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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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if people didn't take what is not theirs police would have an easier night right now. but that the not the case. nohelani graf is live, a carjacking leading to a big investigation tonight. >> reporter: you know, police just cleared the scene within the last 10 minute. i want to show you the house where they have been focused
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the last hour. there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle that we are trying to fit together. i want to show you video from when s.w.a.t. teams were on hand. we know this started as a domestic violence situation. we know a guy barged into home where they know him and they did not want him there and at some point he carjacked someone at gun point. we don't know if that is before he went to the house, or after he left the house and we know if the car has been recovered. after talking to the witnesses, at some point as police are focused on the house, teams in place, someone pushed the toddler out the door, police grabbed the baby and seconds later police moved in and pulled a man out, had him on the ground, handcuffed him. back here live we don't know if that is the suspect or if that person was just someone who got
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we know we watched a woman leave with a baby later. she was escorted by police. and we don't know if the suspect who set this off is still at large or if police have him in custody. we will into get those answers from police and we will update you with the latest when we get it. >> thank you very much. another dramatic scene tonight, a stolen car, a neighborhood on lock down and a man hold >> neighbors tell us they watched the cops pull two men into a patrol car. a third ran into the home and that is when officers pulled out the guns. >> it was a shock for people trying to leave their homes at the same time. >> the cop was there with his gun, his rifle, and was pointing it down the street and that is when he yelled to get in the house. >> police police department saying this was over a stolen
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a neighborhood is on edge, a wanted felon inside a home in mesa. one of our viewers giving us the play by play on this one. cops are starting to clear out now. we have calls to make sure everyone is safe. kids, a collision and balances. a combination we hate to hear. two atvess crashes. three -- a three kids in the hospital, everyone expected to be okay. storms west of the valley and they are heading to the east. we will increase the chance for showers and thunderstorms over night. right now rain near tonopah. to the west, quartzite getting hammered. lightning, rain and flooding now in the area. flood advisory in effect till 12:45 a.m. in the morning. valley 20% chance over night
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the west valley has a better chance than east valley over night and chance for action tomorrow too. we will talk temperatures coming up in minutes. new video just in. we know you love this stuff. a bright light shooting across the sky in san diego. call after call on this one. there might have been more than one streak. man found dead outside an la fitness and police trying to the killer. sad story. the victim stabbed several times. identified as a an 84 -- as an 84-year-old. call police if you know anything. cops scouring the desert for a man who shot a woman three times at an apartment complex. police say the two may have been involved in a romantic relationship. that woman in her 40s.
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clock by doctors. an alert to police after rival biker gangs go at it in tempe. abc's kim tobin is live where there was a deadly shoot out. kim? >> reporter: such a scary situation for all these people. we see a broken out window here. over here, evidence markers, bullets may have hit the wall and this morning i was told from businesses that hazmat cleaning blood off the sidewalks. tonight police tell us these are two known rival biker gangs who have a long history. >> reporter: flashing police lights and crime scene tape after a man is shot dead and another is hurt in a biker gang shoot out. >> two men arguing in the parking lot. he shoots the other guy six times or so and took off. >> reporter: many people
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>> saw a guy -- >> reporter: three men were arrested. including the man who sped away on a motorcycle and you can see hells angels on this man's vest. two biker gangs who battled out for years. and now tempe police are warning other police departments to be on guard. >> make sure they are aware and alert and just being open the security measures around the state. >> reporter: authorities brought in a city bus to keep people cool till they could be questioned. many still shocked at what they saw. >> gets your adrenaline going. for sure. yeah. >> reporter: tempe police would not confirm if they fear a
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back to you in the studio. >> thank you. masks and costumes but these are not halloween costumes. this is the extreme justice league. volunteers from san diego to spread the word about the serial street shooter. we spotted them tonight as they passed out flyers. >> give the victims and the families and the community a voice so they are not forgotten. just to send a message to the bad guy that what is wrong and he needs to stop. he needs to turn himself in and he will be brought to justice. >> $50,000 reward offered for any tip leading to the rest of the serial street shooter. 24 hours later and police are confirming they are looking for a murderer after a man was gunned down. this was breaking news last night at 10:00 p.m. witnesses say the guy was walking when the shooter opened fire. he tried taking cover but it
