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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MST

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good morning, america. new overnight, lochte's apology. the swimmer says he's sorry for his behavior after a night of partying in rio. meanwhile, one of his teammates is pointing fingers. what he says really happened the night they were detained by armed security guards. campaign shake-up. do out. paul manafort leaving team trump as the candidate tries to reshape his image visiting flood-ravaged louisiana. >> you'll be fine. >> plus, trump's new message to african-american voters. >> what the hell do you have to lose? a new zika warning this morning. the virus reaching one of the
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transmissions linked to the miami beach area. >> we're going to do everything in our power to make this city safe. >> pregnant women and their partners told to stay away. and golden moment. a do-over for team usa pays off but it is heartbreak on the track for the men's team. why their bronze medal was taken away. >> there's usain bolt. >> and for usain bolt, three more golds. why he's running away with history this morning. hey, good morning, everybody. paula is offhi very, very, very happy -- >> three veries. >> she asked me to add a very. very happy to have cecilia vega in this weekend. we should tell you, a lot of new developments in rio this morning. usain bolt, the fastest man alive, making even more olympic history overnight. his win in the 4x100 relay gives him an historic triple-triple as they call it taking the same three gold medals in three straight olympic games. that is for those of you who are
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olympic gold medals. >> good math. you didn't need a calculator for that. >> i had an abacus. and for the women, it was redemption for the women's 4x100 relay team granted a do-over in thursday's preliminary heat but they went on to take the gold overnight. an amazing accomplishment. >> so, lots of good stuff but we'll start with a decidedly less uplifting olympic story, the new apology from swimming star ryan lochte after that raucous night in rio. >> some of it was caught on video. lochte and his teammates init at gunpoint at this gas station, but authorities and witnesses now say the athletes were not actually victims, but vandals. abc's matt gutman is in rio covering all the latest twists in this developing story. matt, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, cecilia and dan. those four swimmers are now out of rio, and for the first week of this, they all stuck together in silence, but now one of them is speaking out for the first time.
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who is pointing the finger at ryan lochte saying that it was he who pulled down that poster at that gas station and then mouthed off to those armed security guards. >> anything you'd like to say? >> reporter: this morning jimmy feigen, the last of the four olympic swimmers caught on camera allegedly vandalizing a rio gas station, has left brazil. that as the swimmers who brazil accused of providing false statements to police now break their silence. overnight gunnar bentz, the youngest of the swimmers, saying it was onl second most decorated male olympian ever, who vandalized the station after they had been partying. in this video you can see a man tear down a poster, then you see armed security guards detain them. at this point bentz says ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. after jack and i both tugged at him in an attempt to get him to sit back down. eventually a good samaritan translated and the swimmers gave the guards about $50 for the damage. bentz's statement follows lochte's friday apology on
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writing "i should have been much more responsible in how i handled myself and for that i am sorry to my teammates, my fans, my fellow competitors, my sponsors and the hosts of this great event. initially lochte denied anything happened, then he told nbc -- >> these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing, just a police badge, they pulled us over. >> reporter: lochte's lawyer insisting that his client's apology should not be viewed as an admission of guilt. bez, briefly detained by authorities before being allowed to return home. more than the other swimmers, there is big money on the line for lochte who has deals with speedo and ralph lauren worth a reported million dollars. so, when does this all leave the swimmers? jimmy feigen had to pay $11,000 to a charity here just to get his passport back, and there may be more fallout even if they don't get into legal trouble.
