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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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alerting neighbors in this neighborhood that noticed a suspicious car. it's what they found inside that launched a major investigation. one of us should have been there -- should have been injured but we face-to-face with the serial street shooter just before he opened fire. in the state trooper shot and killed a man, but did the man even hear the warning to pull over. we are enduring weather alert as showers and storms move across the phoenix metro that started let -- late last night.
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stronger storms moving right over the a stray is -- the estrellas. it's moving to spots like glendale this morning. the chances for storms through at least 6 am but after that the storms aren't completely clear but they start to gradually taper off. if you're out this morning this is what you have to look out for and some spots receiving a quarter to a half of an inch of rain especially in the north valley. nick ciletti is there in the live drive on i-17. what are you seeing out there, any redding washes this morning -- running washes this morning? >> reporter: we are seeing quite a bit of rain. it's really coming down right now. i want to flip the quick -- the camera around. the rain is really coming down at times and the lightning also. we've seen at least a dozen or so lightning strikes. some of
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impressive lightning i have seen in quite a while so we're definitely going through and showing everybody what exactly is happening. we are showing you video also because it has also been overnight in different parts of the valley. we were seeing this just outside of our station outside of phoenix sky harbor. our executive producer really saw his windshield wipers going in tempe. lots of different places are seeing this. the roads are still a little slick so we want to be careful without of course. let's get a check of desert drive times with mallory moore in a moment but first, welcome and thanks for starting your day with us here on abc15 mornings. >> we want to get right to the live desk with christopher got -- christopher sign. what's breaking? >> a homicide investigation, breaking news right now. this investigation is underway at an apartment complex in north phoenix after a man's
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tatum and bell rainier this year ranked apartments. justin pazera -- the sierra ranch apartments. justin pazera is there. >> reporter: they are start -- they are trying to figure out who did this. see that carport? that's where residents here thought something was up with that car and called police. that's where the body was. we don't know if the body was in the car but investigators believe the man's body was -- or the man was actually killed on saturday. his body was decomposing and there were obvious signs of trauma but they don't believe he was killed at this apartment complex. they believe he was killed someplace else in the car and body were dropped off here. as for the suspect at this point police don't have one. in phoenix justin pazera abc15.
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so thank you. meanwhile also breaking overnight a family dog was killed at an apartment fire in phoenix. this video came in from the scene near 19th and indian school. phoenix fire crews are telling us one apartment caught fire and the smoke moved breakthrough the three-story complex. everybody was able to escape but unfortunately a dog did not make it out. firefighters found the dog and tried to resuscitate the dog with a special bag they use but unfortunately it was and the smoke was too heavy for that animal. phoenix fire sent us these photos. one couple was displaced in this . from that area let's go to the western portion of phoenix. 51st avenue and broadway where a man was shot in the leg. officers tell us a man and woman were walking their dog and somebody approached them, then pulled out a gun and fired a shot. the suspect took off
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that is expected to be okay. it looks like it was just random and no arrests were made. the search for the serial shooter is on the loose -- the serial shooter is still on the loose and one man is describing his experience coming face-to- face with him. he pulled up to a stop sign right beside this red car. inside was the driver in the four-year-old -- and his four- year-old nephew. >> my windows were down in his windows were down when he really looked at me, stuck his head out towards me to make sure like i am looking at you. >> something he will never forget. as the car started rolling forward the bullets started flying. there were so -- they were shell casings over 35 feet. will soon have new information on the best vehicle description yet for the serial street shooter.
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camelback a man says several people approached a vehicle and stole his white toyota minivan. he was not hurt thankfully and officers have not provided a suspect description. it's judgment day for a little -- a woman who ran over her boyfriend with her car. back in may she told police she didn't mean to hit him. she was distraught trying to get away and she had -- he had just dropped the bombshell that he was hiv-positive and was taunting her. she says he cut her with a knife but witnesses say they heard her threatened to kill her boyfriend with her car. she's charged with aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident and will be charged later today. today defense attorneys for the accused army deserter are set to argue that mccain sainted the case -- tainted the case.
