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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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drop them in the morning forecast only to bring them back in the heat of the day. here's the prep list, 10 to 20 percent storm chances continue for the rest of the week, temperatures dropping, and an air quality alert. and right now police could be getting the tips that crack the serial shooter case. they're holding a meeting right now at the mountainview precinct, and police don't want anyone to forget what the shooter looks like. jason is live at the meeting and it just started. >> reporter: yes, there's a couple dozen people inside, and people are still showing up. everyone wondering what the particular risk is to their community, and more tips on what the shooter has been doing in maryvale. the murder of pena gun downed in front of his house in maryvale this past june, several witnesses reported hearing five shot, but police
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ten bullet cases near the body. one witness also mentioned seeing a white lincoln or cadillac car before pena was gunned down, and another saw the car leaving. that's different than the black bmw used in most attack. at the first meeting in phoenix, concerns from a block watch captain. >> i could be patrolling the street, and i come here to show >> reporter: and other neighbor want to know how the shoot effort is picking victims. all either black or hispanic. >> not sure why he's targeting these ethnic societies, so i'm concerned about that as well. >> reporter: if last street shooter attack that we know of was over a month ago, and like we said police not wanting you to forget this face, the reward for information that leads to the serial street shooter getting arrested is up to $50,000. guys, back to you.
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old malie ellis well. can't forget that. have to get him caught. the last serial shooting as he mentioned was over a month ago, and we'll continue to track this. and two intense stand offs involving two sheriff's offices and in one case the guy they were after ran off and is nowhere to be found. he's a registered sex offender and inside a florence home in his girlfriend threatening her with guns, and her kids were there katie raml has more. >> here's what we know. 49-year-old john bowman driving a stolen truck from gilbert. a silver chevrolet pick up, black rims. here's the arizona plate, 370zzy. we know there's a skull sticker on the back window. deputies say bowman is extremely dangerous. he apparently threatened to kill deputies saying he'd not be taken alive by law enforcement. deputies got the tip after the victim's son called mesa police to have somebody go out and
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the threats. and now to apache junction, even more breaking news where this home, the road to this home was blocked off for hours after mcso deputies shot their suspect out there. new information since 6:00. we have just learned he has died, and he's been identified as 53-year-old larry curtley, jr. deputies were there to serving a high risk warrant. he was wanted for a range of >. and an update on a tragic murder of a 3-year-old boy. the 16-year-old brother of the victim was arrested. they say he pushed the child down the stairs, and then stabbed him to dealt. now sheriff arpaio saying there's evidence of drug use inside the home. they found what they're calling a leafy substance, a scale, and clear plastic bag, several of them. the sheriff is not yet connecting the drugs to the homicide investigation, but it's something they're looking into. right now they're not sure
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>. it's not a home run just yet, but there's a good chance chase field could be sold to a private buyer. >> yes, a special meeting with supervisors set for the tomorrow and involves a letter of intent. >> megan thompson is downtown, and this is coming after growing tensions between the county and diamondbacks. >> reporter: oh, yes, you may remember the very public battle between the two, trying to figure out who's to pay for the repairs. it's not just a few here there, but 187 million dollars worth. the diamondbacks recently asking to get out of their lease even from the county, but this may be another out they're looking for. this letter of intent comes from a private company based out of the state. they're planning to play at least 60 million dollars for chase field, but they're not planning on moving the diamondbacks anywhere. they have other plans though. one to build what they call an entertainment sports district surrounding the area in downtown phoenix. they hope to bring in more cash and make it a happening place
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money issue t company stating -- the company stating to provide whatever capital is needed to improve the facility in one year. in a letter addressed by the law office conducting the deal to derek hall, the transaction has the potential to remove the need for public funding while enhancing the stadium, but all this on hold pending the meeting tomorrow. they're trying to get more information from group, but now it's too early for comment. >. a close call for valley police after a driver employing through a traffic control point. we're told the suspect almost hit an officer around noon at 48th and thomas. the person is now in custody. we don't know much more. >. new developments tonight, a valley woman accused of killing her baby now many protective custody at the maricopa county jail.
