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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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-- apartment complex overnight. what we are just now learning from the scene. monsoon storms rolling back to life overnight and we've seen it all: rain, thunder and a whole lot of lightning. dangerous flash flooding also out of las vegas. roads are turning into rivers really. even an ambulance submerged underwater with literally nowhere to go. at one point too trucks were brought into -- to try to get those cars out. >> you might call this a busy morning then. yes you can still see the dark clouds behind me and as we look out with air15 this morning, it's showing you the dark clouds as they are right near indian school and 59th avenue. the lightning there as well is still quite a show over the east valley. the storms are still tracking through. we're tracking thunder storms and dark stormy skies especially over the northeast valley but check this view out. it's the phoenix children's hospital valley camera and we still have a little more
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storms really moved from the west valley to the northeast valley and now the only spot we are getting some of those storms is out near apache junction and northeast of fountain hills where you will see the darkest clouds. the rest of us have things winding down but we are still not in the clear. as you are getting ready to send kids to the bus stop, plan on that potential for a few pop up showers with temperatures nice and cool in the low to mid- 70s. there's a sl story storm -- story storm. >> we have a traffic alert, crews repairing a big sinkhole in phoenix. here's video over the scene at 59th avenue and indian school. the 20 foot hole is between the street and the sidewalk. this is at the south end of grand canyon university golf course. i am sharing the northbound side is still blocked off, but no word on what caused the
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. let's look at the current road conditions. we have with roads out there, crashes and really the delays at this point are out in the west valley making your way in on the 10 and the 17. i do want to give you a look at a crash we have loop 202 southbound south of elliott road blocking the left lane and right lane there. this is as you are coming down again southbound on the 202 in the far east valley. from the adot camera you can slightly see this as a away but you can see the flashing lights there. chris i know you have more details on this crash. >> yes, just seconds ago i got an update here. handed to me from dps officials, telling us this involved a mazda miata blocking the middle lane. one of the cars is facing the wrong way including a pick up truck in the hov lane. several cars were involved and multiple injuries are now reported. air 15 is en route to the location. this is going to be southbound
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of elliott. again air15 is on its way there almost on the scene. this is all the information we have so as you look at these images from air15 we're showing you the weather just -- the weather situation as they are flying to the bad crash. let's get right out to nick ciletti. >> reporter: nick ciletti live here in the abc15 five drive. -- live drive. i will put the camera down so you can see what's happening. and then a little bit of a break to the right. looks like the weather had us called down just a little bit -- the weather has called down just a bit but just about 15 minutes or so ago we were driving on the 101 your scottsdale road and we were releasing the rain come down. we've also seen so many flashes of lightning this morning, so what we will continue to do is
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let you know how these conditions are playing in the morning commute because we want to make sure you get to work and school safely this morning. >> nick, thank you for that. let's get to brace -- breaking news first. a shocking discovery north phoenix as a body was apparently dumped outside an apartment, lex near tatum and bell -- apartment complex near tatum and bell. we got a phone call from concerned residents. what can we tell them happened? >> reporter: this is quite a gruesome discovery at this apartment complex. it was folks living here that thought something was up with this car parked under a carport. they called police and when they got here, they confirmed they did find a body inside the car. we know it's an adult male, abc15 the only ones here as detectives got on scene. we don't know if the body was in the trunk of the car or in an actual seat.
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seats inside the car but police don't believe the murder actually happened here. they think the guy was killed someplace else and the car and body were dumped at this aparna complex. they believe the guy was probably killed on saturday because they said the body was already starting to decompose. as for the suspects at this point we don't have a clear description so still a lot of work for investigators. live in phoenix, justin pazera abc15. it's five minutes after six we are getting the best description yet of what the phoenix serial street shooter might be driving. >> the survivor of this latest attack is breaking his silence talking about what happened on july 11 at 30th street and sheridan near oak. police say the shooter pulled out a gun and started firing near the car at this intersection. >> i was like oh, that's strange why are you looking at me that way and that's when he pulled out the gun and started firing at me. he wasn't wearing a mask or glasses. or a hat. he didn't care. he didn't care if i saw him.
