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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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. right now at 10:00, our first look at the damage from a deadly crash in the middle of a dust storm. >> and it's continuing to cause problems on i-10 right now, nearly circumstances hours later. a cash -- six hours later. a car crushed between two semi trucks. >> the eastbound lanes on the
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shoulder. the westbound lanes are just fine. tonight we're learning more about the serial street shooter. the tipping point that actually lead the police alert. >> >. and warnings for all of us to watch out for this guy. it happened on coronado street. >> and nohelani graf is live, a lot to take in, especially with the community meeting right around the corner. >> reporter: the newly released police reports providing all kind of insight, including that detectives have tracked down nearly 20 secuty all of these gas stations, plus small businesses in the area, and homes close to the shooting, but no account could be more clearer than a man who saw it all, including the guy who pulled the trigger. >> i don't turn my back anymore. i look at every car going up and down the street. >> reporter: because the last car that really caught kelvin davis' eye was a black sedan,
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past his house. the next thing he knows. >> six shots. >> reporter: he saw the flash of the gun as the man unloaded on a young man who had stopped to pick up his girlfriend from dinner. he just texted from the driveway. she was turning off the lights when it happened. >> i guess he tried to get away, stepped off the gas, and ever -- on the gas and hits my car. >> reporter: davis rushes to start cpr. >> i felt it was a piece of me, someone in >> reporter: in the blink of eye davis' whole world changed. a man bleeding out in his driveway, and his car totaled. >> the insurance won't honorly claim. >> reporter: he's collateral damage, and now wants justice, but more than anything for the young man he tried to save. >> it turns my stomach because
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the guy didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: another clue watching up to the other shootings, david heard the driver yell something in spanish opening fire, and i smoke to the mom of ga -- spoke to the mom of garcia's girlfriend, and she said he was a good kid and her daughter is still in shock. >> the meeting at 20th street and maryland at the mountainew the last three cases happened within these officers' jurisdiction. if you're smelling smoke in the valley it's because of there, a hay fire near 51st avenue just north of baseline. on the plus side looks like crews have it under control. just a little patch of smoke left now. >. let's hope for quick arrests after a story we were first to report an abc 15 at of. >> a woman tied up and threatened, her home ransacked.
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details on how the two men tricked the woman into opening her door. >> reporter: the victim told police she thought the men were dropping off a delivery because they were carrying a box like this as they walked up to the home, so when they opened the door they forced themselves into the house. abc 15 camera, the only ones there as police investigated the scene. this happened around 2:00 p.m. we're told the suspect tied the woman up and told her they have didn't want to hurt her but they did have a gun. neighbors that spoke to the victim say the suspects will called 911. the suspects then took the victim's car keys and loaded up her cream colored lexus suv with things from inside her house before driving off. the victim, who has multiple sclerosis was able to run free to a neighbor for help and called 911. most schools now back in session, and we have a community alert in the west
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followed by a suspicious car with two guys inside last week near western sky middle school in goodyear. police are asking you to watch out for the vehicle, and of course with new school upon us t new year here, it's a good time to review with your kids stranger danger. >. the parents of a 4-year- old girl now suing lifetime fitness after police say the child care worker at the north phoenix gym recorded video of the girl naked while change not guilty a shower stall, and according to the victim's attorney that filled a civil of -- filed a civil lawsuit, the man didn't have clearance to work around kids. the suit claims lifetime failed to thoroughly examine applications. the gym wouldn't comment but said they would defend themselves in court. >. 175 homes destroyed, and now one man under arrest just north of bay area,s and he's
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devastating wildfire. abc 15's jon erickson is live tonight with the breaking detail, and john, people just clearing for this arrest tonight. >> reporter: they did in the town about two hours north of san francisco, dozens of families homeless as about 10 million dollars worth of damage was caused there. investigators say the man behind it all is 40-year-old damon pashilk, he's suspected of other fires in the area last year. listen to the crowd's reaction fire starter. >> we're able to arrest him on 17 counts of arson [ cheering ] [ applause ] >> reporter: back here in arizona you might remember a man was convicted of starting the 2002 rodeo fire. that combined with another fire to become for a time at least the largest wildfire in arizona history.
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cruelty and showing abc 15 her proof. collins gave pictures of some of her 52 dogs snuggling with blankets. video shows her begging officers for permission to check the dogs in the backyard in the hours after she was evicted. so she's blaming glendale police for the death of three of her pets. >> they would not let me go back there and they wouldn't go back there either. no. i could have gone back and stopped all the arguments because i'm alpha. >> glendale police department says they called two agencies to get the dogs and monitor them in the case. the numbers are staggering, 1300 arrests across 18 states, including ours. 32 underage girls all rescued from human trafficking, and 21 buyers charged with prostitution. glendale, mesa, phoenix and tucson pd all taking part in operation ride along which they're calling a huge success tonight.
