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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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a family in need as their baby is flown for emergency surgery, plus a suspected killer, a suspect killed after cutting an officer with a knife. abc 15 live with details tonight. but first, we are learning more about a drowning at the salt river. right now mcso is out there investigating. they tell us the victim is a man in his 20s.
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the water. according to mcso the man was underwater for about four to five minutes after being pulled out. people tried starting cpr but it was just too late. new information on a barricade situation, mcso swat teams surrounded the area in east mesa near university and crimson. the call came in as a man with a gun. weaver told the suspect -- we're told the suspect shot at his girlfriend. show managed to escape without being hurt. after a two-hour stand off tear the man would not cooperate. he was shot with a nonlethal rubber round and taken into custody. and look at this video just into the news room. dps investigating the bad cash in the far -- crash in the far west valley near i-10, mile post 83. the car, huge flames outs of it. a lot of smoke into the air. phoenix fire says three people were taken to the hospital
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fire. none of the injuries were life threatening. we're continuing to follow two officer involved shootings in the valley. first in phoenix where police say a detective was forced to shoot a man after he attacked the officer with a knife. that officer is okay tonight. but the suspect is dead. it happened at 43rd avenued and indian school road. chris glow -- avenue and indian school road. chris grow has been there all day. >> reporter: a search served for a murder suspect at these apartments turned deadly. they were trying to arrest 38- year-old reuben strand, but inside they say strand lunged at them from within a closet, wielding a knife and cutting an officer's hand. that's when a detective with is this years of experience -- with 14 years of experience opened fire. he's 35 with 14 years of experience, and that's all we know right now.
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affairs division have already been on the scene today making sure the use of deadly force was justified, they were able to interview the detective after he returned from the hospital after getting stitches. police were onlily here because they believed -- originally here because they believed strand was a suspect in a late night shooting, but his family can't believe their uncle was responsible. >> they didn't even say police department or anything, they just went straight to the house. >> they didn't give him a chance to talk or to defend himself. >> reporter: the victim in last night's deadly shooting on 75th drive has been identified as martin lopez mesa. police believe strand and mesa knew each other, and at one point were friends. thank you. another update on another officer-involved shooting in mesa. three officers were involved, but they were all okay.
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they -- killed. they just identified him as jesus carill o. they believed he shot a man early thursday morning in a drug deal gone bad. they caught up with him and started following him in a car, but they sped away, then they did a pit maneuver to get him to stop. >> one car went into the front yard, the other one right in from, so iran out -- front, so i hurt. sounded like they hit one of the neighbor's parked cars, but as soon as i opened the door i heard gun fire going off. >> reporter: the man he's accused of shooting thursday was identified at 55-year-old william james thomas. right now the law enforcement community supporting one of their own after his daughter was flown to phoenix children's hospital for
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raquel cervantes is live, and the community is coming together to support the family because they're in need right now. >> reporter: they really are, and the baby was so sick she was flown to phoenix children's hospital from northern arizona dealing with a condition where the inside of her stomach was inverted. she's going to be okay tonight, and her family is thankful for the community's support. baby gabrielle is recovering at phoenix children's hospital after undergoing major surgery for her thursday, her father, an officer came home early from work from a sick 1-year-old girl who was sick and throwing up. >> her diaper was full of blood. we rushed her to the hospital. inside her colon tightens up and goes inside out. >> reporter: it's not uncommon in children, but the condition were so severe doctors had to remove 60 percent of her colon and some of her small
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family with mounting medical bills. >> i'm sure it will be, the surgery, the procedure, the flight. >> reporter: but the farmer family is lucky they have good people in their corner. officer farmer's coworkers set up a go fund me page saying she's given so much to the community they want to help the family through it. >> definitely hard and scary at first, but then we realized the love and support from the department and friends and family. >> reporter: now officer farmer has medical insurance, but only covers so much. if you want to help out the family we have a link to the donation page on our website at back to you kim. >> >. all right, love that support. thanks so much. all right, over to weather now. this weekend heating up. laura thomas is tracking the most accurate forecast. records for heat? >> not quite, but above average highs. today we got tot 108. the record -- to 108. the record high was 115. the average high is 105.
