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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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an accused murderer off the streets. exclusive video you will see only on abc15 the families of the victims of the phoenix serial shooter despite the rain. crews are working to get the power back on.
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dark. the company estimating it will not be back on until midnight. we have a look at srp outage map. they are saying those customers will have power -- will not have power until 2 am. at the height of tonight's storm 4000 people did not have power. storms are rolling into the valley, it's a good idea to auditing -- awning. this is that indian school. rain is coming down and it's a tough time for those caught outside. laura thomas is tracking your most accurate forecast. what's happening? that boundary moved in from the northeast and help to
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thunderstorms. carefree got just under half an inch, cave creek picked up 4/10 of an inch. surprise a quarter of an inch and sun city. scottsdale 2/10 of an inch of rain. valley wide many areas did see something in the rain gauge, except the east valley. we have those wind speeds those picked up as the boundary picked up. and scottsdale five miles hour, in phoenix you can see currently 23 miles per hour sustained wind. the desert doppler is still showing showers and thunderstorms that are still sitting out southwest. the valley is quiet we do have a pocket of rain near buckeye. look south and southwest that's where the boundary that moves through the valley is now.
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lightning and rain. this will move south into parts of pima county. southwestern maricopa county and further by forsyth. we will be watching this, as far as rain chances overnight very slim chances around 10%. the rain and lightning an >>reporter: all clear here behind us. we've been chasing this rain and lightning all day. we've been as far as cave creek and down to living. with everything that we have seen, it has been the viewer to
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call monsoon season.>>reporter: it was quite a show this afternoon rain and lightning ripped across the valley. this video shows multiple bolts of lightning shooting across the sky. there have not been many reports of damage. this street did not make it. winds landed right in the pool. much of the northeast valley was we can't forget about our favorite forecaster in levine. she did a good job of tracking those storms that hit levine, if you have any other good video or pictures, share that
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common. he is just randomly shooting people. i would like to get to know the family.>>reporter: while families grieved, police work to find the shooter. >> we want to make sure that if you see something say something. i want to make sure that if you know the person you are as guilty as the person shooting the gun. >>reporter: the councilman said it's about bringing closure to families of those who lost someone the reward still stands at $50,000.>> they are not sure when they will reschedule this prayer vigil they want to have one soon. for more on the serial shooter head to our website we have a special section dedicated to capturing the sky. -- this guy. 11:30 pm police say this car was reported
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gun exchange fired and no reports of injuries. 43rd avenue and thomas was seen and one person was shot by a family member. no word on how badly the person was hurt. no other details are being released. phoenix police storm a home and arrested man wanted for gunning down a 7-eleven clerk only on abc15 this video that we showed , it's just on street. we saw people released. the third person was at the home and arrested for the 7eleven shooting. megan thompson talked with phoenix police today finding out how they solved the case.>>reporter: police had very little to go on after that terrifying and deadly encounter here at this 7eleven. look at this video, those
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he was pointing a gun at two clerks. that figure has a face, joseph fettig only is that man he denied it agreeing to a poly test he failed. this was a big rap for them and surprised at the speed the case was solved. >> it was solid law enforcement and the cooperation of the community that's what brought this case to >>reporter: the family released a statement fate thinking the police saying it has brought peace. fettig only faces charges including murder, robbery and kidnapping. we now know the name of the man who was shot by phoenix police after they say here
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yesterday at 20th street and thomas. an officer was checking out a suspicious car when he jumped the officer punching him in the face and head grabbing at the officers weapon. a detect it was nearby and saw both officers. the suspect tried to run collapsing in dying. the officer has a broken nose, the detective was not hurt. we have an update on a crash in phoenix. the car slammed into the cbs. police andam driver has died. air15 over the scene in peoria, the driver was a young woman her name is not yet and released. the crash turned the car into a twisted piece of metal. scattered bricks everywhere, police are trying to find out what caused this crash. images from phoenix fire, two people hospitalized after a crash at 59th avenue in buckeye, a semi and a car
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rolled. hazmat crews were on the scene as a precaution. i 17 is back open your flagstaff after this deadly crash, a day -- a dot says northbound lanes were shut down near noon and park, they are telling us this was a fatal crash we are working to ge cameras were rolling during this crash in tempe on the westbound lanes of us 16. one person was thrown from the vehicle three people were hurt one of them is listed in critical condition. the standoff that's ending in phoenix at 48 street, this video was sent to us. a man called the relative
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committed a shooting. officers surrounded the house and negotiated with the man. he and a woman inside refused to leave they came out and no one was hurt. the man is facing charges from tonight and another incident. the women will be released. a suspicious fire is being investigated and mesa, this morning at a home near 96 three, is months at the same location. they are trying to figure out how it started. also in mesa, the red cross helps 14 people who need places to stay after fire at a quad plex. mesa fire tweeted out this photo. someone saw the smoke and flames from blocks away calling 911.
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unknown. the kingman police but -- procession morning after one of their canine officers died after rescuing two hikers. amigo help to find a hikers, they had minor injuries and amigo was taken to a vet for heat exhaustion. he was transferred to critical care and seem to they said medical problem happened and he passed away. he served with the kingman police for one year. he is credited with several drug seizures, it's a sad situation and the department has clearly lost one of their own. over and over again, being swarmed by bees. a fun family outing turns tragic.
