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tv   ABC15 News Saturday  ABC  August 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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road. the knife slashed two of the officer's fingers. we're working to get ahold of chris grow at the scene to see how the officer is doing tonight, and let's take a listen on what he's working on this evening. >> reporter: two shootings erupt in phoenix in a matter of hours leaving two men dead, and police say they could be connected. >> they are known to each other and at some point could have been friend. >> ror shot and killed, and after speaking with family and witnesses police quickly found the suspect, reuben strand. they served a search warrant at an apartment complex looking for him. once inside the room strand jumped at a detective from inside the closet, and cut the officer's hand with a knife. the detective fired back killing strand. >> they just went straight up to the house, didn't say police
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say there's no way he was capable of either crime and the officers acted too quickly. >> they don't give him a chance to talk or anything. >> reporter: that's not what the police department says happened. >> we got to the bedroom. they took their time in the bedroom, announcing who they are, they're there. the suspect chose to come out of closet and immediately attacked the officer which caused him to defend himself. >> we're told the detective received some stitches on his hand for the cuts. police tell us he came ri back to the scene to be interviewed by internal affairs. he'll be removed from active duty until the information is complete. and we have a breaking news update for you in another deadly officer-involved shooting, this one n mesa. mesa -- in mesa. mesa police have three officers involved, all okay, but the suspect was killed last night. they just identified him as 22- year-old jesus carillo. they believe he shot and killed
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drug related incident. yesterday they caught up with him and started following him, then officers say he sped up in this mesa neighborhood. they did a pit maneuver to stop him. one neighbor heard a loud crash. >> one car went up into our front yard, the other one's right in front, so i ran out. figures somebody was hurt. sounded like maybe they hit one of neighbor's parked cars, so iran outside, but -- i ran outside, but as soon as i got out >> the man he killed was willy james thomas. terrifying moments for a jack in the box worker in phoenix. a driver in the drive-in firing at the win deof the -- window of the fast food restaurant. no one was hurt, and police are investigating with no drinks of the car or shoot -- description of the car or shooter. there's a pick up on fire
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a viewer sent this in from the eastbound lanes. nobody was hurt in the big fire ball, but as always if it's safe to do so and you're not driving we appreciate the videos, just send them in on and we like getting the weather photos too. here in the valley though we're high and dry. laura thomas is tracking the most accurate forecast. what were we seeing? >> you're exactly righ topping out at 108. back to the west not seeing the clouds, but we had some thunderstorms well off to the west just a couple of hours ago. we topped out at 108, so slightly above the average high of 105, and far from the error. that in -- from the record, that in 2012 of 115. we started in the 80s this morning, and return to the 80s into the evening forecast. so by tomorrow morning back to 85. couple of passing clouds here and there. tomorrow a couple of high clouds.
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sunday. afternoon highs again going to be running between 108, 109 into the afternoon hours, so as you look with me now, abc 15 desert doppler is quiet. we had a severe thunderstorm warning issued about an hour and a half ago just to the east of bumblebee, but that's dissipated, and we have a few more stronger thunderstorms moving into safford, that's where we're seeing a lot of lightning, some winds up to 40 to 50 miles per hour, and these working their way off to the south and southeast, and we have flash flood warnings in effect for parts of pima county in the southeast pocket of the state near tucson. so again, it's a hot, dry one out there. i'll let you know when things given to cool back down as the monsoon moisture makes a return, so when the storm chances are in the forecast in minutes. all right, thank you. take action to help a neighbor in need. it's been more than a week since this phoenix downpour. we all saw and experienced it, but worry is not washing away for a valley family. a single mother forced out of
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waters. as abc 15's megan thompson shows us, she's grateful she has very good friends. >> reporter: this homeowner says the sandbags aren't going anywhere until the monsoon is over, but inside her friend are taking action to make sure she's ready the next time the storm hilts. >> >. the front of the house is probably able a foot deep. >> reporter: amy used to love the rain. >> moving along the side of the house we were about up to this part of door. monsoon drying up after her home was drowning. >> the water was pouring in from every door, every window, and the baseboards as well. >> reporter: she's a nurse and single mother, grabbed her son, and called for emergency services. >> just to have those guys out that tuesday evening, i was cutting a check for a deposit that night in the rain on the porch.
