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tv   ABC15 News Saturday  ABC  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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arrested in connection with the crime. this is video showing the man, a murderer charging into the store and the video changing into a mugshot tonight. police say they have the person responsible here in custody. abc15 megan thompson joining us live. how did police solve the case? >>reporter: a confession, he today polly pat -- polygraph and then filled and then confessed. officials say it was good old- fashioned police work. spent the suspect was fully covered head to toe hands and face. >> he came in not intending to be caught. >> our job is to break through that. >>reporter: good detective work and a strong response from the community unmasks the man they say is responsible. the suspect
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doesn't have an arrest record -- had an arrest record since 2011. >> we never had anything negative to say about him. >>reporter: he is part his family pulling long days at the store for his wife. the arrest is good news for the community that does not bring back the families loved one. >> he took someone's life for a it was not worth it. the family he devastated will suffer forever. >>reporter: that family just releasing a statement saying this has brought peace to the family. we will put that on the website the question lingering, why the suspect shot. we are wondering
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will bring the details to life. this is our patio. >> the weather alert strong monsoon storm bringing hail to the valley . this viewer is in press kept -- prescott showing all that hale. -- hail. let's get over to laura as you track your forecast. >> we were watching the storms and some severe, numerous warnings and now it is the valley's turn. no advisories or warnings to tell you about but the clouds filter in. thunderstorms developing along. instead still we're looking
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has happened is the storms were in the higher terrain and kits the outflow boundaries and this line for sunny slope down to phoenix through scottsdale has winds at 30 miles per hour. 20 miles to 30 miles per hour behind the wind we have showers and storms developing and heavy rain falling in cave creek and carefree over to scottsdale and we will look more coming up in a few minutes but what we will expect tonight with the storms that develop rain chances around 30% will be strong wind gusts and heavy rain for looking at down first -- dam burst through the evening. the potential for some help -- hail.
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30% chance to at 10:00 pm and overnights the rain chances will diminish. coming up in a few minutes i will talk about what we can expect for tomorrow and a lot more on the weather alert and where the storms are headed. want to show you this from earlier severe thunderstorms near prescott and our viewers captured this image made around 1:30 pm 30 see a little bit of a funnel cloud that is a tornado. it did not hit the ground, some incredible pictures . you can share it with us if you have pictures and share it at a prayer vigil to remember the victims of the phoenix serial street shooter who is on the loose tonight for a goes on and mary view park at 55th avenue. a goes on and mary view park at 55th avenue. that is where rachal is joining
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get started. what can you tell us tonight? >>reporter: the prayer vigil is getting started in half an hour or you can see it's happening at a park where a soccer game is going on where there are children and families the organizers say that is the point. they don't want people to be fearful of the community. the police are also here giving them information that they need to know about the shooter. the purpose is to honor those seven people kille word out to catch the guy. zero shooter is responsible for seven murders and nine at texas marcia the youngest victim 12 years old to the shooter is a man who shoots the victim from a car or by getting close. the shooter set up access to multiple cars but witnesses saw him driving a black bmw. leaders are organizing the vigil to create solidarity and remind
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>> we are here. families, united to show that we are not fearful and that we will not be fearful and if anybody knows anything it is a safe place for them to report. >> the reward stands at $50,000 in this case. the vigil going on soon and open to the public. if you want to come out you can still do that. we have dedicated a special section of to this investigation. you can find the interactive map, sketches and details to get you caught up. struct more violence overnight in the west valley pet police are not linking this to the serial street shooter. 11:30 pm last night a running car with no one inside in a parking lot was shot several times.
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the car was reported stolen out of phoenix and appears there was an exchange of gunfire but no reports of injuries. struct the 43rd avenue. and thomas police say a person was shot last night possibly by a family member. no word on how badly the person is hurt and no details being released. police said the two incidents are not related and not linked to the serial street shooter. video of a standoff coming to an end in phoenix at st. video of a standoff coming to an end in phoenix at 48th st. a man called a relative saying he was armed and claiming he committed a recent shooting. officers surrounded the house and negotiated. he was eventually taken into custody with no 1 hz. -- no one hurt. struct that crashed in tempe on the westbound lane near priest. one person was thrown from the
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one of them listed in critical condition. heartbreak for an arizona police department that lost a four-legged police officer. how they are remembering him. a valley man recovering tonight after he was attacked by abuse right outside his house -- attacked by bees
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we are tracking outflow storm winds and storms developing across the northeast valley. the wind gusts in scottsdale where it moved through gusting to 48 miles per hour. 37 mile-per-hour and your valley and winds picking up in the east valley. this is continuing to move to the southwest for the winds
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these are sustained winds. where the outflow boundary has moved through scottsdale and will make its way towards phoenix and glendale. all across the valley as it moves from the northeast to southwest. tracking the wind just over the last 35 minutes and now we have strong thunderstorms that are developing behind the thunderstorm wind that originally blew through and work their way across the valley. heavy rain in cave creek i developing to the southwest into deer valley along the 101 and here is the 51 and i-70. we can look at some strong gusts underneath these rain showers and storms that are developing. these very heavy cells along scottsdale into central scottsdale back up towards new river through cave creek, heavy rain. here is the outflow boundary that is moving.
