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tv   ABC15 News  ABC  August 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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judge murray snow handed down the ruling friday from federal court here. it's a recommendation, and he is recommending that the federal government hold sheriff joe arpaio in contempt, criminal contempt of court which could lead to a huge fine, even jail for america's toughest sheriff. but first, the u.s. attorney's office is going to look at that case, and determine whether or not to charge sheriff joe arpaio for criminal contempt. his attorney telling abc15 that if those charges are filed, despite ongoing legal issues, his client will not take any type of plea deal. even if arpaio is successful in his current campaign for reelection, putting it simply, he says, that sheriff arpaio is going to fight this to the end. >> you plea if you violated contemptuously, willfully, the order of the court. wasn't done that, there's --
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there's no basis. this is why the sheriff is fighting this ever step of the way because quite simply we believe the judge is wrong. >> reporter: when abc15 asked mcdonald what about resignation, he said no. coming up at 8:30, we're going to tell you about what skin the judge wants the sheriff to put into this game. and that's coming up in about 30 minutes. we'll go back to you in the studio. the group promise arizona, a well known critic releasing this statement seeing in part -- families have been torn apart by his discriminatory actions. it is time for the sheriff to learn he is not and has never been above the law. the legal costs are expected to reach some $54 million by next summer. that's for taxpayers from maricopa county. as for his campaign run, we hear he has raised $10 million in cash. arpaio is now 84 years ago and has been elected six times. he faces two retired law enforcement challengers and a
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30th primary. a man is in the hospital after being shot late last night. details coming into our newsroom not that long ago and this is from phoenix police. they are saying a black man had walked up to a victim and a woman sitting in their car near 7th street and baseline, and demanded the keys. the suspect and victim got into a fight before that victim was shot: he is expected to be okay, and as if we have not been through enough already with the serial street shootings, there's violence in maryville. this video is coming from 43rd 43rd avenue and thomas where we are hearing one person was shot, possibly by a family member. no other details being released at this point, but we'll keep you posted on what we learn. a woman says when she tried to get the other driver's info after a rear end crash, she got shot at instead. she's too scared to show her face, but she says a man rear ended her near 43rd and sweet water avenue thursday. he drove off. she followed.
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a gun at her and fired a shot. >> you don't think that somebody's going to shoot at you over a small almost fender bender accident. like, my car was still drivable. his car was still drivable and you're going to try to shoot somebody over that? >> the bullet hit her bumper. she crashed as she tried to get away. the shooter drove off. phoenix police weren't able to talk to us about the case. the victim remembers the man being in a light colod unfortunately he doesn't remember a whole lot else. it takes courage to relive a massacre and the woman who witnessed the serial street shooter's deadliest attack is speaking for the first time, hoping to catch the killer it. 12-year-old malia and her mother and friend were shot in their car. according to their friend, sharon layton, malia and stephanie had been in the house moments before. malia followed her mom to the car where the three were listening to music. when the shots rang out, layton
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she even tried to save little malia. >> and i'm just like, malia, it's okay, we're here. just breathe. malia, but the bullet i seen, it went straight in her neck. i tried to put my finger in her hole but it didn't work because there was just so much blood. >> tragic listening to they are say these things, but we want to show you the man that police are looking for. if we have a sketch, a serial shooter has killed 7 people in nine attacks since march. silent witness now to $50,000 reward for anybody who can help capture that person. this evening, a prayer vigil will be held to honor the victims. if you would like to attend, it is going on from six to nine tonight near 55th avenue and osborn. we even dedicated a special section of to this investigation. you can find interactive maps, sketches and other details to get you caught up on this case. glendale police on the hunt for a driver who hit a motorcyclist and ran off.