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her friends making themselves a part of the solution. >> when you hear it originally you don't think it's that bad, but she sent pictures and i was like oh my gosh. >> reporter: and she couldn't imagine not helping her friend, so she came over to help clean up what's left. as overwhelmed as she was by the flood, amy has a flood of emotions for her friends and strangers that stepped and able to carry forward as well as i am without all of these helpers. >> reporter: and her friends are taking it one step further, setting up a go fund me page to offset the costs. if you want to help just go to our website, jury phoenix police need your help to find a murderer, this man robert james smith jr. was found shot in the middle of the street near 35th and baseline.
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this happened april 16th. the gunman is still on the loose. and do you recognize this guy? phoenix police say he's suspected of robbing a phoenix homeowner at 19th and thomas. a woman, who's home is on the market for sale, came home to find an older white toyota in her driveway on july 11th. the suspect was walking out of the front door with a bump of her stuff. after a shoot -- bunch of her stuff. off with about $5,000 worth of her property. if you have information about the crimes call silent witness. as always you can remain anonymous, and you could receive a cash reward. also caught on camera, two guys rummaging through a home stealing stuff right out of it. how it could pay big time if you recognize them. and an arizona mayor taking
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caught on video, two thieves clearly caught in the act in phoenix here. the two are seen walking into a garage at 35th and deer valley road. the surveillance video shows them going through checking out a bunch of stuff there that they eventually decided to steal. both guys are in their 20s. it happened in the early morning hours of july 21st. silent witness hopes somebody can help identify the thieves and give them a call. sheriff joe arpaio refusing to animal cruelty case against senator jeff lake's son according to a recent deposition released by austin flake's lawyer. he alleges in a lawyer arpaio trumped up animal cruelty charges against him over the heat exhaustion death of 21 dogs at a gilbert kennel operated by his in-laws. he and his wife were in charge of the kennel.
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died after chewing through an air-conditioning wire, but the ac unit failed because it wasn't properly maintained. the charges were eventually dropped. donald trump's send amendment comments and hillary clinton's claims about immigration, we're putting them through the truth check. and many muslims calling this a hate crime. a mosque leader and his friend gunned down in broad daylight. and when the valley could hi, i'm dana from aarp in downtown phoenix to tell you about all the real possibilities happening right here in your community. because if you don't think real possibilities
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we are volunteering with fitphx meet me downtown walk-run program. join us every monday in downtown phoenix. helping build community through fitness and keeping our city in motion. get to know us and see all the real possibilities
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did donald trump really suggest violence against hillary clinton? and is clinton correct when she says undocumented workers pour 12 billion dollars into social security? two claims we're truth checking this week. >> if she gets to pick her judge, nothi y folks. although the second amendment, maybe there is, i don't know. >> donald trump ignited a fire storm, some say he was encouraging second amendment supporters to use violence against clinton. looking at the words, it's hard to rate. >> you can't pin down what he means. >> reporter: trump's campaign says in part second amendment
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are tremendousedly unified giving them great political power. >> he certainly left enough room for interpretation as to whether he really meant that. >> as for clinton, immigration reform remains a priority. she claimedden documented immigrants pay billions into social security. >> people who go to work, help support this economy, pay $12 billion a year into social security. >> that figure came from the social security administration, but other estimates have it much lower. >> we also foun estimate that put the specific worker contributions at $7 billion. >> so they rated the claim half true. we'll have more from clinton and trump as the attacks are sure to ramp up ahead of next month's first presidential debate in new york. for more on the fact checks visit our website. new reaction tonight to controversial actions from an arizona mayor. he's taking heat for refusing an invitation to meet with other mayors of the us and
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ken taylor saying he'd not attend a meeting later this month because the invite was sent in spanish and english. in his words, one nation means one language and he felt insulted. it was an invitation from john cook, the director of us mexico border mayors association. >> yeah, it was bigoted, especially some of his e-mail responses tell he has no love for mexico. >> despite the criticism the mayor says he's been inundated with massive support from people all over america. the conversation is in texas on august 24th. >. good bye ruby tuesday. the company will be closing about 95 underperforming restaurants across the country by the end of next month. no word yet which locations will close.
