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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. three massive wildfires are tearing through washington. families evacuated. a ring of flames, clouds of smoke destroy homes. as firefighters battle 25 major blazes in the west. trump's new tactic. his campaign signaling a possible change on immigration as he faces backlash over his attempts to appeal to minorities and this morning new questions for hill e-mails. is she trying to blame colin powell for her problem? ryan lochte still under fire despite his tearful apology for that scandal in rio. >> i just want to say i am truly 110%, i am sorry and it won't happen again. i learned from it. >> the u.s. olympic committee says the gold medalist and his teammates aren't off the hook. now, lochte facing questions
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future in the pool. and spectacular finish. the 2016 summer games come to a colorful close in rio. america's breakout star simone biles carrying the stars and stripes as team usa racks up more gold medals. claressa shields making history in the ring. >> golden again! >> now, joining us live. and the men's basketball team a head above the rest closing out the games on top for team usa. great to start the week in times square and what a finish to those olympics. there you see the fireworks, waterfalls as well at the closing ceremonies and 121 medals for team usa. >> incredible, and then simone biles carrying the flag for america in maracana stadium. president obama saying he couldn't be prouder of team usa. your determination and passion inspired so many of us. you carried that flag high
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and then simone replying, "thank you, such a huge honor, go usa." >> what a treat she was to watch during the whole olympics. we'll have more on the olympics coming up. also the latest from ryan lochte, but we begin with those massive wildfires in washington forcing evacuations, scorching thousands of acres. abc's clayton sandell is on the scene in spokane county. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning. you can see it behind me. just hours ago all of this burning rubble behind me here was someone's home and you can see just how little is left. but take a look over here. you don't see as many flames but when i use my heat-sensing camera here, you can see just how red hot the ground here still is. all thanks to that monster wildfire that came with little warning. this morning, wildfires are raging just outside spokane, washington. >> just massive fire going down. >> reporter: three out-of-control blazes engulfing nearly 8,000 acres in less than 24 hours. at least a dozen homes and buildings burned to the ground.
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and forcing immediate evacuations. >> people need to leave now. >> reporter: overnight, one of those fires growing rapidly from 250 acres to 5,000 where hundreds of firefighters are battling the flames. dropping fire retardant from the air. and on the ground, evacuating at least 100 people from their homes. officials say a second fire was sparked by a downed power line. the home that once stood here now nothing but charred rubble and ash, neighbors say the homeowners were lucky to be out of town. >> gone up in flames. it's a gut-wrencher. it hurts. all gone with nothing to show. >> reporter: a third blaze visible from many front yards sunday afternoon, still showing no signs of slowing down. the good news, no reports of deaths or injuries. the bad news they still don't know how many homes look like this. george. >> okay, clayton, thanks very
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let's get more on this from ginger. it's not just washington state, the whole west. >> yeah, 25 large wildfires burning from california to nevada, up to montana, so it's a large area, places like bakersfield, california, where that cedar fire is ongoing grew more than 9,000 acres over the weekend. 4 million acres burned so far this year and we have fire watches and warnings centered on the northern rockies, from montana down through parts of wyoming, that cold front will slip and that's the instigator that kicks up the winds and get a gust up to 40. already dry, already hot and the fires just keep going. coming up in a couple of minutes my hometown and parts of west michigan to ohio had a tornado over the weekend. i'll show you the pictures and where it moves next. >> thanks, ginger. now to the race for the white house and donald trump's campaign trying a new tactic, signaling a possible shift on immigration as the clinton camp releases a new attack ad this morning. abc's tom llamas is here with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. we are less than 80 days out before election day. 78 to be exact but who is counting? a new ad war is now under way
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what looks like a policy shift from the gop nominee. this morning, donald trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, signaling trump may be backing off his proposed deportation force when it comes to undocumented immigrants. >> you're going to have a deportation force and you're going to do it humanely. >> he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> will that plan include a deportation force? >> to be determined. >> reporter: this as t hitting roadblocks when it comes to minority outreach, some calling this statement offensive. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? and at the end of four years, i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american
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>> reporter: george asking conway about it. >> many in the african-american community saw that as insulting because they say most african-americans don't live in poverty and that mr. trump was making those comments in communities that are more than 90% white. >> but those comments are for all americans and i live in a white community, i'm white. i was very moved by his comment, in other words, he is trying to tell americans that we can do better. >> reporter: trump's tough talk starting to come back to haunt him. this morning the clinton campaign out with a new ad. >> in times of crisis, america depends on steady leadership. >> knock the crap out of him, would you, seriously. >> clear thinking. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> and calm judgment. >> and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> reporter: the ad argues trump is too unstable when it comes to national security issues. and as trump is now reshaping some of his message he's also
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so be watching clinton's past debate performances from her senate and presidential campaigns and still getting advice from roger ailes and eventually, george, he will be holding mock debates with someone standing in as hillary clinton. >> that's going to be interesting to see who that is. okay, tom, thanks very much. now, a new twist in that clinton e-mail controversy. colin powell is speaking out, jon karl joins us with more on that. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. when it comes to her e-mail controversy, hillary clinton is often tried to use former secretary as essentially an alibi. her basic argument, he did it too. most recently, mrs. clinton reportedly told the fbi that powell had actually advised her to use a private e-mail. the details of powell's advice is included in a new book who writes "powell told her to use her own e-mail as he had done except for classified communications, which he had sent and received via a state department computer. powell thus confirmed a decision she had made months earlier to
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use it for most messages." now over the weekend powell has pushed back telling "people" magazine, quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is she was using it for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. it's also important to point out, george, that what powell did is much different. he didn't set up his own personal server and powell was secretary of state before rules were put in place telling state department employees not to use personal e-m business. in other words, there really isn't much of a comparison and as you can see from what powell said over the weekend he's a little bit irritated by those trying to make a comparison. >> any reaction yet from the clinton camp? >> reporter: no, i asked and no reaction to powell's latest comments. let's get more on it from matthew dowd. maybe no reaction is the best reaction. the more clinton and her team talk about this the more trouble they get into. >> absolutely.
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candidates who seem invariably to step in it on their own and get in their own way during the course of the race. hillary clinton's biggest problem is trust and every time these things come up it compounds it. >> meanwhile, you've seen over the last week with this new leadership team in place for donald trump some changes and expressed regret for the first time although didn't say exactly what it was for and the outreach to the african-american community and now some talk about maybe shifting his position on immigration which has been the central pillar of his campaign. >> i think ryan lote a better job of expressing regret than donald trump has. donald trump did it once and ryan lochte now has done it four or five times. especially on the african-american community it's bit like a preacher who is supposed to be doing international missionary work but who stays at home and speaks to the already converted. he should be talking to the community that he wants to impact, part of this obviously is to demonstrate to the republicans that he's got his campaign together, but time will tell. this race, though, the balance
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again after the initial bump. >> if donald trump can start to bring down the numbers of those people who think he's unqualified or biased against minorities, which i assume is why he's speaking out about the african-american community, that could really close this race. >> yeah, i think this race is meant to be close in the course of this. now, we have to look at the target states in the course of this, but as the national number changes, the target states change in the course of this. in what i think is, we have to focus on a debate. the debate will determine the winner or loser of this campaign. >> and the first one is supposed to be on september 26th. but when i talked to kellyanne conway yesterday she didn't commit to the schedule set out by the commission on presidential debates. >> they have to do this debate much more than hillary. donald trump needs this debate. hillary clinton doesn't need this debate. donald trump has to have this debate to change the dynamic of this race. >> even though he is still negotiating he has to accept what they put up. >> yes, because he needs the race. when you're four or five points behind and it's solid, the only way to change it is with a debate. >> thanks very much.
