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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm MST

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something. and from the abc 15 live desk a neighborhood block has been closed for hours now for a suspicious death investigation. a neighbor found a body in this red car in sun city west. the dead man is connected to this man, david hague. he is in custody but not connected to the scene. [no audio] heus police lieutenant after his arrest and dui in february. resultsshow his blood alcohol level at .306. four times the legal limit. six firefighters in the hospital after a fire should be back home tonight. they were called out to a pool supply store for a fire over night. the flames were toxic. chemicals filling the air.
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investigation tonight. the fbi needs your help and we have the picture that could lead to a major arrest. from the abc 15 live desk this is a bank robbery suspect. take a look. chase bank near central this morning. 11:20 a.m. no one was hurt. the teller says they never saw a gun. no clues or a motive of a shooting death. shots heard last night. that victim found dead in someone's abc's navideh forghani is live. this shooting happened in the same spot where the serial street shooter has been spotted before? >> reporter: yeah. but police say they don't believe it is connected but it is still early in the investigation. witnesses say the victim was walking down the street when someone drove by and started to fire at him. the victim took off running and tried to take cover.
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driveway. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i would like the see the person responsible caught because the families suffer as well as the neighbors. >> reporter: witnesses say they saw a black truck leaving the area. there are surveillance cameras nearby that may have picked up the truck. hopefully that will help police but again they are asking for your help. if you have information call silence witness. back to you. >> thank you. wildfire watch that abc 15 live desk and boy is this big. the it is burning in san bernardino county. crews have been shifting through the areas with cadaver dogs. no loss of life so far, though. the number of homes lost is staggering. it will take time to know how much damage there is. the fire 4% contained. we have arizona crews out there helping out with this. tracking monsoon storms as
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these are the green lights. pushing to had south into northern portions of the valley. outflow boundaries. wind picked up by the radar. not rain. you will feel the gusts pick up in a mart of minutes. we will watch the boundaries and see what happens as they come into the valley. sometimes if we get them intersecting we could see isolated showers here over the next couple hours. the chances there. to the north, showers a thunderstorms in the higher terrain as well. and we are watching some from our live cam. you can see the rain there from the oneps that moved through the area. to the north and northwest lots of shower and thunderstorm activity. these storms getting strong near kingman. mail possible as well as heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning strikes and a new flash flood warning, the topock area here
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california into arizona. a lot to track. more to come. we will have details on what to expect tonight and through the weekend coming up in minutes. houses raided and cleaned out. and right now we are hearing from the security guard at one of the three places busted. abc's jason valentine taking us inside the grow house. >> the smell of marijuana still in the air. police raided this home this morning. one of three homes raided in the area. the guy says he ran security for the grow house and believes it was legal. >> well, he had all his papers and stuff. >> reporter: so you think this was a legal grow house? >> yeah. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams raided this and two other houses saying it pretended to
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deputies found 170 marijuana plants and 33 pounds of pot. >> cuffed me and -- >> reporter: what else did they do? >> took everything out. >> reporter: everything? >> everything. >> reporter: how many plants? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: a lot? >> yeah. >> reporter: this man ran security for this grow house hired by nephew. he took us inside. he says every room was used for some equipment still here. >> clients would call for what they needed and they would deliver. >> reporter: they delivered. they didn't have people come to the house? >> no, no, no. >> reporter: this could make up to a million dollars per year. right now two people are in jail. jason valentine, abc 15. what a week, a new crash to tell you about.