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an older model bmw but now we are getting a more detailed description of the car from a neighbor who apparently saw it pass by on his surveillance cameras. >> it's kind of a lowered sports vehicle with the side skirts maybe part of the sports package. it had winds on it -- rems and window tint on it. >> please call them right away if you have seen anything like that. later on this morning, hillary clinton is set to unveil a new tax cut for small businesses and we're told it's a proposal that will be in part two -- to help people design new businesses and expand companies. this comes just hours after making a late-night stop at "jimmy kimmel live". at 6:45 we will look at her visit including email advice -- tongue-in-cheek certainly from jimmy kimmel for the former secretary of state. meanwhile
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this week. fundraisers will still happen in several states but the gop nominee was supposed to give his immigration speech on thursday, but that also has been postponed. the trump campaign says he's working on an immigration agenda but there are questions looming on whether or not he is backing off of his plan to deport millions of won -- undocumented immigrants. if he's elected president. take a look at air15 now overhead of this really bad crash. wow, look at that car right there completely mangled on loop 202 san tan right near elliott . i will give you an update on this crash as well as many others valley wide. you may think it's the forrester battlefield but now experts say another group it -- really needs to pay attention to the signs. video that is difficult to forget. a woman climbing writing -- slamming right into her boyfriend after he apparently made a shocking confession. today she heads back to court
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the strongest storms now
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we are looking at dark clouds out to the northeast as the storms that rolled through overnight continue, pushing just northeast of the valley but you can still see the lightning over the higher
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and again those dark clouds as the storms continue to move off to the northeast. wet roads behind the storms but not a lot of new storms firing up just behind that initial batch and you can see much of the rain moving to the northeast and things look much quieter across phoenix so just a slight chance of a few spotty showers but much of this moving into the higher terrain across our state from sedona over to payson up towards winslow as the activity starts to so as you look at your most accurate hour by hour planner are storm chances are slowly tapering off by 9 am just a 10% chance of a stray shower or storm and then mostly clear skies midday. in the evening just an isolated threat of a storm, but the best potential overall was this morning from here and those storm chances -- from here those storm chances start to trend down. i will show you the 7-day forecast in just a few minutes, valerie. an update to the crash on loop 202 right near elliott. adot tweeting that this is
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at the crash right now from air15 and that's why you are not seeing any traffic go by so you will have to find a different route this morning. if that's usually part of your morning commute. we will look at those smart routes. you could always just hop on and take this road and then get back on loop 202 after elliott. the crashes out in the west valley on the 51 in the 10 are still heavy but it's still pretty heavy -- but it's getting better. we will give you a closer look at the desert dry times next. new this morning, athletes and combat veterans aren't the only ones at risk of debilitating brain injuries. experts now say victims of domestic violence should also undergo screening. recent data shows domestic
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and a lot of those cases go untreated. that could result in problems with thinking, mood and behavior. only two people know exactly what happened inside this gilbert home. one of them is dead and the other admitting he did shoot. coming up, why he claims it was self-defense and why they may be questioning that based on social media. outrage growing after an
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good morning, everybody. let's take a look at some of these videos and pictures coming in from you, our viewers. is how you do so but way, look at this. you hear the thunder and see the lightning and the rain. at is what so many folks are waking up to. keep them coming, let us see
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valley, . >> and take a look at this, air15 capturing lightning strikes as the storms track over the valley. you see them off in the distance. chris showed us a great when earlier this morning so again keep sharing those videos and we look check in with iris and mallory in a moment but this morning we are hearing from the friends of the men killed in his gilbert home. >> the victim's roommate is now the accused murderer. megan thompson joins us live from outside the home. all self-defense but social media is twisting the story? >> reporter: yes, dan, two tweets are coming into question because they hit a little too close to home here after the deadly shooting near higley and chandler heights. one of them saying i need to move out before i viciously murdered my roommate. the other says holy blank, buying a gun is so easy. 21-year-old zach repenting told
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haven't confirmed for certain if these tweets were from penton . the victim 41-year-old daniel garre follow -- family tells us they never expected like this -- anything like this to happen and social media may be needing to be taken more seriously. >> it proves now it transpired into something violent but i would say anytime there is a concern yes, you should take a precaution. >> his attorney says people often type statements that aren't meant to be taken literally but police pulling him on a second-degree murder charge, behind bars with a $750,000 bond. back to you . >> megan, thank you for that. meanwhile back in the live desk, a vigil for the man who was killed here. a death unarmed man -- hearing- impaired unarmed man.
