdale. you could see them around with a backup driver in there just in case. a health alert this morning. you have probably heard botox
8:44 am
wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing certain muscles in your face. new research out of the university of wisconsin shows it may not always be temporary, and that the chemicals could move to other parts of your body. in the worst case scenarios, it can cause long-term paralysis. the same researchers say a fix is in the works that could solve the problem. . somehow you want to make it all sound really bad. let me just tell you this: there's nothing bad there. >> this lawyer has sued more than 1300 businesses for ada violations. peter works for advocates of individuals with disabilities. >> and investigators exposed mistakes in cases and why this man is under state bar investigation. . >> reporter: joann burgess
8:45 am
lawyer who sued her and demanded thousands to settle. her current tenant, a coffee shop. their violation, they didn't have this van sign. >> i felt what they were doing was totally and completely unethical so i wrote a letter to the state bar. >> reporter: the state bar has at least two open investigations against this attorney. >> two of the defendants became grumpy. what do grumpy people do? they try and intimidate >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: but there could be an issue if he's made mistakes. our investigation found he has. >> i look at every case individually. >> a couple you got wrong had to be dropped. >> reporter: for example, the owner of this building was sued twice because he didn't realize he already sued them. and this parking lot had cases against multiple businesses because they were sued even though they don't own or control the lot. he even sued this patch of
8:46 am
land for a neighboring location. and sharon owns a wedding and party rental shop in mesa and says there's a major conflict of interest in her case. >> i can't believe peter is suing us. >> reporter: he sued her even though records show he set up her business. >> these are my articles of incorporation that he wrote. here is his signature. >> reporter: so she wrote him to point out the conflict but someone else called back with an oer lawsuit if i would talk to their pr person. >> reporter: instead, she's making a different call. >> i'm actually calling the state bar today. >> reporter: this isn't the first time he's been brought to the state bar's attention. >> how many times have you been sanctioned, reprimanded, disciplined by the state bar? it's a wonderful question, because state bar and i have a wonderful relationship. we entered into a friendly
8:47 am
days off to deal with my -- >> suspension? >> you can call it suspended. >> reporter: the state bar did, 30-day suspension for conduct called frivolous and prejudicial. >> how many actions have they taken against you? >> i think -- i think that was it. >> reporter: the correct answer is three. in fact, it's clearly marked on the state bar's website. we have learned there are more businesses that have filed new complaints. you can find all this information at . we are tracking our most accurate forecast today with nick doing the hard work today, keeping track of that. you're saying it looks to be okay in the valley?
8:48 am
hot but sunny. some places could pick up shower activity. let's talk about this outside, not too bad. we're in the mid- to upper 80s across the valley. tempe, you're at 87, 85 in mesa, up to 89 in litchfield park right now. it's muggy out there, too. that will make it feel a little hotter and stickier for you. we're in the 70s in sedona and prescott, 90s havasu, 78 in globe and 81 in tucson. a live look at the desert doppler, we are starting to track some light showers popping up near pine top and even show low, some light shower activity. we were seeing some lightning earlier too, but not many. just keep that in mind, it's not out of the question, that popup thunderstorm activity, especially in the eastern part
8:49 am
elevations, too. high country could pick up a stray shower or two but the valley will be dry for several days. we can see the moisture out to the east and we could see popup stuff in the high country. by 11 we're at 90 degrees, 99 by 1:00 and triple digits after that. the high today is 105, which is of year. we have a little bit of a ways to go. humidity is a level 10 today and we have a uv alert, so get that sunscreen. we'll get to 106 in tempe, 105
8:50 am
a lot of folks will have low to mid-80s for overnight lows. we'll get to 107 in peoria and glendale is going to get to 106. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow we're up to 106, mostly sunny. not a bad day, just warm. get ready to sweat. we'll also have the ozone advisory today and tomorrow. for monday we get to 107 to start the workweek with lots of sunshine. chances wednesday, thursday and
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. live look outside right now, beautiful camelback mountain there. if you're going hiking, get it done sooner rather than later because today' high is 105. right now upper 80s and bring plenty of water. we are out for a game a lot of people love but may not be the best at. we have you covered. today is national bowling day. >> we are lucky enough to have the pros with us. rick and jen are here from uptown alley in surprise. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> no problem. >> and we'll talk about food as well. how are you celebrating
8:54 am
bowler from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. a free game of bowling with shoes. come in, go right to the counter, tell them and they'll get you bowling. >> another hour to do that? >> correct. >> very cool. and they get free bowling? >> free bowling and free shoe rental. >> very cool. so i was asking before we came back with you guys, what is the purpose of the shoes and the floor? i'm a bowling novice. ar slippery? >> they look cool. beside that, they serve a purpose? >> bowling shoes are supposed to have the slide on the bottom. rental shoes are leather so they can slide. it's part of the end of the delivery, that slide that gives you power on the swing when you're throwing the ball. >> you are supposed to slide. >> okay. i don't want to brag or anything but i will. i bowled a 240, which i don't
8:55 am
that's pretty good. >> that is pretty good. perfect game is 300, and that's 12 strikes in a row. >> what is your highest? >> i can't break 269. >> that's really good. >> i'm not even going to say what mine is. i don't want to embarrass you guys. >> he still needs the guardrails. >> those bumpers come in handy. >> heart. you have a lot of good food out here, too. >> for the weekend, these are basically some signature dishes. we have our signature cobb salad, burgers, southwest rolls
8:56 am
. >> and you have another hour to get that free game and free shoe rental. >> we have all the information at >> good luck today. >> thank you. might not be a bad day to be inside bowling because it's going to be 105 today. 106 for sunday, 107 monday and 108 on tuesday. after that we'll cool off a little bit because we worked in
8:57 am
she left us some of this, too. you were talking a big game earlier. show us your stuff. >> well, she's going to show us. aim down the middle. >> saved by the bell. here we go, jen. >> oh, too left. i'm dana from aarp in downtown phoenix to tell you about all the real possibilities happening right here in your community. because if you don't think real possibilities when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." we are volunteering with fitphx meet me downtown walk-run program. join us every monday in downtown phoenix. helping build community through fitness and keeping our city in motion. get to know us and see all the real possibilities
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna coming to yo camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." you could easily get the wrong idea about today's scary sounding animals. aren't they real aggressive? some of them are lethal. this thing looks deadly. it's no wonder they're called cold-blooded. whoa. but the truth is, there's a huge variety of cold-blooded creatures. looks like two big boulders in there. and most aren't dangerous at all. rex: the only thing they're actually horrible towards is little black ants. jack: today we'll find out what it really means to be cold-blooded and why it's such an amazing adaptation. man, that's an experience of


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