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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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collapsed in an earthquake in it's breaking news you could be hearing about for weeks. at least six people dead and buildings collapse in italy after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake. all of this happening at 3:30 in the morning when most people
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including roman where buildings were swaying during the after shots. one mayor says people are buried under debris tonight and their town just isn't here anymore.>> the flames are out, let's be thankful for that. if not for our bravest firefighters, this could've been worse. another view near 85th and grant. the big question, how did this all start? this is an abandoned grocery store. investigators are looking into that right now. new video above police situation in here's what the team has confirmed. someone shot a man near the i- 10. it's unclear how the man is doing and it sounds like the shooter got away. we will continue to look into this. the guy in front of my house started getting naked. >> she caught him on video taking a bath in his front yard near 30 night from mcdowell.
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here.>> reporter: he knew neighbors were watching. he still took his sweet time showering outside. that is not to be confused with using an out door shower. he had a 4 gallon bucket in his driveway and that he really cross the line and did something probably best kept in the privacy of a real shower. as a general rule of thumb, bird should be the only ones set up to bathe in the front yard. apparently gordon thinks rules are for the boards. he was caught on camera bathing for all the world to see.>> throwing water on him to wash himself.>> reporter: more specifically for all four of these kids to see. >> they tell me there is this guy getting naked and doing bad things.>> reporter: she says sometimes his clothes stayed on, sometimes his pants went down. sometimes his hands went down his pants.>> you want to beat
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something.'s three boys and a girl.>> reporter: she took a video thinking it would be over by the time the cops got there. but gordon just kept going. wash car into repeat. for two hours. that's how long she says it took for police to respond.>> they said they had other things that they were handling that were more important. >> reporter: nothing is more important than the safety of her kids, so she hopes the only thing getting their attention from now on is the ice cream man. why didn't mom just yell at him? she says the family told him before he can be dangerous. she says he does show up every other day to reconcile, never anything like this. police did find a used meth
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obviously the white house doesn't want this to come out. >> reporter: we have a sneak peek tonight of an exclusive. three years since kayla mueller went missing, her parents are speaking out about her death, breaking their silence on what the white house wouldn't tell them. meuler, humanitarian aid worker, was eventually killed after being captured by isis. nothing prepared her parents for this scary secret world they were about to enter.>> you just go into almost a state. you can't even stand up.>> reporter: -- >> that interview will air friday night in a special edition of 2020. a crime alert that deputies think is mistaken identity.>> jon erickson has the latest. one of the would be robbers used a gun to crack a guy in
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the door. the guy inside thought it was a family member. that's when the bad guy with the gun burst in. it happened in south durango. deputies say three men were part of the home invasion, asked for money and drugs until they decided they had the wrong house. a neighbor watched their quick getaway.>> i saw about four people. they ran around the corner. then a car reporter: we were not able to reach the victims, but if you have information on the bad guys, call the sheriff's office. an update on the police situation we just mentioned in phoenix. we have confirmed someone shot a man near washington and i-10. believes -- police believes -- believe it is gang-related. maas accused of having sex with
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not only that, he allegedly admits to total of five encounters, once the field, once behind dumpsters. he also admitted putting $100 into that inmates account. the department of corrections says they do not tolerate this behavior. it is a dangerous job. the worst-case scenario turning into a reality. electrical line. this is south of total pop. the electricity went through his hand and out his elbow. amazingly, the man is expected to survive, and we were there as he was airlifted to the hospital. their thoughts our prayers and -- are with him and his family tonight. a glendale police officer recovering after getting into a crash. this is 56th ave.