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the valley. 724 restaurants across the country. they'll try to find jobs for workers effected by the closure at nearby restaurant. >. all right, looking at the weather forecast. the whole week feeling humid. i'm listening getting used to it at this point. >> -- almost getting used to it. >> yes, all the showers and thunderstorms well north, south, and east of the valley today. but this is a live look from the carcinoma beautiful sunset with the clouds to the north. here's a time lapse from flagstaff where we had those passing clouds, not a lot of rain in flagstaff today. most of it stayed to the south and southeast of us, and here in the valley looking to downtown, we're dry and clear. abc 15 desert doppler not changing there as we remain dry. some storms north, and as they tried to push south toward black canyon city they dissipated. few spotty showers near
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thunderstorms near haydey producing winds 30 to 45 hers, and a lot of -- miles per hour, and a lot of lightning southwest of safford, and hail, and down to tucson. so if travels are taking you to the east and southeast over the next couple of hours you'll run into these, and they're producing very heavy rain, especially out to the southeast of mammoth and oracle. these moving to the southeast at this hour, so dry forecast tonight, and tomorrow waking up to clear sunny skies. nice warm start across the valley, again seeing the showers and thunderstorms bubbling up along the rim from prescott to payson. slight chance for a few thunderstorms through the white mountains into show low and superior, and models indicate some storms might try to come off the rim, but we're dry here as high pressure builds so, so little -- in, so a little cloud
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but no storms. 20 percent chance of storms sunday. monday for flagstaff. tuesday 30 percent chance north, and here in the valley isolated chances wednesday. the highs drop, a little later in the week. first we have to warm up. today we're at 108. tomorrow back above average, that average high, 105. we'll be at 108. monday 109. little warmer into monday and again at 109. so we do have ozone high pollution advisories in effect tomorrow due to the elevated ozone levels, so it's in the unhealthy group if you're sensitive to the high ozone levels. again that's for tomorrow. 104 right now in scottsdale. glendale at 109. 106 right now in goodyear, and looking at the forecast tonight, we're going to stay dry. mostly clear skies valley-wide. upper 90s in the forecast by 9:00. low 90s, still very warm by
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upper 70s anthem, 82 in surprise, 80 in wickenburg and goodyear tonight at 83. back up to 107 tomorrow. ahwatukee at 106, chandler 106, and queen creek at 103 tomorrow afternoon. here's a quick look at state- wide temperatures. 70s in flagstaff. 1 # hundred in kingman -- yuma at 110, 106 out the door here in phoenix. 80s across south central arizona. 50 in flagstaff tonight. look at that, some 40s out there. window rock, 4 morning at the grand canyon, returning to 87. beautiful but again, spotty storm chances north. 82 in show low, globe topping out at 96. valley temperatures, not talking about records, but above average highs through tuesday, and a little cloud cover as the moisture moves back in wednesday. isolated storm chances thursday and friday. all right, football is back, but we did come away with the loss last night with the
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night's game. >> yeah. >> the starters did very well. the offense moved the ball right down the field, and the starting defense shut down the raiders early on, but the young guys struggled playing under
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and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. get pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $10. doritos, fritos, or cheetos, select varieties and sizes, $1.77 each. usda choice petite sirloin steaks, buy 1 get 3 free. albertsons huge anniversary sale. it's just better. the cardinals opened the pre-season last night with a game against the raiders, and according to the coach, the coaching staff came away with mixed reviews. on one hand the veterans performed well. the first unit able to put together a ten-play 73-yard drive against the raiders first unit defense, and although it ended with a field goal they left the game with a 3-0 lead.