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sonu wasu is live at the jail, and you just spoke with natalie russell's family. how is she doing? >> reporter: she's been detoxing behind bars according to her family, and she's finally realizing she'll never see her baby girl again. >> she's sad, confused, hurt. >> reporter: an addict trapped by her addiction now trapped in a jail cell, struggling with detox and the loss of a child, and her loved ones grieve with her. >> right now still when i talk to her the other day she told me it's still not real to her. she doesn't between admit she's -- want to admit she's gone. >> reporter: the baby overdosed on her mother's prescribed methodone, but instead of calling the police she tried to counteract it with meth.
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believe the mother meant to kill it will child, the first- degree murder charges were dismissed for second-degree murder. >> if the facts presentedare true she doesn't intend to cause of death of her child. >> reporter: while the family struggles with anger, thrapples sympathetic saying natalie's altered state of mind and addiction were the real killers. >> to me she appears devastated. i believe with all my heart loved her kids. i believe it was a humanistic. i'm sure -- huge mistake. i'm sure she's going to have to live with the fact that she could have handled the situation better. >> reporter: russell has had several run ins with the department of child safety, but they have democrat kleined our -- declined our repeated requests for an in depth interview.
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bid a dust -- caused by a dust storm in the valley yesterday. we told you about the it first yesterday. a car crushed between two semi trucks. the woman killed was a 76-year- old woman from litchfield park. there were a total of five crashes in the height of the dust storm. it's been a week since three men were trapped under ground in the north valley, all three died in the horrible tragedy, and tonight only on abc 15 we're hearing from the family of and how he's being called a hero for what he did after his death. joe bartels is steps from where the tragedy happened, and we can only imagine how tough it's been for the families. >> reporter: it really has. from making funeral arrangements to the heart breaking thought these three men, all fathers, are now gone. juan was a man who put others before himself. >> when he came here to arizona
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>> reporter: through a were translater he says his brother was a talented doctor caring for animals in mexico before cam comes to the -- coming to the united states five years ago. >> when he came to california, the point was to come to california and take classes that he needed to take so he could become a full vet here in the us, but it was always to support the family. >> reporter: he ended up in arizona working for dr. bill. he sent money and support back to mexico for his little the love of his life. >> people ask me how can you feel so attached to somebody in two years? well, it's not that hard with juan. >> reporter: a family friend says juan was pursuing the american dream, and is still doing that in death. his organs went to four people because of his instinct to health. and he defendant a wish to take his daughter to disneyland, but
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to do that. as for the other two men, dr. bill's friends and family still reeling from the tragedy, and the neighbor that tried to help, i spoke to his family today, but they're too devastated to speak about the tragedy. thank you. could one man be the reason for a dangerous abduction in mexico? what authorities just found. >. and an arizona mail your facing political -- mayor facing political backlash for his sp sent in both english and spanish. and coming up joe lets you know why you may have to give up your keys at a valley loan place. >> reporter: and coming up >> reporter: and coming up we'll mer, gear up for a ride on the wild side at casino arizona and talking stick resort! you could win a new mustang or a share of seventy-two thousand dollars in cash and prizes. jump in and ride on the wild side, july and august
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casino arizona and talking stick resort are putting you behind the wheel during ride on the wild side! win a mustang or a share of seventy-two thousand dollars in cash and prizes. score a ride on the wild side! only at casino arizona and talking stick resort. a weather alert for you as we track high winds racing out of storms in the higher terrain picking up dust right now in the queen creek area.
