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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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abc 15 breaking news. >> taken at gun point, a big investigation right now in the west valley. >> it's just in the early stages, but we know this was a car jacking near camelback. a man says several people approached him and stole his mini van.
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but one victim is already too many, so we want to get this out there. and a description of what the serial shooter might be driving. >> navideh forghani is joining us live. >> and the car was caught on camera? >> reporter: yes, it was seen circling the neighborhood for two hours before finding the next target right here at this intersection. >> i was able to see of the gun. >> reporter: this man lucky to be alive after escaping death at the hand of phoenix serial street shooter, the encounter at 30th and sheridan, just north of oak when he and the shooter pulled up to the intersection at the same time. >> my windows were down, and his windows were down. >> reporter: the shooter in a black bmw made sure to get a good look. >> i was like that's strange, why is he looking at me that way? then he pulled out the gun and started firing. he wasn't wearing a mask or
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he didn't care if i saw him. >> reporter: cameras from a neighboring home captured the red honda riddled with bullets driving away. that video is now with police, but the homeowners say there's also a glimpse of the shooter's car. >> he was circling around. >> reporter: and listen to what he noticed about the older model bmw police told us about. >> it's kind of lowered, like a sports vehicle. maybe part of a sports package, and had black window tint. >> reporter: and because of how bold the shooter is, the victim and neighbors are hoping more people with this kind of detailed information come forward. >> maybe it's just one person that will actually make all the difference, but i believe we need to do our part in capturing this guy. >> reporter: and again those bullets barely missing that victim and his 4-year-old nephew that was inside the car. police are looking into every single tip that comes in, so
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and call silent witness if you know anything. >> look right at the camera. right at the camera, and it's that moment that one goodyear business hopes catches this guy. it may not sound like much, just stealing sun glasses, but they were in a memorial box for a friend of business. southwest motor sports. and strangely enough we're told this guy bought a shirt before swiping the shades something. were ask we're hearen -- and we're hearing from the friends of a man found dead inside his home, his roommate the one charged with murder. jon erickson is live at the jail, and this case is making headlines far beyond the valley. >> reporter: it's all because of a tweet, and what happened next. looking for answers they haven't yet found. which was their friend daniel killed? >> he's like my brother from
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a white ninja bike in the driveway, and on this twitter pain. the user tweeted i need to move out before i viciously murder my roommate. that was two days before his roommate was shot in the head and killed. jill was the victim's friend, and she's seen the tweet. did danny say he felt uneasy or worried about the guy? >> no. >> reporter: another tweet says holy blank. buying a gun is according to court documents, the suspect told police he fought with the victim in the moments before the shooting. that danny grabbed him, he was scared, so he got the gun and shot him. jill says danny didn't have a temper. >> i just wonder because danny is such a nice guy, so in order for this to happen he was going to kick the guy out, i don't know if the guy owed him money or how that transpired. >> reporter: the victim's
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his young son probably has them too. and i reached the suspect's family's lawyer tonight and asked him about the tweet. the lawyer says that people type things all the time that they will don't mean to be taken literally. >> interesting to see how this ends up effecting the case. john, thank you. >. new tonight, we have the documents we were waiting for on a former police lieutenant arrested for super extreme dui. the newest piece of information. his wife. a homicide detective with the mesa police department was actually along for his very drunk ride. it's not a crime though to be a passenger of a drunk driver, so no internal investigation, and she is still on the job. we told you last week her husband though resigned. judgment day for a phoenix woman that ran down her boyfriend with her car at a park in sunny slope. she'll learn her sentence tomorrow, and said she didn't mean to hit the guy, but the
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nohelani graf has that video and the shocking evidence. >> reporter: as the song goes mustang sally better slow her mustang down, but she told police her boyfriend dropped quite the bombshell before she put him in respect on the ground. poetic justice? she just learned he had hiv and was laughing about it. then she says he pulled a knife on her, cut her arm, but she also said she was distraught, didn't realize she'd hit him, that's why others come to not her. but take a closer look. she rams him head on. there's no missing the body going over the windshield, and according to court documents they say she was making doughnuts around the park before yelling she was going to kill him with the car, but he walks away, at least a few steps with a broken back, and she walks away with a plea deal. aggravated assault and leaving the scene. next a judge decides when she'll get to leave jail.
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>. as each day passes he's missed that much more. it's been more than a month since 10-year-old jesse wilson disappeared from his home in buckeye. nobody has been able to find him, and that's not stopping people though from activity searching. in fact a private search group called find me is joining the effort. it was founded by a retired police officer. some of their methods are nontraditional like using psychics, but also use search and ground. just look at the water. north phoenix was soaked today, and one of our photographers got cool go pro video from the storm drains. they were doing their job near 7th and cactus. we also have flooded roads, and one woman was trying to snap the perfect shot of drivers going through the water. here's her explanation through the lens of her camera.