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to pull daniel harris over and that he led them on a 7 mile chase. it ended when he got out of his car in his driveway. the thing is neighbors believe he never heard the siren and that he was trying to communicate late -- using sign language when he exited the vehicle and that's when the officer there opened fire. that officer is on leave and obviously there's an investigation ongoing right now daniel. it looks like the bloom lawsuit in tucson is taking flight. a judge now ruling against county over a multimillion -- multimillion dollar deal it made with a balloon spaceflight company. the deal was made with worldview which is working to take passengers up in its high- altitude balloons. the county claims they made the $15 million deal expecting to take ownership of the building worldview just built. the company would make more than 400 jobs for the tucson area. there are 31 new licenses available for medical marijuana
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state says they have already received hundreds of applications. arizona has no 99 license dispensaries and 92 of them are open and operating. the new licenses will be awarded after reviewing applications that are complete and in compliance with those requirements. time now for your most accurate forecast. storms waking us up -- overnight, sweeping across the valley to the northeast valley bringing pockets of heavier rainfall really starting to wind down as the storms have lifted up toward the higher terrain northeast in the valley. you can see things getting much quieter here at this hour. again as those storms continue to push off to the northeast. as i zoom in even fountain hills is gradually clearing out, just a few light sprinkles around behind the rainfall. things are also winding down as
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across the northeast things are much quieter and clouds are starting to break up. you can see that from the phoenix hospital valley cam. more sunshine across the west and south valley as we begin the process of trying out after the storms. so storm chances will gradually trend down from here. clearing out the storm chances by lunchtime. this afternoon, just a 10% chance of another phoenix metro although the bulk of the action will be across the higher terrain. temperature-wise we've had rain cooled air so you will step outside to some pictures in the 70s -- to temperatures in the 70s. it will feel pretty comfortable out there and it will be a gradual warm-up up to 93 by noon before the high
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and then drier air starts to move in and that will clear out storm chances for wednesday and thursday and also he does up a bit with the temperature warming to 104 by thursday. as we head into the weekend notice a few changes. we will start to see the storm chances returning friday into saturday, but temperature-wise in the low 100s throughout the weekend. i will take a look at radar and show you the hour by hour rain forecast in just a few minutes, mallory. -- abc15 desert dry times brought to you by centurylink prism. >> i-tennis extra slow in the west valley where we've had a couple crashes out there . that's just adding to the desert drivetime so right now we're up to 35 minutes. this will be eastbound from 75th avenue to the mini stack but the delays start right around -- before then, right around 83rd avenue. it's not completely stopped, but it is much worse than
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or you could always use your favorite alternate, mcdowell or van buren. i-17 looks much better after that crash cleared and i-17 southbound around the durango curve just a little sluggish but i do want to give you a look from air15 overhead, this terrible crash out in the east valley at loop 202 san tan southbound just south -- it's completely shut down right now because of this crash. they are routing traffic off the freeway. i will give you a closer look at the smart routes, how to avoid this next. we've learned that a u.s. in afghanistan by a roadside bomb. this will be the first casualty since january. seven others -- seven other heroes were injured as well. more in a moment, dan. the knee recommendations
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there are new recommendations out this morning as to how much sugar your children should and should not consume. anybody from age 2 to 18 should consume less than 6 teaspoons a day. that's 24 g of sugar a day. to give you perspective there are 9 3/4 teaspoons in one can of soda. the cincinnati zoo is taking drastic steps over the