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it's not clear what caused this but we know one of the drivers was rear-ended. donald trump talking immigration in texas ahead of what could be a big speech in the valley.>> she supports sanctuary cities. she wants to let people overstay their visas without removal. one lawless order after another.>> reporter: as for that visit, the family is scouting locations in the valley. it would be his fifth reappear. many in his own party expecting to focus heavily on immigration. >> this is ground zero for a lot of the policy debate. there has been talking would come back to arizona in the near future. this week he thought he would be able to be in your but they canceled their plans and the west and reshuffled.>> a spokesman says they have not
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continues to lead trump nationally. she leads 50 to 42% among registered voters. that is virtually unchanged from last week. she has held similar margin since july. hillary is now dealing with new questions about floats of the clinton foundation. a report finds more than half the people she met with or spoke with five phone while serving as secretary of state gave or pledged money to the charity. he was get pictures of lightning, but he was not ready for this.'s front window smashed in, glass all over the inside. the owner told us he is an aspiring photographer. friday night, he said a group of high school students picked up river rocks and harold the map his car.>> that is a thug action. that's not something respectable or anything like that. that's vandalism, not having regards for anybody else's
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have much to go on. a valley three-year-old showing everyone she has strength and determination. a phoenix police cruiser hitting her just a week ago and she was getting ice cream. vanessa remains in the hospital. she is in the medical sleep state to help her body cope with all the surgeries. her attorneys are working with police and say they have their own investigation. they expect vanessa be in the hospital for months. f sit -- as an vanessa, we are told she shaken up by what happened. it may have been a deadly misunderstanding. at least on the right is part. the writer of this motorcycle crashed and died after running from officers were not actually chasing him. a state trooper tried to pull over the writer on us 60 in mesa for speeding but didn't follow when the writer pulled away and got on the exit at country club. police say he was still speeding when he ran the red
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streets still close right now east of mesa. crews have to put in a new water line. if you live in the area, a workaround is westwood or down to university. it's a dry night in the valley. just to the north we can see lightning in the sky, we do have some showers and thunderstorm activity right now, moving out of cottonwood down among i-17 near camp burning. or two. dryer air starting to move in as we head into tomorrow. there's a look at the water vapor imagery. big bunch of dryer moving in giving us a break from monsoon storms for the middle of the week. we will track it day by day for you so you know when rain chances return coming up in minutes. debate in triple digit heat. a man's body is discovered inside a car at a unix complex. tatum bell. police believe he was murdered
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and somehow the guy wound up here. it wasn't until an apartment worker smell a bad odor that someone called police who made the gruesome discovery. don't you hate it when you pick some of the up and they are still just getting dressed? in this case, the police officer finding a driver we didn't have her asked how much she had to diss ?a drink, samantha albano said too much. take me to jail already. that's exactly what detroit police did. killed by a young girl at an arizona gun range. tonight, what the gun instructors family is now demanding. the president's promise. can he keep it? the big guarantee made the flood victims tonight. only our cameras captured a bus in
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new video coming in with information on the deadly earthquake in italy. the death toll has risen to six or more. there are as many as seven aftershocks after the additional -- initial 6.2 magnitude earthquake. the state department is ask americans to get on social media to let their families know they are safe. their joyride did not last long. carjackers caught not 24 hours after slipping abandon glendale. abcc -- abc15 broke the news with this video. we are learning they could be linked to several carjackings during the last few days. --
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of each other. their luck ran out. our cameras were there as phoenix police arrested them taking away a white honda. they were driving -- which was reported stolen days before. this is their home near indian school where police found the car. police also believe they are linked to a second carjacking near 75th ave. and camelback. we're told it took -- they took the victims man at gunpoint. early this morning, they took a third car. in each case, they were on right now. we're open get more details on the suspects and will keep you updated. davita forghani, abc15 news. for future in another one of the smoke, police in idaho saying two women were smoking marijuana in front of their toddler, even blowing it in his face. someone posted a video to
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caught. you are only as good as your promises. obama making a big one tonight as he toured the flood devastation in louisiana. he promised help the flood victims get back on their feet. >> i want the people of louisiana to know you're not alone on this even after the tv cameras leave.>> the red cross is estimating that relief effort will cost $30 million. they are just getting started. go ahead and give me that sparked a national conversation about young children and automatic weapons. this week's two years since us gun instructor was killed by nine-year-old who lost control of it -- of an easy.>> the family of that instructor filing a little wrongful death lawsuit against the gun range. we talked to attorneys about why they are trying to do this now. >> the operation we saw was fundamentally unsafe.
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give machine guns to children. it's fundamentally unsafe to given losing to a nine-year- old.>> -- give and lose the -- give and uzi to a nine-year-old. >> a petition is being circulated online. we reached out to the gun range for comment. we will let you know when w 2news after a scandal, solar companies are now starting back. the save are solely committee? a solar committee collected half $1 million to support the reelection of bob burns. critics say it's another lloyd why a power company to buy favor with regulators. burns says he doesn't want to help. the corporation commission sets rates for public utilities.