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into sun city. phoenix and chama. storms will continue to develop behind this as we see. more showers and storms to the south and some severe weather near wickenburg with quarter sized hail. storms tonight are potentially going to produce not only strong wind but also help could be mixed in. we will keep you updated. heavy rain potential leading to flooding and some aerial flooding. here is how the composite looks tracking storms north moving to the southwest all day long and we have the showers and storms developing in the valley and i think we have chris out.
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west towards i-17 and want to give you a look see a lot of heavy rain that the biggest thing we a are experiencing is the side wins pushing our truck -- the heavy side wind pushing the truck. it is coming down very hard. seeing a lot of people polled over trying to wait for stop before they drive. a lot of action going on right now. we're headed west towards i-17 and expecting to see more showers and rain. >> we will keep on top of the weather alerts but for now a tough night for kingdom police. a k-9 officer has died after helping rescue to injured heist -- hikers. k9 amigo helped track the
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mountain range for the hikers had minor injuries. amigo was taken to a vet after showing signs of heat exhaustion and was transferred to a critical care clinic showing signs -- no signs of improvement. he suffered a medical problem and passed away this morning. he served with the police department for one year and is credited with several drug seizures billy kidman police chief calling this a sad occasion a have lost one of our own. a phoenix man recovering after being attacked by abuse. -- bees . he was stung several times and they came from a vacant house nearby. firefighters sprayed on several homes to flush out the bees. jobs and terrorism, hillary
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p lined.nse. aners. p lined.nse. rgg... re. e u. your weather alert continues tracking storms and
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with blowing dust the reported down to the southeast. more on this forecast coming up in a minute. on the campaign trail hillary clinton says she will bring the biggest job investment since world war ii and donald trump seeming to take credit for the tough stance . trump outlined his foreign- policy and ohio but when statements to out. i nato was obsolete because it failed to deal adequately with terrorism. since my comments they have changed their policy and now have a new division focused on terror threats. >> some saw it as trump taking credit that his criticism of nato made them change their ways. nato has hired a new assistant general dedicated to intelligence sharing of the decisions could not have been made to quickly.
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incremental ones that you have to go through all the different nation designations. >>reporter: trump claim was false. >> we will make the biggest investment in new good paying job since world war ii. >>reporter: clinton touted a $900 billion job file. >> we have so little information on how this play out with our proposal being enacted so we can't say if it is a record amount of jobs. >>reporter: the plan would be a record investment but not when factoring in formulas they voted it half true. expect more claims on the economy and terrorism as they continue to highlight their plans. strike the us attorney's office confirming they are reviewing a federal judges recommendation to charge the sheriff and other officials with criminal contempt of court. the judge wants to chief deputy
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intent stemming from a racial profiling case in a 32 page report he was the evidence of the orders he says the sheriff and top-level deputies violated . it is up to the us attorney's to see if the sheriff will be charged. the current attorney says he will fight the charges and no plea deals and no resignation. please ask for help finding amanda ripped off a pharmacy august 1 on s. johnston road. the guy bandanna client over-the-counter while employees were busy with other customers and grabbed several prescription bottles and took off. anyone with information is urged to call silent witness. we continue with our weather alerts. showing dust getting picked up reducing
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not raining and cave creek but winds getting there and reducing visibility as you are trying to drive. you can see it on the camera. now we're looking back to the west as a dark cloud continue. >> visit actually looking at the south area right now. we switch to this northerly view a lot going on that the mayo clinic cam and scottsdale some of the rain falling lightning strikes and the storms have developed along the outflow boundary that we have been tracking over the last half an hour to 40 minutes and went along having gusting between 30 and 35 miles per hour and they are stronger underneath the storms to the north. right now you can see a very heavy rain falling along the 101 and scottsdale up to north scottsdale along the 51 there