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harambe internet joke. this comes just hours after the news director pleaded with people to stop spamming them with means of the gorilla -- memes of the gorilla . >> they said the staff is still healing from that incident. paying so many professors to teach the same course and instead get one solid lecturer and put it all online. one baseball player's shining moment turned into a moment in a repair shop. the minor-league slugger in southern illinois hit a grand slam but then the ball crashed the windshield of a truck in the parking lot and after the game he realized it was his
6:27 am
did the damage. he said the one in 1 million shot was definitely worth it. >> he cleared the bases and now he has to clear his schedule to get that fixed. [laughter] >> certainly a good memory though chris. now temperatures are much cooler only in the 70s. i'll show you what it looks like in the rest of the valley and what to expect as we go through the rest of today. dangerous flash flooding overnight in los angeles. that she didn't mean to run over her boyfriend with her car
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neighbors in this north phoenix neighborhood notice a suspicious car, call police and it's what please found inside the car that's launched a major investigation.
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new details about a possible isis-inspired attack right here on u.s. soil. now the feds are on this case. more weather video out of las vegas. this shows -- the new flooding in sin city last night. just too much for those roads to take. nearly 7000 people without power overnight so people had to work all night to restore it . >> the question is, what's in store for us in the valley? we will send it over to meteorologist ir early this morning they probably will queue up as the storms rolled through glendale, central phoenix and northeast scottsdale eric the east valley was getting hit as well early this morning but the bulk of the rain really pushing off and starting to taper off this morning with things starting to dry out across the phoenix metro. as you are getting ready to head out the door you will
6:31 am
where the thicker clouds are. but temperature wise, in the 70s this morning and by this afternoon a stray storm as possible with highs back near 100. i will break down the planner for you in just a few minutes, mallory. things have been quieting down as far as rain goes and so you are seeing that right now on that 10. it was pretty wet and slow. it is still pretty jampacked. let's give you a look. slower than normal on the 10. you can pull up the traffic map and we will give you a close-up. you will see the delays starting to the 101 thing is out in the east valley. we have a freeway closure the 202 southbound. really bad crash with several vehicles involved. smart routes this morning because you cannot use that portion of the freeway. we will have more details on this crash.
6:32 am
finished speaking with dps and they are telling me there were actually two different crashes here, one of them involving two cars and another one involving three so five cars total and they say also this was caused in part by -- because somebody hydroplaned and lost control because these roads were just so slick. it's something we've been saying to people all morning long. one of the vehicles involved here -- you can see here. i am also of three people were injured but the good news is that these are non-life-threatening injuries and these people were taken to the hospital where they are being treated. i am also hearing from dps that they should be able to reopen at least some of the lanes here southbound within the next 15 minutes or so, so that's at least a little bit of good news as they try to clear the scene and also of course good news that these people who were injured have non-life- threatening injuries but we will stay on scene and of course let you guys know as
6:33 am
more weather and traffic from your neighborhood in just moments but right now first on abc15 mornings, phoenix police officers are trying to piece together a murder mystery. some people reaching out to us this morning when they saw our camera crews on the scene after we learned a body appears to have been dumped at a phoenix apartment complex. this unfolding near peyton -- near tatum and bell. justin, what is the latest? >> hey chris. we can tell you that investigators have a lot of work to do on this one because they don't have a suspect at this point scene for you. it happened right at that carport over there. it was folks living in this apartment complex that said something is not right with that car so they called police. inside the car was a man's body . detectives are telling us they don't believe the man was actually killed here. they can -- they think he was killed someplace else probably on saturday just because of the condition of the body. there were obvious signs of trauma and this is very suspicious. they have towed the car away