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apologizing to rio and brazil for what happened and saying that it will thoroughly review the incident. dan, cecilia. >> matt, thank you for your reporting. let's pick up on that question of consequences now with espn reporter julie foudy who is also in rio. julie, good morning. i wonder how damaging is this going to be for the careers and the endorsement deals of ryan lochte and these other swimmers? >> dan, when you know and you see sally jenkins with "the washington post" in her lead line to her story ever rang, you know it's going to be damaging and really when you think about it on the pool it's going to be damaging to the brand but in the pool, the suspension, whatever usa swimming does, is largely going to be irrelevant. they're not going to suspend him for another four years through the next olympics. they maybe give him six months and he has to skip worlds. but the damage is with the united states olympic committee, because here's the uso whochlt who's been trying to convince
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american because we want to host the 2024 olympic games and that's what we're going to see is how will this play out with the ioc and the usoc for 2024. >> julie, you also wonder if there's damage being done to all these other olympians who are coming home, they should be celebrating and being celebrated. is this overshadowing everything they achieved there? >> absolutely, and that is really the saddest part of all this because thursday night, for example, ashton eaton wins the decathlon, back-to-back olympic gold medals for the american. this incredibly historic moment and what is everyone talking about, ryan lochte. and the swimmers or even if you go to usa swimming, they won 33 medals at this game, and they can't change that narrative now. they can't get back in the pool so i think that is the saddest part of this whole story. these great role models and olympians not getting the coverage they should be getting. >> it is sad, julie. thank you. we do, though, want to move on to that extreme weather in kansas overnight. heavy rains causing widespread
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waterlogged streets and in louisiana, that catastrophic flooding is now being called the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy. rob is back from covering it all. hey, rob, good morning. >> good morning, cecilia. we'll start with the larger system that's really encompassing the entire u.s. from the canadian border down to mexico. these storms had a lot of moisture with a lot of flood potential in them and we certainly saw that last night in wichita. overnight, dangerous flash flooding in kansas. streets becoming rivers as residents there waist deep water. the area overcome by 5 to 7 inches in just a few hours and water even reaching the doorsteps of homes and swallowing cars. these kansas floods coming in the wake of the devastation in east baton rouge that killed at least 13 people. new drone video capturing the catastrophic damage left behind. authorities now saying 58% of the parish was flooded and that nearly 4,000 remain homeless and
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to know about longer term housing options, as well. and we're in the process of working diligently and around the clock to assess those options. >> reporter: over 110,000 homes valued at over $20 billion are in the flood-affected zones and that includes jim jobe's house. he's been through 11 floods but this time he says there's no way to rebuild. >> my house was as nice as it's ever been. i'm losing it, and i'm sorry. i >> your heart just goes out to those people. a long, painful recovery ahead. today shouldn't have a tremendous amount of rain in louisiana. this front is going to stay mostly north. i think texas actually, you're going to see a lot of rain in the next couple of days, especially austin to san antonio. could see 3 or 5 or more inches of rain. flash flood watches out for that part of texas through sunday. and also some severe weather potentially across parts of northern michigan, chicago, i think you'll see some showers. this has very fall-like air behind it so it'll start to feel good across parts of the country.
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dan. >> rob, thank you. so much pain on the ground in louisiana, and donald trump is now leaping into the fray touching down in the disaster zone and taking aim at president obama, this as the candidate deals with another campaign shake-up. chairman paul manafort is out and abc's mary bruce is on the story from our l.a. bureau. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, dan, trump's never exactly fit the mold of a traditional campaign, but this morning he's left without a single top adviser who has ever run a presidential campaign after this latest makeover. this morning trump's campaign chairman is out. paul manafort resigning amid a massive campaign shake-up, tanking polls and controversy about his ties to russia. >> i think my father didn't want to be distracted by whatever things that paul was dealing with. >> reporter: that distraction coming as trump makes a major campaign reset including that rare mea culpa. >> sometimes you say the wrong thing.