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how prepared airports are for an actual emergency after that chaos erupted at jfk in new york last week over false reports of gunfire? abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport. outside of washington, d.c. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. while these questions are being raised about jfk, the question is, are there broader implications? a u.s. senator wants to know if all our airports are prepared for a mass shooting or terrorist attack. it was panic. >> roger, we're getting reports of gunshots. >> reporter: passengers running, they thought, for their lives. >> put into action an active shooter plan at this time. >> reporter: the shocking pictures on the tarmac are not only flyers running but security personnel too. >> someone started screaming and everybody just dropped their bags on the tarmac and started running. there were even tsa people running. >> reporter: one suggestion, that someone heard what turned out to be applause for the olympics a week ago at jfk and yelled, someone was shooting. it was a false alarm but it was the scene that alarms new york
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>> no one was leading them to safety. no one was telling them the right thing, in fact, it was reported that several tsa agents shouted out someone had a gun or there's terrorism. >> reporter: the worry, every airport is responsible for its own security, and schumer says that leads to a patchwork of law enforcement, local police, sheriff and contractors. that's the reason the senator says it may not be just jfk but other american airports that can see panic like this if there is a real shooting. now, schumer is asking for a federal investigation and he wants the department of homeland security to look at jfk and see if there are broader lessons that can apply to all of our airports. amy. >> all right, david, thank you for that. we turn now to the zika virus and a new warning about where it could turn up next. federal health officials say recent flooding in louisiana and texas is putting those states at higher risk for the spread of the disease. a record amount of standing water is thwarting mosquito
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mounted since the officials confirmed it spread is south florida from downtown miami to miami beach prompting a travel warning for pregnant women. health officials warn it could be two years before the u.s. stamps out zika for good. well, new details overnight about the death of music icon prince. the associated press is reporting some of the pain pills taken from his estate after his death were mislabeled and actually contained fentanyl. that is the narcotic that killed him which is 50 times more powerful than heroin and an official close to the investigation says pill labeled as hydrocodone tested positive for fentanyl. investigators are not sure how prince obtained those drugs. george. okay, we're going to move on now to rio and that spectacular closing ceremony for the summer olympics. we saw simone biles carry the flag for team usa right there. it capped a triumphant run, including a gold medal in men's basketball, and abc's matt gutman has been there from the
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all. >> reporter: absolutely, george. there was american medal triumph and the ryan lochte scandal and so far no zika but, last night's glittering spectacle had it all with flying acrobats and the ceremonial passing of the torch from the rio games to the japan games in tokyo in 2020 that was heavy on the nintendo themes. ? one more chance to samba in rio. the closing ceremony celebrating the last day of the games with a taste of carnival. >> five medals, four gold. >> reporter: simone biles leading the way for team usa, the five-time medalist carrying the flag through a rain-soaked maracana stadium, even causing this athlete traffic jam as olympians lined up to snap selfies with her. a little bad weather couldn't stop the party. brazil passing the torch to tokyo, the host of 2020 summer games. team usa ending its 16-day olympic run the same way it
7:15 am
sunday night the men's basketball team crushing serbia. >> for three. >> reporter: the all-star lineup led by kevin durant's 30 points earning team usa its 121st and final medal of the game. >> as she says, bring it on. >> reporter: but they weren't alone. american middleweight boxer claressa shields winning her second straight olympic gold medal. >> golden again. claressa shields. >> reporter: just as she promised me she would last week. what happens after the games assuming you win gold? thought about it? >> there's no assuming, but i'll definitely win gold here after that. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is now the only u.s. boxer with two golds bringing the hardware she won in the 2012 games with her to the podium. >> kyle snyder of the united states. can he hang on just a little longer? >> reporter: in wrestling kyle
7:16 am
gold for team usa, at 20 years old, he's now the youngest american olympic wrestling champ. >> he will get a medal to go with that silver. >> reporter: in the men's marathon american runner galen rupp citing an adam sandler flick as inspiration for his bronze medal performance. >> i was watching "happy gilmore" the other day and he fights being a golfer. i fought being a marathoner. >> reporter: meb keflezighi slipping just a few steps away few impromptu push-ups before finishing the race. in 33rd place. okay, so, simone biles is 4'8". that flag she was carrying is 9 feet tall about twice her height and with wind swirling here at about 50 miles an hour yesterday, carrying that flag may have been the hardest thing she's had to do at the games so i'll give her a perfect 10 for that. also getting a perfect 10, japan's prime minister who morphed into super mario during that closing ceremony that was probably one of the coolest things we saw. guys.
7:17 am
three weeks straight. >> yeah, come home. >> amy, you were there in rio too, what was the highlight? >> without a doubt watching simone biles just kill it on all of the events, i mean she really is perfection. just watching her flawlessly smile through some of the most amazing athletic feats you could imagine and she knew she was going to bring home gold. >> she made it look easy, too. >> she did. >> jesse palmer has the final medal count. >> amy, it was a hard fought 16 days but in the end an impressive show for all the american athletes. team usa topping the list in most gold medals as well as the overall count. so, here's the breakdown. the u.s. getting 121 total medals, that's 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze and actually breaks the u.s.' overall medal record set back in the 2008 beijing olympics when they had 110 total medals but it's also worth noting that most of the gold medals by the americans were won by women.
7:18 am
gymnastics superstar simone biles, she walked away with five golds, ditto for katie ledecky, who blew away the swimming competition early on, and for the men, no surprise here, michael phelps leaving with the most overall with six, five of those gold, guys. it was a memorable olympics for the u.s., no doubt about it, amy and george. >> thank you, jesse. let's go back to ginger with that report from your home state. >> my home state, my hometown, one thing i'm always looking at. radar over the weekend, this was happening right by my parents' home so they were in the basement, i was calling everybody, and this is what it looked like. you can see the video, yeah, right there from wyoming, michigan, and here's a look from bradford, ohio, because there were several tornadoes across the great lakes and midwest from kentucky, also parts of indiana seeing tornadoes over the weekend, and that will get through and some of the coolest weather we've seen in more than a month and a half in some
7:19 am
and coming up on "gma," ryan lochte comes clean about his scandal in rio.
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>> the 12-time olympic medalist may not be out of hot water yet. and miracle rescue. a toddler trapped under a capsized boat and rescuers trying to save her. how she managed to survive. her parents opening up about the ordeal this morning, next, on "good morning america." n takingl from nature's bounty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! me! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for... thank you. 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy.
