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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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overnight forecast tonight, and there's a slight chance of action overnight, and then going into tomorrow, the storms in the mountains have a chance of coming down once again, so we are going to keep a slight chance in the forecast throughout the day tuesday before drive r drying out through the -- drying out through the middle of week. coming up we'll go day by day through the forecast. >. and don't forget, when weather hatches we want -- happens we want to see your videos and pictures, e-mail them to us, and get of abc 15 desert doppler on the go by downloading the free abc 15 app. >> please, if anyone has seen anything anywhere or heard anything, please help us so that we want to get to the bottom of it, and find justice. tonight for the first time we're hearing from the heart broken loved ones of a valley man stabbed to death outside a chandler gym. >> they're talking abouting the
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loved, and begging for witnesses to come forward. here's sonu wasu. >> we miss him every singling day, and i know -- single day, and i know we can never get him back, but the reason is we don't want any other family to go through this thing ever. >> reporter: a very private family speaking up in search of justice. we're learning more about the 84-year-old man stabbed multiple times, he was just on his way to the gym. family members just released these new photos he was a regular at this chandler la fitness, and an effort to stay fit and live long, cut violently short. >> we think of him every morning and wonder what his last minutes were like. >> reporter: he was a retired engineer. police say the attack took place outside la fitness where guys on their way to the gym found him slumped over in his car. >> i know there have been other incidents like vehicle burglaries and such, i don't
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it. >> reporter: the motive is still unknown. the killer, still on the loose. everyone is desperate for answers. >> this loss devastated all of us, especially his wife of 50 years. and right now from the abc 15 live desk, the hunt is on for a man who tried to rob a phoenix motel 6, but ran when the security guard fought back near 53rd and van buren. the area blocke overnight. the guard saw two men on surveillance carrying guns, one jumped over the were counter and -- over the counter aimed at the guard, and he killed the man. and a deadly shooting at a motel, the knight's inn where a man was found shot to death inside a room. police are looking into whether that shooting was in self-
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recent less than 48 hours ago when a local rapper was gunned down. he was celebrating his birthday at a strip club, he left for a moment, herd the gunshot -- heard the gunshot, and found his body outside the hotel. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. the family of a tolleson man hoping someone knows something about how he was gunned down over the were weekend. even the slightest detail could help. it's 45-year-old lamar thomas gunned down. crews tried to save him, but he died at the hospital. from a dorm room to a jail cell tonight. the asu were student is facing charges, accused of trespassing on the campus police parking lot. the 20-year-old was high on lsd
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over the 7-foot tall fence. >. democracy 2016, we're going to ohio tonight where donald trump is just rapping up a rally in akron. the nominee insisting he's not flip flopping on his immigration plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the us, despite his campaign manager hinting the stance may not be set in stone. >> as the weeks unfold, he'll lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> w deportation force, the kind he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> trump insisting it's not a stance reversal. >> reporter: so you're not flip flopping? >> no, we want to come up with a really fair but firm answer. >> hillary clinton off the campaign trail today, but still dealing with e-mail headaches. the fbi releasing tens of thousands of new non-work related clinton e-mails from
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>> arrest joe arpaio! hispanic leaders in the community rallying today, calling for the arrest and prosecution of sheriff joe arpaio. abc 15's maryellen resendez is live downtown where it all happened, and this isn't just end with the rally today >> reporter: no, it didn't, in fact some of the racial profiling victims were actually here, and rallied here about two hours, and at they walked up into the us attorney's office, went through the door, and demanded a meeting with attorney, wanting him to take action. >> joe arpaio has to go! >> reporter: members of phoenix's hispanic community marched and chanted through downtown calling for the arrest of the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in america >> he's done enough crime, he's done enough suffering and pain,
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anymore. >> reporter: in the middle of the rally four walked upstairs to the us attorney's office, and demanded to meet with him. instead members of his staff met with him. >> this is urgent, and we'll continue to put it at the fore front, and the -- forefront, and the victims are creating the urgency, and they told us to have faith and trust. >> reporter: judge murray snow ordered arpaio to stop the raids in 2011, and ruled him guilty of ra only to discover the sheriff allegedly never stopped. arpaio admitted to state contempt of court, but now they want him held in criminal contempt. >> i believe he should pay his time for the case, and i hope the judge makes the right decision. >> reporter: now the us attorney has already once recused himself from a case