7:10 am
or not, i regret it. >> reporter: but he's still not calling it an apology when pressed by abc's tom llamas. >> was that an apology? >> well, they have to take it as they see it. >> reporter: trump making a presidential-like visit to flood-ravaged louisiana handing out provisions showcasing his compassionate side. >> you're going to rebuild. >> i just got back from a tour of the devastation in louisiana. perhaps you can tell by the way i'm dressed. >> r president for not visiting too. >> obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >> reporter: speaking to a mostly white crowd in michigan trump urged african-american voters to give him a chance. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: clinton responding tweeting, this is so ignorant, it's staggering. now, the white house has announced the president will
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but obama has been blasted for not going sooner, especially given the amount of devastation. but the white house says he didn't want his presence to distract from the ongoing recovery efforts. clinton has given a similar reason for not visiting. >> obama perhaps not helped by those images of him on the golf course. mary, thank you. let's bring in abc news political analyst matthew dowd now, who is in austin, texas. let's talk about the trump campaign. two-part question here. will the exit of paul manafort right the ship and i guess st metaphors, who is actually captaining the ship right now? >> well, it's never a good sign within the last six months you have two reorganizations and we're 80 days out from this campaign so it's never a good sign. obviously they want to have an organization that's efficient but who is in charge? to me it deminds me of "iron man." when iron man hires pepper potts to be the ceo, we know who is in charge, it's tony stark. donald trump is in charge of this campaign to matter who he has at the helm of it.
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>> exactly. we can always count on you for that, matt. >> gwyneth paltrow, we have to give something to gwyneth paltrow. >> okay, let's look at this shift that happened this week. trump on teleprompter, a conciliatory donald trump. is this the right strategy that he needs to take to reverse these poll numbers? we are just 11 weeks out from voting. >> well, i think he needs to be authentic to who he is but also he needs to be disciplined which he hasn't been in the course of this. it reminds me a little bit of the wild west here in texas back years ago, you checked your guns at the city limits so basically when you walked in the saloon you didn't shoot yourself. donald trump has to figure out a way not to shoot himself. that's what i think this is about. keep in mind, cecilia, that if -- whoever this campaign is about is losing. donald trump wants to make it about hillary. hillary wants to make it about donald trump, so donald trump needs to be disciplined enough that this campaign becomes about hillary clinton. >> matt dowd with the texas talk this morning. thank you, matt. we want to turn now to an alarming development in the
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pregnant women now being told to avoid traveling to miami beach, a major tourist destination. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, zika virus hits the south florida vacation destination, the very popular city of miami beach. >> we're going to do everything in our power to make this city safe. >> reporter: the state announcing a new zika hot zone, five new patients sickened after a mosquito bite. two live in the county. the other three tourists. florida's governor drawing a box area where infected mosquitoes are spreading the virus. >> we've already authorized over $26 million in state funds, and we will continue to allocate whatever is needed to fight zika. >> reporter: the virus threatening the county's $24 billion a year tourism industry, all inside this newly marked hot zone. >> so you and your husband -- >> reporter: vanessa garcia is five months pregnant and baby-sits at miami beach hotels. she spoke with abc's steve osunsami.
7:14 am
any mosquito bite, especially here in florida, is so easy to catch this virus. >> reporter: the new area less than seven miles from wynwood where about two dozen cases have been transmitted starting mid-july. the cdc issuing a new warning, to pregnant women and their partners, avoid travel not just to the two hot zones but anywhere in miami-dade county. and there are about 20,000 pregnant women living in miami-dade county right now, doctors urging them to take all the necessary precautions, wear bug spray, long sleeves any time they go outside. and it's really important, especially when you consider the county has seven other active investigations that are going on outside of these two marked areas. >> a lot going on there. it's stressful enough to be pregnant, not that i'm speaking from personal experience, but to be worrying about zika at the same time. it's a lot. eva, thank you. a lot of other news overnight, and for that, as always, we turn to dr. ron claiborne.