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to new river and again all of this developing behind the outflow boundaries for many of us will look at rain and potentially very strong winds and heavy rain as we go to the next few hours. again we have that blowing dust advisory in effect for maricopa county in this camp color -- tan color. more spotty showers and storms producing a lot of lightning into parts of maricopa. we still have thunderstorms to the northward not done yet and we will look at potential for strong winds tonight's and small hail the extent and that will be possible of hail around paradise valley . 45 mile-per- hour gusts at a scottsdale and 32 mesa falcon with winds behind the outflow boundary sustained between 25 close to
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scottsdale airport. we will continue to see the wind shifts to the northeast. the plan tonight 30% chance of storms for the next several hours. we are just getting started with the thunderstorms. if you have plans tonight overnight tonight things will be quiet heard a 10% chance of a stray shower or storm out there and then tomorrow looking much more quiet. won't keep the storm to out of the forecast but them at 10%. 98 in tempe and 96 mesa 96 litchfield park and looking at the forecast the range of the state rate of 30% through the 9 o'clock hour as we hit the low 90s heard plan tomorrow to start out in the 70s or 80s and heading out the door up in the upper 90s. slightly below average highest industry chance of showers tomorrow afternoon peoria 101
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heavy rain and storms across the higher terrain and 72 sedona . 60 and mesa. 71 payment and window rock 50s. 101 in phoenix 101 -- the most accurate forecasts 102 monday 103 tuesday with morning lows in the 80s we will keep tracking this weather alert as we go through the rest of the newscast. want to keep everyone up to date. here is sports and not the best showing for the cardinals. we had high hopes. >> it was not a good showing. >> it was tough to watch it in the first two weeks of the preseason the cardinals scored one touchdown and last night
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a severe thunderstorm warning for maricopa county. the streets getting drenched. you can see how slow the traffic looks. and look stopped there actually. the pictures frozen actually. traffic will be moving slow. i thunderstorm warning until 645 i thunderstorm warning until 6:45 pm including litchfield park and some other locations included. goodyear sun city and deer valley. this is where we could potentially -- let me bring up the latest. quarter sized hail and when --
6:28 pm
that will impact phoenix , glendale peoria and sun city litchfield park and the air force base. anyone southwest of deer valley 70 mile-per-hour winds and quarter sized hail. we will take this morning off -- warning off. we will show you what we are tracking. it started with the oulo when >> continue to work through the valley. these blew in from the higher terrain from hundred terms that were severe and these went along the lines from the 303 that you see on your screen moving into litchfield park into loving or lupe our tukey to the wind gusts and outflow winds 30 miles per hour. where we had a severe thunderstorm that is near deer valley along the 101 and i-17.
6:29 pm
miles per hour and very heavy rain . if you other locations that we are tracking potential for some help over and scottsdale along the 101. we will zoom in a little bit closer and get you some street- level views. the 101, some very heavy rain and some help mixing and. zooming out we will head to the north into parts of scottsdale. this will take us to the east. you can see heavy rain at the 101 this moving to the southwest. will continue to see this pattern as we go through the next hour to two hours in the outflow boundary that is moving in from the north east to the southwest how it's produced the thunderstorms and you can see them here as you take a wider view out across the valley. you can see the strong
6:30 pm
will send this out to chris. he is tracking the storms as they develop. what are you seeing? >>reporter: we are tracking the storms going throughout the valley right here west on the 101 and want to show you exactly what we see right now. we are getting a couple of raindrops. we are heading west on the loop 101 and getting some rain just earlier in this area they got hit pretty hard and you are seeing it again this rainfall happening. we can see the wind is strong and we are keeping an eye on that.