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new top priority for police there. a man posing as a cop accused of sexually assaulting a woman. he was carrying a flashlight and wearing a hat with the word police across it. he approached the woman sitting in a parked car with another person, took her to a secluded area, and that's where the attack happen. new pictures of helicopters at work, people thrown from a crash and saved by a team first responders. this is the first look at the aftermath after the car went off look out road in flagstaff and over a cliff on saturday. the car actually found on its top. five people hurt in all. one of them still critical. rescuers used a rope system to carry everybody up to the road. whoever was driving didn't care to stop, and right now phoenix police looking for a hit and run driver that hit a disabled woman. >> the woman was rushed to the hospital where she died.
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blue f150 style pick up with likely quite a bit of front end damage after slamming into the wheelchair. people want to driver caught before someone else is killed. >> my safety, the community's safety. everyone need to look out for each other, and own up for their responsibilities if they do something like that. >> the driver will almost certainly be in trouble for leaving the scene of a crash, and could face homicide charges. fine one minute, no longer breathing the next. tonight the pinal county sheriff's investigating after a six month old was discovered dead at a home in san tan valley, doubling as a day care. the woman watching the child says he seemed totally normal when he went down for a nap, and she found him lifeless 90 minutes later. as a general rule of thumb don't make the police mad, and generally urinating on their building is not a good idea either. a man learned that the hard way today after a city employee
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wall outside the peoria police station. turns out he was there to pick up his impounded car after being arrested for dui two days earlier. but when he walked inside it was clear he was drunk, and with force likely to produce. now the most accurate forecast. 110 it was high today, and it marked the 29th day so far this year at 110 or hotter. we're now in third place. take a look at the map 2016, 29 days, and third place, just four days shy of the all- time record set back in 2011 of approximate 3 days at 1 -- at 33 days at 110 or hotter. tomorrow is still sizzling. flirting with 110 again, and we're under another ozone high pollution advisory. a closer look at the forecast and the slight storm chances making a come back in minutes. it's the worst stomach bug they've ever had, and it's lasted 18 days so far. a valley family says more needs
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about the dangerous crypto outbreak in the valley. sarah says she and her two young kids got really sick after going to wet and wild last month. a doctor confirmed it was crypto that made them sick. >> people are not even knowing people are tagging friends saying i didn't know about this, it's going around. >> wet and wild says their pool water is safe, and they take the necessary they're near the grand canyon, but new at 10:00 state investigators say there's nothing grand about this idea. the page unified school district will keep driving vans deemed dangerous by some. they use them for athletic and extracurricular activities, but the state says they could be dangerous. the district plans to keep
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new battle over marijuana while we wait for a judge's decision. we're seeing how much green the green stuffer would bring on. analysts predict 403 million dollars in medical marijuana sales this year, and if recreational pot becomes legal they expect another 300 million in sales by 2018. >> i'm drowning. >> we're coming. >> historic floods leading to emergency declarations. the latest from louisiana just moments away. >. spilling into a wild monday night in the midwest. police protests going late into
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just in the nfl threatening to suspend four players if they don't sit down and interview with legal officials in the
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all four players linked to performance enhancing drugs in a documentary. >> so you're just more onless in a state of -- or less in a state of being stunned. it's just not fair. the death toll up the 7 tonight after historic flooding in louisiana. it's officially a federal disaster area. more than 20,000 people rescued from their home, and many of them can't go back they're homes -- their homes have been completely washed away, all because of this. two feet of water in less than were 2 hours -- 72 hours, and look at what it's done. it's dangerous. a woman and her dog was in a car when it goes completely under water. >> the first mistake was to -- first goal was to get ahold of her and pull her out, so i jumped in. >> it's unbelievable.
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is more rain, but that could happen anyway. >> yeah, we're tracking showers across louisiana right now as we continue to pull moisture from the gulf, and here's the latest forecast models. not a lot compared to what they've seen, but they could still get a half inch to inch of rain in the next couple of days. flood warnings still in effect mainly along the river valleys, and we'll continue to track it. the forecast here at home just minutes away. new video from milwaukee tonight. protests raging on f night over the police shooting of a man dilled by an office -- killed been an officer over the weekend trying to run away from a traffic stop. six arrests tonight and a curfew enforced for teens, but mostly peaceful tonight. and etna the largest insurance provider announced it's leaving the health care exchange for the most part. it will only offer nit four state, and arizona is not on
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after losing 200 million dollars in the second quarter of this year. and donald trump rolling out his antiterror plan saying we need to shifted our focus to fighting isis on our front, including being more selective about who we allow into our country. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more, and these are problems like we've seen had before. >> it's unclear if this addition to or in place of his original proposed ban unplaces limbs. -- on muslims. what is clear hillary clinton has a new advocate on the campaign trail. joe biden stumping hard for her in their latest stop of pennsylvania. >> he tries to tell you he cares about the middle class. give me a break.