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doesn't care. this one, i'm going to do it, i don't care if i'm small, i'm going to do it >> yikes. live drive also capturing the water on the roads. this video near 7th and thunderbird around rush hour. most drivers there decided to plow through and take chances too. of course not the best choice. turn around, don't drown. the flooded roadways a problem overnight in northwest arizona. here in the valley pretty quiet with a few showers to the west, and a slight chance they could come in in the overnight forecast. northwest arizona, multiple thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warning, it's happening near bullhead city, kingman, just getting slammed right now. so coming up in minutes we'll have the full forecast and talk about the vets tomorrow across the -- threats tomorrow across the state. he's a lifesaver in every sense of the word. a new jersey police officer rescuing a family of four
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burning home as they jumped out of a second particular window, he caught them, and we're hearing from the hero. >> i looked at the people getting the ladder, and looked up in the air, and she was already jumping, so as she was on her way down i caught her. >> he was already in the area, and able to get there before firefighters. had he not stepped up to help this family may not have made it out. a top judge in maricopa county speaking only to abc 15 tonight and explaining how the child welfare kids who have been abused or neglected. >> there's a lot of resources that we try to gather around a family when they've had their kids removed, but at the end of the case we weren't really checking in top find out what's next -- to find out what's next. i think it's a weak part of system. >> she says simple systems like child care, substance abuse counseling, and even food baskets can help avoid another crisis.
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not so much, but these officers were helping at a home in oracle before dps could arrive. mom was arrested for leaving her 1 month old baby at home with no one to watch it. she's now to state custody. they want sheriff joe to go, but he has no intentions of leaving, despite the fact he's in a nearly unprecedented situation. tonight arpaio is waiting on the us attorney to decide all of this for violating court orbs in a -- orders in a racial profiling case. victims say enough is enough. >> there's been years of continued abuse, continuing pain and suffering from our community. he's ripped our families and community apart in many ways, and we want him to be behind bars >> victims walked into the us attorney's office today
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staff members telling them they're still reviewing the case, and to have faith. and was it all a set up or should he have to pay up? tonight we know tyler coast will only have one trial instead of the two expected by the state. he's accused of raping several girls in san tan valley when he was a teen, but he said the girls worked together, plotting against him on social media. the man accused of shooting an clerk says yes, he did it, but no it was not his intention. the man claims it was an accident, and had the clerk listened to his commands, he said he'd probably still be alive. he says he fired his gun on the to get the clerk off of it, but sadly the clerk was killed. >. nanny cam nightmare. a thief armed with an assault rifle invades a family's home.
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fame? forget swimming. ryan lochte's potential new gig. >> i'm like irritated because
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well they installed a nanny cam but never imagined it would catch a thief in action. this guy first terrorized a woman inside her home demanding jewelry and ca >> told me to lie down on the bed, put my face in the pillow. i pointed to a jewelry box, and he went over there and flipped it up, and the whole time just the gun. >> a short time later and four miles away he was caught on the nanny cam in a second home after kicking in the door. he got away with two tvs, a safe, lap top, and family ring. local muslims from a strong
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billboard campaign saying you suck. a spokesperson with the campaign saying education is needed to tell the public that muslims don't support isis. >> so it's kind of good to separate the two, and be like hey, isis, you suck from actual muslims because what isis per sues and the -- pursues and what they stand for is actually not in our religion at all. >> the group hopes to have the campaign spread around the country. >. update tonight on billboard featuring a scmuck, frank. he's running, and firefighters were upset saying it implied they supported him. he took the billboard down and said he never intended that, and accused his opponent of misrepresenting his military
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tonight, and he says it's simply a lye being spread. >. a mail mess near sky harbor. our of our abc 15 photographers catching this on video. mail spread all across washington and 44th street. it looked like some of the letters are supposed to be forwarded, but officials at the postal service say none of the mail was going to be delivered to customers, it was all going to be recycled. still unclear though how all of this spilled in the first place. >. whether they like it or to the deadline to make the cars more fuel efficient. none tonight, an -- new tonight an attempt to push back the deadline was overruled. whatever you do, don't look down. some incredible video tonight as more than two dozen people are rescued from a roller
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pennsylvania. this is the second ride in less than a week to get stuck at the park. >. it won't bring him back, but gives more understanding of what happened. a final report released on that deadly gator attack at a disney world hotel. it says 2-year-old lane graves was standing in ankle deep water in the seven seas lagoon trying to make a sand castle. he bent over and that's what the attack happened. the boy's father was close enough to try and free his son, but he was overpowered. since the tragediennes destarted to -- tragedy, disney started to build a stone wall along the beaches. >. and an upset target shopper. sometimes the same product is in a couple of different spots in the store, but you expect it to be the same price right? wrong. one father in kansas city says his child's medicine was a dollar cheaper near the
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aisle. other shoppers are surprised by this. >> at last crazy. like -- that's crazy. like i had no idea. >> i won't go back to the baby aisle. >> the corporate office said it was an error in the pricing system, but no telling how many people overpaid before it was noticed. >. what started as a fun night might turn out to be a million dollar mistake. >> yes, us already losing four sponsorship deals, but new at 10:00, an opportunity that might be good for him, an online betting site is betting on whether he'll bp on the bachelor -- be on the bachelor or dancing with the stars by the end of year. >> i heard the bachelor. >> i want to hear what fans have to say, some people might say no.