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and bethany home for hours during friday's commute. both vehicles went over the median. the 30-year-old motorcyclist is still in critical condition at last check. police have not stopped looking for this teen accused of shooting a 40-year-old woman at an apartment complex thursday. police say 19-year-old malik thompson escaped through a back wall near cave creek road in peoria. police say the 19-year-old had some kind of romantic relationship with we're told she is in extremely critical condition. so many of you asked by the little girl hit by a police cruiser earlier this week. we checked in on the 3-year- old, and we're told she's in critical condition. police say she ran in the street while she was trying to get ice cream from the ice cream man near 75th avenue and camelback. it's an abc15 exclusive now, a grieving mother accused of killing her own child, sharing her story now from jail. natalie russell charged in the
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adalane. that child overdosed on meth and methadone. abc15 went inside the jail to bring us this story. >> reporter: in handcuffs and stripes, she's a woman fighting drug addiction, detoxing behind bars. sober for the first time in 13 years. natalie russell is finally realizing her baby girl is gone. >> it kills me. it breaks my heart. i love my children so much. i love them. i fought for them from cps. i did everything to do, and then some. >> reporter: police say the child overdosed on her mother's prescribed methadone, but instead of calling 911, russell gave her child methamphetamines. the irony in all this, a baby born addicted to methadone now dead from overdose. russell says she has made many my takes in her life, but denies giving her daughter the meth, blaming it on a friend who was with her that night. >> i was supposed to protect my children, and like i told you, i take full responsibility for
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daughter meth ever, and i will fight that for over long it takes me. >> reporter: 18 parents classes, substance abuse treatment, 180 hours of aa, but the reunion was short lived. now awaiting trial, this mother says she's already been sentenced to life living every day without her daughter. >> i have to tell myself lies just to get through the day. it's really hard. >> reporter: earlier this a grand jury reduced from first- degree to second-degree murder. she is in custody awaiting trial. silent witness offering a $1000 reward for information about the murder of an 84-year- old stabbed to death in chandler. he was found dead inside his car at the la fitness at warner and dobson. his neighbors, like so many people, shocked. >> this is a situation where, you know, a nice guy that he
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i need some money or whatever, he would give it to them just because that's the way he was. police are reviewing security video from nearby businesses for clues about this murder. it's 8:08 right now, and was justice everybody ised? not according to -- served not according to the family who survived a horrific dui crash. rebecca reyes nearly lost her family last year. her son was driving that suv when another driver plowed right rescuers had to carve open the roof of the vehicle. the teen driver miguel maldonado sentenced to 8 months in jail and five years probation. >> what kind of penalty would you have liked to have seen. >> i would like to see him in at least a couple of years, you know, that's the punishment for what he did was wrong. >> the youngest victim here, 4- year-old aria, and she still needs surgery on her left eye,
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alfonso will battle lifelong back problems. >> seeing the wreckage, being there in person, it's hard to imagine anybody walked away alive. we wish the family the best in continuing recovery. let's switch gears and talk about the most accurate forecast, pop up showers in areas. >> you're absolutely right, nick, and we wanted to show you abc15, our morning run forecast right now, actually, because i'm going to be showing you desert doppler as soon as we minutes. first, take a look at this, as we break down the temps hour by hour, you can see that the clouds are going to break a little bit later on. we have to give them time, though, and then as we get into the afternoon, they will start to thicken again because we get that daytime heating. that creates kind of some more instability in the air. those clouds are going to thicken. i do think we're going to have rain chances later this evening. we'll break that down and track it with future cast and show you doppler in a few minutes. should marijuana be
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the hot topic, people for it and against it, why a judge is saying it's now up to voters. and this schmuck is making headlines this morning, frank schmuck is his name, running for state senate, and his
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it's 12 past the hour. i want to get to two updates, things you're going to see on the ballot. the push to stop legal pot, ruling that legalizing recreational marijuana is going to voters. arguing a petition signed by thousands of people for prop 205 was misleading but advocates say this was a plot to take this decision out of the hands of voters. >> it has nothing to do with marijuana. it's just wrong and it's a slap in the face to voters. >> opponents already vowing to