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history with him, and he found the sheriff guilty of misusing his power of other office. >> we'll bible following this one every step of the way. thank you. >. face to face with a killer. tonight the latest victim of the serial street shooter is speaking out about the night he nearly lost his life. and brand new details just in after a gilbert man admittings to shooting and -- admits to killing and shooting his -- shooting and killing his roommate in self-defense. and a live look from 15, we're out helping us track the flooding left behind from storms this afternoon. they're in the sunny slope area, we'll look at the rain
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>> all right, this is 7th -- >> reporter: all right, this is 7th street looking north at thunderbird, and cars just plowing through the water. there's a golf course nearby, and a rain gauge showed two- thirds of an inch in a short period of time, and laura thomas saw one of my tweets, an it's flowing into 7th street, and there's storm drains on either side absorbing the water, but the water is collecting in the men time, and the cars are slowly making their way, and look at the water in the right lane, it's almost up to the grill almost. see right there? not good driving through at a high rate of speed, ask get water in the -- can get water in the engine. the water curb to curb, pretty deep, about four or five
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rain coming down, and skies are clearing upright now know. back to you. stay dry joe. it was back to work today for the arizona cardinals following we'll see an iffy start to the pre-season. >> yeah, 0 and 2 in the early going. jason snavely is at the university of phoenix stadium, and sounds like the team is not reading too much into the record. >> reporter: yeah, we may have only seen one touchdown for the arizona cardinals, but bruce arians played about 20 plays, and most of the gays last friday -- guys last friday night won't make the team, so no need to panic. the house hold names we're used to watching every sunday v barely seen -- have barely seen the field. they'll probably play the majority of the first half in houston. of course they'd like to win the games, but the ws don't start to count until mid- september. >> i was in detroit when he
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and went 16-0 in the regular season, so it helps you build confidence, i think sometimes people get caught up in the record, and you want to win, every time you step on the field you want to put the best foot forward, but we're gettings better, and -- getting better, and we want to win the next two games. >> reporter: we'll see if they can put one in the win column this sunday afternoon, and we'll probably get th look at the rookie robert nkemdiche, he made his training camp debut today fresh off an ankle injury. we'll hear from him at 6:00. >> yes, a lot of people want a look at him. >> absolutely. jason, thank you. and don't forget we're gives away tickets to the cards broncos game september 1st. just download the abc 15 app and look for contest entry for a chance to win. >. a valley high school put on lock down for the second
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what sparked the scare this time. and the man that killed a valley 7-11 clerk. what went terribly wrong that night. >> reporter: i'm raquel cervantes in phoenix where local muslims from told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america of phoenix. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
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breaking news update out of the west valley where students and fablingty at sierra linda high school just got the all clear after a second threat in less than a week. this time somebody called in the threat to the school. last week somebody wrote a threatening message on a wall on campus. both times police searched the school, and found nothing. >. just into the live desk,
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murder of a 7-11 clerk, and this man says he didn't plan for one of clerks to fight back. he says the clerk grabbed his gun and it just went off, and they still struggled after that, so he shot him again to get away. the clerk later died, and now the suspect is facing murder and armed robbery charges, and he didn't get away with any money. he's due back to court friday. imagine camming face to face with a -- comin face with a killer. four people targeted by the serial street shooter survived, and now one is telling his story. here's the chilling account of the night he nearly lost his life. >> reporter: we're not identifying the victim for his protection, but he says he pulled up to this stop sign, and was waiting because he saw a black bmw coming from this direction. they turned and they pulled upright beside each other, and
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this is the victim's car. according to a police report, the shooter fired five shots, several hitting the car, one hitting the neighbor's wall. the victim was with his 4-year- old nephew, and amazingly neither was hit. the victim has no idea why they were targeted, but has no doubt it was the serial street shooter. >> it seemed it didn't bother him at all. for a fact he wasn't wearing a mask or glasses or a hat. it was just like his face was basically he didn't care, he just didn't care if i saw him or you know if i would identify him. >> reporter: the shooting happened back in the middle of july, it's the last known attack police attributed to the serial street shooter. abc 15. >> fascinating. thank you. for more on the serial shooting cases go to where we have a special section dedicated to catching this guy with coaches, interactive -- sketches, interactive maps and more. >. a scuffle turns into a
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home, and now one man says it was all self-defense, but one chilling social media post could crack this case wide open. >> reporter: police on scene asking 21-year-old zach penton would he change anything he could? he said no, because he wasn't hurt, but his roommate was, shot in the head. inside the house near chandler height, a fight turned physical send burst into his room saying he'd kill him if he didn't move out when a fight broke out. the 21-year-old says he feared for his life, and grabbed a gun. but one tweet says i need to move out of my place before i viciously murder my roommates. gilbert police say they're aware but can't confirm if it's the suspect's account.