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-- impermissible meddling by telling a reporter about bowe bergdahl. that he was punished for walking away from his post in 2009. >> it's on senator mccain's threats to hold a hearing in the event sergeant bergdahl is not punished, that raises some very fundamental issues of military justice. >> the defense claims the were swayed by his argument and want the case tossed out where bergdahl receives no punishment. he's for -- currently facing life in prison. senator mccain is looking up to the -- ahead to the upcoming primary election and there will be a campaign rally today at 4:00 at his headquarters on 16th street and highland avenue. this is as voters gear up to head to the polls. >> election day rolls around next tuesday it looks like it could be a very good turnout. voter registration is up by
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parties there are 1 million there are 1,000,000+ who have not designated themselves part of a party. chris. >> this is just into the live desk, and never to -- in an effort to expose secrets wikileaks is taking down the average person as well. we're talking about rick the -- rape vic and the mentally ill. the associated press says medical files as well as other personal information were published. many of the victims are in saudi arabia but some are indeed connected to the dnc files published last month. expect to hear more on this and as you are about to leave for the morning let's check in with iris hermosillo who's been updating the forecast. i'm tracking the storm and
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valley. looks like you are about to get this storm moving in in about eight minutes. we've had a lot of lightning in the southwest valley and you can see some of that heavy rain. also in spots like ellison starting to move right towards -- or rather right along i-10 moving towards the northeast and glendale and also spots like grand avenue -- into glendale and also spots like grand avenue. we have a few of the storms in the east valley moving into southet weather as you get ready to head out the door. the storm chances remain through the early morning commute at least so watch for that and we will talk about what storm chances look like later in just a few minutes. >> i am definitely seeing the wet roads in the east valley. this is i-10 at loop 202. you can see some of the showers coming down and some slick roads. also hearing of a crash in the
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i will let you know how that could impact your morning drive. so far desert drive times are in an area just about seven minutes and valley wide even though we are seeing slick roads and no major slowdowns again i will get you that update. >> you might have a heavy police presence in miranda. don't be alarmed, adot is taking part in an activ shooter drill. it is a drill. they are bringing federal agents for the expert -- the exercise. the officer knows he was -- if the officer knew, it would've ended differently. >> was the trigger pulled sudden -- to suddenly? a hearing-impaired man was killed by a trooper.
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from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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we have more than a month left of monsoon and it's certainly not letting up. look at all the water in north phoenix after a storm moved through, dropping heavy rainfall and this morning we're tracking more storms on desert doppler radar. the strongest right now are in the west valley right over tollefson but these storms are tracking to the northeast so moving to grand avenue, glendale, peoria and eventually spots like deer valley. i'm tracking these further for you and i will show you what to expect the rest of your day in just a few minutes. but the time right now is just about 4:45 with the temperature of 79 degrees. the live drive is out and about checking out the wet roads and we will have you covered through the morning commute as the rainfall across the valley.
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this next story is getting a lot of attention as outrage grows in north carolina and across the entire country. justice for daniel has a vigil formed outside of his home were not -- and unarmed man was shot and killed by a state trooper and he was hearing-impaired. investigators say they tried to pull daniel harris over but he didn't stop and led them on a 7 mile chase. it didn't end until he pulled into his own driveway and got out of his car he never heard the siren and he was trying to communicate using sign language before the trooper pulled the trigger. the family is hoping for some sort of changes with vehicle registration maybe that would alert authorities when the person driving is deaf or hearing impaired. >> it's about law-enforcement awareness, communicating and interacting with deaf people before something awful happens
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. >> to trooper involved is on leave while police investigate and we do expect to hear more about this later this morning but really tragic and sad. certainly driving down the freeway this is something that will get her attention. you don't expect to see -- that will get your attention. you don't expect to see this. you read this right, it's as he aces, you suck. -- says hey isis, you suck. they say education is needed to understand that muslims don't support isis. >> what isis is doing does not reflect islam or muslims in any way shape or form. >> the many -- the misconception is there so we can't just continue our lives and ignore it. >> the first billboard went up in chicago on the group hopes to have this campaign spread across the whole country. we now know a new
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terrorist group. the playground was built in honor of kayla mueller. we know that will open up on saturday. phoenix mayor greg stanton and volunteers are taking action going door-to-door encouraging high school students who've recently dropped out to head back to school. this is just part of the graduation highway program. mayor stanton and mayor -- the mayor of to sun decided to make dropout prevention a top priority wn in five students do not graduate from high school. it's something students might've learned back in the day but now we're talking about cursive handwriting. the arizona board of education is considering making this mandatory to learn by the end of third grade. right now the decision is made by the district but it could become a state law and if it does arizona would be the first day to have the foundational writing standard. stuck between a rock and a hard place were just to
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[laughter] one guy in pittsburgh is in serious trouble after his attempt to impress a woman failed. he tried to jump from rooftop to rooftop but he missed. he had a hurt ankle and you know the old saying i would do anything for love -- but i won't do that. i would say don't do that. thanks, meatloaf. >> that idea, but eloquently said. ramen noodles are the new cigarettes when it comes to jail currency. a phd student in -- interviewed inmates and staff for a year and found that ramen noodles are being used to barter more than cigarettes because they are cheap to buy and they taste better than typical prison food. the study is being debuted at a conference later this week. interesting. who would have thought, ramen noodles. sometimes when it's raining you want to stay inside and eat soup.