6:31 pm
it comes in. drivers are doing pretty well for the most parts haven't seen any closures. everybody is driving safer right now we're continue to drive safe to track this. we will be sure to check in with you. kami can see the storms and
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we will start you off with this weather alert. we have been watching all this hail across the valley this is an prescott falling down very hard at all the storms moving into the want to give a live look outside and a picture of what we are seeing. the wet roads and the monsoon thunderstorms making their way into the valley. we will keep on top of that. turn your lights down and slow down and make sure to take your time because adot is getting reports of people spitting out. i want to give you a look talking about power outages
6:35 pm
of 1000 and the north valley. i 17 and 50 avenue about 1600 people without power in this area. a total of 3000. in the river 1300 their people without power. the strong wind gusts are moving in and not sure if his -- it's downed power lines. 3000 people in the valley the rainstorms are moving in the bucket over to laura with a book. the severe thunderstorm warning for the west valley until 645 until 6:45 pm. also some wind up to 65 to 70 miles per hour . this will be right around your valley moving to the southwest. will step out of the way to put it into motion. around 40 miles per hour and
6:36 pm
past? litchfield park, goodyear, deer valley, storms moving very quickly to the southwest and we will clear this morning and put this into motion seeking follow its. out ahead of the storm now is the time to take the precautions and bring anything insight that you have outside by patio furniture, the pats, bring them in. potentially quarter size hail hour. as we look in the east valley things are quiet there right now . thunderstorm trying to develop to the southwest of apache junction but the big show now continues to be from scottsdale to tempe to water lupe moving into our 2k pockets of very heavy rain falling and some small help out here in the scottsdale area just to the east of the 101 of along the 101 educate creek and into carefree
6:37 pm
though more will be on the heavier rains size and strong winds and some have this afternoon will be possible. thunderstorms along the 303 for this will move into surprise and to whitman and waddell on to the next several minutes. we are tracking these and putting us back into motion. i will take these warnings off so you can keep an eye on the storms and the outflow boundaries that have moved through chandler and into flinn lake. the storms will continue to develop and move into your area that we are also tracking blowing dust. this along i-10 from the outflow boundary we spotted on the cam eight blowing dust advisory. i believe it will be until 7:45 pm. -- to 8:00 pm the blowing dust advisory. you remember 25 or 30 minutes
6:38 pm
the northeast and queen creek. things are clearing the there are some storms developing behind it and we do have the rain showers up to the north and as you look at wind gusts we have 40 miles an hour ghost at the airport -- 40 miles per hour gusts at the airport . wind and heavy rain with small help mixing in this afternoon will be a big problem. we will keep you up-to-date. and to updated information about power outages. >> yes. 3000 to 3500 people with out order -- power in north phoenix. our crews are spread out across phoenix but obviously when weather hits they will cover that.
6:39 pm
who is in maryvale where there is a prayer vigil going on for the serial street shooter victims. as it gets underway rachal you are revealing some wind out there also. >> that prayer vigil is supposed to get started around 630 that prayer vigil is supposed to get started around 6:30 pm and the wind interrupting the events. there was a little bit a tent and they had to rearrange it because the wind blew it. the prayer vigil should start pretty soon. you can see we have a lot of children and families and family members of the victims of the serial street shooter. the purpose of the vigil is to honor the victims, the seven people that have been killed and to keep getting the word out to help catch him. the serial shooter is responsible for seven murders
6:40 pm
youngest victim was only 12 years old. community members of organized the prayers to encourage the communities stay in solidarity. spoke with one of the victims family members.>> we are here to encourage all communities that we need to gather. 3 in the last couple minutes we are feeling sprinkles dark clouds overhead. as far as we know the prayer vigil is still going on until 9:00 pm. if you want to come down you still can. staying on top of this weather alert taking a live look from the abc15 reporter chris who is in the vehicle and they got rained on a pit in the northwest valley. what are you seeing?
6:41 pm
but we will take a quick break.
6:43 pm
taking a live look i 17 and the 101 you can see the raindrops on the camera their cars making their way along quickly but of people spitting out. to the lights on and slow down. we want to give you a shot to give you an idea of the power outages across the valley. we are seeing about 3500 people without power at this hour and not expected to return until 10 o'clock and not expected to return until 10:00 pm. that is the estimated time. we have new river with 1300
6:44 pm
outside of cape creek that a 1500 without power and in north phoenix i 17 and 50 avenue not expected to have that restoration until 10:00 pm. it is pretty hot out. a lot of these terms bringing cooler temperatures we could hope for now let's take a short
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6:47 pm