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good monday morning, time 7:23. i'm danielle lerner. and breaking overnight mesa police are working two crime scenes connected to one shooting. we saw officers take one person into custody. we are working to find out if in person is linked to the shooting. we know the shooting happened on 6th avenue. the vict blocks away. that person is in surgery this morning, should be okay. as for the suspect, though, police say they don't have a good description at this point. meantime, one woman is in critical condition and another injured after an early morning stabbing. police were investigating all morning at this bus stop near 44 44th street and washington. the suspect was tracked down nearby. police say he stabbed the woman several times. the other was stabbed in the shoulder. investigators do believe the suspects and victims all know
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. nor your most accurate forecast looking good right now. our valley cam went dark. notice as we go through the day today, we're going to see mostly sunny skies through the morning before storm chances kick in this afternoon. a 10% chance for storms in the ll temperature only to 100 degrees. now, tomorrow a slight chance for storms again with those low triple digits, pretty much through much of the week. overall, not a bad week ahead. we have several crashes scattered throughout the valley. two of them are on u.s. 60 right now. you're going to see a desert drive time of 22 minutes from val vista drive to 101. one at gilbert, another at mills. a crash on the right side. looks like it's actually
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lanes there. eastbound 101 near 7th street. coming up on gma, the
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free inside specially marked general mills cereals. rated everyone 10 and up. welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at one of the homes destroyed by those wildfires in washington. three massive blazes tearing through that state right now forcing hundreds of residents to flee and this morning, firefighters are battling 25 wildfires throughout the west. ginger is following all of that this morning. >> that's coming up. also this morning, president obama back from vacation gearing up for a busy week preparing to visit louisiana tomorrow and he'll meet with communities devastated by the deadly floods that destroyed more than 60,000 homes. and donald trump is striking a new tone on the campaign trail, signaling a possible shift on immigration as hillary clinton faces new fallout over her e-mails. questions whether she's trying to pin the scandal on former secretary of state colin powell. and it is a gold medal morning here on "gma." claressa shields making history in the ring, becoming the first american olympian to win two
7:31 am
she has an incredible story and journey. so, we can't wait for her to join us live in our next hour. >> said she knew it would happen all along. but first, the latest from ryan lochte, in hot water over that robbery scandal apologizing for what he called overexaggeration and as the u.s. olympic committee says further action will come for him and his teammates. abc's linsey davis here with the story. >> reporter: the 32-year-old says he's sorry for immature behavior and that he's learned his lesson but he still does not admit to lying. again and again he called it, quote, overexaggerating, and when asked directly if he was robbed the 12-time medalist said he doesn't know. >> if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. >> reporter: disgraced u.s. swimmer ryan lochte finally coming clean. >> i overexaggerated a story, and i shouldn't have. i was highly intoxicated and i
7:32 am
didn't happen, none of this would have happened and people would not be all over the world tuning in on this story. >> reporter: the story that 12-time olympic medalist initially told landed him in hot water with claims that he and three fellow team usa swimmers were returning to the olympic village after a night of partying when their taxi was pulled over and the athletes were robbed at gun by men flashing police badges. >> the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and said get down. >> reporter: lochte now admits that he was still intoxicated during that interview. >> i take full responsibility and it's my fault. >> reporter: lochte's version of events began to unravel after authorities in brazil released surveillance video of him and the other swimmers at a gas station accusing the swimmer of vandalizing the restroom. eventually two of the swimmers provided their version of that night. in a statement, gunnar bentz said, we foolishly relieved ourselves on the backside of the
7:33 am
jack conger wrote, ryan lochte removed a poster from a nearby wall, which apparently alerted the gas station employees, leading to our being confronted by two armed security men. a witness told our matt gutman the athletes were trying to keep the authorities out of it. >> no police, no police, please, please, no police. >> they were saying no police. >> yes. >> reporter: but lochte still refused to call his, quote, overexaggerating a flat-out lie. >> i wasn't lying to a certain extent. a gun was pointed at us. we had to give them money. so, you can either call that a robbery, extortion or just say we had to pay the money for the damage of that poster. >> reporter: lochte got emotional when talking about his teammates on nbc news. >> i mean, i -- i let my team down and, you know, i wanted to be there like i don't want them
7:34 am
were my teammates. >> reporter: the 32-year-old star athlete's future is in question now with endorsement deals worth a million dollars including sponsors like speedo. >> i am speedo fit. >> reporter: and polo ralph lauren. >> i've done the training. >> reporter: and while the summer games are now over, the u.s. olympic committee announced late sunday they're not finished with the matter. >> we are going to have further action on this when we get back we all understand what happened at this point. >> reporter: there are actually several organizations that could sanction the swimmers. so far no word just yet on any disciplinary action. ryan lochlochte's name have bee taken off the page . he's not finished with swimming, he says. it just remains to be seen if the sport of swimming is finished with him. >> more on this from amy. joining us now, espn
7:35 am
we were just talking and this article pieces together the video and some of lochte's revised accounts and say they jibe and puts questions back on those security guards. >> there's no doubt about that. in many ways this story exonerates lochte and implicates both the security guards who, according to this investigation, might have committed a crime themselves and it also lays some blame at the feet of the rio police whose accounts of what happened don't jibe as you said with the facts on the gr i think this might in some ways force a reconsideration of the judgment against ryan lochte in the court of public opinion. >> right, because they said there was no vandalism to the bathroom. it didn't look like anything had been repaired and so it really does back up what lochte is saying now that he just exaggerated. >> and beyond that they spoke to an eyewitness, someone who saw the situation, excuse me, escalating, came in, when guns
7:36 am
guards were off-duty prison guards, so, you can understand in some ways how in ryan lochte's mind this felt like a robbery or at least extortion. >> especially when you're under the influence of alcohol. >> which he admits that he was and so were the others. >> the usoc says it might consider further action against lochte and his teammates. what do you think might happen? >> i wouldn't be surprised if the usoc, if u.s. swimming come down pretty hard on ryan lochte. we're going to have to see, though, how public opinion is swayed by this story in "usa today," if that's going to in some way alter their approach if they're going to be more lenient than they might have been otherwise. but, remember, they suspended michael phelps for six months for a dui weaving in traffic drunk, you know, putting other people in harm's way, how would you justify giving them more severe punishment for something that at least on the surface is
7:37 am
>> do you think this impacts lochte's endorsements? >> there's going to be an impact. big companies will shy away from getting involved with any controversy like this. in the long run, if he finds a right way to rehabilitate himself in the public's mind, there might be even some ways for him to capitalize on this notoriety. i think there might be clever ways, but in the short term, people are going to say to themselves, people make those decisions we don't want to have anything to do wit but that could change. >> all right, a lot could change, jeremy schaap, thanks so much. we appreciate it. george. coming up on our big board, outrage growing over a massive price hike for a life-saving allergy medicine. could the new costs of epipens leave your family at risk? and why a former navy s.e.a.l. over writing a book about osama bin laden. and who will play spider-man's mary jane. our insiders join us live in two minutes. spider-man's mary jane.