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>> dan, good morning to you. cecilia, robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin in southern california with the so-called blue cut wildfire that has now destroyed almost 100 homes and more than 200 buildings. firefighters in san bernardino working around the clock now trying to contain the blaze. it started back on tuesday. thousands evacuated from their homes as heat and high winds fuel that fire which already charred more than 37,000 acres. and what could have been a very dangerous situation at sea, a navy nuclear submarine carrying ballistic missiles colliding with another navy vessel off the coast of washington state. the navy now reporting that the "uss louisiana" did not sustain any major damage and nobody was injured in that incident. the submarine and the boat are both returning to shore. the navy is investigating. a new video this morning from inside a deadly bus crash in new jersey showing emergency crews moving through the wreckage right after that crash, two new jersey transit buses colliding at an intersection in newark friday morning leaving one of the drivers and another
7:16 am
investigators now looking into whether one of the buses ran through a red light. and we now know where the nba all-star game will be played next year. the league awarding it to the crescent city, that's new orleans, which will now host the star-studded event next february. the nba took the game away from charlotte, north carolina, because of that state's new law about gender use of bathrooms. this will be the third time that the game has been held in new orleans. last time, 2008. just after hurricane katrina devastated that region. and firefighters in columbus, ohio, battling a blaze that broke out in a warehouse fr residents were evacuated from nearby homes overnight because of concerns that the structure may have large amounts of ammonia in it which could cause an explosion. and finally, talk about playing with your food, some boaters in the galapagos islands got a rare glimpse of a killer whale going out for dinner. take a look at this. an orca tossing a sea turtle. yeah, through the air. >> ah. >> experts say the orca probably wasn't very hungry, sara, so it
7:17 am
just playing. >> kind of cute. >> i don't think both of them are enjoying it. >> i don't think that ends happily, though. >> it's amazing to see. >> it is. it is. >> kind of feel bad for the turtle. >> let's check the weather. >> some day you're the whale. some day you're the turtle. >> i know. that's right. that's right. the cycle of life. >> most days he's the turtle. go on. >> that's true. maybe that's why my heart is going out. where is my shell? rob, save me, my friend. >> breaking news, while i was reporting on the fires we actu the road but we managed to what void it so one more turtle saved there. put that in your breaking news quiver. let's take a look. fire just north and east of bakersfield. watch this blow up in the afternoon. give you an idea how these things behave, they will be all quiet in the morning then the winds and the heat kick up and things start to explode and that's when firefighters have a hard time. with this one, 12,000 acres only 5% contained near sequoia national park. air quality concerns across san
7:18 am
from medford, oregon, up through seattle. i think we'll see another triple-digit day today in portland with temperatures getting up and over 100 degrees but finally cooling off sunday and monday. so you have that to look forward to. thanks so much. take a look at this. our rain chances for the week. today at least up to 20% chance most likely in the afternoon, early evening, actually. we're dropping that down a little bit by tomorrow but bump chances up monday and tuesday. temperatures are going to break down today. 10:00 a.m. just slightly blow what we should be this time of year, under partly c >> next half hour we'll take you back to the highly populated turtle tropics. we will talk about the potential for a hurricane or two. >> i think we've got our meme for the show this morning. >> and there's no segue for this turtle thing. >> no.
7:19 am
olympics, the u.s. adding on to its medal count staying at the top of the leaderboard with 38 gold and 105 total medals. china is in distant second with 65 total medals. and we're going to go back to matt gutman in rio for more. hi, matt. >> reporter: hey, sara. i got one word for you, usain bolt, what an amazing way for him to close out his -- you like that -- to close out his olympic career. nine golds and today is his birthday and he finished last night with classic humility sayi i overnight jamaica's superstar adding a ninth gold to his treasure chest. the fastest man in the world, usain bolt, anchoring the jamaican 4x100-meter relay for the fourth straight time raising the baton in victory as he crossethe finish line. >> three times three, the triple-triple. >> reporter: the usa's 4x100 team suffering a very different fate after a review of the race led to their disqualification.
7:20 am
receiving the baton from teammate mike rogers well before hitting the exchange zone. that violation costing them the bronze. team usa has filed an appeal and expects a decision later today. it was quite the opposite outcome for team usa's women. allyson felix and her teammates basking in redemption and a gold medal win. >> it's going to be the u.s. >> reporter: a trip to the podium that almost never was. >> disaster for the united states. >> reporter: after that botched handoff by felix in thursday's preliminary heat. >> allyson is bumped. >> reporter: with a second chance from the judges, team usa rerunning the heat on an empty track easily qualifying for the final. that first place finish by a mile in sprinting terms making allyson felix the first woman to win five gold medals in track and field. now, after that men's relay justin gatlin described it as the twilight zone.