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be surprised. >> it's usually the guy that lost the last season. >> you're right. speaking of swimmer though it was an amazing week to go swimming because it was not super hot outside. likable actually sit next to the -- like you could actually sit next to the pool. >> yes, temperatures below average the best of the week, but we have showers to track. few pop ups to the west. we're seeing some of that activity really start toll fire higher terrain west of tonopah, and it's moving to the north and northwest. so there's a chance of receiverring overnight showers across the phoenix metro. the heaviest stuff is across for northwest arizona. this is where we have flash flood warns in place right now. some of these will be in effect until 1:00 in the morning, so we're still seeing rain fall
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soaking rain causing huge flooding problems, and at this point we have at least four flash flood warnings in effect for our state, all of which in northst northwest arizona -- northwest arizona. into the overnight hours that's the hot bed for stuff. for the valley a slight chance of 10 percent overnight of maybe a stray shower. we dry out tomorrow, and then another slight chance into the afternoon of a little bit more before we start to see the monsoon moisture retreat into the middle of week. right now at 90 dewpoint 57, southwest winds at 5 miles per hour, and techs in the 80s -- temperatures in the 80s and low 90s. casa grande at 90 as well. 60s in sedona, payson, and prescott, and these spots in the overnight forecast into the upper 50s to low 60s. flagstaff at 46 tonight, show low 53, and temperatures down into the 60s near kingman and low 80s for bullhead city and lake havasu. tomorrow those spots in the triple digits out to the northwest, and that's down into the yuma and back up toward the
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degrees. a little below average for this time of year. here's futurecast into tomorrow, there's going to be a chance of showers and thunderstorms up along i-40 into flagstaff for the morning hours, and then into the later morning, early afternoon we start to see that build fact to the south. -- farther to the south. there's a chance of activity in phoenix, and wednesday the storms in the higher terrain to the east and southeast near safford with drier air from the southwest. here's the hour by tomorrow. 82 at 7:00 a.m., 95 at noon. briefly touch the triple digits here in phoenix. just for a little bit. apache junction and fountain hills and paradise valley won't, but phoenix will. tempe 100, peoria and glendale 101. dry out wednesday and thursday. 107 thursday, then friday and -- 103 thursday, and then friday and saturday another chance of spotty showers, and dry out again for the end of weekend. >> that's kind of scary. well, you see it on the
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causing problems on the inside? the major health alert over nail polish. >. and back on the field,
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element, a health alert you've -- all right, a health alert you've likely heard before. your nail polish could be toxic. polish with tphc actually ends up inside your body, and for young girls it could disrupt hormones systems. >> only do it once in awhile, for a special occasion. definitely be conscious of biting your fingernails. >> the fda is not required to approve cosmetic products before they go on the market. best advice, check the label yourself. in tonight's consumer alert, hard to complain about free money, but if it's from a class action settlement you want to know if it's real or fake. with scammers more sophisticated than ever, the consumer federation of america
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flags. partial payment, wiring funds for any reason, or the company name on the check and envelope are different. signs of a real check include if it's less than $100, and all you're required to do is cash it. >. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> reporter: welcome back out to university of phoenix stadium where it's been nothing but good news the last couple of days. first the honey badger made his return yesterday, and today we got a look at the draft pick in action. robert nkemdiche, the rookie defensive end who sprained his ankle two weeks ago making his training camp debut. plenty of pre-season hype surrounding this young plan, and bruce arians doesn't seem concerned with the time he's missed. he's been in the meetings, so today was just a matter of seeing him on the field for the first time, and seeing the power he brings to the table. >> felt good being out there
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feeling good to be back in a football mode. i didn't feel behind at all, just thankful for getting back used to the sharp movements, and explosive movements, and things like that, so just taking it day by day. >> reporter: so positive first day of work for robert nkemdiche. tomorrow they get the day off, then back to work wednesday, thursday, friday, it. >> don't forget abc 15 is giving away tickets to the cards broncos game september 1st. just download the abc 15 app, and look for contest entry for a chance to win. >. are you booking a flight
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if you're looking to book a flight for an upcoming trip, tomorrow might be the magical date, some experts say the
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and you can save up to 20 percent on a round trip flight. >. workers are wanted in the valley, and you can land an interview tomorrow at a phoenix job fair. they're looking to hire 2,000 people. it runs from 10:00 to 1:00 at the phoenix airport hilton. >. and hillary clinton appearing on jimmy kimmel live tonight. >> you'll see it in a few minutes, but here's a sneak peek. >> at any po mention my name? >> oh, we took you very seriously. >> did you really? >> yes, you were on the list. >> see i don't believe because you picked tim kaine, and were you looking the record somebody that look -- for somebody that looked like he jumped at the front row of a jimmy buffet concert? >> that's just moments away. >> and a few showers moving into the valley right now, so here's desert doppler.
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on the radar over the last 30 minutes or so, and also a little fact to the west along i- 10 near tonopah. we'll continue to watch those, and there's a chance of a few showers overnight and tomorrow before drying out midweek. then another slight chance friday and saturday as well. overall temperatures not bad the next seven days.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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