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our team of insiders here live to talk about today's top stories. dan abrams at the desk with us. we'll get to you in just a minute. let's begin with this huge price increase for epipens. many families now saying they can't afford to pay for the life-saving medication because the cost is so high. rebecca jarvis tracking the story. rebecca, this is an eye-popping increase. >> it is, george. 400%, that is the amount that the epipens have gone up in cost since 2008, and as a lot of families are getting ready to send their kids back to school they know the importance of those epipens to their kids when they hit the classroom. this is an outrage. you have mylan pharmaceuticals, the company that creates the epipen, that distributes the epipen, they say they are working tirelessly to get access out there to all the families who need them. they also say that nearly 80% of the commercially insured patients using the my epipen savings card received epipen
7:41 am
the issue i'm hearing from a number of parents and doctors right now is that, if you're uninsured, or even if you are insured, you might not actually have access to that program. >> rebecca, i mean, so many people calling this company vultures and what impact does it have on the company's bottom line? >> that's right, amy. the person who called them vultures is martin shrekli, the poster child for bad behavior in that and you've seen the stock since this news came out about the 400% increase in prices, the stock took a hit, down 1 1/2% and now a number of senators have said they'll start investigating the prices. that's never a good piece of news for a public company. >> all right, but maybe it might make a change for those families who are hoping for a more affordable option. next, a former navy s.e.a.l. has agreed to pay the government nearly $7 million. matthew bissonnette reached the settlement with the department of justice over the best-selling book he wrote about the operation to kill osama bin laden. dan abrams is here to talk about that so bissonnette agreed to forfeit the royalties and speaking fees he made from the book. what do you make of that
7:42 am
>> well, look, this is a fight that no one wanted. this guy is a true american hero. you're talking about purple heart, silver star, numerous bronze stars. he wasn't alleged to have disclosed classified information. what he was accused of was not allowing the government to vet his book and some of the slides for his speeches before he did it. now, when you have access to sensitive information like that, that's one of the rules, right? you want to talk about this publicly, fine, but you have to get our authorization first. he didn't. and that's what this settlement relates to specifically the lack of vetting. >> and he says he was wrongly advised that he didn't have to get this preclearance so is that why he was singled out by the government? >> yeah, we've seen a lot of books about this, et cetera, movies. the reason he was singled out was related to the vetting. it's not that the information was made public, it's that he didn't get permission to release this particular information. the government takes this stuff very seriously as you can understand, the need to get
7:43 am
potentially classified information approved first before they can release anything. >> does this mean he can't make any money in the future talking about this? >> no, so, he had to pay back for the speeches he gave in 2013 because he used slides that hadn't been vetted. so now he can give speeches, he can talk about it. he just has to make sure everything is aboveboard, that the government knows what he's doing, knows basically what he's saying, that they've approved the sorts of slides, the material that he'd be using, et cetera, and then he can try to make some of that back. that's a big number, right? we're talking about over $7 million. >> a costly lesson. >> absolutely. that's exactly the same thing he said too. >> okay, thanks, dan. we're going to move on to a controversy brewing about who may play spider-man's girlfriend in the new movie. one report has zendaya playing mary jane and we want to talk to larry hackett about that right now. it's created a little bit of a backlash on social media.
7:44 am
should be reserved for a white actress. >> you know, these franchises old and written many years ago when people of color didn't have starring roles and the fans of these things take it seriously. on the other hand, most of the fans tend to be young people who are much more open to the idea of nontraditional casting as they call it. you know, i want to point out that we're talking about the casting of the girlfriend of a man who plays a spider in a movie so i think we can probably loosen up the reins here a little bit, but, you know, this is kind of a trial balloon on the part of the studio and i think they're setting this up whether intentionally or not and getting some reaction. most positive, some is always going to be negative in the internet world. so, you know, hopefully for zendaya she gets the role because she's certainly been bandied about now. >> give my girls a reason to go. >> she's fantastic. we all know hollywood has received recent and quite a bit of criticism for casting white actors, is this potentially the industry trying to right itself doing something right?
7:45 am
that negative press before? >> i think the industry is sensitive. you have a case, you know, about a month ago with matt damon in that picture where he played a white guy saving people in the siege of the great wall of china. and you had a case of the casting of emma stone in "aloha" where she was supposed to play an asian person. so, there's been a lot of b backlash online about this. i think there is an effort to kind of change this around. i think, though, that this has to happen at the studio level and it has to happen at the casting level. having these discussions at oscar time is really too late and needs to be now so in this case the zendaya conversation may be a good one and it may be the start of more broad changes throughout the industry. >> larry, thanks so much. want to thank dan and rebecca as well. coming up next here in just two minutes, the race against time to save a toddler trapped under water. the harrowing 911 calls and how she managed to make it out alive. >> i'm in the river, my boat crashed and i have a baby stranded in the water.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
trapped under a capsized boat for nearly an hour and first responders desperately trying to find her. now she's safe and sound and her parents are sharing their story. abc's gio benitez is here with more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: amy, this is just an incredible story. the girl was nowhere to be found and when they finally found her, nobody could believe their eyes. take a look at how she survived. >> we thought we were going to lose her. >> reporter: this morning, tammy and brian bossard say it's a miracle their daughter kennedy >> yay. >> reporter: the 23-month-old incredibly surviving after being trapped under the family's capsized boat in florida's indian river for nearly an hour. >> i'm in the river. my boat crashed and i have a baby stranded in the water. please god send someone now. >> she's got a baby in the water. >> yes, please hurry. >> reporter: the boat flipping after hitting power lines and tammy and brian escaping the waters safely with their 7-month-old daughter but kennedy nowhere to be found. only her heart-wrenching cries
7:49 am
>> we couldn't tell if she was in the boat or if she was trapped under the boat or if she was out in the river because we heard cries but it sounded like it was just coming from everywhere. >> reporter: first responders rushing to the scene and after nearly 45 minutes, they begin to lose hope. >> we were just getting ready to leave and that's when we heard a very light cry. i put my ear up to the side of the boat and i was listening and could hear that she was right there. >> reporter: was floating in a life vest under the boat inside an air pocket. >> i mean it's a miracle. it's a complete miracle that everything worked like it did because we shouldn't all be here today. >> incredible. little kennedy spent two nights in the intensive care unit. police say that life jacket, that little life jacket, that's what really saved her life. >> amazing she found that air pocket. >> incredible. it's just incredible. when you hear that story there she was right under the boat. >> wow. >> thanks for bringing that to us, gio. when we come back olympic
7:50 am
making history in the ring and now she is joining us live right here on "gma." and then, prince harry has a message for the fastest man alive. what he wants usain bolt to know coming up. up.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
back here on "gma," an update from louisiana. more than 60,000 homes damaged or destroyed across all the parishes. lots of folks applying for federal assistance and we still have some flood warnings in place in parts of texas too, that moisture pooling up. we'll still see some south of dallas. a little bull's-eye. two to three inches and so many folks asking this question, we hear about the atlantic heating up and we're hearing about a
7:54 am
fiona dying out just south of bermuda. it looks like this tropical wave will come through the caribbean, the one folks are talking about but it's too early to talk about
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. mercedes-b.