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agricultural fields in the area from the queen creek cam. again this is a live look of that area. watch out for reduced visibility down there in the southeast valley. any of the dust picking up heads farther to the southwest. we'll keep tracking it for you and have the latest coming up in the full forecast. >. new information from the live desk about the kidnappings in mexico. one of those is the son of imprisoned drug lord el chapo, and tonight officials say that's based on forens one of the car -- in one of the cars connected to the crime. he's controlling some of his father's business while he's in prison, and thanked be part of -- that could be part of reason for the abduction. and a mayor in hot water for refusing an invitation that was sent in english and spanish. >> you can tell he has absolutely no love for mexico. >> that's john cook, the head
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he e-mailed a meeting invitation to ken taylor, and he responded saying he'd not attend because the invitation was in spanish/mexican as he put it. looks like we could have a water crisis by 2018. federal managers predict lake mead won't be able to make deliveries in 2018. for now it looks like we'll the mark by just a foot, and that could mean water shortage, and our water supply would be cut short. >> reporter: five years taking out a title loan, you finally pay it off only to find out they've lost your keys. >> i wish it had air. >> reporter: inherited from his grandmother, it became collateral for a title loan. >> kept pretty good up for the loan, then fell and shattered
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five years, but he finally paid it off, so why is he keeping it hidden away in this lot? he says nobody knows what happens to his keys. >> any time someone could walk off with something that's yours. >> reporter: so he pushed. this time a manager agreed to rekey the car, but need add prove. >> and i -- needed approval. >> and i haven't heard anything. >> reporter: we cabbinged them and they -- contacted them and they said an internal investigation said an administrative error led to the misplacement of the key, these matters have been addressed with staff, and implemented as part of training curriculum. a few days later. >> i feel great. >> reporter: tom finally got the call. >> he ended up reimbursing me enough money to fix it. >> reporter: great after all
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fixing it so quickly. we have more information on click on sections and let joe know. if you need my help, here's how to get ahold of me. i'm investigator joe ducey. if you have a problem, let me know. >. abc 15 sport. >> reporter: i'm craig fouhy in san diego. the cardinals getting ready to take on the san diego chargerrers in the first of two joint practices in san diego. we got to talk to a few player players earlier today -- players earlier today about how excited they are to face another team. >> i think the first practice is going to be a lot of energy out there just because like i said earlier, what you said earlier, new faces. and you mind of want to, you have that competitive edge that you want to be that guy out there. >> it's good for the players and coaches to see where the
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as an individual. every once in awhile going against the same guy you get a feel for what he's doing, so it's good to go against new bodies for sure. >> reporter: at 10:00 we'll have highlights of the practice and hear from the players about going against the chargers here in front of the fans. in san diego, craig fouhy, abc 15 sports. we want to update you on a developing story. coach bruce arians has just been taken over to the hospital. he showed up at the stadium there in san diego, had a bit of a stomach pain, so checked out by medical staff, but then was taken over to the hospital so they could get a thorough evaluation on him. as soon as we hear more on coach bruce arians, we'll let you know. >. thank you. by the way don't forget you can get the ultimate fan experience with the cardinals. we're giving away tickets to the cards and broncos game september 1st. just download the abc 15 app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win.