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victory this morning for people who want to see arizona's minimum wage go up. we'll be voting on this issue in november. a judge ruling it's going on the ballot. the current minimum wage stands at 8:05 an hour. up to $12 an hour by 2020 if passed. adot given the go ahead on the south mountain freeway after a court challenge was thrown out. the 22-mile freeway will link the east and west valley. it's expected to open by 2019. it's meant to save lives but not everybody can afford them, and now the cost of epi pens continues to rise as families struggle to keep them on hand. a recall of a similar drug has caused the price to skyrocket. some pharmacies are seeing the price rise up to nearly $200 been the last six months and $400 over the past several years. in some cases, health insurance will cover most of the costs but that is not the case for
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closures this weekend as they're doing some maintenance on the deck park tunnel. you're going to see a closure, i-10 eastbound. that's going to be friday night at 9:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. on saturday. basically from the i-17 stack until you hit the mini stack as they do some maintenance there on the tunnel. and then the next night, they're going to switch directions and close it down in the westbound direction. that one's going to be from the i-17 split until you hit 7th 7th avenue and again saturday at 9:00 p.m. until sunday at 9:00 a.m. let's hop over to scottsdale break for these closures on loop 101. they are picking back up again. this is loop 101 northbound. they're going to shut down from chaparral to via day ventura. it's going to be all weekend long . take state route 51 to get around that. go to for all the details. with just two days left,
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leading the medal count with 105 medals, 38 of those gold. >> including the gold in the 4 by 100 race. they were initially disqualified in the semifinals but protested the dq and had to rerun the qualifier by themselves. a valley man is taking his love for team usa and the olympics all the way to the rio games. david caruse is a financial planner, this past week he sunny brazilian beaches and squeezed in time for speck spectating. this is his 7 -- for spectating. this is his 7th olympic games. what about the headlines, zika, safety concerns, transportation issues, david says so far it's all been smooth sailing. >> really, everything has been wonderful. i haven't seen a single mosquito. transportation hasn't been that
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a concern. i feel very safe. there's police and military everywhere. >> david says the people are so nice. david heads back to the valley. before that he's trying to squeeze in as much as he can from track and field to beach volleyball, gymnastics and even celeb sightings like ryan seacrest. it may not make you an olympic gold medal winner but the taste of a michael phelps inspired rice crea cream may make you feel like a winner. it's a chocolate chip pancake flavored ice cream, maple syrup and marshmallow swirl. there he is, getting through sky harbor. >> do you think ryan lochte is getting an ice cream. >> i'd rather not say. save the drama for some llamas. a wedding couple gets some unexpected and furry guests. >> a north carolina couple becoming an internet sensation thanks to pictures posted
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take a look, their wedding reception venue happened to coincide with a llama convention resulting in these pictures of the happy couple with their wiley wedding crashers. the pictures have been making the rounds on facebook, and reddit now for the last few days. >> why not. that's the wedding no guest is going to forget. i guarantee you. >> do they have to pay extra to have the llama entertainment or is that on the house. >> i don't know. these are all very good questions. it was funny, the initial thing, two furry, fun guests, that's how people usually describe us, fun, furry guests, wherever you have to go, right. >> furry? >> well, i have thick hair, and you have a nice head of hair. that's what i'm going with. here's a look at abc15 desert doppler. we were talking just a little bit ago about seeing some activity here, and it's looking like it's breaking up here. most of the valley is very
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this was. near buckeye, and goodyear, getting in on some light activity. as you see the time lapse. looks like things breaking off now. if you're heading along the 10 or the 85, you're going to be fine not hitting any rain right now. here's a look at our current valley temperatures. most of us in the 80s here. 79 in buckeye, and maricopa as well. still going to make it out of the 80s here pretty soon. most of us will start the warm up, start the climb in just a few hours. here's a look at your air quality forecast, we're in e moderate category because we have an ozone health watch. if you plan to be outdoors, keep that in mind. by 10:00 a.m., 92 degrees there. 98 degrees by 1:00. and by 3:00, we're warming up quickly here, 102 by then. we're still in triple digits by 6:00 and even by 9:00 p.m., not much cooler there. we'll be in the 90s but overall it's going to be a warm and mild evening for us here. here's a look at future cast, speaking of the evening, i'm