7:56 am
good morning, time 7:56. i'm dan spindle, a second deadly shooting in a phoenix motel this time. it might be a case of self- defense. investigators now saying that a small party inside a room at the knight's inn turned violent when an uninvited guest was asked to leave. eventually shots were fired and a man ended up dead. police say they have the shooter and a woman in custody. they're trying to check out the story that the shooter self-defense. that shooting a little bit more than 24 hours after deadly shooting a gunman on the loose after killing a local rapper over the weekend. desean mcdonald, known as d max deluxe to friends and fans was celebrating his birthday inside a strip club next door. he stepped out for a moment and his body was 1st found in the bushes of the knights inn. police say they have very
7:57 am
sheriff joe arpaio might be showing how tough he is behind bars. calling on john leonardo to arrest the sheriff. judge murray snow recommended charges against arpaio and top aides. the judge says he willfully and purposely ignored orders in a federal racial profiling race. we are sitting at 80 degrees. it's been a very comfortable morn it will get hot but not too hot. temperatures will end up below the 30 year average of 104. and valley spots only making it into the upper 90s. 99 for a high in mesa. deer valley you'll hit 98 and top out at a hundred in laveen, ahwatukee and phoenix. by this afternoon, we'll see partly cloudy skies, and there is a 10% chance of storms especially after lunchtime and through the afternoon. next few days getting hotter. overall, mallory, not too bad and we have plenty of slow
7:58 am
the worst is going to be on state route 51. we're at a 17 minute desert drive time, southbound from cactus to the mini stack, taking us through 32nd. a quick look from our adot
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and we have new details overnight about prince's death. pain pills with the wrong labels, 50 times more powerful than heroin. the latest from the investigation. ? we'll be safe and sound ? danger at the beach. >> i think we've all been there. you realize suddenly the water has gotten a lotig perfectly safe, the hidden dangers lurking in the shallows, how to protect yourself from being rushed to the e.r. ? and dangerous woman. she's the first u.s. boxer to win two gold medals and you'll never guess the lucky token she had in her pocket. claressa shields joins us this morning as she says -- >> good morning, america. ?
8:01 am
>> good morning, claressa. good morning to her. that was great right there. welcome to country week here on "gma" and there's chef bill durney and he'll kick off our "gma country" playlist with country meats and sweets right there and a performance from nashville's old dominion. >> country meats and sweets. i like that. all right, and it's not just a country music monday. but we also have have star power from jennifer lopez. we'll tell you why she is holding a pie. it's all part of a celebration that had even usher starstruck taking a picture on stage with lionel richie all coming up. first news from tom llamas with the morning rundown. >> we begin with breaking details overnight about the new wildfires erupting in the west. three fires are now raging out of control in eastern washington state. at least a dozen homes and buildings burning to the ground. dozens of families forced to evacuate. one fire exploded from 250 acres
8:02 am
reopening, a ruling on issue of bathroom by rank the genders students. it called for schools to allow transgender students to use bathroom consistent with their chosen gender identity. they're challenging the directive saying it's unconstitutional. now, donald trump may be poised to abandon one of his most controversial promis. of undocumented immigrants out of the country but his new campaign manager is hinting he could change his mind on creating a controversial he wants to be firm. holding a depate prep session over the weekend. former secretary of state colin powell is clarifying a report that he advised hillary clinton
8:03 am
he said that clinton was using her private e-mail server for one year prior. overseas, growing concern that isis is turning to children to carry out attacks. turkey's president is blaming the terrorist attack for a suicide bombing of a wedding. the bomber believed to be as young as 12 years old and a shocking scene in iraq, police arresting this boy with explosives around his waist. they say he was minutes away from an attack. back here at home a new twist in the prince death investigation. the associated press reports pain pills found in the singer's home were mislabeled and actually contained the powerful narcotic fentanyl, which killed him. investigators say the mislabeled pills could be a manufacturer error or could have been illegally manufactured. now, federal health officials are warning that local transmission of the zika virus could spread to other gulf coast states beyond florida.
8:04 am
concerned about recent flooding in louisiana and texas because standing water could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying the virus. president obama visits louisiana tomorrow to assess the damage. 3,200 people remain in shelters. 60,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. and finally, one boy with a big heart helping out those flood victims right there in louisiana. instead of accepting gifts at his birthday party carson boutte spent his 9th birthday delivering pizzas to families devastated by last week's flooding. his go sunshine to a few people but donations came pouring in and he ended up handing out more than 300 pizzas to total strangers, a little boy with a big heart. really nice. >> that's fantastic. thank you, tom. jesse, what do you got? >> we got "pop news," george and it's monday. we'll kick it off with an amazing monday -- are you guys ready for this? i'll rail here on some a-list names that you're not going to believe. ready? jennifer lopez, usher and lionel
8:05 am
these are all-star teams, guys. gwen stefani and blake shelter -- shelton, plus so many more were at the 2016 apollo in the hamptons benefit this past weekend. j. lo was snapping this epic selfie video to capture all the a-listers on instagram including this gwen stefani throwback. take a look. ? ? don't speak i know just what you're saying ? >> and gwen wasn't the only one on the stage. for the grand finale the one and only lionel richie. you see the roots up there, chris rock up there, usher. if the guest list wasn't impressive enough, how about john mcenroe, don johnson, pharrell, christie brinkley, katie holmes, jack nicholson, they all made an appearance. the event was hosted by ronald perelman raising 5 million to benefit the historic harlem theater. >> always gets them out. do we know why j. lo was holding a pie? >> she likes pie. kids were handing out pizzas. >> that was my question, sorry. >> really getting to the matter.
8:06 am
what about j. lo and the pie. all right, next up, all right, all right, all right, big news for matthew mcconaughey fans. turns out the oscar winner has a youtube channel. who knew. apparently not too many people but then it was reddit to the rescue, 200 followers to more than 70,000 and counting, mcconaughey has only posted six videos nearly two years since he started the channel, but i'm pretty sure we could expect a few more video diaries now that actor has a much bigger audience. good news for mcconaughey fans. >> i was actually 1 of the original 20. i already knew about that. >> like that. and finally, the 2016 rio olympics ended last night with a big bang and the fastest man in the world, usain bolt, got a royal message on his birthday. prince harry wishing the olympic gold medalist congratulations on his 30th birthday tweeting, "now that you're officially the greatest, you might be ready for
8:07 am
so back in 2012 prince william harry visited jamaica and usain bolt let him win and it looks like prince harry is coming for one of those nine gold medals that usain won because he's the fastest human being in the world. i don't think usain bolt has much to worry about this time. >> you can see in the body language prince harry was like this and usain was like barely walking. >> have fun with that. enjoy. all right, want to see what's coming up on the "gma morning menu"? >> yes. danger at the beach. why the shallow water may not be as safe as you think. the threat sending hundrs the e.r. and gold medal glory, 21-year-old claressa shields making boxing history at the olympics. now she's joining us here live. plus, we're kicking off "gma's" country playlist week with delicious meat and music, old dominion performing live. all of that coming up on "gma" here in times square. ? "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. advil makes pain a distant memory. advil makes pain a distant memory.