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>> i would like to see the people responsible caught because the families suffer as well as the neighbors. >> witnesses saw a black truck leaving the area. police are now reviewing surveillance video hoping that that will give them clues. back home, we are happy to hear all six firefighters will be okay after getting hurt while battling a fire at a pool supply company. the concern was they may have breathed in they will undergo testing in the coming days. but all out of the hospital. tempe, crashing the party, we don't know how the truck wound up here. the driver is going to be all right after he drove down the embankment. investigators say they are trying to sort out all the details. that see zika tally goes up a warning from a couple about
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this couple found out they were pregnant after they booked. now what? >> reporter: for now they are stuck. mom lives in phoenix. daughter lives in peoria. they wanted to go cruising to the tropics but now they are stuck. >> reporter: mom says it is something she wanted to do, take a cruise and that i she and her daughter were set to do. an escape on carnival. but then came the zika virus and then her pregnancy. found out a month ago and her doctor told her not to go. >> i don't want to put the baby in any danger. >> reporter: she had already bought travel insurance but the company told her zika cancellations are not covered. she wants a refund of the money
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$3,000 trip. she says carnival won't work with her. >> we are not rich people. we don't have a lot of money. she is barely making ends meet. >> reporter: they have been offered a refund of $100 or the option to reschedule for later. but her mom says she has a lung diseased, she doesn't know if she will make it [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: and after our e- mail to carnival we did not get a response. >> thank you very much. health scare prompting changes at a splash pad. it had to by shut down due to kids having bath room accidents
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officials telling abc 15 next week it will be shut off 5 minutes every 90 minutes to give potty breaks and cleaning. a heart breaking update from the family whose home was destroyed in a fire. their only surviving pet died last night. they rescued mickey. it is a look inside the house. we introduced you to her tuesday night. her kids and parents escaped the flames but five of their pets did not. as you can see everything is gone. an update on two big issues that could make the november ballot. both being challenged in court. increasing the minimum wage, 300 signatures thrown out across three different counties. if enough signatures are invalidated it could go down. the efforts to legalize
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signatures. most had expected the judge would have made a decision by now but it hasn't happened yet. more stories moments away. >> telling the truth or locked up in a lie? developments in the ryan lochte scandal. >> why tonight could be the make or break moment in the california wildfire. >> and showers and thunderstorms closer and closer to the valley. a look at your forecast so you know what to ex?ect ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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an update on the carjacking. we just learned that police found the car. so that has to be a relief for the owner. whoever tried to steal the car hasn't been found. ling ryan. who is telling the -- lying ryan. who is telling the truth? ryan lochte or brazilian
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accuse odf lying of being -- accused of lying of being robbed and ryan lochte is already back in the united states. two of his teammates who were removed from their flight last night now in the air and on the way back home. if any of them are convicted they could be suspended by u.s.a. swimming. the fight against the wildfire in san bernardino, california. progress is starting to be made. containment is 22% but they are relying on the winds cooperating. if they don't, hundreds of homes could go up in names. [ indiscernible ] >> some of the biggest flames that i have seen in 30 years. >> a tough fight. 1500 firefighters are still out
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who steals a hot pink box? this guy didn't get away with much. but he still stole from a woman. inside the box mosquito spray. it is not about what he took, she just said she is afraid of what could have been. >> i feel violated. not only that, he had something in his hands, it feels like a weapon. so what would have happened had we met him there at >> if not for her security door it could have been worse. she recommends everyone get one. as for the crook, they are still looking for him. new at 10:00 p.m. an effort to crack down on deadbeat parents. tomorrow immunity will be given to anyone who is behind on child support. you show up to court at 9:00 a.m., pay one month worth of child support and agree to show
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point any arrest warrants against you will be removed. expect to see a blitz of political ads in the coming days. donald trump 10 day ad campaign starting tomorrow. the cost $3.5 million. arizona is not on the list but we know he mans on advertising here soon. colin powell hold me to do it, that is the excuse from hillary clinton about her use of the private e- the claim uncovered in notes from the fbi handed over to congress. she said she was following advice. heavy hearts ahead of tomorrow's opening night for high school football. chandler high school playing their first game since the passing of a boy who died in his sleep. he would have been the starting center for the wildcats. you might see these shirts
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former coach. the shirts a tribute bearing his old high school jersey number. get red a to pay -- ready to pay more for parking in tempe. the city council signing off. it changes the rate to a variable rate. sometimes it could cost $2 an hour, and it could be $1 an hour. also fines increase for parking in the wrong places. $72 for a loading scone and 104 for lane. fewer people are taking taxis from phoenix sky harbor since uber and lyft. down 15%. total trips from the airport jumped. 10,000 more pick ups than taxies in the first six weeks they were allowed. >> i would have been after watching craig earlier -- air fire san diego.