7:21 am
and over again for the past year but they have one chance to overturn that disqualification. we should hear more about that today and another shot at redemption for the u.s. women's basketball. they can win gold tonight so we're all looking forward to seeing that. cecilia, dan. >> matt, we're friends. i want to see more usain bolt and i want to know how many push-ups you did before you did that move on the air this morning. >> what about my superman. i can also do the heisman. i mean, i have a whole -- i almost fell over doing that. >> we don't want you to pull a hamstring, matt, so careful. let me just say it is so cool to be able to just pick up on what julie foudy said before. it's so cool to be able to celebrate these athletes instead of talking about the scandal. great story from matt. much more to come on "gma" this morning including on a bit of a more serious note here, the new developments in the so-called slender man murder trial. two young girls accused of trying to murder a classmate. this morning, a new defense motion that really could change
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look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. good morning, everyone. happy saturday to you. i'm allison rodriguez. here is a look at future cast, what we can expect today. i'm going to go ahead and press play on this. you'll see, after we get daytime heating today, the clouds will be in and out. i think we'll have at least a little bit of a shot on isolated and spotty showers here as we get into the early evening hours. we're not talking about a washout or anything, but a few
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definitely possible. we'll see more activity likely over the high country today, and into tomorrow as well. by tomorrow morning, things look like they're going to calm down a little bit. we have the threat of isolated showers. pop up ones later in the evening. your sunday morning looking not bad at all. we are going to keep the chances for showers up north for us. here's a look at where we're going top out. average is 104 degrees. just a smidge below that for us. 101 in fountain
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and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, new developments in the swimming scandal. the last of the four olympic swimmers caught on camera allegedly vandalizing a rio gas station has now left brazil. this as ryan lochte sent out an apology on the internet while one of his teammates is pointing the finger at him saying lochte is the only on also right now, a bear mauling in alaska. two wilderness guides rescued by the coast guard after being attacked by a bear. the guides were leading a group of cruise ship passengers on a hike when they came across that bear and her cub. the guide's employer says this morning that their injuries are thankfully not life-threatening. also closed for repairs, the washington monument shut down for the next ten days. crews will be there fixing the elevator, which has been having problems all summer. last week three employees got
7:31 am
working. >> that is my nightmare getting stuck in elevators. >> i know. >> not good. >> let alone the monument. can you imagine? no. >> not good for people who are claustrophobic. on a happier note, take a look at this. the worker at an animal shelter who decided to keep this dog company, this dog who was -- nobody wanted to adopt this dog so the worker got in there, she was eating and sleeping in the kennel until the dog was finally adopted. the result of this doggie sit-in coming up from sara haines in just a little bit but first here e so-called slender man case. >> two young girls accused of trying to kill a classmate to please that fictional character this morning as one of the girls enters an insanity plea, her attorney is now speaking out. abc's marci gonzalez marci gonzalez joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. both were in court friday. their attorneys asking to have their trial moved to a different county in wisconsin and one submitting that new plea. this morning an insanity plea in the works for one of the girls
7:32 am
classmate all to impress a fictional internet character called slender man. >> we would also on behalf of miss geyser enter the not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect plea. >> reporter: that plea being filed for morgan geyser, more than two years after prosecutors say she and anissa weier, both just 12 years old at the time lured their friend payton leutner into the woods and alleged times and left her to die. >> her clothing has got blood on it. >> reporter: leutner survived and the young suspects now 14 charged as adults with attempted first degree murder later sharing their bizarre explanation centered on the horror-themed online myth. >> i was really scared knowing that slender could easily kill my whole family in three seconds. >> reporter: once in custody geyser was diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia, transferred to a state mental hospital where she's undergoing
7:33 am