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sky harbor. 94 deer valley, 97 out the door in goodyear, and tonight will be another warm one hitting the mid-80s. wind speeds light out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. dry in the valley. have acouchiable of passing -- a couple of passing clouds. again, a few passing clouds tomorrow, and another dry afternoon. the monsoon storms well to the north and east tomorrow, more about at the time storm chances coming up, but highs climbing not records. up to 109 tomorrow. very hot. we have an ozone high pollution advisory remaining in effect for sunday. more on the forecast and when monsoon thunderstorm chances return, and when we could potentially see a cool down on the way coming up. scary moments for a phoenix jack in the box employee when a driver opened fire through the drive through window. this happened this morning at
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flankfully no one was -- thankfully no one was hurt. and a man hunt to find whomp killed this man, robert james smith jr. he was found dead in the middle of street near baseline. he died after two days in the hospital. the crime happened back on april 16th. if you know anything about it phoenix police want to hear from you. meantime, these guys caught on camera breaking into a garage. you can see them there testing it out, looking around, 35th and deer valley road. it happened early in the morning on july 21st. both guys about 20 years old. silent witness hoping somebody recognizes them. and take a good look at this photo. phoenix police say this guy is suspected of stealing from a home that was on sale. the homeowner found an older white toyota in the driveway july 11th, got a clear picture. the suspect. walking out the front door with a bunch of her stuff, worth
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took off. if you have information on any of these crimes call silence witness, and you can remain anonymous, and receive that cash reward. >. new developments tonight in an animal cruelty case. sheriff joe arpaio refusing to take blame for the failed case against senator jeff flake's son according to a recent deposition released by flake's lawyer. flake alleges in a lawsuit that arpaio trumpe cruelty charges against him surrounding the heat exhaustion deaths of 21 dogs at the kennel. flake and his wife were charged. they officially said the animals died after a dog chewed through an air-conditioning wire, but an expert later determined the unit failed because it wasn't properly maintained. charges against the couple were finally dropped. an invitation written in
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lot of conversation tonight after a us mayor said he found it insulting and refused to meet with border city mayors. he said he wouldn't attend saying one nation means one language. it was an invitation from john cook, the former el paso mayor. >> yeah, it was bigoted, definitely. especially some of his other mail responses back to me. you could tell this man has no love for mexico. >> despite the criticism the mayor says positive support has been pouring in from americans across the country. the international conference is set to take place in laredo, texas. new scrutiny at a law aiming to protect native american artifacts. it was introduced in the us
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federal laws and creates harsher penalties for people that steal and export sacred item, but others fear it would force collectors to give up inventories. supporters say it's not true. all right, take a look at this video of a house fire in glendale. this happened near glendale and 75th avenue this evening. glendale fire tells us it started with a car caught fire inside a garage. you can spilling out. it quickly spread up to the second story. thankfully everyone got out okay,. and from buckeye, crews responding to a house fire near indian school. while it was being investigated the fire rekindled, and crews had to come out and fight it defensively because the roof was unstable. thankfully crews put it out without any injuries. take a look at viewer video
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loop 202 here. a viewer sent in this picture from eastbound lanes near gilbert road exit. chandler fire says no one was hurt, and we appreciate seeing the videos and photos, but please take them only if you're not driving, and if it's safe to do so. three months of rain dumped in one day. a state of emergency declared as deadly flood waters through louisiana. and one woman's love for rain quickly drying out now. how her friends are taking action of her home became a lake. plus, we're driving into the new age with a look behind the
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following a developing story out of new york. a mosque leader and his associate shot and killed in a brazen attack. therm shot until the back -- they were shot in the back of the head in broad daylight. many muslims calling this a hate crime. right now no motive has been determined. in texas a baby boy is dead after he was for six hours. it happened in a wal-mart parking lot outside san antonio. the baby's father told police he north to drop him off at day care before going to work. in tonight's consumer news, chandler the 4th test city for google's self-driving cars, and today they hosted an open house for people to check out the technology.
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looking for driverless cars to take over the roadways yet, but they're hoping people are open to the of course. >> we wanted to build a self- driving car able to drive in the world today, so in the road infrastructure existing today with other road use everies, and not require -- users, and not require special lanes. >> on monday a self-driving oversight committee will have the first ever meeting. the goal is for people to come out and give we have the details on a fire tornado caught on video. this video was taken near portland, oregon, and this happens because wildfire can create its own wind, and it turns into a spinning vortex you see here. nobody was hurt. now to severe weather in louisiana where flood waters have turned deadly. at least three people killed. thousands of others rescued.