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8:12 am
there she is, claressa shields, she won big in rio and she'll join us live in just a bit. hello, claressa. but first, "gma" is on the lookout with a summer swimming alert. all of us know about the danrs heading to the e.r. now because of surprise dangers in shall -- shallow water. becky worley joins us from san francisco with what to do when you're hit by unexpected waves. good morning, becky. >> good morning, george. yeah, when we head to the beach we fear riptides, sharks but most injuries, including broken bones, concussions, even paralysis, happen just ten feet from the dry sand. a massive wall of water bearing
8:13 am
the place where you feel safe in the shallows. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: but sometimes that area can turn dangerous in seconds. i think we've all been there. you realize suddenly the water has gotten a lot bigger. in this delaware hospital alone, nearly 2,000 swimmers with injuries requiring emergency treatment in the last five years. >> the energy from a three or four-foot wave is the same energy of getting hit by a small compact car moving at 20 or 30 miles an hour. >> reporter: josh bazle spent his childhood swimming at the beach until one day -- >> i was in waist high water with my back to the ocean when a wave picked me up and slammed me head first against the ocean floor. >> reporter: he is now a quadriplegic. so, i'm heading into the water here in malibu, california, a big swell hitting today. with me los angeles county lifeguard and water safety expert ken haskett.
8:14 am
that hard sand. >> it's like wet cement. >> reporter: to stay safe, experts say swim in lifeguarded areas. >> always check with the lifeguard. they'll give you the safe area to swim. >> reporter: and think like a surfer, study the water before you get in. >> look at the ocean. have that situational awareness. >> reporter: waves come in sets. get through the break zone during smaller waves. and if you're caught inside as a big one hits, don't brace yourself standing tall. >> it tightens you up and the wave will push you over and slam you into the sandy bottom. >> reporter: as counterintuitive as it, ken says if you see that wall of water, go down and grab sand. >> if you go under that, it dissipates. relax. grab a breath of air, and relax under the wave. >> reporter: but if you aren't able to get beneath a wave and a big one tumbles you, these next instructions could save your life. >> grab the back of your head, elbows are in front of you so if
8:15 am
>> reporter: whoo! spin cycle. i spoke with water experts on the east coast too, and they say the majority of injuries they see happen are when people are getting out of the water. so time your exit to coincide with the smaller waves, get through the break zone as fast as you can and, george, you have to keep your head on a swivel watching behind you for those bigger waves. >> yeah, i've never seen that about putting your hands behind your head either but when you and your producers were ou scare with riptides. >> we were treading water behind the break zone and realized we were 200 yards offshore. but this is proof that knowing what to do in the ocean makes it safer to be there. we swam parallel to the beach, 10, 20 yards and were out of the rip calmly making our way to the shore. listen, i love the ocean. i want to help people have tools and awareness to stay safe in there.
8:16 am
her way into the history books. gold medalist claressa shields joins us live fresh off her huge win in rio. ? go ? ? go go big or go home ? h off he win in rio. ? go ? ght a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending. lol. which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara? may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer.
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8:20 am
waiting for all morning, back now with the young woman making history at the olympics overcoming obstacles in and out of the ring. claressa shields capturing gold again becoming the first american olympian to win two gold medals in boxing, and she is joining us now from rio with the big number two right there. congratulations, claressa. i loved how you decided to celebrate there. tell me what was going through your mind when you got that second gold medal. >> well, when i won, i knew i had won, i knew i had won and did a great job, i had won unanimous and i was super excited. i don't know why i did a cartwheel but it just happened. >> you did a cartwheel, claressa, because you could and i fully applaud that. now, you pulled out your gold medal from 2012 when you were on the podium. tell me why. >> well, you know, i knew i would be on the gold medal podium but like i said, when i
8:21 am
i was 17, i didn't feel like i got a lot of recognition so i wanted to let people know and let it be a memory that i am a two-time olympic gold medalist and i won when i was 17, i won the olympics when i was 21. like this is not a game. this is not a joke. i can really fight. i train hard and i got both my gold medals. it was a surprise for everyone. i even shocked myself when i pulled it out. >> i mean that smile, though, it was such a moment and all felt the pride that i know you were feeling in that moment and you had quite a journey getting to that podium for the second time. and you've talked about it. talk about how your past has helped mold you into the two-time gold medalist that you are now. >> well, you know what, after the first olympics, you know, just the fact that i've had so far was just the separation of me and my coach jason crutchfield, and with that he just taught me how to be stronger, like by myself and leading up to this i really had
8:22 am
i had my teammates on the team. and we trained hard together and got mad together and it was just like coming here, we all had so much faith in each other to do like -- to do great things that we were okay with the results that we got but just like -- just the buildup to be here, i think i went without a coach for one year where i was just training myself, and 2014 is when i decided that i would go, the olympic games, and i had just won the world championships and i did that training on my own so to get that 2016 medal and get all the support i had was great and i'm glad that i did it and, you know, maybe 2020, who knows. >> it worked out. it worked out really well. oh, i mean we can only hope for 2020. that would be awesome, claressa. i know part of your mission is to inspire others, to help others. tell me how you're going to do
8:23 am
i have now, i'm just going to, you know, tell people my story and tell them how my story involved god helping me get to where i got and how me being faithful to god helped me be where i am and train hard and put my body through all that hard work and still be able to smile about it afterwards and not be bitter about it. and just to those kids who i know who are like me and who come from similar backgrounds, just to tell them they can make it. i want to where i go and i speak and we actually have places for the kids to come. it's not like an after-school program. more of like a program to where they learn how to navigate their life out of school, you know what i mean. >> oh, and you are the perfect role model for that, claressa. we can only hope for 2020 in tokyo with more of you. thank you for joining us. >> yeah, thank you guys for having me.
8:24 am
>> all right, i'm just over here hanging with ayla from pennsylvania. and we're just having a great morning. ayla, i wanted to show you something. look at this video from arizona, this is a dust storm that rolled through on there sunday. that's a time lapse of it. one of our photographer at our affiliate abc 15 took that. wow, look at that. oh, my goodness, really interesting look at that. old dominion day. have you noticed we're a little country and we did a forecast for a lot of folks in the band and how their lives are intertwined. roanoke is important to em today, harrisonburg, virginia, at 80. did you notice how much cooler it is out here? isn't it fresh? this is one of the coolest mornings we've had in two weeks.
8:25 am
>> i told you we're getting a little country. george and amy, let's do this. >> we'll get there, ginger. and coming up, noah galloway, famous from going from the battlefield to the ballroom. now he's sharing how to live life with no excuses. and we are kicking off our country music playlist week with barbecue and a huge performance from old dominion live. we'll be right back. ? ? baby you know i can't wait ?
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, the time is you will 27. i'm crist -- 8:27. i'm christopher sign. a fun day for kids at grand canyon university, but not a fun time for drivers. the backups on canyon freeway near camelback. gcu has volunteers helping students move in as part of their annual luggage lug. they say it will take minutes per student to get the unloading down. but mallory, quite the mess out there. >> once you're off the 17 it's still very slow. take a look, camelback, bethany home. you're just going to have to grin and bear it through a lot of congestion there. the rest of the freeway is not doing terrible for this time in the morning. on the 10 is a little bit slow in the westbound direction because of a crash on our adot camera. this is i-10 westbound at 83rd 83rd avenue.