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carolina and ohio by the end of the week. and sunshine and fun is what you think about in a resort town, but not so in a city in mexico where a dozen people were kidnapped, it's believed all involved have ties to criminal organizations. and a woman outsmarts a thief by using an app. >> yes, michelle find her electronics missing, so she put her find my phone app to work and found where it was. >> the guy actually rolled his back behind our car with my tablet in the backpack, it was pinging behind us. >> the man claimed he found the electronics in the an alley, same with the bag of meth found
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your iphone in the water and not freak out. rumor has it at the time iphone 7 could be water proof. >> the reason for these rumors are apple's recent patent for underwater photography. >> that could be useful. >> yeah, you could use your app to find the phone at the bottom of the pool [ laughter ] >> yeah, a their phones in the bathroom. we did have a lightning show especially in the northeast valley, and not from a storm hitting the northeast valley, it was a little fact away, and you can see it at the time lapse here before it ties down. kicking out a lot of lightning between 8:00 and 9:30 tonight. it's now gone, but we have a few others to track a little fact to the north. one coming out of oak creek along the 17 out there, and
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and thunderstorm activity cruising quickly across the higher terrain and headed to the east, and up near page, shower and thunderstorm activity just to the southeast kicking out a lot of lightning too. so here's what we're watching into tomorrow. futurecast shows the potential of more showers and thunderstorms in the higher terrain to the north like we saw this afternoon, and then as we continue into the later afternoon forecast, it brings at least a slight chance of maybe seeing airing light sh rogue light shower making it into the value. same story into wednesday afternoon as well. showers not likely for us, and most of us stay dry, but we can't rule it out completely. 10 percent tuesday and wednesday. little elevated chance on thursday. more moisture and instability in the thursday forecast, then right back down to a 10 percent shot again for friday and the weekend. better storm chances in the higher terrain throughout the entire week. right now still at 100. it's a hot one out there tonight. dewpoint in the mid-50s.
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mesa hasn't updated in awhile, they're not at 109. more likely the mid-90s. that site not checking in. fountain hills at 95. deer valley 98, and goodyear currently at 99. let's head to the north with temperatures in the 70s in prescott and payson, lows down into the 60s there. flagstaff bottoming out at 51, show low 57, and from the valley west mid to upper 80s for most of us. these are the hottest spots tomorrow too. 110 or more from gila bend over to court side to the north into bullhead city, and even down into yuma at 112 for tomorrow. so scorching day, and even here in the valley we'll be flirting with the 110 mark in the afternoon as we get up to 109 around 4:00 in the afternoon. starting out in the 80s, though, so will be a nice start to the day, but a little on the warm side. gilbert 107, mesa tomorrow 107 for you, and avondale and glendale will be a couple of hottest spots at 109.
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ozone high pollution advisory tomorrow, so keep it in mind. uv index very high. here's the next seven day, drop a little temperature-wise toward the end of the week. back near average at 105 by thursday, and staying around 104, 105 into the weekend too. nobody loves to wait at a red light, and now you'll never have to wonder when it will turn green again. >> reporter: i'm craig fouhy in san diego with the arizona cardinals. coming up in a few minutes we'll hear from the players about what it means to be out here i heat and practicing a couple of
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>> reporter: so the cardinals have arrived here in san diego, and we caught up with them as the team buses pulled into the hotel. we arrived just a few minutes before, but the cardinals will be here throughout the week, of course the game is friday night here. they'll practice tomorrow night at the stadium at 6:00 that's open to the public. they'll have another joint practice with the chargers at their practice facility wed, that's closed to the public. then a walk through thursday and the game friday. we caught up with players
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here and having a joint practice with the chargers, and what it means, to what expect, and for a lot of guy it's a first-time event. >> yeah, should be pretty fun. get to beat the heat a little bit. got the guns n roses taking over our stadium, but it should be fun to go somewhere and go up against some new receivers to get us ready for the season, so should be great to get good preparation against another opponent. never done it. good to compete against other players. >> reporter: we'll be here with the cardinals throughout the week until friday night and the big game. craig fouhy, abc 15 sports. >> all right, craig. just are four more days until the cardinals take on the chargers, and our exclusive coverage starts at 5:30 friday
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t-minus three and a half hours and counting before the second of two implosions at the riveria in las vegas. the second towe come down at 2:00 a.m. look for the video on abc 15 mornings. glendale backing paradise valley at least for a night. guns n roses is taking over the stadium tonight. air 15 over the crowds in the valley. it's part of band's 21-city national tour. by the way another big name in town tomorrow, adele kicking off two nights in phoenix. >> we get it, sometimes it
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- chris pine. the bachelorette jojo and fiance jordan. the finale of "the baby bachelorette." and music from kelsea ballerini. with cleto and the kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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