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of emergency calling the floods unprecedented and historic. much of the state is expected to see heavy rain through the entire week. >. and remember this? it's been over a week since this big downpour in phoenix. the flood waters forcing a single mom out of her home, and neighbors are taking action to help her out. amay says she -- amy says she used to love rain, quickly dried out after the rain poured into their house. she grabbed her son and called emergency services. flood insurance was not part of her policy, but her friends are helping be part of solution. >> i wouldn't be here and well and able to carry forward as well as i am without all these helpers. >> not only are the neighbors helping clean the home out, but they set up a go fund me page to help with the costs of
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people still cleaning up from that from over ten days ago. >> yes, and the good news is we have acouchiable of day -- acouchiable of days of -- a couple of days ovately weather before the moist doctor -- of dry weather before the monsoon moisture comes back. gorgeous shot there today, little rain trying to hit the ground, but evaporating before it does. making for if you want to share your photos and videos, go to, and give your name and location. here's a look at the time lapse from south mountain. the clouds in the distance from the valley. it was hot, it was dry. thunderstorms across eastern and southeast arizona and again across the high country, and now our winds are picking up. out of the southeast direction valley-wide moving through the valley, shifting the winds to
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winds at mesa gateway. lighting winds in scottsdale, sky harbor reporting the southeast winds at 16 miles per hour with still some gusts at this hour between 20 and 25 miles per hour, so these begin to calm down, but looking with me you'll see the boundary move through maricopa county and pinal county, and basically draw a line up into the northwest valley right now. so that's where the wind are coming from tonight. they'll not be producing any showers we keep things dry overnight tonight in the valley, and again tomorrow. so we'll wake up with clear skies, futurecast showing that with a few spotty showers and thunderstorms again possible along the rim. out to the east and southeast as you get down into pima county, so if travels take you to tucson over the weekend look for showers and thunderstorms there, and slight chances across the high country, but the valley, the most we can hope for is just a few passing clouds, but for the next couple
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increasing, buts not until wednesday. very isolated. about a 10 percent chance. 20 percent chance of storms thursday and friday with higher chances across the high country, and you can see we're not going to take those out fully through the next seven days for northern arizona. something to keep in mind if you're traveling and beating the valley heat. up to 108 today, 109 tomorrow. 110 monday. not talking about lords, but -- records, but they have above average highs. tuesday 109. right now it's 100 in chandler, 92 in scottsdale, 94 in deer valley, and at the airport. here's the hour by hour planner. tomorrow maybe you're getting out to area lakes. 100 at noon, and topping out at 109. above average highs valley- wide. 106 in tempe after 83 tonight. starting out tomorrow morning in gilbert at 83. up to 106 tomorrow. flail at 107 after an -- glendale at 107 after a low of 75.
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window rock, the grand canyon upper 40s as well. 112 tomorrow bullhead city, lake havasu 110, and here's a quick peek at the seven-day forecast, we'll take the highs down slightly as we bring the monsoon moisture back. morning lows in the 80s. all right, get the ultimate fan experience with abc 15 and your arizona card naturals. the cards -- cardinals. the cards are back and we're giving away tickets to the game september 1st. just download the abc 15 app, and for your chance to win. go to for rules and more information, and of course good luck. >> and of course we've been talking about football, but there's another football team in the valley that keeps winning. >> yes, the arizona rattlers in a conference championship for a
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well the cardinals opened the pre-season last night with a game against the raiders, and according to coach bruce arians, the coaching staff came away with mixed reviews. on one hand he say it is veterans perform well. they put together a ten-play 71 beyond all reasonable doubt drive, and' thousand -- 71-yard drive, and they left the game with a 3-0 lead.
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raiders scoreless, but on the other hand the younger players have a lot to learn and are still pretty green according to coach. campbell just said they're glad to have game one behind them. >> obviously, it didn't end the way we wanted it to, but there were a lot of good things. a lot of young plays stepping up and making plays. but it wasn't go enough, so we'll watch the tape, learn om because it's hard to see it from the sidelines. i want to see the young guys that stood out and stepped up and made a difference. >> and the seattle sea hawks opening pre-season play against the chiefs. after the opening kickoff and a face mask penalty against the hawks, smith directs an eight- play 49-year-old drive and the -- 49-yard drive and the chiefs take the early lead.
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the goal line. fast forward to the final three seconds of the game. second and nine at the kansas city 37. boykin heaves into the end zone, the two-point conversion is good, and seattle steals a 17-16 win in kansas city with no time left. the rams playing their first game of 2016 in los angeles taking on the dallas cowboys. dallas jumps out to the lead, but the rams stage a half comeback. it was 24-4, and halfway through the -- 24-14, then halfway through the 4th they scorened. two minutes to go -- score again. two minuting to go, and the rams pull off the win over dallas. and the diamondbacks and red sox. coming off a loss last night the diamondbacks looking to get back into the win column. bradley on the mound, gives up
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third innings. they leave 7 runners on base and fall to 48 and 68 on the season, and 18 games behind the giants in the nl west after the 6-3 loss in boston. and the arizona rattlers are playing in the conference finals against the gladiators. the defense holds the glads to just 41 # point, and -- 41 points, and the rattlers heading back to the win in the conference championship. arizona will host arena bowl 29 in two weeks. the cardinals pre-season rolls on. they travel to california to take on the chargers next friday night. watch the game here on abc 15. pre-game coverage starts friday
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but our live coverage starts at
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>> don't leave home without it. i bring a metal detector every time i go to the beach. and good thing it does, because it made him a hero. he found an engagement ring 4th of jul five inches below the were sand. and this couple got engaged on the beach, and two days later she lost the big beautiful ring. the man vacations at the same time, and they noticed his metal detector and asked for him. >> i searched for two days and had no luck. >> he returned a month later and found it. not wanting to lose the ring in
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pick it up. >> no kidding! [ laughter ] >> not taking that chance. >> yes, don't send it anywhere! >> what a cool story! >> yes, so cool! she would have been in trouble. all right, final checkout side. >> the forecast tomorrow up to 108 tomorrow, rain chances
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