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the coyotes announcing they signed a one-year contract today with a former player. the 35-year-old specific intent the last two -- spent the last two years in vancouver, and he says he's excited to return to the desert. and 111 was the high today marking day 30 this year at 110 or hotter, the third most on record, and just three days shy of the most on record which was 33 we'll keep track of the heat and also storm chances to track too, and right now it's sizzling across the valley. lows tonight in the mid-80, and there's a slight chance of a little rain in the valley. air 15 live over the showers we were tracking coming out of the lake pleasant area, and right now as we look at the radar, here's what we're watching. we have that shower and thunderstorm activity cruising across lake pleasant, and also farther to the north, a lot of lightning near black canyon
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these moving down into the valley creating a few pop ups near surprise and sun city west, and over white transaction so we're watchingings that, and still watching some storms out to the east also kicking out some high winds. right now racing through the southeast valley picking up dust in queen creek, so be on the look out for reduced visibility out there, and we keep the storm chances going over the next couple of hours as the winds flow in, so 20 percent approaching the 8:00 hour, then drying out late tonight and early tomorrow morning. 106 at 7:00 p.m., and still at 100 by 9:00. then 90s through 10:00 and 11:00. 86 at 6:00 a.m. at phoenix sky harbor, and then back to the triple digits by lunchtime tomorrow. phoenix tomorrow 108. glendale too, and mesa at 106, and sedona you'll hit 94, and flagstaff 79. also an ozone high pollution
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quality alert continues, the fifth day in a row with the air quality alert, so limit the time outside if you have a respiratory condition. uv index very high, watch out for the sun burn, particularly the late morning and early afternoon. a lot of sun screen if you don't want to get burned outside. here's the temperatures trending down which is a good thing. getting back down close tore normal, 104 friday and saturday as the storm chances continue at 10 to 20 percent. coming up in the next half hour, a look at the entire seven-day forecast so you know exactly what to it's burning fast and changing the landscape in seconds, we go out to the fire lines as crews battle the new wildfire in the west. a valley firefighter risking a lot tom save a home, emily on this -- especially on this triple digit day.
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this is what california firefighters didn't want tot see. an update about another fast moving ld minutes. take a look, it's burning 60 miles east of los angeles. it's the blue cut fire, and scorched 6500 acres and it only started at 10:30 this morning. this thing is a beast. the fire forced evacuations in the mountains north of san bernardino and structures were already destroyed. no number at this point. hot, dry, windy conditions continue to fuel the fire.
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firefighter taken to the hospital after battling this house fire in gilbert. he's in stable condition after suffering a heat-related issue. there's a lot of damage in the garage of the home. neighbors called 911 as soon as they saw smoke. >. a reminder tonight the search for jesse wilson is still going on. the 10-year-old disappeared more than a month ago from his buckeye home. if you've seen him or have information to help police ca the tip line. too close for comfort. parents worried about inmates working on campus, and we're takingings to get you the answers. and it's a competitive race, and one to know about ahead of our election this month.
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we're on weather alert tonight as showers and thunderstorms hit parts of valley. a live look now at air 15 of
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storms a little farther to the north of us. but now winds flowing out of those storms are causing new storms to form over the valley. abc 15 desert doppler showing one right over the south phoenix area. i do have a live cam pointed that direction right now, and it doesn't look like much of this is making it toward the ground, but what we are seeing from the valley cam pointed to the west and northwest here are the storms popping up near surprise and sun city west here's what they look like on the radar. pockets of heavy rain along grand avenue and also over white tanks at this hour, so watch out for gusty winds and brief heavy rain with some of those, and storm chances are going to continue as we head through the next seven days. we'll talk about how great they'll get coming up in minutes. how old you feel about -- how would you feel about inmates working at your child's school? the florence district says
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years. >> but one parent claiming they're too close for comfort. >> the district says they're never supposed to be on the same site at children. >> reporter: like the sign says, you'll sometimes find inmate crews doing work here at the school district's bus shed, other times at school sites doing work, but administrators says it's never why children are present, but one parent claiming her 5-year-old daughter saw the inmates doing work while at recess. >> i passed by the following day, which was a tuesday, physically saw them with my own eyes. >> we investigate these things, look right into them and make sure it's not happening. that's a strict violation of the policy and the code. >> reporter: a district spokesman says inmates aren't allowed within sight or sound of students. the partnership started in
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custody inmates used. >> they only come during intersession or summer where the kids will be. >> reporter: the mother says it's not a problem with the program itself, but with what her daughter saw. >> strange men she doesn't know within talking distance to a 5- year-old is very, very unsettling. >> reporter: report not guilty florence, raquel cervantes -- reporting in florence, raquel cervantes. also in florence, and now really any part of state deputies are searching if were a began an sex offender that threatened his girlfriend while her kids were in the home. his name is john bowman and he's driving a stolen struck out of getter. a silver -- gilbert. a silver chevrolet pick up with black rims and a skull sticker on the back window. a glendale man facing chargings for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl
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he claims it was consensual, but in a recorded phone call he apologized to the victim for the so-called rape. when asked why he told detectives he did not want to argue with the victim. police say the suspect was 19 at the time of the crime. a busted game of trust, a woman's diamond wedding ring worth between 40 to 50 grand reportedly stolen by a guy cleaning the air ducts at her house. he stole it from underneath a bathroom cabinet. 80 transactions within the last year, mostly women's jewelry. the good news, the woman got back the ring after it was pawned for $600. it was recovered at a shop in mesa. >. it's come down to this. fire crews knocking on people's doors by boat trying to make sure there are no more flood victims in louisiana, but sadly the death toll already up to 11. tonight we know at least 40,000 homes are damaged.