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on their time on the field, and on the other hand the younger players have a lot to learn and are still pretty green. carson palmer says he feels good about what they were able to accomplish. >> i thought the first team did a good job. i thought we were pretty sharp. obviously you want to finish with a touchdown there, but other than that, you know, the pass protection was really good, the run game was we had explosive run plays, leaving you feeling like a little tease. , you want a -- tease. you want a couple more series in, but i felt we did a good job. >> and the sea hawks opening up against the chiefs. after a face mask penalty from the hawks, smith gets a drive, and the chiefs take the early 7- 0 lead. russell wilson follows that
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but on first and 10 he throws to the end zone to get picked off at the goal line. all right, kim, pay attention, fast forward, the final three seconds of game. boykin into the end zone, and then the two-point conversion is good, and seattle steals a win with no time left on the clock. >> wow, impressive! >> i know, rattlers are playing in the international conference finals tonight taking on the cleveland gladiators in downtown phoenix. the rattlers taking the first two games, the 13-point win in week 10 and a 48-point win in the regular season finale. tonight's winner plays in arena bowl 29 august 26th. the mid-ohio challenge in nascar. a rain-filled day is slowing
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track tougher than usual. 35-year-old justin marks pulls away on a restart and finished 3.7 seconds ahead to claim the first series win. >> my specialty is road racing in the rain in these stock cars, and i don't get a lot of to take advantage of it and knew if the race ended in the rain we have a real shot of winning it. i wish my family was here, but i'm just really happy. >> poor guy! where's his family? and get the ultimate experience with eastern and the cardinals, giving away tickets to the game september 1st against the
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for the contest entry to enter to win. good luck! the season rolls on as the cardinals take on the chargers. kickoff at 6:00, but our coverage starts at 4:00 from san diego. >> lucky assignment! >> i'll have to spend a week there in august! >> i know right? people are just so excited football is back. >> they are, and it's going to be fun to se tesicam the heat. all right, thank you. coming up an arizona police officer at his baby's side at a
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a northern arizona officers' family in need tonight. their one-year-old baby is at phoenix children's hospital where she had to be flown for emergency surgery. raquel cervantes is joining us live here, and the law enforcement community really supporting the officer's family in this one? >> reporter: they really are, kim. officer steven farmer and his family live near prescott, but a couple of days ago their daughter was flown here to get emergency help. doctors told the family the baby's stomach and intestines were inverted. it's not uncommon, but the condition had gotten so bad her diapers were severely bloody, she was weak in and in a lot of pain.
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where part of her colon and small intestine were removed. i spoke to a sergeant at the police department, and the workers set up a go fund me page for the family to help with the medical costs. they say officers farmer has done so much for the community they want to help him get through this. >> right now they're in icu, they tried to take her out already today, but she started to regress. definitely hard and scary at first, and then we started realizing the we had from my department and friend and family. >> reporter: and the officer does have medical insurance, but it only covers so much, and those medical bills are sure to be mounting, so if you want to help them out find a link to their donation page on our website, back to you kim. thank you. all right, we have an update to the breaking news from the top of the hour. mcso working on this barricade
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rated near -- unincorporated area near mesa at union and crimson. the man shot at his girlfriend, but she got out of home uninjured. tear gas was put in, and she was shotten with a nonlethal rubber rounded. he was app tacked by the dogs in-- attacked by police dogs inside the home. we're working to get more information. and a phoenix police says he was forced to a murder suspect that attacked him with a knife. the police say the knife slashed two of the officer's fingers. the man shot and killed is 38- year-old reuben strand, wanted for a murder from last night. they came to an apartment in this area looking for him. once inside police say that strand lunged from a closet with a knife and cut that detective. that's when the detective shot strand and he later died.