6:34 am
hours, but again no description of a suspect. so folks here just really vigilant are the ones who called the scene. if we get a suspect description we will pass that along as soon as we get it. live in north phoenix justin pazera abc15. it's judgment day for a -- woman who ran down her boyfriend with her car. back in may misty wilke told and she was distraught, trying to get away as she -- he had just dropped a bombshell admission and was talking her and then that happened. she says he cut her with a knife but new court documents reveal that witnesses heard her threatened to kill her boyfriend with her car. wilke cut a plea deal and will be sentenced today. happening while you were sleeping, a very large response and unfortunately a family dog died in an apartment fire early
6:35 am
will be video from the scene near 19th and indian school. phoenix fire crews say one apartment caught fire and the smoke moved very quickly through the three-story apartment complex. everybody was able to get out but again the dog, they were not able to save him. firefighters found him and tried to save him but unfortunately the smoke was just too much for the little pooch. phoenix fire sending us these images and helping us tell the story. from there to 51st avenue and broadway there's a sh unfolding. a man was shot in the leg and officers tell us a man and a woman were out walking their.was -- when some -- walking their dog when some guy walked up to them, pulled out a gun and fired one shot at the man walking the dog. the victim is expected to be okay and officers say the shooting appears to be random. the guy just took off running
6:36 am
arrests have been made. and happening today president obama is heading to louisiana to see the damage caused by the recent severe flooding. he will also meet with local officials to talk about emergency responses and how federal government can help in the rebuilding process. that area got 30 inches of rain in just a week. 13 people died, more than 60,000 homes suffered some sort of damage. just unbelievable, dan. sergeant bowe bergdahl will try to convinc that a powerful us senator tina the case. they think the case should be thrown out -- tainted the case and they think the case should be thrown out. he told reporters that bergdahl was quote clearly a deserter. he also said bergdahl had put the lives of other soldiers in
6:37 am
sentence, chris. the fbi is now investigating a possible isis inspired attack in virginia. a 20-year-old man is now in custody accused of seriously injuring a man and a woman outside of an apartment. they were randomly attacked. abc news is reporting he stabbed the pair that tried to behead them. the feds knew about this suspect and had been tracking him for quite some time. >> he reportedly traveled to turkey and syria and coming up in just a few minutes, good morning america will have more on this. pretty strong message for isis. they have a national billboard message saying hey isis, you suck. the billboard went up in phoenix over the weekend. a spokesperson with the campaign says education is needed to tell the public that muslims do not support isis. it's something local muslims are as -- are echoing. >> it's good to separate the two and say -- separate isis for muslims because what isis does and the things they stand
6:38 am
>> the first billboard went up in chicago and the group is helping to -- hoping to spread the message across the country. good news for an unlucky puppy who was stunned more than 400 times by bees. there he is. he's now recovering at a local veterinarian. his tremors and the swelling have been going down, thank goodness. he was to get a bit of sleep last night and keep some food down.'s owners say the swarm of bees attacked from the vacant home next door, attacked him and their other dog lady. lady is expected to be okay. we are getting word of some 1200 srp customers without power. we can walk closer here is a detail this. that is a brand-new number. the reason is electrical equipment has failed. crews are working to restore this in the large area from 40th street to thomas. they've
6:39 am
not too bad. iris early this morning the storms went right across that area. you are pinpointing it. yes they sure did moving in from the west valley to peoria. from glendale to tollefson we saw heavy rain through central phoenix and eventually into the northeast and east valley but right now things are really winding down and you can see that on abc15 desert poplar as off toward the higher terrain. lingering sprinkles in the northeast pocket of the county and showers over the superstitions but spots like apache junction are starting to dry out, gilbert -- and central phoenix drying out after the set -- after the storms rolled through overnight. this is moving upwards when slow in spots like -- an area northwest of show low.