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around town in boats. these are neighbors in gonzalez, louisiana, and you can see as they cruise by, the water still halfway up on the doors of some of the homes in the background. amber, just complete devastate. >> absolutely, and more rain falling in some areas there tonight. still getting moisture pulled in from the gulf, and the shower chances will continue across that area. in fact the futurecast showing the possibility of anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rain additionally in the next 28 to 48 hours and they've already been hit hard. so still a lot of flood warnings mainly along the river valley. and of course tracking storm chances here in the valley as well. more coming up. primary election day just two weeks away, and the east valley could have the most competitive race. four republicans in a nasty, sometimes nasty battle to prove who's the most conservative and most able to cut the federal budget. melissa blasius watching the latest polls.
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signs are out in this very conservative east valley congressional district, where the winner of the august 30th primary on the republican side is the likely next member of congress from here. outgoing representative matt salmon has endorsed andy biggs to be his successor, but two new polls out this week show that any of the four candidates could win. >> there's been a lot of mud slinging in the race, but we've been strictly positive. >> the fact is i've done this. at the county i turned around a very difficult situation financially. >> we must start sending non- politicians to washington because the grid lock you see now is caused by people that have been there for too long, so i distinguish myself by being the outsider. >> reporter: christine jones is the only candidate that lives outside the district, but she tells me her address shouldn't
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melissa blasius, abc 15. we are tracking a partial power outage at jfk airport in new york, the same terminal where there was a false report of gun fire a few days ago. let's take you inside. american airlines operates outside of materialal 8. thest -- of terminal 8. the escalators and service elevators are out of service, and that could cause delays there and across the country. within the last five minutes people are starting to tweet the power is coming we're working to confirm that officially. no word yet on what caused this in the first place. and american airlines also digging up details at sky harbor tonight after a woman is evaluated for signs of overheating. turns out she was okay. the call came in about 3:45 this afternoon. they checked the bomb on the plane and -- woman on the plane and felt better. and strict curfew in
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after nights of unrest? and now a man is in trouble with the law for taking the wrong approach to get to know women.
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news we told you about in the last half hour on the arizona cardinals. coach bruce arians sent over to the hospital in san diego. he showed up to practice, reported feeling stomach craig fouhy is checking in with the team for more detail, and as soon as we learn more we'll pass it along to you. incredible video. despite the circumstances it was a great save here for a bus driver trying to avoid a red light runner, and it's all caught on video in oklahoma city. >> you can see the passengers there knocked out of their seat, and then onto the floor.