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who was shot and killed last night, but strand's family doesn't believe there's any way their uncle is kented to the murder. one -- connected to the murder. one niece says it happened all quickly. >> they didn't give him a chance to talk or defend himself. they didn't give him that chance. >> the detective is on administrative leave until the investigation is wrapped up. he's expected to be okay after he got stitches on the cuts on his hand. we learned the name of man shot and killed biomass place last night. police say there were three officers involved in the shooting. they're all okay. they believe the suspect shot and killed a 55-year-old man thursday morn not guilty a drug- relate -- morning in a drug related incident. and outside all dry and quiet to the valley, but looking back to the east some beautiful clouds, storm clouds
6:34 pm
to the south of globe, and these are strong, producing wind gusts up to around 35 to 40 miles per hour. also kicking out outflow winds moving into oracle and working across pinal county, but the storms tracking to the south and southeast. we have a lot of lightning with these, small hail mixed in and very heavy rain. again, not moving into the valley, looking at the valley forecast right now and the radar you can see how quiet it thunderstorms tonight, but again we could have some breezes picking up across pinal county and potentially the i-10 between phoenix and tucson as the thunderstorms are producing winds to the west and southwest at this hour. dry and sunny in the valley at 106 after topping out at 108 today. light winds in the forecast overnight tonight into tomorrow. mostly clear skies, another hot one.
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highs up to 108 sunday afternoon with the average high at 105. we'll be talking a little more about the temperatures, when the valley could see monsoon thunderstorms back in the forecast. that's coming up in acouchiable of minutes. all right, thank you. a developing story out of new york right now. a mosque leader and his associate were shot and killed in an attack. police say they were shot in the back of the head after walking out of the mosque in the middle of day. many muslims are calling it a hate crime. a motive. a weather alert in the south. deadly storms dumping three months of rain in one day in parts of louisiana. at least two people killed in all of this. here's more from louisiana with the latest. >> reporter: the rain just keeps coming. >> it's certainly not over. >> reporter: and the flood waters keep rising. >> their houses, everything in there, is destroyed. >> reporter: louisiana under siege. hundreds of rescues as
6:36 pm
everyone to safety. >> we have record levels of flooding along rivers and creek, and because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get in those areas. >> reporter: the governor calling in the national guard to help. emergency declarations are now in effect across portions of state as police and fire departments struggle to get people trammed in homes or vehicles. >> our -- trapped in homes or vehicles. >> our helicopters are in active search and rescue. >> reporter: this family in east baton rouge had to leave their home on foot carrying a baby through rushing water. their local sheriff rushing in to help. >> the sheriff has the infant, trying to keep the baby dry. >> reporter: but officials can't get to everyone, in this case a good samaritan helped pull a man from his sinking vehicle. >> i told him don't panic, i'm here for you, i'll get you
6:37 pm
past warning notices and driving into danger is frustrating for law enforcement, putting more people at risk. >> the sign says road closed, it's there for a reason. don't cross it. >> if i'd known what i know now, i would have stayed home. and gun fairings out at a north carolina mall. several people were hurt as they rushed to ge the mall was put into lock down as police searched for a shooter. >> heard about five or six shots go off and heard a few more shots, and we heard probably 10 or 15 -- we were probably 10 or 15 feet away from the shooter. >> no one was shot. police are still trying to find the suspect. no one has been taken into custody. in texas a baby boy has died after being left in a hot car for six hours. it happened in a wal-mart
6:38 pm
the father says he forgot to drop his son off at day care before going to work. he was the sixth child to die in a hot car in texas this year. actor kenny baker has passed away. he's best known for playing r2dt2 in the star wars field. he'd been battling breathing problems for years. he was 81 years old. >. and look at this, tornado, the video was taken near portland, so how does it happen? wildfires sometimes create their own wind that turns into a spinning vortex of flames flames. crews were able to put it out without trouble. and google self-driving
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new tonight, it's been gaining traction for years, the idea that technology could mean self-driving cars for every day commutes. chandler is the 4th test city for google to have the concept, and we're getting a glimpse into what the future could hold for our roads. >> reporter: yeah, kim, that potential new future ride making a pit stop here in the valley, and google is hosting an open house for people to take a look at the self-driving cars. google wanted to introduce the team to people here in the to ask questions and learn about this technology. google telling us they're not looking for it to sweep the roadways just yet, but they want people to be open to the new project. >> when we started the project we wanted to build a self- driving car able to drive in the world today. in the road infrastructure that exists today, with other road users, and not require special lanes or other special things.