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like the evening, early to late evening is a good time to see showers pop up here. we're at a 20% chance right now. it doesn't look like it's going to be a huge rainmaker or anything like that. definitely isolated and spotty at best. we will see better chances up north. as we take this into tomorrow morning, you can see the lingering chances there. we will wake up with partly cloudy. the cloudy skies for us there but i don't think we'll get any rain. as we take this through tomorrow afternoon, we are expecting storms to develop to the north of us here. we'll lo any of these cells collapse, then we could see some blowing dust in our area. i don't think that will be a big concern for us tomorrow. here's a look at future cast highs today. 94 in globe. 85 in payson. 89 in sedona, and 76 in flagstaff. and the grand canyon, we're going to top out in the low 80s. mid-90s in kingman. look at the triple degenerates to the west of us -- triple digits to the west of us. it will be a mild start to the
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slightly below what we should be for this time of year. i'm talking 2 degrees, about, and then those morning lows tomorrow morning in the low 80s there. upper 70s in spots. the west valley today, you could see most of us will top out at 102, 103, and then tomorrow, those lows bottoming out in the low 80s. a few spots, wickenburg in the upper 70s tomorrow morning. so here's a look at the next three days here for us. 103 today with 20 percent chance of showers. 10 percent on sunday and monday we bump the you see we drop just a little bit here. in the next half hour i'll show you the rest of the 7-day, and show you the coolest day that's going to be in the forecast. it's 8:20 on your saturday. get the ultimate fan experience with abc15, and your arizona cardinals, the cards are back and we're giving away tickets to the cards broncos game on september 1st. all you have to do is download the abc15 app, and look for the contest entry for your chance to win. it's that easy, go to for rules and
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luck. and we're still happy to see our cards back on the field. i know it's going to be a good season. it's time for fouhy's small stars. this week, we are headed indoors to the ice arena to meet one of our rising young hockey stars in the valley, and this tough young lady can't get enough hockey. >> here's what we know about this week's small star, she's 6 years old, loves hockey, and plays goalie for her team. >> i just like stopping pucks and i like score on the other goalie. >> what about being a girl, reagan, and playing goalie in a predominantly boy's league. >> sometimes they say like girl goalies are not good, and some people say i do not want a girl goalie, and stuff. i just don't really know why they say that. >> after those kind of comments, how does it feel when you stop a puck or finish with a shut out. >> it feels good. it feels sort of pay back from
8:22 am
>> okay. reagan, what's your absolute favorite thing about hockey. >> it's fun having shutouts and when you're done with the game, like, your team gives you a hug, and it really makes my day. >> who doesn't love a good hug. congratulations, reagan rivera,
8:24 am
. 8:24, at 7:00 it's last man standing followed by dr. ken at
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8. at 9:00 boston ems, and abc15 news at 10:00 with kim tobin. parents and students moving into the dorms at u of a will see more police around campus. the officers are beefing up their presence and helping to jump start a conversation about staying safe. 6000 students will move in over the next few days. classes start on monday. >> the irs wants to make sure they don't become victims of a apparently telling parents and students that they owe nonexistent taxes like the federal student tax. that person will demand payment over the phone or even threaten arrest. a new warning for the next time you fly. a threat to your personal security that's hidden right there in your boarding pass. >> abc15's fay fredricks talked with security experts who say do not leave it in your seat back or just toss it in the trash. >> reporter: business traveler
8:26 am
a mistake that could cost him his identity. tossing his boarding pass after his flight. >> there's not a whole lot on the ticket that can identify except my name. there's no number or anything. >> reporter: nothing obvious but online security experts say hidden in the bar code of in boarding passes is more than enough information to help a hacker get started. >> this airline is giving us the person's name, last name, record locater, frequent flier information. there's a whole bunch of information on this one. >> reporter: the data doctors say that's where they can start. they can compile other information from your social media accounts and what have you to basically become you online. >> the bar codes themselves are easy to crack, entire apps and web sites are dedicated to doing just that. >> reporter: a lot of people still look at hackers as these young, introverted, well to do males, you know, boys or what have you. that hasn't been the case for ten to fifteen years. this is organized crime.