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stop on the sidewalk, barely missing a pole. but get this, the red light runner is caught on video getting away. he was eventually arrested and all five people on the bus were hurt. new tonight, do curfews work in the big question and concern out of milwaukee following nights of protest. curfew laws have been on the books for some time, but some say they violate liberties, and others say it doesn't work, but on the flip side things appear to be calmer. and the only clue found in our state after a woman goes missing from the other side of the country. and don't hoard your money, it could lead you to financial ruin. the top two financial trouble spots for people that love their money too much. and stops developing near the valley now, and -- storms
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now there's dust with vizment
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>> >. we want to check in with craig fouhy who's in san diego right now covering the cardinals and chargers game. as we told you in the last half hour, bruce arians sent over to the hospital. craig, what more do we know? >> reporter: at this point katie sketchy, and not a lot of information, new information coming out. we do know he complained of stomach pains just prior to practice, he was examined here by the medical staff, and they decided he needed to go to a local hospital. i got a chance to talk to about half of the coaching staff before practice, none of them mentioned it, i'm sure they were told not to speak to the media about it, and i did see
6:46 pm
phone before practice, i don't know if that's related to this, but he was on the phone an entire time. but we were shuffled up to the press box about 6:00, a little before 6:00, and then right after 6:00 is when word broke coach was taken to the local hospital. we're keeping an eye on it. the rumor mill is hopefully it's nothing serious, but we haven't been able to confirm anything yet. >> well, thoughts and prayers obviously with him, and keep us updated. >> reporter: will do, thank you. >. this might be one of the most bizarre arrests in the valley. police just arrested a drive-by groper. he'd grab women from his suv, more than once. one of the incidents took place near 42nd street and southern. that woman was walking with her 8-year-old niece. he told police he does it because he has trouble meeting women. border patrol agents arrest
6:47 pm
state. they were aall righted to hidden -- alerted to hidden compartments in her coat, and they found 172 pounds of marijuana worth about $86,000 on the street. it's hot outside, so add this to a recipe for disaster. this car caught fire on i-10 and washington. you can see the front of car pretty much melted off. no word on the cause of the fire. and we're tracking a blaze out in california, and this is just growing by the second, so they're evacuated 82,000 people. this is a huge evacuation order for the blue cut fire. 82,000 people, that's like the size of avondale, arizona being told to leave right now. this has grown to 9,000 acres, and just started at 1030 tim
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ahead to track the fire, and we'll be doing it for you as i send it over to weather for an update from amber. and a brand new severe thunderstorm warning for pinal county, it's the storm you see in the orange polygon for the black water area. this storm is nearly stationary, but it's capable of kicking out gusts near 60 miles per hour, so watch out for the potentially damaging wind near florence and as winds kick out that strong we'll out for areas of blowing dust here in the valley too. pinal county under a blowing dust advisory until 8:00 p.m. the full forecast is just minutes away. luker force base could be the home of more fighter jets. it's a finalist to become temporary locations for the new f-16 formal training units. a decision on the a permanent
6:49 pm
some time. and would you consider driving a self-driving cars in the next five years? ford saying you will. they'll sell them to cab cars by 2016. ford says self-driving cars for perm use come later -- personal use comes later on down the road. and the newest apple store in new york city opened today. it's the most modern abstract design let. it's designed to look like a dove in the shadow of the world trade center. tonight's talker greed, and your love for money. >> apparently the more you like it the more likely you are to lose it. a new study found nearly 60 percent of investors that score high on a quote love of money scale actually have bad financial outcomes. state street center for applied research round money lovers are less likely to prioritize
6:50 pm