6:40 am
northwest arizona and as we go through the day today we've got more chances for storms across the higher terrain in our state . so as you look at futurecast here with me, these showers from this morning gradually winding down through the next couple of hours but just as those are winding down by 1:00 this afternoon, more storms are developing across the higher terrain. meanwhile the valley will continue to clear out this morning but as we head into midafternoon we will have to watc southeast along the rim. they could come close to the valley so i'm keeping a 10% chance for a stray shower or storm as we go through the evening although it is likely that most of us will stay quiet here as we go through much of the day. you will notice much of the hour by hour rain chance planner and begin the storm chances trending down, quieter mid-day and just a slight chance this evening. we will talk about temperatures in just a few minutes, mallory. i-17 -- super slow near
6:41 am
maybe a lane is blocked just south of thomas. take a look. it is just building on the i-10 stack. this is just a little slow once you get south of the durango curve. this low a spot this morning will be the 10 with rain earlier, a crash from earlier so a 32 minute desert drivetime i-10 eastbound from loop 101 to the 17. a new crash will add to the delays so i will keep a close eye and let you know if it gets worse than that. in a couple minutes i will give you a look -- from loop 202 southbound near elliott. that's in just a few minutes. don't forget abc15 is giving away tickets to the cards-broncos game on september 1. just download the abc15 app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win.
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separate investigation into the clinton email scandal and she's on late-night making jokes about it. the newest developments on the 15,000 emails just uncovered. a potentially lifesaving medical device now costing way more than years past. now congress is trying to pay -- figure out why the price of epipens is skyrocketing.
6:44 am
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if you are just starting your morning with the city's 6:45 and air15 giving us a look at downtown phoenix this morning. conditions are looking pretty good as that rain starts to move out of the valley. mallory has been keeping an eye on several track -- traffic incidents. we will talk to her in a moment but first over to the with chris. breaking news as we learn a man and three children are dead including a three-month-old baby. this is after an apartment fire in chicago. officers say it looks to have been deliberately set after a domestic dispute. officers are searching for a person of interest and witnesses say they saw several people jumping from the windows to escape. i'm trying to get the mint is turned around -- the images turned around but just
6:46 am
to the fight now against zika virus. florida's governor asking for more help and requesting the cdc send more testing kits. so far at least 36 people have been infected by local mosquitoes in the sunshine state as schools take tab -- take steps to keep kids safe. kids can wear some -- wear long sleeves and pants even if it is not part of there school uniform -- their school uniform as a precaution. epipens potentially deadly anaphylactic shock. senators are sending letters to the makers asking the company to justify that increase -- that sharp price increase. it's gone more than 400 person since 2008. they blame hi -- high deductible health plans. a federal investigation
6:47 am
trump said the justice department needs to hire a special prosecutor after we learned nearly 15,000 emails were not initially turnover. -- turned over. >> they whitewashed her email climbs -- crimes. they cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate her new crimes. >> a federal judge has ordered the state department to release the emails by election day killer clinton has no public events but she did make a late-night stop on jimmy kimmel live right here on abc15. clinton told kimmel she's preparing for quote wacky stuff from the trump campaign so kimmel offered up this advice on her email scandal. >> are you enjoying being a grandparent? do you wish you had more time that this campaign didn't coincide with them being so little? >> i think i would be distraught if i didn't have face time. >> you do that a lot? >> all the time.