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distracted driving is to blame. there were only minor injuries to report. earlier this week a woman was killed around the same area because of a dust storm. you work hard, you can afford to provide a nice life, imagine coming home to find your place picked clean. a new crime alert in chandler. it happened more than once. neighbors are on edge but don't take our words for it. here is abc's chris more. >> reporter: neighbors believe the bad guys are using alleys like this one. the homeowner says they jumped over the wall, smashed into the home and made off with their gate. neighbors are paying attention to the alleys from now on. >> there is one down there and one down that way. >> reporter: she isn't showing us how to get home, she
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could use it stake out homes and rob them, which is what happened to her. >> laptop, tv, gun safe. >> reporter: she is one of a dozen that have been hit since may in the neighborhood. many in day light. police don't believe there is a connection. surveillance video shows the bad guys behind her home before it was robbed in june. you can see the car parked in the alley, waiting to get off with her stuff. since then she has been on >> i called the police a couple times. i have seen people in the neighborhood in the morning that i don't recognize. >> reporter: she is not the only one. minutes after talking with her three police officers were called to our live truck because someone says it was suspicious. police say we weren't breaking laws but it goes to show the neighborhood is taking notice. while police don't believe they are connected they want to remind you to make sure gates
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as far as the alley way neighbors are contacted the city to make sure they can get gates on the entrances so it is not as easy for the burglars. back to you. new at 6:00 p.m. a person who lives in these apartments said they had more problems last night. water went off at 8:30 p.m. after we checked things out and found out there were issues with the ac and the water. and they plan to work today fix any left over problems after a leak was discovered. deadly shoot out. new details from the abc 15 live desk police say everyone involved is accounted for. they are not saying anymore. we know two men shot each other during a night last night. one of them died. no word on a motive on this. police tell us the investigation active. we asked for more details
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but no word where the driver is. that person took off last night and we are waiting for more information about the victim as well. today a judge told him he is on the path to supervised probation. that will be for two years. he enter a plea deal after he admitted he tricked a bails bondman by telling him he would find a wanted suspect, the ho hillary clinton meeting with law enforcement leaders today. the goal to work together to repair riffs between police and communities after donald trump accused hillary clinton of being against the police. in a fundraiser e-mail for john mccain house speaker paul ryan says arizona is in play for
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arizona gop chairman said hillary clinton hasn't kept promises in the past. veterans want john mccain not to endorse donald trump. this morning five vets arrived at his office to deliver a petition and asked him to condemn and renounce support for donald trump. it has 110,000 signatures. from the abc 15 live desk students and professors forced to evacuate. asu police of smoke. investigators checked it out and okayed the area. students are allowed back in now. a group hitting a business with another big batch of lawsuits. wait till you hear how much they are demanding. >> he bailed from a s.w.a.t. stand off and disappeared. where a sex offender just showed up in the valley. >> found abandonane yard in mesa. five months later we are
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the family who wants to adopt her. new at 6:00 p.m. >> next in sports, from tory pines, tomorrow night's
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>> another waver of ada lawsuits is hitting the valley. the group filed a 133 cases bringing the total to 1500 lawsuits. they say the mission is about compliance, not money but that is not what businesses tell abc's dave biscobing. >> reporter: a spokesperson sent us a response saying in most cases there is no money but tonight we take you inside two lawsuits under negotiations right now so you can see what it is like to try settle. >> reporter: a baseball
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years. outside more than enough accessible parking. by law she only needs six but that didn't stop the lawsuits. >> not a clue. no idea. >> reporter: why did they sue her? >> signage issues. th now they are asking -- then asking for us to fix it and $7,500. we fixed everything. and asked they drop it and they said no. they would like $7,500. >> reporter: she offered to pay $1,000. she received this letter back. saying it didn't give home towards settlement. 7,000. when we told her the spokesperson said most cases
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>> she is lying. it is about the money. >> reporter: dozens of them. >> it really felt like i was hagging for a car or -- haggling for a car or something . it was blind siding. >> reporter: they had two spaces. one was missing a sign. >> if you are not handicapped move your >> mother-in-law has partially use of her hands but she has wheelchair. we have an idea of the troubles people have to go through. >> reporter: once he fixed his sign he offered them $1,500 to settle. >> they acted insulted and they went up and said 7500. 10 grand. they increased it. >> reporter: that is says it all. >> they are in to it for the bucks. talk to them. deal with them on the level we
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are there. the money. >> reporter: dave biscobing, abc 15 news. >> we have all the rules and information you need know to make sure you are compliant, go a man wanted by deputies for a variety of reasons. caught after a s.w.a.t. scene. police found him after someone called about a man acting he threatened his girlfriend with a gun while her kids were inside a home. no word if a student will face consequences for writing a threat on campus. air 15 over the scene. we know the message was found on the wall but no details on what was written. police evacuated students while they checked things out. abc's abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford.