the judge now ordering both girls be evaluated by two additional doctors. >> she's certainly receiving medication now, and that does change a person's functioning. they're not getting the same picture of morgan that they would have gotten shortly after the event. >> reporter: meanwhile, the victim's family writing in a statement friday, we fully support the efforts of the district attorney's office in the prosecution of these attempted murderers and reiterating what they told our david muir soon after the attack. >> for me it's about making sure payton feels safe. that she can move on with the rest of her life. >> and weier's attorney says they haven't ruled out the possibility that they too could file an insanity plea. both face 65 years in prison in convicted. >> such a tough story. thank you, marci. really appreciate it. let's check the weather once again with rob marciano. hey there. >> summertime heat going across parts of the east coast hitting the beach. your forecast, water temperatures up above 70 degrees
7:34 am
along the shoreline, upper 70s, lower 80s and warmer down south where you see afternoon thunderstorms. for sara haines we have multiple beach balls, complaints to the department yesterday. all right, we mentioned that hot water across the gulf of mexico. 90 plus in the tropics and the atlantic are heating up, as well. this is fiona. it's probably going to fizzle a little bit as it heads towards bermuda. just rain but this tropical wave towards the caribbean later in the week. we'll be watching it carefully for further development. mean hurricane season, we're getting closer to fall. this is a cool fall air mass. temperatures in the 60s across parts of the northern plains, 72 degrees after the front goes through later today in chicago. might see some storms there. so a bit of a fall preview. not just for folks across the plains but eventually that cooler air gets in the northeast and look at these morning time temperatures. from albany to hartford, even new jersey and parts of pennsylvania, you'll be able to crack open the windows and turn off your ac.
7:35 am
thanks so much, rob. well, for us, 103 degrees today with 20% chances for isolated pop up showers, most likely in the evening. our temperatures drop just a little bit sunday and monday. by tuesday we are down to 101. moving rain chance this weather report is brought to you by activia. we were supposed to have even like real beach balls out here to have a game of volleyball. >> i was promised five balls. >> well, you've got -- >> s-- coming up here on "good morning america," sara is going to talk about something more wholesome. the doggie sit-in. what happened when a worker at an animal shelter decided to keep this dog company in her kennel until the dog was adopted. very cute. >> and it's a fork? no, it's a chopstick. it's a -- i can't believe i'm saying this out loud. it's a chork. >> i love we take cecilia from the campaign trail and we bring her here and make her talk about chorks. >> chork. >> you'll see more of it coming
7:36 am
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now as promised the story of one woman's devotion to a dog who spent so much of its life in search of a permanent home. >> so cute.
7:40 am
lengths that this shelter went to take care of this puppy. >> so cute. we're talking about puppy love. this worker was so concerned about lana that she moved in keeping her company until she found a new home. this phoenix woman is giving dog lover a whole new meaning. >> good job. can i have it? >> reporter: whitney steele at the arizona animal welfare league crafting a clever plot to get lana a new home. >> this is lana, and she is our longest shelter resident. >> reporter: lana's lengthy stay without any prospects puzzling to the kennel employees and prompting one giant plan, a sit-in garnering thousands of views on social media. >> our director of volunteers is locking herself in the kennel. >> so i started the sit-in at noon on thursday, and i actually wasn't done with my meetings for the day, so i conducted my meetings in the kennel with lana. >> reporter: their time together
7:41 am
of course, snapchat. whitney only getting out of the kennel when lana does. >> she gets taken out for a potty break is when i can actually get out of the kennel and stretch my legs. >> reporter: and after 26 hours of snuggling and solidarity, steele's incredible act of devotion finally pays off. >> hi. >> hi. >> may i come in? >> hi. >> who is this, lana? >> hi. ah. >> reporter: after learning about the sit-in from a friend, barb kerstetter went straight to the shelter. >> the minute i saw lana, i knew i was taking her. there was no doubt. i wanted her to be a part of my family. >> and i think one thing that's important to note, i have not spent a lot of time in the cage of an animal, but i spent a lot of time in the shelters which i know you have, as well. and there are so many dogs just like lana that need homes. >> that's a great point. i suspect there's going to be a debate about whether what that woman did was heroic or just a tiny bit weird. >> heroic.