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>> don't. >> depressing. >> i know. i know. high for this weekend -- [ talking at the same time ] a lot of lightning out there to track -- [ talking at the same time ] >> check this out. this picture there. t-rex. [ talking at the same time ] >> funny. >> the bolt in arizona. >> i saw a heart -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> northeastern arizona. a ranger caught it on three years ago. but it is just now getting the rounds on social media. there it is. tonight a lot of lightning out to the west. let's go to abc 15 desert doppler now and show you the storms. rain along i-10. tonopah and another batch to the southwest of buckeye starting to move in. we could see the showers in the west valley in the next hour or so. in the meantime we have very intense showers and
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500 lightning strikes. and torrential down pours here along i-10 near quartzite. flood advisories in effect. radar estimates more than an inch since this began, 2 inches now in some cases and strong winds out of this, moving to the south. starting to pick up dust as well. we have that concern for heavy rain and flooding towards parker too. the winds are down to the south dust. it will be in effect till 1:00 a.m. as the gusts push dust into yuma here later on tonight. a lot to track. storm chances continue over night. we may see lingering showers in the valley in the morning forecast tomorrow. and then tomorrow afternoon the chance for more developing as is typical in the higher terrain and then moving into the valley in the later
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winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour. we have temperatures across most of the valley in the 90s. a little cooler in cave creek and anthem, mid-80s at this hour. sedona 68. flagstaff 54. show low 63 degrees. tonight low 70s in safford and globe. mid-80s for bullhead city and lake havasu. casa grande 79. tomorrow 100 there. sedona 90. flagstaff 75. from the valley to the more triple digit heat. temperatures below average. 102 tempe and gilbert tomorrow. 101 mesa. west valley, 103 in glendale and avondale tomorrow. air quality looks to improve tomorrow after six days of an ozone high pollution advisory. tomorrow back down to moderate for ozone and dust. the pollen count is low and uv very high. watch out for the sun burn in
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hour by hour, the chance for showers in the morning. 80s. and a chance in the afternoon as we reach the triple digits. 102 with a 20% chance for showers and thunderstorms over the weekend and 10% as drier air comes in. 104 for next week. the wait is almost over. waiting for santa.
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> evening in california. cardinals and chargers tomorrow. we thought we would come out to the water front and enjoy th cooler temperature. sunset here. sun going down. should be a great night tomorrow night. we talked to the players, had a great time this week and looking forward to tomorrow pre- season game number two. >> go in and treat it as a training camp game. go out there and run but this time we have a chance to practice, know what they do. it will be different.
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to have different numbers and having to go through the protection adjustments, different guys, different spots, and competing against a different athlete in one-on-one situations, been great. can't wait. >> reporter: cardinals and chargers tomorrow, 6:00 p.m., coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. on abc craig fouhy abc 15 sports. >> cards taking on the chargers in san diego. pre-game 5:30 p.m., kickoff at 6:00 p.m. >> you can get the ultimate fan experience with ab c 15 and your arizona cardinals. we are giving away tickets to the cards and broncos game on september 1. all you have to do is download the abc 15 mobile app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win. celebrity autographs, free groceries and more.
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one of a kind. yes, you are. i am talking about a 2-year-old black lab named iris. >> the fbi's first electronic detection dog. she can smell a specific chemical in digital media. any investigative means, drug case, terrorism case, counter intelligence case. >> she is located in the fbi's newark field office but could be depoid anywhere. tomorrow's grand opening of
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picked to create a mural sharing a sneak peak tonight. first 250 customers will get a $10 prize gift cards. and former cards players will be there from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and free food samples. a wine bar, cheese shop, starbucks the sushi making robot is here. not available to the public yet but a few restaurants in japan are testing it out. air 15 zooming in on the full moon tonight. seems brighter outside. that is why. gorgeous shot.
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started to move in. we have storm chances over night and showers right now starting starting to make their way from the west. off to the west and southwest of buckeye. a chance for showers over night and a 20% shot for friday, saturday, and sunday. temperatures below average for the next 7 days and the weekend looks the coolest.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- danny mcbride. from "disney's pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard. matt damon and jimmy go to therapy. and music from prophets of rage. with cleto and the cletones. are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you.


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