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at terrapins over looking the task -- torrey pines over looking the pacific ocean. 110 plus in phoenix. we are here low 80s . the cardinals. they play it chargers tomorrow night. the team has been out here since monday. two practices with the chargers and they continue a say they enjoyed the practices but there is one thing they really like about being california. >> hopefully thursday i get an opportunity go to the beaches. >> san diego weather. that is what makes it great. being in a different environment. changes the attitude. we are happy to be here. >> weather is better. cooler. got my jacket on. feeling good. >> weather is great. >> reporter: coming up at 10:00 p.m. more from the players about tomorrow's game against the
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on abc 15. so we will sign off from torrey pines, with the cardinals in southern california, on the pacific ocean, craig fouhy, abc 15 sports. back to you. >> he is so rubbing it in. >> i know. right? we are close now which means he will have to return. the cards taking on the chargers tomorrow. see the game on abc 15. starts tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and kickoff at 6:00 p.m. >> you can get the ultimate fan experience with abc 15 and your arizona cardinals. we are giving away tickets to the cards and broncos game on september 1. all you have to do is download the abc 15 mobile app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win. you have a little bit of good news -- [ talking at the same time ] >> a record, it was not 110. it was only 103. [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> we are down to 102 now. that is great. really, 74 in san diego, can't beat that. we are below average.
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the weekend. something to be thankful for. we have monsoon action to track as well. bringing showers and thunderstorms to the higher terrain. winds out of the storms to the north. these are the outfloe boundaries. a wall of wind coming out of the storms. winds starting to pick up. near deer valley and near lake pleasant and they will into push to the south. gusty at times over the next hour across the valley of the sun. to the north, showers and thunderstorms near black canyon city, north of the area, i-17. strawberry seeing action. lightning to the south. storms heading to the east. we also have a lot of activity to the northwest. this is where it is heaviest. new flash flood warnings, the red there near kingman. heavy rain over the higher
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kingman and hail possible with the storms. we see them build. kingman getting hammered. we could see new development behind it. we will keep watching that for you and another flash flood warning near topock. a lot to track. future cast shows more storms in the higher terrain tomorrow. and those could move into the valley as well. 20% chance for friday, 60% tomorrow. 40 for the weekend. a chance in the valley for the next several days. 103 tomorrow. 101 mesa. sedona 90. flagstaff 75 degrees. better air quality too. after today no more ozone high pollution advisory which we had for the last six days straight. moderate air quality tomorrow. ozone and dust and your seven- day forecast coming up.
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a package thief taking advantage of the homeowner. >> a man playing with fire and his life but he picked picked
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he didn't get away with much but that is upsetting to the homeowners who caught this package thief. inside the boxes, mosquito spray. the homeowners were inside at the time and they say the crook
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they have one extra layer of protection besides the camera that they encourage everyone to get. months since this apartment burned and tonight police say it is arson. and the guy behind it just arrested in a new arson case. this is the 60-year-old, joe jones. july 3 here set a woman's -- he set a woman's bike on fire and threatened to burn neighborhood down. they believe he lived at the apartment complex where the fire sparked. police checked in to it and realized it was his place. new at 6:00 p.m. a newborn found by a family and still without a permanent home. why the family says they can't adopt the child. >> questions about jesse wilson's mom and her past
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the desert for a gunman who shot a woman. air 15 over head. we don't know the gunman's name but the victim is suffering from life-threatening injuries. she was shot three times. new tonight she was dumpedane front yard. just hours -- dumped in a front yard. just hours old. there is a family that wants her. abc's joe bartell is live with an update >> reporter: this story captured hearts and attention from across the country and five months later after she was dumped in a yard the family who found her says they will adopt her but they heard nothing from the department of child services. >> reporter: sweet and innocent, baby jane is now 5 months old but her identity is still a history today. >> only thing i can do for her
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>> the family found her in march on their yard. dcs scooped her up and that is the last they heard. >> been five months. there is no excuse as to why they haven't called. >> reporter: they claim they have no record of her calling. she says that is a lie. >> i can't imagine being abandon by my mother and i just thought reason. >> reporter: we asked how she is and if she could end up with the family. those questions haven't been answered. the police investigation has continued. police revealed a new picture of baby jane weeks ago doing well, safe and sound. police still have no leads on who baby jane's parents might be. if you know anything, give them a call.