7:42 am
i vote for heroic. >> you guys, we work in news. it's all about headlines. if she gets our attention, people attend to the cause, and that's exactly what happened, so it was brilliant and heroic and i love her. >> let's celebrate it. >> amen, amen. and you're right about the cause. it's hugely important. >> by the way, sara, it's pronounced dawg here. >> dawg? >> dawg. >> sara will do "pop news" from the inside of a cage after this break. >> where dan's been trying to put me for years. >> please, please. >> i have a few allies. coming up here on "gma," if you we've got some quick tips coming up on getting protein into your diet while going green. taking a page from the bieb, beyonce, frank ocean surprises fans with a special delivery. ? x. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support,
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okay, when you think protein you often think the staples, turkey, steak, chicken, eggs, but dave zinczenko, our abc news nutrition and wellness correspondent, author, of course, of the new best-selling "zero belly smoothies" book is here to share how we can get plenty of protein without the meat. you kind of don't think meatless protein, but it's true, you're saying you don't always need the meat. >> yeah, cecilia, you're exactly right. it is time to respect the plant. a harvard study showed that you are going to live longer in part because you're taking in less cholesterol and saturated fat and we see all kinds of olympians from long jumpers, sprinters, others, serena and venus williams who are committed to this way of eating. >> so, let's break it down meal by meal. what are we looking at here? you got a smoothie. you got some protein powder. where do we start? >> it's a great way to start your day with a smoothie. i say it's fast, easy, effective, delicious, 90-second nutrition. what's great about protein powder like this, which is a
7:47 am
calories and 20 grams of protein right off the bat. >> okay, that's the way to start your day and then you can move up the food chain here. spinach which you can put in your smoothie which i do a lot. you are he saying -- >> that's a portobello mushroom burger and it's fantastic because the cap is five grams of protein to start. the spinach is another five. if you add in some quinoa or pumpkin seeds, you're talking about nine grams per ounce. >> okay, snacks, the phrase of the day, hit the bar. >> belly up to the bar. at great way to get 15 grams of protein very quick ly this simply protein bar or a kind bar which has five or six and finish it off with a chickpea pasta, you're getting double the protein and four times the fiber. >> that seems completely h counterintuitive, you're saying carbs are okay. >> low carbs. this is 25% fewer. >> i'm hungry now. thank you very much. so we go from this to slurpees coming up on "gma." everything you should or shouldn't eat.
7:48 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the beauty of rest hybrid lines. get your beautyrest. >> time for "pop news." and who is doing it this morning? >> let's have sara do it. >> the one, the only and i didn't bring food today so you're jus attention. >> you didn't? >> you didn't? are you sure? >> stay clear of the set. >> yes, but we do have -- >> oh. >> beach balls. >> okay. >> my nose. >> r&b singer frank ocean setting the internet on fire. >> cecilia has a traumatic brain injury. just keep going. >> he just released this new visual album "endless" exclusively on apple music. the stunning surprise took the internet by storm with fans and
7:53 am
"endless" is 45 minutes and includes a few special guests like the radiohead's johnny green, ocean's hit debut album came out in 2012. the four-year absence is proving to be worth the wait as "endless" is already climbing the charts and looking to make a repeat performance. and while we hit around balls, keep going. feel free -- >> it's adorable how you referred to johnny's band as the radiohead. >> you know if you add an article in front of it, it makes it more serious because this is the "pop news," k lots of buzz this morning about zendaya. the rap is reporting that the 19-year-old actress will play mary jane watson is next summer's "spider-man's homecoming." peter parker's love interest, kirsten dunst, played the role in the first three spider-man films. her involvement in the film was announced back in march, but this is the first word on her character which is her first major movie role. >> good for her.