8:28 am
there's a rollover off on the right side. it was blocking traffic, but it looks like things are slightly improving right now. we have a breaking news update. a federal judge has granted a nationwide injunction to temporarily block the obama administration policy on transgender bathrooms at public schools. 13 states are part of the lawsuit. the judge in texas says the obama administration did not follow proper procedures in changing the rules. all right. time now for your most accurate forecast. we had a few showers or west near gila early this morning. that's slowly fading away. it's been dry and quiet, though, in the valley and through the morning we'll stay dry. by this afternoon, there's a slight chance for storms. that storm chance going up after lunchtime. our temperatures warming up a bit. we're still in the low 80s, very comfortable out there with mostly sunny skies. by this afternoon, our high just barely making it to 100 degrees. below average high temperatures. again, partly cloudy skies this afternoon with that 10% chance
8:29 am
lunchtime today, chris. just about 8:30. we are back in 25 minutes with
8:30 am
? how you like me now ? ? how you like me now ? welcome back to "gma." our wwe summer slam champions, finn balor and charlotte and they are joining us live after last night's fierce smackdown telling all and that's coming up. we're also kicking off our "gma" country playlist week. look over at the grill. chef bill durney is here along with old dominion and, boy, we got a lot of meat over there in just a little bit. >> first i am here with an american hero, noah galloway, you know him from season 20 of "dancing with the stars." well, the u.s. army war hero has a new memoir called "living with no excuses: the remarkable rebirth of an american soldier."
8:31 am
journey from the battlefield to the ballroom. did you like that graceful sit-down? i was afraid i would fall over. you are incredible and you talk about a real transformational moment for you, 9/11, the moment you decided you want to fight for your country. >> i was in college and seeing that, you know, the scenes that everyone in the world watched live on television, that was enough for me to drop out of school, join the military to be part of the fight. >> and you found a passion there but then in december of 2005 your humvee hit a roadside bomb and you lost your arm and your leg in that and your recovery was long and hard. >> you know, there were several things. that's what i talk about in the book. you know, for a long time people assume it was one turning moment that got me back into living my life and, you know, being a better father and getting back into fitness, but there were several things. that's what i share in the book and i go into great detail of my depression. >> you hit several low moments. >> yes, i did. it wasn't just one turning moment. it was one attempt failed,
8:32 am
coaster of emotions and i share that in great detail with this book. >> i love one of your quotes. in the book you say sh, i needed to quit concentrating on what i lost and focus on what i had left. how do you make that mental shift? it sounds great, but it's really hard to do. >> it is. i mean, i've been asked how long did my recovery take and honestly it took about five years. that's not just physical, that's the mental and emotional effects that it had on me and to recover from that. >> incredibly you decided to speak up and share your story many people in your same situation and in similar ones. tell me about like the courage it took to stand up and share something so personal. >> well, i mean, at first it was just me trying to be a better father. getting back into fitness and i started gaining this following as i was doing things then made "men's health" and went on "dancing with the stars" and it was incredible, the reaction
8:33 am
i share the sides of my story that people don't know about, the down parts and i did it because when i was going through those struggles, i thought i was the only one. i was hiding it from everyone and i'm hoping that it'll connect with somebody or someone that may know someone going through that and see those signs to help them. >> dealing with loss, whatever it is. >> exactly. >> you mentioned "dancing with the stars." you were fantastic. i mean, had you ever danced before and what did you think when producers said, hey, i've got this proposition for you. >> you know, i didn't want to do it. they asked me if i've ever danced before. i said no, and i didn't want to do it. they convinced me to do it. i thought i'd l three weeks, and people were so supportive of me. i was not the best dancer on the show but i lasted the entire ten weeks, me and sharna, because of what sharna burgess was able to do with me, she was able to tell my story through dance and i give her all that credit. she was able to take someone, not just missing a arm or leg but no ability to dance and make it through that entire show. >> you came in third place. congratulations. what was your biggest takeaway from that experience?
8:34 am
from veterans, week five i danced to toby keith's "american soldier" and that dance, the reaction from everybody was incredible. and that kept me motivated week after week to just do the best i could and to push and improve each week. >> i know that continues to reach out to you. what are you hearing from them? how can we do better to improve the relationship between vets and the rest of us? >> i'm hearing a lot of things from veterans and a lot that are -- when i was on the cover of "men's on "dancing with the stars," they were proud to see positive stories of veterans. push those positive stories, not just mine but others. veterans are successful and i don't like to hear the negativity that comes with veterans because even vietnam vets, successful ceos have fought in vietnam and went through struggles and got help, went to college and have been successful and those are the stories that need to be told. >> well, it is certainly an honor to interview you and your story is one to be read. noah, thank you so much.
8:35 am
galloway's incredible story tonight on "nightline" at 12:35 a.m. eastern right here on abc. noah, thanks again. >> thank you. >> george, over to you. >> it is an inspiring story. we're going to move on now to a brand-new series from tyler perry. it's called tyler perry's "too close to home" and takes us from deep south to the white house and chris connelly talks about it. >> reporter: a special place within tyler perry's los angeles residence, a tribute to decades of african-american pion entertainment. >> this room just represents all of the people who have literally paved the way so that i could be in this position and it's my homage to them. >> reporter: the atlanta based perry remains a billion dollar phenomenon writing, directing and acting in plays, movies and tv series all under his name. >> you look like a big bottle of pepto-bismol. >> i'm sitting here in the middle of this success while at the same time i have my hand and my feet still holding on to everything that i've had in the
8:36 am
>> reporter: his newest tyler perry's "too close to home," tlc's first scripted series, an eight-parter spanning washington, d.c. and a trailer park in the deep south. >> the attempted assassination of the president of the united states. >> i love the idea of just how fun and exciting it could be to have someone have this great life in the white house, living their dream and then have it all fall apart because of selfish greedy whatever reasons and find themselves back at home. >> reporter: among those, the besieged bonnie played by soap and broadway stage siren kelly sullivan. >> i relate too her a lot. she's very strong. if bonnie was a friend of mine, i would not mess with her -- >> me either. >> reporter: that's social media superstar brock o'hern who saw this man bun video. >> how to make a bun in 15 seconds or less. >> reporter: catapult him to 2.1 million instagram followers, a
8:37 am
skochool school? >> i played jack from "jack and the beanstalk" in high school. >> the show will feature his first screen kiss ever. >> it was a lot of fun to be honest. >> how far do you have to go back to get somebody's first stage kiss? >> my first stage kiss i think i was 17 so -- and it certainly was not anywhere as good as the kiss that i had with brock. >> i've only been madea on stage. she ain't getting kissed by no never going to happen. >> reporter: madea will return to the big screen in october "boo: a madea halloween" while he admits fatherhood has changed his priorities. >> it changes so much of what i dream about. it used to be about business. where is the next deal? now it's about him. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to chris for that. tyler perry's "too close to home" premieres tonight on tlc. now let's go outside to ginger. >> thank you, george, so much
8:38 am
to all my new friends. what a party we've got and a beautiful morning. look at some of these numbers coming in this morning as far as how cool it is. we called it a taste or a touch of fall because it's 59 in chicago. 58, bloomington, illinois and look at that high, it moves on over here. and you can feel it. it's almost -- i said almost cool. i don't know if i have to call it that. but 50 in far western new york too. that is the big picture. of course, it'll get warmer again. >> this weather report brought to you by carmax. and i'm not alone. joining us now fresh off their performances in last night's wwe summer slam at the barclays center in brooklyn are the new first ever wwe universal
8:39 am
king, and the new women's champion, charlotte. >> thank you. >> wow. so millions of people are watching. barclays is nuts, it's sold out. what does that feel like for you guys? >> well, what a night last night. barclays sold out crowd were electric start to finish. obviously for me personally to be involved in one of the main events was a huge honor. >> what does it mean to be the universal champion? what does that mean to you? >> i've been doing it a long time, 16 years all over the world. europe, mexico, japan. it's very rare to get an opportunity to be the first. but last night i became the first ever wwe universal champion. >> people out here are pumped. charlotte, what does it feel like? there's so many other women. you're at the pinnacle now. >> you know, i'm honored to be here, and i was here after wrestlemania, so it feels like yesterday but this title is a representation of all the hard work of all the women, so, yes,
8:40 am
but this is everyone. >> we are so happy you're here. you're going to give me some moves coming up. you can see both champions, finn balor and charlotte on wwe monday night raw tonight on usa. george. >> thank you, ginger.