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>> thank you. keep a family in your thoughts and prayers tonight. a 2-year-old boy just died after being pulled from a hot tub. his sister is doing much better but has a long road to recovery. another night without a trace of jesse wilson. we asked about the mom who once lived in california and then moved to the west valley. there are reports she was a foster mom but her kids were taken away and then she adopted jesse wilson there is not any good way to track red flags from other states. >> we do not have a very thorough national system for sharing information. whether there is anything that came up when she initially came up with dcs that would have raised suspicion resulting in checking other states i don't know. >> he did not want to talk
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jesse wilson is found soon. a teen driver accused of being drunk, the family in the other car nearly killed last summer. tonight some justice. the drunk driver will spend 8 months behind bars and 5 years of probation. just into the abc 15 live desk jack conger and gunnar bentz checked in to their flight after testifying about their robbery claims. brazilian officials say four swimmers including ryan lochte lied about being robbed in rio. they say it was a cover up for their vandalism of a gas station after night of drinking. a security guard pulled out a gun on the men. brazilian officials say they could be charged for giving false information. your most accurate forecast, winds picking up in the north valley as we get a
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bumblebees guses over the next hour -- gusts over the next hour or so. most of the activity in the higher terrain like we are seeing now on abc 15 desert doppler. and a lot of lightning to the north of payson as the sky lit up with thunderstorms there. 100 strikes and a few more spotty showers to the east. outside of snowflake and south of pinetop-lakeside. northwest arizona getting the worse of it. a flash flood warning is i effect near kingman. on the south and southeast portions of the city and a flash flood near topock. vehicles on the highway to the west of needles getting stuck in the flood waters and the showers crossing into arizona as well. the biggest threats for northwest arizona will be heavy rain and flash flooding. our chance will be 10% for the
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p.m. tonight. your seven-day forecast and tomorrow across the valley coming up in minutes. a group of car wash employees could be up for employees of the year. credited with helping catch a bath room creeper. he followed an employee into the women's bath room and peaked under the stall. she escaped and he ran to a nearby mobile home but the victim's down. we heard about flint, michigan and then places around the country with high levels of lead in their water. what about yours? >> reporter: lead. the dangers involving children. >> you trust your water is healthy for your kids. it is scary to think it might not be. >> reporter: it caused old
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water supplies. do you have lead pipes? this video shows how to find out. take a penny or quarter, scratch the pipe near the meter. if it is led it will be soft, easy to scrape down. copper or plastic will not scrape down to silver. check your water supplies, they post them online by year. and test your home tap water. i found kits from more than 100. check out your city's test results for water supply. go to, click on sections to let joe know. need my help? here is how to get ahold of me. i am joe ducey, you have a problem? let me know. how about free legal advice? saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. state bar of arizona law day.
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phoenix and glendale. i will see you there. i am joe ducey, if you have a problem, let me know. the new move that effect ising thousands of prisoner. >> role playing in the air. a fighter jet training exercise goes south.
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new details on the sun city s.w.a.t. situation. sheriff joe arpaio says detectives were investigating a suspicious death near 134 avenue and copper stone. they heard banging and loud noises. the man yelled at the deputies and barricaded himself inside the home. s.w.a.t. was called out. the man came out. they are looking into whether he is connected to the suspicious death. with all the talk of
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video we can't forget about west nile virus. the thirst two deaths in maricopa county. bogue were over 50-years-old. >> and in santa cruz county officials say they have seen the first case of zika virus. the victim traveled to a zika infected area outside of the country. 24 confirmed cases in arizona. researchers are trying to develop a zika vaccine. they want you to be the guinea pig. yoha the virus. it is the only way to prove it works. twitter says you are out of here to terrorist groups. the effort to put a stop to terrorism recruiting. >> not from arizona but sara palin has critical words. >> and ride the city buses and light rails for free. our smart shopper team did the research. >> and a new pop up shower near new river at this hour.
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doppler. hour by hour through our stor
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the obama administration is phasing out contracts with private prisons. the decision comes after an audit found they have more safety and security problems than government run prisons. a close call for a veteran pilot who used his skillsane near death the pilot finished a combat exercise in las vegas when something went wrong so he ejected before the plane went down and it saved his life. he is already out of the hospital. new information on a tangled mess. a three car crash closing the stretch of road. two cars flipping upside down. another vehicle on top of the flipped car. this happened in june and now
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responsible for it. they say he left a funeral drunk killing one man and injuring another. police say he has prior dui convictions. more about a crash in scottsdale. police say four people were inside the car heading south when an argument got heated and a 19-year-old jerked the wheel causing the car to flip. everyone inside had to go to the hospital with serious injuries. he faces he gets out of the hospital. former nfl player darren sharper sentenced to 18 years in prison for drugging women in order to rape them. 16 women in four states including arizona, two victims were attacked in tempe in 2013. he was supposed to serve 9 years. 140 characters to attract future terrorists. but twitter is taking a stance
6:47 pm
the company suspended 235,000 accounts for promoting terrorism. they don't specify which groups are involved but many are associated with isis that uses social media to attract new recruits. t-mobile and sprit competing for customers. they announced new plans. the times says it is saying good-bye to its app launched in 2014 audience. the company says it never took off. starbucks serving up jobs for young people in the community. launching a new initiative to support local economic development and job training. it will be offeredane new classroom -- offered in a new classroom . the store will also work with local minority and women owned suppliers. sara palin, john mccain's
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weighing in in a race. calling an opponent a politician willing to compromise. sara palin bashed a former city councilman running for congress in district 4. she says he was named a champion of big government, voting to raise taxes in the city council. he did receive the rating but it was for voting to raise the city budget. not taxes. they rated the claim to see the research visit hillary clinton leading the pack according to a survey. if today was election day 41% would support hillary clinton. 37% donald trump. 10% would back gary johnson. and 4% jill stein.