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everything that exists today if. >> reporter: and on monday a self-driving oversight committee will have the first ever meeting. the governor organizing this panel for people to come out and give input and feedback. go to for all the details if you want to go. and right now sitting at 106 with temperatures climbing as high pressure builds in. more about the forecast coming up next.
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it started off as a story about cities offering hoa class, but then we found out who was teaching them, and we had questions. >> it's comprised of four different classes. >> reporter: hoa academy. >> to help residents get a better understanding to learn what it means to live in a city organization. >> reporter: they offer the course to next monthman starting up -- month chandler starts up. >> the majority of the neighborhoods fall under a homeowners association. >> reporter: but are the classes for the hoa or homeowners? they almost exclusively work for the boards, not for the members who may have disputes with them. >> you have to understand where you're getting advice from. >> reporter: this attorney represents homeowners in hoa
6:46 pm
offer -- academies offer services but. >> it would be great to get another perspective. >> reporter: in a statement they say the participation in the classes haven't presented conflict. the involvement is a straight forward discussion of the law, we don't get into discussions of specific issues. the classes help the entire community they say. >> it's an education that goes all around and resident. >> reporter: the lawyer that is teach are volunteer, and courses are open to the public for free. they're accepting applications in chandler through august 26th. go to to find out all the ways to protect your money. i'm investigator joe ducey, if you have a problem let me know. trending now, no need to wait for the state fair for fried treats. hostess is launching a line of
6:47 pm
the treats have a retro cool factor to them, but another factor to watch out for is our waistline. they have about double the fat and calories as a normal one. how about food for the soul as well? more brands announcing for the -- bounds rather announcing for the arizona state fair. the dates right there on the your screen. take a the fair starts on october 7th, so get ready for that one. >> awesome. all right, weather-wise tonight still toasty. >> yes, very hot. a few changes in the east valley, so go with me outside. first talking about the current temperatures, 106 chandler, 106 in phoenix. scottsdale right now at 104. winds light around 5 to 10
6:48 pm
doppler tracking some outflow winds from the thunderstorms across the higher terrain near globe, through oracle. they're moving to the west and southwest, so we could see patchy blowing dust. no watches or warnings to tell you about, but it's heading towards testimony i-10. the -- thetic-10 -- the i-10, the sun will be setting soon, so something to keep in mind if you're pick up a little bit. no severe weather out there for us or expected. right now we do have some stronger sustained winds with thunderstorms out near safford. those thunderstorms out west through the white mountains have been strong today, and right now they're moving off to the east and southeast, still pockets of heavy rain, and quite a bit of lightning, and even small hail can't be completely ruled out with some of stronger cells as they continue to move to the southeast and east.