stockstill tracking the weather alert across the valley. thunderstorms tracking for the northeast to the southwest. this is the mayo clinic you been looking at this over the last 40 minutes. now we're looking back to the south and you see heavy rain falling and phoenix. tracking a thunderstorm developing here is the severe thunderstorm warning no longer in effect but we have ravi -- heavy rain up across i-17 and the 101 but heavy rain falling near camelback road and i 17. mcdowell road going to get hit and some small hail along the i- 10 back towards glendale. more heavy rain will fly around the west valley. sun city about to get a break but more developments to the
6:48 pm
met heavy rain in your area as well towards whitman. we've had severe weather in the area just in the last hour with the potential for quarter size help around lichtenberg area. that will continue to move to the southwest. east valley back behind the outflow still think some very heavy rain and it has not moved a lot. still looking at having rain falling and some smalhe gusting potentially between 40 and 45 miles per hour . have your pockets near tempe in guadalupe and chandler pretty quiet for the most part for expecting the showers and storms to build her out in the east valley apache junction and gold canyon things are quiet and in gilbert and mesa. some showers trying to get in there. those are not severe but
6:49 pm
boundary and you will see it moving into buckeye. into maricopa and florence this is keeping -- kicking up dust that -- now we have a dust storm warning. i change the view on the cam to show you that the dust has cleared out of queen creek. we have a dust advisory until 8:00 pm for the phoenix metro we have the blowing dust advisory for have the dust storm warning that is going to be into 8:00 pm for pinal county. the strong winds are kicking up dust moving across the i-10. if you do encounter dust especially in that storm pull
6:50 pm
but the car in park and turn off the lights and take your foot off the brake until things settle down. gusts in the valley between 30 and 40 miles per hour right now and the wind out of the northeasterly direction between 25 and 35 miles per hour. we'll head outside to chris and the north valley tracking storms there. he has been there all afternoon. what you see? >> >>reporter: we are in the king creek area about to head south that we are east of the 101 about to get off on the 51 headed south. i want to show you we came out of one of the heavier rainstorms so far on our drive. it slowed up and now we are seeing in the area a lot of lightning. one of the reasons we are driving right now in error live truck and getting a shot to you on the phone is is not safe to go live in these conditions with the high winds and
6:51 pm
best we can with our filings. you can hear the rain hitting the windshield right now. we will go to one of the more harder hit areas south of this area you can see the sky over there south of us right now. also what you are seeing on the highways in the loop 101 including the 51 is the 8.signs reminding drivers to be safe and drive safe. something we a you're heading out later tonight we want to remind you to drive safe. we want to show you as the rain picks up yet again to hear it on the windshield as we head south on the 51 were a lot of this is that. we are going to stay safe and drive safe and want you to also drive safe. be careful out there for the thunderstorms are producing quite a lot of heavy rain. heavy rain will be one of the
6:52 pm
wind gusts and small help. we have about a 30% chance of rain as we go through the 8 o'clock hour through 10 o'clock hour and overnights the rain chances back on at a 10% chance for tomorrow. not looking at a repeat of what we had at the right now tomorrow. look what's happening as we have the thunderstorms the north valley. in the 70s and a nice cool down in deer valley 76 in scottsdale and we have 90s in phoenix and chandler 97 and mesa gateway in the 90s. as you look at the across the state will do a couple state temperatures. some showers and storms that were severe at times near flagstaff in the 60s 60s and pizza and 50s and 40s tonight and low double digits upper 90s . below average highs in a quick look at the forecast
6:53 pm
rain in the valley 82 in glendale tomorrow morning 81 hour tukey and tomorrow upper 90s. scottsdale and tempe and 100 and 100 and chandler and 101 and maricopa great quick look outside. 101 tomorrow, 102 monday and still a slight chance of rain through tuesday and the the couple dry days wednesday, thursday and friday with morning lows in the 80s. we will be back after the break tracking this p lined.nse. aners. rgg... ve. re.
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6:55 pm
these monsoon storms have moved into the valley and i want to keep you updated, the outage numbers keep going. 4500 people without power at this hour every want to give you an idea of where these areas are be affected. i-17 i-17 fifties avenue. most people affected. 1600 people, 1500 people and
6:56 pm
all of these outage is not expected to get the power back and tell 10:00 pm. hopefully the rainstorms have cool down the temperatures at the basket over to laura. check we are seeing 70s out there for deer valley and scottsdale tracking storms but some changes taking place out there. one will be up in n. scottsdale road. we have a strong storms a couple minutes ago. some later rain along the one away into paradise valley. heavy rain and the strongest thunderstorms not severe that these guys are strong the northwest valley near sun city. i will zoom this out a bit and you can see a little further to the northwest motel strong storms are up into wicca for. very heavy rain out there right now and cannot rule out some small help -- hail. the outflow boundary has moved through the valley and sing
6:57 pm
his south mountain. has not hit on the baseline road and i-10. eduardo up the -- guadalupe this will move in. does advisory until 8:00 pm. the dust storm warning has been reported across pinal county. it takes you from into casagrande we are looking at the distal potential for it o'clock p.m. that means visibility can be down to a quarter of a mile. . sing more developments and new thunderstorms developing now
6:58 pm
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