6:48 am
facetime instead of email? [laughter] >> jimmy kimmel asking the hard questions there. to put health questions to rest he asked her to open a jar of pickles which she managed to do. hormone therapy could be putting women at risk. experts say women who take the pills are nearly 3 times as likely to also will find the risk drops back to normal as soon as the drugs are put on hold. doctors are saying women who use hormone replacement therapy should always take the lowest dose possible. a warning for anybody booking a flight anytime soon. there's a big social media scam targeting delta customers. here's how it works. you get a fake promotional offer telling you through facebook you can get first- class tickets -- or $15,000 cash but does provide your personal information. delta reminding you not to fall for it and that it indeed is a
6:49 am
are considering making a requirement to learn this by the end of third grade. the decisions made by the district -- is made by the district but it could become state law and if so it could become the first state to have foundational writing standards. early-morning thunderstorms and this is now our view over the phoenix metro. what a difference right? those storm chances trending down and we're seeing more of the clearing skies as we look live with our cameras here early this morning. if you look at desert doppler the rain is really shifting off to the northeast over some of the higher terrain while the valley begins the process of drying out here this morning. the good news is despite the rain -- i know it's created a bit of a mess around the valley but it's helped cool temperatures down quite a bit. cave creek is coming in at 69 degrees and we are sitting at
6:50 am
and the west valley, goodyear checking in right at 70 degrees so a very nice start to the day. we will make it into the 90s again by 11 am and this afternoon the high is right at 100 and we could hit that rate between three and 5:00. just a slight chance of a stray storm as we go into the phoenix metro but otherwise plan on temperatures in the upper 90s to low 100s across the vall but we start to warm up a bit across the valley and i will show you that in a few minutes. driver's ed in the east valley, sounds like the drivers -- silanes have reopened. you will still see restrictions but speeds are already looking so much better in the area. the rest of the east valley isn't doing too bad. this is westbound from the 202
6:51 am
hit u.s. 60. the big issue will still be in the west valley but as you can see the north valley -- let's give a look from our adot camera. this is starting to slow down right at 16th street traveling eastbound. you will see some slow and go from i-17 until you hit that spot, chris.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
storms moved through early this morning, winding down across the valley as we begin the process of drying out. you will notice much of the storms moving now into areas to our northeast as things quiet down across the phoenix metro. we have more later and i will show you the 7- day forecast in just a few minutes. at one point we were looking at several thousand customers without power. a tift is now reporting about 40 customers -- i want to update that as well. this will be the hotspot here about 1200 customers without power. that will be mostly around 36 street and mcdowell. live at the 202 and elliott where dps has just reopened three lanes after two serious crashes, the first one involving a vehicle.
6:55 am
there was another crash a short time later with three cars so five vehicles total. we know three people were injured but thankfully these are non-life- threatening injuries. we are expected to get these lanes reopened in the next few minutes. live in the east valley, and nick ciletti abc15. bell where phoenix police are trying to figure out who killed a man and left his body in a car here at this apartment complex. police believe the man was actually killed on saturday. his body in that car was dumped here. we don't know if he was in the seat or the trunk but phoenix police say there were obvious signs of foul play. as for a suspect, we have no description at this point. live in phoenix justin pazera abc15. live here higley and
6:56 am
trying to figure out what led up to this shooting between two roommates. he says yes i shot that it was all in self-defense. social media though playing a role in this. an account that seems to be linked to him mentioned something about murdering his roommate as well as how easy it is to buy a gun. right now he's behind bars facing second-degree murder charges. megan thompson abc15 news. there's a highlight for you, braves win in walkoff fashion so not -- why not check them out today? so popular these hats that they sold out. it's also $1 hot dog night too. espn is now reporting our friend tim tebow formally from the gma and ncaa and nfl and whatever else will now be in
6:57 am
it's been a stormy morning. things are clearing out across the valley and we will see the mostly sunny skies through the afternoon that there is a slight chance of a stray storm moving off the higher terrain, so we will be watching for that but otherwise starting to dry out heating up to 104 by thursday. super slow as valleys --
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump takes on hillary clinton and those thousands of new e-mails. saying she gave clinton foundation donors special treatment. >> the clintons made the state department into the same kind of pay-for-play operation. >> trump calling for a special prosecutor. terror attack in virginia. accused of stabbing two people, possibly trying to bye head one. tropical threat. three systems brewing in the atlantic. the caribbean on alert as we hit peak hurricane season. missing tom. the patriots' star quarterback, nowhere to be found at preseason games or practice. even his teammates now questioning where he is just


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