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supposed to serve in chicago but the business pulled pulled the partnership. they decided to rename the beer. it is in spanish. it is vuljure, and it is about his hair -- vulgar and it is about his hair. from the abc 15 live desk all six firefighters injured that pool supply company fire over night have been released from the firefighters will follow up with a test, all expected to make a full recovery. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. all right. live look. dark clouds to the north of the area. we had a pop up shower near new river. this is the time lapse here and you can see popped up quick and now it is just a few sprinkles. almost completely gone in the
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shower and thunderstorm activity in the higher terrain and the winds from the storms still moveing through the valley. gusty as the winds move down from the north through the phoenix metro area over the next 45 minutes. lots of lightning to the north of payson. 75 strikes. and the heavy rain continues to pour across mohave county. two flash flood warnings. one near kingman, one north of lake havasu city, t the heavy rain is coming. off to the east and northeast here. we will track these throughout the evening and that will continue to be the most active spot. south we have a couple of new pop ups over the higher terrain to the south of quartzite. as we have seen when storms popped up in the area we will have to watch out for the possibility of blowing dust
6:51 pm
in the valley through the evening. 102 in phoenix. dew point in the low 50s and temperatures in the triple digits although we are seeing them drop in cave creek and deer valley, 90s at this hour. to the north, 60 sedona and 60 in flagstaff. tonight temperatures into the 40s around flagstaff. 59 for your low in prescott. 71 kingman and 80s to the west and valley as well 103 for us. a degree below average. casa grande 100 degrees. 90s in globe and stafford and mid-80s in payson and prescott. storm chances continue in the higher terrain. a chance they could move into the valley tomorrow afternoon and evening and our high temperatures maxing out 101 mesa, and 102 in litchfield park and luke air force base tomorrow. hour by hour, 83 degrees at
6:52 pm
warm morning. 90s at 10:00 p.m. and noon 97. triple digits throughout the afternoon and a 20% chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and saturday and sunday as well. 102 on saturday and sunday. temperatures warmer but near average 104 for next week and drier air dropping storm chances to 10%. doesn't look like we will get rid of them in the seven-day forecast. adele fans, she se date for her postponed concert. the new date is monday november 21. smart shopper team found a way to ride the buses and light rail for free. tempe youth can ride bus routes and light rail for free. no catch. register for the program and
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that lets you ride free. we will have the link with all the details on our website time for fouhy small stars. heading indoors to meet one of our young hockey stars. this lady can't get enough hockey. >> reporter: here is what we know about this week's small star. six-years-old. loves hockey and plays goalie for her team. >> like stopping pucks. i on the other goalie. >> reporter: what about being a girl and playing goalie? >> sometimes say they girl goalies are not good and some people say i don't want a girl goalie and stuff. i don't really know why they say that. >> reporter: how does it feel when you stop a puck or finish with a shut out? >> feel goods. feels like pay back for them talking like that.
6:54 pm
favorite thing about hockey? >> fun having shut outs. when you are done with the game, like, your team gives you a hug. >> reporter: congratulations, you are this week's small star. >> cute. and n ow here is a look at tonight's prime time line up on abc 15: at 7:00 p.m.
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biker gang shoot out, at 10:00 p.m. a scary situation in tempe. what we are learning about those arrested and the warning police issue. and get ready to pay more for parking. the vote and what it means for you. and how you could score free groceries, tonight on abc 15 at 10:00 p.m. all right. abc 15 desert doppler a lot of storms to track, especially to the northwest and there is a chance we could see a few isolated showers in the valley tonight and a chance into tomorrow afternoon and evening as well. the 20% storm chance through weekend. chance next week too and temperatures at or below average every day.
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