8:27 am
pass the trash, and treat your boarding pass like any other important document you don't want landing in the wrong hands. >> another smart move is don't answer web site security questions honestly, for example if your first dog's name was fido say his name was spot. make sure that you remember your answer because that could end up a little bit tricky. the zika virus causing lots of concerns across the nation. is that the biggest threat right here in why one woman says we should be more concerned about a different mosquito carrying virus. a valley mom behind bars this morning for doing the unthinkable, what she's accused
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we say good morning. i'm nick ciletti. >> and i'm allison rodriguez. happy you're starting your weekend with us. accurate forecast today. we have clouds lingering around, throughout the day yesterday, it became mostly clear, but look right now, we're under partly cloudy skies. 86 degrees, getting warmer now. that's already warm r than we started at this -- warmer than we started at this hour. 103, keeping those clouds around. we have some pm rain chances. your air quality forecast in the moderate category because we have an ozone health watch today that was delivered by the
8:31 am
hour. 894 degrees by 1 -- 94 degrees by 11:00 a.m., and 102 by 3:00. i do think that after this heating throughout the day, we could see some pop up showers. we'll track it with future cast in a little bit, and we'll look at your weather headlines. meantime, america's so called toughest sheriff could be soon facing criminal charges of his own. now it's up to the u.s. attorney's office to decide. abc15's maryellen resendez live at the federal courthouse this morning, all stemm racial profiling cases. what do the victims have to say about this. >> reporter: they have been waiting for this recommendation for quite a long time. they have attended every proceeding here at federal court. now they will wait once again while the u.s. attorney looks over the case, and decides whether or not to go forward with the criminal attempt charges on sheriff joe arpaio. judge murray snow listed the evidence against sheriff arpaio, including the orders he says sheriff joe arpaio and top
8:32 am
now he is also recommending the county put aside $500,000 to compensate racial profiling victims. but that's not all for the first time in sheriff arpaio's career, he's being ordered to pay $300,000 of his own bank account to what he termed as putting the sheriff's skin into this game. >> this is like poetic justice. you thought you could ride the backs of taxpayers forever. and do what you wanted to forever. but now it's on your shoulders. >> he makes it very clear that sheriff arpaio needs to have skin in the game, he needs to be held personally accountable for his wrongdoing. >> reporter: now, sheriff joe arpaio's attorney mel mcdonald did speak with abc15. he told us that he believes the sheriff is innocent of these charges. and he says, even if he is charged, he is not going to plea bargain, and he is not going to resign.
8:33 am
u.s. attorney's office. we're told that they do have this case. they are reviewing it, but we have no idea. they have not led on as to when they might be coming forward with a decision. i'll go back to you in the studio,ing nick and allison. >> maryellen, thank you for your insight on that one. a valley mom behind bars after police say she got drunk with a friend and left her baby outside in a stroller. the baby boy was found crying, sweaty and dirty in the parking lot of an apartment complex. se help, calling 911, doing anything they could to try and keep that baby cool. >> we wiped him down real good with a wet, cool towel, and changed his pampers. >> who does their kids like that. i got kids of my own, and i would never do my kids like that. >> police say the mom blew a .389, more than four times the legal limit. she already had two warrants. that baby is now in cps custody. a crime alert in the east valley. it may be expanding this morning. a neighborhood watch group says
8:34 am
been burglarized near dobson and warner. someone else reached out to us after seeing our original story and says that he caught someone on video the day his neighbor was robbed in broad daylight. neighbors believe that crooks are getting through an alleyway just like what you saw right there. these guys were able to get off without getting caught. the city says it's now considering putting up gates this this area. in glendale, these guys got away and could put you in danger. the two masked men held up a convenience store on thursday, it happened at you can see they have guns, and what's more, they fired off two shots. thankfully nobody was hurt. if you know anything, call police. this search in san tan valley all because of a couple of armed burglars, had it not been for the family dog, the suspects could have gotten away and done a lot of damage. that is the wrong video but we're hoping to get to that story in a little bit. we have a picture of the accused, one of the accused burglars, he's 18-year-old
8:35 am