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morning so you have to get to work. let's get right to it. we've got storms tracking through with heavy rainfall so let me take you right to the desert doppler this morning as we look around. first of all let me show you we have the wide view here as we look at desert doppler and you can see pockets of heavy rain and storms moving in through parts of the west valley right now. we also have another area of rain with pockets of heavier rainfall in pockets -- places like gilbert and quee a few pockets also south of cave creek through the central valley this morning, but it is certainly shaping up to be a bit of an active morning so as we zoom into the west valley that's where we see a lot of that widespread rain. and storms as well especially from tollefson to glendale. this is -- this batch of heavier rain is tracking to the northeast hitting us toward deer valley, and eventually heading over to cave creek within the next 30 minutes -- rather in the next 16 minutes
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that heavy rain is falling right along i-10 and also spots right along mcdowell street, mcdowell road i should say in spots like the west valley and you can see grand avenue there is also getting in on some of the heavier rain as it moves to the northeast. further out to the west spots like avondale are also getting in on the heavier rain. this is just south of litchfield park and you can see the dark red indi and then the east valley starts to get difficult to see that you can see another area of heavy rain falling northeast chandler and also gilbert. this is just south of the 60 here this morning, also tracking to the northeast slowly producing lightning within that as well and we have isolated pockets near tempe. so showers and thunderstorms across the phoenix metro here to kick off our day and our best storm potential will continue through the 5:00 hour. by 6:00 the chances start to
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early-morning commuter this is mainly going to impact you and noticed the storm chances right at 30% now for the scattered showers and thunderstorms. by 7 am the chances start gradually dropping, 20% for storms by then and then we slowly start to clear those out. by 9 am, just a dwindling chance and then quieter through the mid-day. you will see this guys start to clear with mostly sunny skies going into afternoon. once we head into the evening there's just a slight chance we could see another step -- another thunderstorm moving into the valley but most of that action stays in the higher terrain. i will show you the 7-day forecast in a few minutes and we will talk about hotter temperatures heading our way in just a few minutes from mallory. -- abc15 desert dry times brought to you by centurylink prism. >> so far speeds not impacted
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but we do have a crash in the east valley. i told you about this a few minutes ago, luke 202 westbound at tyree road. this is blocking the right lane. make sure you stay to the left as things are slowing down here. we're seeing some very wet roads . another shot we have is on 51st avenue where you can see the rain coming down pretty hard. you can see that and i know there's even been some lightning seen in this area so you need to take it easy as you head out. i will give you a at some of the slick spots in just a few minutes. okay pet owners out there, you can understand sometimes you don't pick the family member. sometimes that four-legged friend actually picks you. >> this could've been a tragic story. a man calls deputies out to his house after he shot what he thought was a rabid dog with a
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turns out the dog was in really bad shape, malnourished, dehydrated but not grabbed. >> the wjz spent the shift getting the dog the help she needed and the in the end she does -- the deputy decided to adopt her. she was mangy but she was very docile and connected with him right away. >> it was fate. sometimes it works out that way. 4:53 and police don't know who they are looking for but when it comes to the serial shooter you may have a much better idea of what he's driving. and hearing from the neighbor who may have caught the vehicle on a surveillance camera. sony set to announce its newest additions. the company is launching a slimmed-down version of the ps for -- 4 and also coming out with a project neo set to debut next month.
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tech again. physical proof -- book sales are up 6% after being down drastically last year. at the same time sales of e- books are down since the first time they existed. barbra streisand was so annoyed with siri mispronouncing her name that she called apple ceo tim cook. when the iphone updates next month siri will no long -- longer say stray -- streisand with a hard s but rather with a
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gymnast ali raisman has already been to two olympics, how do you follow that up? >> you date a football player, of course. and oakland raiders player asked her on a deep -- on a date with a teammate and his wife. -- a teammate and the teammate's wife. she's about to kickoff the kellogg's tour of gymnastics which kicks off in glendale in one month. we are giving away tickets to the cards-broncos game on september 1, just download the abc15 app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win. i am tracking early-morning rain is temperatures it right
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and then drier air moves in. all of that in your most accurate forecast.
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i'm inside the live drive and we are cruising around the valley looking for where it is raining. you just saw that, flashes of lightning.
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phoenix where a major investigation launched after neighbors made a gruesome discovery in a car. and the serial shooter case update, the look we are getting at the car he was driving. >> you're watching abc15 mornings with danielle lerner, christopher sign, dan spindle, iris hermosillo invalid -- and mallory moore. welcome to abc15 mornings on this tuesday. we're tracking traffic alerts. >> yes in the southeast valley, where we are seeing those wet roads. >> this will continue for the early commute so if you travel before 6 am especially this will be the main impact for you. so let me take you to the desert out there. we've got rain falling in the southeast valley where mallory will pinpoint the accident in a bit but we also have showers and thunderstorms in the west valley with heavy rains through


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