6:49 pm
dissipated. drier air continuing to filter in across the state today, that's where the orange brown color is. we have moist air sitting off to the east, and that will continue to be the case over the next couple of days. futurecast showing shower and thunderstorm chances diminishing state-wide through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. sunny skies here across the valley, but then tomorrow afternoon showers and thunderstorms again possible to the southeast through the white a few along the rim can't be ruled out. staying dry here in the valley with a few passing clouds here and there, but no rain chances in the valley forecast. we bring them back into wednesday. very isolated thunderstorm chances right now. little better chance coming up thursday and friday, and then take the chances back down to around 10 percent saturday. the highs do drop into the middle of work week. 108 tomorrow in phoenix, 105 mesa, glendale 107. after all of us here in the
6:50 pm
91 in prescott. 100 in kingman,76 in flagstaff and sedona 88. 40s in window rock tomorrow morning and at the grand canyon. 50 in flagstaff. show low tonight at 56. of 2 in payson -- 62 in payson. 108 lake havasu, court side 110. slight drop in the highs by the end of the week with morning lows in everybody loves bacon right? this is bacon, my little dog friend here at altered tails. this is the location in mesa. for your four-legged friends at home, they're going to be doing a smoking deal. pet smart charities helping them out for the entire month of the august. you can come in and if you cherish your dog you can get a
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neutering, 20 bucks. how great is that? and at this location, it's a great deal. pits in phoenix, the chihuahas here in mesa. go on line and make the appointments, no coupon friends. >> too cute. now i want a puppy! all right, to we're in here work, and he's actually out eating steak with larry fitzgerald and no leftovers here? >> it is true. i did catch up with larry today, but larry was actually doing the grilling. i was doing the eating. >> lucky. >> in fact it was a huge 22- ounce rib eye. >> that looks amazing. >> as he announced his 8th
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the cardinals dicked off -- kicked off the 2016 pre-season against the raiders, but we knew going in the starters wouldn't play much. carson and the starting offense were on the field about 10 plays, just enough to drive down the field and kick a field goal. then it was all about the rest of the final roster and avoid being cut. the cardinals fall to the raiders 31-10, but larry told me he feels they actually won the game in a category not shown on the scoreboard. >> some of the younger guys had a wonderful game, and i really like the way the guys competed, and that's what you want to see. and most importantly the reason we won the game?
6:55 pm
the seattle sea hawks against the chiefs. after the opening kickoff and a face mask, smith directs an eight-play drive, and the chiefs take the early lead. russell of wilson follows that with a 61-yard drive, but at 1st and 10 wilson is picked off at the goal line. kansas city put answer end to the scoring threat and go up big in the game. then final three seconds of the 2nd and 9 at the kc37, the two- point conversion is good, and seattle steal it is 17-16 win in kansas city with no time left on the clock. the nascar ohio challenge on the road course in lexington, ohio. a rain-filled day slowing them down, but they didn't stop racing making the track tougher than usual, but justin marks
6:56 pm
3.7 seconds ahead of the the second place to get the win. marksled 43 of the 75 laps. >> my specialty is road racing in the road in these stock cars, and i don't get much opportunity to do it, so when the opportunity presents itself you have to really take advantage of it. i knew if the race ended in the rain we had a real shot of winning it. you know, i wish my here, but i'm just really happy. >> come on, family, get there! ultimate fan experience, we're giving away tickets to the cards and broncos game coming up september 11th. just download the abc 15 app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win. go to for rules and how to win. good luck, we had a winner last night. and the cardinals take on the chargers in california. watch the game right here on
6:57 pm
friday around 4:30 with kickoff at of, but the live -- 6:00, but the live coverage starts at 4:00. i think it's 75 there. >> lucky him. good assignment there. >> bring it back with you. >> got to do it. >> finally tonight, it's all about the elephants today at the phoenix zoo. look at this. they tweeted out video of her getting hosed down cooling off courtesy of the phoenix fire department. it's world elephant day, a day animal conservation. this is one of three asian elephants here, and she was showered with a lot of love and affection. >> i get it, showered [ laughter ] >> it's going to continue to be hot.
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america runs on dunkin'. good morning, kyle. oh, good morning, sir. yeah, i was having a nice conversation with terry in sporting goods. uh, remind men again -- man or woman? oh, uh, woman, sir. damn. [ sighs ] would you apologize to her for me, please? an get her to wear some kind of a lady hat or something. hey, morning. whoa! check out, mr. b! nice threads! [ chuckles ] uh-oh, did somebody die? no, we're having a meeting with billie cassidy this morning. should be here any minute. it's my lucky deal-making tie. lucky i wore it. i just talked terry out of a lawsuit. oh. [ grumbles ] well, you look very sharp, sir. thank you.


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