minor. investigators are saying they did try to break into a home. once that dog parked, they took off -- barked, they took off and ended up in handcuffs. phoenix policeing storming a south phoenix home. we saw a couple people handcuffed only to be let go a short time later. a third person was taken in for questioning. officers aren't saying too much about this one. here's the big headline. this search happened just down the street from killing. a convenience clerk gunned down earlier this month. zika, the big fear with mosquitoes but the reality is here in the valley, west nile really a much bigger threat. two people just died in maricopa county, and this morning, one mom is sharing her battle with us in the hopes that people take this seriously. she is home after two months in the hospital. the mom of three says she's still pretty weak and thinks a mosquito bit her while hiking or doing yard work. >> i have that little fear in
8:36 am
if this is it, i can't really think that way. i have to stay positive and convince myself this isn't it. >> you can take action to fight the bite. use bug spray first and foremost, wear long sleeves when you can, after rain, walk your property. make sure there's no standing water in pots or toys. the zika virus also a threat in arizona. cochief county confirmed three cases a day after a case found in santa cruz county. there have been at least two dozen cases in the state. a special lab is testing samples trying to make sure they get the word out and keeping everybody safe. the valley's crypto outbreak is growing. the health department is telling us more than 100 people have been infected. 20 pools and water parks are linked to this one too but not being identified. a number of complaints we received specifically mentioned wet and wild in glendale. maybe you have been there. county officials aren't
8:37 am
official exposure location. why not, they're telling us no tests can confirm crypto is present at a facility, even if a number of infected people were there. wet and wild maintains they are taking the necessary precautions to keep you safe. doctors remind you to avoid swallowing water while swimming. wash your hands with soap and water, and take frequent bathroom breaks out of the pool. the water is sky high in parts of louisiana this morning, and more rain is in the forecast. by the time president barack obama could be even more damage. donald trump and mike pence toured the area, pastor in baton rouge also says that trump donated 70,000 pounds of goods. the national guard already handing out food and supplies to so many families. at least 40,000 homes were damaged and now there are two concerns, getting medication. and since so many pharmacies are flooded, they are keeping looters out of homes where the waters have receded.
8:38 am
away horse slams through a crowd injuring five people including a child. this happened at a fair outside of seattle. the horse was connected to a carriage at the time. something spooked him sending him racing through the crowd. one person we're told is in serious condition this morning. that horse was eventually captured. new details in that deadly maryland apartment fire. investigators say a build up of natural gas caused that explosion, sparking the blaze, killing 7 people and injuring dozens more. explosion may take months, maybe even a year to find out. things are bad as crews battle a massive wildfire in san bernardino county. who can forget some of these amazing, incredible images coming from there. homeowners have to worry if the homes are standing and have to deal with looters. three people arrested trying to get away with a flatbed truck. the trio made up a story about helping a friend. it just didn't add up to
8:39 am
to keep an eye out. there is a little bit of good news here. some evacuees have been told they can go back home. that is after some pretty tough news. almost 100 homes and 200 buildings have been destroyed. that number expected to go up. in all, at least 82,000 people have been affected by this fire. many left without options. >> i didn't want to leave because i didn't want to sit in that little valley with all that smoke around us again. it was like we were trapped. more than 37,000 acres have burned. the cause of that fire still a mystery, nick. 8:39. coincidence or something more. a chandler man voicing his concerns about his campaign signs getting damaged. sam wong is running for city council. he says a number of his signs have been kicked down, stolen and vandalized. he says he thinks he's being targeted. >> maybe just somebody don't
8:40 am
somebody pointing to my finger saying sam wong, who do you think you are. how come you think you are qualified to run for public office. >> police are aware of the situation, and we're told that they're looking into it. he's a real schmuck, no, really, he is, frank schmuck, we're talking about, and he's also running for state senate. some people are calling him a liar and it's for this billboard here. it says firefighters vote schmuck by the group professional firefighters of arizon thousands of first responders across the state. they are saying they have actually endorsed schmuck's opponent, incumbent jeff dial. they are demanding he take down the billboard. we have a statement from schmuck himself, too. he tells abc15 that the billboard never claims the specific group endorses him. he says he's simply encouraging firefighters to vote for him. and who says you can't choose your family.