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is nowhere in sight. a cool down behind though showers.
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this sound of monsoon storms. this video was sent in. laura thomas is tracking your most accurate forecast. we still have showers and storms out there.
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are across maricopa county. this is where we had the outflow boundary moving southwest. it is quiet here in the phoenix metro. this is a huge storm producing heavy rain and a lot of lightning. we have more storms south. all quiet in the valley and expected to stay that way overnight. a 10% chance of a stray shower overnight. overall 78 right now and anthem, 81 and glendale upper 70s and wickenburg where we could have severe weather. we are zipping into the 80s, a very isolated chance of a shower overnight. slightly better chance tomorrow
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here in phoenix in a few minutes. we have this video our cameras were rolling when monsoon fueled storms came rolling in. you can see those dark clouds in the distance, all the rain coming down. a crime alert up the cbs -- cee vee us -- she grabbed pills and ran out the back of the store. he was wearing a hat and a bandanna on august 1 if you have information call silent witness. phoenix man was
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came from his neighbors home at night street and virginia. crews sprayed down houses to flush the bees from the area. the man who was done is recovering. please god send someone out.>> our families boat overturned with their little girl trapped undernea crying and we couldn't find her. we searching.>> the toddler was under for nearly an hour saved by a life jacket and a pocket of air. it's right there. a tornado outside grand rapids, michigan.
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-- blue over cars. back here in phoenix and arizona we have video from all over. there's a possible funny -- funnel cloud in payson. share your pictures at >> we had clouds near prescott and payson, we didn't have any actual tornadoes. the circulation has to be on the ground. no reports of that but beautiful photos coming in. thank you for sending them in. 80s across the valley, 88 in chandler, 82 in scottsdale.
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hour. as you look at gusts i'm not reporting any now. we did have some a couple of hours ago valley wide between 30 miles per hour and 40 miles per hour. the showers and storms began around noon and the higher terrain and moved south and southwest producing outflow winds that moved through the valley, that's what generated our showers and storms here. now here's where that boundary is still producing moving yuma this will track off to the southwest with a slight chance of a shower overnight here in the valley. tomorrow, we will be looking for the showers and thunderstorms again to bubble up across the higher terrain, showers and thunderstorms once again potentially bringing in some of these outflow winds bringing the rain chances up to 20% with the potential for strong winds and we could be
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chances are 20%, the highest coverage sunday and monday northeast and to the southeast of the valley. here is the main threat, the wind and heavy rain we could see blowing dust across the open desert we cannot rule out hail. currently we are sitting in the 50s in flagstaff, 68 in sedona 64 in prescott, 83 out the door in phoenix. we had rain cold air moving through in jacket in flagstaff tomorrow morning 54 and cello, back up into the triple digits with slightly below average in phoenix. afternoon high up to 15. valley forecasted by 81 scottsdale them peoria, we
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advisory that has been upgraded. we are going to be in the unhealthy group. limit your time outdoors. highs are going to stay below average the next couple of days, slight thunderstorm chances through tuesday and
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back-to-back losses for the cardinals to kick off their season. there have been struggles on both sides of the ball. last night it was the offense that one name award for most cringe worthy. every unit. we should not be too concerned with these offenses struggles. they look nearly identical to that of last year and last year wa season in history. how much should be read into the preseason. >>reporter: i know it's preseason football in the team's 0 and 2.>> you still don't want to lose, you know what they say you're only as good as your debt and we have
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third teams. we have to get back on monday and get back to work, sunday really get back to it keep improving.>>reporter: it's week three and you go to houston the starters will play in the third quarter right?>> we should see a lot in this game. it's about time. i'm ready to get me a couple quarters and. >>reporter: you have got to be. this is stuff coming out you're not playing that many definitely. those young guys, they needed those reps and they are so flashy we have to keep them cool. >>reporter: any concerns about the depth on defense?>> not necessarily. they made mistakes, we gave up some points, we have some really good young guys. i believe in them. we need to bring them together.
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down's. coach says it all the time, even though the little things, a lot of little things end up being a big problem. we have to get better and keep improving. this week, i feel like it will be a real good measure for how we can be going forward. >> last night 2nd half was a battle of the backups and one familiar face at a strong showing. mike berk of e.g. lead second half finished with 100 yards passing and who would've thought he would end up with the highest qb rating of the night. not this guy. keep an eye out. as far cardinals, you do not want to miss your chance to win the ultimate fan experience. we are giving away tickets to the cards broncos days lesson two week away all you have to do is download the abc 15 app
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street for your chance to win go to tran13/when. not much is gone right for the diamondbacks and that will continue today, their starting shorts that -- shortstop will undergo season ending hip surgery. the rest are looking for when in san diego and thinks to an outstanding outing from robbie ray who racked up allowing just one hit in seven innings the diamondbacks win it 2-1. you and i are optimists.>> we are. >> good showing from the young
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a dog is spent her whole
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home. tonight we hear from the valley woman who made a possible.>> she gets taken out for a potty break and i can stretch my legs from the kennel.>> whitney works with animals -- arizona animal league and lana is the shelters longest resident. she's working to find her home
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