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bond. abc 15 news. and the man accused of sexually assaulting more than a dozen underage girls is back in court right now, all part of legal saga for tyler coast, 18 years old when he was arrested in 2014. in july a judge ordered he be released on electronic surveillance, but just a few weeks ago an unexpected legal twist. coast was forced to go back to jail. the trial was set for next february. >. and we're waiting to learn the fate of the man that mi killing a chandler police detective. he was expected to be sentenced today for murdering the detective in 2010. the officers was undercover in south phoenix and trying to sell pot to the man and several other suspects, but a gun fight broke out and the deal turned deadly and the officer didn't make it. two other officers were injured. >. we showed you the street flooding, and look at the rain fall totals.
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some problems. 7th street near thunderbird got an inch of rain in less than an hour. and near 83rd avenue in peoria, on the far northwest side of town, just shy of a half inch of rain, amount near grand avenue and loop -- also near grand avenue and loop 303. here's what e're tracking now. not a lot left, looking at the desert doppler, the showers are winding down. we have rain to the northwest still, thunder and lightning to the west of yarnell, and heavy ryan. the storms are -- rain. the storms are building out to the east now. we're seeing lightning with them, nearly 40 strikes as of the last update, but the heavy rain is moving out of lake havasu, and still run off issues there. across northwest arizona this is where the situation is becoming very ugly and fast.
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we're tracking. really heavy downpours, and two flash flood warnings in effect right now. one of them is for the kingman area, so we'll keep a close eye on that for you as storms continue to develop. farther to the east just a few spotty showers to the northeast of flagstaff at this hour, and the rim is pretty quiet, just a few pockets of light rain, and now what we expect here in the valley. we'll see the clouds stick around, and there's a slight chance of an isolated shower or two tonight, but i have taken the showers down to just 10 percent. we're a little breezy now, but temperatures fallen to 91, so hour by hour looks like most of the valley will be in the 80s by 7:00 p.m., then the drop off into the upper 80s by 9:00. now we still have spots not receiving rain that are a little warmer. sky harbor down to 91, and flagstaff at 65. 40s and 50s along the rim, and safford 60s, low 80s for
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and highs there tomorrow in the low 100s, and that's what we expect across can hottest spots in the central and western deserts. to the north, sedona 83, flagstaff at 68, and globe to the east at 91 tomorrow afternoon. here's the hour by hour in the valley. there's a slight chance of an isolated shower in the morning, then bring the chance back again in the afternoon and early evening. starting out in the 80s, and the triple digits in the forecast tomorrow, but just for about an hour or two, so we're going to hit the century mark briefly and look at the east valley some neighborhoods won't even get there. apache junction, fountain hills, paradise valley, 99 for the high tomorrow. for gilbert, tempe, and ahwatukee it's 100, and 101 in avondale and glendale tomorrow afternoon. seven-day forecast, slight chance of an isolated shower tomorrow, drying out wednesday and thursday, wednesday 103, then moisture comes back, and
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showers possible friday and saturday before we start the dry out once again, hitting 104 for the start of next week. the softer side of our law enforcement caught in action. call it deputy day care, the story behind the photos up next. and here's what's coming up next on world news. coming up, deadly police shooting was a young deaf father trying to use sign language. and the man with an assault rifle caught inside a home. and the new wildfire burning out of control in the now the tornado confirmed here
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and a news alert, the
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school expected to open in the next hour or so, as crews rush to repair this, a 20-foot zipping hole near the south end of grand canyon -- 20-foot sink hole near the grand canyon college. and loop 101 near scottsdale will be narrowed to one lane between 90th and mountainview through thursday 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. apartment of overnight -- part of >. a touching reminder of how law enforcement plays a critical role even to those that may not remember. the pinal county sheriff's office sharing these pictures of deputies caring for a one month old baby who's mother was just arrested. and new at 6:00, criminal or justified? it's the first review on
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man his life in another state. >. and find out if your personal information is at risk. >> reporter: every day in this courtroom a judge balances a child's needs and a parent's right. coming up at 6:00 we talked to a judge about how she decides if a child's home is safe to go home to again. aps wants to make change, and it's probably going to cost you more. joe ducey here, new at 6:00 why it's happening, and what you can do about it. >. all right, and showers winding down but we are seeing high winds kick out dust. i've circled it on the map.
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how much longer will you wait? how much longer will you go through the motions? how much longer will it be... ck up the phone and call the ashline? double your chances of successfully quitting. call now, while you still can.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. donald trump, suddenly putting his big speech on hold. is he about to change course on immigration? and any plans for a deportation force for 11 million? and hillary clinton tonight, thousands of e-mails under the microscope. the deadly police shooting under investigation at this hour. >> a young, unarmed father who was deaf, pulled over. was he trying to use sign language when shots were fired? the new wildfire in the west. out of control right now. and the tornado now confirmed in the east. the stunning image tonight. the child suicide bomber stopped. our chief foreign correspondent on the father who sent his boy. and the million-dollar mistake. ryan lochte's sponsorships take a dive tonight. the major names now revealed,


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