7:54 am
your own cup day and lots of people were taking to twitter and instagram to post their creative ways to get in the big chill. you can bring your own cup to stores and fill it with any flavor for $1.50. there are some parameters, people. your cup has to fit through a 10-inch diameter hole and 7-eleven sells about 150 million slurpees a year in the u.s. although that's supposed to be a deal, you guys, doesn't it give you a stomachache tc >> i didn't hear anything you said. i have food in front of me. >> i did bring food. >> you said you didn't have food. >> it was a teaser to see if you'd pay attention to me without bribing. >> did we? >> no. >> i think we failed. >> no one did. you guys started playing with beach balls and beating up on cecilia. >> i'll be like jan brady tonight on "world news" with a broken nose. thanks, rob. >> this one is cool. this one is really cool. so, i brought you food but with a little bit of a challenge. we have a "pop news" exclusive this morning. our friends from panda express
7:55 am
fork hybrid called, cecilia, what is it called? >> chork. >> the chork. >> it's a dining game changer for the chopstick challenge. >> it's hard. >> now, those not as skilled like ron can finally the last of their fried rice meaning you're skilled. that was a compliment. >> thank you. yeah, i understand. >> panda express provided us with some of their culinary cuisine so we can try out, cecilia, the chork. we have their brand-new general tso's chicken. and no shame in this group. everybody is already digging in. let's show the can you model it, dan harris? >> it's like cheating on both ends -- in cheating on both -- >> the chopsticks are connected and then you can just turn it around. >> i love it. this is terrific. >> thank you. let me get -- rather than dan harris, let me ask rob. rob, do you like it? >> i'm not ashamed. i always struggle with chopsticks and now they're like training wheels. i needed these my whole life. >> you could pack your own chork for any meal. >> yeah, you could. put this in your pocket. >> byoc, bring your own chork,
7:56 am
it's fantastic. >> well, i hate to interrupt this scintillating conversation but we are, however, almost out of time. sara, great "pop news." thank you very much. >> time to go to the emergency room now. >> cecilia, thank you for being here. we'll be back tomorrow and see you then. >> swelling.
7:57 am
you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
7:58 am
this is abc15 news taking action. good morning, i'm allison rodriguez. >> i'm nick anything. happening now, sheriff joe arpaio in his legal hot potato, a judge recommending criminal charges. what this means for america's so called toughest sheriff. it has been weeks and still no clue as to who the serial street shooter is. we are hearing from one as she describes the horror from one of the deadly shootings. hear from the valley woman who says a minor car crash almost cost her her life. >> very scary situation. we're going to have more in a second. first we have to talk about your most accurate forecast here. we have one of our valley cameras live back there. do you like the clouds or do you like it clear. >> as long as it stays cool, i don't care what it looks like. >> good point.
7:59 am
abc15 clouds and radar. we had this break up a little bit earlier today. now in the about the last 30 minutes, i would say the clouds have started to thicken a little bit. we have seen some activity to the west. the valley looking to stay quiet right now anyways. a live look, another angle from one of our valley cameras. temperatures in the low 80s for a lot of us. mid- to low 80s in the valley right now. you see some of the thicker clouds out there. blocking some of the sun. we're going to keep things partly cloudy throughout the day. coming up in just a minutes, we'll take a look at those temperatures hour by hour, plus later on we have to show you the 7-day, show you how long the rain chances stick around. could maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio be going to jail. let's get right out to maryellen resendez, you have been following this case every step of the way. this morning, what are you finding out? >> well, it's in the u.s.
8:00 am
judge murray snow handed down the ruling friday from federal court here. it's a recommendation, and he is recommending that the federal government hold sheriff joe arpaio in contempt, criminal contempt of court which could lead to a huge fine, even jail for america's toughest sheriff. but first, the u.s. attorney's office is going to look at that case, and determine whether or not to charge sheriff joe arpaio for criminal contempt. his attorney telling abc15 that if those charges are filed, despite ongoing legal issues, his client will not take any type of plea deal. even if arpaio is successful in his current campaign for reelection, putting it simply, he says, that sheriff arpaio is going to fight this to the end. >> you plea if you violated contemptuously, willfully, the order of the court. wasn't done that, there's --


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