8:41 am
a relative affair, pitting democrat katherine miranda against her stepdaughter marissa miranda sans. >> my overall take on that is that it's got all of the drama of the game of thrones. there are so many different pieces going on, and it's very high stakes. >> both katherine and marissa are related to the late ben miranda. the august 30th primary will all be decide that south phoenix seat. a republican challenger has yet to emerge. as the cardinals make their way home, an update on whether the owner has enough money to pay the bills. a state audit posed that very question. now the arizona sports and tourism authority which owns the stadium is giving their response. they say they won't have enough to pay for all the programs like kids sports and tourism promotion for the next five years. but they will have enough money to at least cover their
8:42 am
speaking of football, it's nice to finally start talking about it again, because you know that fall weather is not that far away either. >> can't come soon enough. >> we are taking our little winds here and there. temperatures not so bad, not above 110 or anything like that. >> don't say it out loud. it's going to be calm for today. let's look at your weather headlines, rain chances are going to continue, and it's going to be hot and muggy. we will see slight chances coming in that 7-day. i'm going to show you the rest of that in a few if you want a car title
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the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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8:45. it's a consumer alert. crooks getting greedier this morning. flying over one of the gas stations where detectives found those skimming devices where they try to steal your personal information when they swipe your credit card. the department of agriculture met with people who may been targeted. they are looking for solutions and are working on legislation to increase penalties so that when the bad guys are caught, there are harsher things they will have to pay for. so far, 44 skimmers have been found, and that's this year alone. another consumer alert for you now, if you bought anything at the eddie bauer store, credit card thieves may have the information. malware was found on registers at 350 stores, which is
8:46 am
only have about 360 in the country. debit and credit cards used between january and july 17th july 17th of this year have been compromised, the company is not saying how many customers were affected. an arizona macy's store may be one of the one hundred stores closed next year. nothing official just yet but morn star credit rating is reporting it will be the tucson store. more people are shopping online. the department store is looking to save money on stores that aren't making too much profit. they are going to close hundred stores. more companies are joining on the fight against robo calls. we told you about at&t pushing against those annoying phone calls. some of the biggest texts, cable, and telecom companies are demanding change. they are working to give you more control over your calls. it's the number one complaint that the sec receives every year from consumers. good morning, joe ducey here, five years after taking out a title loan you finally
8:47 am
they have lost your keys. inherited from his grandmother. >> it's actually a real nice car. >> this 1968 plymouth vip became collateral for tom's title loan. >> i kept good up with the loan, and then i fell and shattered my arm. >> it took more than five years but tom finally paid it off. why is he keeping it hidden away in this lot. he says nobody knows what happened to his keys. >> at any time somebody can the ignition and walk off with something that's yours. we pushed. >> we don't have the manpower to look for them. >> the manager agreed to rekey the car and needed approval. >> i haven't heard nothing from them since. >> we contacted southwest title loans and they responded almost immediately. in a statement, a spokesperson said in part an internal investigation concluded that an administrative error resulted in the misplacement of the key
8:48 am
communications. these matters have been addressed with staff, and implemented as part of our training curriculum. tom finally got the call he was waiting for. >> he rebursad me enough money -- reimbursed me enough money to have the locks change. >> they say they no longer require a set of keys. i'm investigator joe ducey. have a great day. if you've got a problem, let me know. >> thanks joe. let's go ahead and talk about your most accurate forecast today. we've got a valley wind speeds right now. not bad at all, actually. we're registering up to 10 miles per hour right now. not too terrible. winds will go on and on throughout the day. 103 is where we'll top out today with partly sunny skies here. hot and muggy, though, we are going to be humid out there, and the winds we talked about, just about 5 to 10 miles per hour. if you have plans to be outdoors, take a look at this. your uv index is in the very high category. we're at a ten.