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important conversations. asu along with tempe police and firefighters journey -- joining forces for a welcome all -- walked. they will do the same thing tomorrow night as well. at least the temperatures were not too hot.>> it hasn't been this hot since may. you can see it in the morning. down to 74 this morning, feeling good, showers tonight in the north. as we look at the desert doppler, i will show you exactly where the valley in the clear. we could see some lightning as we look up to the north. very high clouds which is why we can see the bolts flashing through the sky. there a long i-17 near camp murray. the shower sinking down to the south and southeast, some of them weakening as they push down to the south. we have one batch over the higher terrain do west of strawberry. that's picking up heavy rain at this hour. we will keep a close eye on that. we have even more farther to
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of the gay -- grand canyon. higher terrain areas are still going to see good storm chances over the next few days. dryer l -- dryer air will drop the temperatures. it will clear up for the middle of the week. right now, 89 degrees. winds at 10 miles an hour. temperatures across much of the valley in the 80s. we have goodyear and i still in the low 90s. cooler in cave creek at 79. across the straight, the mid- 70s tonight, down to 47 up there. lows in the 60s for globe and stafford. 70s for casagrande. from the valley out to the west, mainly talking upper 70s the low 80s in the early morning forecast. we hit those loose right around sunrise each day. in the afternoon, hitting her highs this time of year right around three, four, 5:00. tomorrow, is going to be 102
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flagstaff. temperatures in the mid-80s from winslow to pace and precedent as well. future cast shows showers in the higher terrain tonight, they will taper off for a couple of hours, then tomorrow, more chances as future cast shows. at this point it looks like the valley will stay dry although we can't rule out some showers in the higher train getting awfully close tomorrow and maybe even into thursday as well. this part does lo dryer flow will come in from the southwest to keep our skies mostly sunny and our temperatures at couple of days. 70 tomorrow at 6 am, 88 at 10, 99 at two, low 100th through the afternoon. 104 is the average,'s a little bit low that tomorrow. mesa, 100. tempe at 101. glendale, at 102 tomorrow afternoon. thursday, mostly sunny and 103. more moisture -- more moisture,
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the humidity times. we start another drying trend, it's going to be dryer faster. 107 by tuesday. breaking in the valley, a car goes right through a quick trip in mesa. our viewers to the soft to this investigation. we have a camera crew headed that way and we're waiting to hear back from police. it's back. tomorrow night you can help out four valley charities some amazing country music, maybe even when some money.>> the acoustic summer concert is tomorrow night. be sure to take part in the 50- 50 raffle. it benefit eights -- benefits operation south laws. a return to the field and baseballs toilet bowl.
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because practice pays off. because it's better to give than to receive. because there's no place like home.
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that let you focus on what's most important. midfirst bank. true to your money. abc15 sports brought you by sanderson ford. is the toilet bowl of the national league. something has to give. it would be the d-backs doing
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to atlanta. they battled back with four runs in the third, but atlanta came back. the d-backs wind up losing to the braves 7-4. here's something to get you excited for the cardinals. they are on the regional cover of sports illustrated. one writer predicts they will win it all. some people say there's a sports illustrated curse, but regardless, the team will definitely have high expectations this year. no pressure. don't forget we are giving away tickets to the cards game on september 1. just download the abc15 mobile app and look at the entry form for your chance to win. we can handle a football, but apparently not scissors. number 12 back in practice, tom brady returning to the patriots after cutting his hand with scissors. he said he dodged a bullet.>> i let out probably a pretty loud word i wouldn't repeat in front
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believe it. i went and got checked out. it was a silly accident.>> the cards have been at home against the patriots but brady -- brady will be serving his deflate
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one more update as we get earthquake. officials have told to nobodies from the rubble. the death toll at six and rising after the initial 6.2 magnitude quake struck in the middle of the night. we have since heard of several aftershocks. abc15 mornings will have more. new tonight, something we rarely see. american airlines retiring mv 80s. they arrived every five minutes
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the desert. all will eventually be replaced with more fuel-efficient jets. most of us can admit getting angry at times behind the wheel, but have you noticed more drivers becoming aggressive?>> apparently it's happening here. a new study rates phoenix as the most aggressive, putting a sad of san diego and la for highways. on the flip side, honolulu ranks the least aggressive in both categories. speaking roads, turning now, tesla making its newest car as fast as a ferrari or porsche. the difference, the price tag. the new model will start at about $134,000. also, the battery will last less than $50 before needing a charge. ramen noodles are now more valuable than cigarettes and prison. that is coming from researchers right here in arizona.
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being exchange for food, clothes, cleaning services, even used as poker chips behind bars. we only wish we had thought of it. and xbox onesie for adults. is the ultimate outfit for gaming fans. it also looks like a cool astronaut uniform. it has features, huge pockets for your controller or an extra- large it to put your headset. before you put it on your christmas list, it's only available >> shucks. it turns out you can have your chicken and eat it, too. kfc's idea turning into a huge success. chicken scented sunscreen to promote -- promote its new extra crispy chicken. it was so popular, off 3000 freebies are spoken for.
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all over it. kramer. let's look at what's happening out there right now. showers of to our north, they are winding down. we'll keep a close eye what's happening overnight for you. in the meantime, dryer air moving in from the middle of the week. the valley storm chances are
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, curtis "50 cent" jackson, from "narcos," wagner moura, and music from kongos, with cleto and the cletones. and now, back in action, here's [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the


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