8:42 am
back now with our big
8:43 am
you've been sending in pictures of your best dishes. there's some of them right there. we're going to share some from hometown bar-b-que of of brooklyn's pit master bill durney. how does a guy from brooklyn get to do this? >> i know. it's a long way. i am from the south. i'm from south brooklyn. well, it's travel. you know, we all love to travel and i was inspired by people all around the world cooking on wood and wood fire, and now i'm just inspired by, you know, the sites, the sounds, the smells of where i grew up, right here in new york city, brooklyn, new york. >> what a feast you brought us, ribs, pork, all kinds of fixings. >> we brought some pork shoulders that we've been smoking for about 16 hours last night. we have some texas-style spare ribs, shout out to texas. >> that's beef. >> oh, yeah, she's are pork ribs. >> pork? >> we got boos coming from the back. we got people from south and north carolina back there. we got some spare ribs and then
8:44 am
back rib to represent us -- >> billy, is there a secret to grilling ribs at home? >> yeah, for sure. a lot think they can't get smoke on their backyard grills but actually they can. one of the tips we'd like to give is just to get a bunch of aluminum foil and some wood chips and put them on your grill and let them slowly come up to temperature so they'll create a nice little smoke there. >> two different sections of the grill? >> yes, exactly, two-zone cooking, so you want to have your coals on one side and the opposite for indirect cooking. >> we have some questions from your fans at home. evan will be asking a question. >> hi, this is evan here. i have a question about grilling. how do you get that smoky flavor on a gas grill? >> right, so this is what we were just speaking of on the gas grill. also i think the science we can debate the science but old wives' tale, should you soak the
8:45 am
the science behind it says wood combustion needs dehydration for the wood so why would we soak them before we put them on. >> what's your favorite wood? >> we like white oak and we like finishing with cherry wood. cherry wood is a soft, mild smoke whereas white oak is a hardwood that has a little more smoked flavor. >> standing here we'll smell like it for the rest of the day. i'm totally okay with that, by the way. >> we have another question from emily now. >> chicken and pork usually take a long time on the grill. can i partially cook the meat to shorten the time on the grill? >> emily, it's a really interesting question. we get a question a lot at the restaurant, can we hold like this? but there is a danger zone. that's between 40 and 140 degrees so you never want to leave your meat partially cooked. you want to -- you can start it one way and finish it on the grill but it needs to be cooked through to temperature. >> one last question, here comes jen. >> hi, my name is jen. and i
8:46 am
keep my meat and poultry in the freezer before it goes bad. >> that's an awesome question, jen. so what we like to say for a safe time is about six months. hunters all around, you know, can do it for much longer periods of time, but frozen for your home cooked, six months in the freezer. if it's nice and sealed, vacuum packed, it'll be just as good coming out of the freezer. >> a lot of good tips, thanks for joining us, chef. >> always a pleasure. coming up, old dominion will perform live. ? ? to tell him that it's over then bring it on over ? ? stringing him along any longer girl it's just wasting precious
8:47 am
8:48 am
? back now with old dominion helping kick off our "gma" country playlist week. they just announced a new fall tour. here they are with "song for
8:49 am
album "meat and candy." ? ? right now we both know we're marina del rey ? ? plane's gonna fly away and you'll be on it ? ? and by this time tomorrow i'll be singing yesterday ? ? the sunshine's gonna fade and we can't stop it ? ? so before we turn in i can't make you love me ? ? let's be brown-eyed girl, sweet caroline, free fallin', small town saturday night ? ? before we lose that loving feeling let's go dancing on the ceiling ? ? keep on living that teenage
8:50 am
grass is green ? ? pretty soon i'll be so lonesome i could cry but that's a song for another time ? ? just for one more day what do you say baby be my pretty woman ? ? because we know sunday morning's coming down and let's take a drive ? ? you and i down some old country road ? ? talk about growing old in one of those pink houses ? ? yeah we might be a candle in the wind but let's pretend we're ? ? brown-eyed girl, sweet caroline, free fallin', small town saturday night ? ? before we lose that loving feeling let's go dancing on the ceiling ? ? keep on living that teenage
8:51 am
? pretty soon you'll be always on my mind but that's a song for another time ? ? ? so before we're singing i will always love you ? ? let's sing brown-eyed girl, sweet caroline ? ? free fallin', small town saturday night ? ? before you lose that lo feeling let's go dancing on the ceiling ? ? keep on living that teenage dream paradise city where the grass is green ? ? pretty soon i'll be so lonesome i could cry ? ? but that's a song for another time ? ? yeah that's a song for another time, brown-eyed girl, sweet caroline ?
8:52 am
free fallin', small town saturday night that's a song for
8:54 am
8:55 am
? ? brown-eyed girl ? "good morning america" is brought to you by target. expect more, pay less. >> old dominion giving us a nice start to our week. thank you very much. you're heading on a big tour. >> we are. big time, man. it's our first headline tour. >> feels good. >> very good. >> thanks for starting it here on "gma." great monday morning. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for this monday treat. thanks for watching. have a great monday, everyone. ? ? just for one more day what do
8:56 am
good morning. we are working to learn more about a woman in critical condition after a double stabbing at a bus stop.
8:57 am
our studios at 44th st. and washington. two when -- two women in two men weather bus stop when an argument broke out. one of the men stabbed the two women. officers did find the suspect around the corner. we have a traffic alert. this is air 15 showing a head on crash, one world. we are hearing the injuries aren't no one taken to the hospital. this is the westbound lane of camelback road. watch out for congestion there. looking at the freeways not too bad. about a 15 minute desert drive time on i-10. that is traveling eastbound from the 101 to the 17. loop 202 st. anne is where you
8:58 am
10. the temperature is slowly climbing. climbing to 85 at the top of the hour. upper 80s at 10 am. by this afternoon the high temperature only makes it to 100. another day of below average. we have to watch for storms developing in the valley. chances are low, but there is a chance of a few pop-up storms heading into this afternoon and early evening. tomorrow a slight chance of storms and then drying out for coming up next, can you believe fall is around the corner? we are getting ready for delicious fall flavors.
8:59 am
9:00 am
there she is. coming up today believe it or not fall is fast approaching. we have jennifer making dishes like corn salsa. >> life is beautiful at the cabaret. heading to asu gammage and we have tickets to give away. look at this cute little furball. do you have one? do you have trouble getting him to the vet? we will have cat care tips coming up.


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