retirement plans. all right, back to the weather alert, and a live look right now from air 15 helping us to track the storms in the area. look at how high those cloud tops are. we have a severe thunderstorm warning right now in pinal county, and a blowing dust advisory down there as well, so here's the storm. it is right near florence near the black water area. gusts near 60 miles per hour possible. we are already seeing dust being picked up in some of these spots right now. in fact as we ahead and advance to the queen creek camera here, and looks like i may have skipped it. let me walk over the and show you it because we have the dust picking up in the area, and i wanted to give you the live look at just how things look in the queen creek area at this time, so there it is. visibility is viewed. it's not terrible. definitely a mile or more from this view, but we have had reports of about a half mile visibility in the area, so a
6:51 pm
thunderstorm warning also in effect for that storm out there, that's going to expire around 7:15, so more dust could be picked up in the area as high winds flow out of severe storm. also tracking rain near the white trainings at this hour. a -- tanks at this hour, and some areas still getting some anal, and near new river as well. so we'll keep the storm chance going at 20 percent the next couple of hours. here f you tomorrow. 1:00 in the afternoon. storms developing in the higher terrain first as is typical, then a slight chance some could move in, especially in the far northern reaches of valley for tomorrow afternoon. here's the day by day storm chances. 20 percent thursday, then back down to 10 percent here in the valley. so slight chances over the next seven days in the phoenix metro, but storm chances elevated in the higher terrain 40 percent friday before
6:52 pm
weekend. we're at 106 now. wind picking up out of the northeast at 16 miles per hour, so wind gusts as the wind flow out of the storms surrounding the valley, and looking at the temperatures, still sizzling hot, but they'll start to drop after the sunsets tonight, and we're get farther away from the dreaded 110 mark tomorrow. upper 70s to low 80s in prescott, sedona, and payson, and they're going down into the 60s tonight. phoenix and much of the lowland deserts in the 80s, and tomorrow 108 for spottings like court side, lake havasu, and bullhead city will be at 110 still. here's the next seven days for you. we're going to see the temperatures drop off. 105 thursday, 104 friday, then staying near average through the weekend with only a slight chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm, but in the meantime we keep tracking the severe weather hitting pinal county right now. >. and cardinals pre- season. ares on as the red can be rolls on as the -- rolls as on they
6:53 pm
cards pre-game starts friday at 5:30, kickoff at 6:00, live coverage starts at 4:00 right here on abc 15. and here's tonight's prime time line up. at 7:00 bachelor in paradise, then bachelor in paradise after paradise, then the middle,
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if you're just walking in the door, here's the top stories developing new. a community meeting under way
6:56 pm
public on the serial shooter investigation. he's still on the run tonight linked to were nine murders -- to nine murders since march. >. deputies in the west valley revealing in the past few hours they found drugs in the home with a teenage boy is accused of murdering a toddler. investigators will do a test to see if he was under the influence when he allegedly pushed his brother down the stairs and stabbed him to death. and an accused sex offender escaped a barricade situation in pinal county. stolen silver chevrolet pick up with black rims and a skull sticker on the back window. he's considered armed and dangerous. and arizona cardinals coach bruce arians taken to a san diego hospital a short time ago. the team reporting he suffered stomach pain after arriving to the stadium for practice. of course ba a prostate cancer survive receiver, and he'll -- survive receiver, and --
6:57 pm
tonight at 10 #. and adele is in town, and we're going undercover tonight to look for counterfeiters and protect you from fakes. plus, when is it worth it to go generic? our smart shopper team lets you know. and a blowing dust advisory until 8:00 p.m., and the area to the northwest of florenc the orange, a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15. we'll keep tracking it here for, you and tonight at 10:00 we'll look at the latest models. >> sound good, bachelor in
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tonight on "bachelor in paradise"... [ all screaming ] ashley i.: things can't get much worse unless somebody dies. [ laughs ] don't kill me. ashley i.: it's been a year since jared and i have been here together. i think my worst fear is jared being head over heels in love with someone. the drama has arrived. kstabbed. [ voice breaking ] there's no one here for me, and then to see you with someone, i can't do it. ashley i.: caila ruined everything. she's a backstabbing whore. what happened to the whole, like, he's so not your type? i talked to him. [ crying ] ashley i.: i don't think i'm obsessed with jared. i think i'm in love with jared. i don't think anything i do is too obsessive. [ sniffles, cries ] i don't want to end up like ashley where the feelings are one-sided. jared: ashley's making caila question whether she should pursue something with me. this isn't love. it's an obsession.


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