8:49 am
minutes. here's a look at picture cast here, we'll go ahead and press play and show you what's happening. as we get that daytime heating. we start to see at least a chance in this model for some isolated pop up showers. most likely in the afternoon or the in the evening -- or in the evening. and we'll keep the chances through the overnight as well. we start to see some clouds develop here overnight and into tomorrow. by tomorrow morning, i don't think we're going to have a lot of activity, so whatever you have planned going on tomorrow, i think you'll be in the clear that that doesn't mean nothing is going to happen. you start to see throughout the day, some rain chances will start to develop. again, a very spotty pattern here. so we could see a stray shower for us tomorrow evening as well. that's why we're going to keep those rain chances in play. and by monday morning, your monday morning commute, i think things will be dry, but cloudy as we can see with the future cast here. your valley rain chances day by day, up to a 20% chance today.
8:50 am
we're not going to remove them completely, at 20% monday and tuesday as well, before dryer air comes in wednesday, thursday, not for long. friday, yeah, you saw it. we're back with rain chances, ever so slightly, though. here's a look at the forecast highs for the day today. you can see slightly below average, which is 104. 102 in apache junction. as well as tempe. 103 in glendale, and 103 in laveen. the whole valley just below average. the morning lows they're going to be mild, too. yo with temps in the 80s under partly cloudy as well. a quick snapshot across the state. 85 in payson. 89 in sedona, and 76 in flagstaff where the morning temps will drop into the 40s. cool in window rock, flagstaff and the grand canyon as well. getting warmer in kingman. as we head down the west side of the state. in the 80s tomorrow, mid 80s. breaking down temperatures hour by hour for ustoday. by 10:00 a.m., 92 degrees.
8:51 am
98 by 1:00. 102 by 3:00. we're keeping it in the triple digits for a good chunk of the day. here's that 7-day forecast i promised you here. we saw 102 for tomorrow. those rain chances we talked about. our temps drop again on tuesday at 101. that's what we will see that dryer air wednesday and thursday, and things are going to start to warm back i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage
8:52 am
stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you
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the summer is winding down
8:54 am
enough time for you to rock out. >> and one of our favorite places to go eat is here to tell us all about it, not only with her food, but also how we can enjoy the jams too. bring in executive chef from the culinary dropout at the yard. let's talk about the summer concert series, live music you have going on. there's still time to check it out, right. >> there is, yeah. we have some consents coming up in phoenix, and in water front and in our restaurant throughout august and september. you can just go to and get the information there. >> so many different acts and everything like that. you guys can bring in big names. >> we try to have a mixture of generas and have something for everybody throughout the week. >> we like free music, don't we. >> music is free. that's super cool. good job guys. >> we want to talk about this, what you have going on here. >> i'm just like laser focused on the food this morning. >> you like a can of olives.
8:55 am
olives,. >> excuse me. i love olives, too. we can find those on this board. what's this about. >> at home, this is a great way to have a snack real quick with your family. a few different meats. you can buy them pretty much anywhere. a good olive mix, a nice avico, salah avico -- salami. and in the summer, vegetables, not threw a term out there, neutral meat. what do you mean by that. >> everybody is going to be okay with. it's not going to be super gamey or out there where people haven't tried it before. >> what's the weirdest cheese you have ever tried or the one that had the most interesting flavor you remember. >> there's one called hairy mary, which is a type of blue cheese. it's pretty funky, not good. >> blue cheese is already a little bit funky, but it's
8:56 am
like mozzarella or cheddar. >> you're lactose intolerant. >> that's interesting. >> go ahead, going back to the music stuff, how did you come up with that idea. people love your food, but i like how you guys are becoming like an all around entertainment stop. so much to do there, and they have games, and everything. >> when we decided to build our restaurants, we wanted a stage on each one, to kind of give it a garage feel. we have had music throughout step it up this year, and this summer, and bring in bigger names, and get people more involved and let them know that we have it going on. >> what has been the response from customers for you guys. >> they love it. instead of staying there for 45 minutes to an hour to eat, they end up being there, 2, 3 hours watching the show. we really enjoy that. >> executive sheriff eric, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. go to the web site, the information is on the screen,
8:57 am
for more concert dates go to their web site and let's give you a lacework last -- a last look at the 7-day forecast, 101 by tuesday. we are looking out for rain chances most likely in the evening. throw that umbrella in the
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
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